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    Technique Guide by TMF

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                    ---TMF Guides & FAQ's---
    Mario Kart Wii--
    --Tips to help you become a better racer
    Table of Contents--
    |                                          |
    | 1: Intro                                 |
    | 2: Copyright/Credit                      |
    | 3: Notes                                 |
    | 4: Tips and Tricks                       |
    |  4A: Finding your class                  |
    |  4B: Driving tips                        |
    |   4B.1: Rocket Starts                    |
    |   4B.2: Avoiding Collisions              |
    |   4B.3: Making Turns at High Speeds      |
    |   4B.4: Avoiding Obstacles               |
    |   4B.5: Drifting                         |
    |  4C: Increasing speed                    | 
    |   4C.1: Manual Drifting                  |
    |   4C.2: Tricks                           |
    |   4C.3: Wheelies (Bikes only)            |
    |   4C.4: Slipstreaming                    |
    |   4C.5: Recovering Boost                 |
    |   4C.6: Corner Cutting and Shorter Turns |
    |   4C.7: Snake Drifting Alternative       |
    |  4D: Item-related Topics                 |
    |   4D.1: Hold Your Items                  |
    |   4D.2: Dodging Red and Blue Shells      |
    |   4D.3: Thundercloud Tip                 |
    |   4D.4: Dodging POW Blocks               |
    |  4E: Suggestions                         |
    |  4F: Starting out racing                 |
    | 5: Frequently Asked Questions            |
    | 6: Updates                               |
    | 7: Outro                                 |
    | 8: Contact                               |
     1: Intro
    Mario Kart Wii, the fun and addicting game using the innovative Wii 
    controls. This time there is Wi-Fi, which adds a whole new set of 
    possibilities. You will never have nothing to do. There will always 
    be people to race, records to beat, tournaments to enter, and a lot 
    of things to do. You might just have one problem: You can't seem to 
    win and you are being left behind in the dust. This will help you solve 
    that problem. You will learn techniques that top racers use to win, and 
    you will no longer be stuck in dead last.
     2: Copyright/Credit
    Sites that have permission to use my guide:
    -Super Cheats
    -Cheat Happens
    Nobody is permitted to copy this FAQ onto any other site besides the 
    ones listed.
    If you want to use my FAQ on a website not on that list, please e-mail
    me (e-mail: tmfiore@gmail.com).
    You are permitted to use information from this guide in your own form,
    but you are not allowed to copy the guide itself word for word. It 
    violates the rules of the site you are viewing this from and also 
    the law itself. You are allowed to print and use this guide publicly 
    For your sake and the world's sake, don't be a Peter Griffin, don't 
    I would like to give credit to all the people who I have watched racing 
    on Youtube, for they showed me what they do to win and made me a better 
    racer. I also give credit to the people and expert staff racers I have
    watched replays of. I also have to give credit to scarlet_puppy for making 
    the FAQ about characters and vehicles, I linked to the FAQ in the class 
    *Thanks in advance to anyone who points out mistakes*
    I also used one question from the answers section of Mario Kart Wii in the
    Frequently Asked Questions section, just in case somebody needs to know 
    while looking at this guide.
    Now its your turn to win.
     3: Notes
    This FAQ will not totally garuntee you to win every race. These are 
    only tips to help you, there is no specific outcome you will have. 
    Good luck though, these will most likely help you. Make sure you 
    practice and have fun.
    Most of these are based off controlling with the wii wheel, but
    if you need directions for another controller, send me an e-mail.
    I am not excepting friend requests or race requests, thank you.
     4: Tips and Tricks
    Okay, I'll finally get to the actual FAQ. I will be giving you tips 
    about what you should do to become a better racer.
      4A: Finding Your Class
    The first thing you should do, and probably did already, is finding 
    your favorite character and cart class. You have most likely done 
    this already when you first got the game. If you have played previous 
    Mario Kart games, you would most likely know who you like to race as 
    and what cart stats you like.
    If you don't know what your class is, then keep reading.
    If you are really new to Mario Kart and racing games in general, 
    then you should pick your favorite character first. Find which 
    character you like the best, and then look at their carts and 
    bikes and see what you like best.
    If you have already played other Mario Kart games, then you 
    need to go by classification instead of characters. Here is 
    a list of the characters and their weight classification.
    Light weight:
    -Baby Mario
    -Baby Luigi
    -Baby Peach
    -Baby Daisy
    -Koopa Troopa
    -Dry Bones
    -Mii (Small)
    Medium weight:
    -Diddy Kong
    -Bowser Jr.
    -Mii (Medium)
    Heavy weight:
    -Donkey Kong
    -King Boo
    -Funky Kong
    -Dry Bowser
    -Mii (Large)
    The character you choose does affect the stats, but minorly.
    For a guide on the stat effects, check out this guide by 
    scarlet_puppy gives all the stat additions and talks about them, 
    I have to give credit for that.
    *In an e-mail, monkeyman4532 has suggested that you should pick one
    character from each weight class that you would use when you need to
    use it. Different courses are better with different statistics, so
    you should think of ones to use on each level. It is best to use 
    small or medium vehicles on small level with a lot of turns, like SNES
    Mario Circuit and SNES Ghost Valley. On long courses, it is best to
    use large vehicles. There are some levels that vary, but most of them
    can either use small/medium, or large. It is best to stick with one 
    character normally, but also pick some ones from other weight classes 
    to use for certain courses.
    Another thing you need to choose is whether you want to use carts
    or bikes. After you pick your character, look at their vehicles.
    Look at the stats of each one, and try them out if you want.
    Remeber to look at both the carts and bikes, this is the
    whole point of you checking. Narrow it down to the last cart
    and the last bike that you like, and then compare the stats
    and decide which one you want. You can go by looks if you
    want, but make sure you like both the stats and the looks.
    If you can't decide between the car and the bike that you
    liked, and if the stats are very similar, I would reccomend
    going with the bike. You can do wheelies on bikes, which
    gives you a slight boost and can provide a lot of help
    in some situations. If you are worried about crashing into
    other cars, then a car might be a little better for you.
    Go with the bike for a little more speed, and a car for
    more crash protection. Also, cars give a bigger mini-turbo,
    so if you want that, use a car. Choose what you like the
    Trust me, it does make a difference. I have been pushed off
    cliffs on a bike but pushed other people off cliffs in carts.
    If you don't know who you like to race as, and are too lazy
    to spend some time to figure it out, here are some good
    Baby Daisy + Bullet Bike
    Daisy + Mach Bike
    Funky Kong + Flame Runner
    If you don't know who you like to race as and what vehicles
    you like, these are good suggestions.
    Basically, you pick your preferred class, pick the character
    you want to use, and pick between a cart or a bike. The most
    important would be class, because it is really important
    to have the control that is comfortable for you. Spend
    some time experimenting and thinking about that, and
    then pick the character and the vehicles.
    This is one of the most important things in Mario Kart. You
    need to have the control that feels best to you. Some people
    might like more speed, some people might like acceleration.
    Some people might like to get ahead as fast as possible
    but are willing to be more left behind from hits, some people
    like to maintain a normal pace but want to recover from hits
    as soon as possible. Spend some good time finding your
    class, character, and vehicle. It will make a big difference.
      4B: Driving Tips
    You have your character now, and you feel ready to race. You
    still have some other things you should learn first.
    The race track is a rough place. You want to make it through
    without a scratch and want pure victory.
       4B.1: Rocket Starts
    One of the most basic things to do is the rocket start. It helps
    out a lot, and is one of the first things you should learn to
    do. If you have played a previous Mario Kart game, you should
    know how to do this already. But if you don't know how to do
    this, what you do is after you hear the beep for the timer
    going to "2" Hold down the accelerate button and then you
    will get a boost to start you off at the beginning of the
    race. This is very useful. It starts your acceleration and
    speed faster, and puts you slightly further ahead. This takes
    a few tries to get used to, but it is pretty easy. 
       4B.2: Avoiding collisions
    You should try to avoid other drivers as much as 
    possible. This is where handling comes a lot into play.
    Always avoid other racers and make them avoid you as well.
    Be alert and focus on what you are doing. If you see someone,
    go around them and then stay to the side. Crashing into people
    takes away from your speed, and you don't want that. Unless
    you are in a really large cart, avoid ramming into people.
    Small vehicles have a disadvantage with this. Only ram
    people off the road if you are in a large kart.
    Also, opponents can slipstream you, and will be able 
    to go straight ahead of you again, so stay far away so 
    they can't get it and you can maintain your position. 
    If you want slipstream yourself, I would reccommend 
    getting it from a person going at around the same speed as
    you. Go directly behind them and stay following them until
    you achieve your boost. Be prepared to move if they have 
    an item to release at you. If they are already holding an
    item such as a banana, green or red shell, or a fake box, they
    can easily release it backwards at you. Make sure they have 
    no item with them before you are slipstreaming. If they have
    one while you are trying, move out of the way to avoid the
    item. Also, make sure you avoid bumping into wall, which
    also takes away from your speed majorly.
       4B.3: Making Turns at High Speeds
    If you are going at a high speed, are coming towards a sharp
    turn, and you don't think you can make the turn without falling
    off or bumping into anything, let go of 2/A (The accelerate
    button,) and then accelerate again and make the turn. That
    way you won't fall off but you still make the turn with
    no hassle. The only problem if that if you are in a vehicle
    with low acceleration, you might lose a critical amount
    of speed. This is mainly a problem for large vehicles.
    You still can do well though, if you drift your way
    though the rest of the turn the mini-turbo will give
    you your speed back.
       4B.4: Avoiding Obstacles
    Obstacles are a big problem when driving. A lot of people
    have lost races just because of the obstacles in the level.
    But hey, whats Mario Kart without the obstacles. The key to
    dodging obstacles is to PLAN AHEAD. It is so important that
    I have to say it again. THE KEY TO DODGING OBSTACLES IS TO
    PLAN AHEAD. After playing a lot, you will memorize most of
    the courses. When you see the obstacles ahead of you, think
    about what you are going to do. If there is something that
    appears in the middle of the track, turn to the side in
    advance to dodge it. Think about what you are going to do,
    and then do it once you reach the obstacle. Stay alert and
    sharp and be ready to move fast. It is very important, please
    trust me. One obstacle that throws a lot of people off
    are the the thwomps in the Bowser's Castle levels. When
    you see one ahead of you, drive around it. If there are several
    of them blocking the doorway, watch and look for the one that
    rose back up most recently. Drive under that one instead of
    any other one. The one that went back up while you were close
    to it is the one you should drive under, because you are
    less likely to get crushed. Another obstacle that gives people
    trouble are the cars on Moonview Highway. Almost everyone gets
    ran over at least once on that course. What I would reccomend
    for you to do is to drive on the side of the road with the
    cars driving in the same direction as you are. That way, you
    will have more time to tell where you should turn, as to
    driving against the traffic will give you less time to
    think. Its harder on the narrow roads in the begining of
    the level, because there are only two lanes. Drive on the
    stones as much as you can, but if you are driving on the
    road, try to stay in the middle of the road. There are a
    lot of other obstacles, but all I can say to you right now
    is to plan ahead what you are going to do to avoid it, and
    stay sharp.
      4B.5: Drifting
    Starting out, I would reccomend you use automatic drifting.
    Once you start racing online use manual drifting. I will
    talk about manual drifting in the speed building section,
    but I will give tips about it here. When starting manual
    drifting, it definately helps to practice. Practice it in
    Solo Time Trials or 50cc Cups to start out. Also, when
    you are first trying manual drifting, use a vehicle
    with good handling. That way if you can't drift very
    well, it will be easier to make the turn. Start out
    by doing it in Time Trials, but soon you should
    move on to the 50cc Cups to get used to using manual
    drifting in the atmosphere of a race. It takes awhile
    to get used to remembering to drift, especially if you
    used automatic drifting for awhile. Manual drifting
    gives you the mini-turbo, which can help a lot during
    a race. Practice this in Time Trials and 50cc, and after
    you have it perfect and do it well, move on to using it
    in Wi-fi or any other thing you want to use it in. Just
    make sure you don't overuse the drifting. You don't have
    to use it on every single turn. Only use it on tighter
    turns. Although if you are using a vehicle with low
    handling, you should drift on almost every turn. This
    is another one of the hardest things to learn, but it
    is worth it in the long run.
    Overall, when driving, you should always avoid other
    racers, moderate your acceleration on sharp turns,
    plan ahead to avoid obstacles, and use manual drifting.
    Got it? Good.
      4C: Increasing Speed
    Have you ever wondered why all the people you race on
    Wi-fi become monsterously far ahead? It's because they
    always use certain techniques to help them go faster.
       4C.1: Manual Drifting
    Using Manual Drifting is one of the best ways to get more
    speed. If your car has a good mini-turbo rate, this
    will give you an even bigger bonus. Anyway, once
    you learn manual drifting and can do it well, try
    to get the mini-turbo is often as possible. You don't
    really need it on smaller turns, but on every other turn
    it can help you get ahead pretty fast. You get one almost
    every time you drift, and if you drift a lot it can put you
    pretty far ahead. Drift whenever you can, except on straight
    roads of course. If you are on those turns like the ones on
    Luigi Circuit with the speed boosts along the turn. Practice
    manual drifting, it is useful. 
       4C.2: Tricks
    You know those tricks you can do off jumps that gives you a
    small boost? Do them. You may have thought they were a waste
    of time after awhile, but they are not. Do them whenever
    you go off a big enough jump. They may not be big boosts,
    but they do make a difference.
       4C.3: Wheelies (Bikes only)
    If you are using a bike, take advantage of the wheelies.
    If you are on a long straight road, do a wheelie. It doesn't
    give you that big of a boost, but it does make you go faster
    than other people. Just don't use it once you are reaching the
    turns, cancel it early if you need to, there have been times
    where I got knocked into walls and even off of the road
    because I held my wheelie too long. Once again, the boost
    isn't big, but it does make a difference.
       4C.4: Slipstreaming
    Slipstreaming is another things that can help you get further
    ahead, except these make a bigger difference. When you get
    the chance, get behind the person in front of you and stay
    behind them long enough to get yourself a boost. Just make
    sure they don't have an item that they can launch behind them
    and stop you in your tracks. Items like bananas, triple bananas
    especially, red and green shells, and fake boxes can screw you
    over. If they have a triple banana or triple shells, running
    into them can stop you, and other items can stop you pretty
    fast if you are not alert enough. Use slipstreaming whenever you 
    can unless they have an item that can move you off your tracks.
       4C.5: Recovering boost
    If you fall off the edge of the track, there is a way to re-gain
    speed, and get a boost. As soon as you hit the ground, press
    2/A, and you will get a small boost to put you back on track.
    Practice this, it is pretty handy to know, just in case you
    get pushed off the track or get knocked off by accident.
       4C.6: Corner Cutting and Shorter Turns
    Something that I have used and many other people use to get
    further ahead is corner cutting. If you have a mushroom or
    have the chance to get extra speed, cut corners. Depending how
    much you can skip, you will be slightly further ahead. Some
    good corners to cut are the ones in the Dry Dry Desert + Ruins,
    and the big turn in Luigi Circuit. Be accurate on the Luigi
    Circuit turn though, there are a lot of pipes that can get in
    your way.
    Another way to put you further up on the map is taking the
    shortest turn you can on turns. It sounds werid when I type
    it, but you will probably get what I mean. Basically, what
    you do is drift on the smallest edge of the turn, therefore
    you will have less to drive over and less room to cover. This
    applies to all types of racing. Don't take the long turn, take
    the short one, and you will have less room to cover. In simpler
    terms, if it is a turn that goes right, stick to the side on
    your right. If it is a left turn, stick to the side on your
    left. This might not sound very useful when reading about it,
    but trust me, it makes a difference.
       4C.7: Snake Drifting Alternative
    Last but not least, snake drifting. This is an infamous
    technique that many people use, and it is known to be very
    hard. Basically, snake drifting is repetitively drifting
    on a straight road and using the mini-turbo to put you
    further ahead, which makes you look like a snake when driving.
    This was mainly used in Mario Kart DS. There is one problem 
    though. First of all, in Mario Kart DS, you can control when 
    you got the mini-turbo, but in Mario Kart Wii, it depends on 
    how long you drifted and how much you moved. Nintendo saw
    us snake drifting, and they weren't happy. They thought it
    was a way of cheating. Nintendo prevented this in Mario Kart 
    Wii by making the mini-turbo occur only when drifting and
    curving, and not while drifing straight. So in this game,
    it would take longer to get the boost and it would be harder 
    to get the boosts. It is uncommon to see snake drifting in 
    Mario Kart Wii, but the best racers still do a different form
    of it. What you can do is get the mini-turbo as often as
    possible. Drift on every turn you can, even small ones.
    Definately practice this in Time Trials first. It may seem easy when 
    it is talked about, but it is harder actually do than it seems.
    Go in to time trials until you can do this decently. Once again, 
    it is harder to do because of the drifting style in this game, 
    so you might not be able to get a full snake. All you can
    do is get the mini-turbo whenever you can. You might need to
    practice this a little, but generally all you have to do
    is drift a lot. 
    Take advantage of those little speed boosters, they can really
    help you out. Also always use manual drifting and get slipstream
    boosts when ever you can. Cut corners when you can, always take
    the shorter side of the turn, and get mini-turbos whenever possible.
      4D: Item Related Topics
    Items are part of what makes Mario Kart itself. What would the
    fun be without items? Here are some item related topics that can
    give you some good help.
       4D.1: Hold Your Items
    One things I learned a long time ago was that you should always 
    hold your item until you really need it. If you have an item like 
    the triple bananas or the 3 shells that swirl around you, keep
    it until you would really need to use it. Keeping the bananas
    behind you can give you protection from red shells and can
    knock people who are driving directly behind you away. The
    3 shells that swirl around you can act as a shield. It protects
    you from people coming from the side, from behind, and from
    bananas and red shells. Always keep these items when you have them,
    they are really useful. Keep other items behind you also, it
    does help.
       4D.2: Dodging Red and Blue Shells
    Another problem people have is dodging red shells, and the
    dreaded blue shells. I mentioned about red shells in the 
    paragraph above this one. The easiest way to dodge a red shell
    is to block it with an item. It is easiest to block with the
    triple bananas, because you don't have to worry about holding
    it while driving. As for single bananas and green shells, 
    hold them by pressing left or right on the D pad until the item
    hits you. Don't block it with red shells though, those are better 
    to hit other people with. Keep that precious red shell.
    You can also dodge red shells by moving in front of an object
    so the red shell can break on that instead of you. Walls, cows,
    penguins, other people, and thwomps are good things to break
    red shells with. As for blue shells, you need a lot of luck to
    dodge them. If you have a mushroom (which you most likely wouldn't
    have in first place,) you need to use it as soon as the shell stops
    above your head. After it found its target, it stays in that spot.
    The mushroom will quickly get you out of the way of the blue shell
    so it won't hit you. If you happen to have a mushroom that you
    got in first place, save it for the blue shells. Another way
    to dodge blue shells, and an easier way, is by speed boost pads,
    jumps, and cannons. If you happen to be right in front of a speed
    boost when a blue shell is flying at you, take the speed boost
    when the shell stops above your head. It works similar to the
    mushroom but you need really good timing. If there is a jump that
    is near you, the speed boost might get you out of the way, or
    if it is big enough you might be lucky enough that the shell will
    just abort it's operation and will break in mid air or go hit some
    other unlucky person. The cannons also destroy the blue shells. 
    Unfortuunately, it will only work in DK Mountian and Maple Treeway.
    You need to drive into the cannon while the blue shell is flying
    towards you, but the blue shell can't make it through cannons and
    it will break. That way you can have a sigh of relief and keep
    driving. The cannon breaking also works with thunderclouds if you
    happen to have one above your head.
       4D.3: Thundercloud Tip
    EDIT: After recieving an e-mail, I was told that keeping the
    thundercould above your head while in the lead is NOT a good idea.
    It only gives you a minor speed boost, and the time you spend while
    small is crucial on your time. DO NOT do what I said originally. I
    have to give credit to monkeyman4532 for this.
    Keep the thundercloud until the last minute, then give it to somebody
    else. If you are on a level like N64 DK's Jungle Parkway, DK Mountian,
    DK Summit, or Maple Treeway, if you are near the cannon/river jump, hold
    it until you ride on it, then you will have had a slight boost and it
    will disappear.
       4D.4: Dodging POW Blocks
    Here is a little bit about POW blocks. To dodge one, slam the
    wii wheel downward as soon as the countdown reaches 3. You can
    learn that from the game manual, it's no secret or special
    What you learned from this is how to dodge red shells and blue
    shells, how to dodge POW blocks and times, and tips on how to
    use your items. Items are part of what makes up Mario Kart, so
    you need to know about them.
       4E: Suggestions
    One thing I suggest you should do before racing is PRACTICING.
    You probably won't have all this down in one day, so of course
    you need to practice. Spend some time in Time Trials and the
    Grand Prix, and work on these techniques. Manual drifting is
    something you would definately need to practice, same with the
    driving techniques. Nobody can become an expert in one day,
    everyone needs to practice. Practice with the CPU players first, 
    on Wi-Fi it is less controlled by you. CPU players are less smart
    than real people and they are easier to practice on.
    I also suggest that you find which controller you like the best.
    I reccommend the Wii wheel or the Gamecube controller. Also try 
    out each kind of cart before you stick with one.
       4F: Starting out racing 
    Okay, you learned the techniques, you know who you like to race
    as, and you know the best things you should do. You are pretty
    much set to start racing, but there are a few things you should
    know and try before you start playing in the big leagues.
    If you don't want to play with random people yet, play with
    a friend first, and an advanced one that is. That way, you
    won't have to worry about losing that much, and you can 
    even get tips from that friend. If you don't have a friend
    who is advanced who you can race, then you will have to start
    by playing with random people.
    Also, pick courses that you like the best. That way if it gets
    chosen, then you will be able to race on what feels best to you.
    Once you start online, you will get used to it very fast.
    Good luck, race with the best of your ability.
     5: Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Which is better, carts or bikes?
    A: It depends on what you want. Go by the vehicle you feel most
    comfortable in. If you can't decide between two, either one will
    still do you good, so just go by what you think looks better. 
    Bikes do have wheelies which give you a small boost, but most bikes
    are less fast than the carts and they can't take bashes from other
    cars as well as carts. Basically, go by what controls the best
    for you.
    Q: How do you get out of a wheelie?
    A: There are two ways. You can tilt the wheel down in the opposite
    direction you got into your wheelie from. This is harder though.
    If you are using manual drifting (which you should be using,)
    you can press B or 1 to hop out of the wheelie.
    Q: Do character stats really matter?*
    A: Yes. The stat differences aren't very big, and it mainly depends
    on your vehicle. Although it isn't much, the character stats still
    can help out. It will only make it better, so whats the problem with
    using them?
    Q: What is your friend code?
    A: Sorry, I am not accepting races.
     6: Updates
    -I fixed an error where I put "red shell" by accident where I was 
    supposed to put "blue shell." I have to thank aczivec93 for pointing
    this out in an e-mail. Thanks man, I have to proofread more carefully.
    -I added a new section called "Corner Cutting and Shorter Turns",
    which is section 4C.6. I realized I forgot to add this after I 
    submitted it. It is pretty important, my bad *facepalm*.
    -I said that fake boxes could block red shells, but dudenumber100
    proved me wrong. I also realized this after trying to block it with
    a fake box, but it does not work. Sorry people, let go of those fake
    boxes instead. Thanks dudenumber100.
    -I added a tip in in the "Finding your Class" (4A) section, courtesy
    of monkeyman4532.
    -I found out that the thundercloud tip was wrong and wasn't good to
    do, so I edited it and said not to do it, and put in something else
    you should do, also courtesy of monkeyman4532.
     7: Outro
    Lets summarize the important things you learned
    1. Choose your character and vehicle depending on what you like
       the best. Try out different vehicles before you pick one.
    2. Choose a character from each class that you would want to use,
    because some statistics are better for certain courses.
    3. Avoid other drivers and bumping into walls
    4. Do not let other people slipstream you
    5. Slow down if you can't make the turn
    6. Plan ahead, and you can avoid obstacles
    7. Always use manual drifting, the mini-turbo boost helps a lot.
    8. Always do tricks off jumps
    9. Use wheelies when you can.
    10. Use slipstreaming, but avoid doing it when the person in front
       of you has an item.
    11. If you fall off the track, press 2/A directly when you hit the
        ground to get a boost
    12. Cut corners as much as possible.
    13. Stick to the shorter side of the turn.
    14. Practice and use snake drifting
    15. Hold your item until you really need it, and don't get rid of
        the 3 shells or 3 bananas. Use them for protection.
    16. Dodge red shells by blocking it with an item or object
    17. Dodge blue shells by using a mushroom when it stops over
        your head, or use a speed boost.
    18. Keep the thundercloud if you are in first place
    19. Dodge POW Blocks by slamming the Wii Wheel downward
    20. PRACTICE
    Well, now you know those tips I was talking about. These are what
    some of the best racers do when playing Mario Kart. Practice these,
    and you will get better at Mario Kart. Skill also comes from
    experience, so the more you play, the better you will get. I learned
    all these, and now you learned these. Its your turn to start winning.
    Good luck, keep racing, have fun.
     8: Contact
    If you have any questions to ask or any changes you want me to make
    in the FAQ, please e-mail me. Here is my e-mail address.
    Don't bother spamming me, I will delete it anyway. There is a
    "report as spam" button, so don't think you will get away with it.
    Don't ask me to be friends and don't ask me where I live either.
    Once again, if you have any questions, you want me to add something
    in the FAQ, or want to point out a mistake, e-mail me. I will make
    sure I give credit to you for your contribution.
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