How do you get a 5 star ranking using leon in the village on mercenaries?

  1. How do you get a 5 star ranking using leon in the village on mercenaries and how many points do I need to get 5 stars?

    User Info: lostboy3

    lostboy3 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 60,000 points for 5 star.

    With Leon, stick to the Blacktail for single enemies (1-2 shots should take them down) and keep your distance from the Bella Sisters. Use Flashes to kick enemies out of the way, incendiaries to do good damage on Bellas, and hand grenades when you're going for bonus multiplier points. Other than that, run around collecting the time, and when you hit 60k hide out in the shed (the one with the red barrel) and knife whatever comes close.

    User Info: Kieron97

    Kieron97 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Actually once you get a good combo going (While collecting time extensions of course) you should be able to just use the shotty as it's much more effective. Once you lose you combo run around and get all the of the time things you may have missed so you have a good amount of people following you and run to the barn with the stairs. You should have a few nades and plenty of ammo. Keep the ladder kicked down and once you have a good amount of people in there, hit the red barrel to kill nearly all of them. Headshots or another nade as the Bella sisters are getting up should take care of them. Incendiary nades work great too. Once that combo is broken you can either grab the 30sec bonus timer if more ppl are still flowing in or grab it and run out into the open to get their attention and start killing. If you break your combo again, grab the one that's behind the house next to the where you get the shotgun in the normal game. Easy as pie. I managed 149,860 with HUNK be he's 10 times easier, though I did give up with about1:20 left bc I didn't want to do ( I hadn't gotten my 5 star rating yet). Practice makes perfect. Practice keeping combos up and if you're about to lose one pull out your handgun and pop someone that's lying on the the ground in the head to conserve shotty shells and keep the combo going. and once your break your combo dont forget to grab another bonus 30 sec timer (not any other time unless you just need the time - they're useless once you have a decent combo going) . They're lifesavers.

    User Info: FoundationFlip2

    FoundationFlip2 - 8 years ago 0 0

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