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DirectorShinji Mikami
Manual TranslationBrian Dunn
Manual TranslationJames Wilson
Motion Actor: Leon KennedyTeruaki Ogawa
Motion Actor: Luis SeraKeiichi Wada
ProducerMasachika Kawata
ProducerHiroyuki Kobayashi
Voice Actor (Ada Wong)Sally Cahill
Voice Actor (Albert Wesker)Richard Waugh
Voice Actor (Ashley Graham)Carolyn Lawrence
Voice Actor (Bitores Mendez)Jesse Corti
Voice Actor (Ingrid Hunnigan)Salli Saffioti
Voice Actor (Jack Krauser)Jim Ward
Voice Actor (Leon S Kennedy)Paul Mercier
Voice Actor (Luis Sera)Rino Romano
Voice Actor (Osmund Saddler)Michael Gough
Voice Actor (Ramon Salazar)Rene Mujica
Voice Actor: Villagers and ZealotsCarlos Carrasco
Voice Actor: Villagers and ZealotsAlex Mendoza
Voice Actor: Villagers and ZealotsCarol Bach Y Rita
Wii Edition DirectorMinoru Nakai

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