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"Great and extremely funny!!!"

Let me be honest about this game, its great!!! and amazing and has great sense of humor, I recommend it if you liked the first one or you liked Mario party.

In this game, unlike the first one, you can choose 5 countries but one is locked, you can choose USA, England, China and South America each one has a list of minigames you can choose from, the list is a little minor but the minigames will keep you busy and they´re very fun, but not only that, you can choose a different character (sort of) other than Rayman, the bad thing is yes, only Rabbids but the good thing is that there´s a mode were you can customize the Rabbids with some stylish hair, clothes and even skin color, plus there are other clothes you can customize it as a splinter cell, assassin´s creed, and other easter eggs, but the bad thing is that you have to unlock the clothes by just beating records on the minigames on normal.

Other things that I forgot to mention that there´s a mode with 5 shooter-style minigames that the goal of the game is to shoot your way to the final boss with a plunger shooter-like gun just for kicks, its impressive at first but it gets old quickly because the controls are really slow.

Another game that you must be careful with your controller is in a rythm game were you can choose a guitar, the drums, the solo, even the microphone and other several instruments, each rythm game has a different instrument each with difficulty, songs include teenager in love, funky town, Smoke on the water, and so on, talking about the controller in the game that the controls are so sensitive that if you swing the nunchuk too hard, the game will mistake that you did two shakes and that will lose your combo, but still, the minigame is still fun as playing guitar hero.

And another thing is that you can customize your own games with your own trip, choosing the minigames you like and name the trip, its very important if you want to deal with you´re friends and if you don´t want to search the list all over again for just one favorite minigame.

Well there´s not much to talk about this game so if you have to buy a game that will keep you busy or you´re a hardcore gamer, this game is for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/11/08

Game Release: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (US, 11/15/07)

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