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A Great Game Remade for the 4th time.07/16/07Adama16
Wii-sident Evil 408/06/07Arkrex
A spoiler free reveiw for those of you that have never played Resident Evil 4.12/17/07cartoonwolf
Own A Wii? Then Buy This Game!07/06/07CHRISMC64
What do you get when you take one of the best GC games, and add the best parts of the PS2 version? A Masterpiece.07/02/07Dazz Hardy
Rocket Launchers & Voodoo Zombies11/16/07GARZombie
A must have, even if you own a different version.07/09/07geno_16
I'll buy it at a high price!07/26/07Gnomestone
Resident Evil 4- Quite possibly the greatest game I have ever played.06/16/08Goddard54
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edtion Hits The Spot!!!07/06/07icepho3nix
Stranger, stranger...now that's a game!06/27/07Kansas_JHawk
Wii can make it better, stronger, faster. Wii have the techonology.06/19/07kirkinout
One of the few Wii titles--a rerelease of a classic!--with a completely legitimate use of the Wii-remote07/20/09LenDar22
The first seventh-gen RE might be a port, but it's still amazing08/06/07Maple13
Some how Resident Evil 4 has gotten it right!07/26/07Overlord_Goo
This game is so great it brought me to GameFAQs!!!12/04/07R351D3NT3V1L4
The Inferior Version of RE4 Becomes the Superior Version07/30/07re4master543
It does things differently compared to the other Resident Evil games10/20/08Shaun832
Resident Evil 4 just keeps on kicking.07/10/07SMBSuperShowFan
Leon! The President's Daughter is in another castle!06/22/07Snuffy_Mccrack
Quite possibly the best game ever made.06/21/07TheGrandFinale
This is THE definitive version of Resident Evil 4.01/31/11UltimaterializerX
It's worth another encore!03/12/08ViralPlayer101
Nintendo gets the superior version of the game with controls redone for the Wii06/22/07xenogears06
Whether you have one of the other Resident Evil 4s or not, Resident Evil 4 Wii Edtion is a must buy06/29/07Zapher_40

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