How can I reach canisters?

  1. Hi,
    Question 1: I am unable to 'smash' the lego brick pad to release the canister in Episode 5 chapter 5 - 'Cloud City Trap' - canister number 7. It just wont smash. I have tried different caracters in free play and a variety of weapons. The cheats say to 'down stab' but it just wont budge??? - Is there a program era - I have even tried rebooting the system....?

    Question 2: In episode 6, chapter 3 - "Speeder Showdown" - one of the canisters is caged up high and cannot be reached - there is no pads with red lights in the area to drop the cage. There is a "force" lever near it but I am unable to jump off the speeder to activate it. How do I get this canister????

    I have completed the whole game inStory mode and Free play with the exception of these two items - it would be very disappointing not to be able to finish.....
    Any help would be sooooo much appreciated.....

    User Info: Sophilptyltd

    Sophilptyltd - 9 years ago

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  1. The first, I believe you have to use a thermal detonator (or a droid with the Self-Destruct extra, which is easier) to get to the canister.

    The second, not sure which one you're referring to exactly, but you should either use a Sith to destroy the plants (which will reveal a grapple point) or use a bounty hunter to destroy the shiny objects (which will I think give you parts for a grapple point.)

    User Info: tiakalla

    tiakalla - 9 years ago 2 0


  1. For question one hit it with a bounty hunter bomb. For question 2 drive by it with a speeder, then you will reach that part eventually then pull the lever

    User Info: shyguy3000

    shyguy3000 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. in episode 1 chapter 5 how do I reach the last canister because no matter how hard I jump I can't reach it
    from sean :)

    User Info: jack-mod

    jack-mod - 8 years ago 0 0

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