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Reviewed: 12/18/08

Motion Rocking

• Introduction

After two good and decent games on the PS2 (and a port to the second one on the 360) Guitar Hero 3 comes around to continue with the rocking. Changing from developers and studio (since Harmonix decided to go work on Rock Band) the first look you will take at the game will feel a little bit weird, but that's okay since the mechanics are still the same. All this whole craziness about music games that started way back with the DDR happens to be more accessible with the Guitar Hero franchise, and that's something that the parts achieve.

• Gameplay

Guitar Hero didn't changed a bit since the very first title. You have a Guitar controller and a selection of songs from different groups. That's the basic thing. Guitar controller has five buttons that represent different cords of a real guitar and you press them as the game indicates you. This part works fine, and it's difficult to screw it since it's so simple that anybody can play it and have fun with it. Even the hard and expert mode seem to have been toned down so new comers and casual players can have a bit of fun without needing to go to rookie easy mode in slow speed. As for the Wii controls, this version happens to be quite the best one of them all, since it's wireless and it doesn't need batteries because it uses the wii remote capabilities and batteries it carries. It's a bit difficult to plug the wii remote inside the guitar controller, but once you have done so it's easy road from then on. This is also the first time Guitar Hero has an online mode, that comes with leader boards (even in the Wii version), and although you will have to exchange wii friend codes to play with other players the gameplay is flow and stable, with no bumps or connexion issues.

• Story

There's not much story, unless we count the career mode as a story into itself. You will play certain songs in order to unlock different guitar battles with a series of musicians and rock groups. This is just useful for you to get money and buy stuff from the shop, like different guitars, costumes and characters, apart from new music to add to your repertoire. So the game is linear, but once you have completed that line you can have a lot more fun by wandering around menus and selecting game modes and songs to perform.

• Graphics/Sound

The graphics are simple and, since this is the Wii version, shamefully terrible. The models look like robotic puppets with no emotion, but seriously, are you going to focus on the background when notes are coming at your guitar without mercy? I think not, so this is one of the games where you can excuse the terrible graphics, which are quickly compensated by the fantastic music. Guitar Hero 3 has a great music selection, that even here in the Wii version (which lacks from downloadable content) feel long and rewarding. It even adds music from other countries' music groups, and never before has felt this good to hear a song in Spanish.

• Play Time/Replayability

This is a game you will play for a lot of time. Whether you want to unlock every single thing or you just want to blow some steam by finishing three songs in 100% in expert mode. The quantity of gaming modes, the number of unlockable songs, and the fact that it's Guitar Hero after all (which is an example of fun) give this game a lot of replayability value. You may finish story mode in like 4 hours or even less, but just for the quantity of unlockable content, is a really long game.

• Final Recommendation

If you like music games, this one must be in your collection, and if you haven't started yet, this one is a good begining. It can feel a bit off at the beginning and not everybody can tie all the notes perfectly the first time, but this game is accessible and fun, two things that most modern games (especially music games) should apply nowadays.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (EU, 11/23/07)

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