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""Just one more race, just one more race!"-not gonna happen."


The Mario Kart series is basically a racing series starring the most popular Mario characters in the Nintendo franchise. The goal is simple: finish the stage as fast as you can. However, this is Nintendo we're talking about, and you know how creative they can be. The series is known for their creative tracks, unique weapons, and fun cast of characters. A Mario Kart game has appeared on every generation starting in the SNES generation. Now, on with the review!

Story: 0/0 (zomg I divided by zero)

It's a racing game. No story here. And if you can't detect sarcasm, this is a joke section. But now on with the real stuff.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics in this game are really nice and colorful. The characters look great, the backgrounds and tracks look amazing, it's a game that brightens up your day just by looking at it. Some of the best graphics for the Wii, but games such as SSBB have better.

Controls: 10/10

This game offers a wide variety of controls to choose from, just as SSBB does. But the controls that are the most recommended is the Wiimote by itself on the side. This is because the game comes with a free Wii wheel and you can drive it the way you would normally drive a car. When I first tried this type of controls, (and it's the only controls I use) the response was amazing, pretty accurate in depicting a real steering wheel. The controls for the Wii Wheel are simple, 2 to accelerate, 1 to break, A to look back, B to jump/drift, "forward" to throw forward, "down" to throw back, "left and right" to hold items. Flick the wheel up to do a wheelie on a bike or a trick for a boost off a ramp.You steer with your...hands I suppose.

Sound/Music: 9/10

The sound and music in this game is good. Soundtracks are well done and they fit into the theme of the stages.

Character Variety: 10/10

I like the variety of characters and vehichles. There are 3 classes, light, medium, and heavy characters who all race in their own way. light characters have fast acceleration, but a low top speed. The opposite is said for large characters. Medium characters are half way there. For vehicle choice, you have 8 vehicles (4 karts, 4 bikes) for each class and each vehicle plays differently. Will you sacrifice speed for handling? Are you going to off-road race a lot? The choices depend on the person and their style.

Offline play: 10/10

You can play this game offline either by yourself for "stars" or up to 3 other people. The multiplayer for offline is pretty good, because that way you can trash talk your friends in person. Since there is a lot of stuff going on in the screen, you will have to be on your toes for the duration of the game, because you WILL screw up if something doesn't go according to your plan.

Online play: 10/10

I really, REALLY wish that I can score higher than a 10 here, because it deserves higher. Ladies and gentlemen, if crack was a video game, it would be this one. Online play is up to TWELVE people in 1 match, and the gameplay is VERY addicting. It's simple to go online, first of all you need to be able to get your Wii online. After that, just click online play. From there, you can choose to play with people worldwide, people from your region, or friends (provided, you have their FCs.) In worldwide, you can play ANYONE, weather they're from Los Angeles, to New York, to Germany, to Japan, whatever. Region play is you play from people in your region, so Americans can play with eachother, people from Canada, Mexico, South America, etc. Friend play is you and a group of friends make your own room and play them from there, or a friend can join you if you're in a random match, assuming there is room.

There are 2 modes: racing (self explanitory) and battle mode. In battle mode, you are slit into 2 teams and you either collect the most coins, or you beat up the other team via items. Highest scoring team wins, although slackers will be punished if they don't do anything by sometimes not recieving points.

Now, what makes this game so addicting you ask? It's the fact that it takes seconds to get into a game. You choose your character, then vehicle, then drifting setting, and within seconds, they put you in a room. You then proceed to race people in a track chosen through lottery chosen by the players. The point system is made so that people starting have 5000 points. The very good players have 8000+ and true pros have 9500+. If you get put into a room of players you enjoy playing, you will get hooked because you are determined to get a high score. Beating newbs and taking their points is addicting, attempting to defeat a room full of pros is addicting as well. The higher your score, the more the game expects from you. If you have a low score, and you defeat 11 pros with over 9000 points, you're score will skyrocket, while theirs will plummet. If you have a high score and you defeat 11 newbs, you won't get that many points, and they won't lose as much. You can also bring a friend along as a guest, this person will be considered as a 5000 player for factoring points. But the best part is getting a room with people with similar skill to yours. That will make the game much more exciting. You WILL lose sleep over this game. You will lose track of time, 4 hours will go by in the blink of an eye. The game is very smooth, no lag AT ALL unlike a few other games (I'm looking at you, DBZBT3!), except for the rare moments when it takes items to disappear, someone to move, etc.

Just avoid the hackers online. Some hack for fun, some hack to make up for their lack of skill. Those who hack for full will screw over everyone, then lose on purpose at the end to give everyone points. Those who hack to win just prove that they have no skill so they need cheats to win. Just leave the room after the game is done, join a new one, simple as that. Hackers are pretty rare though, I've only encountered at the most, 5 out of the 10,000+ people I've ran into.

Rage: 10/10 (in a good way)

For the most part, I rarely curse, and I almost never get angry. But this game is the ONLY game that has ever made me mad. The reason is the game is pretty much more luck than skill, a pro can be beaten by a beginner with the right circumstances. Imagine this event, you are in a room and you have CLEARLY been destroying everyone in that room for the past 2 hours. Then you are on a stage where the finish line is in sight. All of a sudden, you get bombarded with items that are un-escapable. Blue shell, followed by lightning, followed by a POW block, causing you to fall of course, followed by getting hit by a bullet, then a few shells here and there. BAM! First to last in a matter of seconds. Your score then drops drastically, losing all of that progress you made. Make sure you have some weights close by, and unleash your anger by lifting them a few THOUSAND times. You need to play the game to truly understand the rage that you will have, especially if you have a high score.

The good:
-addicting gameplay
-fantastic multiplayer, both offline and online.
-you can build muscle after stupid moments cause your rage to increase

The bad:
-stupid moments cause your rage to increase
-addicting gameplay causes you to lose sleep

Final score: 68/70=97%, rounded up for 10/10

This game is a must own for every Wii owner.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/26/09

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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