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"Speed on Wii"

The Mario Kart racing series has always provided an amazing racing experience. Nintendo didn't just slap Mario's face onto a sub-par racing game and call it a branch: they lovingly crafted a work of art arguably superior to many racing games that are on the market today! They didn't stop there, either, they put an installment in every platform they've ever made to date, each one more creative and awe-inspiring than the next. Now it's finally come to Wii, and one question is on every fan's lips: Can it possibly live up to expectations? The answer, my friends, is a whole-hearted YES!

First off, lemme tell you how this is gonna go down: MARIO KART WII ROCKS! Easily one of the mighty figures of glory (err... for Wii), Mario Kart Wii destroys the competition in racing games. Words fail to portray the awesomeness of Mario Kart on Wii. But, I'll do my best. Hmm... what shall I pick at first... let's try... gameplay.

Mario Kart Wii plays significantly better than any other karting game to date. Though veterans of MK will be slowed down by the new drifting system slightly, newbies (well, at least those who bother to figure out what ‘Manual' refers to) will appreciate the new, easy-to-pick-up controls for mini-turboes.Speaking of mini-turboes, MKW introduces two major new racing mechanics, bikes and tricks (and those don't go together at all). Success rewards a mini-turbo upon landing. Bikes are somewhat like karts, except for a few differences that only masters need to know. The new and old tracks and items are AAA, too. Though some tracks must be unlocked, the Wi-Fi and multiplayer are still able to play said tracks

Obviously, a game as multiplayer oriented as this has lots of replay value: Even after you manage to unlock everything the game has hidden (which will most likely take some sort of super-gamer 35 hours, non-stop), you still can setup VS. matches in single player, replay the Grand Prix races to get 3-star rankings on all the cups (good luck!), play multiplayer, race your best times in Time Trials... ungh, my head hurts just thinking of ways to waste years on this game. Rest assured, there's infinite replay value AND depth.

And as for music... quite honestly, the roar of an engine is really all I need to hear. But, their music's good, too. The real cream of the crop is the new Bowser's Castle theme, which incorporates new melodies and a retro feel. The retro tracks are also successfully duplicated, in terms of sound. Still, I don't think that music's a factor in this one. So let's move on to things that DO matter: MULTIPLAYER AND WI-FI!!!

To begin, MKW's Wi-Fi is simply unrivaled. Heck, you can even install a channel for it!!! Not only are matches quick and fun, but it's so dang diverse to boot! One can end up racing one-on-one with someone fully superior (or inferior) to you, or race in a tight spot with 4-11 racers out for your head, or target opponents to thrash with items in an overcrowded stadium, or get humiliated by the ghosts of the best players in the world! You gotta see it to believe it! As for multiplayer, it's the racing response to Mario Party! Nearly everything you can do online, you can do at home, so gather up the family and prove that you rule (or reek)! I'll wrap this up with graphics:

Well, I have to hand it to MKW; their visuals are second to none! Everything is sleekly rendered; it's as if you're playing a cut-scene. No slowing down at all: all gameplay is clean and smooth, no blocks except for POW blocks. Definitely H-O-T! They've also un-spammed the screen: no more missing a banana peel because the game felt the need to tell you you're third twice! Not only that, but you probably won't recognize most of the retro tracks without their poor rendering, and ditto for the items!

To find errors and flaws in this game is like finding a small scratch on a statue, nevertheless, it is my job to find those minor imperfections. The only real flaw in this game is the fact that there's no storyline. No inspiration to play the Grand Prix, other than to unlock characters and karts. However, that's really not what this game is about! Mario Kart games have always been about multiplayer, and as such, 1P mode is quite irrelevant. The control scheme may also lead to some complaints, but that's all a matter of preference.

Now for final judgment: Mario Kart Wii scores a well-deserved 10/10!
BUY THIS GAME! Renting it will only make you wish you had the guts to go ahead and buy it. If you were lucky enough to get this game as a gift, HOLD ON TO IT FOR DEAR LIFE. You have a masterpiece sitting in your hands, here!

I'm out. ;]

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/08

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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