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"Offine is good, but the online multiplayer is breathtaking and truly defines online play for the Wii!"

8.5 Presentation

The menus are clean looking and support IR motion sensing, unlike some AAA games that came out last month. The ability to download a MK Wii channel and see if any of my friends are online, and see how my rank is compared to others WITHOUT having the actual game disc is pretty neat. Also I I really like how they used Miis in the game and how my own miis on my mii channel fit in some of the crowds in some of the stages. I totally LOL'D when I was racing in Coconut Mall, and I saw a poster of one of my "Adolf H*tler" Miis posing LMAO! So overall, great use of Miis. There are initially about 3 bikes and 3 karts to choose from in every class in time trial mode, 150CC, and multiplayer mode (off and on), and there are more to unlock later on as well! Furthermore courses ARE wider overall, compared to the other MK games, but I don't see how thats a bad thing, since there are 11 other players you must compete with.

8.0 Graphics

Many people in Gamefaqs(and elsewhere I'm sure) have been greatly complaining that it looks exactly the same as DD. At first when I played a couple matches, I had that same mentality, but I can say its not true. The visuals VS Double Dash (for the cube), is not a huge leap, but I see the improvements in MKWii. I've noticed this game at least has more lighting/bloom than Double Dash, and it really shows in one of the night themed tracks. I don't mind really though. Also it does support 16:9 with 480p which my old tv isn't compatible with. Also did I mention earlier that it runs at a constant 60Hz or frames per second? The track design for the new stages look absolutely astounding in my opinion, although some of the old classics look somewhat bland, but they're still inviting though.

7.5 Sound

IGN claims you can hear noises coming out of the Wii-mote speaker, although I haven't really noticed/payed much attention to it. So far, I've unlocked all tracks, and I have to say the music for them are all catchy, but most aren't very special... Only a few stand out (like Moo Moo Farms or Rainbow Road) Definitely not worthy of Nintendo to release an OST soundtrack of the game--Brawl and Galaxy completely blows this game away in background music. But again, like I said, its catchy. Character VO's for most characters are occasionally annoying. Abnd whoever voice Rosalina.. 0_o WTF!

8.5 Gameplay

The gameplay itself is great, I really like how mid air tricks and bikes were integrated in this game. I'm not gonna go into detail on control configuration and what button does what (since you've probably read other reviewers before me who have already), but this game does supports 4 ways to play(like SSBB), and I highly recommend people try to play with the wii wheel! There is a somewhat steep learning curve though. By the time I beat 50CCC and played a dozen wifi matches, I started really getting the hang of it. Not saying ti will take you that long, because everyone learns differently. But nevertheless, its the most fun way to use! I haven't played 150cc yet, but I've noticed the rubber banding already in 50CC. Not a huge issue with me yet, until I get to 150CC. I haven't tried battlemode yet, so I'll give you my opinion on that later on the week or even tonight. :)

9.0 Lasting Appeal/Tilt

Single offline is OK, but could be better. Still though, it will keep you busy, unlocking 32 tracks and getting stars on them, 25 characters, and extra bikes and karts for each class. Not to mention that you can unlock the ability to play as your own Mii in this game(which I plan to do very soon)! Online mode, however, is absolutely amazing! I have experienced ZERO lag, and my broadband connection is only a mere 1.0Mbps(if that matters). Oline has a Ranking mode to see how you stack up with the rest of the people in the same continent you live in, the ability to download people's ghosts, and upcoming online tournaments! Playing with 12 characters is just so exhilarating! This is the meet and potato of the game in my opinion, and future online multiplayer games need to learn from this! It will keep you hooked for a long time.

I give this a solid 8.6 overall.

I actually agree with IGN's and Gamespot rating on this, the good and the bad.And I've noticed most critics have pulled out the same praises and flaws also. And to the die hardcore Mario Kart fans who have yet to buy the game, heed my warning:
Please don't overhype yourself to be thinking this kart racing game is the mother of all Mario kart racing games. It could be, but then it couldn't..

its true what they say, The A.I. rubberbands, the music and VO is medicore(but very catchy) at best. But online mode redeems the single player part of the game. Online Multiplayer is absolutely and extremely addictive! Even if you haven't added any of you're friends yet, playing with strangers online across the globe is really fun and runs at a constant 60fps with little to no noticable lag! The BEST for the Wii currently! I highly recommend this game for all Wii owners! (:

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/29/08

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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