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"This is the best game I have ever played..."

Some people might look at the tagline for this review, and just shrug it off. Lots of people today talk about their favorite game of all time, and of course not everyone agrees, because its simply a matter of taste. Everyone has a unique taste in games. Some people just prefer First Person Shooters over RPG's. Others are die-hard fighting game fans. But regardless of what types of games you play and what games are your favorites, if you give this game a chance, you will find it fun.

Some people might argue that the music is the main aspect of this game. Perhaps this is why some people avoid playing it. There is a lot of mainstream rock throughout the main set lists and some of the bands are downright horrible. But again, I suppose the music quality is just a matter of taste. This game has SOME good music in it, but it is pretty hit and miss throughout the whole game, and a lot of the bonus songs are done by some pretty obscure bands. Some of the songs really suck when you first start out, but they start to grow on you, and you begin to almost enjoy the songs you once hated. Needless to say, if you like mainstream rock and only buy this game for the music, you probably will not be disappointed. But the music has nothing to do with how great this game really is. Besides, you end up zoning out and really getting into the game when you play, and all you really pay attention to is the beat and the guitar.

When you think about Guitar Hero, you might think of it like DDR with a twist. In fact, this game has some similarities to DDR...You stare at the screen and watch for the 'notes' to make it to the bottom circles, each colored to their corresponding buttons. When the get in the middle, you 'strum' the guitar while pressing or holding down the different buttons. This sounds like it could get repetitive, but it never really does because of the high amount of challenge this game presents.

The REAL greatest aspect of this game is the learning curve. For some reason, this is what makes guitar hero so addictive and fun, because you can actually see your progress in what seems to be an insanely impossible game. When you first start out a song you don't do well on, its almost as if you cannot see an end to the madness in sight, like you are going to be stuck in the same spot on guitar hero for the whole rest of your life and you might as well give up. Hell, you might even actually swear it off and put it away for a few days...But eventually, its going to come calling out to you and beckon you to play it, because you know that you have the potential in your brain to overcome the challenges in this game.

So you pick it back up, and if you have enough discipline and patience, any obstacle this game throws at you will eventually be passable and your skill will actually improve. And when you beat those situations that seem like they were never possible, you are suddenly filled with this amazing sense of accomplishment. And then you realize that everything in life is sort of like guitar hero. Even those situations in life where you feel like you just can't go on, like you will never get back up and get yourself out of the hole you are in when suddenly you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this fills your heart with joy, and you realize that life really isn't as bad as it all seemed yesterday...

...Anyway this game has Four Difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Easy mode is for beginners who have never used their pinkies for anything before in their life. A lot of people start out here because it goes A LOT slower than the actual beat of the song, and you can sort of get more of a feel of the game. But, even if you have never played this game before, I would recommend starting on medium. In easy you only use the first three buttons; Green, Red, and Yellow. If you start on easy you will eventually get very used to not using your pinky, and by the time you have beat easy and are able to master all of the songs, you go to medium and your brain is still set to easy mode, making it much more difficult to get used to your pinky finger or the faster pace.

Medium mode is actually very easy itself. It still goes slower than the actual pace of the song and when you play you actually feel like you might really be playing the song, which is another fun aspect of this game. Hard mode is, as the name suggests, harder. It makes you not only use your pinky, but also the fifth orange button. This gets really difficult because you then need to master moving your hand around the notes, as opposed to medium, where your hand remains stationary throughout the whole game. Expert is much faster and harder than the other modes, and even sometimes goes faster than the song, and adds 'ghost' notes, or notes that you play that actually are not in the song. Now this may seem really ridiculous, but is very much a necessary part the game, because it just keeps offering more and more challenges, so this game never gets old. This game also has a lot more replay value than the previous Guitar Hero games because expert mode is harder than it ever was before. There are also a lot of songs, videos, guitars and costumes to be unlocked throughout the different modes. Also, a new aspect to this game is Battle mode. Throughout career mode, you are challenged on three separate occasions to a guitar battle of the ages against Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Slash of Guns n Roses, and Lou, who is basically a satire of the devil. Unlike normal mode where you get Star Power to double your score, you get Battle Power, which is just attacks that you can use to screw up your opponent. The attacks vary from making the difficulty harder to adding double the notes and cutting one of your opponents' strings.

This game also supports the Wii's Wi-Fi capabilities, adding much more replay value. There are always people online playing and it is VERY easy to use the online portion of this game. All you have to do is have a wireless connection and you can jump right into playing someone 3000 miles across the country. Every band you make online (up to three) gets its own unique friend code, which you can give to people so you can play them online, or just create a match against a stranger. There are four basic modes of online play: Face-Off, where each person picks their own difficulty and you play against each other for points; Pro Face-Off, where the person who creates the game chooses the difficulty and you compete for points; Battle, where you battle against each other just like in career mode using battle power; And co-op, where you work together.

To sum it all up, this game is really innovative and fun, and can be a real awesome and fulfilling experience...or at least thats the way I look at it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/20/08

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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