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"Start your engines!"

Lets face it. Mario Kart games are fun. I first got into Mario Kart when I played Double Dash for the Gamecube that my cousin had. As soon as first I started playing, I so got into the game and I wanted to ask my cousin if I could borrow it. So I did, I borrowed it and played it for several hours. Usually I am not into racing games because they are just too boring especially when I play alone, but Mario Kart is no exception. It has that flaw and excitement that you get sucked into when you first play it. There are many characters to choose from, and there are a number of different stages that are well laid and created.

When you first buy Mario Kart Wii, it comes with a free wireless steering wheel in a box. Although it may be good using the steering wheel to get the hands-on feeling like you are driving a go kart or at an arcade, I am comfortable playing the game with my old Gamecube controller because I am used to it. So I hardly use the steering wheel or the Wii remote when playing the game.

Mario Kart Wii has its flaws and uniqueness. Little changes has been made from the previous games like Double Dash and DS but there are plenty of improvements. This time, you'll get to drive not just karts but also motor bikes. Like previous Mario Kart games, there are no storylines, just race, race, race, and win! The game play is simple. Basically, you race and try to win first place to earn a trophy, but it gets too repetitive after a while. I wish they put in a storyline for the game to have more playability to it. However, I embrace the lack of storyline. There are other improvements. There are more characters from the Mario series to choose from and more stages to race on. They even also added few additional stages and power items from the previous games like Rainbow Road which that stage really frustrates me because there are no guard walls.

The real fun begins when you play multiplayer. You can choose three options for multiplayer: Worldwide, regional, and friends. Worldwide is where you will challenge other players from around the world, regional for challenge with other players around your area, and friends only where you and your friends you've added can play together. Double the fun factor when you have 4 players in multiplayer worldwide. I enjoy playing worldwide because I get to play with experienced and skilled players from around the world. But be prepared to get pwned here because your opponents can be very aggressive. Multiplayer goes up to 12 players! When the server is full, this is the time to test your skills against other opponents in a race that is hard to get first place. If you are a confident player, then you'll likely have the potential. Most of the time I don't get first place anyway because I constantly get hit with random items. It's also hard to get item boxes because other players will cut in front of you steeling your items. That's the only downfall when there are too many people in multiplayer, a less chance you'll win first place. But hey, the fun factor is still there. The only thing I hate in multiplayer is the extended loading time waiting for the server and I have to watch other group of players race against each other while the server loads. I don't understand why they can't just connect me to the server so I can play?!

Overall, this is a great family game that anyone can enjoy playing. If you are fan of Mario games and the Mario Kart series, this game won't disappoint.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/09/10

Game Release: Mario Kart Wii (w/ Racing Wheel) (US, 04/27/08)

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