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"Get ready to play in the coolest guitar hero yet!"

Hi! I'm back with a new review and this time, it's for Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. Everyone in the world knows about the guitar hero franchise and it is probably the biggest name in music games. Here's the review!

Story - The story is basically that you are recruited to play in a band that needs a guitarist. You start out playing in a back yard and then you start getting record deals and play for japan. The really dumb thing is that you can't make any choices about these things that happen because the story mode is driven by cartoons and all you do is play the songs when in other games like rock band you can do so much more to take the action at how your band will turn out. The game's story mode still includes a lot of cool plot elements but it's really what you would expect because no one cares about the story in a music video game. The main story mode has over 20 songs for sure and then there are encores you can play. There is also a cooperative story mode where a friend can play as bass and no one wants to play bass for songs like through the fire and the flames. They might have to pick songs that are fun for whoever is playing as bass too. The story and story mode are pretty good but could have been way better.

Game play - The game play is absolutely great. It is the best part about the game. The game play is at its best in versus matches. It's really fun to see who's reflexes are better. The game play doesn't need much to say about. The game play is awesome.

Graphics - The wii had never had graphics that are amazing and this is no different. The graphics are the same as the PS2 graphics. The faces look odd and very jagged. The notes look cooler and have more of a neon flash to them than those in Guitar Hero 1 and 2.
The graphics are good for the wii.

Concept - Guitar Hero is a music game which means you have to hit notes as they come down the screen. Once the note is about to pass the bottom of the screen with the line of colors, you hit that not. It can get very challenging at times with the timing to hit the note like in the end of sunshine of your love, I can never get that chord combination. Try to get as many notes as possible and make sure your rock meter doesn't go to red or you have to do another song or do that one over again. You can also activate something called star power and you need to hit special notes and not miss any in that process. After you have done that 2 times, you have to lift your guitar up and then the virtual crowd will go nuts! The concept is cool.

Audio and Music - The music is something every kind of music lover will like. There are bands like the who, scorpions and guns and roses! There still isn't any Led Zeppelin which is a disappointment to me. The music is sometimes disturbed it you miss a not, there will be a weird sound followed by no sound from the guitar and if this is a long note that you missed, there won't be any guitar for a long time. The Audio is also followed of by a virtual crowd that going nuts if you do good. The Audio is good.

Bad - There are a number of things that I hate. I hate the fact that when you are playing pro face off, you have to play on the same difficulty to play, face off, you are playing different stuff and battle is hard on through the fire and the flames. The graphics look terrible. The virtual crowd looks really weird too. The story mode is too small! I beat easy and medium in about 7 hours! This game is way too short.

Overall - The game is fun but short, not that great graphics but a really cool song list and game play. I've decided. This game gets an 8/10 rating. Buy or Rent

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/21/09

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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