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"Mario Kart Wiiiii!"

OK, I'm just going to jump strait into the review.


There's so much to do offline; Balloon battle with friends, Coin battle with friends, Grand Prix and much more. The Balloon battle is pretty simple, knock all of your opponent's balloons off by hitting them with various items, whoever has no balloons left (Or the most points, depending on if it's online or offline) wins. Coin Battle is where you collect coins off of the ground, whichever team gets the most coins when the time is out wins. You can also steal coins from your opponents by hitting them with an item and knocking the coins out of them. There are 4 different Grand Prix modes with 8 cups in each, the modes are: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror mode. The number in the CCs (50, 100, and 150) stands for how fast the race is.. If a stage in 50cc takes 3 minutes to do 3 laps, it might only take 2 minutes in 150cc. Mirror mode is just like 150cc, except the stage is backwards. (Hence, Mirror Mode) Now, The reason I gave the Offline an 8 is because some people find the 150cc and Mirror Mode extremely hard. The only reason it seems so hard is because the computers (AI) are improved greatly. Basically, they are better at racing, and smarter with items. They're really not that hard (for me anyways) if you know how to protect yourself from being hit by red shells and green shells. To do that, you simply HOLD in the item button (It only works with shells (red or green) and bananas. It will protect you from being hit by red and green shells.


Online is really great, there is hardly any lag, which is great! There's a point system for both regular racing AND Battle Mode. You can race people in just your region, OR World Wide. There is a friend code system for private games with friends, but no VR or BR (Points) are rewarded in friend races. If you play World Wide or Regional, your friends can meet up with you and play other people WITH you, which is a great feature. You get points for beating people, but if you get a bad place, then you won't get points, and may even lose points. (Depending on how much VR or BR you have.) The higher VR person you beat, the more points you get, vice versa. Say you beat someone who has 9000 VR or BR, and you only have 5000- You would get more points for beating them than you would for beating another 5000, and the 9000 would lose more for losing to a 5000 than they would for losing to a 9000. You can only have up to 9999 VR or VR. You can also get stars to appear next to you name online, for other people to see. To do this, you have to get at least one star on EVERY Grand Prix mode. (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror mode) You can get a Golden Wii Wheel along with that, if you use the Wii Wheel (For further details, please visit the Cheats and Secrets section) Yeah, so basically, the online in Mario Kart Wii is great.

Characters, Karts and Bikes

Well, the character selection is great, but some characters are not necessary, for example, Baby Daisy and Baby Peach.. They were never in many games at all, and they got a spot.. I'm sure other characters were more deserving, but I guess it's fine. There are quite a few characters, there are 8 Light weights, 8 Medium weights, and 8 heavy weights.. There are also two Mii outfits. The bikes are also awesome, my personal favourite is the the Medium bike, the Mach Bike. The Karts and bikes have their own specialties. The bikes can do a wheelie for a speed boost, and the karts get an extra mini-boost if you hold in the boost long enough. There are many varieties of Karts and Bikes, ranging on the weight class. I'll name a few, but I won't name them all. Light: Bullet Bike. Medium: Mach Bike, Dolphin Dasher. Heavy: Flame Runner. I don't really know what else to say about this section, so I'll just stop now.


There are quite a few items, like Green shell, Red shell, Bullet bill, Pow Block, etc. There's not really much to say about items, either.. Basically, items help you get to first, or a better place.. For Example, Mushroom makes you go faster, Thunder cloud shocks you unless you bump into someone before it does, Bullet Speeds you up a few places, Shells and Bananas protect you and slow people down, Pow blocks hit everyone in front of you, Lightning shocks everyone.


This game is really great, I recommend you buy it if you're in to an animated racing type game. If you like Mario, you'll like this game. It's basically a Mario-fied racing game. You won't be disappointed if you like that type of game. This game is extremely fun online with friends. Buy this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/04/08

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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