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    Game Script by Rexy

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/08/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 THE LEGEND OF SPYRO: THE ETERNAL NIGHT ~ GAME SCRIPT              
                          Written for hosting at GameFAQs.com                      
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 01/08/2008
    Platform: PlayStation2/Wii
    Adapted by: Beverley Wooff (GameFAQs name "Rexy")
    Email: bev.wooff@gmail.com
    Contents - 
    1 - Version History
    2 - Introduction
    3 - Script Map
    4 - Game Script
    5 - Email Policy
    6 - Credits and acknowledgements
    1 - Version History
    Version 0.5 (01/06/2008) - I have managed to establish the script. Before
    uploading it to GameFAQs servers, this draft version was sent to a verifier
    for quality assurance.
    Version 1.0 (01/08/2008) - Criticisms were taken to heart; adjustments were
    made and it was given a final set of spellchecks. This resulting version was
    sent to be hosted.)
    2 - Introduction
    It's been a long time since I last contributed a file to the GameFAQs server.
    What I've done here is adapted another game script, this time for the then-
    latest title in the Spyro the Dragon series of games. The latest two titles
    seemed to have a strong and detailed storyline, and I felt happy to make a stab
    at adapting this particular game.
    Unlike prior games I've adapted scripts for, there was no other means to re-
    play game scenes other than to go through the story again. This means a lot of
    video footage was recorded myself and various notes taken during gameplay were
    also of note here.
    With that said, I hope you all appreciate the effort. Thank you.
    3 - Script Map
    All you do here is hold CTRL and press F to bring up the Find box. Type in the
    code corresponding to the scene you're looking for, and you should get there
    in no time. The cutscenes are branched into two types - standard scenes, and
    "intermissions" - either cutscenes without dialogue, or areas with unique
    spoken lines in-game.
    XX - Opening Titles--------------------------------------------------------XOPN
    PART 1 - Dragon Temple
    01 - Some Night Huh?-------------------------------------------------------1NGT
    02 - We Mustn't Wake Them--------------------------------------------------1WKE
    03 - I Don't Belong Here---------------------------------------------------1BLG
    04 - Make It Stop!---------------------------------------------------------1STP
    05 - Manipulation of Time--------------------------------------------------1TME
    06 - Feel the Fire---------------------------------------------------------1FRE
    07 - Seek Me Out-----------------------------------------------------------1SEK
    08 - The Temple is Under Attack!-------------------------------------------1TMP
    09 - Ugly Ape Guy----------------------------------------------------------1APE
         I1 - The Crumbling Floor----------------------------------------------IFLR
         I2 - Dining With Spiders----------------------------------------------ISPD
         I3 - One Ape and Its Dogs---------------------------------------------IDOG
         I4 - More Dining With Spiders-----------------------------------------IMRE
    10 - We Need Your Help!----------------------------------------------------1HLP
    11 - Prepare to Die--------------------------------------------------------1DIE
    12 - Where's Cynder?-------------------------------------------------------1CYN
    13 - Tales of the Chronicler-----------------------------------------------1CHR
    14 - A Good Hiding Place---------------------------------------------------1PLC
    PART 2 - Ancient Grove / Grove Underground
    01 - A Secret Place--------------------------------------------------------2PLC
    02 - What's Not to Love?---------------------------------------------------2LVE
    03 - A Wrong Turn----------------------------------------------------------2TRN
    04 - The Power of Ice------------------------------------------------------2ICE
    05 - Now What?-------------------------------------------------------------2WHT
    06 - The Well of Souls-----------------------------------------------------2SLS
    07 - First Catch of the Day------------------------------------------------2CTH
    08 - Give Me a Sign--------------------------------------------------------2SGN
         I1 - To Higher Ground!------------------------------------------------IHGH
         I2 - This Doesn't Look Good-------------------------------------------ILGD
    09 - No Need for Remorse---------------------------------------------------2RMS
         I3 - Captured!--------------------------------------------------------ICPT
    PART 3 - Fellmuth Arena / Pirate Fleet
    01 - It's Hurtin' Time-----------------------------------------------------3HRT
    02 - The Blundertails------------------------------------------------------3BLN
    03 - This Is No Puppet Show------------------------------------------------3PPT
    04 - The Power of the Earth------------------------------------------------3ERT
    05 - Open Your Eyes--------------------------------------------------------3EYE
    06 - The Night of Eternal Darkness-----------------------------------------3DRK
    07 - Time to Bruise--------------------------------------------------------3BSE
    08 - Ravage Rider----------------------------------------------------------3RVG
    09 - We Totally Rule-------------------------------------------------------3RLE
    10 - Fan Mail--------------------------------------------------------------3FML
    11 - The Executioner-------------------------------------------------------3EXC
    12 - A Bonus Match---------------------------------------------------------3BNS
    13 - I Want Out------------------------------------------------------------3OUT
    14 - Things Just Got More Complicated--------------------------------------3CMP
    15 - The Chamber Gates-----------------------------------------------------3CHM
    16 - Merci Mon Frere-------------------------------------------------------3FRR
    17 - A Score to Settle-----------------------------------------------------3SCR
    18 - We're Going After Them, Right?----------------------------------------3AFT
         I1 - Tailing Skabb----------------------------------------------------ITLL
    19 - I Quit All the Time!--------------------------------------------------3QUT
    20 - That Felt Good--------------------------------------------------------3FGD
         I2 - The Passing Turtle-----------------------------------------------ITRT
    PART 4 - Celestial Cave
    01 - Spirit of Electricity-------------------------------------------------4ELC
    02 - Maybe I'll Just Take a Peek-------------------------------------------4PEK
    03 - The Traitor Returns---------------------------------------------------4TRT
    04 - I Think We're Here----------------------------------------------------4HRE
    05 - Sacred Threshold------------------------------------------------------4THR
    06 - Expose Your Heart-----------------------------------------------------4HRT
    07 - The Chronicler--------------------------------------------------------4CHR
    08 - The First Purple Dragon-----------------------------------------------4PRP
    09 - The Plan--------------------------------------------------------------4PLN
         I1 - The Underground Passage------------------------------------------IPSS
    PART 5 - Mountain Fortress
    01 - You Don't Need to Come With Me----------------------------------------5CME
    02 - Time to Feel Some Pain------------------------------------------------5FPN
         I1 - The Statue Room--------------------------------------------------ISTT
    03 - A Horrible Pit of Despair---------------------------------------------5PIT
    04 - The Nightmare Never Ends----------------------------------------------5NMR
         I2 - The Final Battle-------------------------------------------------IBTT
    05 - Your Time is Over-----------------------------------------------------5TME
    06 - Finish Me!------------------------------------------------------------5FNS
         I3 - Gaul's Last Stand------------------------------------------------ISTN
    07 - What's Happening Down There?------------------------------------------5HPP
    08 - Ride Out This Storm---------------------------------------------------5RDE
    4 - Game Script
    OPENING TITLES                                                        CODE XOPN
    (The game begins with various drawn images layered on top of one another. Two
    moons amongst a cloudy landscape and the scene of a mountain range near a
    barren forest are seen to begin with.)
    (More of the landscape is seen, going deeper into the wasteland.)
    ~A KROME STUDIOS production~
    (A path is then seen out of the forest, leading straight towards one lone
    mountain in the distance.)
    (The mountain itself looked like no ordinary mountain ever shaped; it had
    malicious carvings all around it and its tip to be the shape of a dragon's
    head, pointing towards the sky.  A huge purple beam of energy is then seen
    being cast directly into its mouth from above.)
    Cynder:     "My master returns."
    Spyro:      "We're too late!"
    (The source of the purple light is then seen to be coming from Convexity, an
    air lock where a being known as the Dark Master was sealed away, prevented from
    causing destruction towards the world. Spyro - the titular hero of this tale -
    was seen combating Cynder - a vicious black dragon that stood to be at least
    four times his size - in a battle to determine whether the Dark Master would be
    freed - the fate of the world. Eventually, Spyro overcame her with a
    concentrated burst of energy - a fury attack - that spawned a wide amount of
    the battle area. It eventually weakened Cynder, leaving her to turn into her
    original form; a dragon hatchling. He stood over the scene with his travelling
    companion, a dragonfly named Sparx, close by.)
    Spyro:      "She IS just like me!"
    ~Starring ELIJAH WOOD~
    (The ground began to rumble and the portal that sealed the Dark Master then
    began to pull a force of gravity towards it.)
    Sparx:      "We gotta get out of here, NOW!"
    Spyro:      "I can't leave her behind. I've got to save her!"
    Sparx:      "What? Save the beast that's been trying to KILL US?"
    Spyro:      "Yeah, but that wasn't her fault! She was being used by the Dark
    (The gravity pull soon brought Cynder towards the stairs of the portal,
    bringing her straight inside the light. Without a moment to spare, Spyro
    released his grip from the floor and went into the portal with her.)
    (After two seconds of tension, he re-emerged from the portal, carrying Cynder
    with his paws and flying away from the scene.)
    Spyro:      "Now we can go!"
    ~and GARY OLDMAN as Ignitus~
    (Spyro's face was shown to be confident as he flew away, but his face soon
    dropped when a whispered voice soon came into his hearing range.)
    ???:        "S-s-spyro... S-s-spyro..."
    (He turned back, looking at the battle area with a more melancholic look. And
    after that, the scene was black.)
    PART 1 - Dragon Temple
    SCENE 1 - Some Night Huh?                                             CODE 1NGT
    (The scene quickly re-emerged at a Dragon Temple at night. It turned out that
    the flashback was a dream that Spyro was having.)
    Sparx:      "S-s-spyro..."
    (Spyro awoke with a start, looking around at a calm evening sky ahead of him.
    From his right, Sparx made his re-emergence.)
    Sparx:      "Hey Spyro, some night huh? Beautiful."
    Spyro:      "What is it you want, Sparx?"
    Sparx:      "Huh, why do I have to want something? I'm just ready to begin the
                best day ever now that the evil-psycho-she-dragon is gone."
    Spyro:      "What? Cynder? What do you mean, Sparx?"
    Sparx:      "Whoa, calm down big fella. My gosh, you're awfully tense. Hmm,
                haven't been sleeping much? You should listen to Volteer tell one
                of his stories. That'll put anyone to sleep."
    Spyro:      "Sparx, what happened?"
    Sparx:      "Okay, are you ready?"
    (The scene fades to black and fades into a flashback showing Sparx moving his
    way towards the Dragon Temple interior.)
    Sparx:      "I get up to get some fresh air... since I don't sleep much myself
                these days with, uh, the female-of-fright hanging about. Lo and
                behold, there she was sneaking out into the garden."
    (The scene then fades back to the present.)
    Sparx:      (shivering) "She gives me the creeps dude. Hear my teeth?"
    (Sparx's teeth then clatter amongst the tips of his fingers, expressing his
    Spyro:      "Come on. We have to find her. It's dangerous for her to be outside
                the temple at night."
    (Spyro makes his walk towards the interior, but Sparx soon zoomed in front of
    his face, stopping him in his tracks.)
    Sparx:      "It's dangerous for any of us to be outside at night. Besides,
                Ignitus said you have to wait til your powers return..." (whisper)
                "...cause you're weak."
    Spyro:      "No time to argue. Come on."
    Sparx:      "Ah..." (cough) "You'd be helpless without me..." (cough) "I'd
                better come with you."
    (Sparx catches up with Spyro and they both go through the Temple together.)
    SCENE 2 - We Mustn't Wake Them                                        CODE 1WKE
    (Their progress was halted when they came into another room, where the
    Guardians were seen sleeping together.)
    Terrador:   "Hmmmmmph..."
    (With the obstacle at hand, Spyro tilted his head towards Sparx.)
    Spyro:      (whispering) "Quiet. We mustn't wake them."
    Sparx:      (shouting) "What? I can't hear you over all this snoring!"
    (With not a moment to lose, Spyro tiptoed his way across the room to the exit
    at the other side, being careful not to distract anyone in the process.)
    Cyril:      (mumbling in his sleep) "Yes of course..."
    Volteer:    (mumbling in his sleep) "In the truth of the matter..."
    (Finally, Spyro reached the other side; he turned around, waited for Sparx to
    catch up, and then they left the room together.)
    SCENE 3 - I Don't Belong Here                                         CODE 1BLG
    (Finally, Spyro managed to catch up to Cynder.)
    Spyro:      "Cynder, what are you doing out here? It's dangerous."
    Cynder:     "You shouldn't have followed me, Spyro."
    Sparx:      "That's good enough for me. Let's go. Seeya! Huh."
    Cynder:     "Please, don't make this harder for me than it already is."
    Spyro:      "I'm just trying to understand."
    Cynder:     "I'm leaving, Spyro. I don't belong here. After all I've done, all
                I've put you through... I can't stay."
    Spyro:      "Cynder, nobody blames you for what happened."
    Sparx:      "Huh, I do. Speak for yourself."
    Spyro:      "Sparx..."
    Cynder:     "No, Sparx is right. And every day that goes by, I'm reminded of
                it. Spyro, your place is here. Your destiny is here. But mine is
                somewhere out there for me to find."
    Spyro:      "Cynder... I don't want you to go."
    Cynder:     "Goodbye Spyro..."
    (Cynder then runs away, leaving the scene. Spyro then shakes his head with
    disbelief now that she had made her departure.)
    Sparx:      "Now, can we finally get some sleep around here? I've been only
                sort of half-sleeping with one eye open for weeks now, alternating
                eyes of course. It lessens the strain but I tell ya, it's taken a
                toll." (gesturing at one of his eyebrows) "Hey, was this twitch
                always there?"
    (He then drew his attention to Spyro, whom at this point had both of his eyes
    half open, struggling to stand on all four feet.)
    Sparx:      "Spyro? You OK buddy?"
    (Spyro didn't answer. Instead, he collapsed on the floor as if he faced a
    fainting spell.)
    Sparx:      "Hey, I wanna sleep too, but I didn't mean NOW! Let's at least get
                inside - it's... it's dark out, man, and I don't like it."
    (Sparx then zoomed his way towards the dragon, trying to bring him back onto
    his feet.)
    Sparx:      "Hello? Anyone home? Yoohoo!"
    SCENE 4 - Make It Stop!                                               CODE 1STP
    (Spyro regained his senses, but he didn't find himself at the Dragon Temple.
    Instead, he saw himself in a strange area with floating rocks and stars around
    his field of view. He went to the end of the platform he stood on and looked
    down at the abyss below.)
    Spyro:      "Hello? Is anyone there?"
    (An aged voice is then heard from nowhere.)
    ???:        "Do not be frightened, young dragon. You are not alone."
    Spyro:      "Who are you? What is this place?"
    ???:        "I have summoned you here so that you might be warned. The
                Celestial Moons are counting down and time is running out."
    (With an uncertain glance, Spyro took several steps back towards the center of
    the platform. Not long after he stopped, he then heard several whispers around
    the empty space, steadily increasing in volume until it became an unbearable
    display of noise.)
    Spyro:      "Make it stop!"
    (Time froze in front of him, causing the rocks nearby to freeze in mid-air.)
    SCENE 5 - Manipulation of Time                                        CODE 1TME
    (Spyro used some of the rocks to cross over to another platform, and as he did,
    time unfroze.)
    Spyro:      "How did that happen?"
    ???:        "The purple dragon can wield many abilities that others cannot,
                including time itself. Learn to master this ability, and you would
                be able to see things almost before they happen. But... use
                this gift sparingly, only when circumstances demand. Manipulation
                of time is not to be done without the utmost care."
    (Spyro nodded with understanding.)
    SCENE 6 - Feel the Fire                                               CODE 1FRE
    (Eventually, he reached a platform with a red light casting out of it. He
    glided towards it and leant his head towards the glow.)
    ???:        "You seemed to have abandoned your true calling. It is your destiny
                to harness the powers of the elements. Yet, you possess not."
    Spyro:      "I haven't been able to use my abilities for some time now."
    ???:        "Yes. Right now your powers lay dormant within you. Let's see if we
                might not awaken them."
    (Spyro then stepped into the light and allowed it to channel through his body.)
    ???:        "Clear your mind Spyro, and feel the fire that flows through your
                veins. Allow its heat to consume you, and breathe with it. Now,
                rise up and release the firestorm within you!"
    (Within the confined space, Spyro unleashed a fire element fury. It resulted
    with his body being engulfed by flames, albeit causing no harm to him
    ???:        "Excellent Spyro! You're a natural. But now that a primal fire
                rages inside you, show me you have command of it." 
    SCENE 7 - Seek Me Out                                                 CODE 1SEK
    (After several tests concerning combat with the element of fire, Spyro found
    himself inside a temple at the end of the passage of platforms. Blue kelp was
    seen waving around in the air in the hallway leading to the interior, which was
    seen to be a large room with a blue projecting light in the middle. He headed
    directly for that light, looking into it like he did with the fire platform.)
    ???:        "You have done well... and now, it is time for you to return. But
                be careful Spyro, the enemy approaches."
    Spyro:      "Wait! You still haven't told me who you are!"
    ???:        "You shall know me as the Chronicler. Seek me out..."
    (An image of a great tree in a forest is seen through the viewing pedestal.
    And then, the scene faded to white.)
    SCENE 8 - The Temple is Under Attack!                                 CODE 1TMP
    (The scene then restored itself to the Dragon Temple's guardian, where Sparx is
    still seen around Spyro's side, trying to get him back onto his feet.)
    Sparx:      "Hello? Hello, hello, hello? Anyone home? Hello? Hello?" 
    (Spyro then awakened, bringing his head up, standing back on his feet and
    observing his surroundings.) 
    Spyro:      "Something is happening Sparx. I can't explain it."
    Sparx:      "No kidding. While you were catatonic, this whole place has been
                hooting and howling. Listen."
    (The sound of explosions were heard from the distance.)
    Spyro:      (whispering) "What is that?"
    (A bomb then landed its way not far from the pair, causing them both to stumble
    back - Spyro rolling backwards and Sparx landing chest first into one of the
    nearby dragon statues before falling to the ground on his back.)
    Spyro:      "What's happening?"
    (Spyro looked up, and above the mushroom growths at the top of the Temple's
    garden he witnessed a flock of Dreadwings flying their way towards the scene.
    More bombs were thrown, this time sending down boulders to seal the path from
    the Temple that they initially used to get out.)
    Spyro:      "The Temple is under attack! The others are still sleeping; we need
                to get back!"
    Sparx:      "Are you crazy? Do you want to run towards the danger?"
    Spyro:      "We're going to have to find another way in. Come on!"
    Sparx:      "Ugh... I liked you better when you were sleepin'."
    (And so they both ran towards another path to find a way back to the Temple.)
    SCENE 9 - Ugly Ape Guy                                                CODE 1APE
    (Along their way, they found themselves at an entrance to one part of the
    Temple interior. Several bombs dropped to the floor, and a selection of Ape
    mercenaries were seen standing nearby. They all marched to the tip of the
    platform they were on and stopped, with the leader looking on at the pair
    using one of his hands above his eyes as a means of focus.)
    Leader:     "The purple dragon!"
    Sparx:      "Hey, ugly ape guy! Ooh ooh ooh! Now that we've exchanged
                pleasantries, can we fight?"
    (The leader ordered the two to charge by gesturing with his sword, causing one
    of the nearby soldiers to leap into the scene. The other didn't budge,
    preferring to stay on the platform so the leader shoved it into the scene with
    its shield.)
    Sparx:      "Or at least you two can fight and I'll watch."
    INTERMISSION 1 - The Crumbling Floor                                  CODE IFLR
    (After the battle and a switch puzzle outside, the duo found themselves facing
    an unstable floor. On one part of the passage, three ape soldiers jumped on,
    ready to attack... only to have the floor crumble beneath them and leave them
    to fall down the pit.)
    Sparx:      "Up! Didn't see that comin'."
    INTERMISSION 2 - Dining With Spiders                                  CODE ISPD
    (The passageway soon took the pair outside again, where another Dreadwing bomb
    opened up another passageway. A group of spiders were then seen advancing to
    any apes foolish enough to come near them, devouring them as soon as they could
    approach them. The sight left Sparx to shrug towards Spyro.)
    INTERMISSION 3 - One Ape and Its Dogs                                 CODE IDOG
    (A later encounter saw another string of dreadwings coming towards another part
    of the temple. Separating them from their entrance that time was a larger ape
    leader with a pair of hound monsters near it. They both charged towards Spyro
    and Sparx, obviously with no choice but to battle them.)
    INTERMISSION 4 - More Dining With Spiders                             CODE IMRE
    (The path continued its way towards another part of the gardens, where more
    dreadwings are seen flying with bombs ready to launch towards the ground and
    more local spiders seen defending their territory by feeding on any ape soldier
    that comes near them. The sight left Spyro to use one of his wings to cover
    his eyes.)
    SCENE 10 - We Need Your Help!                                         CODE 1HLP
    (Spyro then found himself at a rocky platform near the entrance to the temple.
    There, he saw several ape soldiers fighting Ignitus at a nearby balcony. He
    tossed one enemy over the side, only to be greeted with four more from behind,
    in which he countered with a stream of fire from his mouth and one of which
    getting kicked into a pillar. Six more soldiers then made their arrival,
    causing him to jump into the air as they landed by means of bombs. A fireball
    was then seen landing towards the ground, causing them to back away and give
    Ignitus room to land. He used a tail whip to counter two of which, turned
    around and noticed another one of the apes from behind; it quickly ran away
    from the red dragon. From behind him, six more soldiers landed and he continued
    to fight them, using fire to cause them to back away. But all too soon, the
    apes had him cornered on the path between the Temple and the balcony.)
    Spyro:      "Ignitus!"
    Ignitus:    "Get down here, young dragon!"
    (Just after he finished his sentence, one of the apes lunged towards him,
    knocking his head back.)
    Ignitus:    "We need your help!"
    (Ignitus then focused on attacking the enemies around him by means of using his
    head to melee them. During that time, Spyro glided his way down towards the
    balcony. From nearby, an Assassin wearing thick armor and riding on a Dreadwing
    paid attention to the action.)
    Assassin:   (muffled) "Focus your attention on the purple dragon!"
    (Spyro made his landing and turned around to face Ignitus, still with apes
    surrounding him. From behind the purple dragon came more apes through the bomb
    transportation; upon noticing him, the apes surrounding Ignitus then departed
    and made their way towards him instead. Ignitus quickly aided by using a fire
    fury to not only wipe the platform clear, but also knocking over several
    pillars, separating the two dragons.)
    SCENE 11 - Prepare to Die                                             CODE 1DIE
    (After fighting more apes, the Assassin came flying into view.)
    Sparx:      (terrified) "You're on your own with this one, fella."
    Spyro:      "This one? How is that different from the last one? Or the one
                before that?"
    Assassin:   "Prepare to die!"
    Spyro:      "Huh?
    Sparx:      "He said something about preparing to die. Either that or he wants
                you to repair a pie. Yeah... no... yeah."
    (The duel with the Assassin commenced.)
    SCENE 12 - Where's Cynder?                                            CODE 1CYN
    (Spyro easily overcame the Assassin, but he didn't perish.)
    Assassin:   (still incomprehensible) "You haven't seen the last of me!"
    (And so the Assassin flew away from the scene and the attacks on the Temple
    came to a stop.)
    Sparx:      "I'm just gonna assume you said it was great meeting you and have a
                nice day... in which case we thank you."
    (Ignitus managed to re-emerge from the temple, looking out to the scene ahead.)
    Ignitus:    "Is everyone alright?"
    (Spyro and Sparx made their way across the pathway towards the red dragon.)
    Ignitus:    "Where's Cynder?"
    (Both dragon and dragonfly looked towards each other, before turning to Ignitus
    ready to explain everything.)
    SCENE 13 - Tales of the Chronicler                                    CODE 1CHR
    (Spyro and Ignitus were seen at the Pool of Visions, the latter trying to sense
    her location.)
    Spyro:      "See anything Ignitus?"
    Ignitus:    "No... I can't see where Cynder has gone... just Darkness..."
    Sparx:      "Wait. Cynder... Darkness... aren't they the same thing?"
    Ignitus:    "What's this? Something is coming into focus."
    (Through the pool, an image is seen of Spyro standing in front of a giant
    Ignitus:    "This is peculiar. I see you... at the base of a great tree...
                amidst a lake of midst and gloom..."
    Spyro:      (excited) "A tree? I've seen that tree... in my dreams! Only..."
                (somber) "They usually feel more like nightmares."
    Ignitus:    "Young dragon, you've been keeping secrets. What is it you see in
                these dreams of yours?"
    Spyro:      "I'm sorry Ignitus. I thought they would go away. But they only get
    Ignitus:    "Relax, Spyro. Think."
    (Spyro then sealed his eyes shut as he recollected his thoughts.)
    Spyro:      "I keep seeing... a mountain draped in shadow... a face of stone
                between two moons and darkness."
    Terrador:   "The Mountain of Malefor."
    (The Dojo room illuminated with a flash of lightning upon the mention of the
    Sparx:      (looking excited) "Whoa! Am I the only one that thought that was
    Spyro:      "There was another, but it was more like I was seeing into the past
                and the future all at once. And there was a voice calling himself
                'the Chronicler'. That's when I saw the tree."
    Terrador:   "Impossible!" 
    Sparx:      (still looking excited) "Yeah, no kidding! There isn't even a
    Cyril:      "The Chronicler?"
    Sparx:      "What? Don't encourage him."
    Volteer:    "I don't believe it either! I've not heard that name in ages."
    Ignitus:    "Nor has anyone. But there is no way that Spyro could have known.
                This is fascinating."
    Spyro:      "Who is the Chronicler?"
    Ignitus:    "The Chronicler is an ancient dragon of immeasurable wisdom, though
                I've only heard stories. In fact I've had my doubts as to the
                legitimacy of the tales. Yet now, I am left to wonder."
    Terrador:   "As are we all. But if it is true, it is unsettling that the
                re-emergence of the Chronicler would coincide with an attack on the
                Temple, not to mention these other visions that Spyro was having." 
    Ignitus:    "Yes, very. Tales of the Chronicler are often interwoven with tales
                of doom."
    Sparx:      "Oh goody! I was afraid we might have to spend the rest of the
                night without any more doom!"
    SCENE 14 - A Good Hiding Place                                        CODE 1PLC
    (All five dragons and the dragonfly were seen outside the temple, looking out
    towards the Celestial Moons and their position in the sky.)
    Volteer:    "It was only a matter of time, Ignitus. We've all felt it. A great
                evil is on the horizon."
    Ignitus:    "Perhaps, but we mustn't rush to judgment. This evening has brought
                about many unexplained things."
    Cyril:      "We may not have time, Ignitus. The Celestial Moons are almost at
                an eclipse, this we know for certain. We must prepare for the
                worst. The Night of Eternal Darkness draws nigh."
    Sparx:      "If 'nigh' means soon, I'm outta here."
    Terrador:   "Your instincts, though faint of heart, are true. We are no longer
                safe here. This recent attack is likely the first of many. The
                forces of the Ape King know of Spyro's existence and will not rest
                until they witness his demise."
    Sparx:      (mimicking Terrador) "Demise..." (chuckles) "Hate to be you!"
    (Sparx turned around to face the guardians, noticing that they were all giving
    him a cold stare.)
    Sparx:      "What? You guys need to lighten up!"
    Ignitus:    "I'm afraid Terrador is right. As uncertain as things are, none of
                us can remain idle and... watch our worst fears unfold before us."
    Sparx:      "Exactly. We need a good hiding place."
    Ignitus:    "Volteer, you and Cyril must go to the mainland to learn what news
                you can.  Terrador, make haste to the Shattered Vale and warn the
                inhabitants of that region that darkness is spreading in Malefor. I
                shall stay back and search for Cynder. These are dangerous times
                for a dragon to be wandering about."
    (Spyro looked up to Ignitus with a melancholic glance.)
    Ignitus:    "May our ancestors look after us and keep us safe in these dark
    Spyro:      "What should I do, Ignitus?"
    Ignitus:    "Young dragon, you must travel by another path and seek out the
                tree from your dream. If the stories of the Chronicler are true...
                there may be hope for us yet. And I think I know where to begin."
    PART 2 - Ancient Grove / Grove Underground
    SCENE 1 - A Secret Place                                              CODE 2PLC
    (Various drawn images are seen of the dragons dispersing across the region;
    they eventually focused on Spyro flying his way along a meandering river
    towards a forest in the distance.)
    Ignitus:    "There is an Ancient Grove within the forest at the end of the
                Silver River.  It is a secret place untouched by civilisation."
    (The depths of the forest are revealed, along with traces of the river's flow
    through it and various monsters hiding among the trees.)
    Ignitus:    "The waters there are poisonous as well as the creatures who are
                nuturfied but you shouldn't encounter any real danger. Trust your
    (The final image showed Ignitus waiting at the Temple's balcony.)
    Ignitus:    "I shall be waiting for you here at the Temple when your task is
    SCENE 2 - What's Not to Love?                                         CODE 2LVE
    (It didn't take long for Spyro and Sparx to make their arrival at the Grove.)
    Sparx:      "Oh yes, lovely. He always sends us to the nicest places."
    Spyro:      "Come on Sparx, it's not that bad."
    (They both look at their surroundings. Various glowing shifty eyes were seen
    hidden among the silhouettes of the surrounding flora.) 
    Sparx:      (terrified) "Well sure, if you'd ignore all the evil beasts and
                visions of doom and eternal darkness, which sounds lovely by the
                way! Oh, and the fact that we now get to frolic through the magical
                creepy forest in search of some stupid tree! What's not to love?"
    Spyro:      "You're psyched. Let's go."
    (And so, they both start to venture their way through the forest.)
    SCENE 3 - A Wrong Turn                                                CODE 2TRN
    (After a brief amount of time travelling, the pair found themselves near a
    Spyro:      "What are we doing here? I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be
                looking for. I think we're lost."
    (Sparx, however was seen paying more attention to a set of butterflies hovering
    around the scene.)
    Sparx:      "Hey, have you tried these yet? Hmmm... they're delish."
    (He then proceeded to eat a pair as they flew towards him.)
    Sparx:      "Mmmm... come on, try some."
    Spyro:      "Sparx, don't eat that. You don't even know what it is!"
    Sparx:      (belching) "Nonsense... they're perfectly edible."
    (They both advanced further into the clearing, only to come to a stop when a
    voice was heard nearby.)
    ???:        "Alright, maggots. Time to spread out."
    (In front of them, they both witnessed a flock of dog-like pirates wandering
    Leader:     "Don't bother snaring anything smaller than a Skurvywing. Skabb
                only wants prize fighters this time, and double the bounty for the
                one who captures Arrrborick!"
    (During this time, Spyro and Sparx took hiding behind a nearby tree root.)
    Spyro:      "Hey, this isn't right. Ignitus said this place was uninhabited.
                We must have taken a wrong turn."
    (Spyro then proceeds to head back the way he came.)
    Sparx:      "All those in favor of turning back?"
    (In the middle of Sparx's sentence, Spyro faced another fainting spell. The
    sound of his body colliding with the floor attracted the pirates' attention.)
    Leader:     "Aye! It came from over there. Go see what it is."
    (Sparx then hovered his way towards Spyro, his face showing concern for not
    only the dragon's move, but also for a coming reaction from feeding on the
    Grove's butterflies.)
    Sparx:      "Oh..." (burp) "Not now!"
    (Unable to hold himself together, Sparx released his grip from around his mouth
    and unleashed one loud and lengthy belch.)
    Sparx:      "Buuuurrrrhhhh!"
    (The pirates then came closer towards the root; Sparx had no choice but to
    hover towards them.)
    Sparx:      (sheepish) "Uh... so... how is everyone today?"
    Minion:     "Ha ha, the little bug isn't much bigger than a bog-rat!"
    Sparx:      "Hey, who are you calling a bug you crazy-eyed mangy drool mutt?"
    (Sparx's reaction just caused the minions to jump on the spot with rage.)
    Sparx:      "Uh-oh..."
    Leader:     "Get him!"
    (The minions started to chase after Sparx in retaliation.)
    Sparx:      "Mommy!!"
    SCENE 4 - The Power of Ice                                            CODE 2ICE
    (The next vision that Spyro saw was the same mystical area in which he first
    met the Chronicler and regained his fire power. An immediate difference was
    felt as he stood on all four feet - a chilled draft strong enough to make him
    shiver on the spot.)
    Spyro:      "It's cold here..."
    (He quickly gained his composure and glided his way towards the same platform
    where he obtained the fire breath from, only this time the pool of light had a
    blue aura shining around it and snow drifted around it.
    Spyro:      "Chronicler? Are you there? I've done what you've asked of me, but
                I'm afraid I'm lost."
    Chronicler: "As long as the spirits of the ancestors are with you, you are
                never lost. Calm yourself Spyro, and cool your thoughts."
    (Spyro stepped into the light, channelling its energy through his body.)
    Chronicler: "Do not let your fire control you. There are other elements at play
                here. The power of ice also moves through you, just as the chilled
                winds whip through your wings. Let it... expand!"
    (Spyro then performed an Ice Fury within the confined space, resulting in him
    being covered with a chilled aura around his body.)
    Chronicler: "I knew you'd remember. Life seeks out balance, young dragon, and
                one who can master fire and ice is truly powerful in the shifting
                face of danger." 
    SCENE 5 - Now What?                                                   CODE 2WHT
    (After facing several tests with his new power, Spyro eventually made his way
    to the same temple where he departed the area from before.  He instantly made
    his way to the blue projecting light in the middle.)
    Spyro:      "Okay. Now what? What is it you want me to do? I think I'm entitled
                to know what's happening."
    Chronicler: "You already know what is happening... of the great evil that is
                awakening. But there is more that you must understand."
    (The viewing pedestal projected a vision in front of Spyro.)
    SCENE 6 - The Well of Souls                                           CODE 2SLS
    (The resulting vision was one of the Mountain of Malefor in its full glory.)
    Spyro:      "I've seen this place before. It frightens me."
    Chronicler: "This is an evil place, Spyro. It is called the Mountain of
                Malefor, asylum to the wandering phantoms and lost spirits of those
                who had turned to darkness. But to the spirits themselves and the
                black hearted, it goes by another name."
    (At the tip of the mountain came a group of apes, led by their monstrous king -
    an armor-clad creature with a glowing green eye, a broad staff in his hand and
    gray hairs showing elsewhere.)
    King:       "The Well of Souls!"
    SCENE 7 - First Catch of the Day                                      CODE 2CTH
    (Spyro then awakened, only to find himself at the edge of the river, far away
    from the clearing that he was in before.  He brought himself up on all fours
    and looked around for any trace of Sparx.)
    Spyro:      "Sparx? Sparx? Sparx, where are you?"
    (Almost instantly, Sparx made his appearance from behind a tall rock, with the
    group of pirates still chasing after him.)
    Sparx:      (panting) "Spyro, I'm outta shape."
    (The pirates then slowed down and stood directly in front of the pair.)
    Leader:     "What have we here? Arrr first catch of the day!"
    (Spyro and Sparx turned to each other, knowing what must be done in order to
    vanquish the pirates.)
    SCENE 8 - Give Me a Sign                                              CODE 2SGN
    (After much pirate combat and exploration of the Grove, Spyro and Sparx found
    themselves at a thicket deep within the forest. Standing right in the middle of
    it was a lone willow tree with a red aura surrounding it.)
    Sparx:      "Is that your dumb tree? It's beautiful. Can we go now?"
    Spyro:      "This feels like the right place, but... I'm not sure what I'm
                supposed to do here."
    Sparx:      "Wonderful. I'm gonna go wait over there... you know, give you a
                few minutes. Or maybe there was a lily pad you forgot to sing on or
                a rainbow you can talk to..."
    (Sparx hovered away from the scene, leaving Spyro alone as he continued to
    glance at the tree.)
    Spyro:      "Hello? I'm here. Give me a sign or... something."
    (The tree then sunk into the river with a roar; that soon caught Sparx's
    attention as he too witnessed the scene. From the tree's place came a titan
    formed entirely out of wood and leaves, standing at a monstrous height in
    comparison to the dragon and dragonfly.) 
    Sparx:      "Uh, it's my turn to pass out. You're on your own, buddy."
    (True to his words, Sparx drifted towards the ground, obviously doing a fake
    Spyro:      "Oh brother."
    (Spyro was left to focus on the wooden monster, which then proceeded to pound
    on its chest and roar at him. There was no choice but to fight it.)
    INTERMISSION - To Higher Ground!                                      CODE IHGH
    (After one phase of the fight, the monster pounded on its chest and kicked
    Spyro to a platform above the water. It tried to send its fists down towards
    the dragon, but he quickly evaded by stepping onto more platforms positioned
    higher from each other, the second one in which he jumped on having him to
    hang onto the edge and pull himself up. Eventually he reached a wider clearing
    high above the river, and when he turned around to witness it, he was greeted
    by the monster's face.)
    INTERMISSION - This Doesn't Look Good                                 CODE ILGD
    (Further depletion of the monster's energy caused it to temporarily bring its
    head down... only to re-emerge and climb onto the same platform that Spyro was
    Spyro:      "Waaargh! This doesn't look good!"
    SCENE 9 - No Need for Remorse                                         CODE 2RMS
    (Finally, the monster was weakened. It was left to hop on the ground, clutching
    one of its feet in pain, before falling from the platform into the water. At
    the same time, Sparx re-emerged from his "fake faint".)
    Sparx:      (exasperated) "What the... oh, you killed it! We came all this way
                so you could kill it?"
    (It didn't take long for Sparx to hover his way towards Spyro's position.)
    Sparx:      (mockingly) "Spyrooo... I am the mighty tree... calling you from
                across the voiiiid. Journey hither and vanquish meeee."
    Spyro:      "Yeah, I don't think I was supposed to do that. Wait... you don't
                suppose that was the Chronicler?"
    ???:        "Alas!"
    (The call caused the pair to turn in the direction of a group of pirates along
    with their captain - presuming to be Skabb. It donned a parrot on each of its
    shoulders, referred to here as Scratch (the brown one) and Sniff (the purple
    Scratch:    "It's the purple dragon who's been wandering lost in the Ancient
                Grove. You've been quite a nuisance to us."
    (Skabb reacted with a series of roars and a hyperactive nod from his head.)
    Sparx:      "Whoa! What's with the gurgling nitwit?"
    Sniff:      "If I were you I'd shut my mouth... I won't say it again!"
    Spyro:      "Sparx, maybe you should stay out of this one."
    Scratch:    "Yes, mind yourselves. To answer your earlier question... no! That
                isn't the Chronicler, whoever that is. That was Arborick, and he
                was going to be the main attraction in our tournament! And now it's
    Spyro:      "Gosh. I really feel bad about that."
    Scratch:    "Oh really, no need for remorse... you'll do just fine."
    Sparx:      "What does he mean by that?"
    INTERMISSION - Captured!                                              CODE ICPT
    (Several drawn images are then seen, showing Spyro getting knocked out cold
    from an overpowering sword attack by Skabb.  The group then took him inside
    their boat on a pole, his legs tied around it and his body left to hang upside
    down. The boat then sailed towards a larger vessel, where it is assumed that
    this would be where the "tournament" will happen.)
    PART 3 - Fellmuth Arena / Pirate Fleet
    SCENE 1 - It's Hurtin' Time                                           CODE 3HRT
    (The scene then shows Spyro and Sparx inside a prison cell; the former was seen
    pacing around the room while the latter...)
    Sparx:      (singing) "Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home,
    Spyro:      "Sparx, must you do that? 
    Sparx:      "Well, maybe I must I do that. And you know, it might just be crazy
                enough to work." (singing) "Come on Spyro, put that sorrow behind
                you and clap your hands with me!"
    (Spyro reacted with a shake of the head before continuing to pace the room.)
    Sparx:      "Let the joy come pouring down and rain on me and you. Hmph hmph
                hmph... can't you feel it? Hmph, hmph... can't you just feel the
                love in the room tonight? Hmph, hmph..."
    (Spyro was left to pace his way towards the door of his cell, and as he looked
    out to the corridors, he ended up noting a familiar mole come into his view.)
    Spyro:      (excited) "Mole-Yair!"
    Mole-Yair:  "Spyro? Is that really you old friend?"
    Spyro:      "It's me. Where are we? Can you get us out?"
    Mole-Yair:  (whispering) "You are on Skabb's ship, and will likely be made to
                compete in the arena fights, like the other prisoners. I, too, am
                prisoner here, as are many of my kinsmen. But we moles are too
                frail to make for worthwhile entertainment, so we are made to serve
                grog to the scavengers."
    Spyro:      "Mole-Yair, you have to get us out."
    Mole-Yair:  "Shhh! We'll talk later. Someone is coming."
    (Mole-Yair then left the scene back the way he came. And from the other side of
    the corridor, Skabb made his appearance with Scratch and Sniff in tow as well
    as several minions nearby.)
    Scratch:    "I trust your living quarters are to your liking?"
    Sparx:      "I don't know. My room mate could be more fun though."
    Sniff:      "I thought I told ya to be quiet, fool!" (at Spyro) "And You, get
                ready to fight! It's hurtin' time baby!"
    (Skabb then made his departure from the viewpoint of the pair.)
    Sparx:      "I really, I mean, more than really, hate those birds."
    (The minions then approached the door to the cell, ready to escort Spyro out.)
    SCENE 2 - The Blundertails                                            CODE 3BLN
    (Fellmuth Arena was a packed circular one, with minions filling the decks
    above the fighting area and Skabb occupying a throne directly opposite the
    arena entrance. The crowd was cheering madly, ready to embrace whatever would
    happen down below.)
    Scratch:    "Fiends and felons! Scoundrels and swindlers! Welcome... to the
                first event of the evening! Tonight we bring you a very special
                battle, sure to quench your thirst for brutality!"
    Sniff:      "Enough of this jibba jabber! Let's bring on the pain!" 
    Scratch:    "Introducing a creature both rare and powerful... a creature of
                might and magic! Prepare yourselves and feast your eyes... on Spyro
                the DRAGON!!!"
    (The arena gates were opened and Spyro and Sparx stepped towards the fighting
    Sparx:      "Wow! If we weren't about to die, I'd say this is pretty neat."
    Minion:     "Oh, he's no dragon! Just a whelpling!"
    Spyro:      "I've got a bad feeling about this."
    Sparx:      "Ah, that's the butterflies in your stomach. Huh, trust me, I
    (Finally they were settled onto the playing field.)
    Scratch:    "And his opponent... you've seen them before, and loved them! We
                offer you none other than the twins of terror themselves, the
    (The Blundertails arrived into the arena, shown to be two pirates each riding a
    scorpion with a cannon mounted onto its tail. One of which swiped its pincers
    towards Spyro, whom quickly jumped back before he could get hurt.)
    SCENE 3 - This Is No Puppet Show                                      CODE 3PPT
    (The fight was over not long after it started - Spyro overcame the Blundertails
    and the audience applauded his efforts.)
    Sparx:      "Great crowd, huh? I wonder if I can get 'em to do the wave..."
    Scratch:    "Well done, well done indeed. Step forward, little dragon, and
                receive your glory."
    (Before Spyro could make as much of a step towards Skabb, he suddenly fainted
    once again.)
    Sniff:      "You waiting for someone to move for you boy? Don't just stand
                there, this is no puppet show!"
    Sparx:      "Oh no, not again!"
    (Sparx then hovered around the fighting area as the audience started to
    retaliate with frustration.)
    Sparx:      "Don't worry! There's nothing to see here! It's all under control. 
                And allow me to entertain you with the healing power of love while
                we wait. Um... um... Swing low... I don't hear ya, come on. Swing
                low, sweet, what's the matter with you all? You stink!"
    (Sparx retaliated by folding his arms with disgust, but he quickly showed panic
    as one of the arena cannons launched fire on him. He barely dodged it however.)
    SCENE 4 - The Power of the Earth                                      CODE 3ERT
    (Meanwhile, Spyro faced another vision; he made a return to the same mystical
    area where he re-obtained his fire and ice breaths and came to a stop at a
    pool of light, which was seen glowing with a green aura.)
    Chronicler: "You've come far, young dragon."
    Spyro:      "What? Ignitus said you would help, but you've only led me on a
                path to nowhere."
    Chronicler: "Our path through life is not always the path we choose. Sometimes
                our paths are chosen for us... and it is out destiny to follow it.
                Wherever it may lead."
    (Spyro responded with an understanding yet insecure shake of the head before
    stepping into the light.)
    Chronicler: "Be steady Spyro, and use the power of the earth to feel your way."
    (Another fury attack was unleashed, with a rupture of clovers and small leaves
    surrounding him as he pulled it off. The energy was unleashed, leaving his
    body to have a green glow around it.)
    Chronicler: "The power of earth and nature is a mighty one, for as the earth
                moves, so does everything with it. Be mindful as you wield it."
    SCENE 5 - Open Your Eyes                                              CODE 3EYE
    (After a series of tests concerning the earth ability, Spyro soon found himself
    once again at the temple right at the end of the path.)
    Spyro:      "I want to know what is happening. I've done what you've asked of
                me and followed your path."
    Chronicler: "Yes, but a time will come when you will have to choose your own
                path... and you are not ready. Open your eyes..."
    (Spyro halted feet away from the viewing pedestal and another vision was
    SCENE 6 - The Night of Eternal Darkness                               CODE 3DRK
    (The vision showed several drawn images of the apes advancing towards the
    Mountain of Malefor and the Celestial Moons coming closer together.)
    Spyro:      "Why are they going towards it?"
    Chronicler: "It is their calling. The black hearted creatures of this world
                cannot resist its temptation. The Well of Souls beckons them as the
                Night of Eternal Darkness approaches."
    Spyro:      "What is the Night of Eternal Darkness?"
    Chronicler: "It is the night when the Celestial Moons come together in a great
                eclipse... that shrouds our world in darkness. The Well of Souls is
                the pinnacle of its terrible shadow... stirring the spirits of the
                deceased from their eternal rest and permitting them to roam freely
                within the halls of the mountain... if only for a short while. And
                soon, the Night of Eternal Darkness will be upon us. Find me... in
                the Celestial caves of the White Isle."
    SCENE 7 - Time to Bruise                                              CODE 3BSE
    (Spyro awakened back in his cell, only to be greeted with Skabb at the door and
    Sniff flying inside.)
    Sniff:      "Get up, lazy fool! It's time to bruise, not time to snooze! I...
                you know, I-I can't even look at you. You disgust me."
    Sparx:      "Hey... you and me both, pal-y."
    Sniff:      "Don't touch me!"
    SCENE 8 - Ravage Rider                                                CODE 3RVG
    (The arena was packed again for the next fight, and Skabb, Scratch and Sniff
    have already taken their positions to witness it.)
    Scratch:    "Are you ready for more?"
    (The audience provided a loud cheer in response.)
    Scratch:    "Then without further ado, please give a hAAAArrrty welcome... to
                Spyro the Dragon!!!"
    (Spyro and Sparx both made their arrival into the fighting area.)
    Scratch:    "And his opponent... needing little introduction..."
    Sniff:      "The captain of crunch... the prince of pain himself..."
    Scratch:    "The one and only... RAVAGE RIDER!!!"
    (Ravage Rider was shown to be a small flying vessel standing to be roughly
    twice Skabb's size. Cannons and flamethrowers were seen armed onto its sides.)
    SCENE 9 - We Totally Rule                                             CODE 3RLE
    (Once again, Spyro overcame the battle and they were greeted to a brash
    Sparx:      (to Spyro) "We totally rule. Maybe now we can ask for a room
    SCENE 10 - Fan Mail                                                   CODE 3FML
    (All too quickly, Spyro and Sparx were thrown back into their cell.)
    Sparx:      "Can we at least order some room service?"
    Spyro:      "Sparx, we need to get out of here. Something terrible is going to
    Sparx:      "I know. If I don't get some food I am gonna freak out!"
    (A brief pause for thought occurred.)
    Sparx:      "I got it! Why don't you shoot some sparkly magic outta your face
                and blow the gate up?"
    (Spyro responded with a shake of the head. But before anything else could
    happen, Mole-Yair appeared at the door.)
    Mole-Yair:   "Spyro, you are in danger. I have a message for you from another
                 prisoner. Here, take it."
    (Mole-Yair gave Spyro a scroll for him to read.)
    Sparx:      "Yahoo! Fan mail!"
    (Spyro then proceeds to read it.)
    Spyro:      "Dear friend, there are whispers going about the ship... Word of
                your captivity has traveled quickly. Many of the prisoners are
                uneasy. They say that the Ape King himself has placed a bounty on
                you... and all of the dragons. These are dark times. But know this,
                you have allies. I look forward to the day when we can meet. Hunter
                of Avalar."
    Sparx:      "That was thoughtful. I particularly like the part about the dark
                times and the danger."
    (Just then, a minion appeared in front of the door.)
    Minion:     "It's show time..."
    SCENE 11 - The Executioner                                            CODE 3EXC
    (And so, it was another return to the arena for Spyro and Sparx.)
    Scratch:    "Guests of the arena! We have exciting news for you regarding one
                of our combatants. Shall we bring him out?"
    (Spyro and Sparx advanced to the fighting area.)
    Scratch:    "There is a rumor about that this little purple dragon may be of
                great importance. What say you, dragon? What greatness can you 
    Sniff:      "The only thing great you'll be showing us is GREAT PAIN!"
    Scratch:    "Bring out the Executioner!"
    (The Executioner was shown to be a gladiator clad in yellow armor and red
    tunic, and holding a crimson-tinted sword in one hand and a shield matching its
    armor in the other. It pointed its sword towards Spyro and laughed at him
    SCENE 12 - A Bonus Match                                              CODE 3BNS
    (Not surprisingly, Spyro overcame the might of the Executioner and won another
    Scratch:    "Well, well. It appears we are amongst greatness. This little
                dragon has defeated everything we've thrown at him."
    (The audience started to howl loudly.)
    Scratch:    "But fret not, oh faithful fans. Tonight, we have a special bonus
    Sparx:      "Cool, a bonus match!"
    Scratch:    "Spyro the Dragon versus... the former queen of conquer herself...
    (Spyro turned around and saw Cynder at the arena entrance. His first response
    was a shake of the head with disbelief.)
    SCENE 13 - I Want Out                                                 CODE 3OUT
    (Cynder advanced into the arena, ready to make her assault.)
    Sparx:      "AAH!! I told you she was evil. Heheh... look, my eye's twitching
    (True to Sparx's words, one of his eyes was seen twitching with tension. The
    audience, however, were amused by the clash of the two dragons, both seen
    circling each other.)
    Cynder:     "Just like old times, huh Spyro?"
    Spyro:      "Cynder, I'm not going to fight you."
    Cynder:     "Relax. I'm just trying to put on a show for the crowd while we
                figure out what to do."
    Sparx:      "Don't trust her. She wants to eat me!"
    (The sound of a roar was then heard over the arena. Several dreadwings were
    seen flying towards the scene dropping a stream of bombs, causing the arena to
    be shrouded in a cloak of dust.)
    Spyro:      "W-what's happening?" (cough, cough)
    (Sparx proceeded to head around the sides of the arena in panic.)
    Sparx:      "I want out... I want out..."
    (All too quickly, Sparx soon found himself looking directly at the face of a
    passing dreadwing.)
    Sparx:      "I want in... I want in!"
    (Rubble started to fall around the arena. In that time, Spyro tried to search
    for Cynder amongst the dust.)
    Cynder:     "Get away from me! Help!"
    (He finally noticed her, but she was being carried away by a dreadwing.)
    Spyro:      "Cynder!!"
    (Before he could react, Sparx returned to his side.)
    Sparx:      "Spyro! This way! There's an opening!"
    (And so they both leave the arena together.)
    SCENE 14 - Things Just Got More Complicated                           CODE 3CMP
    (During their escape from the scene, the pair found themselves at a landing
    outside the ship. Down below were dreadwings flying away, and ahead of them
    were leaking gas pipes placed between wooden planks gracing the ship's lower
    Spyro:      "I think things just got more complicated."
    Sparx:      "Good. I was afraid that escaping the burning ship would be too
    SCENE 15 - The Chamber Gates                                          CODE 3CHM
    (During their traversal of the ship, the pair found themselves approaching
    Mole-Yair, whom at the time was seen standing outside a cell containing his
    'kinsmen' inside.)
    Spyro:      "Mole-Yair, the ship's under attack! We have to get off this
    Mole-Yair:  (panicked) "Spyro! Please, my companions are still being held
                prisoner and the chamber gates are locked! We'll need to find a way
                to open them.
    Spyro:      "Okay. Sit tight. I'll come back for you."
    SCENE 16 - Merci Mon Frere                                            CODE 3FRR
    (Spyro opened the chamber gates by sealing various gas pipes above the prison
    doors, causing a machine nearby to explode. All the prison doors were opened,
    allowing Mole-Yair and his companions to escape by a small boat nearby.)
    Spyro:      "Okay Mole-Yair, you're safe. Get far away from here. 
    Mole-Yair:  "Merci, mon frere, thank you very much. I hope we can meet again,
                perhaps under better circumstances, hmm?"
    (Spyro responded with a nod.)
    Spyro:      "Good luck Mole-Yair."
    (The boat departed, taking Mole-Yair and his party away into the distance.)
    Sparx:      "Hey, that guy just gave me an idea! Why don't WE get off the
                burning boat?!"
    Spyro:      "Not yet. We need a map to a place called the White Isle, and I
                think I know where we can find one."
    Sparx:      "You know I hate you, right?"
    SCENE 17 - A Score to Settle                                          CODE 3SCR
    (Upon further exploring the burning ship, Spyro and Sparx found themselves in a
    treasure horde on a lower deck.)
    Spyro:      "Whoa, look at all this stuff."
    Sparx:      "Oh, sure. Take your time. Look around. It's not like we're about
                to plummet to our DEATHS in a heap of FLAMING..."
    Spyro:      "Alright, you've made your point. Let's find the map."
    Sparx:      "One step ahead of you buddy."
    (Sparx gestured to a sea chart on a nearby desk, but before they could look at
    it properly... a familiar figure came into earshot - Skabb and his parrots.)
    Scratch:    "Well... if it isn't the purple menace. We hope you weren't...
                thinking of leaving." 
    Sniff:      "Yeah! We've got a score to settle, CHUMP!"
    Sparx:      "Hey! Who are you calling chump?"
    Sniff:      "You, fool! You!"
    Scratch:    "It's astounding, the amount of trouble you've managed to cause."
    Spyro:      "You've only brought it on yourselves."
    Sniff:      (to Skabb) "You gonna let him talk to you that way, doodle-brain?"
    (Amusingly, Skabb reacted with a childish nod.)
    Sniff:      "Shut up, fool! Fire the cannon!"
    SCENE 18 - We're Going After Them, Right?                             CODE 3AFT
    (Skabb tried to attack Spyro, but the dragon overcame every attack thrown at
    him and weakened the pirate captain. But not long after knocking him down, he
    came back on both feet. He used his cannon arm to blast open a nearby window.)
    Scratch:    "This is where we part ways."
    Sniff:      "So long, CHUMPS!"
    (Skabb jumped out of the window and somehow flew his way away from the scene.
    Spyro:      "What the...? How is that even possible?"
    Sparx:      "We can't just let them get away. We're going after them, right?"
    (Spyro turned to Sparx with a raised eyebrow.)
    Sparx:      "Wait... did I just say that out loud?"
    INTERMISSION - Tailing Skabb                                          CODE ITLL
    (Spyro and Sparx were seen chasing after Skabb as they went through the pirate
    fleet. But the chase soon came to a stop when one of the ships fired a set of
    cannons towards the dragon; he rolled away from one, swerved from another and
    completely slowed down to evade a third.
    SCENE 19 - I Quit All the Time!                                       CODE 3QUT
    (The pair finally caught up with him on a circular deck among the fleet.)
    Sniff:      "SUCKA, you just don't know when to quit!"
    Sparx:      "Then you don't know us very well. I quit all the time!"
    (Spyro turned to Sparx with an irritated leer.)
    Sparx:      "Sorry... I thought that was gonna sound cooler..."
    SCENE 20 - That Felt Good                                             CODE 3FGD
    (After a final bout, Spyro managed to weaken Skabb to the point that he
    staggered his way towards the edge of the platform and fell from the edge into
    the waters below. But Scratch and Sniff managed to keep dry and hovered their
    way towards the platform's edge.)
    Sniff:      "That ain't nothin'. We don't need him to take out this punk! I
                pity the fool that messes with us! Welcome to the world of hurt!"
    (Sparx retaliated by punching Sniff, causing him to fall from the pedestal he
    was on and fall to the floor before passing out.) 
    Sparx:      "Hooo-aah! That felt good!"
    (Scratch reacted by fleeing the scene before the same could be done to him. His
    reaction left Spyro to turn to Sparx, who just responded with a shrug.
    Finally, they both left the scene and the fleet altogether.)
    Sparx:      "Did... did you see me back there? I was like... BAM! And he was
                all... oof! Which reminds me... where are we going?"
    Spyro:      "I didn't get a very long look at the map, but there's gotta be
                some sort of landmark."
    Sparx:      "Sure. I'll just keep my eyes peeled for the flashing sign that
                says SPOOKY MOON TEMPLE."
    (Suddenly, Spyro started to face another fainting spell, causing him to drop
    from the sky towards the water.)
    Sparx:      "Oh no... Please tell me you're just pulling over to go to the
    (Concerned for his safety, he hovered down towards the water.)
    INTERMISSION - The Passing Turtle                                     CODE ITRT
    (In a series of illustrations, Spyro was seen crashing straight into the water,
    now completely passed out. He could have been left to sink deep into the ocean
    had it not been for a passing whale-turtle creature nearby. It surfaced above
    the water with the dragon on its back and sailed towards an island on the
    PART 4 - Celestial Cave
    SCENE 1 - Spirit of Electricity                                       CODE 4ELC
    (As the turtle surfed across the ocean, Spyro faced a vision of himself back at
    the mystical area once more. The pool of light at the start of the path had a
    yellow tint this time around.)
    Spyro:      (to himself) "Something's not right."
    (He then approached the pool.)
    Spyro:      (louder) "Why is it so dark here? Can you hear me? Is anyone
                there? I want to know what has happened to Cynder!"
    (From above the archway leading away from the area, a lightning flash was
    Chronicler: "A flash of lightning is born of the sky and its tempers, young
                dragon. You must learn to control your own emotions if you are to
                tame the free spirit of electricity."
    (Taking the words into account, Spyro stepped into the yellow light.)
    Chronicler: "Surrender to its erratic nature. Allow its energy to charge
                through your body and anticipate its movement... then unleash it...
    (He then unleashed an electric fury attack inside the confined space, resulting
    in his body giving out electric sparks when done.)
    Chronicler: "This power is accentuated by your impulsive nature. Trust your
                instincts, Spyro."
    SCENE 2 - Maybe I'll Just Take a Peek                                 CODE 4PEK
    (Several tests were underdone with the electric power, and after he was done,
    Spyro made his way towards the temple at the end of the path.)
    Spyro:      "Okay, I've completed your test. What do I do next? How can I find
                you? Are you there?"
    (No response.)
    Spyro:      "Great, now the voice inside of my head is ignoring me. Maybe I'll
                just take a peek."
    (He looked into the viewing pedestal, where another vision is seen.)
    SCENE 3 - The Traitor Returns                                         CODE 4TRT
    (Inside the mouth of the Well of Souls, Cynder was seen being taken towards a
    group of apes, tied to a chain. Obviously leading the apes at the other side
    of the room, was the Ape King himself.
    King:       "So... the traitor returns!"
    Cynder:     "You can't go through with this, Gaul!"
    Gaul:       "Hahaha! Nothing can prevent this. We are merely here to welcome
                our Master back into the realm and join him at his side. But fear
                not, Cynder. You've been such a faithful servant, I'm sure he'll
                take you back. And if not, you will have the honor of being the
                first to perish by his hand. Long have we waited! Long have we
                suffered! "But soon, our Master will return... and his coming shall
                bring forth a new age of power for the Apes... and we shall have
                our revenge!"
    SCENE 4 - I Think We're Here                                          CODE 4HRE
    (Meanwhile, the whale-turtle had already dropped off Spyro and Sparx at a
    deserted beach. The sky itself was tinted a dark blue.)
    Sparx:      "Goodbye, freaky little turtle monster! Goodbye, goodbye, thanks
                 for everything!"
    (At this point, Spyro awakened and brought himself back onto all fours.)
    Spyro:      "What happened?"
    Sparx:      "Well, let's see... you've been hearing voices in your head and
                have led us all over the place... which is good because we're
                having so much fun."
    (The pair then proceeded to walk towards the back of the beach.)
    Sparx:      "And now we're stranded on an enchanted island and I just can't
                wait to see what happens next!"
    (They both stop at the opening to a cave.)
    Spyro:      (somber) "Wait... I think we're here."
    Sparx:      "Oh, goodie."
    SCENE 5 - Sacred Threshold                                            CODE 4THR
    (After getting through the cave and passing the surrounding areas, Spyro and
    Sparx found themselves at the entrance to a temple, bearing a large courtyard
    and two dragon statues near the front door.)
    Voice:      (echoed) "Sacred Threshold... Hallowed Ground... Pathways
                Unfold... Lost is Found... Prove your Worth with Quick Desire...
                Ice and Earth, Electric... Fire..."
    Sparx:      "What the... now I'm hearing voices."
    Spyro:      "What does that mean?"
    Sparx:      "How would I know? Wait! I'm having a thought!" (pause) "Nope,
                nope, yeah... nope... never mind. I lost it. I got nothing."
    Spyro:      "We must have missed something. Come on. Let's look around."
    SCENE 6 - Expose Your Heart                                           CODE 4HRT
    (A series of tests concerning Spyro's breaths were undergone. Before long, he
    encountered a white pool of light inside the temple.)
    Spyro:      "Hold on. I think we found it." (yelling) "Hello? Is anyone there?"
    Sparx:      (to Spyro) "Hey, if there is... could we... you know, not wake it
                up? Because everything we've met so far has tried to kill us."
    Voice:      "Expose your heart to summon ghost... then face alone what you fear
    Sparx:      "I knew it! This place wants us dead! We should've turned back
                while we had a chance!"
    Spyro:      "I need to do this, Sparx."
    (Spyro walked closer to the light.)
    Sparx:      "Yeah? Go ahead. Expose your heart and see what happens."
    (But before Spyro could step into the light, Sparx quickly zoomed in front of
    Sparx:      "Wait! Don't do it! You can't leave me behind in the whacky moon
                temple... with all the whispering walls and the crawly thingies!
                They wanna make me part of their freak show!"
    (Spyro didn't listen. He stepped into the light and was transported to the top
    of the temple, where he came face to face with the Elemental Dragon - a dragon
    that mostly resembled Cynder's adult form but instead of having black scales,
    it continuously changed color.)
    SCENE 7 - The Chronicler                                              CODE 4CHR
    (After battling the dragon - and overpowering it - another door inside the
    temple was opened. Spyro and Sparx approached its entrance.)
    Sparx:      "You go first."
    (Spyro did just that. As they both approached the room, they were greeted by a
    giant hourglass in the middle of the room and hundreds of books stacked upon
    shelves gracing its walls.)
    Sparx:      "Ooooh... what's this?"
    (Sparx flew over to the hourglass.)
    Sparx:      "I think it's a magic wishing lamp." (whispering) "Hello? Genie?
                You in there?"
    Spyro:      "This is incredible! The entire history of the dragon race... it
                looks like it's all here."
    ???:        "It is. Well, most of it."
    (At the sound of the voice, Sparx backed away from the hourglass.)
    Sparx:      (in awe) "Did you hear that? It spoke to me!"
    (From the other side of the room, there came a gray, aged dragon donning a cuff
    around its neck, a navy cloak around his body and a belt with a pocket storing
    ???:        "The records in this hall date back to the beginning of time...
    Spyro:      "The Chronicler!"
    Chronicler: "Yes, Spyro. It is I... and I've been waiting for you."
    Sparx:      "Oh, well... I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long. We got a
                little held up back there... with the, uh... well, you know...
                RIDDLES OF DOOM!"
    Chronicler: "It was a necessary evil. I had to be sure, Spyro." (pause)
                "I haven't had any visitors... in my solitude... for over a
                thousand years."
    Sparx:      "Shocker! Try getting rid of the psychedelic dragon outside!"
    Spyro:      "You've been here for that long? 
    Chronicler: "Oh yes. But I have my books... and I watch and wait.... and listen
                for things to come... and then add them to the books of time. You
                are also written in the books, though... many pages are still left
    Spyro:      "I am? Can I see?"
    Chronicler: "Of course you can. This one is yours. Look."
    (A book floated down and opened up in mid-air. Spyro approached it and began
    reading it.)
    SCENE 8 - The First Purple Dragon                                     CODE 4PRP
    (Various drawn images are seen in the book, the first of which showing an image
    of Gaul and those following that concerning a past raid on the Dragon Temple.)
    Chronicler: "You've seen this creature before."
    Spyro:      "Why is he in my book?"
    Chronicler: "It was Gaul who led the raid of the temple the night of your
                birth... when Ignitus rescued your egg..."
    Spyro:      "...and when they took Cynder's."
    Chronicler: "Yes... that was most unfortunate."
    (Another image showed a younger looking Sparx playing in mud near his parents.)
    Chronicler: "Oh! And look, here is little Sparx."
    Sparx:      "He-hey! Nobody needs to see that... ever."
    Spyro:      (interrupting) "Wait. Can these books tell the future?"
    Chronicler: "In parts. Though, just glimpses of the future really."
    Spyro:      "Then I want to know what will happen to Cynder."
    Chronicler: "Spyro, you don't und-
    Spyro:      (interrupting) "Please! I must know!"
    Chronicler: "Very well... but hers is a darker tale."
    (Spyro's book was returned to the shelves, and Cynder's was brought down. They
    opened it and witnessed several images of the apes torturing Cynder with dark
    energy from her hatchling form to her quick adult growth.)
    Chronicler: "Spyro, you must understand, when she was taken by Gaul, she was
                poisoned and corrupted, made to do the Dark Master's bidding. Her
                entire life has been spent in shadow. She knows no other way. And
                when the Dark Master returns... she will concede."
    (An image of a demonic dragon was shown, presumably being the Dark Master.)
    Chronicler: "No one can resist the temptation... not even the strongest among
    Spyro:      "I don't believe that."
    Chronicler: "Spyro, let me tell you another story."
    Sparx:      "Oooh, oooh, oooh! Can I pick the story this time?"
    (The next image on screen showed one of a small dragon being surrounded by
    elder ones in a temple environment.)
    Chronicler: "There was once a dragon, long ago, whose raw power was far greater
                than anyone had ever seen or... could imagine."
    (Several images after that showed the dragon mastering several different
    elemental powers.)
    Chronicler: "At first, he mastered fire... which was odd because he was not a
                fire dragon. Then came ice and wind... and other abilities none
                thought possible. Is this story sounding familiar?"
    Spyro:      "It was a purple dragon... like me."
    Chronicler: "The first purple dragon... In the beginning, he was encouraged...
                and secrets of elemental mastery were passed onto him willingly by
                the elders. But his power... was limitless... it knew no boundary.
                He consumed... everything."
    (The next set of images showed the dragon leaving the temple, establishing a
    fortress on a mountain and an army, and using that army to mine gems.)
    Chronicler: "When he would not stop, he was cast into exile. And from his new
                fortress within the mountain, he built an army... not of dragons,
                but of apes... and taught them to artificially harnessing the power
                of the gems... our life force."
    Spyro:      "You're talking about the Dark Master..."
    (The next few images showed one of the Dark Master looking over a cliff edge, a
    pit forming within the mountain and its resulting form, and a full body-shot of
    Chronicler: "Yes. And in his dark seclusion, the sheer weight of his malice
                cracked the very foundations of the mountain, splitting the earth,
                creating a pit of despair... where the lost souls of this world
                could reside."
    Spyro:      "The Well of Souls!"
    Chronicler: "Created by the very beast who now seeks to escape it."
    SCENE 9 - The Plan                                                    CODE 4PLN
    (The previous tale left Spyro in concern as he looked back towards the
    Spyro:      "B-but you said that the eclipse would only allow the spirits to
                escape for a short while!"
    Chronicler: "Yes, but if there was ever a spirit powerful enough..."
    Spyro:      "Then how do we stop it?"
    Chronicler: "There is no stopping it. It has been written."
    Spyro:      "Then why have you called us here? I don't understand."
    Chronicler: "To ride out this storm... where you'll be safe... and live to
                fight another day."
    Sparx:      "Well, that sounds pretty good."
    Spyro:      "What about the others? What about their safety?"
    Chronicler: "I fear the worst for the others."
    Spyro:      "And Cynder? Am I supposed to sit here and do nothing, while she
                joins THEM?!"
    Sparx:      "Let me field this one... YES!"
    Spyro:      "No! You keep talking about choosing a path. But what about Cynder?
                She was never given a choice. I have to try... I'm going and you
                can't stop me."
    Chronicler: "Then... I won't. Young dragon, I've waited far too long to watch
                you leave here stricken with grief and doubt. You'll need a clear
                mind and a pure heart if you are to withstand the evil that
                consumes that place."
    Spyro:      "I know this is not the path you would choose for me. But I have to
                walk my own path... and do what I know is right."
    Chronicler: "So be it, Spyro. I will show you the way. But you must hurry. The
                dark hour of the eclipse is near... and haste will be your only
    Sparx:      "Alright then... well... uh, just so I know why I died, the plan is
                to wander into the land of darkness to face an army of evil
                creatures that will want to kill us so we can try to rescue another
                evil creature that has already tried to KILL US!? I'm pumped!
                Let's... let's do this!"
    INTERMISSION - The Underground Passage                                CODE IPSS
    (The next sequence was marked by illustrations. In order to leave the scene and
    reach the Mountain of Malefor, Spyro stood in front of the hourglass in the
    middle of the room. It then levitated in the air, revealing an underground
    passage underneath the Temple. He and Sparx ventured down there, flying through
    the resulting tunnel towards a light at the end of it.)
    PART 5 - Mountain Fortress
    SCENE 1 - You Don't Need to Come With Me                              CODE 5CME
    (Spyro and Sparx made their arrival at the base of the Mountain of Malefor,
    where a harsh snow current was seen drifting its way towards the ground and
    flashes of purple lightning were seen in the distance.)
    Spyro:      "Sparx, you don't need to come with me. I won't think less of you
                if you stay behind."
    Sparx:      "No way... and miss the opportunity to live out my worst
    (Spyro responded with a subdued nod before walking towards the fortress.)
    Sparx:      (to himself) "Yeah, boy... what am I saying?"
    (Sparx then decided to catch up to his companion.)
    SCENE 2 - Time to Feel Some Pain                                      CODE 5FPN
    (During their exploration of the fortress, the pair found themselves on a
    balcony, coming face to face with the Assassin once again.)
    Assassin:   (muffled) "Mwahahahaha! Time to feel some pain!"
    Sparx:      "Ahhhh! He wants to steal my brain!"
    Spyro:      "Actually, he said it's time for pain.
    Sparx:      "Really? Whew!" (quietly, to himself) "For a second there I thought
                I lost you, buddy."
    INTERMISSION - The Statue Room                                        CODE ISTT
    (After defeating the Assassin - again - Spyro continued to explore the
    mountain. But not far from the summit, he found himself approaching a giant
    room with green crystals, candles, glowing liquid pools and a statue of the
    Dark Master at the end of it. This was it; he was almost there.)
    SCENE 3 - A Horrible Pit of Despair                                   CODE 5PIT
    (After reaching the exit from the room, all that remained was a short ascent
    towards the mouth of the mountain. Upon getting there, Spyro looked down
    towards the pit and the streaming purple energy pouring into it.)
    Spyro:      "What is this?"
    Sparx:      "It looks like the entrance to a horrible pit of despair, of which
                we will probably never escape. But we should probably go inside
                to be sure."
    (Staying true to his word, Sparx zoomed towards the pit.)
    Sparx:      "Wooooo!!"
    Spyro:      (to himself) "He's so weird."
    (And then, Spyro descended into the pit as well.)
    SCENE 4 - The Nightmare Never Ends                                    CODE 4NMR
    (Carefully, the pair floated their way towards ground level. Upon landing,
    Spyro observed his surroundings.)
    Spyro:      "Where are we?"
    Sparx:      "The better question is... what's that smell?"
    (They both looked ahead, and saw a purple beam casting straight through the
    floor ahead of them. They both approached it, but they were soon stopped by
    green gases bursting out of other nearby crevices.)
    ???:        "Hahahahaha! The purple whelpling!"
    (Once the room was illuminated, the pair got a clear glance of Gaul and various
    ape soldiers near him.)
    Gaul:       "It's fitting that you should be here tonight, as we bear witness
                to the dawn of a new age and the failure of your pathetic race of
    Spyro:      "I wouldn't miss it, Gaul."
    Gaul:       "Then please, have a seat."
    (Using his scepter, he zapped a green energy beam towards Spyro, causing him to
    flinch with weakness.)
    Gaul:       "Hahahahaha! Foolish dragon, you are no match!"
    Spyro:      "I've made it this far, haven't I?"
    Gaul:       "Yes, you have been quite elusive. Had I but known that all it
                would take would be your miserable amity for Cynder."
    (During his line, Sparx zoomed towards a nearby ape.)
    Sparx:      "Psst! What's amity?"
    Gaul:       "How tragic really... that she should be the one to destroy you!"
    (As Gaul spoke, Cynder swept towards the scene and knocked Spyro around the
    arena by means of a surprise attack.)
    Sparx:      "Ahhhh! The nightmare never ends!"
    Spyro:      "You don't need to do this, Cynder."
    Cynder:     "Just like old times, huh Spyro?"
    (Before she could respond any further, she edged closer to him.)
    Cynder:     "Same as last time. Line me up with his staff."
    (Both dragons circled each other for a short while, and when Cynder was aligned
    with Gaul's staff, she jumped above Spyro and swept towards him. But he
    retaliated by catching her with his other hand.)
    Gaul:       "This isn't over!"
    (Gaul then threw Cynder towards a nearby wall, leaving her to fall to the floor
    and pass out. Spyro dropped his jaw in shock and a nearby ape went to approach
    him, ready to fight.)
    Gaul:       "Don't touch him! The whelpling is mine!"
    INTERMISSION - The Final Battle                                       CODE IBTT
    (Gaul jumped down from the pedestal he was on with a colossal thud. Spyro
    looked on at him with a fearful glance as he saw his opponent withdraw two
    large daggers from his back, ready to fight with. The ape released a guttural
    roar and the dragon maintained an action stance. The battle commenced!)
    SCENE 5 - Your Time is Over                                           CODE 5TME
    (Gaul was weakened down with nothing but melee attacks, but he didn't seem
    ready to give in just yet.)
    Gaul:       "Your time is over, dragon!"
    (They both took action stances before making their next reactions. Gaul jumped
    into the air and slammed both of his daggers inches away from Spyro's feet,
    causing the floor around them to collapse and for them to fall another floor
    down. The ape's scepter also fell alone, its crystal shattering upon landing.
    The sight caused the ape to lower his head to the floor. Right at that moment,
    the Celestial Moons made their alignment, causing a brash surge of power to be
    hurled straight towards Spyro. Gaul brought himself back up onto his feet, only
    to witness Spyro facing a change underneath the light. Though still vague, he
    reacted with another guttural roar as the dragon emerged from the light with
    darker scales and glowing pupil-less eyes. This was the transformation to his
    "Dark" form.)
    SCENE 6 - Finish Me!                                                  CODE 5FNS
    (Further combat between the two left Gaul weakened further. That left him to
    stop at the edge of the arena.)
    Gaul:       "What are you waiting for, dragon? Finish me!"
    (There was no reaction.)
    Gaul:       "Hahahaha! Coward! Hahahahahaha!"
    INTERMISSION - Gaul's Last Stand                                      CODE ISTN
    (Spyro finally reacted with a fury attack. It first begun with two gust-like
    attacks, causing Gaul to be pushed back slightly. And finally, the resulting
    fury revealed itself - three ripples of energy that first weakened Gaul
    further, then turned him into stone, and finally shattered the remains. The Ape
    King was no more. Content that the fight was over, Spyro flew his way back to
    the upper level.)
    SCENE 7 - What's Happening Down There?                                CODE 5HPP
    (Back at the top level, Cynder - now recovered from the earlier throw -
    approached the edge of the floor with Sparx hovering near her.)
    Cynder:     "What's happening down there?"
    Sparx:      "Spyro? You okay buddy?"
    (Spyro then flew up into the light, still maintaining his Dark form.)
    Sparx:      "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!"
    (Sparx hovered back as he witnessed his form. Eventually, he returned to
    Cynder's side, she too showing anguish over the transformation.)
    Cynder:     "Oh no!"
    SCENE 8 - Ride Out This Storm                                         CODE 5RDE
    (Cynder made her rush towards the edge of the light, still upset over Spyro's
    Cynder:     "Spyro, stop!"
    (Spyro then glanced over to Sparx.)
    Sparx:      "Whoa! Calm down man, it's me!"
    Spyro:      "I... I can't..."
    (Cynder then leapt into the light and pushed Spyro out and onto the floor
    nearby. His appearance then reverted back.)
    Sparx:      "Spyro..."
    (Spyro looked on at Sparx with a melancholic glance; he then maintained the
    expression as he looked towards Cynder landing near him.)
    Spyro:      "What have I done?"
    Cynder:     "You're okay, Spyro. You're with friends."
    Spyro:      "I'm sorry. I... I couldn't stop."
    (Just then, the room started to cave in, many of the first few rocks instantly
    showering near its entrance.)
    Sparx:      "Uh-oh! That's our only way out!"
    (The rocks started to pile together as Cynder made her rush towards it.)
    Cynder:     "Come on! Now's our chance!"
    Spyro:      "Just go!"
    Cynder:     "Get up, Spyro! We're not leaving without you!"
    Sparx:      "Usually I would say ignore her, but she's making sense this time."
    (Spyro brought himself onto all fours, but it was all too late. The falling
    rocks completely sealed the passage.)
    Spyro:      "Oh no... we're trapped!"
    (Spyro, Sparx and Cynder all shared grim facial expression, now that they now
    know that they would never escape from the crumbling mountain. But...)
    Chronicler: "Ride out this storm... and live to fight another day..."
    (The words expressed from the Chronicler prior to coming to the fortress stuck
    to his mind. Action was ready to be taken.)
    Spyro:      "Get close to me! Now!"
    (Sparx and Cynder reacted to Spyro's words, huddling tight towards him. He
    somehow formed a cloud of energy that soon transformed into a crystal, freezing
    them into place. Meanwhile, the fortress started to collapse into rubble, and
    from where the mouth of the mountain once was, a thick black cloud formed above
    it. The Mountain of Malefor was presumably no more. Cue end credits.)
    Post-Credits                                                          CODE XPST
    (The final scene is shown as an illustration. Sparx, Cynder and Spyro were all
    seen, sealed away inside the formed crystal in the ruins of the mountain.)
    Chronicler: "Young dragon, all our hope now lies with you. When you wake up, it
                will be a different world. But know this; you are not alone. You
                have allies."
    (The image then zooms out, and the last thing shown on screen is an armed
    archer making its way towards the crystal. The tale is over, for now.)
    5 - Email Policy
    As with most script writers, I can accept certain types of email from the
    people that have approached the file. Thus, here's an Email policy if you want
    to contact me in any way.
    Bear in mind that I will accept the following -
    *Any errors that slipped by my fingers.  Just be careful which version of the
    script you see first...
    *Emails only in HTML or Text format - I find them easier to digest, aye?
    However, I will not accept the following -
    *Emails asking for help to beat a certain part of the game.  This is NOT A
    *Nonsense emails. I'm not buying a 200lb snail from Sri Lanka... -_o
    *Chain letters. Argh :(
    *Emails with executable files. I'm worried if they have viruses inside them
    or something.
    *Spam (repeated messages). Please, get a life!
    6 - Credits and acknowledgements
    I would like to give credit to the following whom made this script possible -
    *Sierra Entertainment, for the publishing of this title
    *The staff of Krome Studios for putting it all together
    *CJayC, for putting it up at GameFAQs.com
    *Zerodius at the Darkspyro.net forums for verifying the script
    *And of course... my family for letting me get the game :P
    Game (c) 2007 Sierra Entertainment, Inc. Spyro, Sierra and their logos are
    either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sierra Entertainment, Inc. in the
    U.S. and/or other countries. Developed by Krome Studios. Krome Studios and its
    logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of itself.
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    "DUALSHOCK" are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The
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    Game script is (c) "Rexy" 2008. All rights reserved.

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