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    Secrets FAQ by Garamoth

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 03/29/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Resident Evil 4 - Secrets Guide (for GC,PS2,Wii)
    Version 1.03 (Last update on 03-05-2008)
    Created by BlastoidPower
    Contact: ernestpworell@hotmail.com
    = (01) Table of contents                                                      = 
    (01) Table of content
    (02) Introduction/Updates
    (03) Unlocking the Secrets
    (04) Special Scenarios
    (05) Special Weapons
    (06) Special Costumes
    (07) Earning Money
    (08) Other Tips
    (09) Credits/Legal Terms
    = (02) Introduction/Updates                                                   = 
    Version update             
    Version 1.03 - 03/05/2008
    -- Added Wii version to the FAQ
    Version 1.02 - 07/10/2006
    -- Oops, just noticed knight Ashley has a second menu pose as well
    Made a few extra corrections here and there.
    Version 1.01 - 12/14/2005
    --Added a few corrections here and there and a new pose for Mafia Leon.
    Version 1.00 - 12/4/2005
    --First version, it's all new!
    I just wanted to make a quick guide to everything that can be unlocked by 
    playing Resident Evil 4, just so everyone can enjoy a bit of this great game. 
    Strangely, Capcom did away with the rating system it used in every previous 
    Resident Evil game. But that's not such a bad thing... you don't have to run 
    around like an idiot to finish the game under a set number of hours anymore. 
    You can also die as much as you want. Yeah!!!
    By the way, this FAQ was made with the Playstation 2 version of the game and a 
    lot of extras are specific to this version. Thus, any secret that is only in 
    the PS2 version of the game will duly be noted. On the other hand, the Wii 
    version of the game is identical in content, so it has anything the PS2 version 
    has. So, without any further ado, let's get on with the guide.
    Oh, and this guide is chock full of spoilers, just so you know.
    = (03) Unlocking the Secrets                                                  = 
    Beating the main game for the first time will unlock the following:
    - Professional mode (Hard) for the main game
    - Special Costume Set 1 for the main game
    - The Matilda and Infinite Launcher special weapons in replay mode
    - The Mercenaries Mini-Game
    - Assignment Ada Scenario
    - Separate Ways Scenario (PS2/Wii only)
    - Movie Browser (PS2/Wii only)
    *Additionally, after you finish the game, you will be asked to save. You can 
    then replay from the start with this file and keep all the pesetas and items 
    you had at the end of the game. The merchant will give you a chance to make 
    purchases at the very beginning of the game and will also sell you everything 
    he did at the end of the game, plus any secret weapon you may have deserved. 
    Beating the main game on professional mode will unlock the following:
    - The P.R.L 412 in normal and professional replay mode (PS2/Wii only)
    *Just like a "normal" game, professional mode also has a replay mode
    Beating the Assignment Ada scenario will unlock the following:
    - The Chicago Typewriter in replay mode on the main game (GC version)
    - The Chicago Typewriter in replay mode on the Separate Ways Scenario (PS2/Wii 
    Beating the Separate Ways (PS2/Wii only) scenario will unlock the following:
    - The Chicago Typewriter in replay mode on the main game
    - Special Costume Set 2 for the main game
    - Ada's Report
    - Videos from Separate Ways will be added to the Movie Browser
    *Just like the main game, Separate Ways also has a replay mode
    You can get rewards in The Mercenaries Mini-Game by doing the following:
    - Get a four-star rank (30 000 points) in the village to unlock Ada Wong
    - Get a four-star rank (30 000 points) in the castle to unlock Jack Krauser
    - Get a four-star rank (30 000 points) in the commando base to unlock Hunk
    - Get a four-star rank (30 000 points) in Waterworld to unlock Albert Wesker
    - Get a five-star rank (60 000 points) in EVERY level with EVERY character to 
    unlock the Handcannon in replay mode
    = (04) Special Scenarios                                                      = 
    As stated earlier, replay mode (or "next round") will allow you to restart the 
    game from the beginning with all pesetas, items and bottlecaps you had at the 
    end of the game. You also keep the effect of any yellow herbs you used on 
    yourself or Ashley and your target practice high score.
    At the start of a new game, the merchant will offer to sell you any items or 
    tune-ups you could buy at the end of the game, plus all replay mode weapons you 
    have earned. Note that all secret weapons can only be bought in a replay game 
    and not on a brand new save file.
    Professional mode is just like the normal game, except for a few crucial 
    - Enemies can deal and withstand more damage (about 50% more in each case)
    - There is no survival vest for sale in this mode
    - Also, Mike the chopper pilot seems to help you much less
    The changes may seem very small, but the extra damage taken is the crucial 
    factor here. Enemies can now often kill you in two attacks, especially on the 
    island stage. Because of this, many places in the game will be much harder, the 
    fight with Krauser and the crank room in the castle come to mind.
    It's not really THAT hard, but you'll definitely have to manage your healing 
    supplies more carefully than on normal mode.
    This is a very short scenario in which Ada has to retrieve five plaga samples 
    from the early parts of the Island stage. She is armed with a punisher, a semi-
    auto rifle and a TMP (but no knife). You can't save, but it's not like you 
    really need it, since the whole scenario takes about an hour to finish.
    The credits in this mode show the same videos than in the normal game, except 
    all the characters will be wearing alternate outfits (RPD uniform and so on). 
    SEPARATE WAYS (PS2/Wii only)
    Separate Ways lets you see Ada's perspective on Leon's story through five all 
    new missions. Her adventure clarifies some events that happened to Leon in the 
    main game (which I won't spoil for you). After every mission, you will hear a 
    short "report speech" from Ada. And, by the way, Wesker actually plays a role 
    in this mode. All in all, this scenario shouldn't take more than 5 or 6 hours 
    to complete. 
    Unlike in Assignement Ada, Ada now has a knife and can also collect pesetas. 
    However, the merchant will not offer the option to tune up weapons, and his 
    selection is much more limited. 
    There is actually quite a bit of new content in this mode: new music, new 
    videos, a brand new boss and even two weapons exclusive to this mode.
    In this fast-paced mini-game, you must quickly kill as many enemies as you can 
    to reach the highest possible score. You can find hourglasses to increase the 
    initial 2 minutes time limit and killing many ganados in a row will create a 
    chain and net you more points. In each of the four available stages also lurks 
    an annoying boss enemy.
    You can unlock up to five characters by earning a four-star rank on every 
    mission and the Handcannon by earning a five-star rank on every mission with 
    every character (that's twenty five-star ranks). Unlocking the Handcannon is 
    one of the biggest challenges of the game. If you need help, there are some 
    very good guides on GameFAQS dedicated only to The Mercenaries.
    MOVIE BROWSER (PS2/Wii only)
    This little extra is only a placeholder for every movie in the game. After you 
    complete Separate Ways, all the movies for this mode will also be added to the 
    list. In other words, if you complete both the main game and Separate ways, you 
    will have all the movies. THERE IS NOTHING BEHIND THE "NO DATA" ICONS.
    Just like the Movie Browser, except for Ada's five reports. This is actually 
    the only place where you can see Ada's fifth report, except on replay mode.
    = (05) Special Weapons                                                        = 
    Here is a list of all the possible weapons that can be bought from the merchant 
    on replay mode:
    | Matilda                      70 000 ptas  |
    | Handcannon                        0 ptas  |
    | Infinite Launcher         1 000 000 ptas  |
    | Chicago Typewriter        1 000 000 ptas  |
    | P.R.L. 412                        0 ptas  |
    On Separate Ways, Ada has only access to a single replay weapon:
    | Chicago Typewriter          300 000 ptas  |
    And here is a description of all the weapons:
    Bleh... it's just not that good. The Matilda fires handgun rounds in three-
    round bursts and its exclusive upgrade will increase its ammo capacity to a 
    hundred rounds. If you keep the firing button pressed, it fires extremely fast 
    (eating all your handgun ammo in the process). It's not like there is so much 
    handgun ammo that you can fire it willy-nilly. This handgun badly wants to be a 
    TMP, but the TMP isn't all that good anyway.
    To its defense, it is the modified handgun Leon used in Resident Evil 2.
    This is 0.50 caliber super-magnum is Barry Burton's weapon of choice. It uses 
    its own kind of ammunition, so don't go throwing your old magnum overboard yet. 
    This is actually the only special weapon besides the Matilda that can be tuned-
    At first, this weapon doesn't do much. If you feel cheap, you can fire its 
    three rounds, chuck it, and buy it back fully loaded again from the merchant. 
    You can also keep it in your inventory to randomly get Handcannon ammo, which 
    can be sold to earn extra cash.
    Fully upgrading this weapon will cost you 790 000 pesetas. However, it is worth 
    it: the Handcannon's exclusive upgrade increases its power to 99.9 and will 
    grant it the gift of infinite ammo. Needless to say that most enemies will 
    instantly be eliminated with a single shot. However, don't get cocky because 
    this weapon is very slow.
    This weapon is just like the rocket launcher, except you can fire it as many 
    times as you want. Another difference is that Leon holds this rocket launcher 
    differently than the regular one.
    Since you already know a rocket launcher kills anything in one blow, you just 
    have to keep the same thing in mind with this weapon. Be creative, but don't 
    blow yourself up in the process.
    This Thompson machinegun fires infinite bullets. It cannot be upgraded, but has 
    an attack power of 10.0, which is more than enough to finish most ganados in 
    two hits. You can reload it just like any other weapon, but this is only for 
    amusement's sake since you don't need ammo for this weapon. It is another good 
    choice for spending your million pesetas.
    Ada can also buy this weapon for the bargain price of 300 000 pesetas. Her 
    version is slightly different: it has a round "drum" magazine instead of a 
    straight, standard magazine. Big deal.
    P.R.L. 412 (PS2/Wii only)
    This laser weapon is specifically tailored to destroy las plagas. Firing it 
    once will stun most enemies in a straight line just like a flash grenade 
    (although some enemies will be killed instantly by this). Firing after charging 
    up the weapon for a few seconds will instantly defeat anything in a straight 
    line. However, the P.R.L. 412 fires very, very slowly.
    The P.R.L. may not seem worth the trouble since there are already so many 
    overpowered weapons available, but it has a very important quality: it is free 
    and never needs to be upgraded. Thus, you can get it from the merchant, use it 
    on a boss and chuck it when you need the extra room. You can definitively abuse 
    this weapon, since another free one will always be waiting for you.
    It's clear that a lot of love went into programming this baby. For example, 
    just look at the way the P.R.L. 412 opens up when you charge it. Also, when 
    fully charged, the green light in front of the weapon turns red (from Leon's 
    perspective). Leon's aim also wanders a lot more when charging the laser. 
    Finally, the light effects are also quite nice.
    = (06) Special Costumes                                                       = 
    After you finish the game once, you will be given a choice of costume for Leon 
    and Ashley at the start of every new game (replay or not). These are the 
    possible choices:
    | Choice             | Leon's Costume                 | Ashley's Costume      |
    | Normal             | Brown Jacket                   | Skirt and Sweater     |
    | Normal*            | Survival Vest                  | Skirt and Sweater     |
    | Special 1          | RPD Uniform (from RE2)         | Pop Sensation Outfit  |
    | Special 2(PS2/Wii) | Mafia Outfit                   | Knight Armor          |
    * If Leon finishes the game with the survival vest, he will start again with 
    it. If you don't have the vest when you finish the game (or sell it at the 
    beginning), Leon will start with his jacket, which he will lose afterwards just 
    like on your first playthrough.
    Leon's Mafia outfit offers no real gameplay advantages, but it makes everything 
    related to the Chicago Typewriter aesthetically different:
    - While you have this costume, the Chicago Typewriter will have a round "drum" 
    magazine, just like in Separate Ways.
    - Leon's pose with the CT on the menu screen is different than that with any 
    other costume. He is seen from the side with the weapon of his shoulder. 
    Sometimes when you open the menu screen, he will be in another pose: holding 
    the CT on his hip and playing with his hat.
    - If you try to reload the CT, Leon will instead readjust his hat and scoff.
    - Do the above trick three times in a row and Leon will throw his hat in the 
    air and strike a pose instead (my, my, aren't we cool).
    While Ashley is wearing her normal skirt and sweater, she will call you a 
    pervert if you try to look up when you are under her (like when you are 
    supposed to catch her). This doesn't happen with the two other costumes, since 
    she isn't wearing a skirt.
    Wow, this medieval suit of armour isn't just for looks, it also changes 
    gameplay dramatically. While wearing it, Ashley is completely invincible. And 
    yes, I do mean completely invincible:
    - Any attack dealt to Ashley by you or the enemy will not hurt her
    - If a ganado attempts to drag her off, he will lift her and immediately be 
    crushed under the weight. This is hilarious. This also means Ashley can finally 
    do something useful, since any enemy that tries to lift her will stay knocked 
    out on the ground for several seconds
    More situations in which she is invincible:  
    - Explosions will make her fall off her feet, but she will be unharmed
    - She can still get caught in bear traps but won't suffer any damage (you still 
    have to get her out of it, though)
    - El Gigante will still pick her up and try to crush her, but it'll get bored 
    after a while and act as if it was hurt (the armor was too hard for his hands?)
    - In the castle, you can ignore her when she is about to get hit by the 
    labyrinth-like device driven by two monks. They'll crash on her, the grate will 
    open and nothing will happen
    - Even if you try to shoot her in the face from afar, nothing will happen
    - Obviously, she is also invincible during her short adventure in the castle
    This costume also makes some aesthetic changes in the game:
    - Her pose in the menu screen during her adventure in the castle will be 
    different (she holds both hands on her thighs). Sometimes, she will hold both 
    her arms up in a strongman (err, woman) pose.
    - If you aim at her, she will not duck. Instead, the visor on her helmet will 
    fall down. 
    - When Leon catches her, he will hit the ground and get back up with both hands 
    on his back in a gesture of pain
    - Finally, did I mention she makes an INCREDIBLE amount of noise when she 
    walks? Clink-clank, clink-clank... I'm getting a headache...
    = (07) Earning Money                                                          = 
    Depending on your play style, you should get about a million pesetas during 
    your whole adventure. Here are a few tips to earn extra money to pay for your 
    - Rule number one is: defeat everything. Except for a few rare occasions, there 
    is never an unlimited number of enemies. If you have decent aiming skills, you 
    probably won't ever run out of ammo anyway.  
    - That's easy enough, but always remember to combine your treasures to get 
    their maximum value
    - Target practice can be time-consuming, but getting all bottlecaps will get 
    you a cool 125 00 pesetas (you can't get it again on replay mode, though)
    - Bosses usually grant large amounts of money. Try not to flee from optional 
    bosses if you want their cash prize. There are a lot of optional Dr. Salvadors 
    (chainsaw man) and each of them is worth 10 000 pesetas. You can fight two in 
    the pueblo, one by first running towards the farm (northeast exit) and the 
    other by entering the two-story house. Also, don't forget the Dr. Salvadors in 
    the mine on the trolley ride
    - All the Saddler portraits in the castle have 5000 pesetas hidden behind them. 
    There is also another 5000 hidden behind the golden portrait in the room in 
    which you arrive at the end of the second trolley car ride
    - Shoot the giant novistador nest in the castle ballroom to eventually make it 
    fall down. It will give you about ten "eyes", one of which is blue. The blue 
    eyes are the rarest and are very important to complete the two butterfly lamps
    - When you come back from the castle sewers/prison, there will be a group of 
    monks in the altar room. Don't let them escape! Throw a grenade at them or do 
    anything else that might prevent them from escaping. Their leader wears an 
    illuminados pendant and every underling has a spinel on him. This adds up to 
    about 32 000 pesetas
    - You can shoot fish and sell them. The large ones are worth an honest 2300 
    - Don't buy needless weapons and upgrades, the merchant will only buy back 
    weapons at half the total price you paid for it (provided its magazine is full) 
    - Crows generally yield low amounts of money (100-600), but large groups can be 
    profitable. A flash grenade will clear all of them instantly. Don't forget the 
    crows on the beams of the communications tower on the island (where Leon tries 
    to use the radio)
    - The merchant will give you ridiculous amounts for your spare ammo, so you 
    should only sell it to clear some room in your inventory. The only exceptions 
    to this rule are magnum rounds, Handcannon ammo and mine-darts. You can also 
    get a reasonable amount of money from grenades, if you don't feel like using 
    - After you have maxed your health bar, you can sell herbs in a full mix 
    (G+R+Y) for a sweet 10 000 pesetas. You can also try this before you max your 
    health, if you feel courageous
    - By having the Handcannon in your inventory, enemies and crates will randomly 
    give you Handcannon ammo (in packs of five or ten in the PS2 version). Since 
    every bullet is worth 600 pesetas and is found in such large packs, you can 
    make money very quickly. 
    - Just like the Handcannon, you can also keep a mine-thrower solely for selling 
    the ammo... but there is an initial cost (9800), you get less from ammo (500) 
    and in smaller packages (3)
    - Don't drop either gigante in the lava inside the mine for an extra 15 000 
    ptas. This is probably much, much more trouble than it's worth if you don't 
    have a superweapon on hand. However, if you are playing the gamecube version of 
    the game, you can leave the room, come back, and the ptas of the gigante 
    dropped in the lava will be there.
    - Finish Saddler with normal attacks and sell the special rocket launcher for 
    30 000 (double the normal amount)
    - Sell any duplicate weapon you may find. This also includes the infrared scope
    - Sell all your ammo and use a weapon with infinite ammunition
    = (08) Other Tips                                                             = 
    Other Miscellaneous tips:
    - You can use the infrared scope to examine your surroundings. You can have a 
    look at enemies, animals, flames, lightning, the dragon room in the castle, 
    that "thing" in the prison trash can on the island... my, my, the fun is just 
    - After you beat the game once, the main menu screen will become an interactive 
    image of the village. You can move the camera with the right control stick: 
    moving it up and down will zoom in or out and moving left and right will move 
    the camera around at varying speeds. More fun than a barrel full of monkeys... 
    but I still liked the old screen better.
    - If you destroy all fifteen blue medallions before speaking to the merchant, 
    he will give you the punisher at firepower level 2.
    = (09) Contributions/Legal Terms                                              = 
    Thanks to William Meadows for pointing out to me about getting the ptas from 
    the second gigante in the mine.
    Thanks to TehChad88 for talking me into adding the Wii version to this guide.
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright (c) 2005-2008 Paul Chenevert

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