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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kylohk

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    Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Guide
    Platform: Wii
    Author: Kylohk
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 10-4-2008
    Table of contents
    ===I. PREFACE===
    2. Basics
    3. Weapons and how to use them
    ===II. CAMPAIGN===
    4. Beach: Beach Assault
    5. Port: Sink U-boats
    6. City: Destroy the Guns
    7. Sewers: Through the Sewers
    8. Monastery: Monastery Assault
    9. Bombed City: Downed Agent
    10. Village: Destroy Train
    11. Base: Base Demolition
    ===III. ARCADE MODE===
    12. Awards
    13. Conclusion
    |                               I. PREFACE                                   |
    Ever since the Wii's launch, video game websites and magazines have commented 
    on how the Wii's unique controls can be used in First Person Shooter (FPS) 
    games, just like the Nintendo DS. While early games, just like Red Steel and 
    Call of Duty 3 have tried and been not so well received (despite the latter 
    selling over a million), Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 certainly set a new standard 
    for the genre. In addition, this game has full support of the Wii Zapper, a 
    new peripheral or "shell" for the Wii Remote and Nunchuck which converts it 
    into some kind of strange gun.
    Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 features 3 modes: The single player campaign, where 
    you take control of a member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the 
    predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency. Your mission is to carry out 
    intelligence operations in the north of occupied France, eventually uncovering 
    plans for a new German secret weapon. Meanwhile, the Arcade Mode allows you to 
    relive the actions of the 8 Campaign missions in a rail-shooter style 
    gameplay. Finally, there is the online multiplayer mode, where you can play 
    with up to 31 other people online at a time through the EA Nation service.
    This guide aims to provide you with a rundown on the basics of the game and 
    the weapons, before going on to the single player missions.
    2. Basics
    Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is one of the special games for the Wii, in the 
    respect that 2 control schemes exist for 2 different controllers: The normal 
    Wii Remote with Nunchuck combo and the Wii Zapper.
    Wii Remote with Nunchuck controls
    Control Stick: Tilt the Control Stick up and down to move forwards and 
    backstep respectively. Tilt it to the left and right to strafe in the 2 
    Directional Pad: Press down on the D-pad to alternate between standing upright 
    and crouching. Press up to quickly throw a Grenade in a short distance.
    Wii Remote Pointer: Point your Wii Remote in any direction to look in that 
    direction, the same way you use your mouse in PC FPS games.
    A Button: Press and hold the A button to enter gunsight mode or use your scope 
    (if you are using a Sniper Rifle). Gunsight moves allows you to aim much more 
    precisely than with the reticule.
    B Button: This is the fire button of the game. Press and hold it to shoot.
    C Button: Locks the camera to what you are looking at right now.
    Z Button: Z-targeting exists in this game, but only for the Green difficulty 
    (the easiest) level. To do so, use the pointer to move the reticule until it 
    turns red. Hold down the Z button and you'll lock on to the enemy, ensuring 
    that you hit him.
    Minus Button: The Minus Button is the action button of the game. You use it to 
    interact with certain objects and pick up weapons on the ground. In addition, 
    you can press the button to kick nearby grenades away from you.
    Plus Button: This pauses the game and brings you to a mission status screen, 
    detailing all the objectives and gives you the option to quit, restart the 
    level or change game options.
    Motion controls: The motion controls can be used to do various things, from 
    reloading your weapon and using certain interactive objects. See later 
    sections for details.
    Wii Zapper Controls
    Directional Pad: Press down on the D-pad to alternate between standing upright 
    and crouching.
    Wii Remote Pointer: Point the Wii Zapper in any direction to look in that 
    direction, the same way you use your mouse in PC FPS games.
    Directional Pad: Press up on the D-pad to quickly throw a Grenade over a short 
    distance. Note that you don't use the pad to change your stance.
    A Button: Instead of Z-targeting, you have the A-targeting if you use the Wii 
    Zapper. To do so, use the pointer to move the reticule until it turns red. 
    Hold down the A button and you'll lock on to the enemy. Of course, this 
    feature is only available if you play the Green difficulty, which is the 
    easiest of the 3.
    B Button: This is the fire button of the game. Press and hold it to shoot.
    C Button: Press the C button to alternate between standing upright and 
    crouching. In addition, the C button is used as an action button in this game, 
    as well as kicking nearby grenades away from you.
    Z Button: Press and hold the Z button to enter gunsight mode or use your scope 
    (if you are using a Sniper Rifle), which allows you to aim with better 
    precision than with the reticule.
    Minus Button: The Minus Button is not used when you play the game with the Wii 
    Plus Button: This pauses the game and brings you to a mission status screen, 
    detailing all the objectives and gives you the option to quit, restart the 
    level or change game options.
    Motion controls: The motion controls can be used to do various things, from 
    reloading your weapon and using certain interactive objects. See later 
    sections for details.
    Health system
    Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 does not provide a health meter on the screen, like 
    other shooters. When you take damage, you hear your character grunt in pain, 
    and a large red spot will appear on the part of the screen corresponding to 
    the direction of the damage source. For example, if an enemy is shooting at 
    you from the right, you'll see a large red spot on the right side of the 
    As you take more and more damage, the screen becomes redder and redder. 
    Eventually, you will hear the character's heart beating, loud as a drum! This 
    is an indication that you are near death. So take cover quick! Oh, and I 
    forgot to tell you: No health packs exist in this game. So, are you doomed? 
    No! In fact, Lieutanent John Berg, the protagonist of this game is equipped 
    with the wonderful ability to recover health over time. When you are badly 
    hurt, look for cover and hide. You'll see the redness of the screen slowly 
    fading away, indicating that you are back to full health!
    However, this does not mean that the game is a cakewalk by any means. It's 
    still very easy for die Nationalsozialischen Soldaten to quickly take you down 
    by several well aimed bursts. So, use cover as much as possible if you are 
    facing multiple foes at once!
    Shooting and aiming
    The game provides an aiming reticule to help you aim most of the weapons. Move 
    the Wii Remote Pointer around to move it around and spin your character, just 
    like how you would play a PC shooter. Whenever you see the reticule turn red, 
    it means that you are aiming at an enemy. Whenever you fire your weapon, the 
    bullets can end up anywhere within the reticule, so this gets inaccurate at 
    To aim more accurately, enter Gunsight Mode by pressing and holding down the A 
    button (Z button if you are using the Wii Zapper). The camera will zoom in, 
    allowing you to better judge the positions of the enemies. Most weapons are 
    equipped with an aiming aid in the form of a small protruding column or a 
    hoop. In general, fire only when the enemy is partly covered up by the column 
    or is within the hoop.
    The Gunsight Mode is very important because it allows you to lean left and 
    right to shoot at the enemy from your cover. To do this, tilt the Nunchuck 
    left or right while in Gunsight Mode and hold it in that direction. If you 
    want to take cover again, tilt the Nunchuck back to the central position.
    The radar
    As in many military based FPS games, Medal of Honor: Heroes gives the player a 
    radar to help him navigate through the battlefields. The white icon in the 
    centre is where you are. Whatever that John Berg is facing is shown directly 
    above that icon. Nearby friendlies are denoted by green dots while any enemy 
    grenades are shown as yellow crosses. In addition, waypoints are provided in 
    the form of golden stars with circles around them. In general, follow the 
    waypoints to complete the mission. Some of them turn out to be checkpoints 
    from which you will start if you were to be killed later.
    Respawning enemies
    Hitler's certainly invented an instant cloning and teleportation machine-The 
    enemies of this game tend to respawn indefinitely in certain areas. For 
    instance, when you try to fight some Germans which are charging from certain 
    street corners or houses, a new batch of troops very often will charge out 
    after the first batch is completely killed. If you stay there and try to shoot 
    them down, you'll quickly run out of ammo. Therefore, you must move on quick 
    whenever you've seemed to have cleared an entire street or house.
    There is actually a way to stop the Germans from respawning. Whenever you've 
    cleared a group of enemies, run over to where they come from. Once you've done 
    so, the area will be considered by the game to be "liberated" and you'll no 
    longer have to worry about more Nazis gunning you down again.
    Contacting the headquarters 
    You'll be required to contact HQ is certain missions. Fortunately, the Germans 
    tend to have a large supply of radios scattered around the battlefields. Such 
    radios are brown in colour and have a white front plate. Stand near the radio 
    and press the Minus Button to use it. 
    All radios are shortwave, with frequencies ranging from 1 to 25 MHz. To switch 
    frequencies, turn the dial by turning the Wii Remote left and right (the same 
    way you turn a dial in real life). You have 30 seconds to locate your secret 
    OSS band. Look for a female voice with a heavy English accent, saying things 
    like "Come in, come in..." and "Falcon to eagle, do you copy?". When the 
    yellow light on the radio is on, press the A button to lock onto the channel. 
    It's Lieutanent Rafferty, and she'll give you a further briefing about what's 
    going on during the mission, as well as any optional objectives for you to 
    Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 continues the tradition of the series by awarding you 
    a medal for completing each mission, along with the percentage of all the 
    objectives you've completed. The quality of the medal is determined by the 
    number of objectives you've completed. If you beat the level without 
    completing a single secondary objective, you'll get a bronze medal. If you 
    beat the level having completed at least 1 secondary objective, you'll get a 
    silver medal. The gold medal is reserved for those who beat the mission along 
    with all secondary objectives. There are no penalties for dying, so die as 
    many times as you like until you can beat the mission.
    3. Weapons and how to use them
    Consider this an extended "Basics" section. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 provides 
    the player many weapons, most of which have their unique control schemes, 
    taking advantage of the motion controls. This is probably why IGN wrote an 
    article about how this game would revolutionise FPS games.
    Unlike most shoot them ups, Lieutanent John Burg is a human. He can carry 2 
    weapons at any moment along with some Grenades. Whenever you see a new weapon 
    lying on the ground, press the Minus button and Berg will drop the current 
    weapon he's holding and pick the new one up. Ammunition and grenades can be 
    found everywhere in the game as well as from dead Germans. Picking up ammo 
    boxes, which appear as green boxes, replenish the ammo for both of your 
    weapons at the same time. In some places, ammo boxes respawn over time, 
    providing an infinite supply of ammo.
    Submachine Guns
    Two submachine guns exist in this game, one for each side. The Americans have 
    the Thompson while the Germans have the MP44. 
    Thompson SMGs have 20 bullet magazines and a reserve capacity of 80. On the 
    other hand, MP44s have 32 bullet magazines and a reserve capacity of 128. When 
    it comes to the Gunsight mode, Thompson SMGs have a short metal stick as an 
    aiming aid while MP44s have a metal hoop. In my opinion, it's much easier to 
    aim with the MP44 due to the hoop. Therefore, I conclude that the MP44 is 
    superior to the Thompson. Whenever you kill German soldiers in the early 
    missions, look out for one that can be picked up on the ground!
    Automatic pistols are the most useless weapons in the game. They hardly have 
    any range and deal very little damage. With a magazine size of 7 and a reserve 
    capacity of 42, I suggest that you dump this weapon as soon as possible.
    John Berg can carry up to 6 grenades at any moment. Use the aiming reticule to 
    aim your throw and press and hold the B button to lock on to the target. 
    You'll see a pair of yellow concentric circles which indicate where the 
    grenade will land or hit. When you are sure of your aim, swing the Wii Remote 
    forwards to throw it! Die Feinde vom Spiel sind sehr dumm. Whenever you throw 
    a grenade at them, you'll hear them make a cry as if they were shot. However, 
    they won't even bother to dodge or kick it away. So, just duck and wait till 
    the grenade blows them zum Himmel!
    Grenades in this game have 5 second fuses. It's possible to "cook" the grenade 
    by pressing the A button. Berg will prematurely pull the pin out of the 
    grenade. When you think you've waited long enough, quickly throw the grenade 
    before you are blown up.
    Note that enemies can throw grenades at you too. If a grenade is close, a 
    picture of a red grenade will appear on the screen with an arrow indicating 
    where the grenade is. When this happens, either back off or kick the grenade 
    by pressing the Minus button when you are near it.
    Oh, and one last thing. You'll find blue safes in many missions, which can be 
    blown up by grenades so that you can get whatever information is inside, 
    completing secondary objectives.
    The shotgun is the ultimate close combat weapon in the game. Always replace 
    your automatic with this weapon when given the chance. Any enemies that are 
    close enough will be killed in one hit. The shotgun is so powerful at close 
    range that you won't even need to enter Gunsight mode for most of the kills. 
    Speaking of which, the Gunsight Mode of the shotgun is extremely unreliable 
    since no aiming aids are provided.
    EA has made rather realistic controls for the shotgun in this game. Whenever 
    you have fired a shell, you must pump your shotgun before you can fire the 
    next. If you are playing the game with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck combo, 
    shake the Nunchuck in the vertical direction to do so. If you are using the 
    Wii Zapper, you don't have to bother since the game does it automatically for 
    The greatest weakness of the shotgun is its reload time. Since the gun can 
    only hold no more than 8 shells at any moment (with a reserve capacity of 32), 
    you'll find yourself reloading very often. To reload the weapon, Berg must 
    insert the shotgun shells one by one until the gun is full again. This 
    operation takes quite a long time and wouldn't be the best thing to do if 
    there is little cover, especially when the Germans are showering lead at you 
    from all directions.
    Rifles are single shot weapons which have a better range than the submachine 
    guns and deal a bit more damage. The Americans have the M1 Gerand while the 
    Germans have the Karbiner. Aiming is easy for both of those weapons since they 
    both zoom in further when Gunsight Mode is activated. In addition, the aiming 
    aids are excellent: The M1 Gerand features a small metal mesh in the centre of 
    a hoop while the Karbiner has a single hoop at the end of the gun.
    The two rifles have different properties. The M1 Gerand has an 8 bullet 
    magazine and a reserve capacity of 32, while the Karbiner has a 5 bullet 
    magazine and a reserve capacity of 20. M1 Gerand has a faster rate of fire but 
    deals damage while it is the opposite for the Karbiner, which often kills 
    enemies in one hit. In addition, M1 Gerands cannot be reloaded until the 
    entire magazine is exhausted. However, this is compensated for its faster 
    reload time when compared to the Karbiner.
    That said, the two rifles are roughly equal to each other. However, the M1 
    Gerand is available in more missions.
    Sniper Rifles
    Sniper Rifles are the longest ranged weapons of the game and deal the most 
    damage. No enemy can survive a single shot from either the Gewahr or 
    Springfield Rifles. To start with, press and hold the A button to look through 
    the scope. Rotate the Wii Remote clockwise to zoom in, anticlockwise to zoom 
    out. (If you are using the Wii Zapper, move the Control Stick up and down to 
    zoom in and out) When you've reached the desired zoom level, press the C 
    button to lock in. Now, you cam move your Wii Pointer to aim at the targets 
    and press the B button to fire.
    The Bazooka is another fun weapon to use in the game. In fact, you are to 
    imagine that the Wii Remote is the Bazooka itself. First, hold the Wii Remote 
    upside down on your shoulder to see through the scope of the Bazooka. Aim with 
    the Control Stick and press the B Button to fire. If you are using the Wii 
    Zapper, you can aim this weapon the same way you aim other guns.
    Light machine guns
    Light machine guns are one step up from the submachine guns. They deal a lot 
    more damage-One burst is often enough to kill a single enemy. Two light 
    machine guns are available in the last two missions of the game: The German 
    STG44 and the American BAR. The STG44 uses 30 bullet magazines with a reserve 
    capacity of 120 while the BAR uses 20 bullet magazines with a reserve capacity 
    of 80.
    Despite this fact, I prefer the BAR since it's easier to aim due to its aiming 
    hoop, compared to the STG44's thick black stick. In addition, the STG44 has an 
    awful reload time, so you won't be getting anywhere very soon.
    Artillery cannons can be found all around the battlefield. Press the Minus 
    button near one to use it. To turn the Artillery, rotate the Nunchuck in a 
    wheel motion. Rotate clockwise to turn the cannon to the right and 
    anticlockwise to go left. When you are ready, jerk the Wii Remote upwards to 
    open fire. Boom!
    Mortar cannon
    Mortan cannons are stationary weapons which fire shells in a certain 
    trajectory. The direction and angle of the cannon are to be adjusted 
    separately. To turn the cannon in the horizontal direction, tilt the Nunchuck 
    in the direction you would like to turn to. To adjust the cannon's trajectory, 
    tilt the Control Stick up and down. The more you tilt upwards, the longer the 
    range of the shell. When you are ready, jerk the Wii Remote upwards to open 
    fire. Be warned that it takes some trial and error to really hit the targets.
    Heavy machine guns
    The Germans have erected a number of heavy machine guns to defend vital 
    positions. Once you've killed them all, you can use the machine gun to your 
    own advantage. Aiming requires you to point both the Nunchuck and Wii Remote 
    in the direction you want to fire at. While you are moving the gun, you can 
    hold down the B button to fire a constant stream of bullets. 
    Heavy machine guns boast an infinite supply of bullets. However, they tend to 
    overheat when you keep on firing for too long. Keep an eye on the thermometer 
    on the bottom of the screen. When you see the temperature's getting a bit too 
    high, stop firing for a moment and let it cool down. If it does overheat, 
    you'll have to wait until the red line of the thermometer has dropped down to 
    zero before you can open fire again.
    Explosive charges
    You'll be asked to blow up certain things in the game with explosive charges. 
    When that happens, walk over to the object and you'll be instructed to perform 
    a certain gesture with the Wii Remote to set the timer on the explosives. To 
    do this, twist the Wii Remote slightly to the right. The longer you hold it in 
    this position, the longer will be the timer. When you are done, jerk the Wii 
    Remote upwards to arm the explosives. Now, run away before the whole thing 
    |                               II. CAMPAIGN                                 |
    This is where I detail the guides to all 8 missions in the single player 
    campaign. You'll be required to complete a certain number of objectives to 
    complete each mission. Secondary objectives will not be revealed explicitly 
    until you've beaten the mission. So, start by selecting "Campaign" at the 
    title screen and select the difficulty you desire. This guide assumes you've 
    chosen the Veteran mode.
    4. Beach: Beach Attack
    This is your first mission with the OSS, and failure is not an option. The 
    Germans must not know that you are part of the secret service, so you are sent 
    in with the 5th Rangers in a beach landing.
    Re: Beach Attack     Location: Beach Head
    Lt. Berg, welcome to your first operation with the OSS. You're going in with 
    the 5th Rangers. Their mission is to push through German defenses and liberate 
    the city. You will be given your first objectives.
    Your first task is to fight your way along the beach  and find a way into the 
    fortified guard house.  Expect tough resistance from the minute you land. 
    You're going in with your Thompson, pistol and grenades and you'll need to use 
    them all in order to fight your way through. Move out!
    Capt. Harris, OSS
    Your primary objectives are to (1) get to the bunker to the other side of the 
    beach, (2) use a grenade to blow up the ammo cache and to (3) breach the sea 
    At the same time, you are free to (4) steal the guards' duty roster, like if 
    that helps and (5) retrieve some shipping forecasts.
    You'll start on the beach with the rest of the 5th Rangers. Take your Thompson 
    and fight the Germans with them. The German troops wear grey here, while the 
    Rangers wear green. Make your way along the beach while crouching, killing any 
    Germans that get in the way while using the boulders and white blocks for 
    cover. As you near the bunker, you'll find a large open area with only a 
    single boulder to the right that acts as cover. Stand up and run behind that 
    boulder and take out as many Germans as possible before moving up to the 
    Note that the bunker's marked with a red symbol. Throw a grenade inside and 
    the door to the right will open. Enter through that open door and you've just 
    completed 2 objectives (1 and 2) in less than a minute. Before you run up the 
    stairs to your left, enter the room to the right to find a table with some 
    papers on it. Pick up the papers to steal the guards' duty roster (objective 
    4) and climb up the stairs.
    Fight your way past this walkway, using the crates as cover. You'll eventually 
    reach a ramp that leads to the top walkway. U-turn when you get there. On your 
    way to the other end, you'll find an open door to your left. Go through it to 
    find a blue safe in the middle of a number of beds. Throw a grenade at the 
    safe to blow it open so that you can retrieve the Germans' shipping forecasts 
    inside (objective 5).
    Continue fighting past the Germans until you reach a door at the other end. It 
    suddenly opens, revealing a horde of Germans behind it. Hide behind the crate 
    to the left and throw a grenade in their direction to kill them all, allowing 
    you to breach the sea wall (objective 3) unopposed.
    5. Port: Sink U-boats
    You think the first mission is short and easy, eh? Well, you'll be immediately 
    sent to the deep end in Mission 2. In this mission, you and some Rangers will 
    be raiding a German port. Your main objective will be to destroy German U-
    boats in an attempt to cripple their war efforts. I recommend that you carry 
    the MP44 and Gewehr (German for sniper rifle) at all times.
    Re: Sink U-boats      Location: Port & Submarine Base
    Your primary objective is to knock-out three U-boats. When you reach a U-boat, 
    find a way on to the deck and search for a spot to plant an explosive charge. 
    You must manually set the fuse timer for each charge. Do not set the timer too 
    short or you'll never make it off the boat! If you can't get on the U-boat 
    deck you'll have to get creative to blow it up...
    Finally, keep your eyes peeled for radios. Tune them to our hidden OSS 
    frequency. Lt. Rafferty from HQ in London will give you further updates.
    Capt. Harris, O.S.S.
    In this mission, you'll have a total of 10 objectives, 6 primary and 4 
    secondary. Your primary objectives are to: (1) Destroy the German U-Boats, (2) 
    Find a radio and contact OSS Control, (3) Secure the docks and advance to the 
    city, (4) Find a way into the submarine pens, (5) Assault the guardhouse and 
    bazooka fuel tank and (6) Find a sniper rifle and soften up the guardhouse.
    Sounds fun huh? 4 more secondary objectives are there for the taking. In 
    addition to the first 6 objectives, you can (7) Hold your ground against enemy 
    reinforcements, (8) Intercept the U-boat shipping manifest, (9) Cover Baker 
    Company with the Panzershreck and (10) Eliminate the U-boat commander.
    You start at the port approach. Several Rangers are fighting along side you. 
    Move along the walkway and dispatch the 2 German soldiers on the nearest ship 
    that's under construction. With them dead, drop down to the docks to meet up 
    with 2 more troops. Fight your way past the Germans and turn left at the next 
    corner. Try to pick up the MP44 as soon as possible.
    You'll find yourself on the German piers. Make your way along this path, 
    killing any Germans you find, using the crates for cover. You'll eventually 
    find a gangplank leading onto a ship. Board the ship, wipe the Germans and 
    cross over to the next ship, then onto the next pier. You can now see the U-
    boat, so it's time to find a way to board it. Continue along the pier, going 
    from crate to crate, killing off all the Germans that you see.
    The U-boat is docked at Pier 3. Board the ship, head to the bow and turn your 
    Wii Remote to the right to set the timer for the explosive charges. When you 
    are ready, jerk the Wii Remote up to arm the explosives. Get off the boat 
    before the timer runs out and hide behind a crate. Viele Deutsche Soldaten 
    kommen. Dispatch these troops and get off the pier. An open door is waiting 
    for you to go through. Walk along this narrow corridor and you'll reach the 
    first checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 1
    Looks like you have arrived at a new port area, with more American soldiers 
    firing on mehr Deutsche Soldaten. As you might have noticed, you are given a 
    new objective to soften up the guardhouse using the Sniper Rifle. Bear left at 
    this area and you'll find a path leading up. Fight your way to the top of the 
    path and you'll find a bunker of sorts. Töt den Deutschen Soldaten und hole ab 
    das Gewehr.
    Once you've picked up the Gewehr, aim at the troops stationed at the opposite 
    building, that's the guardhouse. Many German soldiers will come out and shoot 
    at you, kill them the same way as you would have played Duck Hunt. Once enough 
    German soldiers are killed, the objective will be complete. It's time to 
    leave. Pick up your MP44, discard your automatic and make your way down to the 
    port area again. Beware of the German soldiers firing from the ships to your 
    left as you do so! Kill them with the Gewehr if you wish. Be warned though, 
    those guys are psychic: They'll find that you are aiming at them very quickly!
    Back at the port area, turn left and you'll find a machine gunner on top of a 
    building. Take him out before he tears you and your troops apart. Run up the 
    ramp and fight past the Germans. Enter the building to the left to find a 
    radio. Get close, press the Minus button to use it. Turn the dial and look for 
    a sweet female voice saying, "Come in, come in..." or "Falcon to eagle, do you 
    copy?" Once you've found the right band, press the A button to lock in to 
    receive instructions from Lieutanent Rafferty. This is what she'll say:
    "Jolly good, Berg. I'm glad you're on our side. That's one U-boat down - two 
    to go... By the way - my name is Lt. Rafferty. I'm your eyes and ears from HQ. 
    Capt. Lasry's  reconnaissance photos suggested that Jerry has left a weak spot 
    behind the large red fuel tank. You'll be able to gain access into the rest of 
    the pens if you can blow it up. We know the Germans were using heavy weapons 
    from the top of that large tower. Try to find a heavy weapon up there so you   
    can blow the tank. Show them some of your American know how."
    By the way, Jerry is the nickname for the Germans. Exit the building through 
    the other open door and climb up the stairs to the roof of the building. Go 
    over to the heavy machine gun and use it. Scan the docks below for any German 
    soldiers and take them out as they appear. The Germans here tend to appear in 
    pairs. However, they do have excellent marksmanship even from such a long 
    range! You must kill them fast before they do the same to you. Once you've 
    killed enough Germans, you'll be told that you have just completed objective 
    7: Hold your ground against enemy reinforcements.
    Get back down to the path and make your way towards the guardhouse, using the 
    crate for cover. As you can see, the passage to the guardhouse is blocked off 
    with barbed wire, so you will have to take an alternate route there. Go down 
    the ramp to the right to reach Pier 4, where the next checkpoint is.
    Checkpoint 2
    Move along the pier and run up the ramp to reach the guardhouse. Skip the 
    first entrance you see and move along the path to the left until you reach 
    another entrance. You'll find a blue safe inside this hidden room. Blow it up 
    with the grenade and retrieve the U-boat shipping manifest (Objective 8). Get 
    back out and enter through the other entrance. Fight your way to the top of 
    the guardhouse and get onto the roof. Some Rangers have arrived to back you 
    up. Look at the lone tower to your left-A lone German shooter will appear 
    there in the next few moments, so stay alert. A Panzershreck can be found on 
    the ground. Pick it up and use it to destroy the fuel tank, marked by the red 
    However, this is not over! You are informed that Baker Company's pinned down 
    in the docks below. Look down and you'll find some troops fighting large 
    groups of German soldiers, marked by red symbols. Fire the Panzershreck to 
    kill them all. Of course, the soldier would have appeared at the tower to the 
    far left by now. Send him a rocket too! Once you have killed enough German 
    soldiers in the docks with the Panzershreck, you'll be informated that you 
    have covered Baker Company with the Panzershreck (Objective 9).
    That was fun. Drop the Panzershreck, replacing it with the Gewehr. Reenter the 
    guardhouse through the other opening in the wall and fight your way down to 
    the bottom, where the exit is. Once you've left the guardhouse, you will 
    arrive at another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 3
    Run up the stairs to get onto the wall overlooking the docks. Jump back down 
    and retrace your steps, back to where the fuel tank was. You'll find a big 
    hole in the wall which can be gone through to access the sub pens. 
    Checkpoint 4
    A U-boat is in plain sight. Run onto the bridge and drop down through the gap 
    in the middle to get on the U-boat. You'll be confronted by 2 German soldiers 
    as soon as you land. Take them out quickly and bear left. Mehr Deutsche 
    Soldaten kommen ein durch das Loch auf der Wand. Kill as many of them as 
    possible until it's relatively peaceful from this side. (I think the Germans 
    here respawn indefinitely, but they seem to be coming at a slow and slower 
    rate as you kill more of them.) Plant an explosive charge on the bow of the U-
    boat and quickly run off via the gangplank.
    Escaping has got to be the toughest part. You'll be immediately confronted by 
    2 Germans as you try to get off. Kill them fast and run back to dry land, 
    where 5 Germans are to your left. Fire directly at them (there is no time to 
    enter Gunsight mode) and quickly duck behind the crate there. If you are 
    lucky, you won't get hit. Once you've recovered, you can lean out and shoot at 
    the Germans and advance to the other end of the pier where they've set up a 
    barricade. Kill the Nazis up close and they'll stop respawning.
    As you might notice, there is an opening in the wall leading to the other sub 
    pen. Directly above the U-boat is a red missile cache. Schieße sich mit deinem 
    Gewehr und das U-Boot ist zestört. Congrats, you've destroyed all 3 U-boats. 
    Of course, there's going to be a general reaction against you for doing that. 
    Loads of Germans will be firing at you, so take cover at the opening, lean out 
    and shoot them one by one with the Gewehr.
    When all is clear, inspect this sub pen. Notice the opening in the wall to the 
    right: It leads to a certain isolated part of the previous sub pen. Fight your 
    way past the Germans troops and you'll find a long enemy in a small room at 
    the corner. That's the U-boat Commander. Kill him and you've completed 
    objective 10: Eliminate the U-boat commander. Now that he's dead, return to 
    the further subpen and enter the room marked by the grey symbol to complete 
    this mission.
    6. City: Destroy the Guns
    This mission could not get to the point any better. It's a pure destruction 
    mission. You are to seek and destroy some German anti-aircraft guns so that 
    Allied bombers can bomb the city and provide cover for your Rangers. The 
    optional objectives are just as silly: You are to destroy cars that belong to 
    German officers! Like that's going to help. The MP44 and the Shotgun are the 
    preferred weapons for this mission.
    Re: Destroy the Guns     Location: City
    Allied bombers have been directed to bomb the city to support the Rangers' 
    advance. However, there are five Anti Air gun batteries in the city waiting to 
    knock out our planes. You must destroy those Anti Aircraft guns! You'll need 
    something big to take them out so keep your eyes peeled.
    Keep on the lookout for any targets of opportunity that you can destroy. It's 
    not often that we get a shot like this. 
    Capt. Harris, O.S.S.
    The objectives are pure destruction. For once, you must (1) Destroy the East 
    and West Anti-Aircraft Guns, (2) Destroy the rooftop Anti-Aircraft Guns, (3) 
    Find a radio to contact OSS control before you (4) Escape the city.
    The secondary objectives are also pure destruction. You are to disable two 
    Axis Officer Cars: One in the North District and one in the South District (5 
    and 6). In addition, you can (7) Obtain Axis troop movement plans by blowing 
    up a safe somewhere!
    Walk around the first corner to be welcomed by 3 Germans. Shoot them down and 
    move along the street. Bear right, take cover and kill the two Germans on the 
    other side of the barbed wire barricade. Enter the house to your left to 
    circumvent the barricade. A number of Germans will be hiding in the next room. 
    Throw a grenade into the room to kill them (or at least make them yell, 
    "Vorsicht! Eine Granate!" and run left). Either way, take them out and pick up 
    the Shotgun lying against the desk, abandoning your Automatic as you do so.
    Exit and continue along the street. You'll reach a street corner with several 
    Germans to the right. Take cover behind the picnic table and kill them all. To 
    your left is a German Officer Car. Notice that the swastikas are NOT on the 
    flags, but rather something that resembles the Luftwaffe symbol. Anyway, throw 
    a Grenade at the car to destroy it, thus completing objective 5.
    Turn around the next corner to reach a new street, It's very long and Germans 
    are firing at you from everywhere. Let's start by killing the Germans that are 
    standing in front of and inside the first building. When they are gone, equip 
    yuor shotgun and duck into that building. Recover your health and make your 
    way from stairwell to fallen table or any other form of cover, blasting them 
    in close range with the Shotgun. This more than often kills them in one hit.
    A clock tower can be found at the end of the street, and a lone German's 
    firing at you from there. Take him out and follow the path to the left, past 
    the rubble to meet even more Germans. If you need a place to rest, there is a 
    building that you can duck into. Once you have recovered, go out to engage the 
    Germans, using those large white blocks for cover. When you are done, go 
    through the open door and down the stairs to reach your first checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 1
    Du giehst in ein Zimmer mit zwei Deutschen Soldaten und einem Tresor. Kill the 
    two soldiers and blow up the safe to find some Axis Troop Movement Plans 
    (Objective 7). Continue through the tunnel and get back above ground. You'll 
    find some Rangers killing a German soldier outside a building. Enter that 
    building and climb the stairs to the roof.
    Fight your way through the walkway and drop down at the end and you'll find 
    yourself near a German Artillery.
    Checkpoint 2
    You must gain control of the Artillery so as to destroy the 2 Anti-Aircraft 
    Guns. Use all the available cover to get close to the Germans and blast them 
    with the Shotgun. When all seems clear, take control of the Artillery and 
    rotate it to aim at the 2 Anti-Aircraft Guns. Jerk the Wii Remote upwards to 
    open fire. Once both guns are destroyed, take cover. Notice that a number of 
    Germans are firing at you from the direction of the waypoint. Take them out 
    and enter the building they were guarding.
    Checkpoint 3
    Climb up to the roof to find more Germans on the opposite balconies. Hide 
    around the corner and take them out one by one. It seems that both pairs of 
    Germans respawn exactly once. Once you've killed each pair twice, they'll 
    never reappear again. (So, you'll have to kill a total of EIGHT Germans!) Go 
    around the corner to find some Germans hanging around the place. Blow them to 
    pieces with the shotgun, get to the other end of the walkway and drop down to 
    the street. Here's another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 4
    Run up the street into the next building, only to be ambushed by 2 Germans 
    running out with guns blazing. Kill them before they do the same to you! Get 
    out through the other side of the building to reach an open area with another 
    artillery platform and 3 Anti-Aircraft Guns on the roof top. This place is 
    heavily defended. They even have a heavy machine gun in place! Move to the 
    centre of this area and kill the 3 Germans. Duck behind the short wall and 
    kill the 3 Germans who run out of the house to the left. 
    Run into the house to stop any Germans from respawning. Recover health inside 
    the house and kill the machine gunner and 3 more Germans to his right. With 
    the area cleared, search it thoroughly for a car that can be blown up. I guess 
    Herr Kommandant must be very displeased by now! Take control of the Artillery 
    and fire at one of the guns. Once you have done so, a number of Germans will 
    appear and open fire on you and your men. Duck behind the short wall facing 
    the double doors and you should be safe. Take out the Germans carefully and 
    proceed to blow up another gun. Hide in the same spot when the Germans appear 
    and kill them again. Blow up the third AA Gun and the objective is complete.
    A number of angry Germans burst out to avenge their Anti Aircraft Guns. Take 
    cover and kill them all. Go through those double doors and enter the room to 
    your right for a radio. Use it to contact Lieutanent Rafferty.
    "Well Berg, a little blood sweat and tears goes a long way, I see. I have good 
    news and bad news. The good news is our bombers are extremely close to zero 
    hour. The bad new is - Unfortunately for you they are unaware of your presence 
    so you better head for cover underground. There should be an entrance to the 
    sewers nearby. Once inside - your next objective is to find an exit. Capt 
    Harris will brief you when you resurface. Good luck, Lt, I hope those tunnels 
    don't collapse on top of you."
    To your right is the sewer entrance. Approach it to complete the mission.
    7. Sewers: Through the Sewers
    Now that the bombers are approaching the city, you have no choice but to find 
    cover. The good news is, there was a sewer entrance nearby. The bad news is 
    that this isn't the typical drainage passage. These sewers are home to some 
    secret German installations, and hence are heavily guarded! You'll start this 
    mission with an M1 Gerand, rather than the usual Thompson. In addition, you'll 
    pick up the German Karbiner rifle very early in this mission. These are the 
    weapons you ought to be carrying through the place.
    Re: Through the Sewers     Location: Beneath the City
    All we know for sure is that the city's sewer systems are extensive. It's 
    probably that the enemy is using the sewer system to move supplies quickly 
    underneath the city.
    If you wind up in the sewers, scout them and do your best to destroy whatever 
    operations the enemy has going on down there. However, your top priority is to 
    get out and regroup with the Rangers. There's a lot of fighting on the surface 
    left to go.
    Capt. Harris, O.S.S.
    The objectives in this mission are extremely linear and are completed by 
    simply walking through the sewers. Your first objective is to (1) Survive the 
    upper tunnel ambush. Then, you have to (2) Sabotage the underground shelter. 
    After that, you are to (3) Find a radio and contact the OSS control. Finally, 
    you must (4) Rendezvous with the Rangers at the sewer exit.
    The secondary objectives all involve blowing things up. You are free to (5) 
    Sabotage the generator and (6 and 7) Retrieve the scientist interrogation 
    transcripts and the POW List.
    Run down the passageway to enter the first room. Kill the lone German soldier 
    standing there, as well as the 2 at the door. Go around the room and walk 
    slowly through the corridor, gunning down any Germans you see. Walk down the 
    next ramp to arrive at a large room with 2 levels. Hide to the left of the 
    open door and take out as many enemies you can find.
    You'll soon be given an objective to survive the upper tunnel ambush 
    (Objective 1). Look up and you'll find many Germans firing at you from the 
    upper level. Stay where you are and kill all the Germans you can find. 2 shots 
    from the M1 Gerand are usually enough to kill any soldier. If you are low on 
    ammo, grab the box nearest to you from the door.
    With the objective completed, the door on the other side of the room will 
    open. Ein Soldat ruft, "Der Feind ist hier!" Walk slowly to the door and kill 
    the German soldiers there. Note that a Panzershreck is in the centre of the 
    room. However, it's not needed for this level. Instead, pick up the Karbiner 
    to the door's right. Walk through the next passageway to reach the next 
    Checkpoint 1
    This passageway is an "infinite German respawn zone". Once you've killed the 
    enemies in front of you, move forward quickly before more come. Sometimes, an 
    enemy will appear out of no where from behind you! You'll arrive at the upper 
    tunnel. This tunnel is also an infinite respawn zone. So, take out your 
    Karbiner and walk through the tunnel as quickly as possible, shooting down any 
    enemies you see, using the Gunsight mode if necessary. If everything is done 
    right, each enemy will die in one hit. If you happen to need cover, you can 
    always hide behind the barrels and green pipes to the right of the walkway.
    You'll be safe once you've reached the door. Blow up the safe for the 
    scientist interrogation transcripts (Objective 6). Turn left to enter another 
    tunnel where the next checkpoint is. Beware of the German hiding around the 
    corner to the left.
    Checkpoint 2
    You'll then come to a room with several Germans shooting at you from a 
    slightly elevated level. Follow the arrow and go left to enter an area with 2 
    fuel tanks. Kill all the Germans and go through the next open door. Go through 
    this tunnel to reach your next checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 3
    You'll enter a rather large room. A number of Germans are firing at you from 
    below. Crouch down and shoot them from behind the table to the left. When all 
    the Germans are dead, walk down the stairs to where they were and make your 
    way to the door at the other side of the room. A number of Germans soldiers 
    will ambush you from the door when you do so, so take them out quick! Go 
    through the open door to find a power generator. Set the explosives and run 
    out of the room. Once the generator is blown up, you will have sabotaged the 
    underground bunker.
    A door on the catwalk above is open, and some Germans are firing at you from 
    the bridge leading to it. Hide behind the door to the generator and shoot them 
    all down. Then, climb up the stairs back to where you first entered the room 
    and make your way to the newly revealed room. Watch out for 2 Germans shooting 
    at you from below as you do so.
    Once you've gone through the door, go right to find a safe, which can be blown 
    up for a POW List (Objective 7). Go left for a radio, with which you can 
    contact Lieutanent Rafferty.
    "Good work destroying that generator. There should be another close by - 
    destroying it will seriously hamper enemy operations in these tunnels. Make 
    your way out and once on the surface keep your eyes peeled for the Rangers. 
    They'll be supporting you on your next mission."
    Even more Germans will be storming this room, this time from a newly opened 
    door to the left. Take cover from the door threshold and kill as many you see. 
    Run all the way back to the table at the other end of this catwalk and recover 
    some health. Notice that the Germans respawn repeatedly from the newly opened 
    door. Therefore, your first priority will be to kill the Germans that have 
    gathered in the lower level of this room. Once they are dead, kill the German 
    by that door, go down the stairs and quickly run to the other side of the 
    room. Another German would have respawned by the time you've reached the 
    stairs leading to that door above.
    Hide beneath the catwalk. Although you can see the Germans through the grating 
    above, they can't hit you. Once you've recovered health, run up the stairs and 
    quickly kill the German. Enter the next tunnel for the checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 4
    Make your way through the tunnel, killing any Germans that get in the way. 
    You'll arrive at a large room with several enemies shooting at you from the 
    other side of the bridge. Kill the Germans but do not cross the bridge. 
    Instead, go left to enter an area with 2 fuel tanks. Clear the area of enemies 
    and walk over to the power generator. Set the explosive charge to sabotage it. 
    Now you've completed all the secondary objectives in this mission. Go through 
    the door into another tunnel and you'll soon find daylight!
    Checkpoint 5
    Now that you are out of the sewers, take out your Karbiner and keep your head 
    down. Go left and kill the 2 Germans around the corner. Look up to find more 
    Germans firing at you from the path above. Take cover and kill them. Note that 
    the enemies here respawn only once. Once they have been killed twice, they 
    won't bother you again.
    Run up the ramp to find a truck. You'll find a German on the high wall behind 
    it. That guy's armed with a Panzershreck, so take him out fast. If you need a 
    break, you can hide in the corner to your left since no enemies can hit you 
    there. When you have recovered all health, stand up and jump into the ditch. 
    Go all the way to the other end and hide in that giant outlet. Turn around and 
    scan the upper paths on the other side of this area for more Germans. Kill 
    them, along with their clones (They respawn only once, remember?)
    Peek to the right and kill the Germans (again, twice) on the paths there too, 
    since you'll be going there shortly. Go right, up the ramp and hide behind the 
    debris there. Peek right to find 2 enemies by the next ramp leading up. Kill 
    them both and run up the ramp. Follow the path, taking out more Germans that 
    get in the way and you'll be reunited with your men soon enough.
    8. Monastery: Monastery Assault
    Having left the sewers, you are reunited with the Rangers, who are closing in 
    on a monastery. Apparently this monastery isn't just a place where catholic 
    monks hang out. It's used by German military scientists to develop... 
    something. Even Captain Harris has absolutely no idea what's going on in 
    there. Of course, being the intelligence agent you are, there is only one way 
    to find out. The recommended weapons of the mission will be the MP44 and the 
    Re: Monastery Assault     Location: Monastery
    You've crippled their underground operations. However, we still do not know 
    what the enemy is really up to. The documents you found contained a hand 
    written message from their leadership declaring that they're developing some 
    kind of  super weapon.
    The Rangers are assaulting a monastery known to have been used by German 
    military scientists. Get in there and retrieve their work.
    Capt. Harris, O.S.S.
    Your primary objectives are all infiltration based this time round. Zuerst, 
    you have to (1) Cover the squad as they secure the courtyard. Dort, you are to 
    (2) take our the German forces in the monastery. Danach, you have to (3) find 
    a way to let your forces into the chapel. Zum Schluss, you must (4) destroy 
    the German convoy.
    The secondary objectives are the real intelligence gathering stuff! 2 of the 
    objectives require you to defend certain spots against counterattack: (5 and 
    6) In particular the graveyard and the motorcade. If you find a radio, (7) use 
    it to contact OSS control. Meanwhile, you have to obtain (8) the classified 
    development schedule and (9) retrieve the uranium docket. Uranium, huh? Sehr 
    The mission starts at the main gates of the monastery. Your men are currently 
    pinned down by the defending Germans, so let's help them out. Kill any Germans 
    you see, only to find the main gate closed. You'll have to find a way to 
    circumvent that. Go left, follow the path and fight your way past the Germans, 
    taking cover as necessary. You'll arrive at the side gates that are wide open. 
    Go through them and follow this path, fighting past the Germans.
    Around the corner is the graveyard, where loads of enemies (and a heavy 
    machine gunner) are waiting for you to the right. Stand up and run behind one 
    of those two tall pillar like things in front of you and fight back from 
    there. Keep moving forward and turn right at the corner to get close to the 
    heavy machine gun. Take out the gunner and his friends before entering the 
    building. Recover your health and commandeer the Heavy Machine Gun.
    A number of German troops will be rushing in from the left (from where you 
    entered the graveyard). Mow as many of them down as possible. If far too many 
    Germans manage to evade your gunfire, press the Minus button to stop using the 
    gun for a while and crouch down to regain health. Get back up and pick off any 
    stragglers one by one with your MP44. When enough Germans are killed, you'll 
    have completed objective 5: Defend the graveyard against Axis counterattack. 
    Go through the open door to your right to arrive at your first checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 1
    Climb up the stairs to the watch tower and kill the 2 enemies there. Pick up 
    the Gewehr, abandoning your Automatic while doing so and look down to the 
    courtyard. Looks like your pals are in a heated battle with the Germans, so 
    let's help them. Take out the Germans in the courtyard: It's Duck Hunt all 
    over again! Once you've killed enough enemies, objective 1 will be complete. 
    Keep the Gewehr and climb down the stairs, go through the newly opened door to 
    meet your troops in the courtyard.
    The Rangers tell you to find another way into the chapel, since the door is 
    locked. Go to the other end of the courtyard and move along the walkway, 
    taking out any Germans you find. You'll find a set of stairs. Go up to the 
    watch tower and kill the Germans. Blow up the safe to retrieve the classified 
    development schedule, thereby completing objective 8.
    Climb down the stairs and follow the passageway in front of you to reach a 
    room with a radio. Tune in to the OSS frequency to listen to what Lieutanent 
    Rafferty has to say.
    "Lt, before you get too excited it seems that Jerry is planning a counter 
    attack. The monastery has significant weapon fortifications. Look for an enemy 
    weapon that will give you the advantage."
    Turn around and jump through the hatch to enter the cellar. Here's a 
    Checkpoint 2
    Go through the tunnel to arrive at a tomb of sorts. Take out the Germans to 
    your left and run over there behind one of those giant coffers, picking up the 
    shotgun. Take a U-turn and kill the German on the elevated platform. Run up to 
    that platform and drop down to the next part of the tomb through the gap. Hide 
    behind the next coffer and take out all the Germans who appear around you. 
    Note that the ones on the next elevated platform respawn very rapidly. Kill 
    them and run up to the platform and that will stop any more from coming back.
    Continue along the tomb and you'll reach a passageway leading back to the 
    surface. A storage shack is in front of you. Enter and blow up the safe for 
    the uranium docket (Objective 9). I wonder what the Germans will be using with 
    the uranium. A power plant perhaps? Nah! Turn around and walk through the 
    opening in the wall.
    Checkpoint 3
    You will enter a garden. Some Germans are waiting for you around the next 
    corner. Take them out and crouch down. Take cover from the raised flower bed 
    to the right and take out the Germans in the distance. Quickly run forwards to 
    the other end of the path before they can respawn and duck behind the next 
    raised flowerbed at the corner. You can safely take out the upcoming Germans 
    from there. Continue along the path, taking out enemies before you get onto a 
    wooden ramp. Go up the ramp and move along the bridge, only to find 4 Germans 
    waiting for you at the other side of the garden.
    Drop down to the path below and duck under the wall. Pop back up and take out 
    the Germans. Now, you can cross the bridge unopposed. Leave the garden to 
    reach another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 4
    You've arrived at the motorcade, where the Germans are greeting you with open 
    arms with the heavy machine gun. Quickly run forward and duck into the parking 
    shack to the right. Use the fenced off parking places as cover and take out 
    the Germans at close range with your shotgun. Beware of a single German firing 
    from outside the building behind you. Once you've made it through the parking 
    shack, go left and move along behind the oil drums. Some German soldiers will 
    be unaware of your presence, allowing you to take them out with the shotgun. 
    Since they are so tightly packed, you can sometimes take out several of them 
    at once with the gun!
    Run from your hiding place and flank the heavy machine gun. Töt die zwei 
    Soldaten und mehr Feinde kommen. Commandeer the heavy machine gun and start 
    mowing the Germans down. They all come from the same entrance through which 
    you entered the area. It's best to kill them while they are still packed 
    together. Wann genug Deutscher Soldaten sind getötet, objective 6 (Defend the 
    motorcade against Axis counterattack) will be complete. Enter the building 
    through the double doors to reach another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 5
    You are inside the chapel. Crouch behind one of those seats and take out all 
    the Germans, including the ones on the walkway above. Shoot the wooden planks 
    barricading the door to let your fellow Rangers in. Another set of doors will 
    open inside the chapel. Go through them and up the stairs to the walkway 
    above. Follow the rangers to reach the balcony. It would seem that the Germans 
    are counterattacking by the hundreds. Your objective is to use the mortar 
    cannon to blow up the 4 convoy trucks outside the monastery. 
    To aim the mortar cannon, tilt the Nunchuck left and right to tilt the cannon 
    in the desired direction. Tilt the Control Stick up and down to set the angle 
    of the cannon. The larger the angle, the shorter the range. 4 trios of Germans 
    will be harassing you while you try to blow up the trucks. These guys respawn 
    indefinitely, so try to cap their numbers so that no more than 6 enemies will 
    be firing at you at once. Once the 4 convoy trucks are destroyed, the mission 
    is complete.
    9. Bombed City: Downed Agent
    You are not the only one carry out intelligence operations for the OSS. 
    Another agent, Captain Lasry, has collected some important information about 
    the Germans and was flying back to England in a stolen German aeroplane. 
    Unfortunately, he was shot down over the city, where the Germans have 
    refortified several locations. You must reenter the city and collect his 
    files. Also secure the area so that he can be extracted.
    Re: Downed Agent     Location: City
    I just received a report that our agent, Capt. Lasry stole an enemy airplane 
    and was on his way back to England. Unfortunately, he was shot down over the 
    city. The information he has is critical to us  and you're going to go back in 
    and get it. The area has been heavily bombed, but the Germans have re-
    fortified several positions. Your best plan of attack is to navigate your way 
    through a minefield that blocks one side of the city. Be careful. One false 
    move can prove fatal. Once past the minefield, locate Lasry and secure those 
    Capt. Harris, O.S.S.
    Since the Germans have fortified key positions in the city, the only way to 
    get past them is to (1) Find your way through a minefield. Only after that can 
    you get back to business. After that, you are to (2) Defend against a 
    counterattack before (3) Meeting with Captain Lasry and help extricate his 
    intel. Finally, you must (4) Rally with the Baker Company on the other side of 
    But wait, there's more. You can also (5) Rescue a stranded squad, (6) Find a 
    radio and contact OSS Control before (7) Taking out an SS agent. In addition, 
    maybe you can (8) Retrieve more POW records from a safe.
    You'll start with a mine detector, which is very simple to use. Point the Wii 
    Remote in the direction you would like to scan and Berg will automatically 
    turn it that way. The clicking sounds help indicate whether mines can be found 
    in that direction. If you hear nothing or just very faint and intermittent 
    clicks, it means that path is safe. On the other hand, if you hear loud and 
    continuous clicks, it means that mines are in that direction, and you must 
    avoid it.
    Move into the minefield and bear left. Keep moving forward until you hear some 
    continuous clicking. Turn 90 degrees to your right and it should be safe. Keep 
    going that way until you hear more clicks. Turn 90 degrees to your left and 
    follow the safe path to the building. Make your way to the rubble on the other 
    side of the minefield while hugging the walls of the building. There's a 
    checkpoint here, so take a breather.
    Checkpoint 1
    On the other side of the ruins, start by going to the debris to your left by 
    hugging the left wall. Then, make your way to the stairs. On the other side of 
    the stairs, make a sharp hairpin turn to the left and make your way to the 
    door on the other side of this mined street. Once there, make another hairpin 
    turn through to the right, there should be a safe path somewhere. After that, 
    you'll reach the next building, and leave the minefield for good.
    Climb up the stairs of this building and go right along the walkway to reach a 
    new street. Kill the first two Germans you see and grab a MP44, if they 
    dropped once. Crouch down and go down the stairs to the street itself, killing 
    the German on the way, Looks like the Germans have fortified this area with a 
    heavy machine gun. Quickly move to the stairs to the right and crouch down. 
    This will be your resting spot. Take out as many Germans you can from that 
    spot and continue along the street, bearing right for cover. You'll eventually 
    reach a building that can be entered to your right. Kill the Germans there and 
    go up the stairs for the next checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 2
    Get out of the building and kill the Germans. Go around the corner to meet the 
    enemy with the heavy machine gun. Clear the area and commandeer the gun your 
    self. You now have to fend of the German counterattack. The Germans will be 
    running down from where you first entered the street. The objective will be 
    complete once you mow down enough Germans.
    A door will open to your right. Go through it, kill even more enemies and go 
    up the stairs. Get down on the other side to reach another street and 
    Checkpoint 3
    Mehr Deutscher Soldaten warten bei der Ecke. Take them out and get past 
    several more street corners to reach the plane crash. Kill the German on the 
    balcony overlooking the wrecked plane. In addition, some soldiers are yelling, 
    "Help! We are trapped behind the rubble!" So turn around and plant an 
    explosive charge on the rubble to set them free. Once they are free, run over 
    to Captain Lasry and pick up the intel on the ground next to him. Make your 
    way through this street and bear left for maximum cover. There are a number of 
    buildings you can duck into if you want to recover health and ammo. The 
    Germans stationed inside just love to respawn so run into the buildings right 
    after you've killed a wave.
    You'll reach another corner, around which is a heavy machine gun emplacement 
    in the distance. Bear right and advance slowly, taking pot shots at the 
    Germans as you approach the gun. Notice a building to the right which can be 
    entered. Climb up the stairs inside and move right along the walkway to 
    circumvent the gunner. Now, you can pick him off easy. It seems that no matter 
    what happens, the two Rangers will disappear at this point.
    Enter the building to find another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 4
    There's a radio, let us tune in to the Lieutanent Rafferty's lovely voice.
    "I have good news and bad new for you Lt. The good news is you're close to 
    finishing your current objective. However, I now have a new secondary 
    objective for you. The Germans have a stash of POW records in a safe nearby. 
    Eliminate the guard and get those records."
    Walk through the tunnel and you'll find someone running away from you as soon 
    as he spots you. He's an SS officer. You must chase him through the building, 
    ignoring any German soldiers that are firing at you. Once you've got up to the 
    upper level, crouch down and wait for the agent to appear on the opposite 
    walkway from the left. You must shoot him dead before he reaches the door to 
    complete this secondary objective (7).
    One more thing, a safe can be found in the first room at the top of the 
    stairs. Blow it up for the POW Records (Objective 8). Move along the walkway 
    and get to the exit to reach another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 5
    Climb up the stairs to reach the top floor of a building. Some Germans are 
    firing at you from the opposite building, so them both out. Go down the stairs 
    to find 2 more Germans to your right. Take them out and get onto the walkway. 
    Make your way along the walkway and kill the 2 Germans in the distance. Cross 
    the bridge, make a U-turn and jump down onto the street to help the 2 Rangers 
    who are severely outnumbered. Despite your efforts, they are likely to be 
    killed. Either way, clear the area of Germans and run a little more along the 
    street to find 4 more Germans soldiers attacking Baker Company. Since their 
    backs are turned against you, it makes it much easier for you to sandwich 
    them. Now that you've reached your troops, the mission is complete.
    10. Village: Destroy Train
    After 6 missions of deliberation, you're finally down to real business. The 
    Germans are trying to ship a prototype V2 rocket on a train. The V2 rocket is 
    way superior compared to the V1 flying bomb, and there are absolutely no 
    defenses against it! Of course, being the intelligence agent you are, you must 
    infiltrate a German held village, locate the train transporting the V2 and 
    destroy it before it can be delivered to its destination. This mission is the 
    first of which you get to use light machine guns, in this case the German 
    STG44. You'll find this weapon midway through the level so keep it along with 
    your M1 Gerand.
    Re: Destroy Train     Location: Village & Trainyard
    At this moment the Germans are trying to ship a prototype V2 rocket out on a 
    train. The station is at the outskirts of the city. You'll have to get through 
    farmlands seething with enemy troops to get there. Once you're at the station, 
    knock out the train and destroy the rocket.
    Capt. Harris, O.S.S.
    This is one large mission, with 12 objectives in total. But still, your 
    primary objective would be to (1) Intercept the V2 rocket. Along the way, you 
    must (2 and 3) Flank a machine gun emplacement and overrun another with the 
    Baker Company. In addition, you must (4) Secure 2 farmhouses and (5) use the 
    mortar to hold off enemy reinforcements.
    There are a total of 7 secondary objectives in this mission as well. First, 
    you can (6) Hold the village with the heavy machine gun you've flanked. Then, 
    you can (7) Radio the HQ for new intel on 2 German officers in the farm and 
    village, which you are to hunt down and kill (8 and 9). You can also (10) Hook 
    up with Baker Company survivors, (11) Retrieve strike coordinates and (12) 
    Repel another counter attack.
    You'll find an M1 Gerand right in front of you. Replace your Automatic with 
    that and move out with your Rangers. You'll find some Germans around the 
    corner. Kill them all and go left. Follow the path and you'll end up in a 
    large street guarded by a heavy machine gun. Stay out of the machine gunner's 
    sight and take out any Germans you see with the M1 Gerand. At this point, the 
    Rangers would have entered the sight of the gunner and be firing at him and 
    the other Germans in the street.
    Go gung ho and run into the street and bear left, entering the house there. 
    Exit through the other side of the house, go right and climb up the stairs. 
    There's our machine gunner! Take him down and man the gun. A number of Germans 
    will be charging in from where you first entered the street. Mow down as many 
    of them as you can and you've successfully held the village (Objective 6).
    Go left and follow the path among the houses. Drop down to the next alley to 
    reach the first checkpoint of this mission.
    Checkpoint 1
    You drop down right in front of a bunch of Germans. Guten tag, wie geht es 
    ihnen? I guess the answer is "Es geht uns sehr schlecht!" since they are very 
    eager to fire at you! Duck to the left and take them out quickly. These guys 
    love to throw ihre GranateN at you so don't get blown up! Make your way 
    through the alley and turn left at the corner and you'll find a large barn in 
    the distance. Some Germans are watching you from the windows, so take them out 
    with your M1 Gerand. 
    Turn left and fight your way to the other end of this village street, keeping 
    left for the maximum cover. The furthermost building houses a Shotgun, so 
    replace your Thompson with it. Enter the building by the barn to find a radio. 
    Use it to contact HQ.
    "Back for more punishment, Berg? I have a straightforward secondary objective 
    this time. Intel claims there's two rather nasty German Officers stationed 
    here. Find their houses and eliminate them. Once you're finished get back to 
    stopping   that train. Capt. Harris has told me to pass on to you that the 
    Germans appear to be moving up the timetable on their schedule. You must 
    strike quickly."
    Enter the barn to find your men firing at the Germans. Take them all out, 
    including those on the upper levels. You'll find a Springfield Rifle upstairs, 
    but don't take it. Exit through the other side of the barn to enter a path 
    leading to the first of 2 farmhouses.
    Crouch down and take down the 2 Germans by the crates. Another will charge at 
    you from either side of the house. Take that guy out and bear left. As you 
    reach the other end of the house, 3 Germans will be firing at you from the 
    field near the house. Use the M1 Gerand to take them out. Enter the farmhouse 
    itself and go upstairs to find another German. Kill him, go downstairs and 
    kill another German and the area will be secure. In addition, there's a safe 
    in this house. Blow it up to retrieve the strike coordinates (Objective 11).
    Get out of the house and enter the next field. 
    Checkpoint 2
    Go right to find several Baker Company survivors who will help you fight 
    through this field. Make your way to the other side of this field, where the 
    other farmhouse is, using the craters for cover. Enter the farmhouse and kill 
    whoever's on the balcony and this farmhouse will soon be secure.
    Exit the house and go behind it to find another barn. Kill the soldiers 
    guarding the barn and enter the house to its right. A number of black 
    uniformed Schultzstaffel members are stationed inside. Kill them all and 
    you'll have neutralized the SS officer stationed in the farm (Objective 8). 
    These guys drop STG44s, so pick one up, replacing your shotgun with this gun.
    Now, enter the barn and fight your way to the upper level. Take control of the 
    mortar cannon and use it to repel the enemy counterattack. This has got to be 
    the hardest objective in this mission, with the unrealistically superb 
    marksmenship of the Germans over such a long distances. Either way, the 
    positions of the Germans are marked by red symbols. The toughest ones to deal 
    with are the ones firing from the farmhouse to the left: Their aim is so good 
    that they often kill you in a few seconds! If you are badly hurt, press Minus 
    to stop using it and duck to the right.
    The objective will be complete once you've killed enough Germans. Go 
    downstairs and exit through the door to the left. Turn around the corner to 
    find a door at the other end of this path. Approach it, only to be ambushed by 
    a group of Germans charging out through the door! Back off around the corner 
    and take them out from there. Once they are killed, go through the door to 
    reach the 3rd checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 3
    Walk through this path to find more Germans around the corner. Kill them and 
    head to the next corner to the right. Turn left and kill the German hiding 
    behind the crates. Peek right, there's a windmill. Kill the German on top of 
    the mill and run into it, avoiding the heavy machine gun fire to the right and 
    taking out the enemy inside. Exit through the other side of the windmill to 
    find 2 Germans: 1 on the balcony to the right and 1 at the other end of the 
    path you're facing.
    Take these guys out and walk along the path, turning around to kill the 
    respawned German on the windmill. Turn around the corner to find the machine 
    gunner. Kill him, as well as the soldier inside the house to the left. Enter 
    the house to the right of the previous one I mentioned and kill the German 
    there. Walk slowly into that house to be ambushed by 5 SS troops. Run out of 
    the house and dart around the corner to your left. Kill all the SS and you've 
    eliminated the SS officer stationed inside the village.
    Enter the other house and exit through the other side. You'll come to another 
    area guarded by a heavy machine gun. Some Rangers are firing at the machine 
    gunner, all to no avail. Kill the Germans in front of the emplacement and run 
    up the slope to the gun emplacement. Throw a grenade into where the machine 
    gunner stands to open the door. Get inside and take control of the gun. You 
    know the drill: Take out as many Germans as you can see to fend off the 
    counterattack (Objective 12).
    Germans will be coming in from the left and right, so don't be surprised that 
    you find yourself critically wounded before long. The best strategy is to 
    intermittently shoot at some enemies, press the Minus button, duck down and 
    recover health before continuing to shoot them. Beware of the German shooting 
    you from atop the wall to your right.
    Once the objective's complete, leave and go left into the tunnel to reach 
    another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 4
    Make your way through the tunnel, eliminating any token resistance you'll 
    have. You'll soon find a Gewehr lying against the wall. Take it and drop your 
    M1 Gerand. You'll soon find some Germans shooting at you at the other end of 
    the tunnel behind some crates. Use the Gewehr and kill them from a distance. 
    Head to where they were standing and look up at the building in front of you. 
    See the enemy? Kill him and climb up the stairs. You'll notice a German sniper 
    on the water tower to your right, so take him out as well.
    Climb the stairs to meet another group of Germans hiding behind crates. When 
    them taken care of, head to the other end of this rooftop to find 3 Germans 
    shooting at you from below. Here's your chance to throw a grenade down at them 
    and kill them easily. Drop down and then through the hole in the ground to 
    enter the building below, and another checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 5
    Kill the 2 Germans in this building and head outside to arrive at the train 
    station. You'll find a number of enemies firing at you from the other end of 
    this station from behind crates. Take them out with the Gewehr and head there. 
    Go up the bridge and cross over to the other side of the station, where more 
    Germans are waiting on the platform below. Take these guys out and head to the 
    V2 Rocket. Plant an explosive charge and two Germans will immediately charge 
    down at you from the bridge, so kill them quick. You must get onto the bridge 
    so as not to be killed by the resulting explosion. Take out the 2 Germans on 
    the bridge and run back down to where the V2 was just now.
    Hide behind the first crate from the bridge and take out your Gewehr. Take 
    careful aim and kill the 6 enemies coming out of the train tunnel. Once they 
    are dead, run into the tunnel and you're home free.
    11. Base: Base Demolition
    The V2 rocket prototype that you've destroyed is just an outershell. No 
    warheads have been loaded. Intel is revealed that the Germans are planning to 
    use nuclear warheads in those V2s, thus destroying entire cities at once! 
    You're now directed to a base where the Germans are enriching uranium for use 
    in those missiles. You must get in there and destroy the base to cripple their 
    Re: Base Demolition     Location: Secret Base
    We now know for certain that the Germans are making an Atomic Bomb. Your next 
    objective is to breach their secret lab. It's well guarded and you'll have to 
    get across a minefield first. Once you're past the perimeter, seize all the 
    papers and records you can. Destroy everything and demolish the base. We must 
    stop the enemy here and now.
    Capt. Harris, O.S.S.
    You'll first be required to (1) navigate through a minefield guarding the 
    base. Then, you have to (2) Destroy the fuel tank. After that, you are to (3) 
    Infiltrate the V2 facility. During which, the Germans will attack, and you'll 
    have to (4) Use a sniper rifle to repel the assault. Once you are inside the 
    facility, (5) Find a way to sabotage the V2 production before you (6) Escape.
    Once you've gone past the minefield, you are free to (7) Defend against a rear 
    attack, (8) Destroy an anti-aircraft gun, (9) Radio OSS control and (10) Steal 
    the warhead blueprints.
    Walk into the minefield from the right side. This time, you have 5 minutes to 
    cross the minefield. My guess is that wherever there are no proximity mines, 
    they are timed mines. You'll have to navigate through the minefield through a 
    twisted path that I can't really describe in words. But either way, 5 minutes 
    should be more than enough. Once you've reached the other side of the 
    minefield, go through the hole in the chain link fence to reach the first 
    Checkpoint 1
    Climb up the stairs directly to your left and man the heavy machine gun. Some 
    Germans will charge out through the cave on the other side of the minefield. 
    Mow as many of them down as possible to defend against the rear assault. This 
    objective is made much easier by the fact that the Germans tend to run into 
    the mines and blow themselves up! Head down the stairs with your new BAR light 
    machine gun and go around the corner.
    Some Germans can be found around the corner. Kill them and run up the path 
    past the fuel tank. Run into the parking lot of the base and duck behind the 
    oil drums nearest to you. Peek to your left to find some Germans running out 
    from the building. Take them out from a distance and make your way to the 
    other end of this parking lot, keeping right in the process. Peek out to the 
    right of the truck to find a German on the roof of the building to the right. 
    Take him out and fight your way to the entrance to the left.
    Even more Germans will be waiting for you at the entrance. Kill them and duck 
    behind the metal plates that lean against one of the tables. Lean out and kill 
    the enemies running down from the stairs. When the coast is clear, go up the 
    stairs to engage the Germans that on this upper level. Make your way to the 
    other end of this room and keep right, behind the crates. To the left of the 
    exit is a small room with a radio. Clear the Germans outside the building and 
    tune in one last time to Lieutanent Rafferty.
    "You're so close to wrapping this up, Berg. Now all you have to do is place 
    charges on  the support columns. It won't give you much time to get out but it 
    will ensure the facility is destroyed. Then, I suppose you're hoping Capt. 
    Harris will send you back to jolly ol' England from some R&R. Good luck with 
    that! Lt. Rafferty signing off."
    Aww... I'll miss you, Rafferty. Head out the exit to find an artillery cannon. 
    Kill all the Germans around you (a few would have appeared in the motor pool) 
    and man the cannon. Rotate it clockwise and you'll find an anti-aircraft gun 
    above the minefield. Open fire on it to destroy it, thus completing another 
    secondary objective. Continue rotating the cannon until it faces the fuel tank 
    before you blow it to pieces.
    Now that the fuel tank is destroyed, quickly move to the left and crouch down. 
    Kill the Germans that appear from the right and make your way through this 
    walkway. The second room to the left houses a safe, which can be blown up for 
    the warhead blueprints. You've completed all secondary objectives. Drop down 
    to where the fuel tank was to find a large hole in the hillside. Walk through 
    the tunnel carefully, killing any enemies that you come across. You'll 
    eventually reach a hatch that leads to the V2 facility itself. Drop down, move 
    a few steps forward to arrive at a much needed checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 2
    Fight your way through the tunnel, using the stacks of metal pipes for cover. 
    Eventually, the alarm will be raised. Continue along the tunnel to reach a 
    control room. Kill the enemy inside and replace your Automatic with the 
    Gewehr. Now, look out of the 2 windows, killing any enemies that appear. More 
    than often will they get dangerously close. In that case, take them out with 
    the BAR. The door to your right will open when enough Germans are killed. Go 
    through that door to reach the next checkpoint.
    Checkpoint 3
    Several waves of enemies will be charging at you from the other end of the 
    walkway, so advance slowly, using the crates for cover. Once you've crossed 
    the bridge, take care to kill the 2 Germans in the production area below. Keep 
    going and you'll eventually come to a place where you can get down. First, go 
    left and kill the 2 Germans at that dead end while fending off several more. 
    Collect the and go right. Notice that explosive charges can be set on one of 
    the pillars. Duck behind that pillar and carefully take out all the enemies 
    around you. Plant the explosive and run to the other side of this production 
    area and duck into the small room by the next pillar.
    Some enemies will come after you once the pillar is blown up, but can be 
    easily taken out from your hiding spot. Once the coast is clear, set the 
    charge on the second pillar and hide in the same small room. Boom! Peek to the 
    right to find even more enemies aiming to avenge that pillar. Kill them all 
    and head to the other end of this room. Plant an explosive charge on the next 
    pillar and hide in the room to the left. Once it's blown up, kill the Germans, 
    head to the final pillar and blow it up as well (hide in the small room to the 
    Now that you've blown up the columns, the whole facility will soon collapse. 
    Let's get out of here! Kill the SS men guarding the door at the far right 
    corner and climb up the stairs there. Fight your way to the control room and 
    press the Minus button to open the blast door. You've reached the final 
    checkpoint of the game.
    Checkpoint 4
    You have 5 minutes to leave this place. Note that the blast door takes over 40 
    seconds to open. Lean against the left side of the door and throw grenades 
    over the door to the right side. If you are lucky, you'll be able to kill 
    several SS men before you even see them. Either way, carefully take out all 
    the soldiers you find and run up to the control room there. Press the Minus 
    key at the control panel to open the next blast door. While it's opening, go 
    left to intercept 3 Germans coming out from a room on the other side of the 
    room. Once they are killed, run into the room where they came from (it's 
    closest door to the left side of the first blast door) to ensure that they 
    cannot respawn.
    Go back to the slowly opening blast door and kill the 2 Germans on the 
    platform. Run up to that platform, duck into the control room and press the 
    Minus button to open the next blast door. See the SS guys in the walkway on 
    the other side of the path? Throw a couple of grenades to kill them and their 
    second spawn. Throw another Grenade at the 3 soldiers at the bottom of the 
    steps to kill them too.
    At this point, the next blast door have opened. Kill the 2 Germans outside the 
    next control room and duck in there. Open the final blast door and walk out to 
    face the music. Throw more grenades to kill the Germans in the opposite 
    walkway and those at the foot of the steps. Once the coast is clear, go right 
    and man the heavy machine gun. Mow down all the Germans charging down at you 
    from the surface. Don't they realise that they are running towards certain 
    If you are doing everything right, you should have a little less than a minute 
    left to flee. Run up the tunnel when no more enemies come and duck behind the 
    crates to the right when you reach the surface. Looks like more Rangers are 
    attacking this base. Help them by killing the SS from behind, Run up either 
    one of the watch towers to scale the barricades and drop down to your men. 
    Mission accomplished.
    Now that the V2 plant is destroyed, Hitler is years behind us, allowing the 
    Allies to win the war without fear of a nuclear attack. The funny thing is, 
    the US will end the war using the same weapon they opted to destroy! Does 
    Hiroshima ring any bells? Either way, you are free to go back to England and 
    party for three hold days before reporting back to headquarters. You've earned 
    |                              III. ARCADE MODE                              |
    The arcade mode is intended for the "I'm so lazy that I can't figure out the 
    complex FPS controls" players, aka the super-casuals. In this mode, you'll be 
    revisiting the same missions as the single player campaign, only that the 
    computer moves John Berg for you. The only thing the player does is to move 
    the aiming reticule around the screen and shoot all the Germans you find (with 
    the B button), reloading every now and then. Enemies are marked by white 
    crosses which turn red when they are killed. The option to crouch is still 
    there, for your information. 
    Instead of having a slowly regenerating health, you are given a green health 
    meter on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You'll lose health as you 
    get shot, so shoot some green health packs to restore health. Scoring comes in 
    the form of kill count. The more enemies you kill, the higher your score.
    During the course of your mission, you'll find some Germans with golden 
    crosses above their heads. Kill those guys to go through an alternate path.
    Your character will start with a Thompson SMG in this level. Soon after you 
    land, you'll have to hold your ground against some Germans. Once you have done 
    so, you'll move along the beach past a health pack to a boulder, where you'll 
    stand there for a while. Hold off the Germans to move on, advancing to the 
    bunker. When enough Germans are killed, you'll walk into the bunker, kill the 
    gold cross German so as to gain entry to the room where the guard duty roster 
    is. Your character will automatically pick up the roster and head up the 
    stairs to the walkway above.
    Your character will stop three along the walkway, twice to fend off more 
    Germans charging down the ramp towards you and once to fend off some Germans 
    shooting at you from the beach. When facing the first group of Germans, watch 
    out for one with a golden cross. That guy won't fire at you, but run to the 
    right. Take him down fast if you want to enter an optional spot.
    You'll soon walk up the ramp to a shed. It's possible for your character to 
    enter it if you've killed the golden cross German on the beach just now. 
    Inside you'll find a Luger, which has a magazine capacity of 6, but kills the 
    enemies in one hit. You then arrive at the bedroom with the safe in it. Just 
    shoot the safe several times to open it and your character will get the 
    shipping forecasts. Turn back and get ready for more enemies outside. Take 
    them out and fight your way to the end of the finish, watching out of the 
    Karbiner armed Germans storming out through the final door.
    You're fighting your way through the port without your men! You start off by 
    shooting the 3 Germans on the first boat under construction. Then, you will 
    turn left and face off around 6 enemies waiting for you in the docks below. 
    Kill them to drop down to the docks, where you'll be confronted by a few more 
    enemies. Take them out to approach the piers.
    Use the barrels for cover to kill the Germans that try to stop you from 
    reaching the U-boat. Keep on fighting and you'll eventually be asked to plant 
    an explosive on the U-boat. Since your character will stay on the boat for a 
    short time while he holds off a few enemies, set the timer all the way to the 
    max. Quickly kill the enemies that go after you on the U-boat and you'll get 
    off to reach the other side of the docks.
    Kill the Germans to continue to the next part of the port. You'll be ambushed 
    by numerous enemies at the crates, so watch out. You'll be taken left, up a 
    ramp leading to the bunker where you pick up the Gewehr. As in the Campaign 
    mode, you are to kill all the Germans you see that pop out of the opposite 
    building. A number of health packs are provided just in case you take damage. 
    Once enough enemies are killed, you will automatically leave the scene.
    Keep fighting until you reach the shack with the radio. Unlike Campaign Mode, 
    you will not be using the radio at all. Keep an eye for a German with a golden 
    cross running to the left as you reach the second door of that shack. Kill him 
    and you can go up to the roof of this shack where you'll be fending off the 
    German counterattack with the heavy machine gun. It's much harder in Arcade 
    Mode, despite the presence of some health packs, since you can't really take 
    When all is said and done, you'll proceed to the next pier, then into the next 
    building. It seems that your character will be forced to obtain the shipping 
    forecasts in Arcade Mode, while it's entirely optional in Campaign Mode. As 
    before, you'll pick up the Panzerschreck on the roof of the building, which 
    can be used to destroy the fuel tank. In addition, you have a limited amount 
    of time to take out some clusters of Germans in the docks before you drop the 
    weapon and pick up an MP44.
    The final bit is pretty straightforward. You are to enter the submarine pen 
    and plant another explosive charge on the second U-boat. Take out the 2 
    Germans that come after you and get to the pier to the left. At that point, 
    you'll be using the Gewehr to kill the Germans firing at you from behind the 
    crates. After a while, you'll pick up the MP44 again and move on to the next 
    pen, where a number of torpedoes are seen dangling over the last U-boat. Shoot 
    at the ropes suspending the torpedoes to destroy the sub. You'll find another 
    gold cross German at the other end of this sub pen. Kill him to "Eliminate the 
    U-boat Commander" and call it a day.
    You'll encounter a large group of Germans as you move around the corner. Keep 
    fighting on until you reach the first house. Kill the Germans in the main room 
    and you'll automatically pick up a shotgun, which auto-pumps after each shot 
    in Arcade Mode. Right outside the building are some more enemies. Take note of 
    the one with the gold cross firing at you from the balcony of the building. 
    Take him out and you'll have a shot at the Axis car to the left. Fire a few 
    rounds at the car to destroy it, completing an optional objective.
    Keep fighting along the streets, it is quite straight forward. Head down to 
    the basement and shoot the blue safe a number of times to open it, revealing 
    some Axis troop movement plans. Head out of this underground tunnel to find 
    another gold cross German right outside. Once he's down, you'll get to enter 
    the house to the right, which holds an MP44.
    You then go left, into the building then onto the roof. Move along and fire at 
    the Germans that appear. There will be a scene in which your character stands 
    still while a lot of Germans fire up at him from the street. Kill them all to 
    move on to the Artillery. Kill all the Germans guarding the cannon to take 
    control of it. You have 2 anti-aircraft guns to destroy. Destroying 1 will 
    trigger the arrival of many Germans all around you, which your character will 
    automatically confront. Take them out to use the cannon again to destroy the 
    2nd gun.
    You then enter a building and get to the roof top, where you are confronted by 
    even more Germans on the opposite balconies. It's gonna be hard here since 
    they are such good shots and there are no health packs available for use. 
    Survive the initial onslaught and kill more enemies as you move along the 
    walkway. You'll then drop down to the street below and approach another 
    building from which 2 Germans pop out. Kill them and you'll reach the next 
    square with another Artillery cannon.
    As you clear the buildings around the square, you'll find another gold cross 
    German running out of one of them. Kill him and you can have a clear shot at 
    the Axis car parked behind the barbed wire. (Don't worry, if you miss him, you 
    can still fire random MP44 shots at the car as you move around later on to 
    destroy it). As before, use the Artillery to destroy the anti-aircraft guns, 
    fending off the waves of German troops after you blow up each gun. It's much 
    harder here: You'll be surprised the speed at which your life bar gets 
    Once you've survived the onslaught and destroyed the guns, you'll fight your 
    way into another building where an entrance to the sewers can be found.
    You'll start this mission with an M1 Gerand, which kills any enemy in one hit! 
    Anyways, fight the enemies as you head towards the large room with the upper 
    tunnels. After you have cleared the enemies on the lower levels, you'll 
    automatically pick up a Panzerschreck. Use that to take out the groups of 
    enemies firing from the upper tunnel. This is just too easy. After a while, a 
    pair of Germans with gold crosses above their heads will appear from the left. 
    Blow them both up simultaneously and you'll get to pick up an MP44 in one of 
    the corners of the room.
    You then go through the open door, up the ramp to the upper tunnel. There are 
    many Germans there, as are health packs. Spray them full of lead and recover 
    health as necessary. A safe can be found at the other end of the tunnel. Shoot 
    it several times to destroy it, revealing the scientist interrogation 
    Your character should have picked up another M1 Gerand as he heads through the 
    next tunnel. The next room with the fuel tanks is rather straight forward: 
    Just hold off the German onslaught before moving on. You'll enter the next 
    large room soon enough. You'll have to handle a large wave of enemies in the 
    room below. Another wave is waiting for you as you approach the door leading 
    to the generator. Kill off the threats and sabotage the generator. This time, 
    you only have to set the timer halfway since you'll leave the room immediately 
    after the bomb is planted.
    Fight your way up to the bridge overlooking this room to find another safe. 
    Shoot it open to reveal the POW List. Exit to face another wave of Germans 
    coming out from the now open exit door to the left. Kill them, get down to the 
    room again and face yet another wave from the same door as you reach the 
    stairs leading to the exit.
    You're almost there. Your character will be crossing the bridge in the room 
    with the second generator. Keep an eye out for the enemies that pop out from 
    behind the walls on the other side of the room. Plant another explosive on the 
    generator (setting the timer halfway) to blow it up.
    What's left is the open area just outside the sewers. Head around the first 
    corner to the left to face a large wave of enemies firing at you from all 
    directions. Take them all out and use a health pack as needed. Another wave is 
    waiting for you midway through the area, and another as you turn around the 
    first corner on the elevated path. One final group of Germans will be waiting 
    for you at the end of this level. Survive this attack and you're done.
    As expected, you start the mission with a large reception committee of Germans 
    at the front gates of the monastery. After fighting them off, your character 
    will turn left and make his way through the path to the left, picking up a 
    shotgun in the process. Keep fighting and you'll enter through the side gate, 
    where you'll soon pick up an MP44 to use against the Germans to your right. 
    Take these guys out fast, since they are the tip of the iceberg. Watch out for 
    the German armed with the heavy machine gun!
    After some more German deaths, your character will attempt to bypass the 
    enemies to the right by going straight forward, then right at the corner. 
    Fight some more Germans and enter the building, where you'll automatically 
    commandeer the heavy machine gun. Using this gun, destroy all the enemies that 
    appear until you've repelled the counterattack. You then go up a flight of 
    stairs to the top of the tower. Kill the enemies and you'll pick up a Gewehr. 
    Use it to kill as many Germans in the courtyard as possible until another 
    objective is complete.
    You then walk down and start fighting in the courtyard. Keep shooting until 
    you come to the other tower. A German with a gold cross above him will run 
    out. Kill him quickly and you can climb up the tower where you find a safe. 
    Shoot it apart to obtain the Development Schedule. Back down on the lower 
    floor, you'll eventually jump into a hatch that leads to the basement, picking 
    a shotgun as you do so.
    You arrive at the underground tomb, so shoot all the Germans that pop out. 
    Once you've gone up to the next raised ledge, you'll pick up a Karbiner, which 
    you'll use to shoot down all the Germans that appear below you. After you're 
    done, you'll pick up yet another MP44 and move on with it. Having returned to 
    the surface, the character will walk into a shack with a safe, which can be 
    shot open for a uranium docket. Turn around to be ambushed by many Germans, 
    one of them with a gold cross above his head. Kill that guy and you'll get to 
    use a powerful STG44 light machine gun.
    Your next destination is the garden. Learn to use cover when facing the 
    Germans. Otherwise, there isn't much of a problem here. You then enter the 
    motorcade. Kill the two enemies at the far end before your character ducks 
    into the motor shack. Inside, he'll stop several times to fight off the large 
    horde of Germans, which seem to appear out of nowhere! You'll then exit 
    through the other side to engage the machine gunner from the side. Take them 
    out and use the gun against the German counterattack, including the enemies 
    that attack from the balcony to the right. This is quite hard, so shoot them 
    Having survived this onslaught, you'll enter the chapel through the back. Keep 
    killing all the enemies and you'll face some planks blocking the main door. 
    Shoot the planks to break them, opening the door and revealing even more 
    Germans. Kill some more and you'll go upstairs, eventually reaching a balcony. 
    Commandeer the mortar cannon and blow up the 5 trucks to complete this 
    mission. Don't worry about the Germans, they do very little damage.
    Bombed City
    You'll start in the mined area as before. However you are not required to 
    navigate through the mines. Instead, you'll just have to fight the Germans 
    that run out of the ruins towards you. Once you've cleared this "minefield", 
    you'll enter a building and exit to the next street through the other side. 
    You'll then have to constantly crouch as your character advances slowly 
    towards the machine gunner stationed on the platform overlooking the other end 
    of the street.
    Once your character gets there, you'll be required to stand in front of the 
    heavy machine gun for a short while as you shoot anyone that appears around 
    you. My, what a brave and stupid hero! If I were him, I'd dart into the 
    building to the right ASAP! Of course, after some killing, that's what your 
    character will do. He'll climb up the stairs, go left to where the heavy 
    machine gun was and take control of it. It is at this point you have to hold 
    off the Axis counter attack. Shoot fast before they get close, otherwise 
    you'll see your health meter drop like a brick.
    After you've survived, you'll automatically go right and down a flight of 
    steps, past some more enemies until you reach the crash site. A skirmish will 
    break out here, so hold your breath. Notice the German with a gold cross above 
    his head shooting at you from the far left of the screen. Kill him and you'll 
    get to blow up the rubble to the right of the road. Once it's blown up, you'll 
    have access to another health pack and an STG44 light machine gun. Fun, right?
    You then collect whatever Captain Lasry was holding and fight your way up the 
    street. You'll be briefly searching two houses to the left, each of them has a 
    health pack inside. Shoot fast since your character will quickly dart out once 
    you've seen one. You'll then face another long street guarded by a heavy 
    machine gun emplacement at the other end. Make use of all available cover to 
    shoot as many Germans as possible before your character enters a house to the 
    Just like in the campaign mode, you don't have to take control of the heavy 
    machine gun. You'll enter the building, skipping the radio before entering the 
    next tunnel. Notice the German with the gold cross above his head running away 
    from you. If you haven't shot him on first sight, you'll get your chances as 
    your character runs into the next room. As you enter there, you'll stand still 
    for a while as you fight all the Germans around you. That particular German 
    would run up the stairs at the back, before appearing on the walkway above 
    this room. Shoot him when he's there and you've just eliminated the SS 
    When you climb up the stairs, you'll pass by a room with a safe. Shoot it open 
    for some POW records. After that, it's a matter of time before your character 
    reaches the top floor of this building and gets onto the walkway above the 
    next street. You pick up a Gewehr. Use it to take out the Germans on the 
    bridge at the far end of the walkway. Once you get to that bridge, you'll be 
    required to stay there for a while, taking pot shots at all the Germans that 
    run towards you on the street, as well as a consistently respawning German on 
    the walkway to your right. I guess this character has few brains, eh?
    To make up for this soldier's lack of intelligence, shoot them down fast or 
    you'll die fast. Having survived this particular onslaught, you'll go left and 
    pick up an automatic, which is miles weaker than the Luger. It's now a matter 
    of quickly killing any German that gets in your way to beat this mission.
    You start this mission with a Thompson SMG. You'll be thrown into the thick of 
    things right after the first corner. Kill all the enemies that appear and get 
    onto the main street. As you can see, it's flanked by a heavy machine gun. 
    Fend off the Germans all around you as your character enters the house to the 
    left. He then climbs up the stairs to say hi to the machine gunner. Once down, 
    you'll get to use the machine gun to fend of the German counterattack. It's 
    not hard, and once you are done, you will pick up an MP44 and drop down to 
    another alley.
    This alley leads to an open area with a barn. You'll face the barn for a short 
    while, fighting off the enemies that appear at the windows. When you're done, 
    you'll go left and enter the barn. Some Germans pop out left and right and can 
    be easily dispatched. You'll exit through the other side soon enough and 
    approach a farmhouse. As you fight the soldiers outside, take note of 2 gold 
    cross Germans who appear on the balcony of the house. With them killed, you'll 
    get to enter the house, where you find a safe with strike coordinates inside.
    You then exit the house and cross the large open field. The enemies here tend 
    to run out in a single file, making them easy targets. You'll then reached the 
    second farmhouse. Kill all the Germans inside and the area is secure. You then 
    raid a second barn and commandeer the mortar cannon on the upper floor. Fend 
    off the Germans that charge towards you from the field below. Fortunately, not 
    all Germans will fire at you at the same time, unlike the Campaign mode.
    After enough enemies are killed, your character will look out of the window to 
    his left. See the golden cross SS trooper running to the left? Shoot him 
    quick! If you do manage to kill him, you'll get to enter the house he's trying 
    to enter. In that house you'll find more SS men. Kill them all to retrieve a 
    STG44 light machine gun.
    Some Germans will be waiting for you behind a gate. In fact, their guns are 
    blazing before it even opened! Kill these Germans and head to the next area 
    guarded by another heavy machine gun. You'll be bypassing that via a windmill 
    up the hill. Once you've flanked the machine gun, you don't need to use it to 
    hold off any counterattacks. However, be aware of a golden cross SS man 
    running to the right. Kill him and you'll get to investigate a house to the 
    right, where more SS men are hanging out.
    You'll then reach another area guarded by a heavy machine gun. This time, 
    you''ll get to take control of it as you get close. Fend of the Germans as 
    usual. You then enter a tunnel, picking up a Gewehr along the way. Use the 
    Gewehr to take out the Germans just outside the other end of the tunnel. When 
    enough are killed, you'll exit the tunnel and pick up a shotgun.
    Continue fighting through this building and you'll enter the train station. 
    You then pick up a trusty STG44 midway through the platform. Cross the bridge 
    and kill the enemies by the V2 rocket. Plant the explosive charge, setting the 
    timer all the way, then you'll automatically run up the bridge. Once the V2 is 
    blown up, you'll get through the collapsed chain link fence and fight your way 
    into the railway tunnel, completing this mission.
    This is the final mission in Arcade Mode, and a living hell at that. You enter 
    the minefield from the side and would immediately be attacked by a large 
    number of Germans to your left. Quickly kill as many Germans as possible 
    before they can focus fire on you. After that, you will turn left to pick off 
    a few more Germans before you look to the right, where more SS men are on 
    their way. Since you are standing behind the boulder, duck down every time you 
    have to reload your BAR light machine gun.
    Once you've survived this onslaught, you'll walk through the hole in the chain 
    link fence into the back of the base, fighting your way through the holding 
    area. This is rather easy, since there are many health packs along the route. 
    Once you enter the building, you should crouch behind the cover whenever 
    necessary since the Germans will focus fire at you. The upper level is much 
    easier to handle though. Once you've exited the building through the door to 
    the right, you'll face two enemies on the walkways. Take them out and you'll 
    take control of an artillery cannon to the left.
    Turn the artillery cannon clockwise and destroy the AA Gun as well as the fuel 
    tank. You'll continue along the walkway. See the enemy with the golden cross 
    above his head? Kill him and you'll get to enter the room he came out of, 
    where you find a Panzerschreck. With this in hand, you'll get to clear the 
    loading area of enemies. Since the enemies will be focus firing at you, I 
    suggest you crouch most of the time, only standing up when you have to launch 
    a rocket at them.
    Once enough Germans are killed, you'll have completed an objective unique to 
    the Arcade Mode: Use the Panzerschreck to clear the loading area. Keep going 
    and you'll go through the opening on the hillside behind where the fuel tank 
    was and drop down into a corridor. Fight your way through the corridor and 
    you'll eventually reach a control room, where you'll pick up a Gewehr. Use 
    this Gewehr to pick off any enemies in the distance. When you've killed 
    enough, you'll leave this room with your BAR.
    Keep going and you'll reach the V2 production floor. As you make your way 
    through the facility, you'll be asked to plant explosive charges on 4 support 
    pillars. I suggest you set the timer to half way at most, since the explosion 
    can kill some of the enemies that hang around them. Since there are more than 
    enough health packs here, it's not hard.
    Once you have destroyed the 4th and last pillar, you'll run up to a control 
    room where you press a button to open the blast door. This has got to be the 
    hardest part of the mission. You'll stay on the bridge for a while to fight 
    off the SS men shooting at you from the other side of the door. Those guys are 
    dead accurate even at such a range and can kill you in a few seconds if they 
    do focus fire. Your best bet is to spray bullets through each one of them and 
    hope that enough enemies are killed. Also note that the enemies by the next 
    control room would be just covered by the guard rail, making them impossible 
    to shoot if you are standing up. The solution to that problem is to crouch 
    Anyway, as you walk back down to the lower level, be sure to grab the health 
    pack, as you'll be needing it! Kill any remnants of the SS as you approach the 
    second control room. There're bound to be at least three remaining. After 
    you've pressed the next door release button, you'll turn to the left to fight 
    the hordes of SS men that definitely appeared out of nowhere from behind you! 
    Your best bet is to crouch down behind the tiny bump on the ground. This would 
    prevent most of the SS from hitting you. (I could have sworn you are being 
    focus fired at by at least 10 guys here!)
    Survive this and you'll go through the blast door, temporarily forgetting any 
    Germans who aren't killed right behind you. In fact, those guys won't even try 
    and shoot you now that you are not facing them! Kill the enemies guarding the 
    second control room and push the button. You then have to kill the Germans in 
    the walkway opposite you, as well as more Germans all the way back at the 
    remains of the production floor. As before, crouch down behind the bump on the 
    floor to minimise the focus fire you are taking.
    The next blast door will be open soon enough. Kill the Germans guarding the 
    final control room and press the switch inside. You now have to fend off the 
    Germans who magically appear out of the previous control room. Oh god. Once 
    you've survived, you'll get to play around with the heavy machine gun that 
    guards the tunnel exit. Wipe out all the Germans that charge down at you and 
    you'll get to run up the tunnel, where you are safe!
    |                           IV.  WELL DONE, SOLDIER!                         |
    Well down, soldier. You've destroyed the atomic bomb Hitler's developing, thus 
    saving millions around the world from nuclear attacks.
    12. Awards
    Remember that no scoring system exists in this game. Instead, you are rewarded 
    awards for doing various things, such as killing a certain number of enemies 
    with a certain weapon. In addition, you can earn map awards for beating the 8 
    missions. Anyways, here are all the awards.
    Participant/Veteran/Heroism: Earned by completing the single player campaign 
    in Green, Veteran and Hero difficulties respectively.
    Marksmanship: Complete a mission with a whooping 75% accuracy! Your best bet 
    is to rely on the M1 Gerand and play the sewer level. Then, at least you can 
    get close enough to the enemies, ensuring that they can be hit most of the 
    Endurance: Complete a mission without getting critically injured once (Don't 
    get hurt to the point that you hear your heart beating loud as a drum). This 
    is the most easily obtained in the Beach level.
    Green/Veteran/Hero Survivor: Earned by completing a mission without dying once 
    in Green, Veteran and Hero difficulties respectively. This is the most easily 
    obtained in the Beach mission.
    Combat Basic/Senior/Master: Obtained by killing a cumulative total of 100, 250 
    and 500 enemies on the battlefield respectively.
    Sharpshooter: Perform a cumulative total of 100 headshots during the single 
    player campaign.
    Pistol Combat: Kill a cumulative total of 50 enemies in the single player 
    campaign with your Automatic/Luger.
    SMG Combat: Kill a cumulative total of 250 enemies in the single player 
    campaign with the Thompson or MP44 submachine guns.
    LMG Combat: Score a cumulative total of 150 kills in the single player 
    campaign with the STG44 or BAR light machine guns.
    Rifle Combat: Use the M1 Gerand or Karbiner rifles to score a cumulative total 
    of 50 kills in the single player campaign.
    Sniper Combat: Kill at least 50 enemies with the Gewehr or Springfield rifles.
    Shotgun Combat: Kill at least 50 enemies with the shotgun.
    Rocket Combat: Kill at least 25 enemies with the Panzerschreck or Bazookas.
    Machine Gun Combat: Kill at least 50 minutes with the heavy machine gun. All 
    you have to do is to complete all the secondary objectives involving the MG42.
    Melee Combat: Kill at least 25 enemies in melee combat. I think this is only 
    possible in the multiplayer mode where you are allowed to use the quick jab.
    Weapon Expert: Score at least 1 kill with all the weapons in the game.
    13. Conclusion
    Ever since the launch of the DS, it has become apparent that any new control 
    scheme would require some experimental titles to be released before developers 
    get the hang of it. Those first titles often receive low scores in review 
    sites due to the awkward controls, and you can't really blame the developers 
    for it.
    When it comes to First Person Shooters, Call of Duty 3 and Red Steel are 2 
    such games. The FPS genre has surely matured with this great, albeit rather 
    short game. With newer games like Call of Duty 5 becoming multiplatform, let's 
    hope publishers can use the Wii controls to the fullest, since that's what the 
    console is all about.
    This guide is copyright 2008-2011 to Kylohk. It is to be posted solely on 
    GameFAQs, so don't bother asking me.

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