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"The first seventh-gen RE might be a port, but it's still amazing"

I want to make this VERY clear at the beginning; this has been my first Resident Evil game. Ever. I was always a bit scared of them when I saw them to begin with when I was younger, but now, I'm fine with playing them now.

Okay, now, where to begin....Resident Evil 4 is by far, the best Wii game I have played. It takes aspects from the first two versions (GCN and PS2) and throws them in on one game disc, better graphics, and revolutionary controls.

The story isn't terribly compelling; it wouldn't be a number one seller if it was a book. It is, however, interesting, especially when you learn more about what controls the Ganados (your main enemy in this game; no zombies). The plot is dry, and there aren't many twists...but you won't be paying attention to the story; the gameplay is where this game shines.

Story- 6.5/10

The graphics, the graphics...they are just amazing. I think, next to Sonic and the Secret Rings and (the screens we've seen from) Brawl, these are the best graphics on the Wii. The GCN version gave us an idea of what Nintendo was capable of...the PS2 was a letdown, and the PC is comparable to the PS2 version. This has graphics better than all three combined. Environment is destructible and looks amazing. Best graphics next to Sonic.

Graphics- 9.5/10

The sound is as real as can be. Gunshots sound real, the screams, the shouts, the noises that come from the Novistadors...all just add to the terror......though there isn't much "terror" in this game. Music adds to the feel, but I tend not to pay attention to music too often, I was too deep in the game.

Sound- 9.5/10

Gameplay...just like the GCN version! Run, aim, shoot, quick turn, throw grenades...everything! It's all the same. But what makes the gameplay so much better now is the inclusion of the Wii controls. The Wii was MEANT for games like this. There is no more laser, but a "targeting reticule" that can literally render the rifles in this game useless. You snipe with a handgun, the TMP, even a shotgun! Swinging the Wiimote enables a knife swing, holding down C and swinging the Wiimote is a stronger knife swing...The game feels so much more real when given these controls, and just makes the gameplay perfect.

Gameplay- 10/10

Now, you might just think, "Run through this game once. Shooters have absolutely no replay value at all." In the case of Resident Evil 4, there's about as much replay value as an RPG. The first run-through might take around 15 hours, but you're offered a new "Professional Mode" which makes all your enemies smarter, tougher, everything! Then, you can start a new game with all your previous weapons, and new weapons, such as an Infinite Rocket Launcher or the infamous Chicago Typewriter with infinite ammo! You can blast through the game in a matter of about 5 hours. But killing your enemies in new ways just adds to the fun (I was shouting, "I am God! Fear me!" to the television screen when I finally got the Chicago Typewriter)!

Replay Value- 10/10

Overall, this game is a masterful piece on the Wii. You really can't find a much better game than would just have to be EXTREMELY epic. This game is comparable to Ocarina of Time. Not to mention that this game is tagged with a price of $30 US. Totally worth every cent.

Overall- 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/06/07

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