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    Tactics Guide by LoughiBoyWonder

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    Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Tactics Guide
    Written by Loughi the Boy Wonder
    1. [Intd]: Introduction to guide.
    2. [Civs]: The Civilizations
    	a. [arb] Arabs
    	b. [amr] Americans
    	c. [atc] Aztecs
    	d. [chn] Chinese
    	e. [egt] Egyptians
    	f. [egl] English
    	g. [frn] French
    	h. [gmn] Germans
    	i. [gce] Greeks
    	j. [idi] Indians
    	k. [jpn] Japanese
    	l. [mng] Mongolians
    	m. [rme] Romans
    	n. [rsn] Russians
    	o. [spn] Spanish
    	p. [Zlu] Zulu
    3. [Cabd]: Cities and Buildings
    	a. [typc] Type of Cities
    	b. [ctym] City Managment
    	c. [ctyl] City Locations
    	d. [wndr] Wonders
    	e. [gpep] Great People
    3. [Tcts]: Tactics and guides
    	a. [domT] Domination Tactics
    		-[dCRSt] Crusader Tactic
    	b. [ecoT] Economic Tactics
    	c. [tecT] Technology Tactics
    		-[tTRTt] Turtle Tactic
    	d. [cltT] Cultural Tactics
    		-[cPSAt] Passively Aggressive Tactic
    	e. [civt] Civilization-Specific Tactics
    4. [Askf]: FAQs
    5. [Cntc]: Contact Information and Submission
    	This guide is for those either new to the game, or having a 
    slow start. Civilization has always had a lot of unused or misused
    items that, when used correctly can pull you from 4th place, to 1st.
    	Tactics may be submitted to me, scroll down to the contact 
    information and all submissions will be credited to the person who 
    sent me the guide.
    -What Civilization suits you?
    	This is the key question to ask yourself everytime you 
    play the game. With the right Civilization in your hand, you can 
    win with a strong victory. Now what does a strong victory mean? A 
    strong victory is one where you stand out far above the other 
    civilizations. This guide is here to help you accomplish that.
    -Tips to choosing your cilivization.
    	Pay attention to the bonuses that each civilization 
    recieves. You don't want to go for a fast economic victory and 
    choose a faction based on technology. Now I know this is common 
    sense, but you'd be surprised how many people I've seen using 
    someone like the Romans to beat the Chinese in a technology 
    victory. I'm not saying it's not possible, but if the Chinese 
    play their cards right they have a much larger technology 
    A. [arb] ARABS
    Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Religion
    Ancient Bonus: Caravans Recieve an extra 50% in gold
    Medieval Bonus: Knowledge of the Mathematics technology
    Industrial Bonus: Calvary get a +1 to attack
    Modern Bonus: Gold reserves receive a 2% interest rate every 
    B. [amr] AMERICANS
    Starting Bonus: Begin game with a great person
    Ancient Bonus: 2% interest on gold reserves
    Medieval Bonus: Rushing units cost 1/2 price
    Industrial Bonus: +1 food from Plains
    Modern Bonus: Triple Production from Factiories
    B. [atc] AZTECS
    Starting Bonus: Begin game with extra gold
    Ancient Bonus: Units automatically heal upon a battle 
    Medieval Bonus: Temples produce 3 science
    Industrial Bonus: 1/2 cost of roads
    Modern Bonus: 150% Gold production in cities
    C. [chn] CHINESE
    Starting bonus: Knowledge of Writing
    Ancient Bonus: New cities gain +1 population
    Medieval Bonus: Knowledge of Literacy
    Industrial Bonus: 1/2 cost of Library
    Modern Bonus: Cities not affected by Anarchy
    e. [egt] EGYPTIANS
    Starting Bonus: Gain a random Ancient Wonder
    Ancient Bonus: +1 trade and food on desert tiles
    Medieval Bonus: Knowledge of Irrigation
    Industrial Bonus: Rifleman movement increased by 1
    Modern Bonus: 50% Caravan money increase
    f. [egl] ENGLISH
    Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Monarchy
    Ancient Bonus: Longbow Archers gain a +1 to defense
    Medieval Bonus: Naval units gain +1 to defense/attack
    Industrial Bonus: Add 1 Production from Hills
    Modern Bonus: 2x effect from naval support
    g. [frn] French
    Starting Bonus: Cathedral in capital
    Ancient Bonus: Knowledge of Pottery
    Medieval Bonus: 1/2 price of roads
    Industrial Bonus: Cannons gain a +2 to attack
    Modern Bonus: Riflemen movement increased by 1
    h. [gmn] Germans
    Starting Bonus: Units with an elite upgrade get upgraded with 
    the technology
    Ancient Bonus: New warriors start as veterans
    Medieval Bonus: Forest Squares recieve 1 extra production
    Industrial Bonus: 1/2 cost of Barracks
    Modern Bonus: 2% interest on gold reserves
    i. [gce] Greeks
    Starting Bonus: Capital starts with a Courthouse
    Ancient Bonus: Knowledge of Democracy
    Medival Bonus: Gain great people faster
    Industrial Bonus: 1/2 Cost of libraries
    Modern Bonus: +1 food to sea squares
    j. [idi] Indians
    Starting Bonus: All resources are available to be harvested
    Ancient Bonus: Cities unaffected by Anarchy
    Medieval Bonus: Knowledge of Religion
    Industrial Bonus: 1/2 cost of settlers
    Modern Bonus: 1/2 cost of courthouses
    k. [jpn] Japanese
    Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Ceremonial Burial
    Ancient Bonus: +1 food to sea squares
    Medieval Bonus: Samurai Knights gain a +1 to attack
    Industrial Bonus: Cities unaffected by Anarchy
    Modern Bonus: New defensive units start off with the Loyalty 
    l. [mng] Mongolians
    Starting Bonus: Captured cities gain 150% trade
    Ancient Bonus: Barbarian Villages join your civilization instead of 
    giving a bonus
    Medieval Bonus: Calvary movement increased by 1
    Industrial Bonus: Mountain squares recieve an extra 2 production
    Modern Bonus: Knowledge of Communism
    m. [rme] Romans
    Starting Bonus: Begin as a republic and knowledge of Code of Laws
    Ancient Bonus: 1/2 price of roads
    Medieval Bonus: 1/2 wonders' cost
    Industrial Bonus: Gain great people faster
    Modern Bonus: New cities gain +1 population
    n. [rsn] Russians
    Starting Bonus: Begin game with map of surrounding area
    Ancient Bonus: +1 food to plain squares
    Medieval Bonus: New defensive units start off with the Loyalty upgrade
    Industrial Bonus: 1/2 Riflemen cost
    Modern Bonus: 1/2 Spy cost
    o. [spn] Spanish
    Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Navigation
    Ancient Bonus: 2x Cash from exploring
    Medieval Bonus: Naval units gain +1 to defense/attack
    Industrial Bonus: 150% Gold production in cities
    Modern Bonus: Hill squares recieve an extra 1 production
    p. [Zlu] Zulu
    Starting Bonus: Overrun Advatage is lessed to 4 times stronger instead 
    of 7
    Ancient Bonus: Warrior movement increased by 1
    Medieval Bonus: City Populations Grow
    Industrial Bonus: 150% Gold production in cities
    Modern Bonus: 1/2 Riflemen cost
    -------------------------Cities and Buldings--------------------------
    	The purpose of this section is explain the buildings, wonders, 
    and types of cities you should look to build. City placement and 
    management are important in making your civilization the top of the 
    ---------- Types of Cities ---------
    One thing you need to know other than how you plan to win is what 
    kind of cities you plan to build. This part of the guide will 
    explain the types of cities you can build to help your city. By 
    planning your cities well enough you can benefit from a strong 
    support system.
    __ Construction Sites __
    (aka the production cities)
    Construction sites are your wonder builders. These cities are usually
    best built in mountainous/hilly areas. Early game they might do as 
    well but later on buildings such as iron mines make these cities 
    produce even the most expensive wonders in a single turn. 
    These cities should also be your primary form of military production. 
    A well-placed Construction Site can create multiple units every turn, 
    which allows you to heavily fortify your cities, and build your forts 
    to their strongest.
    __ Forts __
    (Choke Points and Blockades)
    Forts are your defense-based land blockade cities. Building Forts on 
    choke points to block off enemies from getting into your other cities 
    by land allows you to place all of your defensive focus on a single 
    spot, allowing your other cities to focus on their purposes. Forts 
    become less effective as time passes because of more advanced ships 
    and air units, but in early game these cities are your prime form of 
    keeping enemies at your front door. 
    Forts can also help you reach enemy cities easier by building roads 
    and placing the cities near the enemies'. After a while of the 
    enemies beat on your fort, they should get a lot of bonuses, which 
    can help you get some engineer units for your other cities.
    If you're lucky enough to get a choke point with a river around it 
    you have one of the best possible fort positions as rivers give a 
    -50% penalty to attackers.
    __ Labs and Goldmines __
    (aka the trade cities)
    Labs and Goldmines are your cities that provide a significant 
    supply of science or money. Most people prefer to make goldmines 
    and let all of their other cities provide the science. But if you're 
    going for an economic victory it's also ok to do the reverse. Good 
    spots for these trade cities are usually lone islands. The Japanese 
    have a real easy time with these cities becuase they start off with 
    the ability to get food from water. 
    __ Palaces __
    (also known as your capital)
    You have to have a palace, in fact you start with one or you start 
    with settlers to build one. Your palace is your central building so 
    make sure you pick a good spot for management. A good palace spot 
    has at least 2 spots for production and 2 spots for food. 
    ---------- City Management ---------
    Your city management depends on your type of city. When a city 
    begins, it's a good idea to and build your population up. When you 
    want to build something, or make unit, you obviously choose the 
    production squares. I probably don't have to say it, but for your 
    trade cities, you obivously want to maximize the amount of trade 
    square use.
    In the early game it's easy to manage your city squares, but as the 
    city population grows it gets a little more difficult to choose the 
    squares manually, which is why they made the ability for you to 
    choose what you want the city to focus on. Don't take the ability 
    to change the production of your cities lightly, they let you do it
    for a reason.
    The buildings in your city help with certain land and materials. 
    Try to choose the best buildings for your city. if you have one 
    tile of desert and 3 plains, build a granary before a trade post.
    ---------- City Locations ----------
    You obviously want to pay attention to the landscape before placing 
    a city, don't just place it in a random spot because you need a city. 
    Place it where you need a city. In otherwords if you have a fort, 
    you have a production city, and your palace, then you will need a 
    trade city. Don't place it in the first possible place you see, 
    instead, look for a nearby island to explore. You might find an 
    artifact and a perfect place for a trade city, it's a win-win.
    -------------- WONDERS -------------
    The 21 wonders of the Civilization world can help you in many ways.
    There are many common misuses of wonders and this part of the 
    guide should help you figure out when and where you should build 
    your wonders.
    Colossus of Rhodes (Bronze Working)- 
    Doubles trade sqaures' efficiency
    Strategy: The Colossus is very helpful not only to your trade 
    cities but your regular cities as well. It's best to build it in 
    a production city because in the ancient times you will want your 
    focus more on building up your civilization.
    Great Library (Writing)- 
    Gain knowledge of technologies researched by at least two other 
    Strategy: This isn't that good of a wonder for the ancient times.
    Unless you're having a horrible start you probably won't have to 
    worry about other civilizations technology, chances are if you're 
    not #1 in technology you're probably 2 or 3 because NPC's seems to 
    study technology to a certain point then their research slows down. 
    In the case you do fall far behind, this wonder can help you catch 
    back up. 
    Great Pyramid (Ceremonial Burial)-
    Gain access to all governments
    Strategy: This wonder could be a waste of time, unless you have a 
    very good Construction Site. Democracy early on can be an 
    extremely helpful boost. Not to mention you would have access to 
    Fundamentalism when you need to go to war. This eventually becomes 
    obsolete, but in an early game, gaining this wonder could help 
    you jump ahead of the other civilizations.
    Great Wall (Masonry)-
    Forces all other Civilizations to be at peace with you
    Strategy: This wonder, as most ancient wonders should only be 
    built in production cities, and if you can afford the time it 
    takes to make it. It doesn't last very long but the effect can 
    give you enough time to build an army, an economy, or just 
    give you time to do whatever you need to get your 
    civilization to the top of the list.
    Hanging Gardens (Pottery)-
    Increase a city's population by 50%
    Strategy: The problem with this wonder is that it only requires you 
    to have pottery. It may not sound bad to you, but it doesn't sound 
    that bad to your enemey either. The longer you wait to build this 
    wonder, the bigger growth you will have, but the less chance you 
    will have to build it. You can hold off as long as you want, but 
    hope that your enemey doesn't gain it before you.
    Oracle (Alphabet)-
    This wonder warns you when you will loose a battle
    Strategy: Unless you have nothing left to build, don't bother 
    with this wonder. It becomes obsolete extremely fast and it's 
    powers only help if you're going for an early domination.
    Temples produce an extra 50% more culture
    Strategy: If you're going for a cultural victory, this wonder can 
    obviously help you a lot, but it's powers are limited to only help 
    your cities for a few turns before someone makes it ineffective.
    East India Trading Company (Navigation)-
    1 Extra trade for sea squares
    Strategy: The East India Trading Company can extremely help your 
    trade cities, especially after they gain a courthouse. Don't feel 
    like you have to build it, like all wonders, only build it when 
    you have a chance, don't let it waste too much of your production 
    time. Though if you have a well-placed Construction site you can 
    make this wonder build quite fast.
    Himeji Samurai Castle (Monarchy)-
    Adds 1 damage per unit
    Strategy: Soem misunderstood effects of this wonder, and effects 
    of Fundamentalism are this. They add +1 damage to units, not 
    armies. Since armies are made of 3 units, the army as a whole 
    gains a +3 to damage. Combinding this wonder with the power of 
    Fundamentalism, a person can easily dominate enemy cities. 
    This wonder puts the wonder in wonderful. You also have to watch 
    out for your enemies building it before you have the chance to.
    Leonardo's Workshop (Invention)-
    Upgrade all units to their modern versions
    Strategy: A great wonder, Leonardo's Workshop. But the problem 
    is, I've seen many people build it way too early. Granted it 
    does prevent the most technologically advanced from upgrading 
    their units. I have always waited until I at least gain the Mass 
    production technology until I build this wonder so I know a great 
    portion of my units and not to mention my defensive unit will all 
    be updraded to their best. It's always good to save a great 
    builder for this wonder if you manage to get one.
    Also if you have built a lot of cannons/catapaults it wouldn't 
    hurt to wait until you research the automobile.
    Magna Carta (Democracy)-
    Your Courthouses provide culture
    Strategy: Save this for later in the game when you have a good 
    amount of cities. Saving it for just the right moment can give 
    you a good amount of great people fast. Make sure your cities 
    have courthouses though, I would not know why they wouldn't 
    though considering their great usefulness.
    Oxford University (University)-
    You recieve an advanced technology
    Strategy: The Oxford University picks a random technology 
    from the list of ones you haven't discovered yet. This could 
    be good or bad, depending on the one it chooses. A good idea 
    is to save this for when you need Space Flight and 
    Globilization, that way you knock out one of the last few 
    technologies you need, and either gain an extra 500 gold 
    (that is if you discover it first) or work your way for 
    SDI defense if you don't have the nuke.
    Shakespeare's Theater (Literacy)-
    Double cultural production in a city
    Strategy: This is obviously a wonder that will boost your 
    culture for a cultural victory. It's up to you on whther you 
    want to build it or not. This wonder can help you gain a 
    cultural advantage, or prevent someone who has that advantage 
    from getting a much bigger one.
    Trade Fair (Currency)-
    Doubles a city's gold production
    Strategy: It's obvious where you should build this wonder. 
    You heaviest gold mines will double their wealth. This wonder 
    has made me many money from a single city, some go up to 2000, 
    even 5000 to 6000 gold a turn. Of course that's mixed with a 
    lot of other gold producing buildings and great people, but 
    still this wonder helps a great amount.
    Apollo Program (Space Flight)-
    Research all remaining technologies
    Strategy: This wonder helps to a certain point. If you are
    going for a technological victory then chances are your 
    cities are producing enough technology to get the few remaining 
    technologies fast enough. Building this would probably only 
    stall the building of other wonders. This wonder comes from 
    one of the final technologies so you'll probably only have one 
    or two more to research, which in the time or money it would 
    take to make this you could have a much better wonder.
    Hollywood (Mass Media)
    City walls no longer prevent a cultural takeover of cities
    Strategy: If you can get way ahead of everyone, this wonder 
    can allow you to takeover enemies without leaving the comfort 
    of your own palace. This wonder is a good way to not only get 
    some culture, but also to capture those enemey cities your 
    land has consumed but been unable to convert. Only build it if 
    it will help you really. If the enemy is more advanced in 
    culture, then stay away from it.
    Internet (Networking)
    Wealth gained per turn is doubled
    Strategy: This wonder is not only a good economic victory tool, 
    but even if you're going for another type of victory the internet 
    can help tremenously. Nothing really more needs to be said, the 
    effect alone speaks for itself.
    Manhattan Project (Atomic Theory)
    Gain a nuclear Weapon
    Strategy: This wonder not only helps prevent other civilizations
    from gaining a victory, but it strikes fear within your enemies. 
    That is if you're online, NPC's feel no fear. The nuclear weapon 
    is one frustrating tool though. A Democracy won't let you launch
     it, and if you wait too long it'll be ineffective because of SDI 
    defenses. The best time to use it is to etiher completely destroy 
    an enemy city that has been bothering you or when going in to 
    dominate a captial. Be careful that you do not have any units 
    on the outskirts of the city you bomb, or they will die as well. 
    Military-Industrial Complex (Corporation)
    Reduce the cost of military units
    Strategy: Build this in a very productive construction site. 
    Not because it only effects one city, but because it has a 
    pretty high cost. I've been able to build it in a single turn, 
    and it helps an extreme amount, not only do you produce units 
    faster, but the cost of rushing goes down as well.
    United Nations
    Strategy: If your enemy has a nuke, either build an SDI defense 
    in your most productive city, or attempt to build it in your 
    weakest city. When your enemey recieves the city's name, this 
    will allow you to keep your better cities and hopefully your 
    enemy will fall for the bait. You cannot use a great builder 
    contrary to what you might think to build this building faster, 
    unless they are settled within your city.
    World Bank
    Strategy: If your enemy has a nuke, either build an SDI defense
    in your most productive city, or attempt to build it in your 
    weakest city. When your enemey recieves the city's name, this 
    will allow you to keep your better cities and hopefully your 
    enemy will fall for the bait. You cannot use a great builder 
    contrary to what you might think to build this building faster, 
    unless they are settled within your city.
    ----------- Great People -----------
    When building great people always keep in mind that spies can 
    steal settled great people. Always build spies where your great 
    people are. If you get a Great Leader, build like 2 or 3 rings 
    of spies because they're an invalueable asset to your military.
    Great Builders
    INSTANT- Great Builders can instantly produce one thing in a 
    SETTLE- When settled Great Builders can reduce the production 
    cost of future items in a city.
    Great builders are obviously great to be settled in your 
    construction sites. Sometimes you may need something to be 
    built before someone else, such as the Apollo Program. You can 
    pretty much use these to rush any building except the United 
    Nations or the World Bank.
    Great Sceintists
    INSTANT- Great Scientists can instantly research a technology.
    SETTLE- Great Scientists can increase a city's science trade 
    output by 50%.
    Great Scientists should be used according to your situation. 
    If you're going for a technology or even a cultural victory, 
    always settle before using instant power. If you're looking for 
    defense and that democracy power is 11 turns away, well you 
    don't need me to tell you what you should do.
    Great Humanitarians
    INSTANT- Great Humanitarians can instantly add 1 population 
    to each of your cities.
    SETTLE- Great Humanitarians can be settled in a city to 
    increase it's growth rate by 50%.
    Like great scientists, great humanitarians should used according 
    to your situation. If you have 2 cities, a +2 population isn't 
    going to help you much. But if you have 8 cities, it can really 
    increase your productivity all around by using the instant power.
    Great Thinkers
    INSTANT- Great Thinkers can instantly convert an enemy city.
    SETTLE- Great Thinkers can be settled to provide an extra 50% 
    to culture.
    Converting an enemy city is a risk. This could anger your enemy 
    into attacking you and you usually convert their worst city, which 
    means a poorly made, poorly defended city surrounded by them. A 
    settled Great Thinker can also help converting cities through the 
    land your civilization's culture would consume. If you need the 
    city and feel you can defend it quick enough, don't think it a bad 
    idea. On the other hand if the city is surrounded by the enemy, it 
    would probably not be wise to take the city, or it would just be a 
    waste of a great person.
    Great Explorers
    INSTANT- Great Explorers can instantly supply some money.
    SETTLE- Great Explorers can be settled to provide an extra 50% 
    gold production to a city.
    It's obvious you would make a lot more money with a settled 
    explorer, but this doesn't mean that an advance on cash is a bad 
    thing. The instant power can help early in game, but later on you 
    might find that in a single turn you can earn more wtih the 50% 
    bonus. Most people don't have many gold producing cities, but 
    these are a definite aid whether you're going for an economic 
    victory or not.
    Great Leaders
    INSTANT- Great Leaders can instantly upgrade all units to a 
    verteran status.
    SETTLE- Great Leaders can be settled to provide an upgrade to all 
    units created in that city.
    If you get one of these, NEVER use the instant power. The settled 
    power is possibly the best bonus you can recieve for your units. 
    Think of it like an advanced barracks. When building defensive units, 
    always build them in the city with a leader, defensive bonuses can 
    provide you with an invincible city.
    --------------------------Tactics and Guides--------------------------
    Once again, this section is open to submissions, look at the contact 
    section for more information.
    --------- Domination Tactics -------
    <<<<<<<<CRUSADER TACTIC>>>>>>>>
    Submitted by: Loughi Boy Wonder
    This tactic is a very powerful and quick way to a domination victory. 
    When I refer to an "Early Domination" this is a tactic that will help 
    you achieve that.
    Two technologies you need to focus on are monarchy and religion. 
    Monarchy allows you to build the Himeji Samurai Castle Wonder, and 
    religion gives you the Fundamentalism government. These two combind 
    gives all of your units a +6 to attack. 
    While working for those two technologies, build at least 3 cities, 
    one for producing units, one for producing science, and a third for 
    producing gold. With these three cities you should have enough 
    production to get you a steady supply of units. If you have enough 
    room, build a fourth city for more unit production. Worry less on 
    defenses, I'm not saying ignore your defense, but focus less on 
    them since you will be pushing the enemy back. You bonuses from 
    both Fundamentalism and the Samurai Castle will give you a big 
    enough offense to push in multiple directions if you seem to be 
    surrounded by enemies. 
    Once you start getting naval technologies, use naval units to get 
    around faster and as a support for land units sieging cities. 
    Since most people build near water for trade squares, you can 
    usually have an extra attack bonus by placing your boats in the
    right spots.
    A good way to practice is to go against the computer and stay at 
    war with everyone possible. It forces you to build up your offense. 
    Anytime they offer peace, reject and stay at war. 
    Suggested Civilizations:
    Arabs are the prime choice for this plan. Not only do you start 
    with Fundamentalism, but you also get Mathmatics in the medieval 
    age. Go straight for monarchy as soon as you can so you can build 
    the Samurai Castle wonder right off the bat. The 50% caravan 
    bonus helps with the caravans you recieve from the villages and 
    Aztecs start with 25 gold and this allows them to rush a single 
    unit of warriors while everyone else has to wait. This is also an 
    easy way to capture a nearby enemy capital right off the bat. They
    also have an auto-heal bonus which allows the units to continue 
    fighting without delay. 
    Germany warriors are automatically built as veterans. This lets 
    you waste less time with a barracks, and focus more on spamming 
    out warriors in the begining. When those units become elite, 
    they get upgraded to legions when you get the iron tech. This 
    lets you worry less about getting new legion units to the bases 
    Calavry is a bit underused. With Samurai Knights gaining a +1 
    per unit, that all adds to a +9bonus with Fundamentalism and 
    the Samurai Castle Wonder. Calvary move around fast and get to 
    enemy cities before catapaults can. With their higher defense 
    they can also survive a better than catapaults can.
    Cities are created by killing barbarians, this is a significant 
    way to build up a good empire for producing units. Calvary 
    recieving + movement means much faster domination. This lets you 
    get to enemy cities before they can research defensive 
    The Zulu have the ability to move warriors around quickly so 
    you can get behind the enemy warriors and head straight to their 
    defenseless capitals. A good Zulu trap is to fake peace until you 
    reach their city and then attack them. Their overrun advantage 
    works well with the Fundamentalism and castle wonder power to 
    allow faster takeover of enemies.
    ---------- Economy Tactics ---------
    <<<None for the time being>>>
    -------- Technology Tactics --------
    <<<<<<<<TURTLE TACTIC>>>>>>>>
    Submitted by: SpectralEssence908
    This is a very common and very basic tactic. This tactic utilizes 
    civilizations that can build cities fast to create a defensive-
    based win. 
    Technology is a time based win, the faster you can research, the faster
    you can win. 
    Depending on your starting position depends on how effective the tactic 
    will be. I will give a basic idea. 
    You want to try and work in a square/rectangular area. 
    |Brrrrrrr       rrrrrrrB|
    |        r     r        |
    |         rr rr         |
    |           C           |
    |         rr rr         |
    |        r     r        |
    |Brrrrrrr       rrrrrrrB|
    B- Base
    C- Capital
    r- Road
    This is an example setup of a defensive setup. You have your Capital 
    in the middle with 4 other bases. This is a setup if you happen to 
    have a lot of space to work with. But sometimes you won't be so lucky. 
    Sometimes you start on narrow land.
    | B |
    | r |
    | r |
    | r |
    | C |
    | r |
    | r |
    | r |
    | B |
    B- Base
    C- Capital
    r- Road
    This is an example of a narrow land setup. I'll explain further as to 
    how you want your cities set up.
    Your bases should be trade-based and defensive cities. Build building 
    based to increase science trade.Your capital should be your production 
    city. Place buildings based on production and make this your main form 
    of producing units. Since walls usually take a long time to build, 
    your capital should be your place to dish out archers, pikeman, 
    riflemen, etc.
    Try and build your bases on spot where your enemy can't pass through. 
    This further protects your Capital so you won't have to worry too 
    much about trying to defend your capital.
    If you have enough space you can build more than 5 cities. Don't feel 
    limited to what I'm providing. This is your base plan. I've won using 
    this strategy with just 3 bases. It all depends on how well you can 
    Using this defensive strategy should keep enemies at bay and allow 
    your bases to produce enough science to gain a huge advantage over the 
    Your Capital can also help you provide culture. Since culture can help 
    you gain great people, this can provide a good bonus to other parts of 
    your civilization, especially if you gain a leader or some scientists.
    Reccomended civilizations for this are the China, Greece, Japan, Rome, 
    or Russia.
    ---------- Culture Tactics ---------
    <<<<Passively Aggressive >>>>
    Submitted by: PlatinumFox
    The key is to use your capital for science (library and university) 
    and production (workshop, iron mine, factory, oak, etc....) and to set 
    up other cities nearby that focus on gold and/or culture, depending on 
    what you want to go for.
    1. Capital should be used for Science and Production of defensive units
    build library and university as soon as possible, and be sure to utilize 
    your hammer resources well
    2. Build bases as close to your enemies as possible without crippling 
    your city or theirs. The idea is that you will build up your culture 
    with temples, cathedrals, and the Magna Carta/Courthouse.  This will 
    flip their nearby cities. You must be prepared for the city flip 
    though, be sure to have your cities (all but the capital) making gold 
    so that you can rush a wall or at least a temple in the city you flip.
    After all, its no good to flip a city if you lose two turns later.  
    I recommend rushing a wall as this will also help defend it from units. 
    3.  Resist the urge to use a monarchy, the boost to culture is nice, 
    but democracy is the way to go, the big part of this strategy is that 
    you are crippling your enemies by taking their cities, remember that 
    a flipped city is worth just as much as a wonder or a great person, 
    and a city with a temple and cathedral is going to bring in more 
    culture than a boost to your palace culture; so why democracy? so you 
    get more gold (the added science is great too) and rush walls in the 
    cities you flip, that is huge!
    4. Techs to research are: masonry (try to get it first so you get a 
    bonus wall in your capital, this is way more valuable in the beginning 
    than an archer.  then bronze, so you can get veteran archers, alphabet, 
    a library in your capital is worth a lot early in the game.  Obviously 
    ceremonial burial is key here, but dont worry about having it right 
    away, all the culture in the world wont save a city from a legion 
    army, Then go for democracy as soon as you can, this is 
     really important as it gives you pikeman and the right govt. type
    Dont worry about reasearching currency, I know that it sounds crazy, 
    but by the time you've got your walls built and your workshops and 
    granaries and courthouses, and everything else you need your cities 
    to have just to stay alive you will have gotten currency as a bonus 
    from economic production, (250 gold I believe, and that may be a lot 
    in the beginiing of the game, but resist the earge to rush 
    everything and you'll get it soon enough.
    5.  Hollywood is an awesome wonder, but really its usually not worth 
    it, if you are close enough to flip a city with a wall, usually you 
    are close enough to destroy thier walls with a couple of spies;  
    I usually just make a ring of spies and two single spy units, go 
    up to the city with some defensive units and the spies and once the 
    spy ring has cleared out thier defensive spies you "leave quetly" 
    with the ring and use the much more cost effective single spies to 
    go and do the dirty work,  after all you dont want to waste a whole 
    ring to destroy a granary.
    6.  Spies!!!!!  the fastest way to boost your number of great people 
    is to steal them.  Its easy, just do what was just described for the 
    destruction of walls, only kidnap a great person.  The top cities 
    screen is a great way to quickly see who's got a lot of people 
    without even exploring.  Keep in mind that it works both ways!  Keep 
    a spy or spy ring in any city you have with a great person in it.  
    If I have more than two in a city I have two spy rings defending it.  
     Also, spies get the bonus from fortification and great generals so 
    keep that in mind.
    7.  The last part of the strategy may be the most important.  It can 
    mean the difference between watching some jerk's space station arrive 
    at Butthole Centauri while you build the UN or sweet victory.  This 
    strategy is not a fast one, I dont know of a fast Cultural vicory, 
    but with the right deffenses (keep in mind   that  all the offensive 
    units you would have wasted on attacking and seiging can now be 
    deffensive instead) no one can beat you with a domination.  
    Furthermore, if you are stealling all the great people (and gold if 
    someone is too near an economic win) no one else can beat you to 
    the cultural or economic victory, so you simply have to beat the guy 
    who is going for the tech victory.  The best way I know to shave a 
    lot of time off of this win is to rush the UN; you cant rush it with 
    gold, but you can do some math.  Just add up how many 
    people/wonders/flips you need to win if your culture production 
    looks like it will get you the UN go ahead in 15 turns pick a city 
    with high production and good defenses (probably your capital) and 
    start building a high cost wonder (500 or higher) then adjust your 
    tiles to get this build complete in around 15 turns.  So if you think 
    you will be able to get the UN in 15 turns I aim my place holder 
    wonder for 17 or 18 just in case, and then as soon as I can build 
    the UN I just switch to it in that city, all the production will 
    transfer and you can usually up the production in that city by 
    reasigning tiles.  If done correctly and no one messes you up, you 
    will win in a couple of turns instead of 15.  Makes a big difference!
    If you are going for the Economic win instead do the exact same 
    thing with just a few changes.
    Build your cities with trade in mind as a priority instead of 
    proximity to enemy cities you want to flip.  focus less on temples 
    and cathedrals and build markets and banks first, though a high 
    culture city with high gold production is awesome anyway; flipped 
    cities produce gold just as shiney as the ones you build.
    build up your navy if you are able, keep it near your city, this 
    will help defend it with a naval bonus, and it will allow you to 
    keep your enemy ships from blocking your trade tiles; nothing is 
    worse than a city with a market/bank and three of its sea squares 
    are blocked up with enemy ships!  Last difference is that you should 
    focus your spy attacks on kidnapping explorers (look at enemy city 
    flags to tell you the type of great person they have)  and stealing 
    gold.  The key to stealing a lot of gold is to be patient.  Dont 
    waste a spy on 100 gold, wait until you're close to the end of the 
    game and bring a boat with some spies and some defensive units to 
    the next richest civ's capital.  The ideal drop off is a hill that 
    is two squares away from the capital, and keep the boat nearby so 
    it can provide naval support.  Then after the inital turn waiting 
    for them to recover, you bring the spies in (two squares is just far 
    enough for the spies, but too far for a lot of units to get to your 
    landing party before they are active) to the capital, ring first of 
    course, and steal gold,  I have seen this yeald over 8000 gold in one 
    turn (3000, 2500, 2000, 1500 per spy!!!!) from an enemy who thought 
    they were close to economic victory!  And the best part is that you 
    get the gold instantly, so even if they manage to kill off the rest 
    of the landing party its not that big of a deal!
    Suggested Civilizations: It depends on if you are going for econ or 
    cultural,  anyone with high gold, culture, defense, or democray 
    works just fine
    ----Civilization-Specific Tactics---
    <<<None for the time being>>>
    -----------------------Frequently Asked Questions---------------------
    Q: What is the best Civilization?
    A: There is no "best" civilization. The civilizations are very 
    balanced. The civilization you should choose should be based on 
    what kind of victory you want to shoot for. 
    Q: Why are my cities falling behind everyone else's?
    A: Well there are multiple reasons for this. Make sure you always 
    build the right buildings in the right cities. You don't want to 
    build a bank in a city made just for science. Make sure that you 
    also keep an eye on your city management. If you don't keep an 
    eye on it your cities might not pick the right tiles for the best 
    city output.
    -------------------Contact Information and Submission-----------------
    To send questions email me at loughiboywonder@yahoo.com
    For tactic submissions please follow the following template to make 
    my job easier.
    Name: Your name here (this will go under the "Submitted by")
    Name of Tactic: 
    Suggested Civilizations: 
    Please provide a clear and accurate description of the tactic. I 
    won't accept anything under 100 words. 

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