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    Resident Evil History Guide by REmanZ

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                               Written By: Joe Zakutny
      All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
                      respective trademark and copyright holders.
    =Table Of Contents=
    To further make this more simple, I've included short-cuts. All you have to
    do is Press CTRL + F and in the box include the short-cut that you want to
    go to. And because it searches from where the screen is to the bottom, you
    can enter in the character/game/whatever you want and you should skip right
    to it!
    Version History ......................................................... REH001
    About This Guide ........................................................ REH002
    About The Author ........................................................ REH003
    Definitions ............................................................. REH004
    Characters .............................................................. REH005
    Enemies ................................................................. REH006
    The Virus' .............................................................. REH007
    Resident Evil History ................................................... REH008
    Resident Evil Evolution ................................................. REH009
    Resident Evil 4 Past .....................................................REH010
    Legal, and Contact ...................................................... REH011
    =Version History= 
    Created on January 27th, 1 am.
    Version: 0.30. -- Made the FAQ. I don't know how much of the information is
    really necessary, but I shall update with more information. I'm sorry, but I
    only covered the first two games and half of the third. I'll try to come up 
    with new information by tomorrow, in time before the next update. I'll soon 
    put up a Characters List, and the changes that Resident Evil went through!
    Version: 0.40. -- Updated most of the stuff. This was Rejected because of the
    lack of information that it contained, so I pretty much updated much of it.
    Putting in new vital information about the games that I know about. I also
    included the Characters Section and the soon-to-come Enemies section.
    Version: 0.75. -- Updated more of the Character section, and got done more of
    the Resident Evil History as well. I also included a 'About This Guide' section
    which is just below this. I'm also going to include a "The Virus'" section
    which can be used to learn more about the different virus' that appeared in
    each Resident Evil game. Also included some Definitions.
    Version: 0.80 -- Updated some of the spacing and some of the words. I also
    included a new "Resident Evil Evolution" part for all of you to read. I still
    havn't begun the enemies section yet, but I am preparing for it. It'll be up
    when I know how many enemies I'll include. No bosses.
    Version: 1.00 -- I completed it finally. That's right, the Resident Evil
    History guide is finally complete. It's not the "Final" of course, as I may
    still have some updates, but everything that you essentially need to learn
    about Resident Evil is all right here. I hope that you enjoy it, and the fact
    that I wrote this in a mere 72 hours. Including time to go to College and the
    time to go to the Doctors and friends. I also fixed some trailing spaces that
    appeared when I e-mailed this to myself so I can work on it over my friend's
    house, and corrected some spacing problems as well.
    Version: 1.02 -- I made some basic changes. I updated the Enemies section;
    which now have a "Debuted" section, to let our readers know when the enemies
    actually started from in the first place! I even added a nice new quote. I
    also updated some information about the Resident Evil games. I have also
    introdued Short-cuts. It's my first time doing that, so sorry if I sort
    of suck at it! I also fixed some grammar errors. And I ran spellcheck and I
    corrected most of the spelling errors.
    Version: 1.07 -- I formatted some of the stuff that was really annoying me.
    And it might have been annoying you as well. I made this correction due to when
    you scroll, you sometimes can't see the Title of the game that you might want
    therefore skipping it. So I made it more obvious of their presence.
    Version: 1.17 -- I updated a lot of the information on the Characters, and I
    put them in my own words, so everything should be fine! Also updated a
    Version: 1.18 -- I updated some of the spacing. I hope that it fixes some of
    the problems! After atlesat five days of creating this FAQ, I've gotten data,
    deleted data, rewrote date, formatted data, reformatted data. I hope that you 
    enjoy my hard work and dedication to this FAQ! Included a Special Note from 
    the Author as well! I also updated the History part as well as it came up
    as "Incomplete" and that is the only information that was "Incomplete."
    Version: 1.20 -- I updated all of the information on the past Resident Evil
    games and hopefully I covered all of it. Which I'm pretty sure that I did.
    So, the Characters, Enemies, History and the Evolution is complete.
    Version: 1.25 -- How embarassing, two FAQ's in a row with huge mistakes. I
    somehow included that Birkin and Mr. X were the same people, but like many
    people posted, they are two separate beings. I apologize for the inconvience
    and hopefully I corrected the mistake. I thank all of you for e-mailing me and
    telling me your thoughts about the Guide. Also, a Resident Evil 4's Past
    Guide might be included in here soon as well, which is being made by:
    RE expert44. I appreciate his time and effort being put into this Guide so I
    can post it in mine. Credit will be paid to him.
    Version: 1.26 -- I included a new Virus, the Mother Virus, which I somehow
    forgot, and noone really noticed that either. I also updated some of the
    enemies as well. And hopefully RE expert44's Guide is being revised to be put
    up in here.
    Version: 1.27 -- I've been getting a lot of e-mails about new information and
    I finally went through them. The ones that were relevant enough, I've included
    and gave them a detailed Special Thanks.
    Version: 1.28 -- Corrected a few things and updated some other things as well.
    Nothing much to look for. And, the Resident Evil 4 past Guide will be up on
    here by Tuesday!
    Version: 1.40 -- Well, I made a few changes and there is one major update in
    this as well. I finally included the Resident Evil 4 Past that I've been
    talking about for as long as this Guide has been posted. I thank RE Expert44
    for writing this up and giving me the opportunity to use it in my Guide!
    Version: 1.41 -- I made a change because I gotten a few e-mails about it. That's
    about it.
    Version: 1.42 -- Made some minor corrections.
    Version: 1.43 -- Made more minor corrections...
    Version: 1.44 -- More corrections...
    Version: 1.45 -- Even more so.
    Last updated on: August 20th, 1:40 p.m.
    =About This Guide=
    I created this guide for the sole purpose of Resident Evil History. I've learned
    that many people who play Resident Evil 4 have probably never played the games
    that came out before it. So, I decided to make a topic for those who never
    played all the games, or for people who have played some, and not the
    others. This is an all around guide, covering every character and enemy that
    ever was part of Resident Evil. It also covers every game that ever came out.
    For the sole purpose of "back ground information." For instance someone can 
    say "The Progenitor virus? What's that?" you can now proudly say "The
    Progenitor virus was created by James Marcus; he created it from the 'The
    Mother' Virus. He apparently took the genes from a Leech and implanted it into
    the Progentior Virus and created the T-Virus. Marcus loved his research and
    because of his research, he went missing. The Leeches that he loved so much
    transformed him and gave him the ability to mimic."
    I'm also going to include a game that hasn't come out yet for RE History
    because Resident Evil 4, in RE timeline, is the latest one to come out. RE
    Outbreak, actually, takes place just a month 1/2 after the first RE! So, there
    could be some background information there.
    Also, I like to use this guide as a little... umm, I don't know, 'guide' for
    future RE players. Looking at the Enemies section for instance can further
    prepare themselves for what can lie ahead. Or mainly for the Resident Evil 4
    players bragging that they beat RE4; then they can read the other enemies in
    the games and go "Wow, the other games were hard, too."
    But, like I said, this guide is for the sole purpose for background information
    for new, and veteran Resident Evil players. 
    If I missed any information, or I referred to something wrong, like the Bravo
    Team... then you can e-mail me and I'll correct it. My e-mail is at the top and
    at the bottom of this guide. Be sure to include "RE Guide" in the Subject.
    Eh, frig it. My e-mail is --- GameProjoeZ@hotmail.com ---
    A note from the Author:
    I've put out a generous time and effort into this Project of mine, and I would
    like to thank all of you who have e-mailed me since I made this Guide. So, I
    personally thank each and everyone of you. Because of you, you've made this
    Guide my most-frequently-viewed Guide again. And, please, if you've got
    questions, e-mail me!
    Beware of Major Spoilers!
    =About The Author=
    I'm Joe, Joe Zakutny, but you can call me Joe. Z. This is actually my Second
    guide. Ever. I'm hoping to make more Resident Evil guides since this is truly 
    my passion. I've played the Resident Evil REmake game countless times, and I 
    still love it. I've read the books, watched the movies, you name it. Actually,
    I played almost every RE game countless times. 
    And, well, if you ever felt the need to talk to me, to talk about more
    Resident Evil things, or to ask me a few questions, or whatever, I'll give
    out my AIM: True Story Guy. Please use this only in dire need situations that
    you can't wait for an e-mail response. And, IM'ing me when you could just
    e-mail me is "Frowned upon" in my book, and I'll likely have a grudge. But,
    you can always just talk "Resident Evil" with me!
    "There are only 10 types of people in this world: Those who know Binary and
    those who don't."
    If you're here, then you obviously havn't played a lot of Resident Evil, or you
    just forgot some info, or you wanted to know what the hell I was talking about.
    Well, fear not, for I will cover the Definitions!
    - The higher form of the S.T.A.R.S. team that's divided by two
    seperate, fully functional teams.
    - Bio-Organic Weapons
    - The lesser form of the S.T.A.R.S. team that's divided by two
    seperate, fully functional teams.
    Los Illuminados 
    - The cult that's behind Las Plagas, the Parasites, and the
    kipnapping of the President's daughter.
    - Sea, Air, Land.
    - Special Tactics And Rescue Service.
    - Special Weapons And Tactics.
    - Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service.
    - The company that created the T-Virus.
    - Anti-Umbrella Pursuit Investigation Team of the United States Strategic
    If you want me to define anything for you, just e-mail me the question and I'll
    reply to you and add it into my guide! My e-mail is at the bottom and at the
    top of this Guide.
    Note: Some of the Characters that I included here are taken directly from the
    Brady Strategy Guides that have been written by Dan Birlew. A more detailed
    Special Thanks is written at the bottom of the guide. All the information is
    used for educational purposes only and all the information belongs to Capcom,
    Dan Birlew and BradyGames respectively.
    -----------------------------Resident Evil:-------------------------------------
    Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield, being newly recruited to the S.T.A.R.S. team by the weapon
    specialist Barry Burton, was lifted off to investiate the mysterious murders
    almost immediately. Having a large background in the Air Force, Chris also
    knows how to fly a plane and land it.
    Jill Valentine
    Her amount of experience and professional tactical training earns her a degree
    of one of the best S.T.A.R.S. member's on the force. She is a master of lock
    picking and can open over a hundered different types of locks without a key.
    She is well known and well liked by most Resident Evil players.
    Barry Burton
    Barry is the first officer to join the S.T.A.R.S. team, and Wesker was the one
    who created it, so Wesker must of liked Barry a lot. Barry is also a former
    Air Force and S.W.A.T. member, and he brings along a wide variety of
    experience to the team. Also supplying the S.T.A.R.S. weaponary, he gets most
    of his weapons custom-made for the team. A valuable asset to the team, it'll
    be a shame if S.T.A.R.S. lost him. He also has strong ties with his family
    along with his job.
    Brad Vickers
    Often called the Chicken-Heart of the S.T.A.R.S. team, this Pilot has gained
    his own reputation. Dispiate his youth, however, he is a well-trained pilot
    and can just about fly anywhere, making him a key to S.T.A.R.S. He's the one
    who takes off in his Helicopter when S.T.A.R.S. really needed him, too. Maybe
    that's why he got his Chicken-Heart reputation.
    He will soon loose his life in RE3: Nemesis, however...
    Joseph Frost
    "Frosty" is a seasoned former commando trained in the Navy S.E.A.L.S. and
    experienced in Gulf War operation Desert Storm. He acts as a vehicle
    specialist for the group. Now, where are those cars and Jeeps at? Oh, none,
    no wonder he dies so quickly.
    Albert Wesker
    Wesker is the man who created the S.T.A.R.S. team to be under the Raccoon
    City Police Department. Not good at making smart choices, he hires Barry Burton
    and has him hire all the other S.T.A.R.S. members for him. 
    Albert is a little bit shady, by wearing his sun glasses all the time and he
    orders you around the Mansion just so he'll leave you alone. You often catch
    him talking to himself as well. Strange...
    Enrico Marini
    Marini is the commander of the Bravo Team, and second in command of the
    Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. unit. He fears that other Team members might come
    along and take him from his position in S.T.A.R.S. which might answer why he
    is always suspicious around other people. He's a great asset and provides a
    lot of experience for S.T.A.R.S.
    Rebecca Chambers
    The youngest member for the S.T.A.R.S. team is also the newest recruit.
    Joining the unit just moments before Bravo Team lifted off in the helicopter
    to search for the forest area. She serves as the field medic for the Bravo
    Team and quite possibly for the Alpha Team as well. She's quite smart and
    knows a lot about chemicals and nursing. I hope that she can handle herself
    while she was taking care of Richard.
    Forest Speyer
    Like most of the Bravo Team, you find Forest already dead in a chair. On the
    balconey it would seem that he died in peace. He did, he was bitten by a
    Zombie and he transformed. If you do something special, he'll come after you!
    Also to note, look for a certain weapon that is next to him, you'll be
    most rewarded!
    Richard Aiken
    The radio expert on the S.T.A.R.S. team, this man is part of the Bravo Team
    and is one of the few survivors that you find. He gets bit by a giant snake
    in the mansion and you have to go and retrieve some medication. His life will
    change how you play this game, depending on if you get the serum in time or
    Kevin Dooley
    Helicopter pilot for the Bravo Team, Kevin is a mechanical wizard and an
    accomplished stunt pilot. Despite his past in the entertainnemt industry,
    Kevin takes his role in the S.T.A.R.S. unit seriously. He has been instrumental
    in rescuing many citizens from dangerous situations in the dense Raccoon
    Forest area and in the rocky Arklay Mountains.
    Kennth J. Sullivan
    Nothing can be said much about this man, except for the fact that the video
    that you find about him is quite gruesome. You first find this man dead, and
    he has recorded his death. You'll have to grab his cassette and watch the
    tape later on.
    ----------------------------Resident Evil 2:------------------------------------
    Thanks to CVXFREAK for this Content on RE2:
    Leon S. Kennedy
    Leon is a rookie cop who came to Raccoon City to find zombies. He is
    very clueless at times, especially in the beginning and middle of his
    games. He also doesn't seem to try hard at the police force. But when he
    runs into Ada Wong, he learns to do things right and not be so clueless
    at times. His weaponry is standard. He has a Pistol, Shotgun, Magnum,
    Flamethrower, possibly a Submachine Gun and in his B game, a Rocket
    Launcher. He is better than Claire at firing weapons, but fires slower
    than Ada. He is controllable on Disc 1.
    Claire Redfield
    Claire Redfield is the sister of Chris Redfield, from the first game
    and CODE: Veronica. She is tough and willing in situations. She runs
    faster than Leon, but slower than Ada. While she never meets Ada, she
    runs into Sherry Birkin, a little girl. She takes good care of Sherry
    and is, essentially, the main character of this whole game, though she
    gets Part 2. She has a very different weaponry from Leon's. She has a
    different Pistol, a Bow Gun, A Grenade Launcher, a Spark Shot, possibly
    a Submachine Gun and in her B game, a Rocket Launcher.
    Ada Wong
    Ada Wong is very independent. She is helpful throughout most of Leon's
    game. Also, she fires, runs, and takes damage better than Claire, Leon
    and Sherry. But unfortunately for her, she doesn't get out with Leon.
    But in Leon's B game, she becomes *VERY* helpful against the final Mr. X
    battle. Although it may seem like it and many people believe this, it
    actually IS Ada who helps out Claire in her B game against the final Mr.
    Sherry Birkin
    Sherry is alone in her normal world. That is until she meets Claire and
    becomes her best friend. She is a bit of a nuisance at times, stopping
    for Claire to come back for her. She is useful, though, especially in
    the final William Birkin battle. Yes, she is the daughter of William
    Birkin, who has now become a monster. She is VERY immature for a 12 year
    old. She also briefly runs into Ada during Leon B, where she loses her
    pendant that carries her family picture.
    Annette Birkin
    Annette is the mother of Sherry. She seems to be skitsofrenic. She tries
    to kill Ada and Leon and tries to help out Claire and Sherry. She is
    very frantic, and seems to only care about the G- Virus her husband,
    William Birkin, created. She then becomes caring of her daughter at the
    end of Claire B, giving her the needed keys to get out of the base.
    Brian Irons
    He is the darranged police cheif. He kills Ms. Warden, and plans to kill
    Claire. But his actions of rigging the RPD with traps and puzzles will
    lead to his ultimate downfall. He is eventually killed by the William
    Birkin monster.
    Ben Burtolucci
    He is a reporter who knows what's behind the Raccoon City incident. He,
    at first, refuses to tell anything until he is nearly killed by the
    William Birkin monster. He eventually tells Leon and is then killed
    William Birkin
    He is the scientist behind the creation of the G- Virus. He is paranoid
    about giving away his G- Virus, which leads to his ordeal. Umbrella's
    swat team member, HUNK, attacked William Birkin. Birkin would have died,
    but saved himself by injecting the G- Virus. Now he is a monster out to
    perpetuate his G-species.
    Hunk is the man who attacks William Birkin. He is pretty tough to
    survive in the sewers for 4 days. He is seen without his mask in his RE3
    Epilogue. He also makes a cameo in CODE: Veronica X in a file, where he
    transports the Tyrant to Rockfort Island.
    Marvin Branagh
    He makes a small appearance in the game to aid Claire or Leon by giving
    them a key to get further into the RPD. He eventually turns into a
    zombie. He makes an appearance in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, as well, but
    he's unconscious when Jill Valentine finds him.
    Robert Kendo
    He is the Gun Shop owner. According to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, he was
    good friends with Resident Evil's Barry Burton. He gets killed at the
    beginning by zombies, but he leaves a weapon behind for Leon or Claire.
    He was the man who created the Samurai Edge Handgun seen in Resident
    Evil for the Nintendo GameCube.
    Joe includes:
    This piece of... Tofu is only playable after you complete the game several
    times. You're basically just a piece of Tofu that floats around with a knife
    waiving around it. I'm quite sure that whoever plays as Tofu will have an
    interesting time trying to master his knife-wielding technique!
    -------------------------Resident Evil 3: Nemesis-------------------------------
    Jill Valentine
    Jill is a member of S.T.A.R.S., a special task force in the Raccoon City
    Police Department. She is a specialist in disarming explosive traps. With her
    experience training in the U.S. Delta Force, she is one of the survivors of
    the original incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains. Cheerful and
    independent, Jill has a strong sense of justice. Though she has a healthy
    emotional side, she is a talented woman with a strong will and excellent
    judgement. She is being chased by Nemesis and does not know why.
    Carlos Oliveira
    He is a U.B.C.S. soldier, in charge of heavy firearms, security and mission 
    back-up. He is also responsible for weapons maintenance. At first sight, he may
    appear inexperienced and immature but is actually warm-hearted, with a strong 
    sense of right and wrong.
    Nicholai Givoneaf
    The leader of the U.B.C.S, this particular man is one of the characters that
    you'll learn to hate... a lot. Much like the Nemesis, he almost seems desperate
    to kill you. He shoots a fellow comrade in the foot and then tracks him down
    to kill him himself, for his pleasure. This is one man that you must be
    careful about!
    Mikhail Victor
    Mikhail is a leading lieutenant of the U.B.C.S. He belongs to Carlo's team, 
    and was badly injured. Mikhail can be considered one of the typical U.B.C.S. 
    members, due to his ruthlessness and arrogance.
    Brad Vickers
    The Chicken-Heart that made his way through the Mansion somehow decides to come
    in one final time in Resident Evil: Nemesis. Brad, however usually has a calm
    attitude can become very anxious and nervous when stern. Brad tries to tell
    Jill about the new Monster that's coming in to get them, but, as Irony has
    taught us, he gets killed by not saying anything.
    -------------------------Resident Evil CODE: Veronica---------------------------
    Claire Redfield
    Claire is no stranger to the horror that Umbrella can cause. She came face to
    face with it when she went to Raccoon City in search of her brother, Chris.
    Being a tad bit older then Steve, she doesn't seem quite interested in him
    through out the course of the game. She also loves her brother very much, and
    seems to go to far extremes just to find him. Do not underestimate the
    talented Claire Redfield.
    Chris Redfield
    The elder Redfield sibling, Chris is a highly trained officer of Raccoon City
    Police Department's S.T.A.R.S. squad. Several of his teammates were killed when
    the S.T.A.R.S. were killed when they were betrayed by the infamous Albert
    Wesker. Because of him, because of this "Test", he's quite angry with
    Umbrella and will stop at nothing to bring them down. Claire looks up to him
    and would stop at nothing to get him back.
    Steve Burnside
    Steve is a prisoner on Rockfort Island when things went wrong.
    His cocky attitude hides a deep distrust of people. Steve feels that the world
    is against him and hasn't seen much to make him think otherwise. Merly being
    one of the few surivors on Rockfort Island marks Steve as an exceptional
    young man... even if he can be a jerk at times.
    You find out why he's so angry when you meet his father, which it turns out,
    worked for Umbrella and became a Zombie. He, himself, has to kill his own
    father to save Claire. He really does love her -- and that's not the only thing
    that happens to poor Steve, either!
    Alfred Ashford
    Alfred has been the head of Umbrella for some time. Talking to him gives you an
    idea why the company is so twisted. Alfred is egomanical to the extreme.
    Raised in a rich surroundings, with everything coming to him at the snap of the
    finger, he wants the world to go around with his tune. He also has a deep
    connection with Dragonflies. Also, he loves his sister, Alexia... maybe a little
    bit too much.
    Alexia Ashford
    The twin sister of Alfred, Alexia is a myserious figure. No one has seen her
    around for ages, and the only one who has is Alfred, but he won't reveal where
    she ever is. Rumors are abdunant that she cyrnologically froze herself, which
    is exactly what she did.
    Albert Wesker
    Wesker is a two-time betrayer. He led his fellow S.T.A.R.S. members into a
    trap while working for Umbrella. But that was all part of a double cross he
    had planned against Umbrella. Now he's working for someone else. He has been
    injected with some of the T-Virus and now possess supernatural abilities.
    Chris is no match for the new Wesker. The only question, why is Albert in
    Antartica, and why has he set up Hunters all over the grounds?
    Rodrigo Juan Raval
    Rodrigo works for Umbrella. Recently he captured Claire Redfield and brought
    her to Rockfort Island. Recent events, though, have made him reconsider his
    actions. Mr. Raval would like nothing more then to go home. He may not make it,
    but he tries to set things right by freeing Claire.
    ------------------------------Resident Evil 0-----------------------------------
    Rebecca Chambers
    Having just been appointed to the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, she is sent in to
    investigate mysterious murders that happened near the Arklay Mountains. She
    crash lands and gets on a train where she meets Billy Coen. The only
    question is, how does she get to the Mansion, and who attacked the Train so
    Billy Coen
    A former Marine Second Lieutenant stripped of his rank following court-martial,
    Coen is suspected of massacring 23 people. While being transported to the base
    for execution, the prison car in which he rode was attacked. He soon realized
    what was going on and took advantage of the situation, using some tool to
    bust through his hand-cuffs. Funny, how he wears them through out the course
    of the game and never really talks about the discomfort.
    Outwardly blunt and cynical, Coen actually has a strong sense of justice and
    will not commit a dishonest act, even under orders. He also has a surprising
    talent for playing the piano. Piano's sure do find their way in most RE
    games, don't they?
    Enrico Marini
    The deputy commander of S.T.A.R.S., Enrico also serves as the leader of Bravo
    Team. He dies in the first Resident Evil and this part of the story tells you
    how he gets to the Mansion and his connection to Rebecca. He's the one who
    tells her about the Mansion which she then goes to. If it wasn't for him,
    Chris will be shit out of luck.
    Albert Wesker
    During the times that you see him he usually is giving orders to other team
    members. He seems to be part of the attack on the Train. You never really
    see him and he doesn't pose much of a threat. He plays more like a cameo then
    anything else.
    William Birkin
    One of the few people that supposibly worked directly under James Marcus
    himself, this researcher seems more trust worthy then the rest of them. He
    has a family all of his own who lives in Umbrella, so you know that whatever
    he's making it cannot be too bad (That's a lie..).
    After Marcus died, he took his work and developed the G-Virus himself, which
    is a better version of the T-virus. He takes a sample himself in RE2 and
    becomes a monster you have to kill. A "G-Type."
    James Marcus
    The first head of Umbrella's management training facility, Marcus was
    personally appointed by Umbrella's founder, Ozwell K. Spencer, and entrusted
    with continuing and expanding the research on the Mother Virus discovered by
    Spencer. He spent a lot of time underground trying to develop a virus that
    he can use.
    He soon named his virus the "Progenitor Virus" and infected the Leeches with
    it. They soon developed a certain Mimetic trait and started to mimic him.
    James Marcus was astonished as he began to experiment more. He soon disappeared
    and no one knows where he went. You'll find your answers in Resident Evil 0!
    Richard Aiken
    The communications officer for the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, Richard's combat
    skills are father inferior compared to the rest of the teams. A cheerful young
    man, Richard always wears a smile. Although combat isn't his speciality, he's
    still an unsung hero who backs up the Bravo Team in various other ways.
    Edward Dewey
    The helicopter mechanic and flight navigator for the Bravo Team. While Rebecca
    was on the train, Edward was torn apart by mutated Dogs. He jumps onto the train
    and warns Rebecca about the Monsters, and then dies.
    Kevin Dooley
    The helicopter pilot for the Bravo Team. Alpha Team goes by to his Helicopter
    and he was eaten alive. Edward was with him, so it must of been a swift
    attack. Probably from the dogs.
    --------------------------Resident Evil Survivor--------------------------------
    Vincent Goldman
    The leader of Umbrella’s "dirty jobs" special unit in Resident Evil Survivor;
    eventually killed by Tyrant. Such dirty jobs could have been the Mansion
    incident, and perhaps as deep as Raccoon City! But, I highly doubt it.
    Ark Thompson
    Friend of Leon's and amnesia-stricken escapee from Resident Evil Survivor’s
    zombie-infested island. He crashes into the island, and apparently the only
    survivor. Ying and Yang, suriving the crash, but losing his memory. What
    sort of horrible things will this man remember?
    ---------------------------Resident Evil: Dead Aim------------------------------
    Morpheus D. Duvall
    Ex-member of the Umbrella Research and Development Department. The "T-virus" 
    was stolen by a fanatic group of Morpheus-worshippers, who also easily captured
    and overpowered the cruiser. But Duvall was crazy enough to make his followers 
    the prey of "T-virus."
    Fong Ling
    Covert operator for the Safety Department of China. Pursued and arrested her 
    brother, a democracy activist, as ordered by the government. He was executed 
    the same day. Ling harbors no grudge against her superiors or the government.
    Bruce McGivern
    Covert Operator for the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit Investigation Team of the 
    United States Strategic Command (U.S. STRATCOM). Has a strong sense of justice 
    and may act recklessly without concern for his own life, often bordering on out
    of control. But does a first-class job.
    -------------------------Resident Evil Outbreak---------------------------------
    Kevin Ryman
    Kevin is a Policeman that you can select right from the beginning. He has
    failed the S.T.A.R.S. admission test numerous times and has a bad time
    coping with it. He spends most of his time at a bar now, drinking away. He
    also possess an ability to kick his enemies away.
    Mark Williams
    Currently working for a security company in Raccoon City, Mark is a Vietnam
    War veteran. The oldest person that you'll ever control is this man, right
    here. Who has a lot of experience in his past years especially in the
    Vietnam war. He can withstand a lot of hits, has the highest health and
    comes with a gun in the very beginning. His special ability allows him to
    defend, so he takes less health then usual.
    George Hamilton
    A doctor who works at Raccoon City Hospital, George is a first-class surgeon.
    He knows the Hospital well so you don't need the Map when you have him in your
    team when you do the Hive stage. He also has the ability to mix herbs so your
    T-Virus contaminations levels won't raise, and the ability to make bandages
    so you'll stop bleeding. Definitely a smart idea for the Hive stage all-around.
    Jim Chapman
    A subway employee, Jim is a friendly and cheerful fellow, but exposes his
    cowardice and narrow-mindedness. Often running around, cursing his head off,
    he can get quite annoying, especially if he does it online. "My life is
    shit!" Anyway -- once he enters a room, if you look on the map, all the items
    in the room are instantly displayed, and if you toss your Coin and get a
    heads up three times in a row, his critical hit ratio will increase by
    David King
    A quiet plumber, David is one of the coolest characters in this game. He has
    the ability to throw Wrenches at Zombies, which instantly make them fall to the
    ground. And, when your weapon is broken, he can use his electrical tape to
    tape it back together and make it useful. He also has this ability so you
    can make custom weapons, like a flamethrower!
    Yoko Suzuki
    Yoko, one of the worst characters in my opinion. She has the lowest health
    out of them all. She, however, can carry the most amount of items out of all
    of them and her "Excape" ability allows her to quickly crawl away from harm.
    Alyssa Ashcroft
    Alyssa is a newspaper journalist working for the local paper. Now, there has
    to be a lock-picker around here somewhere, and that's her. Her ability allows
    her to access places that normally other characters cannot access. Also, her
    ability to quickly dodge away from attacks makes her one of my personal
    Cindy Lennox
    A waitress at J's Bar, Cindy is a popular person because of her unbreakable
    bright smile. She starts out with green herbs already in her little herb kit,
    so whenever you see a Green herb, you don't take out valuable inventory space.
    She also has the ability to duck under an enemie's attacks.
    -------------------------------Resident Evil 4----------------------------------
    Leon S. Kennedy
    After six years of escaping the horrors of Raccoon City, Leon quit his job
    and got hired as a Goverment Agent. After working himself through the ranks
    he finally was able to protect the President himself. Now that the President's
    daughter has been kidnapped, he was sent to Europe to track down, find and
    rescue the President's Daughter.
    Ashley Graham
    Ashley is the twenty-year old (Though, some refer to her as 'Teenager')
    daughter of the President of the United States. On the day she was abducted,
    Leon S. Kennedy was assigned to track down her abductors, rescue her from them,
    and return her to the States. Ashley is completly defenseless and has to
    completly rely on Leon for just about everything. Except to hide somewhere,
    which he seems to do quite intelligently.
    The Los Illuminados gang, however, wants her to return, but why? What good can
    that do? Only time will tell.
    Luis Sera
    While Leon is searching for Ashley, he finds a part of the Village with a 
    certain "Pounding" sound, once Leon investigates, he finds Luis tied up and
    gagged. He unravles him. He's not from America, and seems to be from Madrid.
    He also knows something about the T-Virus. Very suspicios.
    Jack Krauser
    Leon has been lead to believe that a lot of people in his life have died, and
    that it really turns out that they're alive. If Jack Krasuer is alive, and so
    is Ada Wong, who else do you think could be alive *Cough* Birkin! *Cough* But,
    anyway. Now Krauser isn't working with Leon, he's working against him this
    time around. Will Krauser realize the truth about Los Illuminados? Will Leon
    kill him? Only time will tell. And exactly, HOW did he survive?
    Bitores Mendez
    The Village Chief is an adnormally tall and menacing figure with multi-
    colored eyes that leads the other villagers in their attacks on Leon. Unlike
    the stupid, parasite-infected Villages, Bitores is quite intelligent and
    can come up with reasonable debates. What I wonder, is, how was he so easy
    to defeat? And is he truly human?
    Ada Wong
    Years ago, during the events of Resident Evil 2, Leon comes across a girl
    named Ada Wong. Believing that she soon died, he went on with his life. Only
    to now find out that she's really alive. What was her place is Raccoon City
    that one day, and what agency does she work for now? Could the G-Virus still
    be rampant?
    Ingrid Hunnigan
    Ingrid is the woman who appears whenever Leon calls up on his codec, which
    seems to resemble a lot like Metal Gear Solid's scheme. She's quite
    intelligent and seems to hand the Instruction Manual a little bit too late.
    "Here's the manual that you needed before you began running and shooting. I
    think it'll do some good." -- Yeah, right.
    Osmund Saddler
    The leader of the strange cult called 'Los Illuminados'. Not much is known
    about this character except he seemed to have brainwashed Ramon into
    unleashing the Las Plagas parasite. He's the one who controls everything, and
    has somewhat control over Ramon. He also leads Ramon into thinking that he is
    the one who has control.
    Ramon Salazar
    The short Castleaan that you meet during your visit in the Castle. He's quite
    short, but even if he's short, he is very mature and talks like an adult. Well,
    he looks quite old as well, but his child-like appearance must of gotten
    a hold of him sometime.
    He was brainwashed by Saddler and unleashed the parasite that his ancestors
    sealed away many years ago.
    In alphabetical order:
    Same with the worms, except these guys can actually damage you! Running
    through the area is a smart idea.
    Debuted in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
    Wow, I never thought that I'd get to the B.O.W. weapon part. But the Bander-
    snatch is the B.O.W. weapon of Umbrella. They only have one arm, but they can
    use that arm to reach to very high places. It's elastic and can reach to very
    far places. They have one very large beating heart, but that really doesn't
    do much in the games...
    Debuted in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
    Brain Suckers
    Dubbed "The Lickers from Resident Evil 2" from most people, and they are
    basically right. These creatures are just like the Lickers, except they tend
    to like your brain more then your skin.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    Simple bugs infected with the T-Virus, nothing much to worry about here. You
    can just shoot them one time and they'll die!
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    A dog infected by the T-Virus, and grows a habit to attack any
    living thing. Constantly looking for small insects on the ground, they usually
    won't notice until you close in on their proximiety. When this happens, they
    instantly attack by running up to you. You can shoot them out of the air at
    the same instant that they jump in the air to attack you. It can take up to
    5 shots from the Handgun to teach this dog to "Stay."
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    Insects that have been infected directly with the T-Virus, thus allowing
    Umbrella to implant metallic weapons in their bodies. They are able to climb
    on top of the walls and choke the character. They also like to sneak up on
    you, climb on your back, and slit your throat. Due to the T-Virus infection
    and their Genetic code, they have grown the curiosity of atomony, and only
    kill so they can examine your body.
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    Crimson Heads
    A different version of the Zombies, and only appear in the
    Resident Evil: REmake. It can take from 10 minutes to 20 minutes for one of
    the prone Zombies to be brought back in this terrifying new form. With claws
    as fingers, red-bloody skin and the ability to run, these Crimson Heads are
    very deadly and can take up to 3 Grenade Rounds! To stop these from appearing,
    burn the prone Zombies.
    Debuted in Resident Evil: REmake.
    Crows infected with the T-Virus as well. They developed a Hive-
    feature much like of the Leeches, and attack in high numbers.
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    Drain Deimos
    A more powerful version of the Brain Suckers. With a different color version,
    I think red, these enemies are quite distinct from their counterparts. Far
    more bullets are needed to kill them.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    Monkeys that have been developed by massive doses of the Progenitor-Virus. Their
    muscles have grown so large that the skin around them is starting to peel off
    to suit their more larger muscles. These enemies can run on the walls, jump
    from wall to wall just to attack you. Very swift and hard to kill, it's better
    to just run away from them as soon as possible.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 0.
    Through horrific genetic experimentation, these lizard-like
    creatures are no mistake. The perfect B.O.W. weapon, with intelligence to
    accomplish missions and the proper power to decapitate even the toughest man.
    These made their way infamously in the first Resident Evil, and are one of my
    personal favorites. They become "Fun to kill." in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
    in my opinion. However, these horrors are not to be reckoned with lightly,
    for they can kill your character in one shot. However, not in RE4, these
    Hunters marked themselves in Resident Evil History!
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    Hunter Beta
    A Hunter basically, from the first Resident Evil game. They are just the
    Beta version and do not pose much of a threat. However, still procede with
    caution. More information will be quite needed...
    Debuted in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
    Hunter Gamma(y)
    These are actually the Lurkers, except these can jump into the air and
    instantly kill your character two different ways. One by decapitating you,
    and another by swallowing you whole. They look a lot like the frogs but with
    some Hunter details in them as well. Beware of these powerful demons!
    Debuted in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
    Infected Plants
    Like Plant 42 from the first Resident Evil game, this is a killer plant.
    Beware, however, how it's still able to spit acid at you. If you get caught
    up in it's vines, that is.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    Iron Maiden
    Like their Regenerator counterparts, these enemies regrow their body parts
    when shot off. However, these have a new feature to them that is even deadlier:
    Spikes! These Iron Maiden's can sprot spikes out of their body and impale
    Leon on them. The only way to kill these bizarre creatures is to take an
    Infared Weapon and shoot the "red spots" on their body. Most of the time,
    the final Parasite (Red spot) is on their back.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 4.
    Obviously, leeches infected with the T-Virus. Because they were infected with
    the T-Virus, they've grown to massive proportions and developed a Hive-like
    nature and often cluster in groups. Beware, however, once they do this, they
    become dangerous and can form together to mimic things. These will then become
    human-like and create the LeechMan!
    Debuted in Resident Evil 0.
    When several of these Leeches cluster, they can develop mimitic-
    abilities. Which means that they can even take the form of the last person
    that they saw, or even you! In Resident Evil Outbreak, however, it takes
    about fifty leeches to take control of a body. So, I'm assuming that they
    can do both. These are definitally one of the most scariest monsters to grace
    the Resident Evil series.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 0.
    Take a Zombie and infect it further with the T-Virus and it'll form the
    Licker. The licker is barely resembels any human and has a very long tounge
    with sharp needles on the edges. Resident evil: Apocalypse shows this very
    well. They have no eyes and exposes their brain. Apparently, though, they
    see from heat signature. Which is basically you using your infared goggles.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    Frogs infected by the Progenitor-Virus. The Hunter Gamma's are much like this,
    but the Lurkers are only presented in one game alone. Anyway, they can reach
    out their tongue and drag your character into their mouth if you're not careful.
    Beware, for once they drag your character in, you instantly die. However, they
    do not like sound, so if you fire a bullet, they'll go back in the water.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 0.
    The advanced form of the Villagers. These Monks must of gotten some sort of
    armor, or the Parasite that infected them must of been in effect for a longer
    period of time. Perhaps the Holyiness make them survive longer? Anyway, it's
    basically the same thing.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 4.
    Giant Moths that are probably infected by the T-Virus. Grown large, these
    once peaceful insects developed an urge to flie around and poison your
    character.  In Resident Evil CODE Veronica, they like to fly around and lay eggs
    on your back. In Resident Evil Outbreak, the Giant Moth in Below Freezing Point
    can pick up you, or one of your partners and carry them away. Beware, the Moth
    in Resident Evil Outbreak is definitally the deadliest.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    Moth Babies/Caccoons
    Nothing much is down here, except they are basically Moths that lay on the
    ground and easily be smashed to the ground in a single footstep. However, the
    Caccoons can cause Parasites burst out and latch onto your back.
    Debuted in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
    Sharks infected with the T-Virus. Grown to inproper proportions, these giant
    Sharks attack with verocity.
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    These Parasites come out of their caccoons and lurch themselves on your
    characters back. You cannot do anything until the Parasite then decides to
    climb up and eat your neck, which the character will automatically reach
    back and kill it. Can cause poison.
    Debuted in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
    Plague Crawlers
    Centipedes that also got infected by the Progentior-Virus. These
    creatures run on the ground and occasionally drop from the ceiling. They have
    very poor eyesight and can haunt your character by sound only. Once they get
    close enough though, then they can attack and see your character. They attack
    by tackling you most of the time, if not... all the time.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 0.
    These could be humans that have been heavily experienced on. Stuck with
    invisible Parasites covering their body, they can instantly grow back body
    parts that have been blown off. The only way to permanately kill these
    creatures is to take an Infared Rifle and look for Red Spots. These indicate
    where the Parasites are located on the Regenerators body. Shoot them off and
    the Regenerators should die after that.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 4.
    The normal thing all over again: Spiders infected with the T-Virus. Is there
    anything that Umbrella didn't experiment on?! Anyway, these have grown to
    deadly sizes, spit acid and can tackle you when they rear up their front legs.
    Can deal moderate damage. Can take about 8 handgun bullets to kill them.
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    An advanced form of the Licker in a grey color. Don't pop up very often and
    are hard to kill.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    Advanced form of the Hunter. These Red tinted Sweepers have all the
    characteristics of the Hunters, but contain the ability to poison you.
    Debuted in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
    The most common enemy in the Resident Evil 4 game, these characters are
    more "human" but less "human" then anything that I've seen before. They are
    actually infected with a parasite called Las Plagas, which takes control of
    their host and cannot survive long in sunlight. These people can actually
    carry around weapons such as dynamite and chainsaws, so beware of these
    enemies, even if they are the easiest to kill. 
    I should also mention that these guys come in two different forms. One form
    is their normal selves... running after you, trying to kill you. In their second
    form -with their glowing red eyes- when you shoot off their head their Parasite
    will emerge and attack you. This Parasite comes in three forms. The first form
    is just a long tentacle that lashes around. The second form is a bit like a
    Slug and can decapitate Leon or Ashley when it gets too close. And the third
    form is when the Parasite fully emerges from the body and attacks you.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 4.
    Worms that can be easily killed. Even the T-Virus didn't help these guys
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    The most common enemy in almost all of the Resident Evil games
    except for the recently released Resident Evil 4. These enemies are slow
    moving and would be too easy to dispatch with Resident Evil 4's control scheme.
    In the past Resident Evil's, however, you could only aim and it could take up
    to eight shots to kill one of these. Very dangerous when there are four or
    more, which happens constantly in Resident Evil 2 and 3. In Resident Evil
    Outbreak, it can take up to 10 shots to kill them, they open up doors to find
    you and they start to run after you as well.
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    =The Virus'=
    Throughout the course of the Resident Evil games, there are many virus'. Many
    of them made themselves into several games, and the others only debuted once.
    Here, I'll explain what all the Virus' do, and in what games they appeared in.
    In order of when they were possibily created:
    Mother Virus
    Found by Spencer, this is the Virus that started it all. Not much is known
    about this Virus, and if it really had the capabilities to kill people and
    turn them into Zombies. However, Spencer gave this to Marcus to experiment on
    and Marcus developed many Virus'. Such as the Progenitor Virus and the T-
    Alexander Ashford and Ozwell Spencer found the Virus.
    Debuted in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
    Progenitor Virus
    Spencer soon developed a Virus called the Progenitor virus by advancing the
    'Mother Virus' somehow. Not much is known of how he accomplished this task.
    Also, this served as the basis for the T-Virus. By taking Leech DNA and splicing
    it into the Progenitor Virus, he created a new virus, which he called "T"
    which is short for 'Tyrant'. This Virus, didn't exactly make anything 'bigger'
    like the T-Virus, but it made things evolve and become stronger. Such enemies
    such as the Eliminator were created from this Virus.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 0.
    The second virus which I believe was created by Umbrella for
    advanced Military procedures. The 'T' stands for 'Tyant' which Umbrella used
    to create top-of-the-line Biological-Weapons. Only 1 out of 10,000 people had
    the proper genes to become a 'Tyrant' and the other 9,999 people became regular
    Zombies. A Tyrant would be used in War, and we would definitally win since the
    Tyrant's are almost impossible to stop. 
    Debuted in Resident Evil.
    The third virus to come out. Birkin discovered the T-Virus and noticed one 
    major flaw: decomposition and intelligence loss. Well, after thorough tests
    with the infamous Lisa Trevor -- Like many T-Virus injections, among other
    things -- Birkin then discovered about Europe's latest discovery: The Nemesis
    Parasite. Birkin soon requested this Parasite from the Europe company and
    injected it into Lisa, who absorbed the Parasite instantly. She evolved with
    it. Soon, the virus in her changed, becoming the G-Virus. Birkin then realized
    that this new Virus if far more powerful then the T-Virus and recovered it from
    Debuted in Resident Evil 2.
    This is actually not even an actual Virus, but a Parasite instead. Created by
    an Eurpeon branch in Europe, this 'Parasite' is quite powerful. But it does have
    one major flaw: It kills it's hosts too quickly. However, 'they' somehow found
    a proper host for this Parasite and created the Nemesis. The Nemesis IS 
    impossible to kill. Even taking off the head and burning it with acid doesn't 
    seem to stop it. I'm sure that Umbrella created this Nemesis for major Military 
    purposes, another top-of-the-line Biological Weapon.
    This 'Parasite' also helped to develop Lisa Trevor and the G-Virus. 
    Debuted in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
    T-Veronica Virus
    This is another Virus that was created by Umbrella. But this time, but the
    Top-Heads of Umbrella... The Ashfords! Created by taking the DNA that was found
    in a Queen Ant and splicing it with the T-Virus, they managed to create a more
    powerful virus, the T-Veronica Virus. This gave out some serious fire-power.
    However, the only lasting sample was in Alexia, who is destroyed.
    You'd think that the last remaining sample of the T-Veronica Virus is now
    destroyed, but we were wrong. In the Directors Cut version, we find out that
    Steve was infected with this Virus. And that Wesker realizes this and sends out
    his Men to retrieve the body. Wesker has found what he wants, now it's a
    question of what he's willing to do with it...
    Debuted in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.
    Las Plagas
    Las Plagas is a Parasite that has debuted in Resident Evil 4. In the beginning
    of the game, most of the viewers believe that this is a Virus that has infected
    the Villagers, but they soon find out that Las Plagas is a Parasite. This isn't
    the first time that Capcom used this technique -- See Resident Evil 3 and
    CODE: Veronica -- either. Anywho, later on in the game, Las Plagas starts to
    reveal itself more often. When you decapitate a Villager, their head will
    explode and it'll be replaced by a Parasite. Beware, for the Parasite can
    detach itself from the host and attack you, or swing around and chop off YOUR
    Not to be confused with a Virus.
    Debuted in Resident Evil 4.
    =Resident Evil History=
    Resident Evil (1996)
    Based in the future of July 1998.
    The game was created for the Playstation. It was the first of the Resident
    Evil series, and it did very well. The graphics were revolutionary, making the
    first 3-D rendered game with fixed-camera angles. The game also included cut
    scenes that were played by actual actors. This game is most infamous for the 
    poor acting. Such as "Barry. Where is Barry?" and "Blood. I hope it isn't
    Chris' blood."
    The game had such characters as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton,
    Albert Wesker, Joseph Forrest, Rebecca Chambers, and many other S.T.A.R.S. 
    members. The S.T.A.R.S. is divided into two separate parts. Alpha, and Bravo.
    The game takes place in an unknown state (In the Mid-West) near the Arklay
    Mountains. The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team was sent in to investigate mysterious,
    brutal murders where the Victems were eaten. Some of the witnesses have said
    that it's been by a group of people. Anyway, the Bravo team were in the air and
    the engine lost some pressure and they had to make an emergency landing. 
    Communication with Bravo team was lost after an hour after they were sent in to
    investigate. So, Wesker announced him and his team, the Alpha team, to be sent
    in to investigate and rescue the missing members. They succesfully land and as
    they were searching, a pack of wild dogs attacked them. They then ran away to
    a mansion with Barry, Wesker, Jill and Chris locked inside. 
    Inside the Mansion, which was owned by a mysterious occupent, was also owned
    by the infamous Umbrella Corporation. Overrun with Zombies and Zombie Dogs the
    team had no choice but to defend theirselves. At the end, the characters learn
    that Wesker is behind it all, practically working for Umbrella himself, he sent
    in S.T.A.R.S. to test out their latest creation. Tyrant, a huge zombie-like
    creature with a big claw was their latest creation. Wesker soon activates the
    Tyrant to battle Jill, which then kills Wesker soon after. Jill kills
    the Tyrant and managed to activate the Self-Destruction system of the Mansion.
    As she went up to the roof of the Mansion and sent up a flare to get the
    Helicopter to rescue them, the Tyrant blasts out. The Helicopter then drops a
    Rocket Launcher, that destroys the Tyrant in a single shot.
    Zombies and the Tyrant were created by injection of the T-Virus. One person
    got contaminated and over the period of a good week, he slowly devolved into
    a Zombie. He then bite another co-worker and that person became infected and
    bite someone else. 1 turns into 2 turns into 4 turns into 8. And so on.
    The Tyrant was created by direct injection into living tissue; every 1 out of
    10,000 people were suited to become a Tyrant. 
    It has been given that Jill, Barry and Chris make it out alive. No official
    word has been given that Rebecca survives.
    Resident Evil 2 (1997)
    Based one month and in-a-half later of the first Resident Evil game.
    This game was also created for the Playstation. This was the second of the
    Resident Evil series. They improved what made the first game so great, which
    was revolutionary graphics and blood. More blood, more zombies and better
    graphics. What Capcom also included, was the chance to see Raccoon City for
    the first time. Instead of just including information about the T-Virus, they
    included a new virus, called the G-Virus. Which Birkin used to inject himself
    once he learned that the Umbrella Agency was coming to take away the virus.
    He then turned into a Monster. A very poweful monster.
    If you're curious, the characters are:
    Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Chief Brian Irons, William Birkin
    Annette Birkin, Sherry Birkin, Ben Bertolucci.
    Once again, there are two playable characters, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire
    Redfield. Like the first game, they included a chance to play as another
    character for a very brief time, and that character was Ada Wong. And, if
    you're curious, Rebecca Chambers was the other playable character in the first
    game. This also included many different endings that you can get, and also
    two separate discs, one for each different character. It also included a new
    Zapping System. Whatever you did the first playthrough, will affect the second
    playthrough as well. Then it resets. A very interesting concept. This game
    was basically just backstory so you know more about the Virus and how it works.
    Also, Claire's story was that she was looking for her brother, Chris Redfield
    who had gone off to investigate the rest of Umbrella. Leon, however, had a
    very bad day. It was his first day of working for the Raccoon City Police.
    The Birkins are the ones who created the G-Virus. Actually, William Birkin
    is one of the ones who started the Umbrella corporation, along with Wesker and
    James Marcus. James Marcus created Umbrella practically. He's just that sort
    of a guy...
    Anyway, Umbrella "accidentally" unleashed the T-Virus on the population of
    Raccoon City, thus turning everyone into Zombies. Even the dogs and what-not.
    This also opened up a secret organization under the ground, that unleashed
    even more hell in Raccoon City. Well, Umbrella did this for a "Test" as they
    called it. The Mansion was just a minor test, but Raccoon City was the major
    test. And what's a test without a major battle? Well, Birkin soon turned into
    a very powerful monster. You have to fight William Birkin in his "G-Type" form
    several times and also fight Mr. X, who is an upgraded version of the Tyrant.
    Leon and Claire kill Mr. X with the Rocket Launcher who is given by a
    mysterious figure... aka, Ada Wong! 
    They then try to excape only to have to face yet another boss battle. Mr. X
    is devestated, who else can it be? No other then William Birkin! In his final
    form of goo, you take the Rocket Launcher (Yes, again) and blow him to...
    er... Pulp. Then, Leon and the rest of the gang escape via train!
    The U.S. Government soon learned about this and declared a Nuclear Strike on
    Raccoon City, destroying everything. Claire and Leon excaped via train.
    On a side note, Capcom originally had plans to make a Resident Evil 1.5 game
    that was a sequel to the first Resident Evil. It had Leon S. Kennedy as its
    character and a mysterious blonde girl in a red motorcycle offit. This idea was
    scratched and split the girl to two separate girls: The little blonde girl
    named Sherry and Claire Redfield -- It then became Resident Evil 2.
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)
    So, the Redfields returned, what about Jill, or the Valentines? Well, now it's
    time to tell Jill's story about her being in Raccoon City herself, to
    investigate some more about Umbrella. This is Jill's story.
    This game is taken place 24 hours before the start of Resident Evil 2. Then
    there is a brief intermission where Jill gets infected by the T-Virus then its
    24 hours after RE2. Then Carlos has to go and get her an antidote, because
    Jill is too sick to go. 
    Just to toughen things up, Umbrella releases another "Test" out into Raccoon
    City that you didn't see in Resident Evil 2, which is called Nemesis. I'm not
    too sure what created him, but some information will be really nice! I believe
    that they injected an unknown human with the Nemesis-Parasite and thus
    made the Nemesis. Well, the Nemesis is programmed to kill only the S.T.A.R.S
    members... wait, that's not true. It's programmed to kill anything that gets
    in the way of the Nemesis getting to S.T.A.R.S as well, like Zombies!
    Anyway, basically, throughout the whole game, you're Jill who's running around
    the city, dodging the Nemesis whenever he pops out and trying to avoid a
    killer who's after you as well, named Nicholai. He's part of Umbrella who
    was sent in to destroy the T-Virus, along with Carlos, who is really your
    partner and helps Jill defeat the T-Virus along with the Nemesis (again) and
    then they excape seconds before the Nuclear device is sent in to devestate
    the city.
    The game ends with Jill continuing her search for Chris, only to find that
    his secret hideout is empty and all she found was his knife. Jill still 
    believes that Chris is still alive.
    What is also quite disappointing is that this game really dosn't give much new
    information at all, really none. And that it only has one CD to it.
    The files found in this game just give the many sides of the story of all the
    citizens in Raccoon City who are experiencing the disease, saying that their
    friends start eating other friends after some time being bitten. Like I said,
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is just backstory.
    Resident Evil CODE: Veronica (2000)
    Takes place three months after the Raccoon City incident.
    Released on the DreamCast. The Directors Cut was released on the PS2.
    We see that Claire Redfield has reached Europe, continuing her search for her
    brother. She heard that Chris is in Europe trying to stop Umbrella, so Claire
    decides to do the same exact thing. We see that she's running away, a
    helicopter shooting at her while Umbrella Officers are trying to chase her
    down,so she ducks away in a cooridor, dodging the 'copter and killing the
    Officers. However, she ducks down in front of a crowd of a dozen more Officers
    and she soon surrenders.
    Well, now she's stuck in jail with an occupent named "Rodrigo Juan Raval" and
    soon the whole facility is being attacked. Rodrigo walks through the door,
    bleeding and lets Claire out. 'Cause, well, there's nothing she can do, 
    everyone is dead from the unknown attacks.
    As it turns out, Wesker actually started to work for another company, got
    infected with a Virus and now he has super-human powers, and he ordered the
    attack on the Facility so he can aquire the T-Veronica Virus. Also, Steve, who
    she soon meets, has a father who used to work here, and he too is also trying
    to excape. Well, anyway, we soon meet Alexia and Alfred Ashford, fraternal
    twins who practically own Umbrella now. It gets worse, Alfred is actually
    Alexia, just in make-up! He's insane!
    But, little do we know, that Alexia actually injected herself with the
    T-Veronica Virus (What Wesker wants) and crynologically froze herself for
    15 years. Alfred soon was alone and started to Role-Play and probably
    got carried away with it all. Well, then Steve gets captured by some sort of
    a tentacle that Alexia controls, experimented on him and turned Steve into
    a monster as well! What's even worse, is that Alexia took her own father and
    experimented on him as well, and now he's a failed experiment, tucked away deep
    in Antartica.
    Well, it turns out that the only sample of the T-Veronica Virus that's left
    is in Alexia, and Wesker goes out and tries to recieve it. Only to see that 
    he's greatly outmatched and Chris defeats her himself, killing the only sample
    left of the Virus.
    Claire and Chris soon excape from Antartica and the Facility, blowing both up in
    a huge nuclear explosion.
    About the T-Veronica Virus: Created by splicing the T-Virus along with the new
    Virus that was found in a Queen Ant, by the Ashfords. Taking Ashford
    tradition, they named the virus after the first Ancestor: Veronica. Alexia
    experimented and found out that the only way to stop to rapid devoluion, was to
    freeze to the point that it slowed down enough for the Virus to evolve the
    specimen. Out of Experiments, she injected herself, becoming a powerful being
    15 years later.
    Resident Evil: Survivor (2000)
    A first-person game with a guy who has no memory. He crash lands on an unknown
    island and takes refugee into a house/mansion. Stuck with only his gun he
    walks inside... 
    Taken place 3 months after the events of Resident Evil 3.
    It was released on the Playstation, like most of the Resident Evil games up to
    this point. 
    You control Thompson, a man who has lost his memory from being the only one who
    survived a crash on an island while the T-Virus is running rampant on Raccoon
    City. Throught out the game, you start to slowly gain your memory and you start
    to learn who this Thompson character really is. During the course of the game,
    you'll encounter the same enemies that you've encountered in the past
    Resident Evil games. The only valuable information that you learn is how the
    Licker's are truly made -- By reinjecting the T-Virus in Zombies. How un-
    creative! You also find out who the Mansion belongs to and how did the place
    get infected as well. 
    If you guess "Spencer" or "Marcus" then your answer is most likely correct!
    Also, on a note, this is the first Resident Evil game without the ability to
    save. That's right, if you die anywhere in this game, you're completly
    screwed! It seems like that the creators wanted to give Thompson only one single
    life, and no time-travel abilities, either. I suggest that you avoid this game.
    This is the last Resident Evil game to come out on the PlayStation.
    Resident Evil: REmake (2002)
    The first game. But remade. Includes all the original characters and it also
    introduces a new character named Lisa.
    This is my all-time favorite Resident Evil game. With RE4 coming in to a close
    second. The reason why I rate this one as my favorite, because it still
    includes the T-Virus and it's the game that started it all, and then they even
    added new things, such as the Crimson Heads. And, if you're wondering what
    they are, they are basically Zombies that were killed, and given enough time,
    they evolve into a new being called Crimson Heads, who run after you and claw
    you to death. They are almost impossible to kill and to prevent Zombies turning
    into them, you haveto burn their bodies.
    It also includes the new character Lisa, who was experimented on for over 
    twenty years, and then infected by the Nemesis Virus. Because of the so many 
    years that she was experimented on, she absorbed the Nemesis Virus, bonded 
    with it, and became a complete new creature, however still retaining her 
    memory. She can kill you in two hits, and can knock you over in the abyss, and 
    she IS impossible to kill. So, you have to knock HER into the abyss so you 
    can move on to the next part.
    This game also included new information about the Ashfords, revealing that
    Alexia knew about the Mansion, and promoted it's structure. I doubt that even
    Alfred knew about the Mansion.
    This game also proved the quality of Resident Evil's graphics, so you can go
    ahead and thank Resident Evil: REmake for selling well and giving the 
    opportunity to create even better graphics. You can also thank Residnet Evil 0
    as well for doing the same exact thing.
    Resident Evil: Gaiden (2002)
    Barry Burton is stuck on a ocean-cruiser that's contaiminated by the 
    T-Virus. This game was only availible on the GameBoy and didn't sell very well.
    This game also featured the first time for the Resident Evil series that
    included Turn-Based fighting! A complete new strategy -- too bad it didn't
    sell very well. G, I wonder why!
    Taking control of Barry is new. And especially since that this is taken place
    on a boat as well. Like I already said, it's turn-based and you try to find
    out who set off the T-Virus on this boat, and how the Tyrant got on the board.
    I'm pretty sure that the boat is part of Umbrella and it was part of a trap
    to kill Barry.
    This is the typical Resident Evil game here. You play through the game in all
    it's glory, and when you finish it, you excape from the Boat. Oh joy. And,
    I'm pretty sure that the boat explodes as well. Everything explodes in these
    games, so the boat HAS to explode. :-D. 
    Anyway, this game has somewhat of a story. You find out, that Leon Kennedy was
    sent in to stop a B.O.W. on an Ocean-Liner that's headed towards Europe. Then
    contact with Leon stopped, and contact with the boat has stopped, too. So,
    you, Barry Burton, is sent in to stop B.O.W. and retrieve Leon. Also, you
    find out that Lucia (I think) is trapped in here, too. That's about it for
    the story...
    Resident Evil 0 (2002)
    Rebecca Chamers' story of how she got the Mansion. 
    A prequel to the first game. And introduces the ability to switch between two
    characters at any time.
    Also has James Marcus, Wesker and a new character: Billy Coen.
    This game features an ability to swtich between two people, Rebecca and Billy.
    Rebecca was sent in to investigate the bizarre murders that happen about the
    Arklay Mountains, and after their Helicopter crash lands Rebecca soon
    investigates the grounds that they landed on. She then learns about Billy
    Coen, who apparently murdered his entire Platoon in Africa. He should be on
    the a train. Rebecca soon finds this "Train" and as she approaches it, it begins
    to rain... heavily. She enters, the train starts to move again.
    The Train, however, was attacked by Leeches, killing everyone in there. There
    was also a transport car that was moving a character named Billy Coen to the
    Lexson Base. His Transport Car was attacked and he took adavantage of the
    opportunity and fled -- He took shelter onboard a Train which ominiously
    Anyway, Rebecca meets up with Billy and because of the situation,
    they decide to team up and take on the threat together. They eventually learn
    how to stop the train, and little do we know that Wesker is sitting back trying
    seeing if this experiment will also work out. Trailing on the roof, Rebecca is
    knocked down into another room while the leeches spread their goo and make
    Billy unable to follow. Soon, Billy is attacked by a Giant Scorpion, and he
    soon defeats it. Now with Rebecca, they decide to use the Emergency Breaks on
    the Train and it crashes into an Estate anyway.
    They crash into the Spencer Estate, which is owned by the infamous James Marcus.
    Who we learn, developed and created the Progenitor Virus. Which was then soon
    named into the T-Virus. James experimented on Leeches first, growing to giant
    proportions. James and the Leeches soon made a connection with each other, and
    the Leeches soon started to mimic James -- by morphing into him! He learned of
    this power. Then, someone reveals to Umbrella about what James Marcus is doing
    in his own private facility and try to take away the Virus from him. He was
    then killed, however, the Leeches formed with his body, prolonging his life
    and then took on another form. Actually, he can change whoever he wants to.
    Also, we learn that Billy is innocent of his crimes. His Platoon was ambushed
    by someone else, who killed his enter Platoon, and he managed to excape. And
    now he has to excape from a Virus. He's having one really bad year, I tell you.
    Well, Rebecca and Billy soon work together to defeat Marcus and he turns into
    his "New" form, the Queen Leech! Using sunlight to their advantage, Billy and
    Rebecca defeat the Queen Leech and excape from the Underground facility. 
    Now, on part of a Mountain, Billy and Rebecca say "Good Bye" to each other and
    Rebecca leaves off to the Mansion below. I'm sure that Rebecca tells everyone
    that Billy died and became a Zombie, so he gets off scot-free and starts a
    new life.
    Also, the closing three seconds of the last cinema are AWESOME. Well, not really
    but it's more of a hint. It shows a butterfly stuck inside of a Spider's web
    that is overlooking the Mansion. Creepy. I love it.
    Who would have thought that this was going to be a N64 exclusive? Ha!
    Resident Evil: Dead Aim (2003)
    Much like Survivor, but it's also in 3rd perspective as well.
    Stars: Morpheus and Fong Ling, and Bruce, all new characters.
    The only information that I know about this game is that Morpheous steals some
    of the samples of the T-Virus and tries to sell them on the black-market
    but instead releases the T-Virus! We all knew that was coming... :-D. 
    But, you take control of one of two characters: Fong Ling or Bruce. During
    the course of the game, you might change from Bruce to Fong Ling or a limited
    time. This will advance the game progress as well. Why did Morpheus purposely
    expose his "followers" to the T-Virus, what sort of advantage did that do?
    This game is also based on a Boat, I believe, however it's not the same boat
    as Resident Evil: Gaiden is based in. What's up with Capcom and boats all of
    a sudden? Anyway, since this is one of the few 1st-person RE games, this one
    also didn't sell too well and Capcom anticipated that and made the story not
    so relevant to the Resident Evil universe. You do not learn much from this
    story except the fact that the T-Virus is still rampant and still able to
    kill people, and that there still are people out there that are willing to
    take it and use it. 
    Typically, wherever they excape from -- it explodes.
    Resident Evil: Outbreak (2004)
    Set way during the times of the city being attacked, this also included the
    first chance to play online and die and be in the Zombie-ranks!
    Has Eight playable characters in it:
    Kevin, George, Cindy, Mark, Jim, Allyssa, Yoko and David.
    Taken place during the same events of Resident Evil 2 and 3, you can play as
    one of the eight players. You can also take this online, and play up to three
    different people, who are all controlled by someone else!
    Anyway, not much is learned new about this scenario, it just kicks really big
    ass! You play during the Outbreak and you never make it out of the City; it's
    suppose to span over three or four games!
    With the T-Virus at work again, most of the population has been infected by the
    virus. This is mainly about Survival game, with overwhelming Zombies everwhere.
    It is impossible to kill all the Zombies, there are just too many. 
    The game is all about the survival about these eight certain people, who make
    their way out of various scenarios, such as a bar, a building on fire, and
    being attacked by the Leech Man. 
    The new Tyant in this game is Thantos. A -probably- black man infected with the
    Virus who kicks everyone's ass. Beware of the black Speedo that he wears!
    This game also includes practically every enemy for the Resident Evil series.
    In File 2, we can except to see even more enemies that weren't included in this
    At the end of Outbreak the Eight initial characters excape from the City. But
    how is File2 coming out, you ask? Well, File2 is suppose to take place along
    with Outbreak. Like a backstory. Much like Resident Evil 0...
    Like any other Resident Evil video game (Thank you XScarfaceX) the final
    building blows up at the end of Decisions, Decisions. However, if you're
    wanting a twist, at the end of the first Scenario, entitled Outbreak, you get
    the chance to detonate several strategically-placed bombs to take out the horde
    of Zombies that are invading the City!
    Resident Evil 4 (2005)
    A complete new revamp. No zombies at all! Free-roaming aiming!
    Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong make a return.
    This is the 1st Resident Evil game to not include Zombies, and practically has
    no relation to the T-Virus at all. Saying that the Umbrella corporation was
    finally defeated, it no longer exists. It takes away the normal perspective of
    the games and puts the camera behind Leon S. Kennedy at all times. Also has a
    new aiming system, so you can no longer hold the R button and auto-matically
    tartget enemies.
    You play as Leon. You're part of the government and you're set out to get the
    President's Daughter back. You're in an unknown part of Europe -- most likely
    Spain -- and completly alone. Your only form of commication is through a
    Metal-Gear Solid type system with a girl named Hunnigan. 
    Like I said, there are no Zombies in this film, but they are also not human
    either. They are infected with a drug calls Las Plagas, which is actually a
    parasite. During the night, when you blow off their head, the Parasite will
    emerge and you're able to kill it. Be careful, for the Parasite can leech out
    and decapitate you.
    Much like CODE: Veronica, Umbrella's true power for creating B.O.W. is well
    illustrated here. Wesker and Krauser are living examples of what the T-Virus
    can accomplish if it's treated correctly. Yes, Krauser infected himself with
    the T-Virus -- Most likely be his employeers -- and became a man of great
    physcical power...
    You also have the ability to play as the President's Daughter, Ashley for a
    brief interlude. When you play as Ashley, it's like time-traveling. Why?
    Because the creators made it so it's like playing one of the classic Resident
    Evil games. With the fixed-camera angles and being able to see behind the
    character at all times. So, for those of you who played RE4 and got to this
    point, now you know how it feels like to play the past Resident Evil games!
    This Resident Evil game also has the most amount of Boss enemies as well, with
    the addition to the many fights against the creature named El Gigante, which
    is an unknown creature infected with Las Plagas. Also the most detailed out of
    them too. I mean, who comes up with the idea of a giant sea animal?
    *Remembers Neptune in the first Resident Evil* Oh yes... the shark.
    Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2 (2005)
    This game is released in April of 2005 for the U.S.A costumers. It takes place
    directly with Resident 2, 3, and Outbreak [File #1].
    You take control of the eight characters, the same characters from Resident Evil
    Outbreak, and control one of them through the five various scenarios. "How can
    they make a sequel if they escape in RE Outbreak?" you ask? Well, this game
    tells the audience how the characters get to the places they did. For instance,
    how the hell do they go from the J's Bar to Below Freezing Point? One of the
    scenarios will tell you how! This game is mainly here to fill in the plot holes
    that the first left off.
    There are five new scenarios to chose from: Wild Things, Underbelly, Flashback,
    Desperate Times, and End of the Road. A new Training Ground can be played as
    well, which will tell you the specifics of the new and improved Gameplay. I also
    like to add, that Wild Things and Underbelly are what's between J's Bar and
    Below Freezing Point -- Or so I think!
    And of course, in this game you meet Mr. X for a second time, and you also
    meet a lot more NPC's, enemies, and bosses -- Like the "Nye." Very difficult
    game, however it doesn't end like Decisions, Decisions did in Outbreak.
    Released on the 27th of April, 2005
    =Resident Evil Evolution=
    If you're reading this, then you must be curious of how this game evolved over
    the past years. Either starting with Resident Evil 3 and moved on to Resident
    Evil 4, there's a considerably big change. Even Resident Evil 2 to Resident
    Evil 3. Also, games were released several times on the same Platform, but with
    added features. The first Resident Evil is so old that it wasn't Dual Shock
    compatible when it was released, it had to be released again with the added
    feature. It didn't stop there, then they released a Director's Cut! Then they
    re-released it again on the GameCube!
    But, I'll start with the games in Chronological order, and the differences.
    Resident Evil
    The first Resident Evil game ever to be released. With never-
    before-seen 3-D graphics, this game was a major accomplishment. This game was
    also critised because the Zombies acted a lot like George A. Romero's zombies.
    However, the game did well anyway, and was released different times. The Dual
    Shock version added Dual Shock and new Camera Angles. The Director's Cut added
    a complete new soundtrack, improved graphics, Auto-Aim and new angles. And when
    it was released on the GameCube, it definitally had the best graphics of any
    game ever released and had new Crimson Heads, which were Zombies second chance
    to kill you.
    Resident Evil 2
    The second Resident Evil game. A new feature, called the
    Zapping Feature was introduced here. The Zapping feature made it so if you
    replayed the game again, whatever you did in the first try will directly affect
    you on your second try. 
    And was one of the few games to have two discs to it, one for each separate 
    character. The graphics were also vastly improved and contained some of the 
    most scares in any game that you'll ever play. This game also introduced the
    ability to Quick-Turn with Down+Run.
    This game was also released on the PC, N64, DC, and the GameCube.
    This game also came out with a Dual Shock version.
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    The third installment, this game featured better
    graphics and the chance to play as Jill Valentine again (Featured in the first
    Resident Evil.) This also had a new gameplay mechanic: Dodge. By pressing the
    first button, Jill Valentine was able to dodge attacks and take advantage of
    the opportunity and flee. This made the game entirely too easy and Capcom
    quickly scratched the idea for future games. This was also the first chance that
    you can combine items together to create different ammo, spefically for the
    Grenade Launcher.
    This game also introduced a new playing scheme. Live Selection is what Capcom
    called it. When a certain disastrous decision arose, the character had a
    limited time to choose between two given options. For istance, you could either
    jump through that window, or go through the Kitchen to excape danger.
    Also released on the PC, DreamCast, and on the GameCube.
    Resident Evil Survivor
    This was Resident Evil's first take on the 1st-
    person genre and wasn't too successful. The controls were horrible and there
    was no on-track that you were on. You were often attacked in your blind spots.
    This game provided little information about Umbrella.
    Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
    The Resident Evil's first chance to be on a
    different Game System, and that system was no other then DreamCast. With the
    best graphics up-to-date this game also had a Moive-Script, with plenty of
    plot twists and intense situations. This game did so well that it was even
    released on the PS2 as a Director's Cut, with more CG's of Wesker and Claire
    and a longer ending!
    Note: Also the first game to introduce the Parasite.
    Now availible on the GameCube!
    Resident Evil: Dead Aim
    A Playstation 2 exclusive, Resident Evil's first
    this game was the second shot at 1st-person view. With the ability to switch
    between 3rd and 1st, this game was a lot better. Also had two playable
    characters that you can control at different times. This game had the best
    PS2 Resident Evil graphics, too bad GameCube beats it horribly.
    Resident Evil 0
    Better improved graphics then the REmake, this game was
    actually suppose to be on the N64, but later got the idea to release it on
    the GameCube instead. Smart decision. This had the new improvement of having
    the ability to switch between two characters... at any time! Definitally had
    a Movie-Script and deserves some fame. Also introduced the first time to have
    no Item Boxes! You had to drop items and return to pick them up later!
    Resident Evil Outbreak
    Another game for the Playstation2, this game included the first chance to play
    online, and the first chance to die and become a Zombie! Not only that, but the
    first chance to also exchange items with another person, and exchange items on
    the ground for another item. Still no Item Boxes and had the first chance to
    save your game without an Ink Ribbon.
    Resident Evil 4
    Another GameCube exclusive, this game has a major over-haul.
    No Item boxes, no Ink Ribbons, No Zombies, No Umbrella, No fixed-camera
    angles, no Auto-Aim, same atmosphere. I had my doubts about this, but as the
    release date neared, I just couldn't wait to play this game. Complete new
    aiming system, behind-the-person camera view and a new storage system. No more
    "Only 6 spaces" now. The better the item, the more spaces it takes, and you can
    even buy new storage! Definitally one of the best!
    Resident Evil 4 has also been announced for the PlayStation2 as well, making
    it only a GameCube exclusive for about six months!
    Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2
    Same version of Outbreak, except completly
    new scenarios and a new addition: Move while shooting! And this time around,
    you can grab health items while you're crawling, now you're not completly
    screwed if you're out of healing items and no one is around you. Also, I like
    to add the the same character can be chosen any amount of times for the same
    scenario. However, I think a different "Type" has to be chosen. For instance,
    Kevin A, Kevin B, Kevin C, and Kevin D can all play in the same scenario (First
    You can transfer your data from File 1 to File 2 and *Gasp!* File 2 to File 1!
    =Resident Evil 4 Past=
    This Section of the Guide has been written by RE Expert44. He saw my Guide on
    GameFAQ's and E-mailed me giving me permission to use his Guide in my
    Resident Evil History Guide. The following section has been written entirely
    by him and his contact is at the end of this. The only changes I've made are
    small grammar errors and spacing problems.
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    4444444 44               44 44444444 444            4               44
    4444444  44             44  44444444 444          4444444444444444444444444
    44        44           44      44    444        4444-------4444444444444444
    44         44         44       44    444           4-------44444444444444
    4444444     44       44        44    444           44444 44    4
    4444444      44     44         44    444          444444   4  4
    44            44   44          44    444         4444444444444
    44             44 44           44    444        44444444
    4444444         444         44444444 44444444  44444444
    4444444          4          44444444 44444444 444444444
                       44444 444444
                      44444  444444
                     44444   444444
                    44444    444444
                   44444     444444
                  44444      44444
                 44444       444444
                44444        444444
               44444         444444
                                  4     Resident Evil 4
                                        ASCII by RE expert44
                                        Guide by RE expert44
    The what is known so far guide.
    Version info
    Part 1 The beginning
    Part 2 The article
    Part 3 Status unconfirmed
    Part 4 The article 2
    Part 5 The village people
    Part 6 The video
    Part 7 False hope
    Part 8 Living on the edge
    Part 9 The new video
    Part 10 The new video (march, 30)
    Part 11 Do the Famitsu Wave
    Part 12 E3 revelations
    Part 13 RE 4 power!
    Part 14 Demo!!!
    Part 15 Release...
    Version Info.
    Version one. Started the guide. Got to part 6. Completed on March/6/2004.
    Version two. Added ASCII art.
    Version three. Added Famitsu translation.
    Version four. Added a crap load of stuff.
    Version five. Spell checked everything.
    Version six. Added a lot of new stuff.
    4 INTRO. 4
    This is a guide of what is known about Resident Evil 4 so far. My info is from
    many places. This guide is about a game that is still shrouded in mystery so
    bear with me. More will come
    4 Part one. The beginning 4
    Info on this game started to come about in the summer of 2004, and it was not
    much, but still enough to get people wanting more. Then fall came around.
    Two trailers surfaced and we learned that the game will star Leon from
    Resident Evil 2. We also learned about some strange monster dubbed "Mr. Hook"
    a blue man (or ghost) with what appears to be a hook in his hand and some
    say also an ax, still little is known about this strange thing. Also in the
    first trailer there was a showing of a black mist that appears to be chasing
    Leon around, people wonder what this could be, a new form of B.O.W or the
    virus it self? people also might have noticed what looks like a zombie
    walking around in a cabin like area, also a strange doll with a huge knife
    sitting on a chair. The game from this point looks like it takes place in a
    castle or a fortress type setting. Then no new info for months appeared
    4 Part two. The article 4
    February 2004, Game Informer magazine tells that new info on the game Resident
    Evil 4 will appear in their next issue, people were going crazy wanting to
    see this new info. about five days before the release of the issue, someone
    got their hands on a copy and posted all of its contents on the internet,
    the people that found this read it and were shocked to say the least, the
    internet articles spread like wildfire to many websties so that people can
    read the big news, well Game Informer would not stand for that, they told
    all of the websites that posted this info to take it off due to copyright
    infringement, the websites quickly responded by taking the scans off and
    apologizing to Game Informer. About a week later the issue came to the
    public in stores everywhere, that is when the bomb hit and peoples views on
    the game changed forever.
    4 Part three. Status unconfirmed 4
    here is a list of some info on Resident Evil 4 that was on a number of
    websites but was not all confirmed. Some of it was answered in the Game
    informer Article but most wasn't, Here it is.
    - Leon S. Kennedy is the main character, but he will meet 4 other heros from
    previous games
    - You can run around with the guns and can even put it away while running.
    - Leon can hold a weapon in every hand. for example a knife in the left and
    a pistol in the right one
    - Zombies not just see you, they even can smell and hear you now.
    - Zombies can climb through windows
    - You can barricade doors like in RE Outbreak.
    - If you are shooting a zombie who’s alone in a room, his comrades might hear
    it and they are coming after you.
    - You can hit the zombies on different parts. Means a shot in the breast
    helps more than a shot at his hand for example.
    - Weapons are knifes, pistols, machine guns, Molotov cocktails
    (and more not known yet)
    - You can switch between two perspectives when aiming at an enemy.
    - These villagers are infected with an entire new form of the virus. They are
     in the first process of turning into a zombie.
    - Later on, you WILL find the real "dead" zombies.
    - Also, you will find out that Umbrella is not dead completely
    - The game is longer than any other previous RE title.
    - Leon will meet Claire later in the game.
    - a new trailer will be shown at Capcom's official page in the next weeks
    4 Part Four. The article 2 4
    Here is the contents of the Game Informer article.
    "In 1997, resident evil shocked the video game world. It single handedly
    introduced gamers to a new type of gaming thrill, labeled "survival horror"
    by its creator, Shinji Mikami. Its use of cinematic camera angles, shocking
    surprises, and panic-inducing zombies set a standard that video game creators
    have been chasing ever since. Resident evil 4 is set to change the industry
    yet again. Long in development, Resident Evil 4 was first shown in the U.S.
    at E3 2003. At that time, the game looked to play almost exactly like its
    predecessors. and, truth be told, it did all the way up until about six
    months ago, when Mikami stepped down as the head of Capcom fabled
    production studio 4. I nan effort to get back to what he does best, the
    legendary game creator took over as the director of resident evil 4. the new
    system is surprisingly like the original, but also so unique and fresh that
    you can't help but love the innovation that mikami has brought to this
    sequel. for one, the game can now be played in either first-person
    perspective or from one of the two other, better (at least in out opinion)
    views which are basically slight variations on a close third-person camera.
    But don’t think for a second that resident evil 4 handles like any other
    third-person game you have played. For example, it must be viewed in
    wide-screen mode. If you tv doesn’t support the 16:9 aspect ratio, the game
    will feature black bars along the top and bottom to make sure you experience
    the game to its fullest on a 4:3 monitor. HDTV users will be happy to know
    the game supports 480 progressive scan, and will fill the entire screen when
    played on a wide-screen TV. the window size is crucial to how the game system
    works. When in third-person, Leon fills the far left side of the screen,
    which we thought would make aiming nearly impossible until we actually got
    out hand on the title. the game really feels like you are playing a first
    person shooter, with out without Leon on the screen. the controls themselves
    virtually the same as the classic resident evil configuration players are
    used to. all the movement is handled by the left joystick, you hold the
    right trigger to aim, A to fire, down and B to make a quick turnaround, and
    the menu screen is almost completely identical to previous iteration. However
    gamers will be happy to hear that both health and ammo are now represented
    onscreen. Even though the controls feel eerily familiar, they are far less
    clumsy with the camera fixed to the gamers perspective. In fact, we were
    surprised to find that Resident Evil plays like an almost entirely different
    game. **ok there are 6 little screen shots on the first two pages, #1 is a
    very old looking man with a bullet that says: this is a good example of how
    well the textures are done throughout the game. #2 is Leon jumping through a
    window more like hoping. : use the action command to jump through the window
    and onto the roof. #3 is Leon leaning up against a wall with binoculars : use
    binoculars... #4 is showing the binoculars with a few people around a bon
    fire. : ...to zoom in on the action. #5 it shows Leon with a cow : "Moooo"
    and #6 is Leon look into sort of a window. : in this cutsceen Leon listens
    in on the villagers plan. HANDS ON - Once again, Resident Evil 4 fallows the
    story of Leon, and takes place in 2004, six years after the events of
    resident evil 2. While mikami promised us that there would be some past
    characters making a surprise visit in this game, many of the familiar
    elements of the RE universe have changed. Gone is the umbrella corporation,
    and with it, the zombies that have long been that hallmark of the series.
    The story opens with Leon being hired by the president to protect his
    daughter. But before he can get on the job she is kidnaped which leads Leon
    on a strange trip to a south American village where all the villagers hunt
    him down in an eerie trance. Are these people infected by a parasite? is it an
    alien invasion? is it terrorists? Mikami promised us that resident evil isn’t
    going Sci-fi, but he was unwilling to unveil why these human are after you.
    At this point in out visit, we actually got some hands on time with the game.
    like previous titles you use herbs and sprays to replenish health, but you
    quickly realize that the world is completely different place. for one, you
    are outside an the level is not only incredibly gorgeous (in fact, this game
    is easily the best looking gamecube title we have ever seen but completely wide
    open. there are no door animations to sit thought. No computer generated
    pre-rendered cut scenes. everything is done in-engine, and the areas only
    feature a few very brief loads. As we head down the road towards the village
    we come across bear traps laser trip wires that the players must avoid, and
    finally get out first chance to blast an enemy to two. Aiming is simple, and
    we happily discover that an accurate head shot gives the play a satisfying
    "exploding melon" animation. That's not the only hit zone the game has to
    offer, either. the enemies display a wide array of animations. show a walking
    villager in the for and he hobbles, hit a running villager in the foot and he
    collapses to the ground. all the
    major appendages react realistically to an assault from the front and back,
    left or right. Another technique we picked up on is that if you shoot a
    villager and then quickly close the gap between you and the prey, the action
    button will pop up and let you deliver a hard kick to the chest. Upon
    reaching the village, you can hear the people (if they still can be
    considered that) ok there are 6 screen shots on this page. #1 Leon aiming at a
     guy with a sickle on a little roof. : you can now shoot enemies above...
    #2 Leon shooting a villager climbing a ladder : ...or below you
    #3 a guy with a chain saw right in Leon’s face : Miami waned us at his E3
    speech - "Don’t pee you pants!" it didn’t work.
    #4 it shows Leon shooting a villagers head off : a shot to the head delivers
    a gruesome display. #5 is Leon is getting attacked by the chainsaw guy : the
    chainsaw guy supplies a constant source of panic. #6 shinji and Kobayashi as
    zombies : Shinji Mikami (right) and Hiroyuki Kobayashi do their best zombie
    impersonation. now on the new page is all screen shots. It shows a picture of
    painted like hallway type thing outside. #2 is that big ogre guy. : this
    boss is simply huge... #3 ...and he has the ability to pick you up and throw
    you or simply stomp you into the ground be afraid. Be very, afraid. and
    the 4th and 5th are another artwork pictures.
    speaking in Spanish. from here, you use the action button to hide behind a
    nearby tree and use binoculars to zoom in on the goings on. The game quickly
    goes to a real-time cut scene, But as you may have guessed since you have
    binoculars at your disposal, you are able to zoom in and out on the action
    at will. Mikami also revealed to us that a sniper rifle would be available
    later in the game. This is where all hell breaks loose. We head into the
    village and they are on us like flies on crap. a sea of freaks descents on us
     It is easily the most enemies we have ever seen on-screen in a resident evil
     game, and each character is highly detailed with spectacular texture work.
    they really look like villagers. not only that, they are armed with sickles,
    axes, pitchforks, and all sorts of sharp utensils. But these aren't static
    zombies waiting to be whacked. the villagers start throwing the weapons at
    you. and, if you time it right, you can shoot them right out of the air with
    a satisfying pif of metal as they fly off in another direction. as we run
    into a nearby building, we discover that we can use the action button again
    to move a table in front of the door to stem the tide of evil villagers.
    leaving the hacking and bashing at the door, we head upstairs and with a
    tap of the action button dive through the window and out to safety. or so
    we think. a chainsaw rips to life (in crystal clear Dolby digital pro logic
    II surround sound) just behind us, and we quickly turn around to find our
    selves face to face with a Texas chainsaw massacre wannabe complete with a
    bloody chain saw and a burlap sack for a mask. this is just a taste of the
    onslaught we face for the next five minutes. we shoot villagers off of roofs.
    we use the action button to push over a ladder
    full of deadly enemies. Heck, we even throw a grenade at a cow in the barn
    just to blow it to bits. the controls are intuitive, the combat intense, and
    even with the loss of exaggerated camera angles for dramatic effect, we still
    felt a blood-curdling sense of fear the entire time we played. It's a very
    claustrophobic experience. the enemies are always around you. and if they get
    close, they grab hold and leave you bashing buttons to get free. In a later
    level, the entire area is dark. you can pick out some of the villagers as
    they hold torches, but you don't really know what is going on around you
    until lighting illuminates the sky. Its incredibly spooky. In fact, by using
    the closer camera angle, you know less about what is going on around you
    than you did with the previous fixed camera views. any concern we had that
    the series would lose its hallmark horror with the new perspective were
    quickly thrown out the window after playing it, but mikami reassured us
    anyway. "up until now, all the games in the resident evil series have been
    about surprise." An enemy has jumped out; you aim at it, shoot it, and kill
    it. what I’m going for with this game is a more 'humanistic' fear. Which comes
    from the enemies not being 100 percent zombies, they actually human
    characteristics. and because the are smart, they will try to trick you and
    trap you. as you proceed through the game, about halfway through the enemies
    start to become very, very smart. and what happens is, you'll shoot one, and
    instead of continuing to approach you like an idiot, it will realize you have
    a gun and are shooting at it. It will run away. so you may chase after it, and
    if you do, you will see that is has intentionally brought you into an area
    where there are five or six of them lined up with bow guns aimed to ambush you
    them being able to trick you and trap you brings in a whole new kind of fear.
    also, since the enemies look more like humans, it makes it more realistic.
    the closer it is to reality, the close it’s to being truly scary.#1 Leon on a
    roof with villagers climbing a ladder: use the action command to cut off the
    approaching villagers.
    #2 Leon is aiming his gun at a trip wire: while this may look like a
    cut scene, it is actually the view you play the game in.
    #3 Leon aims at villagers in dark: darkness takes this game into a whole new
    level, as the game engine does some spectacular thing with lighting. #4 a
    picture of Leon without his jacket on with a harpoon: in the picture Leon
    is at the bow of a boat fighting a huge water beast. the interesting thing is
    that this wont be the only vehicle he gets to drive in the game we promised
    we wouldn’t tell all the details just yet, but lets just say you are going
    to be pleasantly surprised."
    4 Part five. the village people. 4
    There is much to be learned about the villagers mentioned in the article,
    they are a people that are infected with a virus and are trying to kill Leon.
    From what it seems, they are the new zombies of the Resident Evil series.
    They can run, talk, and think like a human. A zombie upgrade of sorts. There
    is much talk is about the chainsaw wielding man, this is a change that might
    make the game interesting. Also a troll monster that you must fight in order
    to move on, possibly a new Tyrant? What ever the case this game will be
    continued. People don't like this new info very much, due to the fact that
    they are taking away our beloved zombies, that made the Resident Evil series
    what it is. then on a lighter note the new scans of the Famitsu issue came
    out, though it is in another language it is still easy to get the picture, it
    contains some new pics of the villagers and of Leon, good stuff indeed. all
    of that was fine and dandy, but then came the Video...
    4 Part six. The video 4
    March 5th 2004, A strange 3 second video clip surfaces. It is of the Chainsaw
    man sawing away at Leon and two zombies getting blasted away, that is it. It
    is unknown where it originated from but it is still accepted. Could this be
    from a demo of the game? will more footage follow? Only time will tell. Also
    some time in March or April a new trailer will be shown. we can't wait for
    the E3.
    4 Part seven. The Famitsu contents 4
    Here is the translation of the Famitsu Resident Evil 4 issue.
    Info on the game
    -The enemy of this time in zombie of close ones only the person without also
    being the human
    -As for natural shape of the enemy while keeping playing, it is understood
    -You'll converse with the enemy but not in English. Spanish possibly?
    -The game engine was modified once during the initial unveiling in 2002.
    After the last public showing of RE4 at E3 in May 2003, Mikami was unsatisfied
     with the directing the game was taking so the project was "rest' or started
    from scratch.
    -Some of the primary game engine still exists from the previous attempts at
    RE4 but the location and setting has been totally redesigned.
    -Because the reason of reset did not do "full model change". After all by
    the fact that Mikami enters into the director "full model change" became
    -Mikami has written the new story and scenario.
    -Tricky translation..Looks like the scenario can change depending on what
    actions the player takes..
    -Mikami hopes that a new level of 'Fear' will be created, anything unlike
    that was generated with REmake..
    -Mikami believes RE4 will push the limits of what the GC can do.
    -This part is tricky to translate but the setting has been written to pickup
    where RE3 left off after RE2 where Leon has now become a US Agent.
    -Whether or not there will be a Resident Evil 5 has not been decided.
    However, RE4 marks the start of a whole new look and direction.
    -Winter 2004 isn't that far off!
    Serious consideration of the horror game genre-
    Hamamura-Tsushin (Famitsu employee):
    I just finished playing Bio-4.
    How was it?
    I was honestly surprised that the enemies were not zombies! It was very
    interesting. Very scary actually.
    Oh that’s good...
    While I was playing I was thinking, the terror has changed, the tempo of the
    game has also changed. This time, the quality of fear has changed.
    That was what I naturally intended but, as for the degree of fear has been
    lowered somewhat. From now on, the "type of horror" [flavor of horror] has
    been taken into serious consideration and...
    Yes, it seems...
    Concepts like survival horror games usually begin first with the type of
    horror, and after that the game style. I haven’t completely separated the two,
    but the priority this time is reversed.
    The fun of playing has been placed ahead of the horror this time, right?
    Yes. This time I put the interesting aspects of game play ahead of everything
    else. The feeling of horror is gradually brought out by playing this way.
    So...um...Which is more important the noodles or soup? [Japanese idiom?]
    "Hahahaha". Soup and noodles. Ah, I understand the sense of what you are
    If we throw them both together, we cant really understand. Which is the
    flavor of the soup, which is the flavor of the noodles. After all is said
    and done, the you cant separate them and have it taste good. The game play is
    the soup, while the horror is the noodles.
    True. True.
    After saying that, the noodles/(horror) in Bio-4 is "al dente"!!
    Funny how my conversation changed from gaming to Ramen, this is not a normal
    Bio-4 producer Kobayashi
    Mikami, please keep the topic in mind.
    Yes. Right, the boss is here!
    Talk about whatever, its ok. I will edit/correct you later, so...
    You guys are the supervisors right? Cut out whatever im saying because you
    run the camp.
    Ha ha ha ha.
    Ha ha ha ha.
    -The reason for the contents of the change-
    Game systems also are changing too, right? Lets compare it to the former game
    in the series. You have changed the whole model, huh?
    Also, the fundamentals where changed from the beginning right?
    With Bio-4 we have recovered some freshness, because we changed so much. But,
    the important element of Biohazard (the series) has been carried along I
    think, don’t you agree?
    What would you say is the word(s) that describes the core component?
    The core component is fear and destruction. This is a component of games from
    very long ago, tension and release/nervousness and calmness. Striking this
    balance... right? This time, we took the essence of the Biohazard serious and
    broke it completely apart. Then reconstructed it.
    I see... Biohazard-4 plays like a completely different game, but the feeling
    Biohazard`s origins are still done. From playing the very first Biohazard I
    felt something near a new type of excitement [heart beating]
    Yes, because you felt that I am very happy. Now from the change of the base
    state of the game, I want you to enjoy playing the series again.
    In Bio-4 the camera changes to a Wide-screen view when the action gets intense
    Some of my inside staff complained about this. They even went so far as to
    call me "Stingy!"
    Why was that?
    "The camera cuts off the gaming screen, you are being greedy" they said
    hahaha. Your inside staff had that reaction.
    Yes they did. However, there was another affect to the view besides
    Wide-screen cinematic. A normal TV has a view of 4:3, the action is centered
    in the middle. When the character takes up the middle of the screen the
    balance and view of the game is not so good. It makes you dizzy. When we
    tried it with the normal screen view we quickly realized this.
    So you say...
    Yes. The placement of the player in Wide-screen view to the side balances
    better this way.
    Oh, it doesn’t make you so dizzy this way?
    Less dizzy, a little bit but better than the normal screen option.
    I...yes. I get dizzy easily. But, when I played your game I did not have this
    - Survival Horror Games-
    The tempo in Bio-4 is very fast. This is not the same system as the former
    Bios right?
    You mean the jerky movements and gunfire right (of the former titles)?
    Yes. But now the tempo is moved up.
    I also have that feeling. The standard Bio tactics don’t work. The enemies AI
    is better so they avoid shots more easily. I was thinking when looking at it,
    the change in speed of the game throws me off. But after actually playing
    I got used to it really quickly. The controls are good, I have to say.
    Maybe , (this control scheme) it is more enjoyable for Japanese than for
    foreigners, huh...This change of ways.
    I also not sure...( if they will like it)
    The rules for finishing Japanese games has always been the same in the past.
    But as for the latest foreign games, this rule does not always apply.
    Yes. Yes. There are a lot of "Free roaming" game products coming out, right?
    Right. Gamers are requesting a change now.
    From now on, we have to exploit this rapidly new pioneering force.
    That rule is also used in modern music. From the past to present , Japanese
    peoples rate of change has become a problem.
    Yes, you are right.
    Foreign game creators are not trapped by our archaic gaming rules, and
    approach the user in a way that is more sensitive to their satisfaction.
    Understood. Understood. But in Japan after you have decided on the genre,
    game work begins immediately for most games.
    That is a bad way to go about it. We didn’t think about the genre deeply when
    we made Bio-1.
    But, if we didn’t place that game in a specific genre "survival horror" right
    away it would not have sold. Wonder what would have happened if we didn’t fit
    This is going in one ear and out the other. After all, Weekly Famitsu will
    have to call this genre "Action Adventure".
    If gamers don’t buy and then play it then they wont understand.
    Its essential that we have a genre they can fit it into , when we make new
    games because of this (unfortunately). "Sangokumusou" falls into the action
    game genre but its rhythm is one of a RPG.
    "The rhythm and tempo when playing, rather than a genre, are important for
    a game."
    Yes. Yes. that is right.
    That PRG has an exhilarating feel, so playing for 3 hours or 5 hours doesn’t
    make tired. It really is pleasurable, don’t you agree? When Bio-1 was out, it
    wasn’t an action game, more like a simulation. Now viewing it from the
    production side I think we need to match the tempo and rhythm of the game
    more closely to the users feelings
    4 Part seven. False hope 4
    March 8th 2004, we were led to believe that a new trailer for RE:4 was to come
    out on the 12th of march. This trailer was said to contain some of the fighting
    and actions of Leon in the game as it is. It was also to show some of the
    weapons that Leon was supposed to use. Well March 12th rolls along and what do
    we get, nothing. Yes it was a hoax, there was no new info and no new trailer,
    we RE fans were sadly disappointed. Bt in the very near future new info would
    4 Part eight. Living on the Edge. 4
    The following info is from the Edge magazine, this tells much about RE:4.
    This is a direct quote from Kobayashi: "There are no- repeat, no- zombies".
    He also stated that the villagers weren't human or zombies but something in
    between. the word being bandied around was 'infected'.
    The HUD has been explained. It only tells you your health+ammo. In the screens
    you will see a gauge in the bottom right hand corner. the green bar tells you
    your health and the number represents the ammo you have left. that little
    symbol above the number is actually an icon of a bullet.
    There is no item screen. There could also possibly be no items. They said ammo
    was much simpler to pick up (no 'do you wish to take the shotgun ammo' screen),
    I'm guessing you just stand near it and press the action button. and seeing
    as there are no more puzzles (see below) I think all we'll have are just a few
    keys to pick up and the doors for them automatically unlock.
    The villagers have great AI. they can communicate, an example of this was a
    villager whistling to attract the attention of his comrades. They can also
    set up ambushes and retreat if you kick there asses. They use crossbows and
    farming implements as weapons.
    It is confirmed the whole of the previous build (hook mansions et al) was
    canned completely by Shinji.
    Edge said it was set in an 'unnamed European country'. GI said it was South
    America but some other mags have stated it as Europe. I think it is Europe
    because: The villagers' skin tone and whole look is more appropriate for
    European, those type of trees+scenery we have seen is Europeans, you do not
    get wolves in South America (see below).
    Leon is a US secret agent. It is confirmed he has been sent to rescue the US
    president's daughter.
    RE4 is set 6 years after RE2, meaning 2004.
    Umbrella Inc was destroyed in part of a government crackdown (Dead Aim?
    But Wesker is expected to make a final appearance.
    TGS Video: shows the zombie fmv from re1 original where you first encounter a
    zombie. zombie turn to face the camera, then it morphs in to Shinji Mikami! He
    apologizes for being unable to attend TGS, but invites viewers to 'have a
    BEST GRAPHICS EVER apparently. Edge could not seem to heap enough praise on
    Capcom for this point. better than anything seen on any console before
    according to them.
    There are vehicles, the TGS vid showed Leon using the motorboat.
    2 camera views: first one is the traditional 3rd person one that tracks Leon.
    but when you encounter an enemy press R1 to raise your gun and the camera
    zooms in on Leon's shoulder leaving most of the screen unobscured for
    Enemies have specific damage modeling. shoot them in the knee and they hobble
    around. you can shoot weapons out of their hands. head shots=instant kill+lots
    of gore.
    When enemies throw axes+pitchforks (+probably other weapons as well) at you,
    which happens frequently, you can shoot them out the air!
    It is not unusual to face a dozen enemies at a time.
    The chainsaw guy is a boss. I think you fight him hand to hand when you lose
    all your weapons somehow.
    The troll is a boss and stands 2 storeys high. He attacks Leon by throwing him
    up in the air and trying to stamp on his head.
    The control scheme is the same for the most part. In fact the only
    change was that at specific points you can press the A button to perform a
    special action (a pic of the A button appears on the bottom right hand corner
    of the screen when this is possible). these actions include using binoculars,
    jumping a fence, ducking behind an object, knocking down a ladder to prevent
    villagers from chasing you, diving through windows and kicking down doors.
    Physics are much better. When you shoot a villager with the shotgun they go
    flying backwards, and it looks even better when they fly backwards, hit a wall
    and bounce off.
    Weapons are USP or MK23 with laser site (unsure which one), a shotgun (looks
    like the advanced shotgun from re2), a sub-machine gun (1 mag said it was an
    UZI, we have a pic of this but the muzzle flash is obscuring too much of the
    gun, it could be an UZI or any type of machine pistol), an assault rifle, a
    sniper rifle and grenades (1 mag mentioned Molotov cocktails).
    The game play is supposed to be more action-orientated but still balanced by
    some 'puzzles'.
    The conventional puzzles are gone. there is no more 'find the crates, press
    the buttons in the right order' type of thing. It's all gone. here is a puzzle
    Edge encountered when playing the demo:
    Leon is making his way through a large area of forest covered in laser trip
    mines. Once you have negotiated that, you come upon some man traps. a wolf is
    caught in the man trap and is hurt. you could shoot the wolf. you could shoot
    the trap, releasing the wolf, but the animal is understandably wary and slinks
    off. you could carefully remove its paw from the trap and the wolf "temporarily
    becomes your best friend".
    Only loading time seen were with cutsceen and even then the time was said to
    be negligible.
    There are no FMVs. All cutsceen use the in game engine.
    There are no door-loading animations.
    Edge are comparing what RE4 will do to the series with what Metroid Prime did
    to its series.
    There weren't many new screens in the mag, just all the ones previously shown,
    but with much higher definition. 1 screen showed Leon using the shotgun and
    getting a head shot on a villager. I say head shot but the whole of the guy's
    upper body exploded. The gore is much better and more detailed than any of
    the other RE games. Another screen showing Leon on the lake had 3D hills
    stretching into the distance. another screen showed the mantraps lying around.
    There were 2 pre-rendered pics showing the areas you will visit. 1 pic showed
    an old shack by the lake, with the boat moored next to it. another showed the
    village center. It was deserted and looked really run down and decrepit.
    4 Part nine. The new video 4
    On March 19th, 2004, a new video of the game play has surfaced. The video
    contained more of the chainsaw man and some new screens of the villagers
    attacking Leon. though the video clip was only 36 seconds long, it still
    had some to do with the game. the people that are fans of the resident evil
    series are happy with the video, because it has some shooting of zombies in
    it. The video is also in poor resolution, a downside but it is still enough
    to get people to watch it.
    4 Part ten. The new video (March 10) 4
    Today a new video came out for the game Resident Evil 4. The movie was 8 and
    a half minutes long and was featuring Leon checking out items and more footage
    of Leon fighting villagers. This also shows some new areas in the game, and
    also some new guns that Leon can possibly use. The new guns appear to be a
    machine gun and a western shotgun. The footage also shows some new enemies
    and some new bosses. Also it shows more of the storyline for RE:4 showing
    that Leon is still going after the presidents daughter. This info is from
    the Famitsuwave issue on RE:4. This new footage is good for the future
    of RE 4.
    4 Part eleven. Do the Famitsuwave. 4
    This is an article from codejunkies.com telling about the famitsuwave DVD
    in great detail.
    Resident Evil 4 trails into view with chainsaws, cocktails and Loch Ness
    The transformation is complete and the bandages are coming off. Following
    last week's influx of new screen shots, a movie culled from the Japanese
    Famitsu Wave DVD magazine has given us a glimpse of Resident Evil 4 in motion,
    putting those deliciously detailed backdrops, mammoth boss encounters and
    promised real-time action moves into the context of the Evil we know.
    Probably the most obvious common ground between this and previous Cube-based
    Resident Evil titles is the sheer quality of the visuals. Although the new
    backwater town environment is a bit more open and presumably demanding than
    its predecessors, Capcom's latest manages to dazzle with effects you couldn't
    really gauge from the screen shots, like the way lightning sends sharp pangs of
    dazzling light through a darkened town, illuminating the shambling hordes of
    torch-wielding townsfolk as they inch closer to this year's luckless hero,
    Leon S. Kennedy.
    Leon himself may have a bit of a whiny voice, but he's a bit more detailed than
    previous frontmen, with better and more varied animation to accommodate his more
    active outlook. One scene shows him toddling up to the end of a long wooden
    and leaping over the side into woodland beyond, turning quickly to squeeze a few
    rounds off at pursuing enemies. Elsewhere he kicks in doors and leaps through
    windows, but that doesn't seem to be enough to escape the clutches of Evil this
    time around, with the non-zombie enemies chasing him into buildings, leaning out
    of his sights as he lines up a head shot, and organizing themselves outside when
    he blocks off the door, bashing on shuttered windows and tossing in a Molotov
    It's at this point that more of the physical effects become apparent, with
    environments no longer made up of a few interactive objects and wholly
    untouchable but gloriously detailed backdrops. Leon will toss grenades
    sending enemies flying, knock over ladders, shatter glass and even shoot
    holes in the top half of a closed door to make room for his shotgun, which
    is something we've probably all wanted to do in a Resident Evil game at some
    point or another. With enemies coming at him in greater numbers, it's a good
    thing he has all this heavy-duty firepower too. This is no mere clutch of
    zombies rumbling in his wake - it's a full-blown army attacking in packs
    and lurching forward with a great deal more ferocity and skill than their
    shambling predecessors.
    The trailer also shows Leon racing around in his speedboat another new feature
    pursuing some sort of malformed monster of the deep, swinging his rudder this
    way and that to stay parallel and finding himself swept overboard into a wake
    effect that would give Wave Race a decent run for its money. Lobbing harpoons
    proves fruitless, and as he swims back to his boat the camera picks up on the
    massive predator as it thunders into the deep and then hurtles up from below
    clamping our soon-to-be hero in its jaws. Another boss, the giant from the
    screen shots, proves  an easier prospect as it stamps its feet and pounds
    its fists into the dirt in a  avoidable way but still it's clear Shinji
    Mikami's team hasn't lost any of its desire to deliver big, scary and
    unlikely boss encounters.
    More general combat also delivers an intensity perhaps missing from basic
    encounters in previous titles, with the camera now on Leon's shoulder darting
    around frantically as an enemy grabs him by the neck and tries to get stuck
    into his flesh. In another battle he takes a pop at someone's shoulder
    with his pistol, and then does a spin-kick to send him tumbling. The trailer
    also shows off the effect of a shotgun to the head and shoulders at close
    range (which seems fitting less than a handful of days after Dawn of the
    Dead's cinematic opening), and that terrifying chainsaw attack in motion.
    For Resi fans, the latter is sure to excite the senses and begs the question
    "how the bloody hell do you fend that off?"
    4 Part Twelve. E3 revelations 4
    On may 12 a day came in the world of RE:4 that has shocked the world. A 
    new trailer has been introduced showing more footage of the villagers and
    what looks like to be a cult of zombies. This new trailer also showed 
    new footage of a boss of the game, the  big troll. The next thing shown 
    was some new action footage of Leon jumping out of a window onto the ground 
    and Leon blocking things thrown by the villagers. Also there is more footage 
    of Leon protecting the presidents daughter. But by far the best new footage 
    was Leon and some of his new weapons in action, the new weapons were his 
    handgun with the laser,  his new wester type shotgun, A series of hand 
    grenades and what looks like a Magnum. This might help save the image of 
    RE:4 in a strong way.
    4 Part Thirteen. RE 4 power! 4
    Well it looks like Nintendo has finally published an article on RE 4 in 
    Nintendo power here is the contents...
    New Evil 
    The Umbrella Corporation is no more. "It's the only thing that makes sense if 
    you think about it," explains Resident Evil 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayshi."Why 
    would the U.S.government allow a company that developed the T-virus, and in the 
    end forced them to destroy an entire city to continue to exist? They wouldn't. 
    Hence the rationale for Umbrella going away after RE3." With the series primary 
    source of evil dissolved, gamers are about to embark on Capcom's new chapter in 
    Survival Horror -- one in which the dangers they'll face are unfamiliar and the 
    terror they'll experience is unexpected. Fear of the unknown as you'll discover 
    later this year, runs far deeper than fear of any zombie. 
    The Source of Fear 
    Leon S. Kennedy the heroic Raccoon City police officer from Resident Evil 2 is
    now under the employ of the president of the United States. As a special agent
    Leon has been tasked with finding the president's abducted daughter, Ashley. His
    search leads to a secluded village in the European countryside where he's
    attacked inexplicably by the town's crazed residents. Brandishing weapons,
    working in unison and moving much faster than the walking dead, his adversaries
    are clearly something other than zombies. But what's causing their homicidal
    madness? "If I told you right now, it would kind of ruin the game," says
    Kobayashi."It's nothing spiritual though. They're not ghosts or magical or
    anything fantastic. It's something based in the real world." When asked why
    they decompose into a puddle and evaporate when you defeat them, he adds,
    "I'll give you a hint: the creatures are called Ganado which means 'livestock'
    in Spanish." Whatever their origins, the Ganado conjure a much different
    atmosphere from their flesh-eating predecessors. "One of the reasons we
    decided to change the enemies in the game is that zombies have become boring"
    opines Kobayashi. "They walk slow. We wanted more action. These new enemies are
    much smarter. They can dodge your attacks, surround you, and tend to come at
    you with large, pointy objects. They give you a lot less room to breathe." And
    as unsettling as the agonized groans of approaching zombies could be, the way
    the Ganado shout at each other unintelligibly as they coordinate their plan of
    attack is downright bone-chilling.
    Kobayashi concurs: "The audio aspect is very important in a horror game.
    Without the right sounds, you really risk losing the scare factor." The
    village itself also contributes to RE4's amplified ability to terrify you. As
    Kobayashi points out "If you're in a very small, cramped passageway (as in the
    previous Resident Evil games) you know that enemies are only going to come from
    behind or in front, not from the right or left because there are walls there.
    Being able to be attacked from all angles brings about a certain amount of
    additional fear or tension that is only available in that type of setting." He
    adds that, though it's much larger than what we've seen so far the village isn't
    the only setting in the game. Your investigation will also lead you to the
    enormous castle pictured in some of the screen shots as well as to a lake a
    forest and a cave. 
    Protecting the Innocent 
    When you finally do find Ashley (about halfway through the game), it'll be your
    duty to protect her. The Ganado will be trying to abduct her constantly, and if
    one manages to grab her, you'll have to give chase and shoot him (without
    accidentally hitting Ashley, of course.) Fortunately, the president's daughter
    demonstrates the same impressive AI as your enemies. If a Ganado approaches her
    from behind and you raise your weapon, she'll duck to give you a clear shot.
    The young woman isn't always so cooperative, however. Kobayashi describes her
    as a snob who tends to get herself into trouble. To help her out of jams, the
    game features a variety of context-sensitive actions. If Ashley falls from a
    window for instance, you can catch her by pressing the A Button. You'll use the
    same button to hoist her over high obstacles, kick enemies and even run away
    from a giant boulder a la Indiana Jones. And to keep you on your toes not all
    of the actions are restricted to the A Button. During a battle with a gigantic
    troll, you'll have to press the L and R Buttons simultaneously to duck under
    its club (the buttons will flash across the screen to warn you.) It's a clever
    system that allows the developers to throw all sorts of situations at the player
    without over-complicating the controls. 
    Survival Horror Reborn 
    As you've probably discerned by gawking at the screen shots, Resident Evil 4 is
    one fantastic-looking game. he sky-high polygon counts and masterful texture
    work create a gritty aesthetic that draws you in and doesn't let go. What still
    shots can't convey though, is how amazing the game looks in motion (visit
    nintendo.com to see jaw-dropping video footage and read the complete text of
    the Kobayashi interview.) As day turns to night (the game features real-time
    environmental changes), flames flicker and cast a realistic glow on their
    surroundings. When you fire a rocket launcher at the castle, the resultant
    explosion scatters debris convincingly and leaves a gaping hole in the wall. As
    Kobayashi boasts, "The RE4 team did the Resident Evil remake and helped with
    RE Zero. They're all veterans, and through those two games, they learned how to
    use the GameCube Hardware to its fullest. That little box has a lot of power."
    Though the game is shaping up to be a AAA title, it hasn't been an easy road 
    for Kobayashi and his team. "This is something I haven't told anybody yet
    because it's kind of embarrassing," says the producer. "We originally showed a
    video about Resident Evil 4 to get everyone excited in November 2002. That was
    the initial unveiling to the press in Japan. Afterward, we decided to totally
    scratch all of that work and start over. Then we had a new video at E3. And
    guess what? We scratched that as well. The third time we tried remaking it, we
    didn't show it to anybody. We had a promotional video, but we had to scratch
    that as well. So this new style is actually the fourth time we have tried
    recreating it because we just could not get it to the level that we wanted."
    When asked at which stage Shinji Mikami, the series' creator, decided to take
    over as director, Kobayashi responds, "It was the fourth version. He said,
    'Enough of this crap! I'm gonna fix this!' Right from the start, we wanted to
    do something new and innovative for the series, so Mikami issued an order to
    the team: 'I want to totally re-create how the polygons, the camera, everything
    looks.' But, every time the staff tried to do it without his direction, they
    only came out with little minor changes. Nothing major. Perhaps they were too
    afraid to take this series that he created and totally change it. But anyway,
    he stepped in and showed what he wanted." "But there are rules of engagement
    that you have to follow when changing a game," Kobayashi adds. "With Resident
    Evil, there are certain things that we couldn't change. We knew changing them
    would alienate the fans. Basically what makes the series so special is that it
    was based on a virus. A virus isn't like a ghost it isn't like magic... it's
    something that exists in the modern day. Everyone can get sick and it can do
    something strange to your body. This is something that is very close to all
    of us. It's very real. It's found in the real word. Even though the T-virus
    and zombies don't appear in Resident Evil 4, there's still that element that
    the enemy is something that is very real. So it feels not so much like fantasy.
    It feels more like it could actually happen in the present day." The end result
    is very distinctly Resident Evil, yet somehow it feels like a whole new
    experience. The determination of Kobayashi's team has paid off with a
    bloodcurdling new direction for the genre. Your nightmare begins this winter.
    There you have it, The Nintendo power article in its entirety. This game is
    truly shaping up to be a gem... 
    4 Part fourteen. DEMO!!! 4
    Yes today a demo was released for RE:4 and it is the same demo that was shown
    at this years E3 video game convention, this dem can be found in the September
    edition of famitsu magazine and I happen to have a copy of it in my hand and I
    have played it and it is sweet and this game is a must buy for all RE fans,
    this demo is in all Japanese and you need a free loader to play it, this demo
    takes you all the way to the fight past the chainsaw man and is a good demo
    lengthwise, 30 minute playable and it looks to be of the finished product,
    there may be some additions to the beginning of the game from the demo but it
    seems in place where it is at, hopefully this game will be as good as the demo
    shows it to be...
    4 RE:4ever 4
    It looks like people that once hated the idea of the villagers are once again
    happy with the way the things are going. The thing that the people like the
    most is that chainsaw man. the other thing that they seem to like is the new
    bosses, like the water beast and the giant ogre. People will love this game
    by the way it seems. More to come.
    4 RElease...4
    Today is January 13th, RE 4 is released to the masses. The total sales are at
    over 100,000 copies in the first 2 weeks. This is rated one of the highest rated
    games of all time, earning a 9.6 on the gamespot rating scale, which is higher
    than Halo 2 and Half Life 2 and GTA San Andreas. The gamecube depended on this
    game to stay afloat in the 2005 year. The Things that go along with this game
    are the REturn of a gun from each game in the main series, Leon with a new look
    and tons of new moves, A mini game named assignment ADA, and the long overdue
    return of the highly addictive Mercenaries minigame. With all of this, this has
    made it the best Resident Evil so far.
    Also the new thing in this game is the addition of the new bosses, which take
    more than just point and shoot to finish off. This adds much challenge to the
    game. With 2 sets of the game released, the normal game and the collectors 
    edition, you can now get more RE stuff like the prologue to Evil and a laser
    cell, movie soundtrack, and collectors tin. Also there is the release of the
    Chainsaw controller, designed specifically for his game. RE 4 has truly kept
    the series alive with all of the promises and then more...
    4 Credits 4
    I would like to thank Gamefaqs, for their collection of guides.
    Also www.rehorror.com, www.Residentevilfan.com and many other RE sites for
    their info on how to beat the games.
    And Capcom for the RE series.
    And the internet, for helping me find info on the Resident Evil games.
    Also Edge magazine, game informer,  Famitsu.
    4 Contact 4
    If you want to ask me for info on this or any other RE game E-mail me at
    Shoobie0021@aol.com Also if you want to tell me any thing or have any more
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    Special Thanks to Resident Evil producers for coming up with the idea to give
    the first Resident Evil a new make-over to make room for Resident Evil 4. One
    of the best games for the GameCube (PS2 coming near).
    Special Thanks to Dan Birlew for making the guide and giving me the information
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    Resident Evil
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