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"An Addictive Game to Add to the Series!"

Have you ever wanted to be in a band? Have you ever caught yourself strumming an air guitar? Do you want to play a guitar but think that it's to hard? Well then Guitar Hero 3 is a great game for you! I got this game just recently and found it really hard to put down. When I got it, I didn't really know what it was like because I never played the other two but this game is great.

Guitar Hero 3 has over seventy different songs that you can jam to and they all have a different difficulty. Some are incredibly easy for beginners and some are extremely hard for the experts. Whether you're good or bad, you can still enjoy this game. I thought that most of the songs were great and you probably will too. There's some old songs that are from around the 80's and some newer songs from 2006. There's a wide variety of songs and some are in different languages. Most songs are catchy and I can often find myself singing one. There are some songs that I dislike but the majority I like.
Game Play/Songs: 9/10

The next thing that I'd like to talk about is the storyline. This game mainly is about playing your guitar but there is a career mode. In it, you basically just play through the songs on any difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert. When you unlock a section in career mode, you unlock it in quick play. In career mode, you earn money for playing songs and you can use this money to buy things such as characters, songs, guitars, and many more things! Also, throughout career mode, you can face bosses in intense battles on certain songs. When facing them, you play in battle mode where you need to use items to mess them up.
Storyline: 9/10

Next, I'd like to cover graphics. This game doesn't really require such superb graphics and I haven't really played the other versions so I can't compare. I believe that the graphics are pretty good though. You can see the fretboard and everything has enough pixels.
Graphics: 8/10

The sound is great too. Earlier on, when this game was first released, the only sound option was mono but now they have fixed it and everything is fine. You can hear all the songs and there aren't really any flaws with it. There are some sound effects in appropriate places too. In Guitar Hero, if you don't hit the notes, you won't hear that sound in the song so it makes it more realistic. You actually have to play or you won't hear the notes in the actual song. Also, if you use the whammy bar on long notes, you can add your own personal style to the song by changing the notes slightly.
Sound: 10/10

The controls are what you would expect. There are 5 fret buttons, 1 strum bar, and the whammy bar. You need to push the fret buttons when you see the correct notes on the screen and you must strum as well. This makes it more realistic. You can use the whammy bar to add your own style into the song. To turn on star power (an effect to get you more points), you must tilt the guitar up. This gives more of a "rock star" feeling contributing to the point of the game.
Controls: 10/10

If you use a router or a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, you can play this game online against strangers or friends. This is a fun way to give yourself a challenge or try to prove that you are the best. They have ranking boards for every song. Can you make it onto them? On Wi-Fi, there are few quitters so its fun and you don't end up with sore losers that always power off.
Online: 9/10

You can always keep replaying this game because there's always room to improve. Currently, nobody as ever gotten 100% on the song "Through The Fire and Flames" on expert mode. There's always room to improve and there's always a challenge out there for you.
Replayability: 10/10

So overall, I think that this is a great game and I'd definitely get it if I were you. if I got this game as a gift, I'd definitely keep it. This game may be hard to find but it's definitely worth the searching. If you have the other versions, or have always wanted to play a guitar, I'm sure that this is the game for you.
Overall: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/22/08

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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