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    Separate Ways FAQ by rockerdood64

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    Copyright 2009 Tyler Messa                           
    1. About this guide
    2. What is Separate Ways?
    3. Progress Updates
    4. Chapter 1
    5. Chapter 2
    6. Chapter 3
    7. Chapter 4
    8. Chapter 5
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. Contact Info
    11. Legal Information
    Hey, how's everybody doing? I'm your host, Rockerdood64, and this is the FAQ
    for Separate Ways. I wrote this because I didn't see one yet, so I took
    advantage of the oppurtunity. This is also my first FAQ,
    so let's hope it turns out great! Anyway, without further ado, let's get 
    Separate Ways is a mode only available on the PS2, Wii, and PC versions of the
    game. It is unlocked after beating the main game once. Separate Ways follows 
    the story of RE4 through the eyes of Ada Wong, and helps to explain and provide
    backstory of much of what Leon encounters throughout the main story mode. It is
    a lot shorter than the main game, but what it lacks in length, it makes up for
    in fun, gameplay, and a great story.
    October 30, 2009 - Started Guide, finished up to part of Chapter 5.
    October 31, 2009 - Finished Guide. Worked all day. Probably still issues I need
                       to clean up.
    4. CHAPTER 1
    The game starts out with a cutscene featuring Ada narrating her plans for her
     mission. It then shows her sneaking into the village, and proceeding to beat
    the living daylights out of two villagers. She starts talking to Wesker, who
    informs her of what to do. Ada spots Leon trying to hold off the villagers, and
    with that, the mission begins. 
    Objective: Ring the church bell.
    Blacktail                Shotgun                         Other
    ---------                -------                         -----
    Firepower: 2.0           Firepower: 5.0                  First Aid Spray
    Firing Speed: 0.27       Firing Speed: 1.53
    Reload Speed: 1.47       Reload Speed: 3.03
    Capacity: 21             Capacity: 12
    Extra bullets: 30        Extra shells: 15
    Total bullets: 51        Total shells: 27
    Start out by running into the house with the shotgun (the house next to the
    tower) and getting the ammo and treasure from the house and its roof. After
    that, go into the house across from it and you will trigger a cutscene where
    Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw man) appears*. From there on, just run away and/or
    kill Ganados until you see a cutscene where a chicken leaves something shiny
    on the roof of a building. Head over to the building and look for the HOOKSHOT
    option. That will take you up on the roof. Grab the shiny thing, which turns
    out to be the Insignia Key used to enter the church. Use the key to enter the 
    church, and then talk to the merchant if you have anything to sell. Make sure
    to watch out for the snake hiding in the box. You probably don't have enough
    money to buy anything yet, so for now just save and continue on. Go through
    the door and then down the trapdoor into the caves, making sure to grab all
    the treasure and ammo along the way. Keep going through the caves, fighting 
    off the Ganados until you reach the ladder. Head up the ladder and proceed to 
    the graveyard. Shoot the birds and go into the house for some money and items.
    Take out the Ganados and head up the path to the church. In one of the trees in
    front of the church there is a bird nest. Feel free to shoot it down to get
    some ammo. The church door is locked, so head over to the right, down a narrow
    little alleyway, until you come upon a sort of pedestal with symbols on it.
    Spin the pedestal until you have lit up the symbols that look like M, V, and
    Z**. the little gate will open, allowing you to take the round insignia. As 
    soon as you take it though, 2 Ganados rush in, and you get locked in. The 
    only way to get out is to put the Round Insignia back in the pedestal, which 
    reopens the gate. Head out for now, and go left onto the path that leads down
    to the raised wooden walkways. Run down to the end of the walkways, capping 
    Ganados along the way, until you reach the end, at which point a Bella Sister 
    (Chainsaw Lady) will appear and try to kill you. I've found that the easiest 
    way to kill her is to stay where you are when the cutscene happens, then use 
    the shotgun and blast her off the edge when she turns the corner. If that 
    doesn't work, you can keep trying, or just blast her until she dies. Watch out
    for the other two Ganados also. Once they've all been thoroughly destroyed, 
    grab the little shiny thing on the ground where the Bella Sister appeared. 
    The shiny thing turns out to be a green Catseye. Turn around and go all the 
    way back to the puzzle with the pedestal. Take the Round Insignia, then 
    replace it with the Green Catseye to open the gate and let you free. Put
    the Round Insignia into the door and enter the church. To the right you will 
    find a Purple Gem and a barrel, and to the left will be a ladder. Climb the 
    ladder and follow the path until you get a machine thing. If you operate the
    machine, it will give you five options: R, G, B, COMBINE, and QUIT. Click on
    the R button first, then click TURN three times, then go back. Now click on G
    and press TURN one time. Press back, then go to B and press TURN two times. Go
    back, then hit combine. A cutscene will play where the bell rings and the 
    villagers all file into the church.
    * I'm not sure if you have to make him appear in order to advance the game.
    Help would be greatly appreciated.
    ** I don't know what the exact number of times to spin it is. Again, help
    would be greatly appreciated.
                             END OF CHAPTER 1
    5. CHAPTER 2
    Ada makes another opening narrative at the beginning of Chapter 2. Here's what
    she says:
    "Here's what I know so far. Osmund Saddler's cult is known as Los Illuminados.
    They've resurrected some sort of parasite they call Las Plagas. That's all my
    organization knows for sure, though Saddler's occult activities seem worthy of
    investigation. The Salazar family, castellans for generations, possess the 
    ability to control Las Plagas. The organization's hypothesis is that a unique
    frequency of sonic wave sensed only by the parasites is used to control them.
    The same principle used in dog whistles. This was inferred through the analysis
    of a tissue sample we retrieved. The tissue contained an organ presumably used
    for sensing sound waves. I've seen cult members carrying ceremonial rods and I
    wonder if they emit these sounds. Of course, this is purely theoretical. The 
    organization needs samples of the parasite to confirm or disprove these 
    theories. That is the main objective of my mission and the only way to prove my
    loyalty to the organization. The opening moves in this chess game have been
    played. There's no turning back now."
    It then goes to yet another cutscene of Ada speaking to Wesker about Luis Sera 
    obtaining the sample. Until that sample is recovered, Luis cannot die.
    Objective: Rescue Luis
    The game places you in the room of the building where Chief Mendez beats Leon,
    and talks about him having the "same blood" when he walks out. There is a 
    merchant in the room; sell what treasure you have. (I'd recommend keeping any
    items that can be set into something.) You may or may not have enough money to
    buy a Treasure Map or Attache Case. Neither is necessary just yet in my 
    opinion, but hey, it's your call. Anyway, collect the stuff in the room and 
    then head out the door. Go through the house, collecting items and killing the
    two Ganados. After you've finished that, head outside and prepare for a fight
    with Dr. Salvador. Dispose of him and any other Ganados, then go down the path
    until you reach the gate to the village. Head through the town and then up the
    path by the tower until you reach the gate to the farm. Go through the farm,
    and then through the gate at the far end. keep going down the trail to the 
    small house area. Go into the house with the boarded up door via the window,
    then press CHECK when prompted behind the aforementioned door. Watch the
    cutscene of Luis and Leon being taken away. Backtrack all the way to the 
    village, then go through the gate on the south side of town. (For some reason,
    a Ganado wearing Leon's jacket is blocking the gate.) Go down the path, then 
    watch a cutscene of Mendez entering a house. Go up to the house, then watch
    yet ANOTHER cutscene of Ada saving Leon from Chief Mendez, then promptly 
    getting captured by said chief. Ada wakes up on some sort of altar, and 
    discovers she is about to be sacrificed. there is an Action Sequence here, so
    be on guard. You also have your first run-in with a parasite here. Grab the
    Green Catseye out of a nearby chest, then get out of there. Once you're out of
    the cave area, go up the stairs and into the control room to find an Iron Key,
    a merchant, and some various items. Sell your treasure to the merchant, and 
    then either leave or buy an Attache case or a map or a weapon or something. You
    don't have to buy something; in fact, I wouldn't recommend it just yet, but 
    again, it's your call. Head out of the room then go down the stairs, and then 
    down the next flight of stairs. Continue on the path, then save at the 
    Typewriter if you'd like. Keep going, then use your key to unlock the door. Go
    down the path and into the building, and then prepare for another fight with a
    Bella Sister. Once you've killed everyone in the room, grab the Lift Activation
    Key that the Bella dropped. Head back to the Control Room (the one with the
    merchant) and put the key into the Control Panel. Take the lift up, then head 
    in the direction of the door with the retinal scanner. Keep going down to the
    house. There is a typewriter inside, not to mention ammo. There is also a 
    merchant nearby. Once you're done with all that, go to the nearby door, then
    when prompted, press A to use HOOKSHOT to get over the wall. Go through the 
    area, collecting treasure and using your HOOKSHOT to get to the barrels up 
    above. Keep going until you've passed the little shacks, then prepare for a 
    fight against El Gigante. Take out your shotgun and continually blast him in 
    the face. If he gets too close, then about face and run away until you get to
    the point where you can shoot him some more. Continue forward, and then keep 
    going until you trigger a cutscene where Ada talks to Luis about the sample.
                            END OF CHAPTER 2
    6. CHAPTER 3
    Yet another narration by Ada:
    "Among all the people involved in this, Luis Sera has the least entanglements.
    He works for no organization, preferring to move on his own. I'm the one who 
    told the organization of his importance. I did it because I like him. His 
    history betrays an enthusiasm I once shared. it was a stroke of luck that I
    happened to intercept his e-mail for help. It seems he can't trust the police,
    so he sent the e-mail to an old friend from college. He must have thought his 
    friend was still alive. At any rate, that's how I managed to find him. 
    Apparently, he'd been conducting his own investigation of the cult while doing
    research on Las Plagas. A brilliant scientist. He's accumulated a pile of data
    and pieced it all together. Must be why Saddler hired him. Too bad Sera's
    snooping has aroused his suspicion. When I told him who I was, he practically
    begged to be taken into custody. He needed protection. He said, "I have no love
    for Las Plagas or this stupid cult. I want out. I just want peace and quiet
    again." I ordered him to bring me a master Plaga specimen-a sample- for 
    evidence. Looks like he's one of the few people whom Saddler actually trusts.
    Tracking him down and getting my hands on the sample shouldn't be difficult. I
    doubt the cult will take kindly to his escape, though. I'll have to guide this
    along if I want it to go smoothly."
    After that's finished, we watch another cutscene where Ada confronts Leon. They
    have a quick conversation about Ada working with Wesker, but she escapes soon
    afterward. A little later, ada has a conversation with Wesker where he orders
    her to kill Leon if she finds him. She resists, but Wesker holds firm.
    Objective: Retrieve the Sample.
    After that cutscene, you find yourself in Salazar's hedgemaze, with a merchant
    nearby. If you'd like, you can buy the Bowgun from the merchant for 70,000 
    Pesetas. That's a lot of money, and the weapon is big and unnecessary, but it
    is one of the most fun guns in the game, except for maybe the Infinite Rocket
    Launcher. Essentially, the Bowgun is a crossbow, only the bolts that it fires
    explode on contact. Yes, it's every bit as awesome as it sounds. If you have
    extra money, go ahead and buy it if you want. Anyway, run around collecting
    treasure and killing monks until a cutscene appears where a fellow in red
    along with a gaggle of monks is shown standing behind a gate, and a clicking
    sound is heard***. Head to the gate, which is now unlocked and then get out of 
    ***If anyone knows of a more specific way to trigger this cutscene, please 
    Go back to the room where Ada confronted Leon. There will be a Typewriter and
    a door to go through. You can also scour the room for ammunition and money.
    Once you've cleaned up in there, go through the door. Head down the hall and 
    into the door with the opened treasure chest in the middle. A cage drops down,
    monks surround you, and a Garrador drops into the cage. Sound familiar? I 
    though so. If you happened to buy the Bowgun, feel free to use that against
    the Garrador, although the shotgun should do just fine. Focus on getting out, 
    then killing the monks, then killing the Garrador. Hey, there isn't even
    anything in the treasure chest! What a rip-off! But wait...when you examine it,
    you lift up the false bottom, revealing nothing but an indentation. Ignore it
    for now, then go back to the dining room. Next to the bar with the bell there
    is a small room with a door. Go in it, and you will be in a room with a 
    merchant. If you haven't upgraded case sizes by now, it's probably time. Go 
    with the medium, or even the large if you can affor it. Collect the items in 
    the room then head out. Turn right in the next room and go through the door 
    into a small hallway containing a red garbed fellow. Dispose of him then 
    continue on. Keep going until you get to the fountain, then go through the 
    closest door. (it has a small window next to it.) The door doesn't open, but 
    Ada spots a window up above. You are presented with the HOOKSHOT option. Once
    inside, there will be yet another red monk, along with a ton of treasure 
    chests. The largest one contains an Hourglass w/ Gold Decor. Collect the rest
    of the treasure then get out of there. Turn right at the fountain and go until
    you reach the big double doors. Go through them, then keep going until you 
    reach the room that Ada confronted Leon in. Save if you wish, then go through 
    door. Go back to the room with the empty treasure chest then insert the 
    Hourglass into the indentation. The bars on the door will raise, allowing you
    to enter the next room. You hear gunfire; run up and trigger a cutscene where
    Ada watches Leon take out some bad guys. Ada silently apologizes for not being
    able to be seen with him, and that signals the end of the cutscene. Run across
    the walkway, and through the door. Take out the Shielded monk and the crossbow
    monk, then go to the next room. Walk through the next room until you trigger
    a cutscene. Leon walks into the room and Ada hides. Luis runs in, saying that
    he got the sample. All of a sudden, Luis gets impaled by Saddler, who then 
    takes the sample back. With his last breaths, Luis tells Leon how he was a 
    researcher hired by Saddler. Right before he dies, Luis manages to give Leon
    some pills to suppress the growth of the parasite. Meanwhile, Ada is telling 
    the news to Wesker, who then asks if she had at least killed Leon. When Ada
    responds with a no, Wesker decides to take advantage of the oppurtunity and 
    use Leon as a distraction so Ada can recover the sample. And with that comes
    the end of another chapter
                             END OF CHAPTER 3
    7. Chapter 4
    And now for another one of Ada's customary beginning of chapter narrations:
    "Jack Krauser has been the subject of intensive study and research by the
    organization. His skills and personality have been tested both on and off the
    battlefield. If he weren't the best, he would become a liability that would
    jeopardize the rest of us. My conclusion? He's a great soldier. No more. No 
    less. As long as he's well compensated, he shouldn't cause any problems for us.
    If he does start to get restless, I can take care of him. I've studied his 
    combat style and can deal with that arm of his if necessary. Krauser answers 
    directly to Wesker, and it was Wesker who decided that Krauser should be sent
    to spy on the cult. He also decided to send me along. I wonder if it wasn't to 
    keep an eye on Krauser. No doubt Krauser has already fallen to the temptation
    of Las Plagas and the power they represent. This could have dire consequences 
    for the organization. On some level, however, this may be a necessary
    development, as his role is to disrupt this farce of a play. That said, the 
    stage and its players will ultimately come crashing down in the end. Bad luck
    for him, but he'll play the patsy in the end and take the fall for all of us. 
    That's why I need to make sure things keep going exactly as they are."
    In this cutscene, it shows Ada and Krauser talking about Wesker and his 
    mistrust in Ada. Krauser also lets her know that he doesn't trust her. Ada 
    leaves the room, then jumps off the roof, landing safely on a flock of birds.
    She starts talking to Wesker, who informs her that Krauser will be taking 
    care of Leon, so Ada decides to play by her own rules.
    Objective: Stop Leon's Assassination.
    You start out in some sort of tunnel, right next to a merchant. Sell your
    treasure, and buy a rifle if you'd like, though it isn't necessary. Continue
    onward, and take out the pathetic soldiers that stand in your way. Turn left
    into the room with a bunch of boxes, then use your HOOKSHOT to get the 
    treasure that's up high. Also, watch out for a big Hammer Soldier that may 
    walk in. Leave the room, then turn left and continue down the hall toward the
    pile of flaming wreckage. Shoot the exploding barrel to take out the nearby 
    soldiers, then turn left and go through the nearby door. Continue on through 
    that room, then when you exit, turn right and hookshot yourself onto the pile
    of wreckage. Go into the nearby air duct, but watch out for the big soldier in
    there. Jump down at the other end and collect your Golden Lynx. There is an
    option to climb up one of the wreckage piles. Do so, then press onward. Keep
    going forward, then hookshot onto a pipe-type thing. Continue along that, then
    go through the door into the next room. As you go through there, look at the 
    large black machine. It says it needs a Blue Activation Key to work. Go down
    the steps and watch the cutscene, in which a small army of soldiers appears, 
    and three VERY large guns are pointed at you. Kill the soldiers, then grab the
    Activation Key and head back to the gigantic gun. Time for a little payback!
    After you've finished exacting your revenge on the guns, head back down to
    where you got your Activation Key. Climb up the ladder, then turn left and get
    on the lift. (Get it? Left? Lift? Okay, I'll stop.) Anyway, once you've gotten
    off the lift, a group of soldiers will drop down. I've found that Fragmentary
    Grenades work well in these situations, as do shotguns. Once you've finished
    them, press onward until you reach a ladder. Climb up said ladder, then turn 
    right and climb some stairs. Keep going and then climb yet another ladder. Go
    forward some more, then- OH MY GOD THERE'S FIVE GUNS POINTED AT ME! Use your
    hookshot to climb up on a platform, then grab the Red Activation Key and then
    go over to that little square of platform near the edge. use HOOKSHOT there,
    then go to the end of the platform where you'll see a huge gun for you to use. 
    After that little bout of revenge, get the heck out of there because you're on
    a timer. Fortunately, this timer's pretty easy to beat. Get on the lift, then 
    go to where the five guns got pointed at you. Continue on ahead, ignoring any
    soldiers, until you get to a door. Open it, and that will trigger a cutscene 
    of the ship sinking. Keep going and you will get to a merchant and a 
    typewriter. Sell what you need to then go save. When you're ready, head through
    the door. Keep going on the walkway, disposing of soldiers when necessary. Jump
    down the ladder, then keep going. Once you get to the soldier with the stun 
    rod, go to the right side of the walkway and jump down. Kill the group of 
    enemies that confront you, then hookshot yourself onto the walkway. Climb up 
    the ladder, then open the door and go down the stairs. Keep going along the
    pathway, then defeat the two shield soldiers that confront you. Keep going 
    along the path, then climb up the ladder. You find yourself now in a gray room.
    Climb up the stairs, then make sure to save at the typewriter. Go out the door,
    then down those stairs. Go through the Boiler Room, then through the door at
    the foot of the stairs. Keep going into a room where you can hear Leon 
    grunting. Go forward until you see the HOOKSHOT option, the watch the cutscene.
    Be on guard; there's an action sequence when Krauser says, "Time to die, 
    Comrade!" After that's over, relax and bask in the delightful the joy of
    completing yet another chapter.
                                END OF CHAPTER 4
    8. Chapter 5
    Guess how this chapter starts out. That's right, another narration courtesy of
    Ada Wong:
    Leon S. Kennedy...Perhaps the most essential part of the mission. This story
    wouldn't be complete without him and his formidable survival skills. He has
    what it takes to survive against overwhelming odds. I've seen him do it before.
    And he's improved since then. Practically a genius, he has smarts and he knows
    how to use them. On top of that, his service as a government agent has 
    toughened him up. I'll work behind the scenes to make him think he's the 
    primary player here, though it may be naive of me to think that'll be easy.
    Considering the involvement of both Saddler and Krauser, the possibility of
    unforseen problems is there, but I need him in the supporting role for me to
    achieve my goals. I'll do whatever it takes to keep him in his place and make
    this all go smoothly. Of course, his role didn't exist at all two months ago.
    Back then, my role was much simpler, too. But that was before the President's
    daughter got abducted and Leon was dispatched alone to find her. Talk about a
    major script revision. I don't think I need to worry. Leon's been through worse
    and always comes up smelling like roses. His consistent luck is part of the
    reason why I have absolute and unshakable faith in my vision of what's in store
    for him."
    From there, you watch a cutscene of Ada on the Island, talking to Wesker. 
    Wesker's upset that ada hasn't killed Leon by now, but he decides to use Leon 
    to his advantage by having him fight Saddler. Ada's job is to "clean up" what's
    left and retrieve the Sample.
    Objective: Obtain the Sample
    When you start out you are once again right next to a merchant. You might have
    enough money to buy the XL Attache case. You might want to buy it if you need
    some space, especially if you've already bought the rifle. Continue onward 
    until you trigger a cutscene where JJ the Chaingun Guy jumps down from a tower.
    Keep blasting JJ with your shotgun or bowgun until he goes down. You can go 
    over to the spot where JJ landed and use your hookshot to get up on the tower
    and get a Blue Eye. Keep going in the only possible direction (watch out for
    the guy throwing dynamite) until you get to the next tower. Go inside, then 
    watch a short cutscene of a guy throwing an exploding barrel at the doorway, 
    effectively trapping you inside. Take out all the soldiers that drop in until
    the door opens. Keep going in the only possible direction until you get to the
    zipline. Take it down, then jump off of the small ledge and pull the lever. Go
    through the door that just opened. Once again, you're trapped. Go left through
    the little tunnel then up the ladder. Continue along that walkway until you
    trigger a cutscene of JJ guarding one of the levers. Keep heading toward the 
    lever, then take out JJ. Pull the lever, then go back the way you came. Once 
    you're back on the ground, head over to the building where the other lever is
    located. Climb up the ladder to the roof of the building and- surprise, 
    surprise- it's another JJ. Kill him, then pull the lever. Go through the door
    it opened then follow the path. Watch out for the soldier with a rocket 
    launcher standing at the edge of the cliff. Take out the rest of the soldiers
    then continue on through the door. Keep going then jump down into the hole.
    Walk into the next room and enjoy the cutscene. Once again, follow the path
    until you reach the room with a merchant and a typewriter. In the small room
    straight ahead there is a yellow herb. Go through the hallway of jail cells.
    (Thankfully you don't have to fight the Regenerator this time around!) You
    can enter the jail cells and collect ammo and treasure. Once you're finished in
    there, go through the door at the end of the hall. Keep going until you trigger
    a cutscene. After that, you find yourself fighting Krauser. This is just like
    when you fought him as Leon, so feel free to employ any of those strategies. 
    What I did was I got close to him, then quickly back up right before he 
    does his sweep kick or roundhouse kick, then shoot him right after he finishes.
    I'd recommend shooting him in the face so he gets staggered. If you're quick 
    enough you may be able to get in a knife slash or two. (the knife does the most
    damage to Krauser out of any weapon, except for maybe the Rocket Launcher or 
    Handcannon.) Once he's taken care of, turn the corner into the dead end for a
    Butterfly Lamp. Continue along the walkway, and you'll reach a merchant, a
    typewriter, and a wall. Do what you will with the typewriter and merchant, then
    hookshot up the wall. Watch the cutscene where Leon saves Ashley, and then 
    Ada traps Saddler. Well, Saddler's in the room now, and you have to fight him.
    Your best bet would be to collect all the ammo and healing items on the top
    floor, then go down to the lower floor. When Saddler appears, unload on his 
    head with your strongest weapon. I'd recommend Bowgun or Rifle, but if you
    haven't bought those yet, the shotgun will do fine. After 1 to 3 headshots,
    his mouth will open, exposing some sort of eye. Run up to him, and you will be
    prompted to CUT. Do that about 3 or 4 times and he'll be dead. Well, he won't
    REALLY be dead, but you get the point. Anyway, watch the next cutscene, then 
    prepare for the last part of the game. You'll end up on a platform, watching
    Leon fight Saddler. For this part, you're on a two-minute timer. Use your 
    hookshot to fly to the next platform, then run along the platform, either 
    ignoring or using your shotgun to blast through the soldiers along the way. 
    Turn right, then jump down to the next platform, then do an about face and 
    continue running. Remember, time is of the essence here. Turn left, jump down,
    turn around, then keep running. Just knock down the hammer soldier, don't take
    the time to kill him. Run to the edge of the platform, then hookshot to the 
    next one. Continue running until you get to the end of the platform. Climb up
    the ladder then turn left and run up the ramp. Knock down the Hammer Soldier 
    and keep running. Careful, there's 2 rocket launcher soldiers ahead. Knock them
    down or kill them, then run to the end of the platform and hookshot to the next
    one. Jump down over the railing and grab the rocket launcher. Watch the 
    final cutscene then relax and watch the credits. Congratulations, you've beaten
    Separate Ways! Oh, and now you can buy the Chicago Typewriter! 
                              END OF CHAPTER 5
    9. Acknowledgments
    I'd like to thank the following people for helping with this FAQ:
    Money113 - For his helpful support
    Magikal_Hatz - For his encouragment
    GameFAQs - For hosting it.
    You - For reading it.
    Anybody who sends me an email that isn't spam and/or hate mail.
    10. Contact Info
    E-mail: Tyz64[at]Att[dot]net 
    Please do not send me spam or hate mail. However, if I've made a mistake or 
    you have some more information, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. I try to 
    answer all the e-mails I get. If you send me an e-mail about a mistake I've 
    made and I don't respond, it's because I've already fixed it.
    * Update: I have not gotten a single reader email from this. Keep up the good
    work :D
    Legal Stuff
    You may use this FAQ however you want, as long as I'm credited as the

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