Review by sheikan7

Reviewed: 05/12/08

One red shell and I'm knocked down to 7th place?

The Wii's been out for a while now, and some decent games are starting to roll out. This one is definately on one of my top five favorites. Nintendo added and took away a few things, but the gameplay is still good.

Graphics 9/10
They get the job done and look like what they're supposed to look like. They are bright and colorful and very smooth. You're not going to be examining graphics though while racing through the tracks. They are good for the Wii, but not really comparable to other graphics. Graphics aren't a make/break deal for me, so I don't mind.

Sound/Music 9/10
The music fits all of the stages. The music fits every stage and adds a little craziness to the mayhem. The voices of the characters are original and sound wonderful. Some characters *cough* Daisy *cough* will always have annoying voices, but that 's okay. Even the sound effects for items fit them and are recognizable.

Gameplay 7/10
The meat and potatoes of the game. I have to say a few things about it first. First off there are 12 people able to race at once. This makes things a little too chaotic, Nintendo should have just stuck to 8. It isn't as scary to see when you're hit by one item and falling back to 7th place from 1st. With 12 racers at once, Nintendo needed to make the tracks a tad wider. They're needed for all of the madness. They've also taken out the two characters per kart deal. I actually enjoyed this aspect though. It added some strategy to the game. You had to choose characters with their weights and specials. You could mix and match and have lots of possibilites, depending on which you liked the best. Speaking of specials, those are also gone. So most of the characters are there for fans, since there are only 3 weight classes.

In single player, you can do the grand prix, time trials, battle and vs. with computers. This is all pretty fun since the computers can provide a challenge. Nintendo is just plain messing with you when you get hit by a winged shell when you're too far in front of everyone.

Bikes are a big feature that had some fans worried. Well, don't. They are a wonderful addition to the game and I personally love racing on a bike. Hugging the curves and racing along the tracks add such a rush. The bikes also can perform wheelies which allows you to go faster.

Tricks are a neat addition. Whenever you go off a jump and into the air, if you flick the Wii wheel or tap a button on a controller, you perform a cool-looking trick that gives you a boost when you land. There are natural jumps built in and some ones added just for tricks, even to the old stages.

Items are even crazier this time. With no characters having their own specials, it kind of evens things out. Even if you try so hard to get that one CPU to lose, they always come back somehow..and tell their little friends up front to hit you with red shells and winged shells. Nintendo has also brought back some of the styles of items. Like having the 3 shells/bananas trail/circle you.

Courses are a major part of the game. There are 32 courses in all, 16 new and 16 old. All of the new courses are unique and aren't totally rehashed. Most of the old ones fit in, but there are a few that should have been left out.

Wi-fi 10/10
The wi-fi is an excellent improvement and possibly the best for the Wii. There is no lag and takes probably less than a minute to get set up for a race. It puts Brawl's wi-fi to shame. There are points you gain or lose depending on how well you did. Very well done, this should be the standard for all of the Wii games from now on. You can also play along with a friend who is sitting right next to you and play against people online.

The Wii wheel is a fun addition to the game, but shouldn't be used seriously. It's very hard to use it and get all of those sharp turns and such. Especially if you've had a long day and just want to play a video game. I have only tried using the GC controller and the wheel, and the GC feels much better. I just wish that the L button wasn't used for the GC, and the X/Y buttons were like in Double dash..but we can't have everything that we want.

This game should be with every Wii owner. Especially over some of the games that get boring fast(Brawl, Galaxy, etc). This game is fun to play alone or with friends. There are plenty of unlockables to unlock and will be played and frustrating you for a while! =)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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