Where can I find (all saber hilts)?

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  1. These are the chronological locations of the 9 lightsaber hilts. (I'm not sure who's they are so just look for em if your missing a few) The order will go: # of hilt-Mission Name-description
    1-The Master of Droids-metal overhang you must jump to, near the cliff before the door with an AT-St head near it
    2-Trial of insight-in the big room(the room you choose 3 different ways depending on what trial it is), next to the fallen pillar near the entrance on the left as you enter
    3-Destroy Shaak Ti-after beating the 2 rancor's, it's immediately to your left on an overhanging mushroom, also a lightsaber crystal is hidden in the rock formation
    4-Scum and Villainy-top of 2nd arch after the bar fight the alien bartender started
    5-Kota's Contact- after the 2nd At-St Fight, on the ground, kind of between the 2 stormtrooper outposts
    6-Liberation-after the Bull Rancor fight, it should be on the ground in front of you
    7-Imperial Shipyards-in the room the At-St breaks loose, destroy the 2 control panels and climb up the shaft they used to be in and jump to the ledge between the 2 sides
    8-City in the Clouds-on the ledge outside the window after the cut-scene introducing the axe-wielding alien
    9-Death Star-after the 1st bridge, force push the door across from the bridge that seems to lead nowhere

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  1. Collect every jedi holograms in each level to receive it.

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  2. Where can I get a cheat code that just gets me all of the lightsaber hilts?

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  3. There is a topic in the board about this.

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