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"Another great installment to the series"

Mario kart wii is the newest installment to the Mario Kart series and is a great addition. It provides great entertainment whether your playing single, multiplayer or online. It has new things like the wii wheel or bikes and old things such as retro courses and red shells. All of this makes the game as addictive and fun like before.

When you start the game you can choose your control method. You can use the wii wheel, wiimote+nunchuck, the classic controller or the the gamecube controller. You probably will want to try them all first as you may prefer one to the other. You will have to make a save file which saves all your records. Before you race you will have to select what character+Kart/Bike you want to use then choose between manual and automatic drift. Then choose a course and your all ready to race. When you start to race you will notice item boxes and these make Mario kart so addictive. you use these to give you an advantage of winning the race. The better the position you are the worse the items you get.But there are some flawed items( Thundercloud) You will also notice that you will get more of a chance of getting hit the higher your position.The bad thing with these in this game is that you get hit more by frantic items (blue shells).There is also Battle mode which is completely item based. You will probably enter grand prix mode first and this is most of the games unlockables are but you will have to play through time trials as well to unlock other things. You need to unlock better vehicles which you need for harder difficulties and to win online.

As far as the wii goes these graphics and impressive and they look very stunning. iIs the characters or backgrounds that make you look stunned on what graphics they have made. There is alot of color in this game.

The music in this is very catchy and has good sense of rhythm. There is plenty of music packed in the game and sound effects. While you listen to music while racing you will hear plenty of sound effects of shells character voices and yourself swearing when you get hit by another blue shell!

Replay value
There is alot to unlock in this game if its Karts or characters, it doesn't take long to unlock race tracks though. The online mode will definitely keep you hooked for a long time since its flawless with no lag at all. Multiplayer also is in which can still mean you can play with your friends or family.

Good Points
-4 Control methods
-Flawless online
-More items
-Improved gameplay

Bad points
-Excessive item use against you
- Not all items are great

I strongly recommend to buy this game as you wil be hooked the first time you boot up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/23/08

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (EU, 04/11/08)

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