Which is the best character,bike and kart to beat all the Mirror Cups??

  1. Its because I am in the Mirror Mode and I always get in fifth place and I want the Blue Falcon in this game,but I cant get it because I cant get in first place.Please people of gamefaqs.com/,help me!

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    Emi3280 - 7 years ago

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  1. I say it all depends on how well you are.

    User Info: SandMrider19

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  1. Since it's pretty much a new course that you have to learn, the first thing you should do is learn the course. After that, tailor your character/vehicle combo for each course. For something like Ghost Valley 2, try an inside drifting bike like the Mach Bike, with Luigi, or Baby Luigi with the Bit Bike. For courses that don't have all the sharp turns and are more spread out, try a faster bike such as the FF (Flame Flyer) or a kart like the Flame Runner, and use Funky Kong.

    User Info: drodge1384

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  2. I won with bowser(3 stars on all wii cups 2 stars on retro)on flame runner but I bet any heavyweight would work fine. First memorize the course and then try with which weight u work best with

    User Info: Pokelover730

    Pokelover730 - 7 years ago 1 3
  3. Mario in the Wild Wing

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  4. Rosalina on standard, or funky on spear

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  5. Bowser flame runner only on 150cc and mirror mode and dont use drift on auto/

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  6. First find your best combo. The best bike combos in the game that yield the fastest speed are Baby Luigi or Baby Daisy on the Bullet Bike, Daisy on the Mach Bike, and Funky Kong on the Flame Runner, on manual. I use the Mach Bike. Practice with drifting and get really good at it. Wheelie whenever you can and won't be knocked over. Also see the stickied topic in the boards on Item Management, as that will help you use items more wisely. Of course you don't have to use a bike to beat the CPUs; you can actually use any combo that you are good at. Just practice around with various karts and bikes until you find one that you are good at. However you'll probably just end up choosing one of the Big 3 bikes (the ones that I listed above, aka the best bikes) or the Big 4 karts (Flame Flyer, Honeycoupe, Wild Wing, Mini Beast, aka the best karts).

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  7. Light- Baby Luigi/Magikruiser (sp?)

    Medium- Luigi/Sneakster

    Heavy- Funky Kong/Spear

    I hope I helped!

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  8. A large character so you dont fly off the course if someone hits you.
    A bike with speed and good steering I suggest

    User Info: Toadette04

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  9. Light - Baby Luigi/Bullet Bike
    bullet bike has good acceleration but is knocked around easily, so drive a distance between racers with this bike
    Medium- Daisy/Mach Bike
    the mach bike is a balance between acceleration and speed. use this for tight courses where you will more than likely get hit by items and racers
    Heavy- Funky Kong/Flame Runner
    this combo has the worst acceleration but the greatest speed and agression. if you get hit, hold 1 and 2 and when you see blue sparks let go for a short burst of speed to get back on track.

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  10. I like Daisy on the Dolphin Dasher for the bike. For kart, Daisy on the Classic dragster, (the Classic dragster helps you weeve in and out of traffic!)

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  11. You don't have to do what it says on the other things you know! I remember not long ago, I finished the "whole game" I did all the 50 100 150 and Mirror cc, In gold (two silver on Mirror) And I got the Blue Falcon! It has exallent speed and I like to play on it with Baby Daisy! though when you turn it's slippery and you can fall off Rainbow road by the Launch Star it has a funny beep ;D like a blurp noise, same on Dolphin Dasher (SqEek sqeek sqekk!!!) ;D ;D so funny.

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  12. I have used Mario (or other middle weight character) with Mach Bike or Dolphin Dasher.
    I have beat it with them.
    I wish you luck!

    And Bye everyone!!

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  13. I'm currently testing all the different combos, but the one I find most effective for winning is Baby Mario on the Standard Bike S. Any small character on the Magikruiser will also work well due to it's awesome off-road stat. Use Toadette, and you will pretty muck smoke everyone with that bike. Toadette gives a decent amount of off-road speed. For Time Trials, I usually end up using Dry Bowser in the Bowser Bike (Flame Runner).

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  14. I would suggest you use Baby Mario or any small character on the Quacker. That way if you get hit by items you'll accelerate back to full speed very very quickly and the spin-outs won't even faze you much at all.
    Hope this helps! :)

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  15. Definitely use Mario, Yoshi, or Dry Bones. And also, NEVER USE BIRDO BECAUSE BIRDO IS THE WORST CHARACTER!

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  16. i'm gonna sort them out by the best to the worst

    1.funkeykong with flame runner
    2.bowser jr. (or any medium character)with mach bike
    3.baby luigi with bullet bike/magikruiser
    4.bowser (or any heavy character)with flame flyer

    hope this helps :P

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  17. Well try doing the tracks with the person combo that u suck the most with cause its all backwards then try it all with e combo ur the best with

    User Info: cowmanwes

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  18. I managed every cc including mirror with just koopa trooper and the standard bike, but as said above, there are better combos, just need to get yourself in the groove with those combos.

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  19. Use Automatic drifting with an inward drift medium bike (like the mach bike or dolphin dasher). That way you don't have to rely on mini-turbo boosts to move you ahead. On 150cc the AI tends to take the outside of corners to mini-turbo; the inward drift can help you cut corners and gain the advantage. And having a medium-sized bike means decent acceleration, top speed, and weight meaning if you are hit or bumped you can easily regain lost ground.

    User Info: Lord_Ventus

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  20. I fully agree with yoda, but one thing he didnt mension is drifting. If u like drifting like the carts, use carts such as Bit Bike or Zip Zip or Wario Bike. If u like the new kind of driftong, check out the Big 3 or Magikruser(Great offroad for light).

    Also, my new favorite is LW(normally Dry Bones or Toadette) and Magikruser, Daisy/Yoshi/Luigi on Mach Bike or Funky/Dry Bowser in Flame Runner or Spear

    User Info: RAPdawg530

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  21. In my opinoin I would choose funky kong with the flame runner because it is the fastest.But if you like good cornering try daisy with the mach bike

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