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"A fun game, a great series, but has flaws that shouldn't be there."

INTRODUCTION - In a(n) reasonably short amount of time, Guitar Hero (or, to be more precise, the Second one) because popular, Quickly. But Guitar Hero 3 (especially for the Wii) took some hits.

Gameplay (For Fun) - 10/10
Gameplay (For Challenge) 8/10
Now, Guitar Hero has always had a pretty good gameplay value, But in GH3, They made the game...too easy, if your a good player at the game, and you want a challenge, it would better to go to number 2, the hammer-ons and pull-offs are way to easy in this game, cutting the challenge in half, also, the notes hardly have to be touching the "fret buttons" at the bottom and you can strum and play them (Except in precision mode, which takes that away, but hammer-ons and pull-offs are still too easy in that mode.) So is GH3 Better than # 1 or 2, well, thats for you to decide, based on what you like, if you like playing for fun and watching yourself (or a friend) own a song, than sure, GH3 is amazing, but if you want a challenge (Excluding the largely known song (now), Through The Fire and Flames, which is still very much of a challenge) I'd recommend the second or first.

NEW THINGS (8/10) -
Battles, pretty much, and co-op career
but battle are the main thing, battles are very fun, its basically where you face off against the CPU (or another player) and try to make him fail by using 'Battle Power' (almost like star power, but instead alters the other players fret board) for instance, broken string, you use it, basically, one of the opponents fret buttons shoots up pretty high, he/she can't play that note (or button, or whatever you wanna say), he/she has to continually press the button until the button is back down to the normal height (in the board) while playing the song, first to fail loses, if you both outlast the song, all the power ups become DEATH DRAINS (something pops up above your fret board that says "DEATH DRAIN", it slowly falls closer to your board, blocking your view, and if you mess up, it takes a leap down.

GRAPHICS(8/10) -
The graphics are great, especially compared to the previous games, but the lighting gets VERY annoying on some venues, especially the prison venue, which basically every note you play is a blinding flash that makes you think "Why don't I just claw my eyes for a few minutes?"
The actual gameplay (fret board) graphics are nice, starpower, all of it, but the character designs are a bit over the top, the singer, for example, looks like a caveman, and the female guitarists, are almost (if not so) half naked, for instance, Judy Nails, who's shirt is more of an accessory, seeing as how her bra plunges through the top of her shirt, which, I suppose, is perfectly fine for 13 year-old boys who's hormones are raging, but other than

SOUND(8/10) -
of course Guitar Hero is going to have great sound reviews, unless you just utterly hate every song in the game, in which case I dropped it to an 8/10, mainly because 75% of the bonus songs are foreign language, which, don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against that, I just prefer to be able to understand what I'm listening to, call me crazy.

REPLAY VALUE (10/10) -
You won't get bored with this easy, with over 50 songs that range from easy to expert, games like this have an almost infinite replay value, Knock yourself out.

What?! Where did this come from?!
Thats right, The Wii has been utterly insulted, Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii doesn't have DLC, and looks almost the same (or maybe it is) to the PS2 version of the game. Bleh, The Wii deserves better.

ONLINE (4/10) -, I was really hoping for something better, you cannot communicate with the person your playing with, lag sucks with this game, you (90% of the time) can't find someone to play with, and the Friend code system (which is for the overall Wii) Is insanely stupid. Basically, if you haven't played with an online wii game yet, you have to trade your friend code with someone else, and add each other, and you can't exchange friend codes to people your don't know, so if your like "Hey, this guy is pretty good, I'd like to add him as a friend" don't get your hopes up.

OVERALL (6/10) -
The game isn't bad, don't get me wrong, but it could be a LOT better...the no DLC thing made me angry, but other than that, 50+ songs, a buncha different characters, tons of guitars, finishes, bonus songs, and outfits, you shouldn't tire easily, but if you have a 360, the extra 10-20 bucks would be worth it, unless you don't buy the stuff required to purchase DLC, in which case there are only a few that are free, but they are still fun, and you would have tons of fun trying to beat "The devil went down to Georgia" (remade for GH3) by yourself (its originally a battle song).
but if you have just a Wii, and love GH, go ahead and get this game, its not that bad at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/17/08

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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