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"The purple dragon is back for more!!!"

Spyro returns in his next game titled The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, the second installment in The Legend of Spyro Series. This game picks up where A New Beginning left off and brings you up to speed on what has happened over the time in between the two games.

Story 9/10

The story of TEN is the continuation of ANB, but follows a much different path. Cynder is no longer the threat this time arround, but instead the approaching of The Eternal Night and the ape king Gaul. I won't say anything more to avoid revealing spoilers. My only complaint is the appearance and disapearance of characters. The elders Ignitus, Terrador, Cyrill, and Volteer are shown in the beginning but that's really it and a couple other characters from ANB appear but they aren't really a major concern.

Gameplay 7/10

Gameplay is one of the games flaws. The controls for Spyro on the Wii are easily learned and creative but sometimes it'll take a couple tries to execute a fury attack or to try to even attempt to charge due to the Wiimote not responding to the action. Platforming was also a little glitchy but nothing major in my eyes.

Combat was excellently executed this time arround with the combination of melee attacks and new abbilities for the breaths when you were being swamped with enemies.

What also bugged me was that you start off with not a very good ammount of health for this type of game and the only way to increase it was to collect four or five special red dragon-mask things that were scattered across the land. Same goes for the magic bar.

I constantly found my self at the defeat of the swamp of field enemies rather than the big bad bosses from lack of magic or health, before I could upgrade my breaths to their stronger versions.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics in this game are very nice. they aren't up to the Wii's full capability but they are indeed nice. The field graphics are where most of the cut-scenes during play take place. They are pleasant but can be a little jagged at times if you look at the scenery.

Then there are the beautiful picture-esq scenes, where you will be shown a wonderfully drawn picture of the situation and the camera will take you through the elements of the picture before fading to the next scene.

The last type of cut-scenes are what I like to call the "special" or "plot-scenes". These are the scenes that are only shown when there is a major part of the plot. The beginning, the climax in the middle, the boss confrontation, and the defeat of the boss/ end of game scene.

Sound 10/10

The music in this game is probably the most wonderful thing about this game besides the main story. Most people probably prefer the fun and upbeat music of the older Spyro games, but I personally like this music better. With a combination of harmonies and melodies ontop of beautifully preformed orchestra tunes, the music in this game is preformed to fit every event in this game. My favorite is the battle music when facing Gaul and I constantly find myself humming or even trying to sing to it while I'm fighting him.

The voice acting for this game is also very well executed. Elijah Wood still plays the lovable purple dragon, but instead of David Spade as the cowardly but comical Sparx, he is replaced with a different person who's name I still have yet to recall. I didn't like the change at first, but eventually I accepted it and the voice grew on me.

Playtime 7/10

Not as long as I would have liked it to be but challenges make up for the lack of game play time. If played nonstop I say someone of expertise could beat this game in three or four hours minimum.

Replayability 8/10

I would replay this game many times to try collect all of the Scriber's Quills to unlock all of the gallery images and to witness the great story line of the game. The only problem with replaying it for me would be fighting the second boss (Whose name I won't reveal) and the stupid canine beasts whos pattern of attack took me forever to learn.

Final Score 8/10

This game could have been one of the best Spyro games of all time if the developers had slowed down at times and took the time to iron out the small glitches here and there and touched up on a couple things.

Rent or Buy?

I would personally buy since I'm a die hard fan of Spyro (not the GBA or Ds games though), but if you didn't enjoy ANB but still want to play this game I would rent it before consider buying to see how you like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/01/08

Game Release: The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (US, 10/18/07)

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