Review by Kraytdragon444

"A great game, but it punishes you for being good"

Like every Mario Kart game, the first thing I do is play the grand prix, and unlock Rainbow Road (my favorite course in every Mario Kart game) The first thing I noticed is that, its hard, darn hard.

I'm normaly the one leading the pack when facing CPU players, however, the game makes sure that you're not for very long. The CPU controlled karts seem to aim every weapon they get right at you, even using them in rapid succession to really screw you over.

Sound and Music: 10/10 brilliant. Theres nothing more thrilling than 12 karts flying over a gap, and each character shouting, cheering, and laughing all together. It makes the game have a very fun and lighthearted theme that MK players have come to love (Thats, Mario Kart, not Mortal Kombat :P) The music is cheerful and catchy, I find myself whistling the new Rainbow Road theme at times.

Graphics: 7/10 not bad. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the characters are full of bright colors that really give the game a cheerfull mood. But I feel that lots of the nintendo cast looked better on super smash brothers brawl, and even melee for gamecube, than they do on this. Realism doesn't make good graphics, but I do like the more toony games to be stylised.

Singleplayer: 7/10 not bad, the game was definatly meant to be played in groups. If you don't have friends to play with, and no access to Wi-Fi, its less of a game. You can still play most of the modes with CPU controlled karts.

Multiplayer offline: 8/10 very fun. Up to four players can use wii remotes, classic controllers, or gamecube controllers to play split screen VS and Battle modes. The VS mode is a race that can be played solo or in teams, while the battle mode is a contest to get the most points or coins. The battle mode in this version of Mario Kart bores me. The DS mario kart could be played in two teams, or free for all elimination matches. On the wii, its points and a time limit, and in two teams ONLY.

Multiplayer Wi-Fi: 8/10 very fun, but here's the games greatest flaw. Its the single, worst ranking system ever. Every player begins their online career with 5000 VR (Vs Rank) and 5000 BR (Battle rank) Winning or losing matches will affect the rank of the respective type.

In online VS, you slowly gain VR by winning races, or at least getting a position better than most others. (Beating players with higher vs ranks than you yields more points) However, your hard earned points can be stripped away from you really fast if players of lower ranks beat you, which trust me, is going to happen, since the game gives abnormaly powerfull items to players in last place, which, if used with good timing, can put a player who's in 1rst place, into 12th place easily, which is going to cost you possibly a few hundred VR.

in online battle, the points system is the same. Your BR goes up for getting more points in battles than players on the other team. Who'sever team wins gets BR and the other team's goes down. So if you're playing with a poor team, then chances are you can kiss your BR goodbye.

This is still one of the best online experiences Wii has to offer. Its a must have for Mario fans, and folks who like casual games.

I like to play online games competativly, I play to win, and have fun trying. Normaly if I don't win, I try harder next time, but this is the only game in history that actualy caused me to break a controller in rage.

This is NOT for people who get upset while playing online.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/03/09

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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