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"A must have, even if you own a different version."

Resident Evil 4. The game that changed..well...Resident Evil. This game (first released on the Gamecube) removed the fixed camera that Resident Evil was famous for and added more action elements, making Resident Evil 4 more action based then previous Resident Evils. This is a great action game, pure, bloody action, and lots of it. With crazed villagers, chainsaw wielding maniacs, many different bosses and a massive variety of weapons, there is always action right around the corner.

Graphics 10/10
Now, this game does not have all that super high-def stuff like the PS3 and 360 but the graphics are still wonderful. Scenery and backgrounds look beautiful, the facial expressions are great, enemies have dirt and blood on their clothes and every little detail is there. This game is about as good as you can get without all that technical high-def stuff.

Story 8/10
If you never played Resident Evil before then the story won't seem that bad to you but if you are a Resident Evil fan then you will be surprised to learn that this game as very little to do with the previous Resident Evil games. There are a few connections (which I'm not going to mentions to avoid spoilers) but really the games main story is completely unrelated. It's isn't a bad story, it just has very little to do with the Resident Evil series. You are Leon S. Kennedy, a US agent who was to protect the presidents family, however prior to starting the president's daughter Ashley Graham (you will grow to hate that name) was kidnapped and Leon was sent to find her. Information places her in an old village in rural Spain (although the game never says you are in Spain, it keeps referring to it as Europe). I won't go past that as I don't want to spoil anything.

Gameplay 10/10
This game has wonderful gameplay. There are tons of weapons to use, and tons of enemies to dispatch. The bosses are fun for the most part, and there are very few parts of the game that you won't want to do. There are many fun sections to the game and the cutscenes are wonderful. The only real downfall is that the game is very linear, but it is so enjoyable, you probably won't notice. Once you beat the game there are 3 other minigames unlocked, 1 is okay, 1 is great and will waste a lot of your time, the other is meh. You also unlock Pro which makes the main game harder (since it was pretty easy). There are very few flaws in the wonderful gameplay this game offers.

Music and Sounds 9/10
The music is good and fits the atmosphere, the sounds all fit and aren't glitchy. This game also has one of the best themes in one of the minigames but I won't go into it, also to avoid spoilers.

Wii Controls 10/10
This game makes excellent use of the Wii Controls. You flick up to reload, swing it from side to side to swing your knife (both of those can be done through button combos as well) and best of all you aim the Wiimote to aim your gun. Before aiming wasn't quite so good, to make it realistic they had Leon's arm shake when you were aiming which would throw off many shots. Now that you are in control the aiming is perfect and with practice you can get perfect shots every time. The Rifles are not aimed with the Wiimote, they are still aimed with the Stick (because they have scopes) but you will get used to using the stick quick as well.

Replayability 10/10
You will play this game many times. Guaranteed. Once you beat the main game, first there are all the things you unlock and you can replay the main game using the weapons and items you finished the last one with and you get to see the merchant so if you feel like playing with a certain weapon set, you can sell your old guns and buy new ones. There is always something to do and even once you've done it all, this is one game that you will go back and play every couple months.

Good Gameplay
Great Replayability
Good Music
Great Controls
Good Graphics

Well, it IS a remake which is all the Wii really has right now
Ashley is very annoying (play and you'll see)
It's a bit short

Buy, it is a wonderful game and every modern gamer should experience it. Throw on the $29.99 ($34.99-$39.99 CND) price tag and you have a great buy and a great addition to any Wii console.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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