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    Running Hidden Marks Guide by biceeichler

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/13/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Last updated:  Feb 11th, 2009
    Version:       1.00
    Written By:    Bice Eichler
    This guide was submitted to the Game FAQs site, but may be freely
    used by any video game walkthrough/FAQ sites.  I'm not in this for
    the money or the glory, so might as well spread the information
    around as much as possible.
    How to find all 15 of the hidden "marks" in the Wii Fit running games
    After doing extensive web searches for the locations of the 15 hidden
    "marks" in Wii Fit running, I was surprised to find that no one had put
    together a FAQ like this.  There were a few pages with tips and tricks
    (which is how I found out about the dogs...see below), but no full-blown
    FAQs or descriptions of where all the marks are.  So I wrote one myself...
    If you look at pages 17 and 18 of the Wii Fit game manual, you'll see a map
    of Wii Fit Island, where all the running tracks are located.  The descriptions
    given below are based on that map, using the place names and directions shown
    on the map.  Note that the compass directions (north, south, east and west)
    are not exactly what you might think - north is not towards the top of the
    page, for example.  The compass in the upper right part of the map shows 
    that the directions are rotated slightly counter-clockwise, so that north
    is towards the upper left hand corner of the map, east is towards the upper
    right corner, west is lower left and south is lower right.  Keep that in 
    mind while reading the directions below.
    As noted in the lower left corner of the map, there are 15 hidden "marks"
    scattered around the island where you run.  Each mark is a character or
    object from the first Super Mario Brothers game for the original Nintendo
    Entertainment System.  There are 10 marks that look like Mario hidden on
    the island, and one each of Luigi, a Star, a Mushroom, a Goomba (the bad
    guy who looks like a mushroom) and a Turtle.  The marks are in fixed
    locations - they're always there, and always in the same spots, it's
    just that you can only see certain ones from certain paths.  The marks
    don't do anything - you're not supposed to collect them or click on them
    or anything like that.  They're just decorations, and a challenge for you
    to find all of them.
    The trick to finding all the hidden marks is to follow alternate paths.
    The game starts out with only one option available, the Short Run.  As you
    get good at that, it will unlock the Long Run, and eventually the Island Lap.
    You'll see marks on the "main" paths, but most are hidden on alternate routes.
    The game tells you to follow the Mii with the arrow over his or her head,
    who turns around occasionally to wave you on (hereafter referred to as the
    Trainer).  You are warned against running ahead of the trainer.  Which is
    odd, since the only way to use the alternate paths is to sprint past the
    trainer whenever a dog passes you, and follow the dog instead.  As far as I
    know, there is no way to just explore whatever paths you want to - you have
    to either follow the trainer or one of the dogs (the Long and Island Lap
    options will feature multiple dogs, as described below).
    There are a total of twelve different paths you can run on:  the three
    three main paths (Short, Long and Island Lap), one alternate short path, 
    three alternate Long paths and five alternate Island Lap paths.  The Roman 
    numerals below denote the 12 paths, while the regular numbers list the 
    hidden marks as they appear, path by path.
    Note: I've seen some "FAQs" about the Wii Fit state that following the same
    dog will sometimes take you on alternate paths.  I have never seen this 
    happen.  Each dog always takes you on the same route, as described below.
    These are all the alternate paths that I know of, although I wouldn't be
    surprised if there were more.
    I. SHORT RUN, MAIN PATH (following trainer the whole way):
    You'll start at a large ring of concrete blocks just north of Wii Fit town (a 
    white flag on the map on page 17 of the instruction booklet marks the spot).  
    You run along the path northeast, towards Summit Falls.  When you get to the 
    lake at the base of the falls, you turn west and run through a wooded area and 
    eventually under a rocky archway.  Just past the arch, you turn south and run 
    all the way back to the circular area where you started.  There is one hidden 
    mark on this route:
    1. Mario - on the side of the concrete block ring, just north of Wii Fit town.  
    Visible as you approach the finish line of the short run, main path.
    Same as short run, main path, except that about two thirds of the way along 
    the path, while under the stone archway, you'll be passed by a dog.  Sprint 
    past your trainer and start following the dog instead.  It will continue on 
    the same path for a while, but instead of heading back to the block ring 
    where you started, it will veer off to the right into an area with some small 
    buildings.  As far as I can tell, there are no hidden marks visible on this 
    course, not even the one you normally see at the end of the main short run.
    (ALMOST - there's a hidden Mario on one of the small buildings that the dog 
    takes you past, but you can't quite see it.  If the camera moved to the right 
    just another few inches, you'd see it.  But it doesn't.  However, you can 
    clearly see this Mario on another course (see Long run, alternate path #1 
    III. LONG RUN, MAIN PATH (following trainer the whole way):
    You'll start near the lake at the foot of Summit Falls and run southward along
    the river (a white flag on the map on page 17 of the instruction book shows
    the starting place).  You'll run along the northeastern edge of Wii Fit Town, 
    and then your trainer will cut across some grass and head over the Harbor 
    Bridge (the large, red suspension bridge).  At the far end of the bridge, your 
    trainer takes a left turn and heads back towards Summit Falls.  After crossing 
    a small, brick bridge at the foot of the falls lake, he turns left again for 
    the finish line.
    2. Mario - not far into the run (less than a quarter of the way through),
    you'll see a hidden Mario mark peeking out from along the far river bank on 
    the left.  Don't blink or you'll miss it as it goes behind the near river 
    3. Mario - a little more than half-way across the bridge, there's a Mario mark 
    on a bridge beam on the right hand side.
    (ALMOST - as you cross the brick bridge at the end of the main Long run, if 
    you look off to the right you'll see a pile of rocks.  If you look really 
    closely at the base of those rocks, you can see that there's something on the 
    rock.  It's one of the hidden marks, but you'll see it a lot better on another 
    Right at the start of the run, you'll be passed by a tan colored dog.  Sprint
    past your trainer and follow that dog.  The dog quickly takes a right turn off 
    the main path and heads towards the block circle where the short run starts.  
    In that circle he takes a left turn and you get your first jump of the game, 
    over a relatively small ledge and into Wii Fit Town.  The dog takes you on a 
    winding path through town, and eventually leads you northward out of the 
    northwest corner of town.  As you run north, you'll pass the small houses 
    where the alternate Short course ends, and eventually find the finish line at 
    Windmill Hill.
    4. Mario - just after the jump from the block circle into town, there's a 
    Mario hidden mark on the trunk of a tree on the left.
    (ALMOST - not far past the tree with the Mario, there's a fountain on the 
    left.  You might catch just the briefest glimpse of something on top of it, 
    but you can see it better on a couple other courses).
    5. Mario - as you run through the town, keep an eye on the tall buildings.  
    On an upper floor of one, there's a Mario between the windows, straight ahead 
    of you.
    6. Mario - as you pass the small buildings that make the end of the alternate
    Short course, you can see a Mario at the bottom corner of one of the 
    buildings. You can almost see this Mario from the alternate Short run, but the 
    camera  doesn't quite move far enough right to pick it up.
    Follow your trainer at the start (don't follow the tan dog).  The trainer will
    lead you around the usual Long path - you'll pass the Mario mark on the river
    bank, but since I've already counted that one it's not listed here.  As you 
    run  along the northeast corner of Wii Fit Town, a white dog will pass you.  
    Sprint  past the trainer and follow that dog.  It will take you on a clockwise 
    path around the outer edge of Wii Fit Town, and at the southern edge of town 
    you'll run through a grassy area with trees.  At the end of that area, the dog 
    will turn right and head through the center of town.  He passes the fountain 
    on the left, and then does a clockwise loop around the middle of town and 
    eventually heads west out of town.  He'll follow the paved road west of town 
    for a little way, and then turn left into the grass to find the finish line on 
    the small point of rock that sticks out into the ocean mid-way between Wii Fit 
    Town and Seagull Point.
    7. Star - huzzah, the first hidden mark that's not a Mario!  As you run though
    the grassy area in the southern part of Wii Fit Town, look at the very tops of
    the trees.  One of them has the star on top of it, like a Christmas tree.
    8. Luigi - another non-Mario mark!  As you run through the middle of town, 
    you'll head directly towards the fountain mentioned in Long alternate path #1.
    Standing on top of the center of that fountain is a Luigi mark.  He's also 
    visible near the end of the main Island Lap course.
    Start normally, follow the trainer and don't follow the tan dog or the white
    dog.  You'll see the river bank Mario that you should be very familiar with
    by now, and you'll head over the suspension bridge and see the Mario there
    too.  On that bridge, a dark brown dog will pass you.  Sprint past the
    trainer and follow that dog.  From reading comments on the web, this is a
    lot of people's favorite route, because it ends on a beach, running through
    the surf.  To get there, the dog will head northeast from the Harbor Bridge,
    along the paved road for a short distance and then will turn right down a
    dirt path.  This leads to the beach.  The dog runs along the southern edge
    of the beach, with the waves washing in over your feet.  Personally, I find
    the left-right movement of the water a little disorienting after seeing the
    steady flow of ground from front to back for so long, but that's just me.
    As you approach Camel Rock, the dog will turn left to the finish line on
    the northern edge of the beach.
    As far as I can tell, you won't see any new hidden marks along alternate
    path #3 that you wouldn't see on the main Long run.  Although if you just
    went to the other side of Camel Rock... (but you'll see that later).
    VII. ISLAND LAP, MAIN PATH (following trainer the whole way):
    This is, as the name implies, a long, counterclockwise lap on the paved
    path that goes around the entire island.  You start in Wii Fit Town, then 
    head east to the Harbor Bridge (where you'll see the Mario mark that 
    should be very familiar from your Long runs), then back to the Mountain
    Tunnel.  The tunnel lets out in the back of the island, which you can't
    see on the map.  You'll pass under a high cliff that has dogs jumping
    off it (!), but apparently the law of gravity doesn't apply as they
    don't get hurt and run right past you.  On one of the alternate courses,
    you'll get to jump over that cliff yourself.  Anyway, the trainer takes
    you "off road" to the right onto a pointless rocky shelf that is only a 
    couple feet high and runs parallel to the road, but eventually you 
    re-join the road.  A little later, the trainer takes you off  to the
    left into a grassy "valley" that is just a few feet below the road
    and runs parallel to it.  Moments later, you're back on the road.  You
    don't see anything interesting on these side trips so I'm not sure
    why they're there.  Eventually, about two-thirds of the way around the
    island, you run under a rocky outcropping, which can be seen on the map
    just north of Windmill Hill.  Congratulations, you're back on the map.
    You run south between Windmill Hill and Seagull Point, and then downhill
    back into Wii Fit town where you'll catch a glimpse of Luigi on top of
    the fountain to your left, just before the finish line.
    9. Mario - that rocky outcropping that you run under as you come back 
    into the "map area" has a Mario on the left side.  It's hidden by the
    tree until you come right up to the entrance to the outcropping "tunnel",
    and this is briefly visible as you enter.
    Right at the beginning of the run, a tan dog passes you.  Sprint past
    the trainer and follow that dog.  Later, you'll be passed by a black
    dog but be careful not to follow it unless you want to change to 
    alternate course #2.  The tan dog will turn north at the edge of 
    Wii Fit Town and follow the path up towards Summit Falls.  Before it
    gets there it turns left across the grass (under where the words
    "Crystal River" are printed on the map) and re-joins the path over
    by the small buildings from Short run alternate path #1.  You can
    see the Mario there this is visible in Long Run alternate path #1.
    North of the small buildings, the dog turns east and heads under the
    archway that you normally come westward through on the main Long run.
    From the arch, the dog heads eastwards all the way across the island,
    and eventually turns left to follow the dirt path up a steep hill
    towards Rocky Peak.  The dog then turns left and goes west, eventually
    crossing the wooden suspension bridges that you can see from a few of
    the other courses.  At the far side of the bridges, the dog turns 
    south and leaps over the biggest jump yet - a huge rocky point.  As
    with the other jumps, apparently gravity is temporarily turned off 
    as you fall about a hundred feet without injury.  From the landing
    spot, the dog runs south across the grass, joins the path, goes
    though the block ring north of Wii Fit town (where you'll see the
    Mario mark from the main Short track), jumps down into town (where
    you'll catch the briefest glimpse of the Mario on the tree trunk
    from Long run alternate path #1) and ends at the finish line in the
    middle of town (where you can catch a distant glimpse of the Luigi
    on top of the fountain).
    10. Goomba - another non-Mario mark!  As you head under the archway
    going east, keep an eye on the rocks to the right as you come out
    from under the arch.  The Goomba mark is hiding there.  It's not
    visible on the main Long run because you see the rock from the
    opposite side.
    11. Mario - as you're heading up the steep hill towards Rocky Peak,
    you'll see a Mario mark on the trunk of a tree to the left.
    On this path, you'll see a lot of marks that were already described
    on previous paths, but no new ones, at least none that I noticed.
    Follow the tan dog at the beginning, and when it's passed by a black
    dog on the path north towards Summit Falls, pass it and follow the 
    black dog.  A white dog will soon pass, but be careful not to follow
    it or you'll be on alternate course #3.  The black dog makes a quick
    left turn (this is where you're passed by the third dog) and heads
    along the path north of Wii Fit Town.  As you pass through the block
    ring, you'll get a quick glimpse of the Mario from the main Short
    course.  The dog will follow the path northwards, past the small 
    buildings where you can see the Mario from alternate Long run #1.
    Once past the buildings, the dog will turn right along the path that
    goes through the archway, on the other side of which you'll see the
    Goomba from alternate Island Lap #1.  The dog will then follow the
    same path as alternate #1, going all they way across the island and
    up the steep hill (where you'll see the Mario on the tree trunk) to
    Rocky Peak.  But instead of heading out over the wooden bridges, 
    this dog takes a right turn and heads north across some grass and
    into a cave that leads to the finish line in a sandy area on Rocky
    Peak.  Near the end a whole pack of dogs pass you, but as far as I
    can tell there's no way to switch to following that pack.  There's
    really no alternate path for them to take you on anyway.
    Follow the directions for alternate course #2 - tan dog at the
    beginning, black dog shortly thereafter.  When the white dog passes
    you, sprint past the black dog and follow dog #3.  You're now on
    the third alternate course.  This white dog seems a bit confused,
    as he runs a very strange course.  He'll lead you into the block 
    ring, then turn south and jump over the ledge into Wii Fit town.
    You'll see the Mario on the tree to your left as you pass it, but
    then you'll hook a right through an archway in a building and into
    a courtyard which seems to be where most of the dogs hang out when
    they're not leading runners.  After passing back out of this building,
    the dog turns left and starts leading you north, but then quickly
    turns left again back into the block ring, where you can see the
    Mario from the main Short path.  Turning south, the dog jumps over
    the ledge and back into town *again*, and leads you straight through
    the horseshoe-shaped area towards the fountain, where you'll get a
    very good look at Luigi.  The dog then turns right and heads out of
    town to the east, but quickly turns left and goes right back to the
    place where you first started following it.  Turning north, it goes
    across the grass and into the collection of small buildings where
    you'll get your best look yet at the Mario on the corner of the one
    building (first seen in alternate Long run #1).  Heading through 
    the small building area, the dog turns northwest towards Windmill
    Hill, but just as he gets there he turns West and runs out to the
    finish line at Seagull Point.  I thought for sure there would be a
    Mario on the back of the lighthouse, but there isn't.
    12. Mario - just as you leave the Windmill area, look at the base
    of the last windmill you see.  There's a Mario.
    Do NOT follow the tan dog at the beginning.  Stay behind your trainer
    and let the tan dog make his left turn at the edge of Wii Fit City.
    As you cross the Harbor Bridge (where you can see the bridge Mario 
    that we've passed several times now), a dark brown dog will run past
    you.  Sprint past your trainer and follow that dog.  The dog will make
    a left turn at the end of the bridge and head for Summit Falls.  Just
    after crossing the brick bridge over the lake at the foot of the falls,
    the dog turns right across the grass.  The dog will lead you under a 
    long, horizontal rock that is propped up by other rocks, and then make 
    a right turn and go behind the waterfall and into a cave.  This is, 
    IMHO, the most interesting of the courses due to the varied terrain,
    and the many hidden marks you can see (as listed below).  The cave
    goes all the way through the mountain, and as you're running through
    it, you'll be passed by another dog.  Be careful to stay behind your
    current dog or you'll end up on alternate path #5.  At a branch in
    the cave, our dog turns right and leads you out to that big cliff that
    you saw a pack of dogs jump off of in the main Island Lap course.  Now
    it's our turn to jump.  From there we run clockwise around the island,
    through Mountain Tunnel and out towards the beach.  When the road bends
    away from the beach, the dog cuts left across the grass and then runs
    along the northeast edge of the beach all the way to Camel Rock.  It
    runs through an archway in the rock to the finish line on the other side.
    13. Mushroom - this course is great because it goes to some interesting
    hidden places, and you get to see all three of the remaining hidden 
    marks.  The first one is visible as the dog passes under the horizontal
    rock, just before going behind the waterfall.  Look at the base of the
    rocks on the left for a quick glimpse as you run by.  This is the one
    that you can *almost* see from the Short run path.
    14. Mario - the last of the hidden Marios is in the Mountain Tunnel.
    You actually go right past it on the main Island Lap track, but it's
    facing the wrong way so you can't see it.  As you go the opposite 
    direction this time, look to the left near the base of the last 
    "window" that looks out over the ocean.  There's Mario.
    15. Turtle - the final hidden icon is hidden fairly cleverly.  Pay
    attention after you've finished the race.  When you cross the finish
    line, the camera pans around to show you crossing the line, and there's
    the Turtle on the back of Camel Rock.  It's only visible for a few
    moments, so look closely.
    That's all the hidden marks, but there's still on more alternate path,
    so I might as well describe it:
    Do NOT follow either the tan dog, wait for the dark brown dog that passes
    on the Harbor Bridge.  Follow him to the cave behind the waterfall, then
    pass him and follow the dog that overtakes you there.  This dog takes the
    left hand branch of the cave fork and comes out on the side of the 
    mountain.  It follows a curving trail that spirals up the side of the
    mountain, and comes out at Summit Lake.  You run around the lake and
    finally end up at the finish line at the top of Summit Falls.  Oddly,
    there are no marks hidden anywhere at the top of the mountain.  It seems
    like a ideal place for one.  Oh well.

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