How do I get to holorons on the ledges too high to jump to?

  1. During the level against Kota, there are 3 different ledges with holocrons on them but they are too high to double jump up to and there are no other ways to get there. I have stood on the T-fighter wings, on other objects and none are high enough. How in the world do I get them?

    User Info: saemmett

    saemmett - 6 years ago


  1. I just recently played through the game again (twice, actually, and both within a 36 hour span.) and I had a bit of a problem reaching some of them as well. However most hard-to-reach holocrons in the game have a "back way" to reaching them, or you have to use the force to either stack debris or containers on top of each other, or just use the force to lift the object and quickly jump on it after you have let it go (as it will hover for a few seconds.) It may seem difficult, but I guarantee that it is possible to reach all of them.

    User Info: ChaoticOblivion

    ChaoticOblivion - 6 years ago 0 0

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