Is there any difference in stats between characters?

  1. More specifically, If I choose Goku (End) as his base form, and the opponent is Goku (End) in Super Saiyan 3, will there be any difference in stats between the fighters? Will the health be different, will they have different base Ki, and will they do more damage or have higher defense?

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  1. For the most part, all characters have slightly different stats from each other(although some of them aren't so obvious, they are there.) For example...

    HP - Take a character like Recoome. He naturally starts off with 5 bars(4 extra little blocks above his first health bar, and then take into account his current health bar and you have 5.) Where as the normal amount for most characters is 4 health bars. However, there are even some who start off with only 3 health bars(characters like Goten, Kid Trunks, Saibamen, Cell Jr.) Simply put, it's possible that there may be health differences, so the best way to test it would be to go to ultimate training mode and first select Goku(End) in his base form, check his HP(and Ki while you're at it,) then exit. Then go back and pick Goku(End) SSJ3 and see if there is a difference.

    Ki bars - Yeah, for the most part some characters will have a different number of ki bars. Some may only start with 1 ki bar, where as another may very well start with 3. If you're really interested in knowing what the differences are between most characters, ultimate training mode is pretty good for that. Just pick the characters you intend to use.

    Melee power - "Melee" meaning physical attacks. And yeah, some characters do more damage than others with this. For instance, Ultimate Gohan does more damage than Chiaotzu in a combo. Believe it or not, some transformations actually do less than others though. For instance, Goku(End) SSJ2 does more melee damage than Goku(End) SSJ3. Weird, huh? It's not like a 100 points of damage matter too much though, considering that 1 bar of HP = 10,000. <_<

    B2 & UB power - "B2/UB" meaning special attacks(like Kamehameha - B2, and Spirit Bomb - UB.) To be honest, I'm not sure if there is a difference in power between characters, but that's mainly because most characters are different from each other in the kinds of B2's and UB's that they use. And even the ones that are similar are still a little bit different... so I'm just going to say I don't know.

    Ki charging - Believe it or not, some characters charge ki faster than others. I can't give any examples off the top of my head, but I know it's true. Then again, I hardly ever worry about charging ki since I get most of my ki through combos(ki builds up slowly with each punch and whatnot.)

    Speed - Some characters are naturally faster than others. An example is that Recoome is slower than Goku(any of Goku's forms, really.... except his Great Ape form, of course.) However, it's hard to tell exactly how fast most characters are, and they don't really give you a way to increase their speed either... but I just felt like mentioning this anyways.

    Defense - Yes, some characters have a better defense than others. Can't give any examples off the top of my head though, sorry.

    To be continued... yeah, I have a little bit more to say. <.<

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  2. Draconic Aura & Light/Power/Ultimate Body - I felt these were unique enough to mention here. First of all, it's important to know what Light/Power/Ultimate Body are. Basically, they are items that increase your resistance to flinching when getting hit by attacks. For example, Light Body makes it so that you can't get stunned by small ki blasts. Power Body makes it so that you can't get stunned by non-charged melee attacks. And Ultimate Body is basically both Light/Power Body combined. However, some characters in the game have the effects of these items naturally without having them equipped. For example, LSSJ Broly has Ultimate Body. Basically, he's a brickwall, and it makes him harder to defeat as a result.
    Now for Draconic Aura. Basically, Draconic Aura is an item that cancels out Light/Power/Ultimate Body. However, some characters also have this naturally. For instance, anyone who is at SSJ3 transformation or higher should have a natural Draconic Aura effect to them(but it's limited so that it's only for the melee portion, so Light Body still works against people with a natural Draconic Aura effect.) But it's kind of weird... you see, it goes in stages. For example, Future Gohan in his base form needs to charge up all of his attacks completely against an opponent with Power/Ultimate Body. Where as Future Gohan(SSJ) can use special melee attacks that aren't completely charged(for instance, base Future Gohan would need to completely charge a Heavy Finish, where as SSJ Future Gohan doesn't need to charge it at all.) But even in SSJ form, Future Gohan's normal melee attacks won't work. He has to use a melee attack than can be charged somehow in order to make the enemy flinch.
    Then there is Ultimate Gohan, who needs to hit twice with a normal melee attack before it causes the opponent to flinch. It's kind of weird, but if you try it in ultimate training you'll understand. Anyways, the most important thing to know about these effects is that they can stack. In other words, you can potentially stack LSSJ Broly with another Ultimate Body and make it so that people who use Draconic Aura on a character like Base Goku can't stun you. However, be warned that if they catch on, they could use a character like Ultimate Gohan with Draconic Aura and of course cancel out Ultimate Body.
    One last thing to say about this... going into Max Power mode gives you a natural Draconic Aura effect(the full kind that can even stun people who use Light Body.) And in some cases, it may even increase of give you a natural Ultimate Body effect. So Max Power mode is also worth paying attention to as well.

    Anyways, I hope that gives you a thorough enough explanation for anything you may have wanted to know. I probably over did it with this last bit though, lol.

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