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    Infinite Rocket Launcher FAQ by Roll EXE

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Earth! ...Fire! ...Wind! Water! Heart! Your powers combined, this is the
                                    _W@@`                      ,_s____
      _                         ,_  _8@b___________gm@@m@@WmmW@@@@@@@@@@@A**!
     ]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@**~`    '`
     '@@*f~`                  Y@@P` `
    .___             _____  .__           .__    __
    |   |   ____   _/ ____\ |__|   ____   |__| _/  |_    ____
    |   |  /    \  \   __\  |  |  /    \  |  | \   __\ _/ __ \
    |   | |   |  \  |  |    |  | |   |  \ |  |  |  |   \  ___/
    |___| |___|  /  |__|    |__| |___|  / |__|  |__|    \___  >
               \/                     \/                    \/
    __________                     __                __
    \______   \   ____     ____   |  | __   ____   _/  |_
     |       _/  /  _ \  _/ ___\  |  |/ / _/ __ \  \   __\
     |    |   \ (  <_> ) \  \___  |    <  \  ___/   |  |
     |____|_  /  \____/   \___  > |__|_ \  \___  >  |__|
            \/                \/       \/      \/
    .__                                       .__
    |  |   _____     __ __    ____     ____   |  |__     ____   _______
    |  |   \__  \   |  |  \  /    \  _/ ___\  |  |  \  _/ __ \  \_  __ \
    |  |__  / __ \_ |  |  / |   |  \ \  \___  |   Y  \ \  ___/   |  | \/
    |____/ (____  / |____/  |___|  /  \___  > |___|  /  \___  >  |__|
                \/               \/       \/       \/       \/
    ___________    _____    ________
    \_   _____/   /  _  \   \_____  \
     |    __)    /  /_\  \   /  / \  \
     |     \    /    |    \ /   \_/.  \
     \___  /    \____|__  / \_____\ \_/
         \/             \/         \__>
                                    _W@@`                      ,_s____
      _                         ,_  _8@b___________gm@@m@@WmmW@@@@@@@@@@@A**!
     ]@@@@A@@@c@@@c@@@@e@@@p@@@t@@@@@@@e@@@@@@@@**~`    '`
     '@@*f~`                  Y@@P` `
    I.R.L.F.! It's our hero! Gonna take ganados down to zero! 
    It's the finest of the three, way to suck Handcannon and CT!
    I.R.L.F.! It's our hero! Gonna take ganados down to zero! 
    Ganados will throw in the towel, and you will make them loosen bowels!
    God help me if I'm going to mock the Planeteers part, so make up something 
    witty and sing it in your head.
    1.0 - Release of the BEST RE4 BASED IRL FAQ TO DATE
    1.1 - Credited Midwarrior, created highlights, fixed the HandCannon comparison.
    Apparently, the IRL is even better than the HandCannon than I thought.
    From the mind of the insane
    Do you know what I hear all the time on the Resident Evil 4 message boards?
    One person will always say something like "I'm trying to save up for the IRL,
    will somebody please give me some tips?" then another person would always say
    "TEH IRL SUXX0rZ, GET THE CT INSTEDE". And yes, some of them say instede. I did
    not make that up. But I saw through the IRL's adversities and I saw something
    beautiful. Something you couldn't put in a FAQ. However, I implemented the
    feeling into a FAQ. As such, the quality of the FAQ goes down. However, I
    stay up; late nights writing this at 2:45 AM. I'm burning the midnight oil;
    however, it ran out an hour ago. So, anyway, yeah. The IRL deserves a FAQ as
    much as the HandCannon does. In fact, it deserves a FAQ more. Children, be
    enlightened, and see through the eyes of Roll EXE!
    As time goes on, you'll realize just how incredible the IRL is. Think about
    it, what was the most powerful weapon on the first round? The Rocket Launcher!
    The only problem with it was the fact that it only lasted once. Lo and behold,
    your dreams come true! The most powerful weapon in the game, again and again!
    The Infinite Rocket Launcher also utilizes novelty and usefulness better than
    any other weapon in the game. I've done many IRL runs, and it's still funny as
    hell when I see an enemy blow up. Almost everything would die simply by the
    splash damage of a rocket. WEEEEE!
    Also, it also provides the most damage of any other weapon in the game, and I
    can prove it. Let's analyze the three unlockable weapons in the game.
    HandCannon: ~85.385 damage every 1.14 second.
    Chicago Typewriter: 10.0 damage every .10 second.
    Rocket Launcher: 350 damage every ~2.5 seconds. This does not include the 
    splash damage it will do to all surrounding enemies, which is 166 damage. 
    Enough to kill many bosses and all regular enemies that aren't J.J. (Still 
    haven't quite figured that one out).
    Therefore, the Chicago Typewriter will do 100 damage in one second, ~14.615 
    damage more than the HandCannon per second, but none of them can compare to the
    Infinite Rocket Launcher's insane might.
    Get yo ass some bling!
    Ah...the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Infinite amounts of rockets for the price
    of 33 Rocket Launchers and 1 First Aid Spray. I would say 33 1/3 Rocket 
    Launchers, but that damned Merchant is holding out on that 1/3 of a Rocket
    I never had a problem with funding, but I can see how some people can. I ended 
    my first pro round with 1.5 million Pesetas, an unupgraded handgun, an upgraded 
    striker, an unupgraded broken butterfly, an unupgraded bolt-action rifle, and 
    an unupgraded mine thrower. I'm not a real fan of upgrading (one more reason 
    I wrote an IRL FAQ).
    Well, if you have unlocked the Infinite Rocket Launcher, you have completed
    the game at least once. As such, you should be set as far as weapons go. I
    also suspect that you bought all the treasure maps; if not, buy them all as
    quickly as possible. Get every treasure. Don't buy or upgrade anything. Trust
    me; you will get 1,000,000 pesetas before you know it. After you defy my 
    suggestion and buy the Chicago Typewriter, you'll have to make 500,000 more
    pesetas, and then sell the Chicago Typewriter after realizing it's the 
    ultimate pig in a poke. Pop the champaigne and pass the bong, you have the
    IRL in your inventory, ready for action!
    If anyone cares, it takes as much space as a normal Rocket Launcher, which is
    2x8 boxes.
    You want the truth? You can't HANDLE the truth!
    Firstly, the Infinite Rocket Launcher can zoom in and out, making it ideal in
    many situations. You might not think that's too amazing, but you'll most likely
    find yourself using the zoom feature more than you might think. This feature
    is yet another addition that the other two major unlockable weapons, the HC and
    the CT, don't have. The zoom option also destroys the need for a rifle, but
    just to be fair, I recommend having a Semi-Auto rifle and an Infrared Scope in
    your inventory, even after your purchase of an IRL. Because I'm just fair like
    And let us not forget the fact that the IRL blows people up. When I first went
    through the game, I thought the weapon that was the most fun was the Mine
    Thrower. Why? Because if it landed anywhere on your body, it would blow you up.
    That, my friend, is entertainment. Now, we have the ability to blow people up
    throughout the entire game. Yeee! As afore mentioned, I have completed many
    IRL runs, and for whatever reason I still find exploding ganados funny. There
    are a few exceptions to the explosions, however, and I shall list them. Ashley
    will not explode with a rocket. However, I felt compelled to test this several
    times, and this has been confirmed. She'll just fly back and land on the
    ground, stone dead. Also, if you hit some merchants with a rocket, they will
    not explode. However, other merchants will explode. I have yet to find what
    causes the merchants not to explode, but I believe they explode more often as
    time goes on. Merchants also die very easily with rocket fire; so be warned.
    Any ganado that you face before you get to the main village will not explode.
    In fact, they will not disinegrate, which is the reason that they will not
    explode. Also, any enemy that does not normally disinegrate will not explode.
    This includes, but is not limited to, sub-bosses such as Garradors and JJs.
    Also, no boss will explode (unless you count the Verdugo frozen death scene
    exploding). This includes, but is not limited to, El Gigante on the path whose
    direction is the right when you must choose the two routes. I'd say the right
    path, but that doesn't seem correct, y'know? Also; the explosion discussion 
    leads us into another discussion; the splash damage. The splash damage should
    kill just about every enemy, save for a few sub-bosses. I will list those sub-
    bosses in a later section of the FAQ.
    Also, you may practice with the IRL as much you'd like, because there are no
    reprocutions to firing a rocket. Any rocket that you fire will not count
    towards your hit percentage.
    Any rocket that you fire will not count towards your hit percentage.
    Any rocket that you fire will not count towards your hit percentage.
    Now, think of the signifigance of a rocket not counting towards your hit
    percentage. That means that any rocket that you'll fire will kill countless
    enemies, and it will not count as a shot. For those of you who still don't 
    understand at this point, let me give you an example. Say at the beginning of
    the game you shoot a single handgun round, and it hits the honest woodcutter in
    the torso, in his face, or in his legs. Then, you take out the IRL and shoot
    Mr. I'm so honest, but I'm trying to kill you. After that, you use the IRL
    until the chapter ends. At the end of the chapter, since the one round you
    fired hit that one ganado once, your hit percentage is 100%. Now, say during
    the second chapter, you use nothing except for the IRL. At the end of the
    chapter, it will say your average for the chapter is 0%. However, it will still
    say 100% around the total game hit percentage. This means that if you use
    nothing but the Infinite Rocket Launcher for the rest of the game, at the end
    your hit percentage will be 100%. It's definitely worth a screenshot. And yes,
    I just gave away a huge secret here. Please note that it will still be 100% if
    you use other weapons and fire other bullets, but I would suggest keeping that
    to a minimum, seeing how a single miss will lead to the truncation of 100%
    accuracy. Also, you can use this trick to get 0% accuracy as I have, but...
    that's less prestigious. Or more prestigious, seeing how it will leave people
    that didn't read this FAQ in confusion. Because you're evil like that.
    Now you know!
    It's rather hard to produce just combat strategies without the entire 
    walkthrough, because it's very broad. When you just look at it in one huge
    chunk, it really is as dull as people say it is. What you must remember is that
    the only place that the Infinite Rocket Launcher can be used is in the main
    game, which has limited amounts of scenarios and places, each with a different
    strategy. That being said, here are the basics that you'll need to know.
    1. The Direct Shot
    I'd like to start off with the shot that everyone first thinks of doing; the
    direct shot. This is when you hit a ganado by aiming at it. This will kill the
    basic enemy and all the enemies around it. However, remember to watch how close
    the enemy is. This shot is perfect at long distances, but watch out during 
    short distance shots. You'll need to play around a bit to determine how close
    you can be to an explosion without getting hurt. YOU HAVE NOT BEEN DAMAGED IF
    damage if Leon is knocked to the ground. Also, many enemies have melee weapons.
    If you see an enemy about to attack you, the direct shot is not your best bet;
    it will only be a threat to yourself.
    2. The Indirect Shot
    Man, didn't see that coming, did you? This shot is when you don't hit an enemy
    with a rocket, but rather either a floor, or any material object such as a
    house or a wall. This relies on splash damage; and you should experiment to see
    what distances will effect you and what distances won't effect you. Again, YOU
    EXPLOSION. You only take damage if Leon is knocked to the ground. This shot is
    normally used when an enemy is very close to you, and you would take damage if
    you shot the enemy. It's also used in closed areas, such as the cage fight that
    takes place after the garden.
    3. The Quick Shot
    This is the shot where you just hold R and keep pressing A until you shoot.
    Intended for times where you don't have any time to aim the Infinite Rocket
    Launcher. You'll have to play around and figure out how the rocket is going to
    fire when you just shoot a rocket. There aren't many times where this is going
    to be required, but is wholly necessary to master the IRL.
    4. The Point Blank Shot
    The Point Blank Shot is when you see no other option than to launch a rocket at
    an enemy right in front of you. This will kill Ashley if she's with you, but as
    for Leon, if your health is in the green you will live. That's the beauty of
    IRL; it even comes with a desperation shot. This is the only shot that I
    wouldn't recommend; and there is no situation that this is required. It's just
    a shot I felt I must include.
    5. The Snipe Shot
    This is rather self-explanatory; it's where you use the Infinite Rocket
    Launcher's scope like you would a regular rifle. Only thing is, you don't have
    to be quite as accurate. Also, after doing so, other enemies around this enemy
    will most likely die as well. This makes the IRL very versatile. You don't
    really need the rifle if you use this to this extent.
    6. The Kicker
    This is effective if someone is getting close in a closed space, or if someone
    grabs you. If someone grabs you from the front, just get out of it. When 
    they're on the ground, blast their ass. If someone grabs you from behind, get
    out of it, about-face and waste them. However, if someone is getting close and
    you can't pull off an indirect shot, dodge their attack a knife their face. 
    When the kick prompt appears, kick them and desecrate their body. It's very 
    fun, and it's a personal favorite. It's useful in stressful situations.
    That's what you'll need to know to survive in this crazy mixed-up world of RE4.
    Saying you won't need to use these is an understatement, because most anything
    you can do with the Infinite Rocket Launcher fits into one of these categories.
    You're welcome.
    And knowing is half the battle!
    Keep in mind that these are very general, because there are many different
    situations and in there is the proper strategy. This will be the most broad 
    part of this entire FAQ. You will do good to remember that. I have implemented
    a difficulty factor and a fun factor, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the
    highest, along with commentary.
    Any combat strategy would be good for the ganados, and the usefulness of the
    skills depends on the situation. All I can think about is don't get hit by the
    projectiles, and avoid shooting them accident. Most of them will try to hit you
    with melee weapons, so try killing them before they get to you. Also, with the
    IRL you will not have to worry about those pesky Las Plagas popping up.
    Difficulty: 2.5 
    They're pawns in our game...AHAHAHAHA!!!
    Fun: 8
    Sure, usually he has plenty of help...but with the Infinite Rocket Launcher,
    you can kill him with splash damage. Also, the chainsaw makes him pretty slow,
    but kill him as soon as you see him.
    Difficulty: 2
    Not really enough of them to make an impact on you.
    Fun: 8.5
    Revenge! You one hit killed me, I'll return the favor *****!
    "Muere, muere, muere..."
    No major difference from the ganados. However, the ones with arrows should be
    taken out with a distanced shot. Otherwise...nothing changed, I'm afraid.
    Difficulty: 2
    Way to suck.
    Fun: 6
    We've seen it before. But you still explode. <3
    "LOL look at my shield"
    Like normal zealots, but much slower. Any blast will kill them. YAWN.
    Difficulty: 1.5
    Slow. Very slow, no match for a rocket's awesome might.
    Fun: 7
    Does your shield help you at all? No? Well, Mr. 'I'm screwed', you're screwed.
    "Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter CLANK"
    Now, once you remember the respawn points, these won't be any kind of problem.
    just blast the place they are or where you think they are, and they will die
    on touch. Press A if it says kick, and after that just desecrate it's body.
    Difficulty: 6
    It's likely you can accidently blow yourself up, quite a few times. If you're
    surrounded, you'll be under constant attack and may need to pull off a point
    blank shot. Even that will take several tries.
    Fun: 3
    It's something I'd rather not think about. Not very fun. They don't explode.
    The best tactic for the dogs would be the indirect shots. During the hedge
    maze, it's best to shoot the hedges when you think you hear the dogs. They will
    die in this way.
    Difficulty: 4
    Not the hardest, but they are agile to the point that they'll mess you up. They
    mess you up good.
    Fun: 1
    I...don't like killing dogs. End of story.
    "Clang, clang, clang, clang"
    There is one point where you're going to fight these guys. When you grab the
    King's grail, go to the place in the room that just got sealed of. Put your
    back to it. When they get close, shoot a rocket at the place the King's Grail
    was. All of the knights should die. Simply repeat as the next round of knights
    come in. If any of them aren't dead, fire another rocket in the same place.
    Difficulty: 1.5
    With my technique, you won't have a problem.
    Fun: 4
    It's nothing more than a necessary fight.
    No difference to the Zealots.
    Difficulty: 2
    Fun: 6
    Wow, more generic enemies. But, y'know, they explode!
    He has an odd truncation, so it will take two shots to kill him. It doesn't
    matter if they're indirect or direct shots. Other than that, make sure you keep
    him at a distance. Also, strike him before he strikes you. Also, HE'S FAT!
    Difficulty: 4
    Rather easy if you know what you're doing.
    Fun: 5
    Won't explode? That takes away some of the point...sigh...
    I'll admit, I was waiting to get to this point. The Regenerators are said to be
    the scariest and hardest enemies in the game, but it's the opposite when it 
    comes to the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Regenerators move very slowly, and a
    single rocket is enough to kill them. Indirect and direct. How the mighty have
    Difficulty: 1
    Slowest enemies, one hit kill. 1, damn you, 1!!!
    Fun: 10
    Ah, sweet revenge. Very fun death sequence as well.
    Beyond the IRL's control. DAAAAMN!
    As soon as the fight starts, shoot him. Dead in one shot, won't even trigger
    the plagas coming out scene.
    Difficulty: 1
    A simple Quick Shot should kill him. Not difficult.
    Fun: 6
    Doesn't matter if you can lift a tree or not when you have a rocket launcher in
    Run to the gate. When the cutscene starts, you should be able to shoot him. I
    wouldn't worry about the boulder that's there. You might have to take two shots
    in case you miss the first shot, but other than that there isn't much going on
    Difficulty: 3
    If you miss the first shot, shoot again. You miss that shot, you'll have to
    shoot El Gigante in a way that you don't kill Ashley. The situation shouldn't
    evolve from there.
    Fun: 5
    There's nothing wrong with this guy, but nothing stands out. Tragic.
    "You carry the same blood as us..."
    For this fight, it's entirely opportunity. After the cutscene, Mendez is at a
    reasonable distance, and you can just blast him or blast the ground near him.
    This triggers another scene where he's lost his legs. However, a single shot
    will still kill him. First shoot him when he's right in front of you. If you
    miss this shot, run forward and about face. He should be on the ceiling; shoot
    him. If you miss this one, run towards the ladder, run forward a little and 
    about face. When he gets close enough, blast him. You should be able to get him
    here even if you couldn't get him in the other places.
    Difficulty: 3
    It takes little understanding to realize his attack maneuvers. Once you figure
    them out, the battle is easy.
    Fun: 5
    Reasonably fun, but pretty pointless the way 'fun' goes.
    This should be easy for...anyone. Kick down the cage door, take a few steps
    forward. As soon as you see him react, walk backwards and fire a rocket. HE IS
    Difficulty: 1
    If you have a problem with the Garrador, seek professional help.
    Fun: 8
    He's so pathetic it's somewhat funny.
    This is subsequent with the cage fight. Basically, when the Garrador drops
    down, shoot the lock. This will kill the Garrador and everybody in the entire
    cage region. From there, you can choose to leave the room, or simply clean up
    the reinforcements.
    Difficulty: 3
    For me, this fight is routine. If you don't know what you're doing, though,
    you might have some difficulty.
    Fun: 6
    As I said, routine. It's lost it's touch for me.
    "RAWR" "Indeed, RAWR"
    There are a few zealots around, but I don't see anything difficult. When you
    enter the room, don't even move. Shoot one of the garradors. No matter which
    one you shoot, the unarmored one will die, and the armored one will live. Then,
    shoot both of the zealots. After they're dead, shoot the armored garrador, who
    should have been stunned up to that point. After that's, it's a matter of
    killing the remaining fodder and collecting the loot.
    Difficulty: 5
    Definitely easier the more you practice. Again, if you don't know what you're
    doing, it's easy to die here.
    Fun: 7
    After completing this room, you get a feeling of empowerment. Especially if 
    you're a chronic...herb user.
    "So THAT'S why there were nitrogen tanks!"
    Watch out for the action prompts before the actual fighting process. I would
    suggest camping out roughly 45 seconds near the liquid nitrogen tank after you
    do the power switch. This will cause Verdugo to come, and when he's near just
    knock over the tank and blast him. I just LOVE the death animation when he's
    Difficulty: 4
    Once more, very easy if you know what you're doing, but a single mistake can
    take the fight to another level.
    Fun: 8
    All because of the frozen death animation. It's a combination of him shattering
    and exploding...and afterward, you get the crown jewels! Win-win!
    "Wanna catch lunch?" "Around 2 sound good?"
    The best strategy would be to quickly go to the ladder. Climb up the ladder,
    and as soon as it starts shaking just slide down. From here, shoot one of them
    with a direct hit. It should die. Then shoot the other with a direct hit. Very
    much easy.
    Difficulty: 2
    Shouldn't be that difficult. Neither of them do that much damage, and there are
    plenty of oppurtunities.
    Fun: 7
    Pretty fun, for no real reason.
    "I think you've lived long enough, Mr. Kennedy"
    Actually, quite simple. I will give two way to defeat him; the easy way and the
    hard way. And take 'hard' with a grain of salt.
    HARD: Stand in the middle and keep blasting his eye. For whatever reason, it 
    will take several shots to get him to reveal his body. Until then, dodge all
    the prompts and stray away from his one-hit kill. When he reveals his body,
    just shoot him with a direct hit. This should be enough to kill him.
    EASY: Run the the far right, until you are on the absolute left on Salazar.
    Shoot his tentacle. Salazar's only option here will be to do his one hit kill,
    but it will be in the middle, and miss you completely. As he's doing this, his
    body will be revealed. Hit him with a direct shot and he's down for the count.
    Difficulty: 2
    Even inexperienced people should be able to handle these guys. I wouldn't 
    really worry about it.
    Fun: 8
    I give this an 8 because on my first playthrough, this guy was a MAJOR *****.
    After killing him so easily, I feel as though I got my due revenge.
    "****ing rope"
    This is, in my opinion, the hardest boss fight. Easy all the same, but, since
    almost any weapon could do the same thing as the Infinite Rocket Launcher, it
    makes little difference. Also, tight spaces, also not ideal. You have to learn
    to use these to your advantage. I would recommend just pulling off a quick shot
    at the start of each of the three stages. Pay attention to the dodge prompts.
    If you see it after that, use your good judgment to discern whether you should
    shoot a rocket at him or just run. The battle will be over soon.
    Difficulty: 7
    One of the more difficult parts of the game with the IRL. This is, of course,
    comparison. You might find it easy.
    Fun: 7
    Sure, difficult, but after I jump the rope, I only think one thing.
    "You're the best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down!
    You're the best! Arooooound! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down!"
    Ironically, much easier than about-face. You shouldn't have a problem. Do an
    about-face and run towards the two items on the ground. Grab them and keep
    running. Once you get to the end of a straight line, about-face. When you see
    U3 come towards you, shoot him. This urges it into it's next form. Once it's
    done with it's spasm, shoot it again. This will kill U3. This will kill him
    Difficulty: 2
    Not at all difficult. If you fail anything above, just keep running and try
    Fun: 6
    It's alright, just not difficult. More systematic than anything else.
    "It's been a long time...comrade"
    Having already completed the game, you should pretty much know all about
    Krauser. Also, as Pro-Infinite Rocket Launcher as I am, I can find no strategy
    that's better than the traditional knife. Also, using the knife on Krauser has
    always been fun. For the interest of the FAQ, however, just shoot him with a
    rocket after the dodging sequence, or when he draws back. There are too few 
    encounters for anything to get more complicated than that.
    Difficulty: 4
    After the first run through, you'll hardly ever have difficulty with Krauser.
    Fun: 8
    I just love the whole thing with Krauser. Fun times.
    "Prepare for your death, Leon"
    After doing it with the Infinite Rocket Launcher, I'm telling you that there is
    no better strategy than using a knife. However, for the purpose of the FAQ, I
    will explain that process. The thing is, Krauser's arm, when in front of him,
    nullifies the damage from the IRL. Also, you almost never have enough time for
    a direct shot. Therefore, to use the IRL, you should knife him when he's too
    close and won't go away. After he dodges, shoot an indirect shot right behind
    him, which his arm doesn't protect against. Keep shooting; and if he comes 
    close to attacking, you can just lather, rinse, and repeat. My recommendation
    stays with the knife strategy, though.
    Difficulty: 7
    Very difficult with the IRL. I said it once, and I'll say it again; knife knife
    knife knife knife.
    Fun: 9
    Hooray for Krauser! Alright, Krauser! Woohoo!
    "The 'American' prevailing is only something that happens in your 'Hollywood
    Very easy fight. I would suggest running forward a little bit past Saddler and
    then do an about-face. Launch a rocket; it will do the same thing as a grenade,
    and bring him down. After that, you can knife him in the eye and repeat the
    process, or you can just send another rocket to quicken the process. This will
    trigger the cutscene where Ada throws a special rocket. Grab the special 
    rocket, either to use it to kill off Saddler or have to sell the next round. Or
    just ignore it completely. Anyway, just latter, rinse, and repeat, and he
    should be dead. Then, you shall complete the game. You will see a scene where
    Ada attempts to kill herself, but is saved by a convenient flying helicopter.
    Then, the island will blow up.
    Difficulty: 4
    He's not the easiest boss in the game, but you should be able to win unscathed.
    Fun: 6
    Pretty fun, but it's not something I'm going to just go and do again for the
    hell of it.
    That is all, I'm afraid. If I left anything out, please inform me. You can look
    up my information quite easily. If you can't figure out how to access my 
    information, don't even bother informing me.
    At first, a walkthrough seemed like a ridiculously good idea, seeing as how 
    every situation is different. This would be the heart of the FAQ. However, it
    was here that I realized how insane a walkthrough was. Think about it; the
    average amount of kills per round is about 1000. What I've been doing is making
    at least one or two sentences per death. I realized that despite how much I'd
    want to, it'd take a long ass time. I may do it in the future, but I'm listing
    the highlights here.
    Ashley in chains- Get as close to the bottom as you can. This may take some 
    experimenting, but aim right under the chandelier, an inch below where the 
    colors compliment. If she dies, you're too low. If two bars come off, carefully
    aim another inch lower. For whatever reason, her head never takes damage.
    Ashley behind bars- When the two monks driving the pimpmomotor show up, aim
    through the bars. VEEERY EASY, all I'm saying is that it's possible.
    1st U3 fight, third part- I felt as though I had to include this. When the
    red switch is on the right, and activating it will make U3 appear. go to the 
    left. You can shoot the door, and it'll open, allowing a shortcut. You can then
    activate the switch that is there. Go back and get the other switch to make U3
    appear, and then just head to the last door. LOOPHOLE!
    Mdiddy: For motivating me and attempting to seduce me. Claims to be a good
    person at heart.
    The n00B Avenger: For giving the unlisted damage for the Rocket Launcher,
    warning me about Mdiddy attempting to seduce me, and giving me support, saying
    that an IRL FAQ would be "almost as bad of an idea as the HandCannon FAQ".
    Midwarrior: For claiming that he came up with the idea of the fun factor whilst
    I was inebriated.
    That's it. The rest of you reading this FAQ are a bunch of freeloaders. If you
    feel like you should be credited, be sure to contact me. Also, if I forgot 
    anything, remember to contact me as well.
    Keep your opinion. Go ahead and think the Infinite Rocket Launcher sucks, I 
    don't care. However, the IRL should go down in Resident Evil history as the 
    best weapon. If you don't agree, shove it.

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