"Drive on down and get one of the best racing games around!"

Basic Overview -
I'm glad to do my first Wii review on such a great game. Mario Kart Wii is the latest game in the series serving the latest console on the Wii. This game consists of 26 available characters, and 8 available cups, (making 32 total race tracks.) There are 16 old tracks, (taken from other previous installments) and 16 new available tracks.

Graphics - 10/10
You can't get any better than this, really. The breath-taking graphics not only beat previous games of course, but make you feel like your actually there.

Sound - 10/10
Ah, yes, gotta hand it to him. Koji Kondo. He, has made Mario so bright and colorful as far as music goes in the past. He continues to do so in this game. They brought back most of the music, along with past race tracks of course, along with a mix of new.

Controls - 8/10
This game is so amazing, no matter what you use, it'll work with this game, an astounding 5 controls/combos.
- Wii Wheel
- Sideways Wiimote
- Wiimote + Nunchuk
- Wii Classic Controller
- Gamecube Controller

The controls are very basic for this game. The A button, (2 button on Wiimote) is the acceleration or course, and as always, the A button's counterpart, the B button (1 on Wiimote) is the breaks. What I really love about the Wiimote and Wii Wheel, is your can actually steer as if you were racing yourself. Another key point as to why this game is by far the best in it's series.

Online Play - 10/10
Amazing. What? Amazing, yes the online play for this game must beat one of any other Wii game Wi-Fi wise. I mean. No lag. It takes practically 1 minute to start a race. (Find people pick your character, kart, and race track.) And what's even cooler in this game than It's other Wi-Fi past game Mario Kart DS, is, this game has a point system called VR. What's VR mean? It means Versus Rating. You start off with 5000 when you create your license. As you win, you gain more VR, and get a stronger reputation. This game also uses Friend Codes, and you can battle your friends in no time!

Final Regards -
I believe that this game may be one of the best around. Not only a great series, but game in itself. Glad to do my 2nd review on this. 9/10 is what it deserves.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/15/08, Updated 09/25/08

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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