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"I cant think of a catchy tagline"

First off, let me begin by saying I have only played Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64. This is my 3rd venture into the Mario Kart series and I must say I am pleased.

Graphics: The great thing about the Wii is that instead of focusing on better graphics like their counterparts did they focused on remote handling. That said, the graphics for this game are great. The real beauty lies in the almost cartoon like playfulness the game exudes. 8/10

Controls: Yes, this is what it is all about. The steering wheel is amazing! The Wii controls are really just the first step into virtual reality. Although it is not as cool and crisp as playing a racing game at the arcade {remember them?} it is great none the less. You actually feel like a part of the game. Hitting a sharp turn while trying to mini-boost as you crank your wheel to the left or right makes it seem like you are really driving a car. Although I praised having to try to min-boost while turning it is also a slight downside. The wheel almost makes it like you have to much to do. This is its curse as well as its blessing. 9/10

Playability: Are you kidding? Its Mario Kart! 10/10

Fun Factor: See above. 10/10

Layout: 6/10 This is where the game takes a hit. First off, there is 12 racers at a time. Ugh...trying to grab a puzzle box or trying to make your way through a track when their are 11 other racers trying to do the same thing gets tedious at time. You can easily go from 1st to 8th or 9th in less than 10 seconds. Banana's and green shells are everywhere. Protecting your spot while ducking away from 3 players with red shells, 2 with banana's, 2 racers both getting thunderbolts and a bunch of other racers getting other power-ups is very challenging. It is almost messy in a way. Its hard to keep track of things when racers are everywhere. Not to mention when you are in first you have to deal with 11 other racers potentially getting spiked shells and such. Very messy with 12 racers. Big drawback.

The battle mode is just as frustrating. Gone is 1 on 1 vs. your friend. Now you have to deal with being on a team vs. another team. You can pick either red team or blue team and you must pop more balloons than the other team. Defiantly not very fun. They also have a new battle mode when your team has to collect more coins than the other team. This is actually funner than the other battle mode. Not having 1 on 1 is a MAJOR disapointment. That was always one of the draws of Mario Kart.

Innovations: 6/10 The 12 racers is defiantly not good. The battle modes leave alot to be desired. But their is good stuff as well. New power-ups like the big bullet and big mushroom are great. You grow about 7 sizes bigger when you get the big mushroom so you can run over anybody and everybody. The bullet is the same thing but you go faster and the computer controls it. It just follows the track and leaves everybody in its wake. Also, instead of the spiked shell which took out the racer in the 1st position it is now a flying shell which flies over the track directly to the racer in 1st position. This is kind of a drawback because the spiked shell would always hit a bunch of racers on its way to the 1st racer. Now it just goes directly to the 1st racer. The steering wheel alone makes it the most innovative Mario kart by far, that alone makes this game a must have.

Overall: 8/10 Its Mario kart. Its fun and can do no wrong. The bad far outweighs the good. Like I said earlier the steering wheel alone makes the game funner and more innovative than any other Mario Kart.

Rent or Buy: Buy it and love it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/30/08

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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