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    Walkthrough by lady2beetle

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               _____ _             _ _____           _
              |  ___(_)_ __   __ _| |  ___|_ _ _ __ | |_ __ _ ___ _   _
              | |_  | | '_ \ / _` | | |_ / _` | '_ \| __/ _` / __| | | |
              |  _| | | | | | (_| | |  _| (_| | | | | || (_| \__ \ |_| |
              |_|   |_|_| |_|\__,_|_|_|_ \__,_|_| |_|\__\__,_|___/\__, |
                            |  ___|_ _| |__ | | ___ ___ _         |___/
                            | |_ / _` | '_ \| |/ _ Y __(_)
                            |  _| (_| | |_) | |  __|__ \_
                       ____ |_|  \__,_|_.__/|_|\___|___(_)   _
                      / ___| |__   ___   ___ ___ | |__   ___( )__
                     | |   | '_ \ / _ \ / __/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \/ __|
                  ___| |___| | | | (_) | (_| (_) | |_) | (_) \__ \
                 |  _ \____|_|_|_|\___/ \___\___/|_.__/_\___/|___/
                 | | | | | | | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \/ _ \| '_ \
                 | |_| | |_| | | | | (_| |  __/ (_) | | | |
                 |____/ \__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___|\___/|_| |_|
    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
    Dungeon Walkthrough v0.95
    Hello, my name is Lady2beetle and this is my first walkthrough. I'm writing 
    this because as I started playing Chocobo's Dungeon, I was looking for a 
    general description of the different dungeons. I found a lot of tips and 
    secrets, but no basic descriptions of the dungeons. So, here's my version. If 
    you find anything to be incorrect or have suggestions, please e-mail me at 
    Copyright 2008 Jennifer Stuart
    "This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright."
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders."
    Version 0.25
        *Chapter 1-2 complete
        *Most data filled in
    Version 0.35
        *Chapter 3 complete
        *Started Chapter 4
        *Some corrections for previous chapters
    Version 0.50
        *Chapter 4 continued
        *Some corrections for previous chapters
    Version 0.75
        *Chapter 4 completed
        *Some corrections for previous chapters
    Version 0.80
        *Minor edits
    Version 0.85
        *Volg's dungeon complete
        *Started Chapter 5
    Version 0.90
        *Completed Chapter 5
    Version 0.95
        *Starting Post-Game Dungeons
    Version 1.0
        *Completed Post-Game Dungeons
                              Table of Contents
    Help: How to Read this Walkthrough                                     [HELP]
        A. Tower in the Sands                                              [P.01]
    Chapter 1: Savior from the Sky
        A. Mayor Gale's Memories                                           [1.01]
        B. Cid's Memories                                                  [1.02]
    Chapter 2: Fires of Dark Intent
        A. Freja's Memories (Last Battle)                                  [2.01]
        B. Pastor Roche's Memories                                         [2.02]
        C. Flora's Memories                                                [2.03]
        D. Meddit's Memories                                               [2.04]
        E. Marris' Memories                                                [2.05]
        F. Guardian of the Flame Floors 1-10                               [2.06]
        G. Guardian of the Flame Floors 11-20                              [2.07]
    Chapter 3: Moonlight on the Water
        A. Meja's Memories                                                 [3.01]
        B. Harry's Memories                                                [3.02]
        C. Guardian of the Water Floors 1-10                               [3.03]
        D. Guardian of the Water Floors 11-20                              [3.04]
        E. Guardian of the Water Floors 21-30                              [3.05]
    Chapter 4: Seeking the Light
        A. Shirma's Nightmare                                              [4.01]
        B. Dardola's Memories                                              [4.02]
        C. Stella's Memories                                               [4.03]
        D. Amouri's Memories?                                              [4.04]
        E. Volg's Memories                                                 [4.05]
        E. Roddy's Memories                                                [4.06]
        F. Shirma's Recollections                                          [4.07]
        G. Claire's Memories                                               [4.08]
        H. Charlotte's Memories                                            [4.09]
        I. Guardian of the Light Floors 1-10                               [4.10]
        J. Guardian of the Light Floors 11-20                              [4.11]
        K. Guardian of the Light Floors 21-30                              [4.12]
        L. Guardian of the Light Floors 31-40                              [4.13]
    Chapter 5: Dark Skies, Bright Earth
        A. Guardian of the Dark Floors 1-10                                [5.01]
        B. Guardian of the Dark Floors 11-20                               [5.02]
        C. Guardian of the Dark Floors 21-30                               [5.03] 
        D. Guardian of the Dark Floors 31-40                               [5.04]
        E. Guardian of the Dark Floors 41-50                               [5.05]
    Post-game Challenges
        A. Spectral Dungeon                                                [6.01]
        B. Vicious Dungeon                                                 [6.02]
        C. Lightning Dungeon                                               [6.03]
        D. Hero's Challenge 1                                              [6.04]
        E. Hero's Challenge 2                                              [6.05]
        F. Hero's Challenge 3                                              [6.06]
        G. Chocobo's Memories Floors 1-19                                  [6.07]
        H. Chocobo's Memories Floors 20-39                                 [6.08]
        I. Chocobo's Memories Floors 40-59                                 [6.09]
        J. Chocobo's Memories Floors 60-79                                 [6.10]
        K. Chocobo's Memories Floors 80-100                                [6.11]
        L. Croma's Memories                                                [6.12]
    Credits                                                                [CRDT]
                             How to Read this Walkthrough                  [HELP]
    The purpose of this walkthrough is to offer a set of helpful strategies for 
    completing the various dungeons in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. 
    This is NOT a list of all the secrets of the game, or a description of all of 
    the additional activities you can perform in Memoria. That said, if you follow 
    this walkthrough precisely, you'll be missing out on a lot of the game. Try to 
    spend some time between dungeons exploring the town. Go fishing, go shopping, 
    play the pop-up card game. Check out the GameFAQs boards or other FAQs on the 
    specific secrets of the game. But most of all, don't forget to have fun!
    Note: I'm playing this game using the traditional controls and the traditional 
    remote, so if you have decided to use the wii-remote configuration, it's 
    possible that some of my control explanations might be confusing.
    Each Dungeon will have the following basic information:
    NAME: First in each entry will be the name of the dungeon. I try to organize 
    them by when the dungeon first becomes available, so some of them may be too 
    hard to complete if you go in the exact order that I've listed them.
    SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Some dungeons are "special". They might have permanent 
    status effects, maximum levels that you can complete them at, or other themes. 
    All special dungeons restrict you from taking any items into the dungeon.
    MAXIMUM LEVEL: If a special dungeon has a maximum level requirement, it will 
    be listed here.
    FLOORS: The layout of every dungeon is random, but they will always have the 
    same number of floors. The last floor will usually contain the memory or other 
    item that you are searching for, and the second to last floor will typically 
    hold the boss if there is one.
    ITEMS: Here I will list the important items to be found in each dungeon. In 
    most cases, once you've found an item you'll then come across it in various 
    future dungeons. For that reason, I'll usually only include items the first 
    time that you find them. Equipment can usually be found for several dungeons 
    after you first find it. After that, the equipment will be replaced with 
    better equipment, so you won't want the old stuff anyway! Note that each 
    dungeon is random, so you may not find the items if your luck isn't with you, 
    and there might be an item that I did not get for the same reason. If you find 
    a major item that I didn't list, please e-mail me. 
    NOTE: Special dungeons often have a special set of items for completing the 
    dungeon. If I list "Flasks only" or "Flasks and books only", that means that a 
    dungeon will not give you any gear. Flasks include potions, ethers and 
    anything you can drink (or kick at the enemy). Books are... well, books!
    NOTE: Most Equipment comes in sets. If you find the Gold Talons in a dungeon, 
    it's likely you'll be able to find the Gold Saddle as well. The matching 
    weapons and armor usually do the same thing, but there are exceptions. In the 
    case of status gear, the talons will place the status affect on your enemies 
    while the saddle protects you from that same status effect. If I list "Poison 
    Gear", it means you might find Talons that poison the enemy and an anti-poison 
    saddle that protects you from poison.
    JOBS: If a dungeon includes a new Job that you can discover, it will be listed 
    here. IMPORTANT: These are the new jobs you may find, not the job I am 
    suggesting you complete the dungeon with.
    MONSTERS: Each dungeon has basic monsters that make up that dungeon. Those 
    will be listed here. If you find I've missed one, please let me know!
    BOSS: Most dungeons end with a boss. The name is given here, but a description 
    and basic strategy to fighting the boss can be found in the dungeon's 
    STRATEGY: The last part of every dungeon entry will have any pertinent 
    information, strategies and notes about the dungeon. I can't provide a turn-
    by-turn walkthrough, but really, you shouldn't need one.
                             Prologue: Tower in the Sands
    Tower in the Sands (Introductory Dungeon)                              [P.01]
    Floors: 4
    Items: Gysahl Greens, Rusted Gear
    Monsters: Bat
    Boss: Bat Shade
    This first dungeon serves to introduce you to the Chocobo's Dungeon system. 
    Follow Cid around and listen to his advice. You'll find the Gysahl Greens 
    first, but your hunger should be pretty close to full despite what Cid says, 
    so hang onto the greens for later. For future reference, the hunger meter is 
    in the upper right corner of the screen and will have a number between 100% 
    and 0%. When it reaches 10% you'll start swaying and when it hits 0%, you'll 
    start losing health. This shouldn't be a problem with this dungeon.
    Next you'll find the rusted saddle and rusted talons. Follow the Cid's 
    instructions and equip them before continuing.
    A little bit later, you'll find yourself battling the denizens of the dungeon 
    - a handful of bats. Again, follow Cid's instructions and you should be fine. 
    Be sure to lead the bats into the hallway so that you only have to fight one 
    at a time. It's an important tactic to maintain as the enemies get tougher. 
                            Chapter 1: Savior from the Sky
    Mayor Gale's Memories                                                  [1.01]
    Floors: 5
    Items: Leather gear
    Monsters: Frog, Bat Shade, Floater Shade
    Boss: Turtle Shade
    This dungeon is pretty simple if you remember everything you've already 
    learned. The map can be found in the lower right hand corner and it forms as 
    you explore each level. Keep an eye out for green circles that heal Chocobo 
    and tiles with cabbages that fill his hunger gauge a little.
    You'll find leather gear that is typically better than the rusted set you got 
    from the Tower in the Sands. Be sure to check the bonuses, however. A Rusted 
    Saddle +2 is actually better than a plain Leather Saddle.
    The boss is simple if you pay attention. Make sure you get the first strike 
    and use up your SPs with three Chocobo kicks. The turtle is very slow so you 
    can almost always get two attacks between each of his. By the time you are out 
    of SP, he'll be close to death and you can easily finish him off. Sometimes 
    the Turtle Shade will cast protect on itself, lowering the physical damage it 
    takes. You can either wait until that wears off before using your Chocobo 
    kicks, or you can follow your original plan and just remember that it might 
    take longer to kill him. Just keep up the damage and eventually he'll fall.
    Cid's Memories                                                         [1.02]
    Floors: 9
    Items: Dispel, Bejeweled Collar
    Monsters: Bloody Bat, Ghost Shade, Turtle Shade, Flying Eye, Mandra Shade 
    Boss: Behemoth
    Cid's dungeon is an introduction to cursed items. If an item in your inventory 
    is red, it can mean that it is cursed. To remove the curse, put the item on 
    and then read a Dispel book. An item must be worn to be dispelled, but I 
    believe that every worn item will be dispelled. So if you have a cursed 
    saddle, cursed talons and cursed collar, you can put them all on and dispel 
    them all at once.
    Once again, the boss isn't anything to worry about. 
                            Chapter 2: Fires of Dark Intent
    Freja's Memories (Last Battle)                                         [2.01]
    Floors: 9
    Items: Appraisal Glasses, Fire Gear, Memory Collar
    Jobs: Knight
    Monsters: Fire Elementals, Red Marshmallow
    Before you enter Freja's memories, be sure to check out the storage and 
    deposit any of the items you don't need. Be generous about what you deposit 
    because Freja's dungeon is ripe with loot and you'll almost certainly run out 
    of inventory space.
    One tip that may come in handy is the sort option. When you have your 
    inventory open, you can sort with the (-) button (when you are using the 
    traditional controls). This not only organizes your inventory but it will also 
    combine any matching books of magic. If you have a Dispel(2) book and a 
    Dispel(4) book, you can sort your items and receive a single Dispel(6) book, 
    thus opening up a spot in your inventory. Books can only go up to (9), 
    In your first trip through Freja's memories, you'll be introduced to items 
    with vague names. These items will show up as purple in your inventory and 
    will have names that don't tell you what they are. A Bejeweled collar might be 
    called "Simple Collar" or "Uncool Collar" and a "Misty Flask" might be a 
    potion or ether or something else entirely. To identify an item, you can use 
    it/equip it, or use appraisal glasses on it. Equipping an unidentified item 
    might be dangerous if the item is cursed, and using an unidentified flask 
    might be even more dangerous (you could accidentally drink a poison when you 
    want a potion), but it might be preferable to using appraisal glasses which 
    are expensive and only have one use. 
    1. If you come out of a dungeon with items with vague names in your inventory, 
    they will automatically be identified when you enter town.
    2. In a single dungeon, flasks and collars with the same vague name will be 
    the same thing. If you pick up five Muddy Drinks and identify one as a potion 
    (either with appraisal glasses or by drinking it) all of the other muddy 
    drinks in your possession will be identified and any new potions you pick up 
    will be identified as well.
    3. Later on, you'll get Scholar's Glasses which will identify everything in 
    your possession at once.
    You also may start coming across Fire Talons and Fire Saddles. They might be 
    less effective than the Leather set + bonuses that you are wearing, but hold 
    onto the fire pieces anyway. They will be useful later.
    Pastor Roche's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                  [2.02]
    Special Conditions: Blind
    Floors: 6
    Items: Wood gear, Various Collars, Various Books
    Jobs: White Mage
    This level introduces you to special dungeons. In special dungeons, a pre-
    specified effect is in place. Some special dungeons have a maximum level that 
    you can complete them at and in all special dungeons you are restricted from 
    bringing any items inside.
    In Pastor Roche's memories, Chocobo is blind. A ring of light circles Chocobo, 
    illuminating the squares adjacent to him, but everything else is dark. When 
    Chocobo enters a large room, the range of visibility widens, but in hallways 
    it restricts again. Despite this condition, the dungeon isn't that difficult 
    if you move slowly and are careful. Remember to equip any new gear that you 
    Completing this dungeon gives Chocobo access to the prized Job Change and you 
    should already have the White Mage's Memories and the Knight's Memories from 
    this and Freja's dungeons. Congratulations!
    Flora's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                         [2.03]
    Special Conditions: 1 HP
    Maximum Level: 1
    Floors: 6
    Items: Flasks and books only
    Monsters: Ghost, Lizard, Ice Flan
    Boss: None
    Flora's Memories open up after you complete Freja's first dungeon, but it's a 
    little hard for your current level. Chocobo and all the monsters have only one 
    hitpoint. The first few floors of the dungeon are simple if you make sure you 
    always get 1st strike, but deeper in the dungeon the monsters start getting 
    ranged attacks. It's a good idea to wait until you have the Black Mage's 
    Memories to do this dungeon because the Black Mage spells will give you the 
    range needed to get first strike on these later enemies.
    There is no boss, thankfully, and the dungeon is pretty short. It's not a 
    great place to level, though, so I'd suggest avoiding any extra exploration 
    and just follow the stairs as soon as you find them.
    Meddit's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                        [2.04]
    Special Conditions: Bombs!
    Maximum Level: 10
    Floors: 5
    Items: Flasks and books only
    Monsters: Bombs
    Boss: Big Bomb!
    Meddit's dungeon is all about bombs, and each floor has more than your average 
    number of monsters. The monsters are also pretty tough and to top it off, if 
    Chocobo is higher than level 10, he'll be lowered to 10th level for the sake 
    of this dungeon. The Black Mage is probably the easiest job to complete this 
    dungeon with because of the boss at the end.
    Throughout the dungeon, you'll find lots of potions (and ethers and sleep 
    drinks and damage drinks and...). I suggest exploring each dungeon as 
    thoroughly as possible and keeping as much of the loot that you find on hand 
    for the boss fight. It might be hard facing all the bombs on every floor, but 
    the items you'll pick up will be vital to defeating the final boss.
    When you face the boss (a really large bomb), you have a few options 
    available. You can kick the damage drink at him to deal damage or use any of 
    your abilities (the blizzard spell works especially well). If you are running 
    out of health, SP or options, you can kick a sleep drink at the bomb and he'll 
    snooze for several rounds, giving you a chance to heal up and replenish your 
    SP. The biggest challenge is that the bomb does hit hard and he has a lot of 
    hit points, so if you don't have enough items to heal and deal damage, you 
    likely won't survive.
    Merris' Memories ***SPECIAL***                                         [2.05]
    Special Conditions: Bee-line
    Maximum Level: 12
    Floors: 4
    Items: Flasks only
    Monsters: Red Marshmallow, Red Mandra, Demon, Red Dragon, Fire Elemental
    Boss: None
    This dungeon is one long hallway stuffed full of monsters. As such, it's 
    pretty much one massive battle. As soon as you kill one monster, another one 
    steps into its place. 
    Job-wise, you have a couple of options for this dungeon. You can use something 
    like the Black Mage which has ranged attacks, but since you have limited use 
    of your abilities and most of the black mage spells only attack one monster at 
    a time, it might leave you a little exposed. Another option is to take the 
    Knight into the dungeon because of the knight's heavy defense and more 
    effective basic attack.
    Thankfully, this dungeon does not have a boss, so after you defeat three long 
    hallways filled with monsters, you're in the clear. The enemies do get harder 
    as you progress through the dungeon, however.
    Flame Guardian's Dungeon 1-10                                          [2.06]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Gold gear, Bronze gear
    Jobs: Black Mage, Thief (optional)
    Monsters: Red Marshmallow, Steel Bat, Goblin
    Boss: None
    The Flame Guardian's Dungeon is a massive dungeon that you'll complete in 
    multiple visits, so I'm splitting it up here.
    By the time you've reached the Flame Guardian's Dungeon, you should have 
    completed Pastor Roche's Memories and learned Job Change. I found that the 
    White Mage was especially useful in the first part of the Flame Guardian's 
    Dungeon, because the length of the dungeon makes using potions for healing 
    Assuming you follow that advice, take the time you need in the first few 
    floors to get your White Mage up to 2nd level. In the later floors of the 
    dungeon, enemies hit harder and with stronger magic, and being able to cast 
    Shell and Protect on yourself helps a lot.
    As you explore the dungeon, you'll find some bright white portals on some 
    floors. Some of those circles will be traps that take you to a duel room. The 
    others will lead you to a room with Merchant X, where you can sell off your 
    items. You can also purchase items from Merchant X, but the only things you'll 
    probably be interested in are the Appraisal Glasses and the greens. The greens 
    might have vague names, but it's important to make sure you have one or two 
    batches of Gysahl Greens in case your hunger starts to run low.
    NOTE: This merchant room is also the first opportunity that you have to steal 
    the Thief's Memories from Merchant X. At your current level it's probably a 
    death-wish, though. Come back here after you've gained the Black Mage and 
    raised it to level 2.
    Continue pushing through to the 10th floor. There you'll reach a jump point, 
    the Black Mage Memories and a door that won't open. Instead it throws you out 
    to the exit.
    NOTE: Before returning to the Flame Guardian's Dungeon, be sure to visit Freja 
    again. Now she can fuse weapons, and if you've been saving your gil, you 
    should easily be able to afford to fuse your flame, leather and gold pieces to 
    get a flame +5 or gold +5 talon and saddle. This will make progressing through 
    the rest of the dungeon must easier.
    If you don't mind spending some time leveling up, you can also take this time 
    to complete Flora's, Meddit's and Marris' memories. The black mage is helpful 
    for these, especially Flora's.
    Flame Guardian's Dungeon 11-20                                         [2.07]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Blindness Gear, Various Collars, Bronze Gear
    Monsters: Red Marshmallow, Steel Bat, Red Cap, Demon, Red Dragon
    Boss: Phoenix
    The second half of this dungeon is pretty basic. The monsters get harder, but 
    you're getting stronger, too. This is a good place to level up a job, so use 
    whichever job is lowest in level. At the 19th floor, you'll have a chance to 
    change jobs before the boss. I'd suggest picking the Black Mage (or White Mage 
    if his job level is at least 3rd). If you've been leveling along the way and 
    are properly equipped, however, you can take on the dungeon's boss with just 
    about any job. It's just easier if you have a job with ranged abilities.
    On level 20, you face off against the Phoenix. The important thing to remember 
    about this battle is that patience is a virtue. The Phoenix will move around a 
    lot and often fly out of your reach. She'll also summon monsters to attack 
    you. The monsters are pretty simple to kill, though, and if you wait long 
    enough, moving out of the fires she summons, she'll eventually approach into 
    melee range. When she does, give her a couple of vicious attacks until she 
    flies away. Sometimes she'll heal herself, but if you keep up the attacks when 
    she comes close, you'll take her down.
                           Chapter 3: Moonlight on the Water
    Meja's Memories                                                        [3.01]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Poison Gear, Halt
    Jobs: Dragoon
    Monsters: Frog Shade, Skeleton, Scissors Shade, Flan Shade, Wraith, Sahagin 
    Boss: Giant Sahagin
    Meja's dungeon is pretty cut and dry. The only thing to watch out for are the 
    Scissors Shades that can rust your equipment. If you have fused the gold gear 
    in with your current set using Freja's fusion techniques, you should be fine. 
    I would suggest taking the chance to level up one of your more neglected jobs 
    during this dungeon. Keep in mind that Meja's dungeon is primarily water-based 
    so fire-based attacks and abilities will be especially helpful. If you are 
    still using the fire talons or some sort talons with the fire attack seal, 
    you'll find the monsters that much easier to defeat.
    The boss is a massive Sahagin that takes up a 3x3 spot on the map. He has a 
    ranged attack similar to the one used by the Sahagin in the rest of the 
    dungeon and he's really nothing special. Make sure you are properly equipped 
    with potions in case you run low on hit points and you'll defeat him in no 
    Harry's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                         [3.02]
    Special: 0% Hunger Gauge
    Maximum Level: 30
    Floors: 10
    Items: Flasks and books only
    Monsters: Princess Flan, Dark Mandra, Mandra, Desert Sahagin, Sahagin, Turtle
    Boss: None
    NOTE: This is one of the toughest dungeons I've come across yet and most 
    people will agree with me. Because of that, I've split this section into 
    GENERAL STRATEGIES and MY SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE to try to give you as much 
    information as possible to aid in completing this level.
    GENERAL STRATEGIES: Many people have different opinions about how to handle 
    this dungeon. I've heard many suggestions that you use the White Mage because 
    you'll be continually losing hit points due to hunger and the white mage can 
    heal that. The problem I found with the White Mage is that the attack and 
    damage is so weak and you don't have any talons or saddles to aid in that. As 
    a result, the only way to do real damage is by using your abilities and that 
    takes SP that you would otherwise be using to heal yourself. In the end, I 
    found that the Black Mage actually works better than the White Mage. The Black 
    Mage has ranged attacks that do not depend directly on equipment for their 
    effectiveness, so it's the best offensive class in Special Dungeons.
    There are a few other options, however. One is to use the Scholar with the 
    Search Ability. This allows you to quickly identify the exit, monsters and 
    items. This tactic depends on luck more than most, however, so it either works 
    really well or really poorly. You can also use the thief. Using the thief, you 
    can steal items from the enemies and thus have twice as many potions to use. 
    The only drawback is that in the upper levels the thief's ability to steal 
    drops drastically and you may find yourself letting the enemy get some free 
    hits in while you try to steal a potion from them.
    No matter which job class you choose, it's helpful to know that most of the 
    mystery flasks that you find on the first floor of the dungeon will be 
    potions. Once you take the first potion, the others will automatically be 
    identified. In the later levels, other flasks will show up, such as Ethers, so 
    you should conserve your potions as best you can. Also, most of the books you 
    find will be helpful to you. Fire and Lightning and Blizzard books help defeat 
    tough enemies and Drain actually damages an enemy and gives the damage as 
    healing to you. Prize these books and use them to survive the dungeon.
    MY SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE: My successful run was using the Black Mage. The key to 
    staying alive is to remember that SP is expendable and health is not. Blow up 
    everything you see. Don't wait until they get within melee range - blast them. 
    Most of these monsters in the first half of the dungeon will go down with a 
    single hit of your fire, blizzard or lightning spells, so it shouldn't be too 
    hard. Just remember that you're constantly losing hit points due to hunger - 
    don't let the monsters exacerbate the problem by getting any hits in on you. 
    So, what happens when you run out of SP? Well, the answer is that this isn't 
    as big of a problem as you might think. The Black Mage regenerates SP VERY 
    QUICKLY. After a couple floors when you do run low on SP, you can either use 
    an ether or one of the fire, blizzard or lightning books that you've picked 
    up. If you alternate between those options, you should be fine.
    When you reach the latter half of the dungeon, the monsters will get tougher. 
    The demons in particular are nasty and might take three shots of a spell 
    before they go down. On the other hand if you've picked up some drain books, 
    they will typically one-shot the demons (and heal you at the same time).
    Water Guardian's Dungeon Floors 1-10                                   [3.03]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Drain, Sight, Iron Gear, Water Gear
    Monsters: Turtle, Wraith, Scissors, Toad, Ice Flan, Revenant, Land Turtle
    Boss: None
    Welcome to the Shrine of Leviathan, Guardian of Water. This dungeon is 30 
    floors deep, but every 10 levels are a little different and separated by jump 
    The first 10 levels are the perfect opportunity to do some real leveling up. 
    If you ever start running out of inventory space or things get a little dicey, 
    don't hesitate to escape, empty out your inventory and come back. This allows 
    you to collect useful items, gain experience and job points, so you really 
    can't go wrong.
    The monsters like to use various status effects in this dungeon. Wraiths and 
    Revenants will curse your items, and scissors will try to rust them away. It's 
    nothing you can't handle if you are wielding the items you prefer to use and 
    if you've rust-proofed them. When you reach floor 11, you'll set off a jump 
    point. You can now escape from the dungeon and jump straight to the 11th floor 
    when you return.
    NOTE: At this point, I strongly suggest you take the time to visit Freja and 
    fuse some upgraded equipment. When you are fusing talons and saddles, keep 
    these points in mind:
    1. Every item has a limit to which it can be honed and better items can 
    usually be honed to further extremes.
    2. Every item also has a limited number of seal slots that you can fill.
    3. When fusing, the first item you choose will determine the maximum honing 
    limit and the seal slot limit of the new weapon. For example, if you take some 
    +5 Gold Talons and fuse on some +3 Iron talons, you'll end up with... +5 Gold 
    Talons. This is because 5 is the maximum fuse limit of the gold talons. On the 
    other hand, if you take some +3 Iron talons and fuse on some +5 gold talons, 
    you get... +8 Iron Talons!
    4. You can always see what a combination of items would fuse into before you 
    give it the final okay, so there's no harm in playing around with the infinite 
    number of possibilities.
    I would seriously suggest upgrading your equipment to iron if possible, and 
    make sure that you've got the fire attack and anti-rust seals on the talons 
    and the water-defense and anti-rust seal on the saddle. This will make the 
    rest of the dungeon much easier.
    Also, it is possible to hone past the maximum limit of any piece of equipment. 
    If you succeed, you'll gain an additional +5 to your bonus. If you fail, 
    you'll typically lose 5 points to your bonus. So, it's wise to save your game 
    before trying this, and you can only successfully hone items past their 
    maximum once. After that, they are at their true maximum. There are other 
    tricks to this technique, but it is beyond the spectrum of this walkthrough. 
    (Thanks to Seth Brown for this tip)
    Water Guardian's Dungeon Floors 11-20                                  [3.04]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Amateur Saddle, Poor Talons, Treasure Talons
    Jobs: Scholar
    Monsters: Land Turtle, Cluster, Water Elemental, Sahagin, Magic Pot, Gigantoad
    Boss: Elementals
    If you've followed my advice and upgraded your equipment, this next stage will 
    be almost ridiculously easy. Kill stuff. Take its loot. Move on.
    NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that even if you remove the seal 
    from the Amateur Saddle and Poor Talons, you'll still get stuck with the 
    status affect, so my advice is to sell them. You'll find better stuff soon 
    anyway. Thanks to saj14sajB, CrimsonCerberus, and Rhyus for pointing this out 
    to me.
    With the great new equipment that you have equipped, this is the perfect place 
    to try out a job that you typically neglect. The monsters love to drop job 
    points as well, so leveling up said neglected job is a piece of cake.
    At the 20th floor, you are stopped by Croma and must face off against four 
    elementals at once. If you have been upgrading your equipment, this battle 
    should be too easy, but if you are having trouble getting surrounded by the 
    enemies, you might try using the Dancer's Pirouette ability to attack the 
    monsters and knock them back all at once. 
    NOTE: I wasn't going to include this information, but I've gotten a lot of 
    people asking me, so here goes. To get the Dancer job, you have to go visit 
    the Romantic X Moogle and give him the romantic phrase 
    "Pirouette(musicalnote)" where the (musicalnote) is a symbol on the symbols 
    page. Pirouette is capitalized and there is no space between Pirouette and the 
    musical note. (Credit goes to Teasels, as he's the first person I know of to 
    figure this out.)
    Water Guardian's Dungeon Floors 21-30                                  [3.05]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Steel Gear
    Monsters: Otchyu, Scissors, Gigantoad, Sahagin Prince, Lamia Queen, Ice Dragon
    Boss: Leviathan
    The last section of the Shrine of Leviathan continues to be what the second 
    section was - a great place to level up any neglected jobs. You should still 
    have an easy to with any monsters you find, especially if you've taken the 
    time to add additional seals to your equipment. The blind seal can decrease 
    the enemy's chance to hit you when placed on your talons and the anti-poison 
    seal on your saddle can turn the Gigantoad and Otchyu into monsters without 
    teeth. And don't forget the water-defense seal! 
    When you reach the end of the dungeon you come across another job-change 
    crystal. With your upgraded equipment, the dungeon's boss shouldn't be that 
    much of a threat, but he's still a challenge and the easiest way to face him 
    is with the Black Mage. If you've been holding on to the Fire and Thunder 
    books that you've collected along the way, it'll make the fight even easier. 
    Leviathan has a ranged attack similar to the Sahagin, and he'll periodically 
    stop to gather power. When he does this, be prepared for his whirlpool-like 
    attack which will throw you around the room. If you had approached him for 
    melee attacks, you'll find yourself knocked back and will need to approach him 
    Leviathan does have a lot of hitpoints and even with the fire and lightning 
    spells of the Black Mage, the battle will probably cost you a couple ethers 
    and a few potions. Still, it's not a difficult fight if you are prepared. If 
    anyone has completed this fight with a melee job class such as the knight and 
    wants to offer suggestions for that tactic, please let me know.
    Here are some melee tactics that I have received from other people:
    1. Dragoon. "The hardest part is getting close to Leviathan, it's possible 
    normally - but very difficult. Haste may help, I didn't try it. Once close to 
    Leviathan, try and get trapped between it and a rock, then let loose with 
    Flame Lance and Jump, and use potions and ethers to restore HP&SP. A phoenix 
    down or two will probably be used in this method - but it's really one of the 
    easiest ways possible using a melee job. Shell may be a good idea, but again, 
    I didn't try it." (Thanks to Link to the Future)
    2. Lvl 6 Knight. "Excalibur takes 3 sp so use it then use power smack 2 times, 
    then [Leviathan] should be almost dead. A few attacks should kill him, but if 
    not, use an ether or 2 and use power smack again. The skill Leviathan uses 
    knocks you to the wall, so you need to stay in front of the rocks if you can. 
    Tsunami can do around 200 damage so be careful and take at least 5 hi-potions 
    and a few potions." (Thanks to Gunnar Poling)
                             Chapter 4: Seeking the Light
    Shirma's Nightmare                                                     [4.01]
    Floors: 8
    Items: Mithryl Gear, Coral Gear
    Monsters: Lizard Shade, Coeul Shade, Lamia Shade
    Boss: Iron Giant Shade
    There's nothing incredibly surprising about this dungeon. The Coeuls are 
    extremely fast and will almost always get two actions for every one of yours, 
    so keep that in mind. The Coeuls and Lamia also seem to have a better-than-
    average tendency to drop job points. Both monsters love to throw status 
    effects on you, such as stun and halt. Stun is just like sleep and halt 
    doesn't keep you from fighting, so neither should be horribly threatening. The 
    lizards have a ranged attack that they will sometimes use, but all-in-all this 
    is an average dungeon. 
    The boss hits hard and has a high defense. One way to manage him is to make 
    sure you have the blindness seal on your talons. When he's blind, the giant 
    will miss you roughly 50% of the time. Also, all of his attacks are melee, so 
    if you can stay out of his melee range, you can pelt him with longer ranged 
    abilities. Just keep up the beating in your preferred style and he'll go down.
    Dardola's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                       [4.02]
    Special: Cactuars!
    Maximum Level: 30
    Floors: 4
    Items: Flasks only
    Monsters: Cactuar shade
    Boss: Giant Cactuar Shade
    If you cried and screamed your way through Harry's Memories, you're going to 
    be pleasantly surprised by Dardola's and Stella's Dungeons. At first they can 
    seem brutal but with the right strategy, they can become extremely simple.
    Dardola's dungeon is made up of 2 dueling rooms, followed by the boss and then 
    the memory hall. In every room you'll face cactuar shades, which have two very 
    nasty attacks and love to flee away from you. Chasing them all down and 
    slaughtering them without taking too much damage is the challenge you face. 
    The best strategy is to use a job with ranged attacks, and the Black Mage is 
    (again) the best way to go. I completed this dungeon with a Black Mage who was 
    only level 3, so the following strategies might be different for you if you 
    have more Black Mage abilities available to you.
    When you start, immediately blast the cactuar in front of you, then track down 
    the second cactuar and get just close enough to blast him. A hole to the next 
    floor will appear, but DON'T JUMP IN! First, hold down A & B simultaneously 
    and Chocobo will start walking in place. This will regenerate your health and 
    your SP, but your hunger gauge will drop. Don't worry about your hunger - the 
    dungeon isn't long enough for it to be an issue, and the black mage 
    regenerates really quickly. When you are full, drop down to the next floor.
    In the second room, pick off what cactuars you can with your spells, and 
    eventually you'll get the cactuars pinned in a corner. Hopefully you'll still 
    have 3 SP crystals left and your Black Mage is level three. In one word - 
    Quake. I was able to obliterate 4 or 5 of those suckers at once with that one 
    spell. Good times.
    Once again, walk in place until you have regenerated your health and SPs. Then 
    drop down to take on the boss - a giant cactuar. There are actually very few 
    differences between the giant cactuar and the little ones. His magic defense 
    is insane and he does a bit more damage than his smaller brothers. (Luckily, 
    his 1000 needles attack won't deal 1000 points of damage, unlike some final 
    fantasy games I can think of).
    The biggest difference, however, is the fact that the giant cactuar is 3 
    squares by 3 squares in size - something that you can take advantage of to 
    easily take him down. Pin the cactuar in the corner (he'll run from you and 
    won't leave the corner unless you get too close) and position yourself so that 
    one of his 9 squares is within quake range. Make sure, however, that you are 
    not directly diagonal, across, above or below his center square. With this 
    position, you'll be able to attack him, but he can't attack you.
    You may notice that your fire, blizzard and lightning spells will always do 5 
    points of damage. While you CAN defeat him using these spells, it will take a 
    LONG time. Instead, I suggest you use Quake, which will do roughly 30 points 
    of damage. Walk in place (A+B) until you have 3 full crystals of SP, then cast 
    quake, walk in place again, cast Quake again. This will continue for quite 
    some time, but the cactuar won't move if you have him pinned right and if you 
    are out of his range, he won't be able to attack. You can conceivably defeat 
    him without taking ANY DAMAGE.
    When the giant cactuar finally goes down, drop down the hole and collect the 
    memory to finish the dungeon.
    "I'm partial to the dragoon. It makes Dardola's boss insanely easy. However, 
    it's a little hard to get to the boss (unless your dragoon is level 5, you 
    have to be in a two-square range to use the best abilities). Simply trap the 
    boss and stab him to death with the lance skill. If your HP or SP starts 
    getting low, do the same thing you would do if you were the black mage [run in 
    place]." (Thanks to Sam Villa)
    Stella's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                        [4.03]
    Special: Goblins!
    Maximum Level: 1
    Floors: 5
    Items: Flasks Only
    Monsters: Goblin, Goblin shade, Red cap
    Boss: More Goblins
    Stella's dungeon might actually be easier than Dardola's dungeon, if you can 
    imagine that. Might be. Don't be freaked out by the maximum level limit of 1. 
    The goblins are too easy to kill for it to be any higher. ;)
    Unlike the cactuars, the goblins will rush you rather than running away from 
    you. One way to take advantage of this is to use the dancer job and pirouette 
    them all at once. This will do damage (often immediately killing the smaller 
    goblins) and will usually knock them back. It shouldn't be hard to take down 
    the first group of goblins with this technique. If you don't have the dancer 
    job or would rather use something else, put your back against the wall or a 
    corner to keep from getting surrounded on all sides.
    However you defeat the goblins on the first floor, pause a moment to 
    regenerate your hitpoints and SPs before dropping to the next level. The 
    goblins are a little tougher and there are a few more as well, but it's still 
    pretty easy. Continue this routine until you get to the boss. 
    Or bosses... the boss fight is actually made up of one big goblin and lots of 
    little ones. Continue the same tactics that got you this far and it won't be 
    long before you'll be claiming that piece of Stella's memory.
    Amouri's Memories?                                                     [4.04]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Gil Talons
    Monsters: Vulture Shade, Adamantoise, Tonberry Shade, Spectre
    Boss: Scissors Shade
    With the next two dungeons, things get harder. Try to get a hold of some 
    mithril gear and fuse it to maximum capacity. And remember to take each 
    dungeon slow. There's nothing wrong with getting halfway through the dungeon 
    and backing out if you start struggling. You'll only come away with more gear, 
    experience, gil and job points than you had before.
    Even with best gear, you'll still find that these monsters hit hard and don't 
    die as quickly as you are used to. Combat this by bringing lots of hi-potions 
    and ethers and you should be fine. The spectre likes to curse your items (like 
    all others of his type) and the tonberry shade is the heaviest hitter you've 
    seen yet. This is offset by the fact that he is SOOOO SLOOOOOW. Use this to 
    your advantage to let him approach you and then make two consecutive hits on 
    him, hopefully killing him before he can attack.
    The boss is a very large version of the Scissors Shade. He's larger, nastier, 
    has more health and hits like a Mack truck. Make sure you are well equipped 
    with hi-potions and ethers. A sleep drink can be helpful if he's beating you 
    down. You can kick the drink at him and he'll fall asleep, giving you several 
    turns to heal up and be ready to take him on again. Just don't drink the sleep 
    drink yourself!
    Volg's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                          [4.05]
    Special: Boss-o-rama
    Maximum Level: 60
    Floors: 15
    Items: Flasks only
    Boss: Cryptonberry, Genbu, Bandercoeul, Dark Basilisk, Dark Malboro, Lilith, 
    Volg is another of the hardest dungeons in this game. It's a sequence of 7 
    bosses with a job crystal in between each one. Though this is the earliest 
    that you can enter this dungeon, it is advisable that you wait to complete it 
    when you are closer to level 60. I completed it at level 59, after I finished 
    the first 10 levels of the dark guardian's dungeon. All of my jobs were at 
    least level 6.
    NOTE: While most of my jobs were at level 6, my white mage was at level 7, and 
    I found that Holy was one of the most effective attacks in this dungeon. If 
    you have gotten some of the other jobs to level 7 or even 8, you may find that 
    their top-of-the-line attacks will be just as effective. Feel free to play 
    around with them and use what you are comfortable with. Likewise, if you want 
    to follow my methods, you're going to need your white mage to be level 7. 
    Also, though I know there are those who have completed this dungeon at level 
    55 or lower, you may find my methods to be difficult if you are much lower 
    than level 60. As mentioned above, I was level 59.
    Boss #1: Cryptonberry
    Preferred job: lvl 1 Dancer
    Cryptonberry is a very large tonberry monster with a viciously painful attack. 
    His weaknesses lie in the fact that he is slow and his attacks are all melee. 
    Use this to your advantage. Knockback is your friend. My successful method 
    involved using the dancer job. I let him get close, then toe kicked, knocking 
    him back. You can continue this as you need to, with one problem. The 
    Cryptonberry has a lot of hitpoints, so you are going to run out of SP long 
    before he runs out of hitpoints. Your options are either to run around him and 
    try to avoid his attacks while you regain your SP, or use the charge ability. 
    I found the charge ability was my best bet. Because he's so slow, you can 
    knock him back, charge, (he approaches), knock him back, charge, etc. Charge 
    won't always work, but with luck it will be enough to keep you in the fight 
    until he goes down. Good luck! At level 59, I found that I could survive one 
    or two of his attacks, but much more than that would put my hitpoints in 
    Also, if your dancer has the blades ability, you can attempt to use that. They 
    have the chance of dealing a lot of damage to the cryptonberry, but they don't 
    always hit, so it's a risk.
    Boss #2: Genbu
    Preferred job: lvl 7 White Mage
    Genbu is a large turtle. He hits hard and, like his smaller cousins, can 
    protect himself from physical attacks. Get by this using a level 7 white mage 
    and introduce him to your holy spell. He'll roll over and play dead - oh, 
    wait, he's not playing. He's actually dead. One-shot him and then move on.
    Boss #3: Bandercoeul
    Preferred job: lvl 7 White Mage
    The bandercoeul is, surprise surprise, a really large coeul. He's super fast 
    and likes to use status effects if you give him a chance. Don't give him that 
    chance - once again show him your holy spell and he'll go down with a single 
    Boss #4: Dark Basilisk
    Preferred job: lvl 7 White Mage
    The dark basilisk is similar to some of the lizards that you've seen before. 
    He has both melee and ranged attacks and is almost as fast as the bandercoeul. 
    He can be taken down with a couple different classes such as knight as long as 
    you have a little luck on your side... or you can use your white mage and one-
    shot him with holy. Actually, it'll probably take 2 hits of holy for him to go 
    down, but it's still much safer than other methods.
    Boss #5: Dark Malboro
    Preferred job: lvl 7 White Mage
    You've seen the malboros before. This one is much bigger and just as nasty. 
    He's not quite as susceptible to holy as the previous bosses, but that's not 
    saying much. I took him down with 2 shots of holy the first time. The second 
    time I faced him, I had to finish him off with a dia after. Either way, he 
    wasn't a threat to the white mage.
    Boss #6: Lilith
    Preferred job: lvl 5 Knight
    The bosses are getting smart now. Contrary to the previous monsters, the 
    Lilith is completely immune to magical attacks. Address this by using a non-
    magical job with the most powerful attacks. If you have a level 8 Dragoon, 
    that will probably do the trick, but if not try using the knight. His 
    Excalibur attack should cleave Lilith's hitpoints in half with one hit and 
    finish her off with a second.
    Boss #7: Moloch
    Preferred job: lvl 6 Dragoon
    As the last boss in the dungeon, Moloch is no pushover. His special attacks 
    will silence you and drain your SPs, leaving you with little to do except try 
    to kick him into submission. Surviving this battle takes a little bit of luck, 
    but one method that will give you a boost is to use the dragoon. On your first 
    action, cast Dragon Power, which will boost your attack for a short time. 
    Moloch will probably drain your SP on his first turn, leaving you helpless but 
    for your basic attacks. Luckily, you are buffed with increased attack power, 
    so make the best of it. Kick him over and over again until he goes down.
    The good news is that Moloch spends so much time silencing you and draining 
    your SP that he will spend very little time actually attacking you. This 
    should give you the advantage you need to finish him off. Good luck!
    "Against Moloch (#7 Volg Boss), this strategy won the battle for me in two 
    rounds (so I only got hit once the whole fight). I went Dark Knight, used 
    covenant and then dark blade. It killed Moloch in one hit." (Thanks to 
    Roddy's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                         [4.06]
    Special: Giant Boss
    Maximum Level: 40
    Floors: 4
    Items: Flasks Only
    Monsters: Sahagin Shade, Ghost Shade
    Boss: Lamia, Sahagin
    Roddy's dungeon is actually a pretty easy one if you are at least level 40. 
    Use whichever job class has the most powerful abilities, and if you have 
    abilities that do damage on multiple creatures (such as quake), all the 
    better. Also remember that you don't have any gear to aid in your attack 
    power, so magical abilities will likely be the most affective. Which means, 
    once again, you'll probably find that the Black Mage is the way to go. Really 
    though, use whatever you are most comfortable with. The dungeon is pretty 
    small, so try to pick up as many flasks along the way as you can. When you get 
    to the boss, you'll encounter a Lamia and Sahagin. As with earlier bosses, 
    their great size can actually benefit you if you handle it right. Your 
    abilities only have to target one of their squares, but their attacks at you 
    will come from the middle square. In addition, both the Lamia and the Sahagin 
    prefer melee attacks, so ranged abilities will give you another boost.
    I found it pretty simple to steamroll over the bosses, but if you've found a 
    particular trick that works better than brute force (or a couple of Quakes), 
    let me know.
    Shirma's Recollections                                                 [4.07]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Lightweight Saddle, Poison Gear
    Monsters: Malboro Shade, Cactuar Shade, Iron Giant Shade, Demon Shade, Dragon 
    Boss: Lamia Shade
    Shirma's dungeon just continues where Amouri's left off in terms of 
    difficulty. Make sure your seals are up to date because most of the monsters 
    you'll meet love to use status effects. Get as many protective seals on your 
    saddle as possible (leaving off the elemental protection ones). And try to 
    fuse the gil talons and treasure talons onto mithril ones for increased loot.
    The Malboro shade will throw anything and everything that it can at you - 
    poison, halt, sleep, confusion, the kitchen sink... The cactuar shades hit 
    just as hard as they did in Dardola's dungeon. The good news is that they 
    won't typically provoke an attack, but will run from you. If you are 
    determined to hunt them down (because they are a great place to level up your 
    jobs, usually dropping 40 or so job points), the best way is to follow them 
    patiently around the dungeon. Eventually you will trap them in a room with 
    only one exit - and you are standing in that exit. Approach slowly and you 
    should be able to get two shots in while they try to move around you. That 
    will be enough to kill them.
    Later in the dungeon you'll find the demons, dragons and giants, all of whom 
    have great defense and better offense. Be prepared to down a few hi-potions on 
    your way to the final boss.
    If you thought the Malboro was annoying, the Lamia Shade will throw all the 
    status effects at you, plus the kitchen sink AND the bathtub. But you should 
    have a great number of things at your disposal by now, too. Use whatever items 
    and abilities you need to defeat the Lamia Shade and collect Shirma's memory.
    Claire's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                        [4.08]
    Special: 1 HP Chocobo
    Maximum Level: 40
    Floors: 7
    Items: Flasks and Books only
    Boss: None
    Claire's dungeon is one of the least favorite dungeons for most people. 
    Chocobo only has 1 hit point, but his enemies aren't constricted by this rule. 
    Luckily, the monsters do seem to have less hit points than normal, but it's 
    still not necessarily a given that you will kill them with single strikes. 
    It might seem like I'm a little partial to the Black Mage in Special Dungeons, 
    and I am. If you have a better suggestion for these challenges, let me know, 
    but I've found the Black Mage really does do best in these situations. It has 
    ranged attacks, and they don't depend on the attack bonuses of equipment. 
    Also, its SP regenerates very quickly, so you can use your special attacks 
    more often.
    Even with the Black Mage, Claire's dungeon is likely going to give you fits. 
    First, the Coeul's will cause trouble. They are very quick, so if you let them 
    approach you, they will come into range and attack you before you get a chance 
    to strike at them. To solve this problem, either use ranged attacks on them or 
    make sure there are always 2 squares between you and them. That way they can 
    approach all the way to you, but won't get an attack in before you do.
    The cactuar aren't fun, either. They have two different ranged attacks and 
    they won't hesitate to use them. The good news is that if given the choice 
    between attacking and running away, they will usually run from you. If you 
    catch one of them sleeping, by all means smash them to bits, but I wouldn't 
    suggest trying to hunt them down in this dungeon.
    The last challenge to this dungeon is the one that I hear everyone complaining 
    about - the monster house. It's one thing to make sure you get the first 
    strike on each monster you meet - it's another thing entirely to get first 
    strike on 14 of them at once. Unfortunately, you can't avoid the monster 
    houses entirely. So simply be very careful. Try to make sure you have full SP 
    before entering one. And remember that the Black Mage's Quake does not require 
    line of sight, only line of effect, so you can attack monsters around a corner 
    with that spell. When I hit a monster house, the first thing I do is set off a 
    quake. Then I step back into the hallway and use subsequent turns to either 
    blast additional approaching enemies with spells or take ethers to prepare to 
    use another quake until the enemies are dead.
    One thing to watch out for are the X rooms. If you find an X-shaped room that 
    is a monster house, try to back all the way into the hallway and away from the 
    room as soon as you set off the first quake. A few of the monsters may be 
    smart and will come through the other exit on your side of the room, then 
    circle around you and pin you in the hallway. This can lead to a very early 
    grave, so be careful.
    Luckily, this dungeon has no boss, so once you get to the bottom floor, you 
    are home-free.
    Violetfern has suggested using the thief job for this dungeon:
    "Requirements: 1. All SP slots/crystals acquired (just makes things so much 
    easier). 2. Level 8 Thief.
    "The first thing you need to do when you reach a new floor is cast "alert"; 
    this way you can view the entire map and enemy locations. Next cast "stealth 
    steps," to prevent sleeping enemies from waking up. If you're in a safe place 
    you can run on the spot to replenish some SP (do this as soon as possible), 
    but keep an eye on the map for approaching enemies.
    "If an enemy approaches you, take it out with "Blind Needles" or "Silence 
    Needles." This is instant death (and only cost 1 SP!) to most of the monsters 
    you meet (elementals will need a couple of shots so make sure you keep a safe 
    distance from them). Fortunately, since you can view the enemy locations, you 
    can avoid most confrontations, and since you have stealth steps, you can just 
    walk right past sleeping enemies.
    "For monster houses, you have a range of choices. You can either retreat into  
    a hallway and take them out with your needles or you can cast "Flee" to warp 
    to another location, or you can cast "Artful Move" to make a hasty retreat (if 
    faced with elementals, but if you are up against faster enemies, just blast 
    'em with your needles from the hallway). I only came across one monster house 
    while completing the dungeon in thief mode; since I could see the map, I 
    avoided large rooms on my way to the stairs." (Thanks to Violetfern, confirmed 
    by Killy)
    Charlotte's Memories ***SPECIAL***                                     [4.09]
    Special: 1 HP and Blind
    Maximum Level: 1
    Floors: 6
    Items: Flasks, Phoenix Down 
    Monsters: Lizard, Ice Flan, Cactuar Shade
    Boss: None 
    Once again, you have only 1 hit point. Fortunately, the monsters also have 1 
    hit point each. Unfortunately, you are blind and stuck at 1st level.
    My advice in handling the blindness is to do this dungeon at night with the 
    lights in your room turned off. Anything that could cause glare on your TV 
    should be removed or shut off. If you can turn up the brightness of your TV, 
    that's good, too. When Chocobo is blind, the area around him isn't pure 
    darkness. With the lights in your room turned off, you have the ability to see 
    what is around Chocobo despite his blind condition. It is still easy to miss 
    spotting monsters, so this tactic doesn't replace caution, but it should help. 
    The Cactuars will provide the same annoyances as they did in Claire's dungeon, 
    and the dragons also have ranged attacks that will cause you to pull your hair 
    out. Ranged attacks in general are what make this dungeon challenging, so make 
    sure you come equipped with a job that can get first strike on these long-
    ranged threats.
    Light Guardian's Dungeon Floors 1-10                                   [4.10]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Heavyweight Saddle, Thunder Saddle, Anti-theft saddle
    Monsters: Dry Cactuar, Mandra, Tonberry, Iron Giant, Coeul, Flan Amarillo, 
    Magic Pot, Red Scissors
    Boss: None
    By now you should know what most of these monsters do and have a favorite 
    tactic for facing them all. Just in case, here's a refresher:
    Cactuar: Hit hard, but they run from you (and they are FAST!). If you can trap 
    them or catch them asleep, they will usually drop a decent amount of gil or 
    job points.
    Tonberry: Slow, but hit hard. Try to kill them before they attack
    Coeul: Very fast, will almost always get two actions for every one of yours. 
    Like to cast silence and halt.
    Flan Amarillo: Similar to all the other flans you've met, but these are a bit 
    tougher. Don't do too much damage, but they are hard to kill
    Magic Pot: These little annoyances will steal your stuff, then run. Try to 
    kill them before they have a chance to take your stuff.
    Red Scissors: These crabs hit hard, but aren't that difficult to kill. They do 
    like to use salt water to rust your equipment, so make sure you have anti-rust 
    seals on your talons and saddle!
    As for tactics, you should have a preferred method by now. I found the White 
    Mage works as well here as it did in the first part of the Fire and Water 
    Temples. The monsters will all get some hits in and with the length of the 
    dungeon, making sure that Chocobo can heal is extremely helpful. That said, 
    the cactuar and other beasts make this a great place to farm job points, so 
    take the chance to give some of your favorite jobs a boost. I was able to get 
    my White Mage from level 3 to level 5 with a single walkthrough of the first 
    10 levels.
    As far as gear, hold onto a thunder saddle for future dungeons, but you can 
    sell the others (you should be killing those annoying magic pots before they 
    get a chance to steal from you). The Lightweight Saddle that you found in 
    Shirma's dungeon, however, makes a great supplement to fuse to your current 
    saddle if you have a free seal slot - its ability keeps you from getting 
    hungry as quickly, and in long dungeons like this that can be a blessing.
    Light Guardian's Dungeon Floors 11-20                                  [4.11]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Emerald Gear, Holy Talons, Silence Gear, Absolute Saddle
    Monsters: Red Scissors, Coeul, Magic Pot, Grenade, Lizard, Cockatrice, 
    Bloodbones, Cactuar, Light Elemental
    Boss: None
    The second stage of the clocktower is similar to the first with a slight 
    change in monsters. You can find the Emerald gear here, which is a great 
    upgrade until you get the ruby gear. The Holy Talons can protect you from 
    curses if you are getting annoyed by that. The Absolute Saddle is vendor 
    trash, really.
    Nothing too different in the monsters. You may notice that the Cactuars are 
    green, as opposed to the brown dry cactuars you saw earlier. These new 
    cactuars are less likely to run from you and so can be both a bigger threat 
    and easier to catch if you are intent on killing the short, spiky fiends. 
    Also, note that though the Red Scissors can try to rust your gear like their 
    previous cousins, if you are wearing any of the gear made of non-metals 
    (coral, topaz, emerald, ruby, etc.) they are automatically protected from 
    rust, so you can unseal the anti-rust seal that you got from the gold items if 
    you still have them on.
    Light Guardian's Dungeon Floors 21-30                                  [4.12]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Elemental Slayer Talons
    Jobs: Dark Knight
    Monsters: Belial, Light Elemental, Magic Pot, Cactuar, Mandragora, Malboro, 
    Master Tonberry, Simurgh, Queen Coeul
    Boss: Croma Shadow, Croma
    Are you noticing a pattern yet? Every temple has 10 more floors and there is 
    always a confrontation with Croma on the 10th floor before the final boss. So 
    it shouldn't surprise you that you're on the last stretch before you get to 
    meet your friend again.
    The monsters have gotten harder again. The Coeul has become the Queen Coeul 
    and the Mandra has grown into the Mandragora (I wonder if anyone else calls 
    them manDRAGora? *cough*.Hack//sign*cough*?) The Belial is similar to the 
    demons you saw earlier and the Cockatrice has been replaced by the Simurgh. 
    New names aside, they are all simply higher level versions of what you've 
    faced all along. Wipe the map with them and continue on. 
    If you find the Elemental Slayer Talons, by all means try out fusing them to 
    your current equipment if you have a free seal slot. They allow you to do 2 
    points of damage instead of 1 to each elemental you fight. It shortens the 
    fights considerably - 2 hits instead of 4 to kill the Light Elementals if 
    you're well-equiped.
    Light Guardian's Dungeon Floors 31-40                                  [4.13]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Dia, Holy, Trident Talons, Life Saddle
    Monsters: Ahriman, Queen Coeul, Iron Giant Steel, Light Elemental, Master 
    Tonberry, Thunder Dragon
    Boss: Alexander
    The last run of floors before the final boss shouldn't hold too much to 
    surprise you. The Ahriman is the next generation of floaters, the Dragon has 
    made another appearance and the Iron Giant has grown up a little. Nothing you 
    can't handle.
    This section of the Light Guardian's temple will likely provide more job 
    growth potential than you've yet seen, so take advantage of it. If you are 
    determined to get all of your jobs to level 8 and haven't yet, this is a great 
    place to do it. Even if you aren't obsessed about maximizing every job, if you 
    can bear to traverse floors 31-40 several different times using a different 
    job each time, you'll find that it'll make things easier in the long run. I 
    especially suggest giving the White Mage a run or two, which shouldn't be too 
    painful since these long temple dungeons are made for the white mage with its 
    healing abilities.
    Note: Don't forget to return to Lostime long enough to fuse the Trident Talons 
    and Life Saddle if you find them - they both have very nifty seals to help you 
    along your way.
    Just like the other guardian fights, this one will let you choose a different 
    job before going in. Know that this fight is going to be tougher than most 
    you've faced so far if you don't handle it right. You might be tempted to use 
    the Dark Knight (dark vs. holy, right?) but the Dark Knight is actually a hard 
    job to handle, at least in my opinion. It deals a lot of damage, but has a 
    lower defense and no healing abilities. Alexander is a hard-hitting robot with 
    two small mechanical friends, so defense or healing will be a good idea for 
    this fight. Likewise, I found that the Black Mage, though the best bet for 
    previous guardian battles, isn't as effective against Alexander. Ironically, 
    the spell that appears to do the most damage against Alexander, the Guardian 
    of Light... is Holy. Go figure.
    If you've been following my advice and using the White Mage throughout the 
    various temples, it shouldn't be too hard to get it up to level 7 before the 
    Alexander fight (I took it into floor 31 at level 5 and it hit level 7 on 
    floor 38). This gives you the all-powerful holy spell, which will give you a 
    huge leg up with this fight.
    Assuming you walk into the battle as a Holy-wielding White Mage, step forward 
    until Alexander is within Holy range (ignore his friends) and blast him. In 
    your next turn, blast him again. Take a few turns to heal yourself (I'd 
    suggest using a Hi-Potion to save your SPs and an ether to boost your SPs), 
    then you should be about ready to send off another Holy. Finish him off with a 
    Dia or whatever else you prefer and he should go down without too much more 
    fuss. Note that if you let the battle go too much longer than that, the damage 
    you take will start stacking up. He's not a push-over.
    Here are some melee tactics that I have received from other people:
    1. Dark knight. "I managed to beat it with my lvl 42 chocobo, with the dark 
    knight job at lvl 3. All I did was cast slow (from a spellbook), cast haste 
    (from a haste drink), and then run up to him and bash the crap out of him! I 
    was getting 4 strikes for his 1, and the dark knight's lvl2 Dark ability did 
    quite a bit of damage." (Thanks to Matthew Field)
    "I recommend using a strong pair of talons and fusing Tri onto them. I started 
    the battle by using a phoenix down. Then walk straight up to Alexander and use 
    Dark as many times as you can. Once he uses Holy Judgment, the 2 arms should 
    be 1 hit away (with tri, you can hit both of them at once), then they should 
    die. Then Alexander is delayed a turn to revive them and you can sneak up and 
    use Dark until you are near death. I let Chocobo die and repeated these 
    steps." (Thanks to Luke)
    Timptation adds: "I just beat Alexander with a level 2 Dark Knight and level 
    40 chocobo. I just used the leviathan magicite to take out the arms and 
    stocked about 5 hi-potions." (Thanks to Timptation)
    2. Dragoon. "I was able to beat him fairly handily with the Dragoon; it only 
    took 2 hits with Gungnir to take him down." (Thanks to Scott Lewis) (Also 
    confirmed by Jay Money and Brandon Johnson)
                               Dark Skies, Bright Earth
    Dark Guardian's Dungeon Floors 1-10                                    [5.01]
    Floors: 10
    Monsters: Panther, Dark Eye, Doom Knight, Cryptonberry, Napalm, Darksteel, 
    Goblin Prince, Great Malboro, Basilisk
    Boss: None
    The first section of the dark dungeon is a basic step up from what you've done 
    so far. If you've been keeping up on your training and equipment, it shouldn't 
    be very hard. The traps are all the ones you've come to know and love, though 
    there seem to be more than usual. The monsters should be familiar as well - in 
    fact a couple will look especially familiar if you've completed Volg's 
    At level 11, you'll reach a jump point and can return straight to that floor 
    if you leave.
    Dark Guardian's Dungeon Floors 11-20                                   [5.02]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Diamond gear
    Monsters: Medusa, Darksteel, Goblin Prince, Great Malboro, Gigantuar, Sahagin 
    Zombie, Moloch
    Boss: Ifrit
    On the 11th floor, you'll find two white glowing portals. One will lead to the 
    duel room, the other to merchant X. (Sometimes I've found there to be only one 
    portal, but usually there are two.) Good luck figuring out which one is which. 
    However, this is a great place to get a mountain of job points. If you find 
    the duel room, chances are that you'll face the mini cactuar in a game of hide 
    and seek. Make sure you have a ranged attack and try to corner him. You have 
    to hit him 5 times to kill him and when you do, he'll drop around 1000 job 
    points! If you want to farm the guy, you can then escape the dungeon and 
    return, jumping to the 11th floor and returning to the white portal. It might 
    be frustrating and tedious (about half the time you'll get merchant X), so 
    it's up to you whether it's worth it.
    The monsters on these next few floors are a little more challenging, but that 
    shouldn't be a surprise. The Medusas like to use confusion and stun techniques 
    and the Great Malboro's foul breath can also leave status ailments. 
    This is also where you'll start seeing Diamond Talons and Diamond Saddles. 
    While you progress through the next ten floors, you might find one piece, but 
    not the other. Don't fret - you do not mind spending money, you'll be happy to 
    know that Merchant X's shop on the 11th floor will sell the diamond gear to 
    you as well.
    When you reach the 20th floor, you'll meet Ifrit, a mini-boss similar to your 
    duel room bosses. You don't get to change jobs before fighting Ifrit, but it 
    shouldn't be a problem. He is vulnerable to ice, so if you are using the 
    dragoon or black mage, you can use that to your advantage. You can also use 
    items such as the blizzard book. I was using the knight job, however, and I 
    was easily able to defeat Ifrit with basic attacks and one use of a hi-potion.
    Dark Guardian's Dungeon Floors 21-30                                   [5.03]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Platinum gear
    Monsters: Bandercoeul, Dark Elemental, Poisontoad, Gigantuar, Red Gazer, Flan 
    Boss: Shiva
    There are another two white portals on the 21st floor. Merchant X's shop sells 
    the Platinum gear while the duel room could pit you against the cryptonberry 
    or the mini cactuar. The mini cactuar fight is identical to the one on the 
    11th floor, so if you are tired of farming the 11th floor duel room, you can 
    try this one.
    This section is where you will meet the Gigantuar and the Flan Princess. The 
    Gigantuar is a huge cactuar and in many ways will act identical to all the 
    other cactuars you've met. He will run away and shoot you with his two ranged 
    attacks. The differences are that his attacks do a bit more damage than his 
    smaller relatives and he's slightly less likely to run away than other 
    cactuars. The flan princess can be extremely annoying if you aren't prepared. 
    If you are equipped with powerful talons, such as fully honed diamond or 
    platinum, you'll be fine, but with anything less, you'll likely find her hard 
    to damage and slow to kill. Luckily, she deals a bit less damage than she 
    takes, so she's not overly dangerous unless you are seriously underleveled or 
    At the end of this boss, you'll meet Shiva. She's vulnerable to fire and loves 
    to block your movement with ice shards then fly away from you. Because of 
    this, ranged attacks will be the best bet for defeating her, but if you don't 
    have access to fire spells or abilities, you should still be able to take her 
    down with whatever physical attacks and non-elemental abilities that you have.
    Dark Guardian's Dungeon Floors 31-40                                   [5.04]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Dark Gear
    Monsters: Red Gazer, Dark Basilisk, Flan Princess, Assault Scissors, Magic 
    Pot, Lilith, Genbu, Cactequilla, Iron Giant Gold
    Boss: Ramuh
    NOTE: At this point, if you leave the dungeon and come back, you'll need to 
    use the portal on the left of the entrance to get to level 31 (and 41).
    There are a few new monsters in this section, such as the Lilith and Genbu 
    from Volg's memories and the gold version of the Iron Giant. The cactequilla 
    looks a little like the dry cactuar with the exception of the flower on its 
    head. One thing that most of these monsters have in common is an improved 
    defense. Even with fully fused Platinum gear at level 65, it took me several 
    basic attacks to take down most monsters. The special abilities are more 
    affective (such as Shuriken which can usually one- or two-shot the monsters), 
    but it still can be dangerous if you aren't careful.
    At level 40, you face off against the last of the mini-bosses, the thunder 
    beast, Ramuh. He will summon thunder orbs to attack you. The orbs are very 
    easy to kill, but he will summon them indefinitely, so don't bother with them 
    unless they get in your way. Your target is Ramuh, so throw whatever attacks 
    that you have at him until he goes down.
    Dark Guardian's Dungeon Floors 41-50                                   [5.05]
    Floors: 10
    Items: Titanium gear
    Monsters: Lilith, Dark Elemental, Malboro King, Iron Giant Gold, Balrog, Dark 
    Boss: The Destroyer; Magic Beast of Darkness
    This is the last leg of the Dark Guardian's Dungeon, and the eerie floor 
    designs give you a sense of what you are getting yourself into. Take the time 
    to search every floor until you pick up the Titanium talons and saddle, 
    because Merchant X does not sell these pieces. When you have found them, I 
    suggest escaping the dungeon and taking the time to upgrade your equipment. 
    Then save. This is the last chance you have to save before the end of the 
    game. Consider yourself warned.
    Warp back to the 41st floor and head downward. There are a couple of new 
    monsters, such as the Malboro King and the Balrog, which is a larger version 
    of the Moloch (and likes to drain your SPs as much as the Moloch did). The 
    Dark Dragon is quite possibly the most powerful beast you will find, so 
    quickly finish him off with special abilities and save yourself the pain of an 
    out-and-out fight.
    On floor 49, you find the job change crystal. That's your cue that the big guy 
    waits for you just beyond, so take the time to get your bearings. There are 
    really only two things that you *MUST* have for the fight against the 
    *Ranged Attacks
    If you've been collecting the Angel Robes, you'll have several MBarriers at 
    your disposal, but I still suggest picking either the White Mage or Black Mage 
    job, assuming you have leveled them far enough to gain the MBarrier spell. 
    Once you are ready, jump into the portal and get ready to face your destiny.
    Boss: The Destroyer
    Don't waist your abilities or items when this battle first starts. He'll 
    approach, then he'll slaughter you. Game over.
    Just kidding. Enjoy the cinematic, then get ready to start the battle again. 
    This time there is a glowing square in front of you. That is a refreshing 
    spell that will refill your SPs if you are empty. If you still have SPs left, 
    it will "fail", but it never runs out, so you can continue to use it whenever 
    you need to throughout the battle.
    The first half of the battle is against the Destroyer and his dark sword. He 
    won't give you many chances to hit him in melee, so use ranged attacks 
    instead. If you decided to use the White Mage, protect can be very helpful in 
    lowering the damage you take. Holy does decent damage, so you shouldn't have 
    problems hurting him. Heal yourself as necessary and keep going.
    After you defeat the Destroyer, he changes into... well, the destroyer. This 
    is the destroyer that you've seen in various visions throughout the game, 
    except now he has two metal contraptions on his shoulders. Don't let him scare 
    you, though - you have an ace up your sleeve. 
    This is where the MBarrier comes into play. As soon as combat starts, put that 
    barrier up. If it ever goes down (which it will do every 3 or 4 turns), put it 
    up again. The Magical Beast of Darkness (as he is now called), will move 
    around a bit and will periodically "gather power." That's your cue that the 
    world is about to explode. If you have MBarrier up, you will take 0 damage. 
    Congratulations, you've basically removed the destroyer's teeth. Now all that 
    is left is for you to beat him into submission - but don't forget to put that 
    MBarrier up every time it goes down. The glowing square is still there, so use 
    it whenever you need to regenerate your SP, or you can use an ether. Again, 
    Holy does decent damage against the god of darkness.
    Once the Magical Beast goes down, sit back and enjoy the show. You've earned 
    it. Congratulations on beating the game, and don't forget to let the credits 
    scroll completely so that you can enjoy the post-game challenges!
    Jobs:           Level:                      Gear:
    Natural          7                          Titanium Talons +44
    Knight           7                             Seals: Cash, Item, Elemental
    Dragoon          7                                    Basher, Tri, Anti-rust
    Dark Knight      6                          Titanium Saddle +44
    Ninja            7                             Seals: Skinny, Quiet, Evade,
    Black Mage       6                                    Anti-poison, Anti-rust, 
    Scholar          7                                    Experience
    White Mage       7                          SP Collar
    Dancer           7
    NOTE: This information is here for those of you who are struggling with this 
    dungeon and want to know what level I was at when I finished it. Please don't 
    e-mail me with your amazing chocobo stats, because while I'm sure it's better 
    than mine, that's my point really. You don't have to be perfect or have maxed 
    out every stat to complete this game.
                                  Post-game Dungeons
    Spectral Dungeon ***SPECIAL***                                         [6.01]
    Special: Maze of Undead
    Maximum Level: 1
    Floors: 10
    Items: Flasks, Spectral book, Greens
    Monsters: Souls, souls, souls and more souls
    Boss: Sahagin's Soul
    The spectral dungeon and the other 5 special dungeons are actually accessible 
    before the end of the game, but I'm putting their information here because 
    they are additional challenges and not part of the main story-line (and 
    because I didn't complete them until after I finished the game).
    This dungeon can be quite a challenge depending on your luck, and it might 
    take you several times to make it through. Pick a job class with some decent 
    low-cost abilities, such as the ninja or the knight. I, personally, found the 
    Dancer to be most effective. 
    Every level is filled with undead and more undead. Try to clear every floor 
    and kill all the undead that you find, because many of them will drop potions. 
    These aren't just healing flasks for you, but your front line offense against 
    the undead - every potion that you kick at an undead will deal 80 points of 
    damage, automatically killing nearly every undead you face (except the boss)! 
    Keep this tip in mind, but don't overdo it. As you get further in the dungeon, 
    the monsters will get tougher, so save as many of the potions as you can.
    If you die a couple times in attempting this dungeon, don't fret. You really 
    don't lose anything, since you didn't come into the dungeon with anything to 
    begin with. Just keep trying. Sometimes you'll have horrible luck and not find 
    any potions. Other times you'll find plenty. Just keep at it and don't give 
    The boss is a Sahagin's Soul, which is the game's way of saying it's a giant 
    3x3 Sahagin who just happens to be undead. Hopefully you've been saving those 
    potions, because you're going to need them. The Sahagin is powerful and has a 
    lot of hit points. Your potions will probably be the most effective attack you 
    have, but unless you've been really frugal you will probably not have enough 
    to kill him with potions alone. The Sahagin's one weakness is that he seems to 
    have only melee attacks, so a good knockback technique will benefit you here. 
    The dancer job is made for that, so he's the best job I found for fighting the 
    Sahagin. If you found a haste drink during your travels through the dungeon, 
    use it. Then you can knock him back and kick a potion at him every turn. When 
    your potions are gone, or when you start running out of SPs, slip in some uses 
    of your Charge ability as well. It's going to be a tough fight, but it can be 
    NOTE: The only thing you get for defeating the Sahagin Soul is a Spectral book 
    - but you can get those books throughout the dungeon, more if you brought a 
    thief to steal from the souls. So, there's actually no need for you to 
    complete this dungeon unless you are absolutely determined to. Just farm the 
    first level for Spectral books, escape and come back for more!
    "If you chose to take [the White Mage] through the spectral dungeon, "dia", 
    when used sparingly, can be a decent way to dispatch a few undead and "holy" 
    should do about 240 damage to the boss with one cast, which is basically like 
    kicking three potions at it in one turn." (Thanks to Eric Provost)
    Vicious Dungeon ***SPECIAL***                                          [6.02]
    Special: Defeat Enemies in the V
    Maximum Level: 1
    Floors: 4
    Items: Flasks, books, Vicious Talons, Vicious book
    Monsters: Tonberry V, Turtle V, Iron Giant V, Lamia V
    Boss: Belial V
    In the Vicious Dungeon, there are 3 floors of monsters. On each of the first 
    two floors, you face two large mini-bosses at the same time. On the third, you 
    face the dungeon's boss. When choosing a job for this dungeon, you want 
    something with an area of effect ability (i.e. an ability that can damage 2 
    enemies at once) but also something that has a good basic attack.
    For the first four monsters, I suggest letting them approach you until they 
    are next to one another, then blast them (or smack them or whatever your 
    preferred special attack is). It might take 2 or three hits before they go 
    down, but it's okay. When they are dead, collect the loot, then use the 
    technique from one of the earlier special dungeons and run in place (A+B) 
    until you've regained your SPs. Then hop down the hole to the next level. 
    Repeat this until you get to the boss.
    The Belial is like most demons and loves to suck your SPs dry. Hit him hard 
    until he does so, then keep whacking at him with basic attacks. If you have 
    picked up some items, feel free to use them, and hopefully he'll go down 
    before you do.
    "I found the thief to be very effective. First use "artful move" if you have 
    it. If not, start off with my next suggested attack "poison needles" on both 
    enemies once you are in range, then "blinding needles" to tip the odds 
    completely in your favor. I've also found poisoning the last boss of the 
    vicious dungeon to be practically a necessity along with kicking salt water at 
    him." (Thanks to Eric Provost)
    Lightning Dungeon ***SPECIAL***                                        [6.03]
    Special: Defeat bosses
    Maximum Level: 1
    Floors: 8
    Items: Flasks, Lightning book
    Bosses: Lightning bomb, Lightning Dragon, Lightning Flan, Lightning Mandra
    NOTE: I struggled quite a bit with this dungeon. In the end, I found a 
    technique that works, but it is possible I have made things harder than they 
    should be. If you have a great technique for one of the bosses in this 
    dungeon, let me know!
    Welcome to the annoying Lightning Dungeon. This dungeon is similar to Volg's 
    Memories, except there are only 4 bosses and you are only level 1. The key is 
    to find the right job for each boss. Here's what worked for me:
    Boss #1: Lightning Bomb
    Job: White Mage lvl 7
    Holy will destroy the bomb before he can act. Don't worry, the other bosses 
    get much harder. Be sure to pick up the loot (yes, even the salt water!) 
    before you continue.
    Boss #2: Lightning Dragon
    Job: Dark Knight lvl 5
    Darkness does decent damage to the Lightning Dragon and it uses only 1 SP. 
    Cast it continually until the dragon gets into melee range. 4 castings of 
    darkness should be enough to defeat the dragon, but if you start taking 
    damage, drain works even better. The catch is that drain only does as much 
    damage as you need healing, so you have to let the dragon damage you 
    significantly to justify using drain. Nevertheless, if you are hurt, drain 
    will help finish the dragon off. Collect the loot and continue on.
    Boss #3: Lightning Flan
    Job: Dancer lvl 6
    The lightning flan can be super annoying. He splits into baby flan and they 
    split into more baby flan and before you know it you are surrounded by 10-15 
    flan. Yeah... ow. The dancer job can either make this battle really easy, or 
    get you killed really fast. What I suggest is that you approach the flan and 
    get him a couple good kicks. When you have 3 flan around you, pirouette. You 
    now have 6 flan around you. Pirouette again and you should have almost 10 
    little friends. Now that you have the flan split into so many different 
    entities, use that to your advantage. Dancing blades will deal roughly 115 
    points of damage to each flan, which should be enough to kill them all. If 
    not, you can try killing the ones who are left, but if they start reproducing 
    again, you're likely going to need to try the dungeon again. I've never had 
    the Dancing Blades fail me, though, so it shouldn't be a problem.
    Boss #4: Lightning Mandra
    Job: Black Mage?
    This not-so-little guy gave me fits. He takes no damage from physical or 
    magical attacks. The only thing I can find that does any damage to him is 
    items. But you don't have any items - oh, wait you do! Remember all that loot 
    you picked up along the way? You should have a total of 6 Salt Water flasks (2 
    from each floor). It doesn't matter how many times you do this dungeon, you'll 
    always find 2 flasks of salt water on every floor. Coincidence? I don't think 
    The Mandra has 40 hitpoints. Each flask does 5 points of damage when kicked at 
    him. You have 6 flasks of salt water. You do the math. Problem? Luckily for 
    you, there just so happen to be two more flasks of salt water on this floor. 
    You need to get around the Mandra to pick up those flasks, then kick every one 
    of them at him.
    How you get to the flasks is up to you. He is susceptible to sleep, so you can 
    use that or a speed-inducing ability. You can also try confusion or slow on 
    the Lightning Mandra, but I don't know for sure that they will work. I know 
    this system is a big complicated, but it does work, and I can't think of any 
    other reason why there would be exactly 2 salt water flasks on every floor of 
    this dungeon. If you have a better suggestion, please e-mail me.
    "For the Lightning Dungeon, White Mage is all I can say. If you have "holy" 
    before going through, you've practically one already. Even at level 1, "holy" 
    should be a one hit kill for the first two fights and a two hit kill against 
    the lightning flan, and if you've waited long enough to have gotten "holy", 
    before facing this dungeon, then you should have the 6 points to cast it 
    twice. And the final boss there also seemed to fall pretty easily to the 
    poison and blind strategy [from the vicious dungeon]. (Thanks to Eric Provost)
    Hero's Challenge 1 ***SPECIAL***                                       [6.04]
    Special: Defeat the Phoenix
    Maximum Level: 50
    Floors: 2
    Items: Flasks only
    Bosses: Phoenix
    These hero challenges pit you against familiar bosses, without the aid of any 
    items. The bosses are scaled up quite a bit and the fight can be brutal. The 
    first one is against the Phoenix. One of the best tactics with these monsters 
    is the use of drain, which can do as much damage as you have taken - and heal 
    you at the same time. The Phoenix has the added annoyance of the vultures that 
    he summons. You might consider choosing a job that can do an area affect 
    ability to defeat all of the vultures at once. The Vultures also tend to evade 
    attacks quite often, but the good news is that they usually drop items. Pick 
    them up whenever you can - you'll need them.
    The dark knight can be a good job for this fight, because he has the highest 
    attack power and the lowest defense - and he has the drain blade. Don't worry 
    if you aren't doing a great deal of damage to the Phoenix with your kicks, 
    because the drain blade is where most of your damage is going to come from. 
    Let your HP drop to a quarter or so before using the ability to get the most 
    out of it. And definitely take down the Vultures in the hopes that they'll 
    drop an ether or two.
    Hero's Challenge 2 ***SPECIAL***                                       [6.05]
    Special: Defeat the Leviathan
    Maximum Level: 50
    Floors: 2
    Items: Flasks only
    Bosses: Leviathan
    The Leviathan waits for you on the second Hero's Challenge. The Leviathan's 
    attacks are the same, though a bit more brutal. There will be 2 flasks around 
    the floor, but unlike the Phoenix, the Leviathan won't drop any more. I would 
    suggest grabbing the white mage for this fight. Your MBarrier is affective 
    against the Leviathan's whirlpool and tidal wave, but the barrier doesn't last 
    long and it's really a waste of SP. Instead, pull out all the stops and start 
    casting Holy. When your SP runs out, drink your flasks and hope that one of 
    them is an ether. If you need more SP, kicking the Leviathan will boost your 
    regeneration rate a little. The white mage's SP regeneration is already pretty 
    good, though, so you shouldn't have any problem finishing him off. Dia is also 
    effective against the Leviathan, but not as effective as Holy.
    Hero's Challenge 3 ***SPECIAL***                                       [6.06]
    Special: Defeat Alexander
    Maximum Level: 50
    Floors: 2
    Items: Flasks only
    Bosses: Alexander
    Alexander is ridiculously easy if you use the right attack. The Dragoon's 
    Gungnir ability will take almost half of Alexander's hitpoints, assuming you 
    are atleast level 50. After you hit him twice with Gungnir, exchange basic 
    blows until you get enough SP to cast Gungnir again and finish him off.
    Chocobo's Memories Floors 1-19                                         [6.07]
    Floors: 19
    Items: Several new books (Holy, Meteor, etc.), Adaman gear
    Monsters: Every shade
    Boss: Behemoth
    Welcome to Chocobo's Memories, the infamous 100 level dungeon. This dungeon is 
    really a replay of the entire game on fast forward. Most sections have 20 
    floors (with the exception of this one which has 19, don't ask me why). Every 
    10 floors has a jump point and every 20 (or so) has a boss. This dungeon is 
    the logical next step after the Dark Guardian's Dungeon. By progressing 
    through these levels, you should be able to go from level 65 (or whatever 
    level you finished the game at) to level 90+ without too much trouble. Unlike 
    most major dungeons, I'm going to split this one into every 20 floors, which 
    basically represent 1 chapter of the game. Ready? Here goes.
    Floors 1-19 follow the prologue and first chapter of the game. The Dungeon is 
    a collection of the different memory dungeons that you've done and is filled 
    with all of the different shades that you've fought (I'm not going to list 
    them all.) Continue to level up your Chocobo and your jobs. On the 10th floor 
    you'll find a jump point, and on the 19th floor, you'll meet Behemoth. 
    The Behemoth likes to use warcry to increase his attack and meteor to deal 
    significant damage. How you defeat him really depends on the job you are 
    currently using, and I encourage you to take this opportunity to be creative. 
    Try out some new abilities and special attacks. You have items to help you if 
    you get in a fix, but while some attacks may be more effective than others, 
    this is really little more than a battle of brute force (physical or magical).
    Chocobo's Memories Floors 20-39                                        [6.08]
    Floors: 20
    Items: More new books, Crystal gear, Ribbon Collar
    Monsters: Fire Guardian's dungeon monsters
    Boss: Phoenix
    At level 20, you'll reach another jump point and you'll find yourself in 
    chapter 2: the fire guardian's dungeon. On the 20th floor, you'll likely find 
    a white portal or two leading to Merchant X or the duel room. Sometimes you'll 
    find the duel room on the 22nd floor as well. You'll also find the Crystal 
    gear in this section of the dungeon, so be sure to collect that. At the 30th 
    floor you'll find another jump point. Feel free to escape the dungeon to sell 
    gear and upgrade equipment if you like, then continue on.
    The boss on floor 39 is another old friend, the phoenix. She really is no 
    different than you remember, except she's been leveled up enough to be a 
    challenge. You don't have a chance to change jobs before your fight with the 
    phoenix, so you can either back out and change jobs, then return from the 30th 
    floor, or you can fight her as you are. Once again, I encourage you to be 
    creative. Step out of your comfort zone. You know the Phoenix, how she works, 
    and you are fully prepared with new items and well-made gear. So, don't spend 
    too much time worrying about what job to use. Just do it.
    For those of you who want a refresher, the Phoenix has the ability to summon 
    1-3 friends (all of whom can easily be killed with 1 or 2 hits). She can set 
    the floor tiles on fire (just move out of the way onto one that's not on 
    fire). And she will sometimes fly out of melee range. She'll return, though, 
    so just be patient. She can also heal herself a little, but it shouldn't be 
    enough to keep up with the damage you'll be dealing. For those of you who 
    doubt me, I fought her as a lvl 7 knight, which might be the least effective 
    class against her (other than the Scholar). I took out the friends she 
    summoned with multiple target abilities, then waited for her to come in close 
    to give her a beating. Wash, rinse, repeat. That's just what I did - I 
    encourage you to use a job that you aren't intimately familiar with to fight 
    Chocobo's Memories Floors 40-59                                        [6.09]
    Floors: 20
    Items: Oriculum gear
    Monsters: Water Guardian's dungeon monsters
    Boss: Leviathan
    Things don't seem to be quite as predictable from here on out. There is a jump 
    point at the 40th floor, and if you leave and return, you'll need to use the 
    jump portal on the left side of the entrance. The white warp portals will 
    typically appear on the 40th floor, but they will also show up at various 
    points throughout the water temple. Also, there is no jump point at level 50, 
    so be prepared to push through all 20 levels before you escape from the 
    dungeon. (That said, if you need to retreat, do not hesitate to do so. The 
    floors aren't horribly huge and retracing your steps can only give you more 
    gear and experience.)
    The monsters get a little more difficult depending on your level and abilities 
    and gear. The traps get more prominent as well, but it's likely that you've 
    stumbled across the ribbon collar by this point, and that will protect you 
    from almost all of the traps that you'll find.
    The boss is your old friend, Leviathan. Like all of the previous bosses, you 
    do not have the opportunity to change jobs before the boss, so jump in and do 
    your best. His tactics haven't changed, and he still uses the tidepool to spin 
    you around the floor and tsunami to knock you back. Because of that, ranged 
    attacks will give you an edge, but aren't absolutely necessary. If you have 
    some Ifrit magicite from the duel rooms in the fire guardian's dungeon, they 
    can help, but brute force works well, too. You might have to heal yourself a 
    couple times during the battle, but after 20 floors of water temple, your bags 
    should be bursting with X-potions and other items that you can use. As an 
    example, I defeated him by using the Dark Knight and letting him damage me 
    while I worked my way into melee range, then using Drain Blade to heal myself 
    and do damage to him. Not the most graceful of victories, but it made the 
    battle entertaining, and it worked.
    Chocobo's Memories Floors 60-79                                        [6.10]
    Floors: 20
    Items: Dalmasca Gear, King's Gear, Map Collar
    Monsters: Light Guardian's dungeon monsters
    Boss: Alexander
    There seems to be a rather steep rise in difficulty at the beginning of the 
    Light Guardian's section. On the 60th floor you'll find a jump point and a 
    white portal, so try to find Merchant X and pick up the Dalmasca gear from 
    him. If you need to escape and revamp your equipment, the Dalmasca saddle and 
    talons will give you a big boost in attack and defense.
    Like the previous dungeon, you will not find a jump portal on the 70th floor. 
    During the second half of the dungeon, you will likely find the King's gear 
    and maybe even a map collar. The map collar will show you the map of every 
    floor you reach, which can be helpful. It's your choice whether you would like 
    to use that or the ribbon collar.
    Alexander is waiting for you on the 79th floor. He hasn't changed a bit, and 
    will still pack a punch if you aren't prepared. Ignore his arms and focus on 
    him, healing when necessary. 
    Chocobo's Memories Floors 80-100                                       [6.11]
    Floors: 21
    Items: Genji gear, Ultima Talons, Omega Saddle, Volg's Saddle, Irma's Talons
    Monsters: Dark Guardian's dungeon monsters
    Boss: Bahamut
    If you thought the last few floors were tough, they only get tougher. Spend 
    some time gaining experience and collecting loot. During the first 10 floors, 
    you might find the Genji gear, and towards the end scour the floors for the 
    Ultima Talons and the Omega Saddle - they are the best equipment in the game. 
    Once you have those pieces, return to Freja to hone/fuse them. Level up some 
    more if you need to, then take the plunge towards floor 99. 
    One of the most annoying things about these last floors will be your hunger 
    gauge. Several months like to sap your food level and rot your greens, and the 
    dungeon floors are ripe with hunger traps, many of them invisible. To 
    complicate matters, most of the greens you pick up will be sleepy greens or 
    some other nasty type. One way to handle this is to keep the ribbon collar on. 
    It won't keep the monsters or traps from draining your hunger levels, but it 
    will allow you to eat all of the greens that you find with almost no side 
    effects (the exception being the shrinking greens). It's also wise to head 
    into these floors with a few extra gysahl greens just in case. 
    Of the other loot that you find, make sure you hold onto the Angel's Robes. 
    They will come in handy later.
    NOTE: This is the point at which I finished maxing out all of my jobs. I was 
    also level 87 when I finally arrived at the 99th floor.
    When you are finally ready to hit the last boss, don't worry about loot or 
    exploring each floor, unless you really want to gain the extra experience. If 
    you head straight to each staircase, you should have no trouble getting to the 
    end with very little fuss.
    At the end is your old friend, The Destroyer... wait, that's not right. Unlike 
    the entire rest of the dungeon, this last boss isn't a revisit of a previous 
    boss, but rather a monster that you've never seen before (in this game 
    anyway). Bahamut roars a challenge at you and it's up to you to meet it.
    Bahamut is a creature of darkness, so a holy-wielding white mage isn't a bad 
    choice. Also, MBarrier will block almost all of Bahamut's attacks, but if 
    you've been collecting Angel's Robes, that shouldn't be a problem. Even if you 
    brought the white mage or black mage, I wouldn't waist SP on casting their 
    MBarrier unless you run out of the Angel's Robes.
    Other than the white mage, just about any class can be effective here. If 
    you've been experimenting all along, you'll know what you like. Like most 
    bosses, drain is exceptionally effective, so a dark knight or black mage are 
    other possible choices. 
    Croma's Future ***SPECIAL***                                           [6.12]
    Special: Defeat the Croma Shades
    Maximum Level: 90
    Floors: 5
    Items: Flasks only
    Bosses: Croma Shades
    Croma's dungeon is the only memory dungeon that isn't available until after 
    the game is over (other than the 100 floor dungeon, of course). The maximum 
    level for the dungeon is 90, so that should tell you something. I'd suggest 
    doing the 100 floor dungeon first.
    Croma's dungeon is actually pretty quick. There are 3 typical dungeon floors 
    filled with various shades. All of the monsters are especially weak against 
    magical attacks, so the black mage is perfect for this dungeon (by weak 
    against magical attacks, I mean that a level 90 black mage can kill every 
    monster here with a single hit of their 1st level fire ability). You can 
    search all of the floors for a drop or two and you might find a dry ether, or 
    you can head straight for the stairs until you hit the 4th floor. There you'll 
    meet three copies of Croma's Shade. They surround you and they will teleport 
    around if you get too close. Mbarrier is effective against the Shades' 
    attacks, but isn't really an efficient use of SPs. Once again, I'm going to 
    suggest going back to the staples - the fire spell and the drain spell. That's 
    it. Shoot 1 SP fire spells at one of them until they drain your hit points to 
    a quarter or so. Then use drain. Wash, rinse, repeat, and always keep 2 SPs 
    around for an emergency drain. SPs shouldn't be a problem, though, because you 
    regenerate them when you give damage or take damage - and believe me, you will 
    be taking damage.
                                   Credits                                 [CRDT]
    Thanks to Ivan Lay, Rednanaki, saj14sajB, CrimsonCerberus, Rhyus, Seth Brown, 
    Teasels, Timptation, Brandon Johnson, Sam Villa, Gunnar Poling, Violetfern, 
    Killy, Eric Provost, Crlaozwyn, Luke, Matthew Field, A Link to the Future, 
    Scott Lewis and the GameFAQs boards for support, corrections and suggestions!
    And most of all, massive amounts of THANKS goes to SquareEnix for providing us 
    with Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon!

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