Can someone help me with 5-1?

  1. I'm having trouble with this chapter. I sold some of my weapons to get the killer 77, etc. The problem is, all the ammo I keep finding is for weapons I don't have anymore. There is a monster that shoots spikes out of his body and has the card I need on him. Each time I go to fight him, my health is very low to start with and I can't make it to the plants in time. I know that there is the red thing you can shoot and it blows up hurting him a little bit, but then what? I have 15 bullets left with the handgun and that's it. Someone please help!

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    jscdivastar - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Do you have a rifle, and the thermal scope?

    Also, what difficulty are you playing on?

    User Info: Kieron97

    Kieron97 - 8 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    No, I don't have a rifle anymore. I'm playing my first time through. All I have left is my handgun, the the mine thrower and the killer 77. The killer 77 helped me kill those monsters with the leeches so I thought I needed it. I have no idea what to do.

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    jscdivastar - 8 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    Thank you. This is so helpful! I was able to beat the part I was having trouble with, and I got Ashley. The problem now is I went on before reading this so I've been getting my butt kicked by the regenerator that has the spikes again. (he woke up) I did, however, find the merchant and I have a rifle now. They provide rifle ammo so I pick that up, and Ashley was hid in the bin. I operate the doors and close the last one so that the monster can't get to me right away. I shot a red barrel and that blew up, hurting him a little bit. Then there is this red dumpster looking thing, that gives me the option to push it....the only problem is when I press "A" it won't budge! Then the monster comes out and kills me pretty quickly haha.

    I'm going to see if I can backtrack to follow your directions. I've been doing really well throughout this whole game, but now I'm starting to have major problems! Thanks again!

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    jscdivastar - 8 years ago
  5. Additional Details:
    Now my problem will be killing the iron maidens. haha. I'm sure i'll need more help soon. Thanks again for helping and responding.

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    jscdivastar - 8 years ago

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  1. Ok i'm sure your already past this part by now so this might not help but this is some general advice, mostly on weapon choice, maybe it will help you later on.
    First of all you should have never bought the killer7 or the mine thrower, the killer7 is flashy and starts off more powerful then the broken butterfly, but the butterfly in my opinion is way better, plus u get it free anyways its understandable that you might think the killer7 would be better if its your first time through but the butterfly has a way better its ends up with a fire power of 50 compared to the killer7's 30 and its way cooler because its a revolver. As for the mine thrower it is unnecessary and hard to get ammo for. It can be a fun weapon but i don't suggest using it first time through.
    So as you might have heard you should have kept all those other weapons you sold, a rifle with a thermal scope of course is one of the best ways to kill a regenerator/iron maiden. I personally think the semi-auto is better especially for regenerators/iron maidens, because the rifle is really slow its max power is 30, but the semi-auto's 15 seems to get the job done, if it doesn't just fire another bullet there same amout of damage. even though the regen's are kinda slow usually there isn't that much distance so speed is much more needed then power. since the plagas die in one hit obviously the semi-auto speed is much more worth it.
    As for shotgun go with striker of course the striker is all around better in all aspects so go for it you should have access to it by now , and dont waist money on upgrades for the other two shotguns, just wait for the striker if you cant get it yet.
    Now for handguns i personally prefer the red9, it take up the most space but it is the strongest by a lot in handgun fire power with a 6.5. and really the little bit slower firing speed and reloading speed are expendable. i have always used the red9 and did great. the black tail and the basic handgun are not bad guns either. The matilda which you wont get till u beat the game i think is not that great, it can deal some damage with its 3 bullet bursts, but it will drain your handgun ammo really quick, really you dont always need three handgun bullets to dispatch a ganado. DON'T use the punisher its not worth it i but if you want to use instead of your handgun after you have shot all 15 medallions then feel free becuz it will be stronger then you handgun and it will pierce, it usually just keep it till i can buy the red9. Its piercing though is not very useful and its weaker than a basic at a 1.9 fire power. The blacktail is nice and sleek and compact so is the basic, the blacktail is the second strongest and is the fastest in all aspects, and the basic is not that bad its pretty weak but the X5 chance for head shot is nice. But the red9 is my favorite.
    Dont ever buy a rocket launcher, not worth the money bosses, aren't that hard.
    And as for TMP i say if you can fund it go for it i really like and it has helped a lot when i played pro mode it can do really good damage. if you know how to use it.
    And last of all the weapon are the uber weapons-Chicago typewriter, handcannon, infinite launcher, and the PRL. Which you definetly wont have your first time through. These are all great weapons and are really fun if get them have fun! But i would hold off on getting the infinite launcher first because you can hurt yourself and its really slow to fire off.

    I hope this helps some people,sorry its so long but i think its a compilation on the weapons, and could new people a lot, and even maybe teach so veterans a few things they didnt know :)

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  1. You should have kept the rifle, and when you get it you should backtrack to get the thermal scope which makes killing regenerators very easy. Use your killer7, your knife and the red barrel to gradually hurt the iron maiden - there are plenty of stratigies to help you on YouTube. It is possible buy may take a while under the circumstances you're in. After he's dead, collect the key and DONT GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM (yet.) - there's nothing scary out there, just some ganados, so venture around collecting the items in that room until you find another exit. There should be a merchant out here. If there isn't, you got the wrong exit, so go back into iron maiden room and look some more. Once you find the merchant, I strongly suggest you sell the mine thrower and killer7- you won't need them for a long time- and buy the striker, rifle and TMP (ditch the TMP if you can't afford it.) Upgrade the rifle and the
    striker's capacity about 2 levels up, then spend the rest of your money upgrading the handgun. Firepower is a priority. Now, you're going to have to go for headshots with your handgun. Not a hard task ^^. Now, go into the elevator at the end of the path the merchant was on, walk around the tower and get into the room to get help on 5-4 ;D. Now you have your new equipment, go back to where Ashley was, back through that room with the crane, until you're in that hallway where you met your first regenerators, go into the freezer room, defrost the room, and head to where that valve with the suitcase just defrosted. Open it up, and ta-da! The thermal scope :D. Alas, there is a catch, so when you get the new scope a regenerator will wake up and try to kill you. Wait until he reaches the entrance of the tiny room you're in, and blast away at the red plagas targets. Shoot all 3 (or 4) and he's dead! Proceed to rescue Ashley and 5-1 is done :)

    Hope it helps, keep trying and you'll get it done :)

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  2. To push the giant crates, Ashley must help - so I strongly suggest you kill the first iron maiden so Ashley doesn't get owned. Bear in mind, once the crate is in the water you'll have to deal with another iron maiden, so take care of the first, push the crate, run around the corner take care of the second iron maiden, push the second crate and get into the next room. You should hide Ashley in the bins when you're not pusing a crate.

    I hope this helps, and also - save some ammo for the end of 5-2 - it's a fun section if you can stay calm :D

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  3. Ugg regenerators and iron madiens you will need the rifle and thermal scope first play through (if you played as much as me you know the plagus locations) they are scary creatures a important thing for the one in the operation room is not to fight but to run shoot off the legs and flee he to tough or rapid fire it waste alot of ammo but he will die eventuly (6 renegators 3 iron madiens)

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  4. probably shouldn't have sold all of your weapons, a very affective weapon would be the striker shotgun, its spray affect would give you a better chance of killing Iron Maidens. Another good weapon is, which you already have, a killer 7 ( yeah killer 7 not 77, I said the same thing to my friends at school) but the main weak points of an Iron Maiden is its chest. 2 neat its neck, and two near its waist. but its been a while since I played, oh, another good one is the TMP. Just keep shooting its torso and you can bring it down easily, just keep your distance :)


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  5. Ah... Iron Maidens... Use the rifle or you will have to scape...
    I will not say you "use the...", couse it only depends on the power of the gun.
    If you want my real advice: use the P.R.L. : )

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