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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jia_Ting

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                          Budokai Tenkaichi 3 FAQ and Guide
    |                   Author: Jia Ting                                         |
    |                   Began: January 16th, 2008                                |
    |                   Completed: ---                                           |
    |                   Version: .75                                             |
    |                              Table of Contents                             |
    1) Before You Begin:
       i - Introduction/Updates/Thanks
       ii - Game Modes/Whats New
       iii - Basic Controls
       iv - Advanced Controls
    2) Play Time:
       i - Dragon History
       ii - Ultimate Battle
       iii - Dragon World Tour
       iv - Duel
       v - Dragon Net Battle
    3) Tips and Strategy:
       i - Dragonballs
       ii - Easy Dragonball Gathering
       iii - Hints and Secrets
       IV - Evolution Z
    4) Bonus Round:
       i - Mastering the moves
       ii - Re-enacting your favorite fights
       iii - Story Summarys/Lil known facts
       iv - Legal Disclaimer/Contact Info
    |                              Before you Begin                              |
    This is a general/all purpose guide for Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
    (Say that three times fast!) This is also the first guide by yours truly but
    a game this dynamic deserves it. This is a game for PS2 and Wii systems, but
    this guide is speaking from the perspective of the Wii version. This is still
    under construction so check back for updates. If you dont know what a dragon
    ball is, please stop reading and go back to playing Twilight Princess.
    Future Updates will include a more comprehensive look into the story battles,
    a more detailed look at the Dragon Sim and a potara guide/look and more.
    Stay tuned, and have fun.
     - 20th Jan. Added some info/story facts, Tournament times/rewards, First few
    indepth Dragon History arcs
     - 04th/09th Feb. Long break due to work. Finished Dragon History, Dragon Sim,
    added Dragonball info(aqcuiring and use), all the lil polished stuff and extras
    ive been waiting on. All that is left for the "final" will be Evolution Z and
    Re-enacting fave fights. Both Potara intensive work.
    Special thanks: 
     - Annihilation, Angelo, Craig M for name jokes/puns. SS3 Son Goku, Luwker, 
    Nauske and the others from the FAQ board. Akira Toriyama for the great work,
    and my wife for pointing out things like "You look retarded playing that game"
    but still loving me.
    | Game Modes  |
    Budokai 3 is a welcome revamp of the popular fighting series it includes some
    of the familar modes and gameplay from the past and introduces some new stuff.
    The gameplay is now split up as follows:
    Dragon History - In this mode you play through the "story" of the game with
    many familar faces as your guide. The characters routinely break the 4th wall
    to include the player in conversations, etc.
    Dragon Net Battle - This is the online multiplayer component of the game. Here
    you can access the main Wii online hub and fight oppenents from all over. Has
    ranked and unranked fighting.
    Ultimate Battle - This mode is actually 3 modes in one. It consists of "Dragon
    Sim", "Mission 100" and an unlockable "Survival" mode. Sim Dragon gives you 10
    days to train a baseline fighter as you wish before a fight at the end of the
    10 days. Winning means going on to another 10 days, and earning more points.
    Sim Dragon will be more deeply covered further on. Mission 100 is the Kirin To
    wer replacement. It is a series of tag, team, and destruction point fights on
    varying themes. Surival is what it says. A series of fights where the goal is
    to survive an onslaught of enemys.
    Dragon World Tour -  This is a new collection of tournaments from the classic
    Mr.Satan tournament, through Cells and even including the Otherworld tourname
    nt. A new addition is a Yamcha tournament of odd proportions...
    Duel - This mode is for setting up, viewing and even saving and rewatching
    your favorite fights and fighters. This is capable of player v player or cpu
    Ultimate Training - This mode is where you learn the games controls. If your
    using a Wiimote to play it is highly recommended as a starter. You are guided
    by the Great Saiyaman(Gohan) and Videl as they train themselves and you.
    Evolution Z - This comprises both the potara shop AND the menu to equip and up
    grade your fighters in one place. The shop is ran by Launch and Krillin. Any
    Z points you earn will be spent here.
    Character Reference - What it sounds like. A large encyclopedia with visual
    and audio on the characters as you earn/unlock them. Chichi is your guide and
    even gives her "opinions" on the various figures of DBZ history.
    Options - I hope that explains itself. Change your game settings here. From
    switching English to Japanese or vice versa.
    | Whats New |
    Budokai 3 makes a number of adjustments to the games formulae and playstyle.
    The biggest change is the way Potara items and upgrading your characters work.
    The game is now run on Zpoints. Before just a simple currency used to buy your
    potara items, it is now the end all and be all. Everything takes Z points now.
    Leveling your characters is no longer a matter of running up Kirins tower a 
    few times. Each character has a varying number of level up points based on the
    rank they are. You must spend these points to level up the character one rank.
    For example. Piccolo is your average base character. He is worth 5 destruction
    points. He starts with 4 open slots for items and it takes 7000 z points to 
    upgrade him to 5 slots. It will take another 7000 to upgrade him to 6. Every
    character has a rank cap so you cant just spend your points wildy to make one
    god mode z fighter.
    Another(great in my opinion) change is the Dragon History mode. They did away
    with the overworld map/free flying storymode. It is now presented almost like
    episodes. Each sage is composed of varying episodes to defeat with the story
    flow dependent on each stage. To more fully integrate the player the story
    fights now flow dependent on your reactions. For instance the familar story
    will play out and at various times/enemy health a new option button appears to
    allow you to advance some story. This can be anything from a new character com
    ing in to save the day, or the instant death of an enemy. You are free to igno
    re them, but they provide great interaction and help against overwhelming ene
    For all intents and purposes everything else is familar territory SAVE the Wii
    controls which will be covered seperately. There are additions to your usual
    fighting conditions, but these will be covered in their own section.
    | Basic Controls |
    These controls are all focused around the idea that your playing on a Wii. If 
    you are playing on the PS2 disregard. Also currently these basics are assuming
    use of the Wiimote and nunchuck.
    First lets take a look at our setup here. To start with the simplest the nunch
    uk is your basic movement. All of it. Flying, jumping, dashing, etc. The nunch
    uk control stick for your thumb is your general movement. Pushing heavily will
    cause you to run/dash. Slight push will be for walking. The Z trigger and C 
    trigger fly down and up respectively. For the more advanced controls we will
    take a closer look at the nunchuk but for now thats all their is to it.
    Now lets take a look at the wiimote proper.
    The control pad is your access to your special moves. It also charges your ki
    and allows you to enter max power mode. Essentially all the character break it
    down as such.
    -Up on the controller and the appropriate motion activates your low level blast
    These are usually the support or non offensive attacks like "wild sense" and
    others. They use no Ki charge but take up blast stocks.
    -Left and the appropriate motion is your next level blast attack. This is
    always a ki attack and uses less ki than the next level.
    -Right and the appropriate motion is your next level blast move. This one is
    different depending on character but can be a "rushing/grapple move" or a even
    stronger blast. It uses more ki charge than your earlier ki blast.
    -Down and the appropriate motion is the universal max power blast. This is only
    useable in max power mode and will generally drain all your ki. These are big
    damaging moves, varying according to character in execution and damage.
    Below your dpad is the A button. You will hit that a lot. This is your generic
    rush attack button. Tapping it will start a small combo on the enemy before
    ending. You can also hold or "charge" this for power smashes and use it in con
    junction with the B button for more advanced and varied combos to be covered
    On the other side of your controller and similar height is your B button. This
    is your generic Ki blast button. Holding it down will fire out a charged ki
    attack and tapping it will send out a smaller but more plentiful stream. Using
    A + B at the same time is also the Block function.
    The Plus and Minus buttons serve lil function. Pausing the game and changing 
    the camera angle respectively.
    The 1 and 2 buttons on the bottom are more functional in use. The 1 button will
    engage the transformation menu for characters able to use it. It also moves in
    to free look mode and in storymode play will further story and key moments in
    the game.
    The 2 button will swap in teamates during tag or team play so long as the tag
    meter is full. 
    | Advanced Controls |
    If you have grasped the basic controller layout and perhaps played the training
    mode then you can move onto some more advanced controls.
    -One of the most used and loved techniques is the "teleport" While a bit of a
    misnomer(especially since there is a seperate and actual Teleport move...) this
    is a staple of a healthy Zfighters diet.
    A well timed block in conjunction with a direction will cause your character to
    flash out of the attack in a high speed burst ready to retaliate.
    A word of caution, the enemy can and will use this often. And you can counter a
    flash step(or teleport, hereafter called flash step) with another. Thus you may
    find yourself flashstepping out of the attack only to have the enemy counter
    and flashstepping along with you, ready to continue the assault.
    Proper timing and use will make this move the difference between victory and 
    -A simple to use, but great for use action is Dragon Dashing. This is the act
    where your burn ki to gain a great burst of speed very quickly. Useful to catch
    fleeing enemys or run from a powerful last second attack. Another great use is
    to counter any charging or grapple moves. These moves are of course unblockable
    and unless you time a lucky hit or blast wont be stopped by a frontal assault.
    They also are fast moving and running invariably ends with you taking it from
    behind. Dragon Dashing is a great counter because when two fast moving fighters
    meet, the game throws you into a high speed combo attack contest. The loser is
    thrown away unbalanced by the flurry of blows and wide open for attack.
    Turn an oppenents high speed assualt into a weapon against them with proper
    timing. Perform the dash with a simple up and down shake of the nunchuk.
    - Ki repelling is a combination of blocking and deflecting BASIC(key word) ki
    blasts sent your way. This will NOT work for large blast attacks like Son Goku
    and his Kamehameha. These DO deflect the basic and charged ki blasts though.
    Delfecting these blasts not only completely negates any damage but can knock
    attacks back to the oppenent. In the case of charged attacks, proper timing
    will send the ki blast right into the unsuspecting oppenent.
    Also it looks really cool. The motion is very simple, and involves blocking and
    "waving" your wiimote back and forth.
    - Flash Step combos. These come after you send an oppenent flying. You can
    press the Ki button right as you send them flying to engage in a new attack.
    The character will teleport to the flying victim then pummel him into a new
    direction, and continue on.
    - Smash attacks. Holding the A button you will "charge" the attack motion. You
    then release it at the proper moment when your toon flashes and you will send
    your enemy flying. Moving the wiimote itself in a direction (up, down, left
    or right) will make the smash attack in that direction.
    There are some other advanced techniques, but these and the listed should be
    practiced in the training mode for complete mastery.
    |                              Play Time                                     | 
    Getting down to the meat of the game we come to pure fighting. Its time to beat
    the forces of evil, destroy a lot of backgrounds, and generally have a good
    time. If your itching to get into the game and start earning some Zpoints and
    unlockables then Dragon History is where you will start.
    I) Dragon History - In this Story mode, we join the Zfighters in epic battles
    all over. The flow of Dragon History is like so:
    Saga(Large story arc) -> Episodes/Battles -> Clearing of Saga AND/OR specific
    episode -> Unlocking of New Saga/Episode
    Before entering the saga select screen you can access the difficulty. It ranges
    from 1-3 stars, 3 being the toughest. This effects the amount of Zpoints earned
    as well as changing the NPC fighting style.
    Each Saga contains multiple episodes pertaining to story elements and key
    battles or fights. While you obviously can work directly linear, you do not
    have to finish a Saga before jumping into another. Say finishing Saiyen Saga
    before you jump into the Special Saga to do an episode.
    That said MOST episodes contained in a saga and the Sagas themselves will only
    be unlocked upon certain finishes. Thus playing linear will get you the fastest
    access to all the battles.
    Each episode will begin with a narration and story text summarizing what has
    happened so far, etc. This can be skipped with the + button at any time.
    (In fact the + button can be used to skip any text, narration and intros)
    Each Episode will net you between 500 and 3500 Z points depending on difficulty
    and episodes. For instance the first fight with Raditz completion earns you
    500 on Easy, 1000 on normal and 1500 on Hard. Each episode will vary on amount
    depending on difficulty like above(with 500 increments) and storyline.
    Every episode will also contain key story moments activated by pressing the 1
    button on your wiimote. These are anything from switching active members, regen
    of health, auto attacks on the enemy and more. While these are great for inter
    action and story they are NOT required to finish a stage. In the Raditz example
    you are called upon its use multiple times and both Goku and Piccolo take a 
    beating at raditz hands and ultimately hatch the plan to kill him with the
    special move Piccolo was saving for Goku. Using the interactive points will
    alleviate the pressure that the superior NPC has in damage and health but is 
    not required to defeat Raditz. Defeating him alone, without ever using the 
    story interaction functions IS possible on every difficulty. It is there to
    better YOUR interaction of the game. Thus said, if its your first play through
    use the interactive features often, it makes for a enjoyable game. Now lets
    take a look at the Sagas themselves.
    |Saiyen Saga|
    The games introduction to the story picks up with the arrival of Raditz and his
    subsequent kidnapping of Gohan. This is the begining of Dragonball Z and your
    adventure through Dragon History. This covers the first major story arc and 
    introduces the Saiyens and Gokus ties to them. This saga focuses on a lot of
    team battles and joint efforts until the very end. When it boils down to the
    defiant Goku facing off against the "superior" Vegeta and succeeding.
    Completion of this saga unlocks the Frieza saga and the first episode in the
    Special Saga.
    Three episodes make up this saga:
    Common Enemy - Goku and Piccolo against Raditz
    Gokus quiet rage - Tien, ChaioTzu, and Gohan face off against Nappa until Goku
    comes and battles the saiyen invaders.
    Ultimate Battle - Goku and Vegeta face off, when Vegeta is wounded he activates
    a false moon and turns into his Ape form and threatens to destroy the earth
    | Frieza Saga |
    This arc picks up with the Z fighters heading to Namek to aqcuire dragonballs
    and restore the damage done when the Saiyens arrived on earth. Unfortunately so
    is Frieza, who is the powerful new arch enemy.
    This arc throws you some more variety in battles. These include things such as
    transformations AND playing from the eyes of the villian. This culminates in
    Goku and Friezas one on one battle on a dying Namek, and the introduction of 
    Super Saiyens. Completion of this saga unlocks the Android Saga and another
    episode in the Special Saga.
    Four episodes make up this saga:
    Super Saiyen?! - Goku takes on the Ginyu force in the form of Reecoom, Jeice
    and Burter
    Friezas Ultimate Transformation - You play as Frieza, taking on Vegeta and the
    Defeat Frieza - Goku faces off against Frieza with help from Piccolo to power a
    spirit bomb.
    The Legendary Super Saiyen - Goku unleashes his SSJ form and battles Frieza
    while the planet tears itself apart.
    | Android Saga |
    This brings into being some of the more lopsided and story driven battles than
    before. Also this arc will introduce you to more and more episodes as the story
    and battles take place over more varied places and fighters. This arc begins
    with Goku and the others fighting the sudden appearance of the merciless androi
    ds. Goku is incapacitated and the rest of this arc will move focus off of Goku
    and onto others. Completion of this Saga unlocks the Majin Buu Saga and some
    episodes in the Special Saga.
    Seven episodes make up this saga:
    Enraged Android - A hurt Goku faces off against android 19, and Vegeta takes
    over when he is incapacitated, revealing his own Super Saiyen form.
    Vegeta's Curiosity - As Cells 2nd form you face off against Androids 16 and 18,
    while Trunks trys to stop you. Vegeta steps in to prevent this and Krillin 
    jumps in at the last moment to save 18.
    Perfect Body - Cell achieves his perfect form and now faces off against Vegeta
    and Trunks to test his new bodys power.
    Cell Games Begin - Goku faces off against Cell before turning the fight over
    to Gohan and forfeiting his match.
    Gohan Explodes - Gohan fights Cell and loses it as his friends and father die
    at the hands of Cell Jrs. and Cell himself
    Final Battle - Gohan goes SSJ2 to have the final showdown with Cell who returns
    as Perfect Cell.
    Future Peace - Trunks returns to his own timeline and fights 1st form Cell to
    keep him from taking his time machine
    | Majin Buu Saga |
    The story begins with the evil arrival of Babidi and his forces. The Z fighters
    come out to face this new evil even as old rivals make new choices. This arc
    provides plenty of action and intense fights, as well as the introduction of
    fusion forms. Will the Zfighters prevail in the end, and just what will
    Mr.Satan do to save us all? The sagas get longer and more intense, the Majin
    saga is a good ride all the way through. Completion of this unlocks GT.
    There are five battles in the Majin Saga:
    Destined Battle - Goku and a newly turned Vegita battle to see who is stronger
    once and for all. With Vegetas new loyaltys, who knows what will happen.
    Farewell Proud Warrior - Vegeta has a change of heart and faces down the enemy
    Buu. Protecting the ones you love...does it make you this strong?
    Final Fusion - Goku and Vegeta are forced to combine with the Potara earrings
    and become one person permanently to fight the evolved Buu. Can this new Vegito
    defeat Buu?
    Battle for the Universe - The fusion worn off after being absorbed by Buu, Goku
    now faces Buu in a final battle on the Kaios home planet.
    Conclusion - Goku needs to power up a Spirit Bomb capable of destroying Buu.
    Unlikely allys come to the rescue in an attempt to buy him time. Hercule, Fat
    Buu and Vegeta all do their part for the fate of the universe.
    | GT |
    This story arc is the most convuluted and diverse of the "pure story" sagas. In
    a effort to skimp to the good battles much of the story is dropped or shoved in
    a narration. GT was not original Dragonball and was actually a creation of the
    studio that was producing DBZ. Thus the storyline goes to strange wild lengths
    even by DB standards. Essentially you arent missing much, save the interesting
    reintroduction of Pilaf who accidently wishes Goku into child form. The fights
    in this saga are the most random and annoying but you see the final form of 
    SSj4(which involves the infamous red hair sweater). For the most part your
    fighter will be pretty overpowering, even against the tougher villians. Enjoy
    it. Completion of this saga unlocks more Special Saga episodes and the original
    Dragonball saga.
    There are five battles in this saga:
    Immortal Monster - Goku must face Baby who is in posession of Vegeta to save
    the earth from the eggs he laid in everyone. When faced with his ultimate form
    Goku unleashes his own. SSJ4 Goku with help from Uub try to defeat the menace
    once and for all.
    Ultimate Android - Goku faces a strange new Android 17. Combined with a 17 from
    hell, this new Super 17 is out to destroy Goku once and for all.
    Solar Warrior - When the dragonballs split off and become dragons filled with 
    evil from all the bad wishes over the years, Goku must face them all. Nouva
    Shenron is the dragon of fire, who wants a great battle with Goku. Can Goku
    defeat this ultimate Solar warrior!
    Ultimate Saiyen Gogeta - SSJ4 Vegeta and Goku try without success to defeat
    the ultimate Dragon, Syn Shenron. Can the fusion of the ultimate Warriors
    Gogeta prevail.
    A Miracle Saves the Day - The ultimate warrior fails, when the Fusion runs out.
    A depleted Goku trys to form the universes most powerful Spirit Bomb to stop
    Syn Shenron.
    | Dragonball |
    This is the story of Son Goku and his earliest adventures of him searching for
    the Dragonballs and fighting the Red Ribbon Army. This saga and its fights are
    more in line of a nostalgia rewards than anything else. The fights are not
    too difficult or unique, but the first time you beat up Tao will make you smile
    with memory. This saga culminates in the death of Demon King Piccolo by Son
    Gokus hands. It covers such faces as the obscure Nam, the Evil(and so gay)
    General Blue, and the evil Tao and Piccolo. Completion of this saga unlocks the
    What if Saga.
    There are four battles in this saga:
    Cieling VS Ground - A young Goku competes in the Budokai Tenkaichi. In the semi
    finals he faces a powerful young man named Nam. Will Goku make it to the finals
    Battle at Kirin Tower - Goku travels to the base of Kirin Tower but is ambushed
    by the asassin Tao.
    Goku Strikes Back - After powering up at Kirin Tower, Goku goes off to defeat
    Piccolo Daimao who has wished for his youth to return. Can Gokus new powers be
    Penguin Village - Goku arrives at Penguin village trailed by General Blue. He
    is in for a fight, but help arrives in the form of a mysterious young girl.
    | What If |
    This is the collection of other world tales. Battles that never happened but
    almost did. While rather short among the sagas, it is a bit of Quality over
    Quantity. Delivering 4 tales of battles fought somewhere else. Highly
    recommended. With a wide variety of story battles and solid beat them ups.
    Completion of this saga nets you great satisfaction in your heart.
    There are four battles in this saga:
    Dream Match - Goku comes to Penguin village and Arale comes out to "play
    wrestling" with Goku
    Affectionate Android - Dr.Gero sends 16 back in time to Gokus youth, where he
    is to kill the young hero. He arrives but another of Gero's androids, Eighter
    has befriended the boy. Geros creations face for the fate of Goku.
    Galaxy Battle - The saiyens found out about Friezas plans and rebel while he is
    away. Vegeta his father the King, Fasha and the hero Bardock all work together
    to destroy Frieza and his army to let the Saiyens rule their own fate!
    Unexpected Help - Mecha Frieza comes to earth with his father and his army.
    Unfortunately Goku has not returned, yet Devilman himself stands in their way.
    Sensing the evil in their hearts he will defeat the menace of Frieza and his
    | Special Saga |
    This collection could be renamed "great battles from the movies" and not change
    anything. This saga collects a varied and lengthy set of special battles not
    fought during the series proper or expanding on them. From Bardocks final stand
    against Frieza, through the Z fighters desperately fighting Garlic jr, DrWheelo
    and more. This saga collects a lil of everything from all the sagas. While
    technically the second saga you unlock, it will be one of the last you complete
    as it adds episodes from nearly every saga. Completion of this saga will make
    you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Honest.
    There are a whopping 16 battles in the special saga:
    Alone for the Final Batte - Bardock is out to change the future hes seen by
    taking on Frieza and his army alone to save Planet Vegeta and the saiyen race.
    Strongest in the World - Piccolo, Gohan and Goku work together to destroy the
    robotic Dr.Wheelo who has been revived and wants Gokus body for his own.
    Final Battle for Earth - Goku faces off against the saiyen pirate Turles, who
    is draining earths energy for his own use.
    Super Saiyen Goku - Goku faces off against the Namekian monster Slug. Can he
    destroy the menace even when Slug wishes for his youth back.
    Destroy the Makyo Star - Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan have to defeat Garlic jr
    and save the world. But how will they stop someone who has been granted 
    Strongest VS Strongest - Goku faces off against Friezas brother, Kooler. Can
    Super Saiyen strength succeed again.
    Clash of the Ultimate Warriors - Goku and Vegeta team up to stop Meta Kooler
    but can they prevail against an army of them?
    Ultimate Battle - Goku, Vegeta and Mirai Trunks face off against Android 13.
    Can they be enough when he transforms into Super 13
    Legendary Super Saiyen - Broly the legendary Super Saiyen of lore attacks!
    Unleash Brolys anger against Goku, Piccolo and Trunks
    Blaze! Unstoppable Battle - Goku stands alone against the might of the Super
    Saiyen Broly. Can he defeat this Legend of power
    Galactic Crisis - Zangya and Bojack come to earth to use it as a new seat of
    power to rule from. Krillin and Gohan stand in their way
    I will protect the Earth - Gohan unleashes his SSJ2 form to fight Bojack and
    prevent his evil ambitions
    Dangerous Duo - Goten and Trunks accidently awaken the legendary Super Saiyen
    Broly from his icy entombment. Can the two young super saiyens defeat him with
    a lil help?
    Innocent Monster - Goku comes across the mysterious monster Janemba in the
    underworld and is in for the fight of his otherworld life!
    Fusion Reborn - Goku and Vegeta join forces in the underworld to stop Janemba.
    Can Vegeto be enough to stop this unleashed monster
    Dragon Fist Explosion - Goku has to face down a legendary monster unleashed
    accidently by the Z Fighters. Can anyone defeat the giant monster connected to
    the warrior Tapion.
    | Staff Credits |
    Not a saga, but completion of all the others will get you this. A rolling of
    staff credits over a animation of Bulma listening to an ipod-like device while
    staring out a window as it rains. Not the greatest reward, but you still earned
    all those Z points and characters during all those sagas. This can be rewatched
    anytime by selecting it from the overall Saga menu.
    II) Ultimate Battle - This mode has 3 seperate gaming aspects to it, one which
    is unlockable. Therefore you will only start with the first two. Dragon Sim and
    Mission 100. Survival is the third mode and is unlocked by completing at least
    30 missions in the Mission 100 game. Every game in this mode earns you Zpoints
    and a chance to hone your skills. While the chance to earn more points is there
    so is the chance to lose and earn nothing, so make sure you have mastered a 
    fighter who is up to the challenge.
    | Dragon Sim |
    This game mode will be familar to anyone whos ever played ANY kind of sim. For
    others lets break it down for you. Essentially you are training and living the
    life of a Fighter of your choice in 10 day increments. For 10 days you are free
    to train, rest, wander the world, etc. On the 10th day you then face a oppenent
    in battle. Your stats are based on the work you do during the 10 days.
    Your three stats are as follows: Attack, Defense and most important, Health.
    Your options during the ten days are as follows: Training, Exploring, Resting,
    and using a Senzu Bean. Training is further broken up into "Attack", "Defense"
    and an "All out" training that raises both. Failure in training will fail to
    raise the stat, and exception failure can actually lower it. Success will raise
    the targeted stat and lower the other slightly. All out will raise both stats
    at once and to a higher amount, but failure is more dangerous as BOTH stats
    will also drop. Health is used up regardless of success or failure.
    Exploring opens up random events to the character. These range from gaining
    stat increases, Zpoints, replenishing health, playing minigames and one other
    worth targeted mention. Occasionally Bulma will ask for 10,000 zenny. In
    exchange she unlocks another page in Mission 100. As Mission 100 does not start
    with all 100 missions it is only through this option you will finish that part.
    The fights at the end of the 10 days is self explanitory, however completion of
    the fight not only resets you for 10 more days but "ups" your strength. Jumping
    your base limit by 5 each time. In the begining you can only train up to 10, by
    the finish of the fight(7 battles) you are 35+ depending on exploring events.
    Essentially Dragon Sim mode is a gamble option to earn some decent points to
    buy potara or upgrade your characters. The rewards are higher for time put in
    versus say a lenghty tournement..however the chance to lose it all if you get 
    greedy is there as well. Remember you begin this mode with a raw character.
    They will be at their base stats and will only improve through the training,etc
    in this mode. Make sure to balance your training in the 10 days, and be rested
    for the fight on the 10th day. Your health lost or gained in those 10 days will
    be your health bar used in the fight, and it does you no good to be powered up
    only to die in one hit. Your ki and ki blasts seems to increase based on the
    cap and not your training, so if your training goes badly, you may be able to
    work on ki attacks to damage your enemy.
    | Mission 100 |
    A literal name, Mission 100 is chock full of fighting. This game will
    also introduce a new concept in "Destruction Points". Essentially ever fighter
    has been "graded" on their base stats and is now given a number of points to 
    quantify their worth in a fight. This setup introduces large team battles with
    limited DP to spend, thus a small element of strategy. You CAN grab SSJ4 Gogeta
    and one other, but you may fall to the superior numbers of the enemy at the
    expense of your own uber power. Most fighters are an average 5, with some of
    more base figures(Roshi, etc) are 3's etc.(Mr.Satan is 1 point, and that is the
    deal of a lifetime baby!)
    Of course as well as DP this mode has the standard fare of tag teams, lenghty
    unrated team matches and many more. In keeping with tradition of Kirins tower
    (which this essentially replaces) these fights are all themed or based on some
    aspect of DBZ. Wether it be Saiyen bloodlines(Bardock, Raditz, Goku), or MAX
    POWER(Broly, MAX mode Roshi, Super Garlic Jr) theres something to tickle your
    fancy. Every fight earns you a variable amount of Zpoints based on your overall
    score during the fight. Your ranked from D-Z on everything from first hit, to
    combo number, and ki deflections. The better your performance the better your
    score and the more points you earn. Each mission can be replayed as much as you
    wish. The difficulty of the battles increases as you go further along.
    | Survival |
    This mode will be a ??? on your menu screen until you unlock it via Mission 100
    by clearing 30 missions.(thus with 5 missions per page, you should clear six
    pages to unlock it) 
    This mode contains lengthy survival battles themed around ideas similar to the
    Missions mode. These are:
    Bardocks War- A series of battles as you battle your
    way through Frieza's hordes to take him and his family down once and for all.
    Dragon Classic - A non stop frenzy of the classic fighters of Dragonball fame.
    All Star- Seems to be nearly every character from the game in the mother of all
    survival fights.
    Each survival mode seems to contain about 50 fights of which the difficulty
    and characters are recycled and upped every 10 or so fights. For example, in 
    Bardocks war you will clear through low soldiers up to the lower ginyu members.
    Then as the difficulty jumps, you will see less recycled low soldiers and more
    members of the Ginyu force until finally you face Frieza through his various
    Every victorious match grants you a single refilled health bar and the battle
    works like a non stop tagteam match. No interuptions and as soon as one enemy
    is down, the other comes on in. Victory means a nice amount of Zpoints and some
    satisfaction at taking down all those foes.(or a nice sit on the couch where
    you reflect that your not as young as you used to be cause waving that wiimote
    around for that long has you tired...)
    III) Dragon World Tour - This is Budokai 3's tournament mode. In addition to
    the old classics, this new incarnation of the series introduces some new
    tournaments and rulesets. Chief amongst the changes is the new time system
    where the various tournaments will only be "open" at certain times. This also
    applys to the difficulty settings, as they are made for you not chosen.
    There is the classic World Martial Arts Tournament, where Goku and his friends
    first made their forays into the world. No holding back, but only a complete KO
    or ringout will move you on in this single ring event.
    Next up is the Worldwide editon of the tournament. Sponsored by Mr.Satan
    the grand champion. This no holds barred event features exotic locales and no
    ring outs. Only brutal KOs will lead to victory. After that is the deadly and
    dangerous Cell Games. Run by the brutal perfect android, Cell wants only the
    strongest and deadliest fighters to make it to the top so he can have a decent
    challenge. A new addition is the Otherworld tournament. This tournament, ran by
    the Supreme Kais in the underworld pits the strongest fighters of the afterlife
    against one another to see who really is strongest. Not even death has stopped
    these fighters from scrabbling to be number one. And the final addition is
    Yamchas Games. A strange tournament set up by the Great Yamcha and the ever
    loving Puar. What scheme is Yamcha plotting now, and just what is the catch in 
    this no holds barred tournament. Each tournament runs on a schedule and 
    depending on its size, runs for a certain length of time. When a tournament 
    opens you recieve a notice in the screen and a flyer for the tournament pops up.
    They open on the turn hours listed. Thus if a tournament runs from 0-0400 on 
    0500 a new tournament will open up. Fighting in a tournament uses up one hour on
    the clock. Changing menus uses one hour as well. So if you want to fight in a 
    specific tournament, just exit and reenter the tournament screen from the main 
    menu until you get the time change to the tournament you wish.
    | World Martial Arts |
    This is the classic Tenkaichi tournament where ring outs and bribery win the
    day. Like its previous incarnations, ring outs or KO leads to victory. The
    combatants are generally low to mid level, so dont expect a huge challenge here
    even on the toughest setting. Victory nets you 1000, 5000 or 8000 zpoints based
    on the difficulty from 1-3 stars. The time to play this tournament is between
    07-12 on the tournament clock.
    | World Tour Tourney |
    The second edition of the budokai tournament founded by Mr.Satan himself. Set
    on a world wide stage, the fights take place across the various stages of the
    DBZ world with no special conditions on victory. Just KO and move on. The
    combatants are generally of tougher stuff than the Tenkaichi tournament but the
    lack of ringout means more simple straight up fights. The final fight is always
    Mr.Satan himself, but unfortunately he gets a stomach cramp before the fight
    and so you best him easily. Woo, your lucky he didnt get to show you his best
    move. The time to play this tournament is from 13-1800 on the tournament clock.
    | Cell Games |
    The tournament that first brought us SSJ2, and showed us what bored pyschopaths
    will do with their free time. The Cell Games take from the Tenkaichi tournament
    by basing it on a single stage but the ring out is removed and victory only
    comes from death! The combatants in the Cell Games are medium to strong as Cell
    wants only the best to entertain him. Only the strongest will survive to face
    Cell himself. This tournament runs from 1900 to 2300 on the clock.
    | Otherworld Tournament |
    The tournament of tournaments. Fighters from all over the 4 galaxies gather for
    this competition in the netherealm. The fighters are all strong and as death
    holds no worry for them the fights are intense. A simple KO tourney in the 
    underworld. This tourney is great for its diverse and strong fighters. Dont
    expect an easy run. Begining from 0-0400 this tournament runs.
    | Yamcha's Games |
    A tournament run by a former swindler? What could possibly be bad in that? This
    tournament is run by Yamcha and features a wildly diverse collection of enemys
    from all over. The catch? Your fighter is also as diverse. The tournament will
    randomly select your fighter AND your custom set up(if the fighter has one) for
    you. You can return to the tournament menu as many times as you like in hopes to
    net a fighter your familar with, but unless Luck is your middle name
    (or you maxed out every fighter) you wont get someone you are familar with right
    If your really lucky Mr.Satan comes up first try. Then its smooth sailing as the
    Ultimate Dynamite Punch and Kick combo lead the way baby!
    Depending on your fighter you(eventually) fight with, and the enemy fighters.
    You will either have a easy time of it, or an incredibly frustrating one. 
    Regardless, if you can make it to the end, Yamcha isnt much to write home about.
    You have a very short window to play Yamchas tournament, from 0500 to 0600.
    IV) Duel - This mode lets your play directly against your friends or any NPC
    who has been itching for a face makeover. Babidi, Skinny Evil Buu and maybe
    that frigging gargoyle with wings who somehow made it into the game even though
    he only showed up for a brief stint and somehow Oolong is yet to be playable as
    a Mokuren like character who can "copy" and shapeshift into different players.
    Seriously, who WOULDNT play as a shapeshifting cowardly pig who only wanted to
    live in peace and steal womans panties...
    Duel is pretty straightforward:
    You VS the Comp mano a ...el compo.
    You Vs A friend mano a mano.
    The Computer VS The Computer, kinda like Robocop fighting the Terminators.
    Settings. You versus the SYSTEM baby. Yeah, stick it to the man. Dont like time
    limits. Take em out. Make the CPU tough as nails or weak like lil girl. All
    that jazz.
    Regardless of which battle you decide on, the decision to go one on one, team
    battle or Destruction Point battle is there. As a brief refresher, Destruction
    Points are the games ranking system on the fighters. Each team is given a set
    number of DP and you have to make your team within those confines. In all other
    senses its a team battle, but it allows for more strategic battles.
    Duel Mode also has the options for saving and replaying battles fought in duel
    mode. The time limit is 6 minutes worth of action, so dont go trying to reenact
    some of those infamous toonami episode split fights or you will run out of time.
    V) Dragon Net Battle - This is the Wii online fighting mode, which allows you
    to hypothetically beat up others from all over the world. I wouldnt really know
    as no one is ever on when i want a match...(maybe its the graveyard shift work
    Regardless this mode is your hub to the online capabilities of the game. That
    is providing of course that you have access to Wifi(and if you have a Wii, why
    dont you?) and you know...people online in your area(at the same time as you).
    If you lack any of those, just skip on down past this. You wont miss anything
    totally amazing or anything like that.
    Are they gone?
    Time to BLOW YOUR MIND!
    Figuratively speaking with game options of course.
    Once you setup your online access with the help of the illegitimate son of Haro
    from Gundam fame...or Gearu as he so annoyingly chirps...its on to the battle
    From here(which by the porthole in the background is some spacey region of the
    internetz) you gain access to the fight variations you desire.
    Custom Battles - Where your fighter can be as custom pimped out as you want.
    Normal Battles - Where you go at it with base strength fighters only, because
    SOME crybaby didnt like your Mr.Satan so tottally beating their SSJ4 Gogeta
    powerhouse and wanted revenge.
    Friend Battles - Where you and one Friend(so named because you have their code
    to find their Wii) can duke it out normal or Custom. Or as i like to call it.
    "Call up Phil and tell him your playing a normal match, then laughing over the
    phone and calling him lil girl names while your Uber Mr.Satan beats him like it
    is going out of style". You know...whichever is easier for you to say.
    Ranking Battles - Every game/player on the Wii starts at a base Zpoints. You
    can raise or lower them and thus your standing via victory or losses from here.
    Otherwise known as the mode where Mr.Satan totally got a stomach cramp and now
    your ranked at the bottom, stupid controller wasnt working right, oh my god can
    i fake a D/C like in starcraft, oh crap i cant im never playing this again....
    Other than those fights you can do stuff like manage your friends(even if they
    will never play with you again), check your record for wins and losses, your
    official Z ranking and changing your settings for access and nickname, etc.
    This modes only downfall is the usual online fight with Lag, and Syn Shenron
    Blazing Storm spammers.
    No one seems to complain when i spam Dynamic Mess Em Up Punch though...prolly
    cause it always seems to hit for 1 damage...
    Of special note is the BSOD many people have been hit with. This Black Screen
    Of Death is a glitch noted in online play. It comes from people DCing during
    fights/UB's and causes a wipe of the character name. This is fixed when you
    re-initialize your online data which will in essence reset your rank, etc.
    Be wary of this, as it is most prevelant during Rank battles where lil kiddies
    who cant believe their SSj4 gogeta lost try to DC to deny you ranking points.
    Dont say Uncle Jia didnt warn you.
    |                            Tips and Strategy                               | 
    I) Dragonballs:
    Dragonballs can be gathered together in the various parts of the game. They
    are most often gathered from buildings/rocks/etc the various breakable objects
    in the game world. When a dragonball is gathered thusly it will appear under
    the games health/battle bars in the center. About where time would be displayed
    is the spot. They can also be gathered via tournaments as a random winning.
    Once gathered a seperate menu will appear on the main menu screen to summon the
    dragon and grant your wish. When summoned the dragon that appears will be rando
    mly chosen. He will be either Shenron/Red Shenron or Porunga. The first two
    grant one wish, the latter 3. Their wishes granted are as follows:
    Shenron -
    10,000 Z Points
    Future Gohan (Character)
    Mount Paozu (Stage)
    Desert - Noon (Stage)
    Red Shenron -
    50,000 Z Points
    Kid Chi-Chi (Character)
    Penguin Village (Stage)
    King's Castle (Stage)
    Porunga -
    5,000 Z Points
    Broly's Ring (Z item)
    Water Blessing(Z item)
    Eternal Life(Z item)
    Aura Charge Ultimate(Z item)
    Aura Charge Ultimate 3(Z item)
    Aura Charge Ultimate 4(Z item)
    II) Easy Dragonball Gathering:
    Note, the method outlined here was modified from the original method posted by
    SS3 Son Goku on the forums. His original method can be found here -
    The easiest method of garnering dragonballs is from crashing through the
    terrain. The chance of acquiring a ball is greater than the random chance of 
    getting one in a tournament. There are a few stages that this can be done at.
    The best are the city stages as it has a number of destroyable objects. The
    best stage is debateable but after much testing and acclaim this guide goes
    for a scenario in the Android Saga of Dragon history.
    In Dragon History set difficulty to hard. The scenario you want is a highly
    scripted fight and it is VERY VERY hard to lose. You at least gain some decent
    Zpoints upon the completion of each fight this way, but if you want to not even
    worry about it, then set it for easy.
    The last battle in the Android Saga is what you want. "Future Peace" is its 
    title. This is a scripted fight, and your goal is to destroy buildings to get
    a dragnoball. Dragon dashing is your best bet but be careful that Cell does not
    destroy any buildings nor do you knock him through any(unless you already have
    your dragonball). Once you have it the scripted fight is easy to go through,
    this includes a scripted "finishing" move that destroys cell no matter his
    health. You can do this as many times as you wish.
    III) Secrets, Glitches and Cheap moves. Oh my!
    A) Ki Blasting (AKA Whoring the CPU oppenents):
    Anyone having trouble with hard level CPU's may find this method helpful until
    you can master the more useful techniques like Z counter, Sonic Sway, etc. In
    short this is more of a stopgap(i also tend to use it when im lazy and want to
    breeze through a match like during the research end of this FAQ) and not a easy
    replacement for the skills neccesary to beat hard oppenents.
    Essentially this involves you abusing the change from blocking to ki deflection
    to damage the CPU. This involves slight timing, and a fast ki attack.(Anyone
    who is not Goku or Roshi shouldnt use kamehemeha)
    The trick is to unleash a barrage of small ki blasts(tapping the ki attack) at
    the cpu. Then as the first lands and the others go in, unleash your ki attack.
    The result should be a computer who cant switch from the deflecting animation
    to blocking fast enough. This even works on Super 17 and the other energy
    draining androids.
    Again this is a rather cheesy(but funny) method for CPU oppenents, and i would
    not reccomend using it on players in online play. At least not more than once.
    And after you do, dont tell them you learned it here.
    B) 5 Versus 4?!:
    Found by Luwker on the FAQboards, and confirmed by me(and others).
    This is a glitch in any 4 person team battle in Mission 100. Not destruction
    Point battles, but 4 person teams. After the 4th member is chosen the cursor
    skips over the empty 5th slot to the end button. If you move the cursor back to
    the 4th slot, it will stop on the 5th. You can then pick a 5th character like
    normal and the fight continues as if you had 4.
    Note that not only will this help if you have trouble with the team for an
    extra man, but helps on your scoring as the other persons health will be added
    in at the end, etc.
    IV) Evolution Z - Final Update(work in progress)
    |                              Bonus Round                                   | 
    I) Mastering the Moves- 
    Eventually your going to have to sit down, find your inner zen and settle on a
    character to beat some animated arse with. This choice comes down to a lot of
    factors, but lets fight that first impulse. Put Mr.Satan away. You want a
    challenge, dont let the overwhelming power of the Earths Champion sway you just
    There is a plethora of characters to choose from in the end. While archetypes
    may exist(Melee, Ki Blast, UB, Strong, Fast) their is more than enough unique
    ness in the toons to warrant a play of them.
    For online play, most recommend a balanced fighter. One with some helpful B1
    stocks.(things that up stats, dodge attacks, etc) One with balanced B2 attacks.
    One ki blast, and one "rush" attack, to be helpful in all situations.
    Of course Max Power mode and UB are different for various characters.
    Some Examples(garnered from the FAQboard and testing)-
    Arale- draconic aura blast stock1 fill up faster Auto Ki reflect
    Burter- blast stock1 fill up faster, Draconic aura
    Bardock - Ult body
    SSJ2 teen gohan - Ult body
    Trunks/sword - Auto ki reflect
    Pikkon - Auto ki reflect
    SSJ4 Vegeta - Auto ki reflect
    Omega Shenron- Ult body, Auto ki reflect
    SSJ4 Gogeta - Power body, Auto ki reflect
    LSSJ Broly- Auto Ki Reflect, Power Body
    Most characters have infinite Combo while in max power mode as well, with the 
    notable exceptions being Broly and a few other "big" fighters.
    The biggest factor in a fighter in the end is your own customization. The new
    Potara system allows for a wide range of dynamic fighters. You can tweak a more
    melee fighter to allow a lil ki work, or just make his melee that much more
    deadly. During regular history play you only get a hold of a dozen or so
    characters and not many villians to try out. Tournaments and Ultimate Battle
    will bring about a lot more to try. In the end, play with the ones you find the
    most fun and rewarding. If you like to crank up a ki charged, UB super Vegeta
    then go ahead.
    There are a number of "builds" for various Characters located on the FAQboard.
    As well as their being some builds in the various Character FAQs themselves.
    If you have some good builds/want to see them feel free to send it here, the
    character FAQ or the board.
    II) Reenacting your favorite fights - 
    This section gave me the most trouble(especially after i lost the list i made
    of various anime/manga fights). Also the game itself does a "decent" job of
    covering major story battles. It does leave out a few things. Some of these
    we shall cover here.(this will prolly be the last last thing finished in the 
    future final update, as i have been gather potara ideas/themes for the battles)
    III) Story Summarys/Lil known facts:
     - The cursor in the Ultimate Battle menu is the drone Gero used to gather all
    the Z Fighters DNA to create Cell
     - If you watch the background in Dragon History on the menu, you will see the
    giant fish that got away from Goku early in the series, as well as have Goku
    talk about his memories growing up with his Grandpa Gohan and meeting Bulma,etc
     - Each time you unlock a new saga, one of the key players of that saga comes 
    out to talk to Goku(and you the player). These then serve as your guides in the
    saga. They are Piccolo, Vegeta, Mirai Trunks, Mr.Satan, Pan, Goku(younger self)
    Krillin, and the Supreme Kai.
     - Krillin was not naturally bald. He shaved his head as part of his vows as a
    monk. When he gave up those vows and married 18, he lets his hair grow back.
     - In the GT future, since the androids were destroyed Trunks never becomes
    cool. He ends up as a kinda whiny, underpowered punk who runs Capsule Corp.
    Im sure Vegeta is "real" proud.
     - The original(which were technically imitations of the namek...) dragonballs
    only had the power to revive someone from the dead once. DBZ convienently gets
    around this with the addition of newer and of course, better Dragonballs.
     - Every major world saving incident was (properly) given credit to Mr.Satan.
    He is so popular a major city is named after him, and when Goku needed energy
    from everyone on earth, they only did it AFTER Mr.Satan went along.
    And thats why he is a champion.
     -  Mr.Satan was renamed Hercule in english, but his daughters name stayed the
    same and gives you your biggest clue to the change. Videl, which is Devil just
     - Nearly al the names in the series were made as jokes or tried as puns.
    The saiyens were fond of veggys. Nappa(type of lettuce), Vegeta(vegetable),
    Kakkarot(carrot), Raditz(radish), Gohan (Rice). Toriyama jumped to some more
    obvious and odd names afterwards for the others. Chichi(supposedly slang for
    breasts, though im unsure),Trunks(duh), Buu(Boo, scary villian), Videl, Pan,
    Uub(buu backwards since he is Buu reborn into a good form) and the list goes
    on and on. Of the most notable food names, one of the villians in the Dr.Wheelo
    movie was named after a bowl of noodles served in a shop in Akira Toriyamas
    hometown. It musta been tasty.
     - Despite the Z fighters crazy antics, Mr.Satan ends up as the most numerous
    winner of the Budokai. He does this with pure skill(against the normal enemys)
    and by bribing and cheating his way to the top. In a great partnership to last
    for years 18 and Satan form up to throw the tournament every year. Satan pays
    her a substantial amount of money and he gets to keep all the fame(and thus
    more money earned). This is how he remains undefeated even with all those heavy
    weights running around.
     - ChiChi has been confirmed as spanish slang for Breasts, And Buu makes a lot
    more sense if you take into account his masters/creators Bibidi and Babidi. The
    nonsensical saying chanted by disney fairy godmothers. "bibidi babidi buu"
    IV) Legal Stuff/Contact Info:
    Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and all its gameplay/likenesses are the
    property of their respective license holders.  I am not affiliated with these
    groups. Tenkaichi 3 is produced by Spike and published by Atari. 
    This FAQ was written for gamefaqs.com specifically and is copyrighted
    accordingly. That said if you wish to post this elsewhere please contact me and
    give credit to the author(me) before distribution of this file.
    You may contact me at DarknightZ0@gmail.com with any questions, concerns or
    information you feel i missed or you wish to contribute. Please put "Budokai"
    in the header, and make sure to include your name if contributing so that you
    can be credited properly.

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