Can you evade the Blue Shell??

  1. Can you evade the Blue Shell in Mario Kart Wii?? Its because I see people evading the blue shell in Mario Kart Wii,but you cant get the Mushroom in first place.

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  1. Yes, you can evade a blue shell, but it's very difficult to do. A mega mushroom, bullet bill, or star will do the trick, so if you're lucky enough to have one of them and you're in first, try to save it. If not, a mushroom or Golden mushroom can do the trick. You must use the shroom at the exact instant that the blue shell dives at you. Also, some boosters can get you out of the way, but it's much harder to do. You can also dodge it if you happen to be going into a barrel at the instant that a blue shell is coming. And last but not least, it is possible to blow the shell up with a banana, by dropping the banana behind you as you're in the middle of a jump. Nearly impossible, but I've seen it done.

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  1. Savin' Items Till First:
    Yes, it is possible to avoid a Blue Shell. If you have saved a Mega Mushroom, Bullet Bill, or Star until you got into first place (probably not very likely), then you can avoid the Blue Shell by using those.

    Mushroom Dodgin':
    You can use mushroom as well. The mushroom technique isn't extremely hard to pull off, but you can do it with correct timing (just as the blue shell starts (note: STARTS) to dive downward onto you, use the mushroom). Mushrooms rarely appear in first, but I believe after the 17 item box you hit, the chances rise up much higher of you getting a mushroom.

    You may also use booster pads/boosters to evade them, but this is MUCH more difficult to do than to use a mushroom.

    Going into a cannon while the blue shell is still following you is an excellent way of dodging a winged shell. It's quite hard to pull off because of the amount of cannons within the MKW universe, but it's doable . Because the cannon's blasting speed is quicker than the blue shell's diving speed, the blue shell misses as it is dropping down on you.

    You can dodge a blue shell by using a banana. Thing is, you "trick" the blue shell into hitting the banana rather than you. I've seen it done before by, I believe, K_Tails, while going down Koopa Cape's pipe. This is extremely difficult to pull off, although not impossible.

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  2. There are three main ways to avoid being blasted by a Spiny Shell:

    1. Become invincible. This means using a Star, Mega Mushroom, or Bullet Bill (which is extremely unlikely in first place, but <I>slightly</I> more common in second or third, after first place has already finished). By far the easiest way to deal with it.

    2. Dodge it. If you get a big enough speed boost when the shell is hovering above you just before it strikes, you can outrun the explosion. This is easy to do with Mushrooms, remotely plausible with cannons, and extremely difficult with Dash Panels. I don't think that trick boosts are ever enough for the dodge.

    Note: If you have a Golden Mushroom, and a Spiny Shell is approaching you from behind, DO NOT start boosting until it has properly caught up with you. If you start using your Golden Mushroom boosts too early, you'll just keep outrunning the Spiny Shell until the Golden Mushroom runs out, and then the Spiny Shell will catch up and hit you. Once the Spiny Shell is hovering over your head, though, you can start mashing the item button quickly for repeated boosts to dodge it easily.

    3. Block it. If you can get the Spiny Shell to hit something just behind you, it may explode prematurely enough for you to escape unscathed. All of the ways you can do this are extremely rare, but the most common way is to drop a Banana behind you in the middle of a jump, just as the Spiny Shell dives at you. I've also seen people do this by dragging an item behind them as they drop down into the underwater pipe on Koopa Cape, and I've heard that Mini once managed to escape by getting a Spiny Shell to hit one of the signs hanging from the ceiling on Coconut Mall.

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  3. If you want, save the mushroom, bullet bill, star and mega mushroom until you reach 1st place or you're about to be hit by the blue shell.

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