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"Excellent Installment of Mario Kart"

Introduction: So what's new on Mario Kart Wii? Well, the game has implemented motion sensor controls via the Wii Wheel, which may look very childish and gimmicky at first, but it is well done and is actually very fun. Mario Kart has returned to the Wii much better than ever.

Gameplay - Mario Kart Veterans will pick this up easily, but new mechanics have changed. Snaking is gone (good riddance) since the new drift is based on time and distance. There is a new trick system that also makes practical use of the motion sensor, and it is highly enjoyable to shake the remote and be satisfied. There are 16 new tracks, 16 retro tracks. The new tracks are fun and some are the most original yet. There is an outstanding cast of characters you can choose, ranging from the classic Mario to your own Mii, and the roster is big. Bikes are another new addition to the game, and they are fun to use. The single player can be frustrating for even the Mario Kart veterans since rubber banding AI is even more existent than ever. This doesn't change my opinion of the single player, it is still a blast to have, and Time Trials is also back. Multi-player, the bread and butter of Mario Kart is obviously going to be a blast. (10/10)

Graphics: The graphics haven't changed much, but the environment looks fantastic and it all looks great to drive on. Not going to say anymore here. (10/10)

Sound/Audio - Some of the tunes can stand out, such as Toad Factory's jazz sound or Rainbow Road's song incorporated with Super Mario Galaxy Music. Overall, appealing. (10/10)

Play Time - This is Mario, the playtime is infinity and beyond. You can always pick up this game with friends and cousins and play to your hearts content. Single player will have you busy for a long time. There are also online tournaments similar to DS's missions, which is cool. (10/10)

Wi-Fi: This is fantastic. Lag-free, simple, records your time trials, gets you in games fast, ranks you on time trials worldwide, everything. One of the best additions to Mario Kart franchise. (10/10)

Purchase? Definitely, mario kart veterans will be happy to see that their Mario Kart is still the same with new courses to cruise on. Newcomers will definitely pick it up pretty fast and still enjoy their experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/16/10

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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