Anyone know a cheat for score multipliers?

  1. I need a cheat for x2 and x4.

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    redlion18 - 7 years ago

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  1. there are no cheats for gaining score multipliers. If you do insist on cheating, your going to have to find the power brick in one of the levels. Here is a list below telling you how to get it and how much it costs once you've found the power brick.

    P.S. The more score multipliers you use at the same time, The bigger the score multiplier gets!
    EX. Score X2 + Score X4 = Score X8

    NOTE: Use all score multipliers and it will turn into Score X3840!!!!!!!!!! Very useful for buying expensive characters and what not! I suggest finding each power brick in order. This means finding Score X2 and buying it first. use it to buy Score X4 once you get it and so on.

    Score X2 (1,250,000, Power Brick 24)
    Location: IV-6 (Rebel Attack) - At the end of the trench, on the back right
    side of the exhaust port's enclosure, is a small tucked away corner which
    has the brick.

    Score X4 (2,500,000, Power Brick 27)
    Location: V-3 (Falcon Flight) - In the first area, this one is behind the
    back right Star Destroyer as you look at it. Just fly around behind the
    bridge tower and you should pick it up eventually.

    Score X6 (5,000,000, Power Brick 30)
    Location: V-5 (Cloud City Trap) - You need a Bounty Hunter. In the first
    area, float to the back of the room, then use a TD on the bars to open the
    way to the brick.

    Score X8 (10,000,000, Power Brick 33)
    Location: VI-3 (Speeder Showdown) - You need a Shortie for this. At the
    landing platform, push the box into the left support pylon, then crawl into

    Score X10 (20,000,000, Power Brick 36)
    Location: VI-5 (Jedi Destiny) - Sith Force the eight red lights flanking the
    Emperor's throne. Do it quickly and the brick will appear above the throne.

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  1. Seriously? Why does all these people insist on cheating? They don't. If they really did, they put them up.

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