How do you fuse during a battle?

  1. Same as above

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  1. To fuse you need to:

    1. Have a character who can fuse ( <End> Goku SSJ/<End>Vegeta SSJ/Kid Trunks SSJ/Goten SSJ/<GT> Goku SSJ4/<GT> Vegeta SSJ4)
    2. Have their fusion partner available as a tag partner, characters which can fuse are:
    * <End> Goku SSJ - <End> Vegeta SSJ
    * Kid Trunks SSJ - Goten SSJ
    * <GT> Goku SSJ4 - <GT> Vegeta SSJ4
    3. Have enough Blast Stocks, the Blast Stocks are the number you see right next to your health. This fills up slowly.
    4. Press the correct buttons, you can see which button it is by pressing Start, then going to the "Skill List", go to the part "Transformations" and you can see the button combination right there.

    If it gone well, you will fuse into 1 character.

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  1. I just got the game, but if it is like bt2, then I think you have to be doing a tag battle. Then it should be possible once the blast stock is at the right level.

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  2. You need to press the control stick in a certain direction along with holding down the 1 button

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  3. In my experience you have to do it in tag battles when you pick both characters in your team.
    Ex. for Gotanks you need to have Goten and Kid Trunks in you team

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