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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SharmHedgehog

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    Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution
    by SharmHedgehog
    ***Table du Contents***
    1: Introduction
    2: Version History
    3: How to Play
    4: Characters
    5: Stages
    6: Missions
    7: Unlockable Characters
    8: Minigames
    9: Single Player Mode
    9: Other Things
    10: FAQ
    11: Credits
    12: Closing
    Naruto is a manga series written by Masashi Kishimoto. It was about some boy
    who had a demon fox sealed inside him, but he wanted to become the number one 
    ninja in his village. It was successful, spawning an anime series in 2002. 
    Three years later, Naruto was finally acknowledged and dubbed into English. 
    Because they were so late, the Naruto fighting game, Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3, 
    would be out by the time the GameCube would be a dead console, so they moved 
    the  project to the Wii, and it used the engine of a Naruto video game 
    recently  released in Japan, and they just threw in some extra stuff. Even 
    though this is a great game, it feels incomplete. Anyway, onto the 
    walkthrough (also my first).
    By the way, don't use this walkthrough on any website other than GameFAQs, or
    use it and claim it as your own.
    ***Version History***
    Version 1: The walkthrough is mostly complete.
    Version 1.01: Fixed a few errors.
    Version 1.02: Made a correction in one of the missions.
    Version 1.03: Added a new question to the FAQ section, and added to the
    character information section.
    Version 1.04: Changed a few typos, added more information on how to unlock
    Mission 23, and added a question to the FAQ.
    Version 1.14: Added a section on Single Player mode, and added on how to
    gain chakra.
    Version 1.15: This will probably be the final update (Edit: Think again! :P).
     Added information on specials, updated one of the questions and added more
    about Lee's Primary Lotus when used on Gaara.
    Version 1.16: Added information on the Kiba misunderstanding, and corrected an
    error in Naruto's profile (it's down-special, not back-special). Also, added
    the drawbacks about Hidden Lotus.
    Version 1.17: Cleaned up the guide a bit and added the true methods to unlock 
    Orochimaru, Kisame and Itachi.
    Final Version 2.0: Added a couple of minor notes, added some more hints on
    certain missions, and fixed some typos. Seeing as how the most recent game 
    (CONR2) is out, this is highly likely to be the final version. It's been fun,
    but it's over, guys.
    ***How to Play***
    You can play Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution five ways.
    1: Use the Wii Remote tilted on its side and use it like an NES controller.
    2: Attach the Wii Remote to the Nunchuk attachment and use the movements for 
    3: Attach the Wii Remote to the Nunchuk and use the buttons for attacks.
    4: Attach the Classic Controller to the Wii Remote and play using it.
    5: If you are used to the control scheme of Clash of Ninja 2, you can plug in
    a GameCube controller and use it.
    Wii Remote and Nunchuk:
    Weak Attack: Wave the remote around.
    Strong Attack: Press the A Button.
    Move: Use the nunchuk's control stick.
    Dash: Double-tilt the control stick in the direction you want to go.
    Jump: Tilt the control stick towards the screen.
    Throw opponents: Press the C Button to throw opponents. Sakura and Ino have a
    push, Naruto and Kakashi have an air throw, and Kisame's slams the opponent in
    the ground.
    Sidestep: Press the Z Button to step away from the screen, and the B Button to
    step towards the screen.
    Substitution Jutsu: Press B or Z if you have enough chakra and you are being 
    attacked to teleport away.
    Pause Game: Press + and - Buttons at the same time to pause.
    Special Jutsu: Press right on the D-Pad. For some characters, you may need
     to push a specific direction on the stick. For instance, to use Jiraiya's 
    "Bring Down the House" attack, press down and then press right on the D-Pad.
    Also, you need enough chakra to use special jutsu. The chakra gauge is at the
    bottom of the screen, and you can recover chakra by attacking the opponent or
    if you are the one being attacked. Remember that for the special jutsu to work,
    the initial hit must hit the opponent.
    Note: In button mode, the controls are the same, but down on D-Pad is used for
    weak attacks instead.
    GameCube controller:
    Weak Attack: Press the B Button.
    Strong Attack: Press the A Button.
    Move: Use the Control stick.
    Dash: Double-tap the control stick in the direction you want to go.
    Jump: Tilt the control stick towards the screen.
    Throw opponents: Press the Z Button to grab and throw opponents.
    Sidestep: Use the R and L buttons to go back or towards the screen, 
    Substitution Jutsu: If you are getting beaten up, and you have chakra, press
    the R or L Buttons to safely teleport away from the attack.
    Pause Game: Press the Start Button.
    Special Jutsu: Press X. Sometimes, you will have to tilt the control stick in 
    a specific direction and use X.
    Note: If you have a GCN controller plugged into Socket 1, the game will not
    acknowledge the Wiimote.
    Classic Controller:
    Same as GCN controller, but the D-Pad can be used to move.
    Wii Remote (hold sideways)
    Weak Attack: Press the 1 Button.
    Strong Attack: 2 Button.
    Move: D-Pad.
    Dash: Double-tap the D-Pad.
    Jump: Press up on the D-Pad.
    Throw: Press -.
    Sidestep: Use the A and B buttons to sidestep to or away from the screen.
    Pause: Press + and - at the same time.
    *Game Menu*
    After watching an intro, you will be taken to the title screen. Press the 
    A Button to proceed to the menu. The options are:
    Single-Player: Speaks for itself. You can fight against ten opponents and
    compete for the high score (Single Player Mode), do the same, but 
    your rank depends on how much time it takes to win (Time Attack), 
    defeat opponents without dying (Survival), and fight CPU opponents (VS CPU).
    Multiplayer: You can fight against a friend (2-Player VS), you can team up 
    and battle enemies (2-Player), team up and survive (2P survival), or 
    have a 4-player free-for-all.
    Minigames: You can play minigames like Shuriken Training, Shadow Clone Jutsu,
    and Rasengan Training.
    Extras: You can see what you have unlocked, view movies (such as a trailer for
    Naruto: Ninja Council 3 on the DS), and listen to music and sound effects.
    Settings: Change game options and save the game.
    Mission Mode: Play missions to unlock characters, etc.
    By the way, the girl on the menu randomly changes between Sakura, Ino, Hinata,
    Tenten and Temari (though the guides apart from Sakura must be unlocked).
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: October 10
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Ramen, red bean soup
    Least Favourite Food: Raw Vegetables
    Best Jutsu: Shadow Clone Jutsu
    Naruto is the main character of the series. Although he is a prankster, doing 
    things like vandalizing the Hokage monuments or turning into a naked girl in 
    class, he is  determined to become Hokage. In this game, he is a basic
    character, most of  his attacks using variations of his Shadow Clone Jutsu.
    Back-A: Shadow Clone Jutsu:
    Naruto clones himself, and the clone will help attack. It will not follow 
    your exact movements, though, and disappears if Naruto runs out of chakra.
    Down-A: Shadow Clone Jutsu:
    A shadow clone emerges from the ground and punches up in the air.
    Special: Uzumaki Barrage (only if Naruto has 41% or more HP):
    Naruto uses Shadow Clone Jutsu, and all of the clones kick the opponent up 
    into the sky, and Naruto then kicks them three times, saying "Uzumaki
    Special: Rasengan (only if Naruto's HP bar is flashing)
    Naruto creates a shadow clone, and he builds up power in his hand, then thrusts
    forward with a spiraling sphere and thrusts the opponent forwards, yelling
    Down-Special: Transformation (only if Naruto's HP bar is flashing)
    Naruto calls up the power of the nine-tailed fox. He is surrounded by a red
    aura. He will lose his projectiles, though.
    Special: Nine-Tailed Berserk (only if he has called up the kyubi's chakra)
    Naruto unleashes a barrage of swipes on the opponent.
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: March 28
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Pickled plums
    Least Favourite Food: Spicy food
    Sakura is a girl with pink hair in Naruto's class. Although she may be the
    smartest,  Sasuke is and will forever remain the man of her dreams. Sakura is 
    an OK character.
    Forward-A: Teleport:
    Sakura teleports away.
    Special: Inner Sakura (only if Sakura's HP bar is blue)
    As Inner Sakura takes over, she punches the opponent several times
    Special: Super Inner Sakura (only if Sakura's HP bar is flashing)
    Inner Sakura unleashes her full fury, and unleashes a flurry of punches in all
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: July 23
    Ninja Rank: Genin (Note: Shortly after the events of this game, Sasuke
    leaves the village)
    Favourite Food: Tomatoes
    Least Favourite Food: Natto
    Best Jutsu: Fire element jutsu
    Sasuke is cool and collected, and his clan specialized in fire jutsu, that is,
    until his older brother, Itachi murdered all of them but him. Because of this,
    Sasuke wants to muster up strength and hatred to defeat Itachi. He has a
    somewhat steeper learning curve than the rest of Squad 7.
    Up-A: Teleport (Sharingan only)
    Sasuke teleports above the opponent and kicks them.
    Forward-A: Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
    Sasuke breathes fire, creating a fireball to burn the opponent. Can
    be held, but will use up chakra.
    Special: Lion's Barrage:
    Sasuke kicks the enemy several times.
    Down-Special: Sharingan
    Sasuke activates his Sharingan eyes. Unlike Kakashi, he cannot
    copy jutsu, because his Sharingan isn't as advanced. They just change
    his moveset, make him stand straighter up and make him electrically
    charged. (don't ask)
    Special: Chidori (when Sharingan is revealed):
    This move can be charged by holding the button. When charged to the 
    max, it deals good damage and has long range.
    Jump-Special: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu (when Sharingan is revealed):
    Sasuke attacks with scorching fire. Works best if the opponent is 
    Age: 27
    Birthdate: September 15
    Ninja Rank: Jonin
    Favourite Food: Broiled saury
    Least Favourite Food: Tempura
    Best Jutsu: Lightning Blade
    Kakashi is famous because, although he is not an Uchiha, he has a Sharingan in
    his left eye. Since it was transplanted, Kakashi usually keeps the Sharingan
    covered except for serious battles, because if he uses it for too long, he'll 
    be tired out. He likes reading a perverted book called "Make-Out Paradise".
    He is good because he can copy special jutsu that aren't bloodline traits. 
    He is Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura's sensei.
    Back-A: A Thousand Years of Death
    Kakashi takes out Make-Out Violence (one of his books) and reads it while he 
    waits. If hit by a weak attack, he rockets the opponent away by sticking his
    fingers up their butt, saying "A thousand years of DEATH!"
    Down-A: Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu
    Kakashi goes underground. If the A Button is held, he can stay underground 
    and will be invincible. This consumes chakra though. If the button is
    released, he grabs the opponent, pulls them under, and attacks.
    Special: Lightning Blade
    More or less, the same as Sharingan Sasuke's Chidori. However, if not charged, 
    it will blast the opponent away a small distance instead.
    Down-Special: Sharingan
    Kakashi lifts up his headband to reveal his Sharingan eye. However, Kakashi 
    gradually loses HP.
    Back-Special: Sharingan (as Sharingan Kakashi)
    If Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru or Lee use their first special
    (Uzumaki Barrage, Inner Sakura, Lion's Barrage, Shadow Possesion, Primary 
    Lotus), Kakashi can copy it and retaliate with his own version of the attack.
    Special: Lightning Blade Strike (if Sharingan is revealed)
    Kakashi will knock the opponent into the air, then ready a Lightning Blade
    and strike.
    *ROCK LEE:*
    Age: 14
    Birthdate: November 27
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Medium-spicy curry rice, curry udon
    Least Favourite Food: Unknown
    Best Jutsu: Primary Lotus
    Although Lee cannot use ninjutsu or genjutsu, he wants to prove that someone 
    who can only use taijutsu can still become a splendid ninja. He models himself 
    after his sensei, Might Guy. Although Lee is powerful and agile, he has no 
    projectiles. However, he has the strongest special in the game.
    Forward-A: Leaf Hurricane:
    Lee flies forwards and kicks 360 degrees.
    Down-A: Lee Whirlwind
    Similar to Leaf Hurricane, but only works on ground enemies.
    Special: Primary Lotus
    Lee kicks the opponent up into the air, then spins around, and drives them
    into the ground, jumping off before the finishing blow to save himself.
    Special: Primary Lotus 2 (only if Gaara is Lee's opponent)
    If Lee does Primary Lotus on Gaara, Lee kicks him 7 times, instead of just one.
    Other than that, it is the same.
    Down-Special: Gate Opening
    There are two gates Lee can open in this game. One is the Gate of Rest, which
    makes Lee's attacks stronger. The other is the Gate of Life, which reduces his 
    HP to one, but he can use the Hidden Lotus unlimited times.
    Special: Hidden Lotus: (only if the Gate of Life is open)
    This is THE most powerful special move in the game. However, Lee's HP goes
    down gradually, and smart opponents usually guess you are going to use Hidden
    Lotus, and if you miss with 1 HP left, game over.
    Age: 14
    Birthdate: July 13
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Fish soba
    Least Favourite Food: Pumpkin
    Best Jutsu: Byakugan
    Neji is a member of the cadet branch of the Hyuga clan. Thanks to his 
    bloodline trait, the Byakugan, he can see chakra points throughout his 
    opponent's body. Believing that fate is decided at birth, he thinks that 
    Naruto stands no chance of becoming Hokage. He can be awesome if used 
    Note: If you look carefully during battle, you can see that Neji has his 
    Byakugan activated.
    Neji jabs three times, draining a bit of chakra.
    Back-A: Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation:
    If hit, Neji will create a field that deals damage and can even deflect
    Special: Eight Trigrams 64 Palms:
    Neji jabs the opponent 64 times, draining their chakra.
    Down-Special: Eight Trigrams Large Palm Rotation
    Neji creates an explosion around him.
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: September 22
    Ninja Rank: Genin (Note: Shortly after the events of this game, Shikamaru 
    becomes a chunin)
    Favourite Food: Mackerel, kelp
    Least Favourite Food: Hard-boiled Eggs
    Best Jutsu: Shadow Possession Jutsu
    He may be lazy, and although he thinks girls are troublesome, Shikamaru has an
    IQ of 200. His clan specializes in shadow manipulation. Shikamaru is one of 
    the best fighters in the game.
    If you press A, Shikamaru appears behind the opponent and attacks with a kunai.
    Press B, and he delivers a kick.
    Down-Special: Shadow Drop Jutsu:
    Shikamaru extends his shadow, and anyone that walks into it falls into a pit. 
    In 4-player free-for-alls, it is risky because if it misses, Shikamaru is left
    open for a long time.
    Special: Shadow Possession Jutsu:
    Shikamaru extends his shadow, and the opponent mimics his movements. A wall 
    appears behind the foe, and Shikamaru throws a shuriken, distracting them. 
    Then, he leans back to dodge the shuriken, and the enemy hits the wall and 
    receives a concussion.
    Age: 50
    Birthdate: November 11
    Ninja Rank: N/A (Kage level)
    Favourite Food: Fried chicken
    Least Favourite Food: Kiwi
    Best Jutsu: Summoning Jutsu
    Although Jiraiya is one of the Sannin, the most powerful ninja of all time, he
    is also the biggest pervert of all time. He writes adult books such as Make-Out
    Paradise (one of Kakashi's favourites). Despite these "habits" of his, Jiraiya
    is so strong, he is feared by even Itachi Uchiha. However, in-game, he doesn't 
    really show his true strength. He has the power to summon oversized frogs.
    Back-A: Ninja Art: Needle Jizo:
    Jiraiya's hair extends and covers his body. Anyone that touches him will be 
    hurt. Hold the button to keep Jiraiya shielded longer, at the expense of 
    Forward-A: Fire Style Jutsu
    Basically, the same as Sasuke's Forward-A from the last game. Unlike Fireball
    Jutsu, it is more like a flamethrower, but like Sasuke's Fireball Jutsu, it 
    can be charged, but consumes chakra.
    Down-A: Earth Style: Dark Swamp Jutsu:
    Jiraiya creates a black pit that the enemy sinks into.
    Special: Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb
    Jiraiya summons his frog, and they both use Fireball Jutsu on the opponent.
    Down-Special: Summoning Jutsu
    Jiraiya summons a frog, and it crushes the opponent. 
    Hidden Leaf Village:
    A stage in the middle of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. You start out on the
    rooftop of the academy, which is round. You can also knock your opponent to 
    Ichiraku Ramen Shop and fight there. Basically, a combination of Academy:
    Rooftop and Ichiraku Ramen Shop from the last game.
    Hidden Sand Village:
    A gloomy stage set in the Village Hidden in Sand. The first area is 
    rectangular, but you can be knocked to a huge, circular stage.
    Third Training Field:
    This is where Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura became genin. It is a large stage. The
    second portion is the Forest of Death from CON2 (but without the mist).
    Leaf Forest:
    A forest outside the Leaf Village. Starts out small, but the second area is
    MUCH larger.
    Tanzaku Castle:
    My favourite arena. You are basically in a city plaza. The first part is 
    shaped like a square, and if you knock your enemy past the gate, you can see
    more of the city.
    3-Way Deadlock:
    This is where the Sannin battle took place. At first, you fight in a desert, 
    but you can later battle on top of Manda, a giant snake. You can see 
    Gamabunta, Katsuyu and Manda in the background.
    Chunin Exam Finals:
    This is where the finals for the Chunin Exam took place. You can send your 
    opponent onto the roof of the stands. Kind of small, though. A combination of
    the two Chunin Exam finals stages from CON2.
    Nine-Tailed Fox Room:
    This stage is inside Naruto! At first, it looks like a sewer, but you can 
    battle in Naruto's stomach, where you can see the seal, and the nine-tailed 
    fox locked up in a jail cell.
    This game has a mission mode that retells the plot from the time when Naruto
    meets Jiraiya to the end of the search for Tsunade. Here are all the missions.
    Mission 1:
    Player: Naruto
    Opponent: Jiraiya
    Mission: Learn the basics with Jiraiya.
    Basically, you just have to do what Jiraiya tells you to. When you've learned
    all the basics, you will have a practice battle. Really easy, even on Jonin.
    Mission 2:
    Player: Neji
    Opponent: Tenten
    Mission: Deflect ten of Tenten's projectiles without defeating her or 
    vice versa.
    Tenten will throw projectiles at you. When they are about to hit, tilt the 
    control stick back and press the A Button. 
    *A good strategy is to keep the control stick tilted backwards and just to 
    press A when you are about to be hit.
    Mission 3:
    Player: Gaara
    Opponents: Kankuro, Temari
    Mission (Genin): Defeat your siblings.
    Mission (Chunin): Defeat one of your siblings with one of Gaara's special
    Mission (Jonin): Defeat both of your siblings with Gaara's special attack.
    Kankuro and Temari are fed up with their little brother's behavior, so you
    have to defend yourself. Remember that if you hit Crow, you can drain
    Kankuro's chakra, and also not to abuse your sand shield. Also, remember
    that Gaara is meant to be a long-range fighter, so don't use taijutsu.
    Mission 4:
    Player: Sasuke
    Opponent: Kakashi
    Mission: Defeat Kakashi only using taijutsu (weak attacks)
    This is easier than it sounds. Just keep that remote swinging, or that B
    Button mashing.
    Mission 5:
    Player: Naruto
    Opponent: Neji
    Mission (Genin): Defeat Neji.
    Mission (Chunin, Jonin): Defeat Neji with Naruto's down-A attack.
    Easy. Attack normally, and when he has minimal HP, use down-A.
    Mission 6:
    Player: Shikamaru
    Opponent: Temari
    Mission: Defeat Temari with Shadow Possession Jutsu.
    Attack Temari until her HP is low, and use Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu 
    to defeat her.
    Mission 7:
    Player: Sasuke
    Opponent: Gaara
    Mission: Defeat Gaara with the Chidori.
    To use Chidori, build up enough chakra and press down and the special jutsu
    button. Sasuke will say "Sharingan!" Fill your chakra to the max, and when
    Gaara has low HP, press the jutsu button to do Chidori.
    Mission 8:
    Player: Sasuke
    Opponent: Temari
    Mission (Genin): Defeat Temari.
    Mission (Chunin): Defeat Temari with Phoenix Flower Jutsu.
    Mission (Jonin): Defeat Temari with Substitution Jutsu.
    On Genin, it is easy, same with Chunin (to do Phoenix Flower Jutsu, activate
    the Sharingan, then jump and press the jutsu button). Jonin is a little
    *Whittle Temari's HP down to where you can hardly see it at all, but not 
    enough to defeat her. Purposely let her hit you, then hit the right shoulder
    button (on Classic Controller and GameCube controller, press R, on the
    Wiimote and Nunchuk, press B) to defeat her. Note that you cannot regain
    chakra, so if you screw up, you're doomed.
    Mission 9:
    Player: Sasuke
    Opponent: Gaara
    Mission (Genin): Finish Gaara with Chidori.
    Mission (Chunin, Jonin): Nail Gaara with a regular Chidori, and when his 
    HP is low, use a FULLY CHARGED Chidori.
    On Genin, it is easy, but on Chunin and Jonin, there are a lot of help topics
    on the GameFAQS boards. 
    *Anyway, hit Gaara with a regular Chidori, then, when he has 
    low HP, hold the button down long enough, and Sasuke will charge forwards by 
    himself and hit Gaara.
    Mission 10:
    Player: Naruto (Sakura is also on your team, and is controlled by the CPU)
    Opponent: Gaara
    Mission: Defeat Gaara without letting Sakura be defeated.
    Not only should you focus on Gaara's health bar, but also on Sakura's. 
    Her HP is low, and if Gaara gets her enough times, game over. Hit him with all 
    your best moves, and use Shadow Clone Jutsu in a pinch.
    Mission 11:
    Player: Kakashi
    Opponent: Itachi
    Mission: Don't die!
    This battle is somewhat hard, as your moves will have little effect on Itachi. 
    Might Guy enters the battle with a Severe Leaf Hurricane when thirty seconds
    remain. However, if Guy dies, you fail.
    Mission 12:
    Player: Sasuke
    Opponent: Itachi
    Mission: Defeat Itachi.
    This is easy if you are good at playing as Sasuke. However, Sasuke cannot
    roll when he hits the ground, or use Substitutions, and Itachi can block your
    Mission 13:
    Player: Jiraiya (Naruto is on your team, and controlled by the CPU)
    Opponents: Itachi, Kisame
    Mission: Defeat Itachi and Kisame without letting Naruto be defeated.
    This may get hard, as Kisame's Samehada will drain your chakra if he hits you
    with it (same with Itachi's Tsukuyomi). If things look tough, use Jiraiya's
    down-special, especially when Itachi and Kisame are close together. The Dark
    Swamp is also nice to use once in a while.
    Mission 14:
    Player: Orochimaru
    Opponent: Tsunade
    Mission: Defeat Tsunade when Orochimaru's HP bar is flashing.
    This is medium difficulty. Purposely land a few hits to get your HP low,
    then relentlessly attack. Remember that Orochimaru's first special can drain
    chakra for a while.
    Mission 15:
    Player: Tsunade
    Opponent: Naruto
    Mission: Defeat Naruto with your Forward-A attack.
    Tsunade's attack power is halved, which may make this difficult. Use 
    Mitotic Regeneration (down-special in a pinch) when you need to restore 
    some HP, and when Naruto is low on HP, spam your Forward-A.
    Mission 16:
    Player: Jiraiya
    Opponent: Orochimaru
    Mission: Defeat Orochimaru. However, due to a drug put in his sake 
    (an alcoholic drink), it will be harder for Jiraiya to regain his chakra.
    This is medium difficulty. Save chakra draining moves for emergencies, 
    and you'll be fine. If Orochimaru has full chakra, then he might ready a
    Five Prong Seal, so be careful.
    Mission 17:
    Player: Naruto
    Opponent: Orochimaru
    Mission (Genin): Defeat Orochimaru with Rasengan.
    Mission (Chunin): Defeat Orochimaru with a 2-hit combo ending with Rasengan.
    Mission (Jonin): Defeat Orochimaru with a 4 or more hit combo ending with
    On Genin, this mission is a snap. 
    *On chunin, just use Weak, Weak, Special. 
    *On Jonin, use Forward-Weak, Weak, then two more weak attacks before
    Orochimaru lands, then Rasengan.
    Mission 18:
    Player: Tsunade (Naruto fights on your team, and is controlled by the CPU)
    Opponent: Orochimaru
    Mission: Defeat Orochimaru without letting Naruto be defeated.
    As easy as it sounds. Just use Mitotic Regeneration in a pinch and fight
    with all you've got.
    Mission 19:
    Player: Jiraiya (Tsunade will also fight on your team)
    Opponent: Orochimaru
    Mission: It's a three-way deadlock, Jiraiya and Tsunade VS Orochimaru!
    Just fight for your life!
    That is the end of the main Mission Mode. However, there are five more 
    missions you can play.
    Mission 13.5:
    Player: Might Guy
    Opponents: Jiraiya, Naruto
    Mission (Genin): Defeat Jiraiya and Naruto.
    Mission (Chunin): Defeat one of them with Dynamic Entry (run-weak attack)
    Mission (Jonin): Defeat Jiraiya and Naruto with Dynamic Entry.
    This can get hard at times, but remember to open the Gate of Rest and use 
    Primary Lotus in a pinch. For Jonin and Chunin, I strongly recommend using a 
    GameCube controller. If you beat this mission, you unlock Might Guy as a 
    playable character. A small bit of advice is to hide behind a box, then kick;
    Guy will fly out with a Dynamic Entry and it will count.
    Mission 20:
    Player: Rock Lee
    Opponent: Neji
    Mission (Genin): Defeat Neji.
    Mission (Chunin): Defeat Neji with Hidden Lotus.
    Mission (Jonin): Hit Neji with Primary Lotus, then finish him with Hidden
    Genin is easy, Chunin is just as easy. Jonin is the only real challenge, and
    even it's a pushover if you know what you're doing. Still, I might as well 
    help out.
    *First, open the Gate of Rest, then get enough chakra to use Primary Lotus. 
    *Hit Neji with it, then land, build up chakra and open the Gate of Life. 
    *Hide behind a rock or something and dodge Neji's attacks until you have full
    *Then, use Hidden Lotus to finish him. After you complete this mission, Tenten
    is available on the character select screen.
    Mission 21:
    Player: Naruto
    Opponent: Sasuke
    Mission (Genin): Defeat Sasuke
    Mission (Chunin): Defeat Sasuke without using Substitutions or specials.
    Mission (Jonin): Defeat Sasuke without using Substitutions or Specials. Also,
    you can only use taijutsu.
    If you've done the fourth mission (which you have), this one will be a 
    piece of cake.
    Mission 22:
    Player: Sasuke
    Opponent: Itachi
    Mission: Defeat Itachi.
    Similar to the first encounter. Just attack with everything you've got. 
    Beating it is one of the triggers to unlock Itachi.
    Mission 23:
    Player: Naruto (Sasuke and Sakura are on your team, and are CPU controlled)
    Opponent: Kakashi
    Mission (Genin): Defeat Kakashi.
    Mission (Chunin): Naruto must deal the finishing blow.
    Mission (Jonin): Finish Kakashi with Down-A.
    Genin is easy, but Chunin and Jonin are harder. Just relentlessly attack
    Kakashi until his HP bar is very low, and on Chunin, attack. On Jonin, spam
    Down-A. Kakashi's defense is improved, so be careful.
    ***Unlockable Characters***
    These are the characters you can unlock. To unlock all of them, beat all 23
    missions, and beat Single Player as every character available from the start
    plus Guy and Kankuro. Note that you must unlock Kankuro before unlocking 
    anyone else.
    Age: 16
    Birthdate: August 23
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Chestnuts
    Least Favourite Food: Squid
    Best Jutsu: Wind Scythe Jutsu
    Temari is the eldest of the three sand siblings. In-battle, her weapon of
    choice is an oversized fan. In game, she can be incredibly lethal if used
    Down-A: Wind Scythe:
    Temari creates a small whirlwind, sending the opponent up into the air, then 
    blows a few gusts of wind.
    Temari hides behind her fan. If attacked, she flies on it (0_o) and attacks.
    Jump-Special: Hurricane Jutsu
    Temari creates several tornados to attack.
    Special: Ninja Art: Wind Scythe Jutsu:
    Temari creates a tornado to cut up the opponent, then, they fall right on top
    of her fan, breaking their back.
    Age: 15
    Birthdate: May 15
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Hamburger
    Least Favourite Food: Spinach
    Best Jutsu: Puppet Master Jutsu
    Kankuro is the middle child of the sand siblings. He has weak taijutsu and 
    knows virtually no ninjutsu, so he uses a puppet called Crow to attack for 
    him. He is hard to use, but once mastered, Kankuro becomes deadly. If Crow is
    attacked, Kankuro will not lose HP, but he will lose some chakra.
    Kankuro sends Crow flying forwards.
    Kankuro brings Crow back to him.
    Jump-Special: Smoke Bomb Barrage
    Crow attacks with a barrage of smoke bombs.
    Down-Special: (while Crow is on the ground) Kunai Barrage
    Crow attacks with a barrage of kunai and needles.
    Special: Puppet Master Jutsu
    Kankuro wraps Crow around the opponent, then pulls the strings, breaking their
    back, then crushes every bone in their body, except the neck.
    Age: 12
    Birthdate: January 19
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Tongue
    Least Favourite Food: Anko, glazed chestnuts
    Best Jutsu: Sand Coffin
    Although Gaara is the youngest of the sand siblings, Kankuro and Temari are
    scared to  death of him, and there is a reason: because of his automatic sand
    shield, he has rarely bled, and he kills almost anyone he comes across. He
    attacks using sand, and is the host of the sand demon, Shukaku.
    Gaara uses a wave of sand to attack.
    A ring of sand protects Gaara.
    Special: Sand Burial
    Gaara traps the opponent in a coffin made of sand, then lifts them into the 
    air using some kind of psychokinesis, then implodes the sand, crushing the
    Down-X: Shukaku, the Sand Spirit:
    Gaara is surrounded by sand, and the arm of Shukaku appears and punches the 
    opponent. Gaara says "Mother..." when the attack is finished.
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: September 22
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Tomatoes
    Best Jutsu: Mind Transfer Jutsu
    Ino's clan specializes in mind transfer, which allows her to take control of
    the opponent's body and free will for a while. That doesn't stop her from
    being a weak character, though. She is Sakura's eternal rival, and on the same
    team as Shikamaru.
    Special: Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu
    Ino takes over the target's body, then calls her sensei, Asuma. Ino returns to
    her body as Asuma punches the opponent hard. If Ino has low HP when she does 
    this, an extra hit is added.
    Age: 14
    Birthdate: March 9
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Chinese food
    Tenten specializes in using projectiles. She strives to be as great a ninja as
    Tsunade. She is on the same team as Neji and Rock Lee. And... that's about all
    we know about her. :P
    A: Projectile
    Not just any projectile. It can be charged three times, and if charged that
    much and you press the button with the right rhythm, Tenten will release a
    barrage of weapons.
    Jump-Special: Rising Dragon Dance
    Tenten spins around and launches several projectiles.
    Special: Rising Twin Dragons
    Two scrolls appear in the form of dragons, and Tenten calls weapons from them
    and throws them at the opponent.
    *MIGHT GUY:*
    Age: 27
    Birthdate: January 1
    Ninja Rank: Jonin
    Favourite Food: Super spicy curry rice, curry pilaf
    Least Favourite Food: Nothing!
    Might Guy is not only Kakashi's rival, but he is also the sensei of Tenten,
    Neji and Lee, collectively known as Team Guy. Bursting with passion and youth, 
    Guy's techniques are... strange, to say the least. He is, more or less, a clone
    of Lee (or is it the other way around? Hmm...).
    Down-Special: Gate of Rest
    Guy opens the Gate of Rest, increasing his attack strength.
    Special: Youthful Embrace
    Guy punches the opponent, and then says, "You're such a great person!" and 
    hugs them to death.
    Down-Special: Leaf Youthful Lotus (only if his HP is low and the Gate of Rest 
    is open) Similar to Lee's Primary Lotus, but the animation is slightly changed 
    and it does more damage.
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: January 23
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Salad
    Least Favourite Food: Anything that smells strong.
    As part of the Aburame clan, the calm, quiet Shino lets bugs live in his body.
    In battle, he uses the bugs as weapons. Despite being "creepy", according to
    other characters, Shino does care for his teammates, Hinata Hyuga and Kiba 
    Inuzuka (who, except for a cameo in the Ninja Council 3 trailer, does not 
    appear in this game). Shino wears dark sunglasses and wears the collar of his 
    jacket up high to make himself appear mysterious.
    Note: Shino is the only character in the game who doesn't appear on the menu
    or in Mission Mode.
    Bugs trap the opponent, leaving them open for an attack.
    A: Bugs
    Shino sends bugs that eat chakra. They are slow, and disappear if Shino is hit,
    Down-Special: Insect Pillar Jutsu
    Shino disappears and a geyser of bugs appears below the enemy.
    Special: Parasitic Insects Jutsu:
    Shino sends out the bugs, appears behind his enemy and knocks the dazed 
    opponent on the ground. For the final attack, the bugs eat away at the target's
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: December 27
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Favourite Food: Cinnamon buns
    Least Favourite Food: Crabs
    Best Jutsu: Byakugan
    Hinata is Neji's cousin, making her a member of the Hyuga Main Branch, but she
    is shy and lacks self-esteem. Still, Hinata trains hard, desperate to become 
    stronger. She has a secret crush on Naruto, who, unfortunately for her, is too
    clueless to be able to notice this.
    Note: Like Neji, Hinata always has her Byakugan activated in-battle.
    Special: Eight Trigrams Palm
    Hinata attacks the opponent's chakra network, and then finishes with a barrage
    of punches. Probably the weakest special move in the game.
    Down-Special: Eight Trigrams Spirit Palm
    This is Hinata's counter. It can only be done if her HP is low. Hinata throws
    the opponent into the air and punches them away as they land. Unlike her first
    technique, this attack does quite a bit of damage.
    Age: 50
    Birthdate: August 2
    Ninja Rank: Hokage
    Favourite Food: Chicken
    Tsunade is the third Sannin, and stores up chakra in her forehead, and she can
    use it to restore energy. Her Legendary Heel Drop is feared far and wide for
    its power. Tsunade is also the Fifth Hokage. On the other hand, she has no
    projectiles, and is a bit of an alcoholic.
    Forward-A: Finger Flick
    Tsunade flicks the opponent away with her finger.
    Down-Special: Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration (if HP is low)
    Tsunade restores her HP at a slow rate.
    Special: Legendary Heel Drop
    Tsunade kicks the opponent, smashing them through the ground.
    Age: 50
    Birthdate: October 27
    Ninja Rank: N/A (kage level)
    Orochimaru is a dangerous and evil criminal, and due to a forbidden jutsu he 
    developed, he can take on other people's bodies and become immortal. 
    Orochimaru is the first of the Sannin, and is so powerful, he can stand on
    even ground against the Third Hokage. In Clash of Ninja 2, he was hands-down 
    THE best character in the game, but he has been nerfed to balance the game out.
    Forward-A: Fire Style Jutsu
    More or less, same as Jiraiya's.
    Down-Special: Kusanagi
    Orochimaru reveals a sword in his tongue and charges forward, striking with 
    it. Has long range.
    Special: Five Prong Seal
    Orochimaru lifts the opponent into the air with his tongue, then slams them
    into the ground, and gives them a Five Prong Seal that makes it harder to mold
    chakra. You will notice the attack has been GREATLY watered down since CON2.
    Instead of permanently blocking off chakra, it now blocks it off for about
    five or so seconds.
    Age: 29
    Birthdate: March 18
    Ninja Rank: N/A
    Shark-like Kisame is a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. As a member 
    of the Akatsuki, Kisame is partnered with Itachi Uchiha. If you have played the
    two other CON games, you will notice that Kisame plays similar to Zabuza 
    Momochi. His sword, the Sharkskin, eats chakra.
    Kisame attacks with his sword. Can be charged. This move drains the opponent's
    Down-Special: Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu
    A huge shark made of water sends the opponent flying. Has good range.
    Special: Shark Skin
    Kisame deals a few blows with the Sharkskin, then slams the opponent into the 
    ground. This move will drain your opponent's chakra.
    Age: 18
    Birthdate: June 9
    Ninja Rank: N/A
    Sasuke's brother, Itachi, murdered every other member of the Uchiha clan, 
    claiming that Sasuke needs hatred to defeat him. Itachi joined the Akatsuki,
    and his partner is Kisame. His Mangekyo Sharingan lets him use a powerful
    genjutsu called Tsukuyomi. For some reason, Itachi never uses his left arm in
    Forward-A: Shadow Clone Jutsu
    Itachi sends a Shadow Clone to attack.
    Special: Tsukuyomi:
    Itachi uses his Mangekyo Sharingan to create an illusion of the opponent on a 
    cross, and he stabs them several times, and they collapse from the pain (as it
    is real).
    Down-Special: Clone Explosion
    A counter. If Itachi is hit, use this move to blow the opponent up.
    Shuriken Training:
    Controls: Use the Wii Remote to aim, and press the A Button to fire
    Objective: Throw shurikens at cardboard cutouts of Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi. 
    Watch out: if you accidentally hit Sakura, you lose points!
    How to unlock: Available from the start.
    Shadow Clone Jutsu:
    Controls: Aim with the control stick, and fire by making a throwing motion with
    the remote.
    Objective: A game of memory. Naruto will create Shadow Clones, and they will 
    swap positions. Aim at the real Naruto and fire. You only have three chances.
    How to unlock: Get Chunin or higher in Shuriken Training.
    Rasengan Training:
    Controls: Spin the remote and nunchuk in a circle rapidly, then thrust.
    Objective: Charge up the Rasengan, and thrust forwards when the ball at the 
    bottom of the screen turns into a leaf.
    How to unlock: Get Chunin or higher in Shadow Clone Jutsu.
    Tips: It helps not to spin the remote and nunchuk too fast. Spin them at medium
    speed for best results. Also, you need to know exactly when the ball turns to
    a leaf, which can get tricky, but you'll get used to it.
    ***Single Player Mode***
    *Single Player*
    In this mode, you fight ten random characters. If it's your first time playing,
    your final opponent will often be a character that is considered a rival or
    nemesis to the character you are playing as (e.g., Sakura fights Ino, Naruto
    fights Gaara). Basically, fight for your life. You can unlock several
    characters from this game mode.
    *Time Attack*
    More or less, the same as Single Player, but you are ranked by how fast you
    completed each opponent. Beating it with Head Ninja or Hokage rank will unlock
    voice tests of the character you used.
    You fight in several one-on-one, one-round fights against random opponents.
    If you are defeated once, you fail. Also, if you lose HP, in the next battle,
    you start out with less HP.
    *VS CPU*
    Select your favourite character and fight a CPU character of your choice.
    ***Other Things***
    *Sound Player: Get Head Ninja or Hokage as a character in Time Attack.
    *Survival Mode: Complete Single Player Mode.
    *2-Player Survival: Complete 2-Player Mode.
    *Difficulty Level 4: Beat Time Attack.
    *Attack Power 4: Win 30 or more matches in Survival Mode.
    *Kankuro: Beat the first 19 missions in Mission Mode (except Mission 13.5)
    *Mission 13.5: Beat Mission Mode.
    *Might Guy: Beat Mission 13.5
    *Mission 20: Beat Single Player as Neji Hyuga and Rock Lee.
    *Tenten: Beat Mission 20.
    *Mission 21: Beat Mission 20. It may also help to beat Single Player as Naruto.
    *Mission 22: Beat Mission 21 and beat Single Player as Sasuke.
    *Mission 23: Beat Mission 22, and beat Single Player as Squad 7 (Naruto,
    Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi)
    *Gaara: Beat Single Player as Naruto and Shikamaru.
    *Temari: Beat Single Player as Shikamaru.
    *Shino: Beat Single Player as Kankuro.
    *Hinata: Beat Single Player as Neji.
    *Ino: Beat Single Player as Sakura.
    *Tsunade: Beat Single Player as Jiraiya.
    *Orochimaru: After unlocking Tsunade, Gaara, Kankuro and Temari, beat Single
    Player as Kakashi (you can do this in any order).
    *Kisame: Unlock Orochimaru, then beat Single Player as Guy.
    *Itachi: Unlock Orochimaru, then beat Mission 22.
    *If you use Guy's Youthful Embrace on Lee, he will say "GUY-SENSEI!!!"
    *If you use Lee's Primary Lotus on Gaara, Lee will kick Gaara into the air
    several times and then attack.
    *Temari's dialogue when she uses Wind Scythe Jutsu on Tenten is different.
    *Some characters say different things depending on who their opponent is. 
    For example, if Orochimaru fights Kakashi, he will say "Your evil plot stops
    *In the Sound Player, there are some sounds that aren't actually used in-game.
    *Listen carefully, and you can hear the announcer is Hayate Gekko 
    (from the Chunin Exam).
    Q: Can I play as Kiba, Choji, Haku and Zabuza in this game?
    A: No. Unfortunately, Kiba, Haku, Zabuza and Iruka didn't make it from the
    last game, and even stranger, Anko, the Third Hokage and Choji were not
    added in. Kiba, Anko, Choji and Kabuto will be playable in Clash of Ninja 
    Revolution 2, and Iruka, Zabuza and Haku are in Clash of Ninja 2. As for
    the Hokage, you'll have to import to get him.
    Q: But on one website, it said that Kiba is playable!
    A: There was a misunderstanding before the game came out. On his blog, Kiba's
    voice actor, Kyle Hebert, assumed that since Kiba is playable in Gekitou Ninja
    Taisen 3 and 4 (Japan-only Clash of Ninja games), he would be playable in
    Revolution. However, he was not, and Kyle has apologized for this. Kiba, Choji
    and Kabuto DO appear in the Ninja Council 3 trailer in the Movie Player, but
    you cannot play as them in CON Revolution.
    Q: Well, how come Asuma appears in Ino's special move instead of Cho--
    A: Next, please!
    Q: Your guide sucks!
    A: That is not a question.
    Q: I heard you could play as Asuma, Deidara and the Fourth Hokage. Is this
    A: No. Asuma appears in Ino's special, and he wasn't playable in any GNT games.
    Deidara is from Naruto Shippuden, so he couldn't be in the game. And
    as for the Fourth Hokage, not only is he dead, but also, he isn't playable in
    any other GNT game. However, Asuma will be playable in Clash of Ninja 
    Revolution 2.
    Q: Help! My opponent sent me flying to another part of the stage! What do I
    do to evade?
    A: If you are attacked at certain parts of the stage, you will be sent flying.
    If you think your enemy will attack, rapidly press the attack button (shake the
    remote if you are using it). If you think he will fake you out, press the
    sidestep button (or shake the nunchuk). If you are the one sending your 
    opponent flying, shake the Wiimote or use the attack buttons to attack, and
    shake the nunchuk or use the sidestep buttons to fake.
    Q: My game froze at the wrist strap notice, but a GameCube controller and P2's
    Wiimote work just fine! What's up with that?
    A: If you have a GameCube controller plugged into socket 1, the game will
    ignore the Wii Remote. The solution: unplug the GCN controller.
    Q: Can I play as Sasuke in his classic outfit (blue shirt, white shorts)?
    A: No, only in his black spandex thing.
    First, thanks for Nintendo for making the Wii.
    Thanks to Tomy and Eighting for making this great game.
    Thank you, Masashi Kishimoto for creating Naruto.
    Thanks to NarutoNintendoGames for finally releasing the real way to unlock
    all the characters.
    And finally, thanks to God, for creating everything.
    I hope you liked my walkthrough. If you have a question or something, or you
    spot an error, just ask on the GameFAQs message boards. Also, if you
    have an addition, inform me of it. Sayonara!
    (c) SharmHedgehog, 2007-2008.

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