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    Game Script by MrDaravon

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil 4 Game Script (For both Playstation 2 and Gamecube)
    Last Updated:  10/26/05
    Ver. 1.1
    Transcripted by SailorDaravon
    What's New?
    Ver. 1.0 - First release
    Ver. 1.1 - Minor corrections and such sent in by people.  Sorry for the long
    	   delay, my computer died and I was without one for a while, and 
    	   I've been busy with a number of other games.  Also, it appears 
    	   while I was offline, a number of emails sent to me by 
    	   contributors went directly to my junk email folder and deleted, 
               if you sent an email and you don't see the correction/change 
               in the script now, please send it again.  
               If I get around to it, I'll do the script for the unlockable 
               side quest game, but I've got about a 95 or so game backlog, if
               someone wants to do it and add it to the FAQ, feel free to let 
    	   me know.
    Ver. 1.2 - Changed my email, and resubmitting this for the PS2 version of the 
               game.  Will also probably add on a section for Assignment Ada 
               finally, as well as Seperate Ways, if applicable.  Any corrections
               or suggestions let me know, aside from more spanish translations.  
    What is this?
    I have made this guide and gotten it out as quickly as possible because in 
    making this game, Capcom left one demographic of gamers at a loss to fully 
    enjoy the game; people who are hard of hearing.  
    Although it's not something most people probably think of at all (I know I 
    never did), there are quite a few hard of hearing and deaf gamers, which 
    happens to include my significant other.  We had assumed with a production as 
    large as this game, with the emphasis on cinema scenes, it would have 
    subtitles, but alas this was not the case sadly.  So as a service so both she 
    could enjoy the game, as well as other people in her situation, I have done 
    this guide.  
    I fully expect someone to do a full hardcore game script at some point, and I 
    fully encourage them to use and copy this guide (so long as I'm given credit, 
    read the notice at the end of the FAQ).  Since this was done more as an aid for
    those who cannot hear, and for other reasons, this guide does not cover the 
    -What the villagers/enemies say during the game.  It's all in Spanish pretty 
     much anyway, so you don't know what they're saying as-is (unless you know 
    This comes from ninja_susumu_yamazaki, covers some of the things NPC's say in 
    the game:  
    "Hi! I was reading your guide of RE, http://www.thegenie.net/media/strategies/
    94.txt, and I want to tell you (first:THANKU!!!), second, I canto to tell you 
    some things that the characters say in spanish ('cause I speak spanish, you 
    see, my english is so bad xP)
    the usual phrases are:
    Ahí está! (It means 'there it is'), Cójelo! (is like 'hold him', some like that
    ...), Te voy a matar! (is "I'll kill you'), Un forastero! (is 'a strenger'), 
    Detrás de ti, imbécil (behind you, stupid idiot), puedes correr, pero no puedes
    esconderte ('you can rrun, but you can't to hide', sorry! I dont know speak 
    english!), Está en la trampa (He is in the trap), Mierda (shit), cabrón (is an 
    insult), Hijo de puta (son of the bitch), Te voy a cortar en pedazos! (I'll cut
     you in pieces), Te voy a hacer picadillo (is similar, literaly seya I will 
    make you worn out meat), empieza a rezar (to begins to pray).
    In the dialogo with the first Mr, say:
    Leon:  Ah, excuse me.  Sir?  (pulls out photo) I was wondering if you might
    recognize the girl in this photograph?
    Villager:  Qué carajo haces aquí? Lárgate, cabrón! (What the hell are you doing
    here? Get out of here!)
    Leon:  Sorry to have bothered you.
    In the lake, the man say something like "rápido" it means hurry"
    -The merchant.  The first two times (I believe) you encounter a merchant, 
     they'll just say "This way stranger."  Then whenever you enter, buy, or sell, 
     they'll just say something like "What are you buying/selling?".  I'm 
     paraphrasing, but you get the idea.
    -Radio conversations.  They have text as-is, so for the intent of this guide, 
     it's not necessary.
    -Files you find in-game.  Again, I'm mainly covering voice acting only, so not
    Note that actions and other things were put in ( ) just to put the text in 
    context with what's happening on-screen, since I made the assumption the player
    cannot hear at all.  The script is broken up by chapters, so you can do a 
    search on Chapter ?-? if you need to skip to a specific part.  Also, I am 
    unsure of Gamefaqs policy on having swearing exactly in FAQs (I'm not sure if 
    it's allowed if it's in the actual game), so I went ahead and took out the few
    uses of the s-word and replaced it with ****.  
    Chapter 1-1
    (Opening CG has text displayed)
    (In car)
    Leon (thinking):  I recieved special training via a secret organization working
    under the direct control of the president.  I was to assume the responsibility
    of protecting the new president's family.  
    Cop 1: (laughs) Why am I the one who always gets the short end of the stick?
    Cop 2: Yo, who are you really?  Come on and tell us.  You are a long way from 
    home cowboy.  You have my sympathies. 
    Leon:  I guess that's a locals way of breaking the ice.  Anyway, you know what
    this is all about.  My assignment is to search for the president's missing 
    Cop 1: What, all by yourself? (laughs)
    Leon:  I'm sure you boys didn't just tag along so we could sing Kumbiyah 
    together at some Boy Scouts bonfire.  Then again, maybe you did.
    Cop 2: Oh, you crazy american. It's an direct order from the chief himself.  I
    tell you it's no big thing.
    Leon:  I'm counting on you guys.
    (Car stops on road, Cop 2 gets out to pee)
    Leon (thinking):  It was right before I was to take on my duties of protecting 
    the president's daughter when she was abducted.  That's the ultimate reason I'm
    in this lonely, rural part of Europe.  According to our intelligence, there's 
    reliable information of a sighting of a girl that looks very similar to the 
    president's daughter.  Apparently she's being witheld by some unidentified 
    group of people.  Who would have thought my first job would be a rescue 
    Cop 2: Ah, it's freezing. So cold all of a sudden.  Ah, must be my imagination. 
    (Gets back inside) Sorry it took so long.
    (Car on bridge, stopping)
    Cop 1: Just up ahead is the village.
    Leon: I'll go and have a look around.  (Gets out of car)
    Cop 2:  We'll stay and watch the car.  Don't want to get any parking tickets.
    Leon:  Right, parking tickets.
    Cop 1 (mocking tone): Good luck.
    Leon (to himself): Geez, who are these guys?
    Cop 1: (rolls down window) Did you say something?
    (radio rings)
    (Note:  If you go back and talk to the cops, Cop 1 says "What, did you lose you
    r nerve?", and Cop 2 says "What, did you forget your makeup or something?"  
    Also, if you try to go back along the bridge, Cop 2 says "Not that way cowboy.
    This way.")
    (As you approach, the house, you see the view from inside the house and a 
    shadow of a man)
    (Leon enters the house)
    Leon:  Ah, excuse me.  Sir?  (pulls out photo) I was wondering if you might 
    recognize the girl in this photograph?
    Villager:  (speaking some other language)
    Leon:  Sorry to have bothered you.
    (Villager grabs and axe and tries to kill Leon, who rolls out of the way)
    Leon:  Freeze.  I said freeze!
    (You see the truck start and head towards the car.  Leon hears gunfire and 
    screeching, and finally the sound of both cars going into the river).
    Leon:  ****.
    (radio rings)
    (Bell tolls; all villagers go through door and leave)
    Leon:  Where's everyone going?  Bingo?
    (Resident Evil 4 logo)
    (Leon opens cabinet)
    ???: A little rough, don't you think?  You're...not like them?
    Leon:  No, you?
    ???:  Okay.  Only one, very important question.  You got a smoke?
    Leon:  I got gum.
    (Men enter)
    ???: Perfect.  The big cheese.
    (Leon attacks and fails horribly)
    Leon:  What?
    Chapter 1-2
    ???:  Feeble humans.  Let us give you our power.
    ???:  Hahahaha.  Soon, you will become unable to resist this...intoxicating 
    Leon:  Hey. Hey. Wake up.
    ???:  Ai yi yi.  Crawl out of one hole, and into another.
    Leon:  You want to tell me what's going on here?
    ???:  Americano si? Now what brings a bloke like you to this part of the world? 
    Easy, whoever you are.
    Leon:  My name's Leon, I came here looking for this girl.  Have you seen her?
    ???:  What, are you supposed to be a cop or something?  Nah, you don't look 
    the type.
    Leon:  Maybe.
    ???:  Okay, Let me guess, she's the president's daughter.
    Leon:  That's too good for a guess, want to start explaining?
    ???:  Pyschic powers.  Nah, just kidding with you amigo.  I overheard one of 
    the villlagers talking something about the president's daughter in the church.
    Leon:  And who might you be?
    ???: Me llamo Luis Sera.  I used to be a cop in Madrid.  Now I'm just a good for
    nothing guy, who happens to be quite the ladies man.
    Leon:  Why'd you quit?
    Luis:  Policia, you put your life on the line, no one really appreciates you
    enough for it.  Being a hero isn't what it's cracked up to be anymore.
    Leon:  Used to be cop myself, only for a day though.
    Luis:  I thought I was bad.
    Leon:  Somehow I managed to get myself involved with the incident in Raccoon 
    City, on my first day in the force.
    Luis:  That is the incident with the viral outbreak right?  I think I might 
    have seen a sample of the virus in the lab at my department.
    (man enters with axe)
    Luis:  Do something cop!
    Leon:  After you!
    (Leon hears voices behind door.  Mendez grabs Leon and chokes him, but then 
    drops him.)
    Mendez:  Hmmmm.  You carry the blood as us it seems.  Nevertheless, you're an 
    outsider.  Just remember, if you become a nuisance (?), you face severe 
    (Mendez leaves)
    Leon:  What?  Same blood?
    Chapter 1-3
    (On ridge, Leon sees a boat in the lake)
    Leon:  What's that?
    (Men dump body)
    Leon:  ****.
    (Men speak other language and leave)
    Chapter 2-1
    Note:  This only happens if you saved the wolf in the trap at the beginning of 
    the game.
    (Leon and El Gigante are facing off.  On the ledge above, the wolf appears and 
    Leon:  Hey.  It's that dog!
    (Wolf leaps down, and starts distacting El Gigante)
    (Leon enters room)
    Leon:  Ashley!
    Ashley:  Don't come!
    Leon:  Hey, take it easy!
    Ashley:  No!  Get away!
    Leon:  Calm down.  Everything's going to be just fine.  My name's Leon, I'm 
    under the president's order to rescue you.
    Ashley:  What?  My father?
    Leon:  That's right.  I have to get you out of here.  Come with me.
    Priest ?:  I'll take the girl.
    Leon:  Who are you?
    Priest ?:  If you must know, my name is Osmund Saddler, the master of this fine
    Leon:  What do you want?
    Saddler:  To demonstrate to the whole world, our astounding power of course.  
    No longer will the United States think they can police the world forever.  So 
    we kidnapped the President's daughter to give her power then...send her back.
    Ashley:  No...Leon, I think they shot something in my neck.
    Leon:  What did you do to her?
    Saddler:  We just planted her a little gift.  Oh, there's going to be one hell
    of a party when she returns home to her loving father. (laughs)  But before 
    that, I thought I might bargain with the President for some...donations.  
    Believe it or not, it takes quite a lot of money to keep this church up and 
    Leon:  Faith and money will lead you nowhere Saddler.
    Saddler:  Oh, I believe I forgot to tell you that we gave you the same gift.
    Leon (thinking:  When I was unconscious.
    Saddler: Oh, I truly hope you like our small, but special contributions.  
    When the eggs hatch, you'll become my puppets.  Involuntarily, you'll do as I 
    say.  I'll have total control over your mind.  Don't you think this is 
    revolutionary way to propagate one's faith?  
    Leon:  Sounds more like an alien invasion if you ask me!
    (Men enter with crossbows, Leon and Ashley dive out window)
    Leon:  You okay?
    Ashley:  Leon, what's going to happen to us?
    Leon:  Don't worry, we got into this mess, we can get out of it.
    Chapter 2-2
    (Ashley piggybacks on Leon, and hops over the door)
    Ashley:  I opened it Leon.
    (Villagers coming from both directions)
    Ashley: What are we gonna to do Leon?
    Leon:  I hate to say it, but we're sandwiched all right.  Quick, in that cabin!
    (Pair run in cabin, Leon tries to barricade the door.)
    Luis:  Leon!
    (Luis tosses him doorjam.)
    Luis:  Small world, eh?  Well, I see that the President's equipped his daughter
    with...ballistics too.
    Ashley:  How rude!  And I don't believe there's any relevance with my figure 
    and my standing.  Who're you?
    Luis:  Ho ho, execuse me your highness.  Perhaps the young lady might wnat to 
    introduce herself first before asking someone his name?
    Ashley:  Her name's ashley gram, the President's daughter.
    Luis (to Leon):  Is she...well, you know.
    Leon:  Don't worry, she's cool.
    Luis:  Ehh, nevermind, there's supposed to be some obvious symptom before you 
    turn into one of them anyway.
    Ashley:  (gasps) Look!
    (Villagers approach)
    Leon:  Ashley, upstairs!
    Luis:  Okay...it's game time.
    (Villagers leave.)
    Leon:  Looks like they're backing off.
    Luis:  So, what do we do now?
    Leon:  The bridge I crossed to get here is out, so I guess we have no choice 
    but to keep moving.
    Luis:  I forgot something, you guys go on ahead.
    Leon:  Luis.
    Chapter 2-3
    Note:  This only occurs on the right gate path only.
    (El Gigante drops down and heads towards you)
    Ashley:  (pointing up) Leon!
    (Leon and Ashley approach the building)
    Leon:  You'd better stay outside.  Ashley, go hide.
    Ashley:  Yeah.
    (Leon is grabbed and thrown by Mendez.  He kicks over a gasoline barrel, which 
    reaches Mendez.)
    Leon:  Hasta luego.  (Note:  This means 'goodbye' or 'see you later' in 
    (Leon jumps outside through hole in the side of the building)
    Ashley:  Are you okay Leon?
    (Villagers approach)
    Leon:  On the other side of the bridge!
    Ashley:  Yeah.
    Leon:  You take that one.
    Ashley:  Okay.
    Leon:  Ready?
    (Drawbridge raises)
    Leon:  Come on.
    Ashley:  Yeah.
    Chapter 3-1
    (Luis runs up behind the two.)
    Luis:  Leon!
    Leon:  Luis.
    Luis:  I've got something for you guys.  (looking)  What? Oh ****!  I must have
    dropped it when I was running away from them.
    Ashley:  Dropped what?
    Luis:  A drug that'll stop your convulations.  Look, I know you are carriers.  
    You've been coughing up blood, right?
    Leon:  Yeah.
    Luis (to Ashley):  And you?  
    Ashley:  Yes.
    Luis:  Dammit, the eggs have hatched.  We don't have much time.
    Leon:  What are you talking about?
    Luis:  I have to go back and get it.
    Ashley:  Let me come with you.
    Luis:  No, you stay here with Leon.  He is better with the ladies, I am sure.
    Leon:  Why are you?
    Luis:  It makes me feel better, let's just leave it at that.
    (Childish laughter in hall)
    Little man:  I was starting to wonder when you might notice us.
    Leon:  Who are you?  
    Little man:  Me llamo Ramon Salazar the 8th Castellan of this magnificent 
    arciticture.  I have been honored with the protigius power from the great Lord 
    Saddler.  I've been expecting you my bethrens.
    Leon:  No thanks bro.
    Salazar:  My my, we've got a fiesty one.  If you care for your own well being,
    I suggest you surreneder yourself and simply...become our hostage.  Or Mr. 
    Scott, you can give us the girl, since you're not worth a penny I'm afraid.  
    You can die.
    (Salazar leaves)
    Ashley:  I'm never turning into one of them, never!
    Leon:  Got that right.  We'll find a cure.
    (Ashley points up)
    Ashley:  Look, there's a crank over there.  
    (Leon piggybacks Ashley up the ledge to the crank)
    Ashley:  Watch out for me!
    (Ashley coughs)
    Leon:  You all right?
    Ashley:  I'm fine, leave me alone!
    Leon:  Ashley wait!
    Leon:  Ashley!
    Ashley:  What's going on!?
    (Ashley disappears)
    Leon:  Don't worry Ashley, I'm coming for ya!
    Chapter 3-2
    Salazar:  What a pleasant suprise.  But I'm afraid it's Ashley we need, not you
    Mr. Kennedy.
    Leon:  If you don't need me, then get off my back old man!
    Salazar:  Did you say old man Mr.  Kennedy?  It might come as a suprise, but 
    I'm only 20 years old.
    Leon:  So you're just like all the others, a puppet of the parasites.
    Salazar:  Surely you don't think I'm the same as those dimunitive Ganados.  The
    parasites, Las Plagas are slaves to my will.  I have absolute control.
    Leon:  Well I really don't give a damn.  Rain or shine, you're going down.
    (Enemies appear)
    Salazar:  Get rid of our american friend.
    Ada:  Put your hands where I can see them.
    Leon:  Sorry, but following a ladies lead just isnt my style.
    Ada:  Put them up now.
    (Matrix slow-mo effects ensue)
    Leon:  A bit of advice; try using knives next time.  Works better for close 
    (Leon empties clip and walks away)
    Ada:  Leon.  Long time no see.
    Leon:  Ada.  So it is true.  
    Ada:  True?  About what?
    Leon:  You.  Working with Wesker.
    Ada:  I see you've been doing your homework.
    Leon:  Why Ada?
    Ada:  What's it to you?
    Leon:  Why are you here?  Why'd you show up like this?
    Ada:  Heh.
    (Glasses explode and flash)
    Ada:  See you around.
    Leon:  Ada!
    Chapter 3-3
    Leon:  Leon!  I got it.
    (Luis is impaled by...something)
    Leon:  Luis!
    (Luis screaming)
    Saddler:  Now that I have the sample, you serve me no purpose.
    Leon:  Saddler!
    Saddler:  My boy Salazar will make sure you follow the same fate.
    (Saddler leaves)
    Leon:  Stay with me Luis. 
    Luis:  I am a researcher hired by Saddler.  I found out what I was up to.
    Leon:  Don't talk.
    Luis:  Here.  It should suppress grwoth of the parasite.  The sample, Saddler 
    took it.  You have to get it back.
    (Luis dies.)
    Leon:  Luis!  LUIS!
    Chapter 3-4
    (Leon frees Ashley.)
    Ashley:  Talk about near death experience.
    (Enemies appear.)
    Leon:  Ashley, get out of there!
    (After first wave of enemies, Ashley runs for a door.)
    Ashley:  The door's locked, I can't open it!
    (After second wave, Ashley picks up the key from an enemy.)
    Ashley:  I got the key, I can get out!
    Ashley:  Leon!
    Leon:  Ashley!
    Leon:  You did good.
    Ashley:  I'm sorry if I was..
    Leon:  Don't worry about it.  Come on, let's move on.
    Chapter 4-1
    (Leon activates lift across fire pit.)
    Leon:  Wait here.
    Salazar:  I think you've lived long enough.  Lets see if you can survive this 
    (Ceiling lowers.)
    Ashley:  No!
    (Salazar laughs and leaves.)
    (Ashley points at ceiling after a few seconds.)
    Ashley:  Leon, look at the ceiling!
    (Novistador grabs Ashley.)
    Leon:  Dammit.  Ashley!  Great!  More of them.
    (Leon uses scope, sees Salazar and Ashley across the way.)
    Leon:  ****!
    (Leon enters room.)
    Leon:  Ashley.
    Ashley:  Leon!
    Salazar:  Mr. Kennedy.  Don't you know when it's time to throw in the towel?
    (Trap door opens.)
    Ashley:  No, Leon!
    (Leon throws grappling hook.)
    Salazar:  Hmm?  Where's the satisfying sound of one's impalement?
    Leon:  Won't fall for this old trick.
    (Leon fires bullet.)
    Salazar:  How dare you!  No more games!  Kill him!  Kill!
    (Guard leaves.)
    Salazar:  Quickly!  We shall prepare for the ritual!
    Ashley:  (quietly) Leon.  You're alive.
    Saddler:  It seems that Salazar is having difficulty taming the American pig 
    (?).  Salazar had his chance.  Krauser, go get the girl!  Oh, and dispose of 
    this swine while you're at it.
    Krauser:  Consider it done.
    Chapter 4-2
    No voice acting.
    Chapter 4-3
    No voice acting.
    Chapter 4-4
    (Leon enters tower, you hear clapping.)
    Salazar:  So nice you could join us Mr. Scott Kennedy.
    Leon:  You again.
    Salazar:  The sacred rite that is about to begin at this tower will bestow the 
    girl with magnificent power.  She will join us, become one of us.
    Leon:  This is no ritual, this is terrorism.
    Salazar:  Isn't that a popular word these days?  Not to worry, we've prepared a
    special ritual just for you.
    (Leon throws knife.)
    Leon:  Heh.
    (Two escape up the lift.)
    Leon:  Stop!
    Salazar:  Ah, you've just missed her.  The ritual is over.  She left with my 
    men to an island.
    Leon:  What?
    (Shows a boat heading towards an island.)
    Salazar:  I think it's time I payed my due respects towards to your impressive 
    and stubbon will Mr. Kennedy.  Welcome(?).
    (Salazar merges with the monster.)
    Leon:  Monsters.  I guess after this there'll be one less to worry about.
    Ada:  Need a ride handsome?
    Leon:  Heh.  Okay.
    Chapter 5-1
    Ada:  Got some business to take care of.  See you later.
    Leon:  Women.
    (Note:  Ashley just says "Help me Leon" whenever you are close to her cell.)
    (Leon sees Ashley on security monitor)
    Ashley:  Help me Leon!
    Leon:  Ashley.
    (Guard sees camera)
    Leon:  Heh.  Amateurs.  Just hang in there Ashley.  I'm coming for ya.
    (Leon tries to work the radio in the control tower)
    Leon:  This is Leon.  Request backup.  Repeat, request backup.
    Leon:  Damn!
    (Leon enters cell)
    Ashley:  Leon!
    Leon:  You okay?  Come on, let's get out of here.
    Chapter 5-2
    Leon:  Looks like this is it.
    Ashley:  Ugh, it stinks.
    Leon:  Sure does.
    Ashley:  No way Leon.
    Leon:  Way.
    (Two jump down)
    Ashley:  Are you out of your mind?
    Leon:  I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt.
    Ashley:  You!  (Sees regenerator next to her)  What is this?
    Leon:  Come on, let's go.
    (Regenerator gets up)
    Ashley:  What is that thing!?
    (Ashley gets in the driver's seat)
    Ashley:  Leave it to me Leon.
    Saddler:  I can feel them.  Growing ever so strongly inside of you.
    Leon:  Saddler!
    (Saddler laughs.  He brings Leon to his knees)
    Saddler:  Perhaps you can resist, but you cannot disobey.  Now, come to me 
    Leon:  Ashley!
    (Leon throws beacon on Ashley)
    Leon:  It's already begun.
    Chapter 5-3
    Krauser:  What's the news on our friend Leon?
    Ada:  He's not making it easy.  The sample?  
    Krauser:  Saddler's got it.  IT seems he's sniffed out our little game.
    Ada:  Perfect.
    Krauser:  Just so we understand each other clearly, I don't trust you, nor does
    Wesker.  If you try to do anything clever I will kill you.
    Ada:  Is that so?  You know, I met Wesker long before you.
    Krauser:  We'll see soon enough if you did.
    Ada:  Yeah, we'll see.
    Krauser:  Heh.
    Krauser:  Been a long time, comrade.
    Leon:  Krauser!
    Krauser:  I died in a crash 2 years ago?  Is that what they told you?
    Leon:  You're the one who kidnapped Ashley.
    Krauser:  You catch on quick.  That's expected.  After all, both you and I know
    where we come from.
    Leon:  What do you want?
    Krauser:  Heh.  The sample Saddler developed, that's all.
    Leon:  Leave Ashley out of this.
    Krauser:  Oh, I needed her to buy Saddler's trust in me.  Like you, I'm 
    Leon:  You got her involved just for that??
    Krauser:  (Laughs, knocks Leon down)  All for Umbrella's sake.
    Leon:  Umbrella??
    Krauser:  I almost let it slip.  Enough talk, die comrade.
    Leon:  Ada!
    Krauser:  Well, if it isn't the bitch in the red dress.
    Ada:  It looks like we have the upper hand here.
    Krauser:  You may be able to prolong your life, but it's not like you can 
    escape your invitable death, is it?
    (Krauser leaves)
    Ada:  You...knew each other?
    Leon:  More or less.  Maybe it's about time you told me the reason you're here?
    Ada:  Maybe some other time.
    (Leon finds beacon)
    Leon:  Ashley.
    Leon:  What is that?
    (Monster appears)
    Krauser:  So, you two are all hooked up now, is that it?
    Leon:  Where's Ashley?
    Krauser:  Do you really want to know?  She's behind that gate.  But you'll need
    3 insignias to open it.
    Leon:  What are you gonna do Krauser?
    Krauser:  There's one in the north, and another in the east.
    Leon:  Let me guess, you have the last one.
    Krauser:  It pretty much means you're on a tight leash.
    Leon:  Sounds like you thought this one out pretty well.
    (Note:  When fighting Krauser, he says things like "I can see your every move, 
    Run Leon Run, Good Leon, That's it Leon", etc, etc.)
    (Leon picks up Panther piece)
    Leon:  What do you intend to do, restoring Umbrella?
    Krauser:  To bring order and balance to this insane world of ours.
    Leon:  A psycho like you can't bring order or balance.
    Krauser:  You don't hink a conservative mind can chart a new course for the 
    world, do you?
    Krauser:  Don't just stand there, come out and fight like a man.
    (A to respond)
    Leon:  I'm not falling for that one.
    Krauser:  Just trying to have fun.
    Krauser:  What is it that you fight for comrade?
    (A to respond)
    Leon:  My past I suppose.
    Krauser:  I see you've honed your skills.
    (Leon picks up Eagle isignia)
    Leon:  Two down, one more to go Krauser.
    Krauser:  We'll see about that.
    (Krauser's arm changes)
    Krauser:  Witness the power!
    Leon:  You've lost it completely Krauser.
    Krauser:  Prepare for your death Leon.
    Chapter 5-4
    (Leon approaches base; there are far too many enemies)
    Leon:  Damn!
    (Helicopter appears)
    Leon:  Hey, it's about time.
    Pilot:  Sorry, bad traffic.  I'll cover you.
    (Helicopter causes death and explosions)
    Leon:  Now that's what I call backup!
    Pilot:  You looking for firepower you've come to the right place!
    (Note:  during combat, the pilot says things like "Get out of the way, Sweeped
    (I'm not sure on that) 'em clean yeah!, Take cover, etc, etc)
    (Leon advances and is surrounded by enemies)
    Pilot:  Take cover.
    (Helicopter takes out the enemies)
    Leon:  Thanks.  When we get out of here, drinks are on me.
    Pilot:  Yeah, I know a good bar!
    (A rocket takes out the helicopter)
    Leon:  Mike!
    Leon:  I'll make sure you're the next to go Saddler.
    (Leon stumbles)
    Ada:  Leon, you okay?
    Leon:  Yeah.
    (Leon tries to strangle Ada, who stabs him in the leg)
    Leon:  Sorry Ada.
    Ada:  We have to get that parasite out of your body.
    Leon:  But before that, I have to save Ashley.
    Ada:  Fine, let's split up.
    Saddler:  You'll soon harbor an awesome power.  Yet it seems you would rather 
    choose death.
    Leon:  I'm taking Ashley back whether you like it or not.
    Saddler:  Ah, the audacity of youth.
    (Saddler flings Leon away.  Someone opens fire on Saddler)
    Ada:  Leon, now!
    (Leon grabs Ashley.  Saddler is unhurt)
    Ada:  Move! 
    Leon:  Let's go!
    Ashley:  This hunk of junk?  I don't know about this Leon.
    Leon:  There's only one way to find out.  You operate.
    Ashley:  Are you sure you want to do this?
    Leon:  Yeah.
    Ashley:  Alright, here goes nothing.
    (Leon's parasite is destroyed)
    Ashley:  How are you feeling?
    Leon:  Like a million bucks.
    Ashley:  I thought you were gonna die.  Alright, guess I'm up.
    (Ashley's parasite is destroyed)
    Leon:  You okay?
    Leon:  I don't know about you, but I think it's time we go home.
    Final Chapter
    Leon:  Something's not right.  Ashley, you stay here.
    (Leon goes up lift.  Ada is tied up.)
    Leon:  Ada!
    (Saddler tries to control Leon and fails)
    Leon:  Better try a new trick, because that one's getting old.
    (Leon frees Ada)
    Leon:  You okay?
    Ada:  I've been better.
    (Saddler laughs)
    Leon:  What's so funny?
    Saddler:  Oh, I think you know.  The american prevailing is a cliche that only
    happens in your Hollywood movies.  Mr. Kennedy, you entertain men.  To show my
    appreciation, I will help you awaken from your world of cliches.
    (Saddler turns into a monster.)
    Leon:  Ada, stand back.
    (Note: about halfway through the battle, Ada will appear and toss you a rocket,
    and say "Use this."  Hay Resident Evil 2~)
    Ada:  Sorry Leon, hand it over.
    Leon:  Ada, you do know what this is.
    (Ada leaps off edge into a helicopter.)
    Ada:  Don't worry.  I'll take good care of it.
    Leon:  Ada!
    Ada:  Gotta go.  If I were you, I'd get off this island too.
    (Ada pushes detonation button.)
    Leon:  She really pushed it.
    Ada:  Here, catch.  Better get a move on.  See you around.
    (Leon looks at bear keychain.)
    Leon:  Very cute.
    Ashley:  Leon.
    Leon:  We have to get off this island now, it's gonna blow any minute.
    Ashley:  It's gonna what??
    Leon:  Hang on sweetheart!
    (Explosions on the island.)
    Ashley:  Waves, behind us!
    Leon:  I know, just hold on.
    (Ashley falls off.)
    Leon:  Ashley!  Ashley, where are you!?
    Ashley:  Leon!
    Leon:  Come on, let's go home.
    Ashley:  Sounds like a great idea.  Mission accomplished, right Leon?
    Leon:  Not quite, I still have to get you home safe.
    Ashley:  So, after you take me back to my place, how about we do some...
    Leon:  Heh.  Sorry.
    Ashley:  Somehow I knew you were going to say that, but it doesn't hurt to ask,
    you know.  So, who was that woman anyway?
    Leon:  Why do you ask?
    Ashley:  Come on, tell me.
    Leon:  She's like a part of me I can't let go.  Let's leave it at that.
    Credits roll.  Make sure you watch through all the credits!
    Thanks go out to Capcom for making this awesome game.  I'd also like to thank 
    Angel for giving me a reason to type this out for her and others, and for being
    there for me, always.  I love you!
    Additional Thanks go out to these people who helped make corrections and such 
    this script:
    This may be used or reproduced ONLY if I am given credit, and it is available 
    for free online (No pay sites or anything like that).  You don't have to let me
    know you're using it, but it's always nice.  
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
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    Copyright 2004 James Palmer (SailorDaravon@gmail.com)

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