Review by shrooboid313

"Worthy of Wii? Definatley"

This game is like marmite, you either love it or hate it. As for everyone I know, they love it.

The characters are great, the tracks are clever and revitalised from the retro cups. The backgrounds are cleverly masterful. The graphic are beautiful and the items are entertaining especially the mega mushroom. It's much better than the DS version. The extra tricks off the ramps are really cool. It's great that they brought in the bikes, but I must say so myself it's easiest to control the bikes that have an inside drift line (such as the Mach bike) with the gamecube controller. But I have to say if you want to unlock the expert staff ghosts I advise you use the gamecube controller.

Graphics -- 9/10

These graphics are extremely crisp and clear. If you look closely you can even see some of the creases in Rosalina and Princess Peach and Daisy's dresses. Over the years of Mario Kart the graphics have improved further and further and these are the greatest graphics yet.

Sound -- 9/10

As I said before things are getting better and better. That goes for the sounds as well, I like the sound that comes when you perform a stunt and the music tracks are awesome, I really like the sound track from Coconut Mall and I've always like the sound from Rainbow Road.

Gameplay -- 8/10

The gameplay could have been better, when it gets to the rear end of the Grand Prix's I find some of the Grand Prix's quite difficult. Even though the 12 people in 1 Grand Prix is hectic and extremely hilarious and fun. I LOOVE them. I can't help it they're just so awesome. And it's great how there are so many new tracks.

Lasting Appeal -- 9/10

This is the marmite part of the gate, you either continue playing or leave it and come back to it at Christmas. As for me I still play it. It often lasts a looooooooooong time. There are several modes to win. 50, 100, 150cc and mirror. Getting every staff ghost, every character, every bike and kart. But the only problem is the battle mode I think, because you lose points when you or any of your partners are hit. The online mode is extremely entertaining, if you know your good it's hilarious to see how bad the other people are and how funny they make their mii's look.

So I have to say this: the only flaw is battle mode really.

Total Score: 35/40 -- Grade: A

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/17/09

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (EU, 04/11/08)

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