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    Walkthrough by Dancingbaby

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/23/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    Complete Walkthrough and FAQ
    By "Taslion"
    Copyright 2008 Ryan Whites
    - Version History -
    Version .00 - Started 5/21/08
    Bought the game, started it up and created the beginnings of this document.
    From here on out I'll be writing exactly how I clear each part of the game.
    Version 1.0 - Completed 5/23/08
    Here it is! That was quite quick, but it's a small game anyways. Everything is
    here, walkthrough with all of the chests and bonus levels.
    |                 Table of Contents                 |
    1. Foreword
    2. 360 Controls
    3. Items
    4. Walkthrough
    	a. Cair Paravel [CAP01]
    	b. Ruin of Cair Paravel [RCP01]
    	c. Miraz's Castle Infiltration [MCI01]
    	d. Miraz's Castle Assault [MCA01]
    	e. Aslan's How [ASH01]
    	f. Battlefield of Beruna [BOB01]
    5. Bonus Levels
    6. Miscellaneous
    | Foreword |
    I don't really expect much of a movie tie-in game. Usually they are just made
    quickly to get some cheap bucks off of people who enjoyed the movie.
    That being said, this game isn't half bad. It's only particularly big downfalls
    are the gimpy camera and the lack of any real difficulty. I suppose the movie
    is more geared towards younger audiences anyway, so I suppose the difficulty
    isn't uncalled for.
    The cool parts of the game are the soundtrack (gotta love orchestra) and world
    itself. Beating people up with Minotaurs is pretty sweet.
    | 360 Controls |
    As I only have the 360 version, I am writing what the controls are for this
    system. I assume the button scheme is essentially the same for the PS3.
    360 Controls
    LT/RT - Block
    LB/RB - Aim
    X - Light Attack
    Y - Change Character
    B - Action (Often used for picking up objects)
    A - Heavy Attack
    Left Stick - Move
    Right Stick - Control Camera
    Start - Pause/Objective Display/Options
    Each character gets a different set of moves. If you have a bow then you can
    use it by aiming and doing an attack (light=1 arrow, heavy=3). If you have a
    hook you can toss it by pressing the heavy attack button at a hooking point
    (shown by a hook sign that rotates). Some characters, the large ones to be
    precide, can use their heavy attack to destroy objects.
    | Items |
    There aren't too many items in this game, so it won't be difficult to
    understand them all.
    -Armor peices
    Throughout the game you'll find silver, gold, and rarely purple armor peices.
    Each of these boost your armor level. The armor level is visible under your
    characters portrait in the top left of the screen. You start with red, then
    silver, gold, and finally blue.
    Along with armor peices you'll often find keys. You'll need these to open the
    various chests found throughout the game. At first you might think that you
    need to search for these keys, but in reality its quite easy to get them. Since
    keys respawn when you come back to an area you can just take advantage of this
    oversight. Replay the first level and keep running in and out of the main
    courtyard to get as many as you need.
    While armor peices increase your armor level, these refill your total health.
    Your health is shown under your portrait to the bottom-left.
    -Glowing Weapons
    Occasionally as you play you'll find a glowing weapon on the ground. You can
    pick these up and use them to do more damage than normal. You'll drop them when
    doing things like pulling levers or opening chests.
    Throughout the game you'll come across chests. These are what make 100%
    completion of the game difficult. These will be scattered about levels, often
    hidden, and will require you use keys to open them. Opening a chest unlocks
    bonus content that you can access at the level-selection screen. If you follow
    the guide closely I detail where every single chest in the game is.
    | Cair Paravel [CAP01]|
    At the start you are given a Dwarf, a Centaur, a Minotaur, and a Satyr. First
    go to the western part of the castle and switch to the Dwarf by facing him and
    pressing Y. Use the grappling hook on the wall (remember to rotate clockwise,
    not counterclockwise) and activate the lever up there. Go back down and have
    the Minotaur pick up the gear that you just lowered and put it in the slot to
    the right. This will open up a little area south that holds some keys and gems.
    To the eastern side of the wall you'll find another gear. Switch to the Satyr
    and use his bow to shoot it down. Switch back to the Minotaur and move the gear
    into place a bit to the west. If you have enough keys there is a chest nearby
    here in the corner.
    From here you can go to four different areas to complete seperate objectives.
    - Find Susan's Horn
    As soon as you finish loading and watch the cutscene, will be a chest behind
    you. Open it up for treasure.
    Move on to some stairs. Kill the soldiers atop them. On the left there will be
    another treasure chest, open it, then go the other way on the alcove. The
    guards will notice you and you'll be forced to fight them. You'll need to beat
    up the guards and archers while shooting at the ropes holding the chandelier
    Once you've shot all the ropes you'll move down to where a chest is and you'll
    have to defeat all the Telmarines before they open the chest themselves. Once
    you've defeated them all move south to another chest you can open, then go back
    up to the chest.
    Pick up the shining wooden object and move it to the left. Then pick up the
    weight and move it to its rightful position over to the right. Proceed to open
    the chest and complete the objective.
    -Destroy the Telmarines' War Machines
    As soon as you get out of the front gate you're greeted with a large battle. As
    the Minotaur, go find the giant and get on his back by pressing Y. Once aboard
    you need to go around and find the Talmarine's siege weapons and destroy them.
    This is made fairly easy by using the mini-map on the bottom left corner of the
    screen. The green arrow will point you to where the machines are.
    After destroying the first machine go east a bit to find a chest. If you have 4
    keys feel free to open it for some treasure. Next, you'll make your way east to
    a bridge. Here the giant you were riding will fall through the bridge and
    you'll need to bo back and find another giant to pick him up. Once you find
    another giant just run back up to the bridge and pick him up with B.  Once
    you've picked him up go up a bit and push down the rock to create a makeshift
    bridge. A bit north of the 2nd machine is a chest with some Narnia treasure.
    Open it up if you have 3 keys.
    Go back west towards the next machine only to have your giant pinned down by
    some archers. Run a bit more west past the machine for one more chest. Defeat
    the archers and destroy the last machine to complete this objective.
    -Sink the Telmarines' Fleet
    To start this objective you need to go up the stairs that end in the tunnel
    that only the dwarf can access. Have the dwarf go through the hole and then
    open the gate.
    First, pick up the weight in the middle of the court and rest it on the pulley
    that is above the stairs a bit north. Then move down to the pavillion to
    activated a cutscene where most of the court is destroyed. This will allow you
    to go to the area behind the glass that has another chest (3 keys).
    Next, move out through the gate you opened with the weight. After the cutscene,
    push down the lever to the left of the stairs to get some keys. Proceed to kill
    soldiers until their leader comes. Defeat him and the griffon will land.
    Before moving on you should probably open up the chests to the north, south,
    and east.
    After riding the griffon you need to use the ballista to destroy the first
    telmarine ship. After the first ship is destroyed the griffon will pick you up,
    get attacked by archers, and drop you off. Now you need to kill some more
    archers before moving on. They are scattered along the edges of the courtyard,
    you'll easily identify them as they have a red dot over their head.
    Once the archers are down another leader will come that you have to defeat.
    Beat him down, kill some more soldiers, and then get back on the gryphon. He'll
    drop you off to some more ballistas. Use them to destroy the boats while
    defeating any Telmarines that get in your way. Make sure to grab the chest a
    little south of the ballistas. Destroy the last boats and the objective is
    -Protect the Battlements
    To start the objective you need to go up the stairs blocked by the cart. Open
    the gate using the Satyr's bow and move on. Once again a giant has been pinned
    down by some archers. Grab barrels laying around, hold LB to aim, and launch
    them at the archers. Some soldiers will try and annoy you, make sure to defeat
    them between throwing. Make sure to grab the chest all the way to the left
    before saving the giants.
    Once enough archers are defeated you'll get to ride the giants again and this
    time you'll need to do some payback. Since the giants are pretty slow you might
    find it a bit easier to dismount the giants and defeat them by foot. Once all
    the archers are defeated the objective is completed.
    - Escape from Cair Paravel
    Once you've completed the first four objectives you'll need to escape the
    castle. As the minotaur, go find a giant who's pinned down by archers, save
    him, and hop on. Move over to the main gate and close it.
    After this you see a cutscene with another leader that you'll need to go beat
    up. After defeating him you'll need to kill some soldiers to get a gryphon to
    land, and once it does land you'll jump on to escape. This concludes the
    |Ruins of Cair Paravel [RCP01] |
    After another movie cutscene you'll find yourself with Peter, Susan, Edmund,
    and Lucy. Peter, being the tallest and largest one, is the character you'll
    want to move around as most because he can move and destroy most of the objects
    at the start.
    -Scale the Cliffs
    After moving towards the cliffs you'll be given a short cutscene. Proceed to
    make your way to the left to find a chest behind some tree branches. Use some
    heavy hits to destroy them and get the treasure.
    Move all the way to the leftmost side of the beach to find a cave blocked off
    by some rocks. Use the rocks blocking the path to create a pathway through the
    water a bit south of the cave. Once you've moved all five rocks into the path
    you can go across and open another chest. Now go inside the cave and get
    another cutscene. 
    -Find the Grappling Hook
    Once inside you'll have to avoid being caught in any of the wind or else your
    torch will go out and bats will mutilate you, quite unlike in real life.
    In any case, run through the cave bit by bit while avoiding the wind. If your
    torch gets blown out make sure to run to the nearest fire. As your progress in
    the cave you'll find piles of wood you can light up so that you can run back to
    them in case your fire goes out. About halfway through the cave you'll find a
    chest in plain sight. Open it for more treasure.
    Soon after you'll find a patch of wind that you have to block by pushing over a
    pillar. Pass this and you'll find a door that you need to close to block more
    wind. Destroy some barrels over to the left and pick up the missing lever.
    Magically put it into place (IGNORE PHYSICS) and then push the lever. Door
    closes, move on. 
    Go all the way down and before the turn you'll find another chest awaiting you.
    Turn the corner and you'll find another pillar that you need to push down. Do
    so, dodge the next bit of wind, and then you're greeted with another missing
    lever. Go up the nearby stairs, drop your torch, and pick up a barely visible
    lever on the ground. Return it to its rightful spot and push the lever,
    revealing another treasure chest.
    Go back up for your torch and move on. You'll have to carefully dodge some
    bursts of wind again. You'll come to a door that can be lit up on the side.
    You'll have to make your way through the wind and reignite your torch on the
    other side. You'll see another chest in visible sight, open it up for the hook
    to finish this mission.
    -Scale the Cliffs Pt. 2
    At the first action point you see while traveling east along the beach, use the
    hook you just found to scale the cliff a bit. You'll find a chest inside.
    Continue on all the way east and throw the hook again. You'll be given another
    -Explore the Ruins
    Before going anywhere immediately turn right and keep going till you reach some
    brambles. Destroy them and open the chest behind.
    Right past the initial walls you can climb the stairs to the right to grab some
    extra keys, if you need them. Climb the stairs to the left and you'll soon find
    a big boulder that you can push. Push it over and you get some bonus content
    (don't ask me why).
    Go further in the ruins and go up on the stairs to the left that have armor
    peices leading up them. Once up the stairs go left a bit and you'll find a
    chest behind a tree that takes 5 keys to open (you have been picking up those
    keys, right?). Continue over to the right to a hidden door that you'll open and
    go inside.
    -Find the Pevensies' Gifts
    As soon as you get in you'll find a pit filled with bugs. You'll need to grab a
    torch over to the left to keep them away. As soon as you get in the pit go to
    the left  to find the missing lever peice. Repair the lever and pull it, you'll
    move up a block to the left. Now pull the left lever, you'll activate a bridge
    to go across the bridge.
    Cross the bridge and immediately go left, passing over the block you moved.
    You'll find another chest. Open it and move on.
    You're given a short cutscene and you'll now have some weapons. From here there
    are three different paths: left for Peter's Sword and Shield, through the pots
    for Lucy's Cordial, and right for the Bow. I'll detail going left first.
    As soon as you go in go to the left, not going down the steps, and pull the
    first lever. Next you'll need another torch to go through the pit to the second
    lever. Once you've reached the second lever you can go a bit further to
    opposite side of the pit to step on a stone that will open the gate blocking
    some keys. Finally, run back up to the first lever and run past it till you
    reach the final lever. This will open up the path to the chest. Go through the
    pit to the chest and open it, once done you'll go back to the junction room.
    Now you'll go to the right side. You'll need a torch to step on the stone
    without being hurt. Once inside move over to the left to another set of
    stepping stones. Sit on the stone until your sister reaches the other one and a
    bridge will appear.
    You'll move forward to find another bug-pit. Make sure you have a torch on hand
    and move on in. Theres a lever immediately to the right of the stairs that will
    activate some other steps. Pull that and then move a bit further into the pit
    where you will find another chest.
    Move up the stairs that you activated and attack the little arrow signs, you'll
    destroy some ropes holding a statue. Move back into the pit, choose your sister
    for play, and now aim at the other two arrow points and do a light attack to
    throw daggers at them (you'll have to drop your torch to throw the daggers).
    This will allow the statue to fall thereby creating a new bridge to the chest
    with the bow.
    Next, for the cordial, you'll need to destroy the pots at the junction and go
    through. Immediately upon entering go left and search for a torch. Proceed the
    opposite direction to find a fire and light your torch. Yes, there is another
    As soon as you get in the bug-pit go straight to the right and find another
    chest that is somewhat hidden to your view. It'll cost 7 keys, so hopefully
    you've been keeping up with picking those up.
    Going left from the stairs you'll find another broken lever. The missing peice
    is right next to a pot nearby, pick it up and repair. Pull the lever and you'll
    see a platform rise next to where you picked up the first torch (to the left of
    the entrance). Go back up to the new platform and step on the block, your
    sister should step on the other one activating another set of blocks. Do the
    same on these and you'll activate the stairs to the treasure.
    -Explore the Ruins Pt. 2
    Once you have all three treasures you'll find yourself back outside... and
    suddenly everyone has some old garb on. Don't ask me.
    Assume command as peter again and go down the steps, following along the wall.
    You should come to a part of the wall thats broken up. Here you need to use the
    hook, but in a special fashion. You need to be a certain distance away from the
    wall, throw the hook, DO NOT MOVE, and then press B to pull it down. Once done
    you'll find another chest behind it.
    Move on to the ruins ahead for another cutscene. You'll now need to find these
    round objects to put into the holes in the ground. Luckily the map marks where
    they are for you. The first one is to the left next to a pot. Make sure when
    you pick it up that when you want to set it down the action sign shows up, or
    else you'll just toss it. Put the first object in the leftmost hole. Now you'll
    find the other object to the right in some grass, pick it up and put it in the
    third hole. You'll end up knocking over a pillar that breaks the glass, which
    you can now pass through.
    -Rescue Trumpkin
    You'll get a short cutscene and now you'll need to save Trumpkin.
    First things first, on the right side of the beach theres an upturned boat.
    Above the boat is an arrow mark, aim in it's direction and shoot some arrows.
    You'll knock rocks onto the boat and get a bonus. A bit south of the boat
    you'll find a glowing bow, you might want to pick it up.  On the left side of
    the beach you'll find a chest alongside the wall, open it for treasure. You'll
    find another chest a bit south of it. Go ALL THE WAY SOUTH and use Peter to
    destroy some bramble. Pick up the glowing rock and put it in the glowing rock
    spot. You'll now have a pathway to the last chest.
    Now that you have everything you need, go to the high point in the middle of
    the beach and take out some archers by aiming and shooting with the bow. The
    light shot will do one accurate arrow and the heavy shot will do a volley of
    shots that usually don't hit anything. I personally suggest using the single
    shot. You can quickly get rid of the large portion of archers in the backend of
    their beach by hitting the archer mark that appears a bit above them.
    Once all the archers are defeated you'll get another cutscene. Now you have to
    take out the archers with something more "heavy". Now, you might think "Oh,
    barrels are heavy!" They sure are heavy, but you walk slower than a snail and
    you'll get hit by arrows a ton before finishing off a boat. Instead, pick up
    the hand-sized rocks on the beach. Yes, you can pick those up. You'll find a
    bunch on the shore, make sure to aim before throwing. Make sure to destroy the
    left boat first for the fastest completion.
    Once both of the boats are ridded of their archers they will sink. Now, if you
    destroyed the right boat last, you'll have a grappling hook action sign appear
    over the boat in the middle of the river. Throw a hook over, DO NOT MOVE, and
    begin pulling it in. Once pulled in you'll save Trumpkin and get a cutscene.
    After the cutscene get on the boat in front of you and you'll get another
    cutscene as you cross the river.
    -A Path through the Woods
    Now you'll find yourselve on the other side of the beach. Apparently theres
    some BEARS, OH MY GOD GET IN THE BOAT!... Well, you kinda need to get through
    the forest so Peter and Trumpkin must now "scout" a path through. Assume
    control of Trumpkin and go through the tunnel at the upper left corner of the
    beach. Once at the top you'll see a branch you can use, use it and push over
    some rocks thereby opening a path to the forest.
    Suddenly the bear will come after you in the cutscene... only to be trapped.
    How convienient! Now you must lure the bears into traps that are scattered
    about as you make your way through the forest. First things first, go straight
    right after the trapped bear and control Trumpkin. You'll need to go through
    another tunnel that leads up some rocks. Up top you can move the boulders,
    pushing them off and onto the ground. Use these boulders to create a path
    across the river directly ahead of the trapped bear. Theres another rock right
    next to the path itself and one more on the island in the middle to complete
    the bridge.
    Once across you'll find yourself pitted against an agitated bear. Now the game
    tells you that bears can cause great damage to you with their charge... or they
    can greatly damage the environment. Hmm... Well, run behind the tree as the
    bear is charging you and you'll get a knocked down tree. Run to the brambles
    and you'll get destroyed brambles. Have him run at the next set of brambles...
    and he'll get caught. Switch to Trumpkin in the area behind the first set of
    brambles and have him crawl through the nearby tunnel, there's a chest up top.
    Now, going back to the spot where the tree fell and opened up a path, move
    forward here. You'll find another bear behind some rocks. Pick up the rocks to
    wake him up and open a path for him. Directly south of him you'll find  two
    sets of wood to break through (there will be another bit of wood that goes off
    the path, thats just for two extra keys). Have the bear break through.
    You'll get another cutscene and apparently you can't cross over the tree even
    though it looks perfectly safe. Instead, throw a hook over the little ledge and
    climb up. Go a bit further along and you'll find another hooking point. Go up
    and you'll find another bear. Hit him a bit to wake him up and then lure him to
    cross over the tree. He'll fall down. Get down yourself and have him break up
    the brambles for some more keys and then break up the wood to the right of the
    hooking point. Once past the wood you should have that bear trapped.
    Now you can run further in to find another bear behind some rocks. Pick up a
    rock and toss it at the bear to wake him up. Bring him down to the brambles you
    probably saw earlier and have him break through. Then quickly run up to where
    he was sleeping. There will be another set of rocks blocking the way and a bear
    behind them. Now, as the other bear breaks through the rocks and the first bear
    is coming after you you'll have to make sure not to get hit by either.
    Once the barrier is broken through run to the other side. The first bear should
    now be trapped. Have the other bear break through the wood on the rightmost
    path and keep on running while having him chase you. That should end the
    traveling through the woods and give you another very long movie cutscene.
    | Miraz's Castle Infiltration [MCI01 |
    Destroy the barrels and whatnot around you to find some glowing items. Pick the
    two items up and put them in their corresponding areas in the bottom left
    corner. Turn the right part and you'll magically make a stairway appear. Up on
    the second floor you can make a door open by arrowing above it and another open
    by standing in a glowing panel. Depending on which one you go in you'll have a
    different mission.
    -Defeat The Castle Guards
    **Make sure to look to the right before you enter into either of the missions.
    For this mission there is a stairway right before the opening that has chests.
    Down the stairs use Trumpkin to go through the tunnel. Have him stand on the
    glowing panel to open the gate for other players to get down. Then pull the
    lever over to the left. Run back over to the right and turn the turn-wheel.
    You'll notice a ring in the circle spinning until it is depressed. Go run over
    to the lever and pull it and then back to the turn-wheel to depress a different
    ring each time. Once you've done every ring the bottom right gate will open.
    Go inside the area you just opened and open the chest. Now pull the nearby
    lever. You'll unlock the area from before you went down the stairs. Go back up
    to that area and open the visible chest. Now run over to the tower to the left
    and climb up the rope. There is one more chest up the tower. Now you're good to
    Once you've gone past the open gate you have to defeat a couple guards. Put
    them down quickly and then destroy some barrels in the right corner. Find the
    shiny item and put it in the shiny spot. Now instead of using the B button to
    utilize the completed object, you'll be turning it by walking into it. Make
    sure to push it clockwise to get it to move. Once you're done the bridge to the
    right should be open for walking. Note: You might want to pick up that glowing
    purple sword on the ground for the next part.
    On the bridge use Caspian to shoot the arrow marker above the gate to open it.
    Once beyond the gate guards will begin to ring bells. Theres one bell on top
    and one below. Quickly run to the guard ringing the one on top and defeat him
    while taking out anyone in your way, and then run to the bottom guard.
    Hopefully none of the guards will replace the ones you just beat to ring the
    Once the guards are defeated you'll need to run down to the bottom and destroy
    random barrels and what not. There should be two glowing items: a lever part
    and a turn-wheel. Put them in their respective locations on the second floor.
    Pull the lever and then twist the wheel. The gate should open for you.
    Once you head on across the bridge you'll go up a tower and face more guards
    ringing bells. This time theres only one bell on the bottom floor. Quickly
    locate the steps (this might be a little hard, they are somewhat hidden but
    just keep on running around till you find 'em) and go down. Find the bell and
    beat up any guard that tries to use it. Defeat every wave of guards until they
    stop coming.
    Once the guards are all defeated look for glowing platforms on the top floor.
    Step on each. Now use Caspian to shoot arrows above the doors to open them.
    There should be a turn-wheel and a large cog. Pick them up and put them into
    their respective slots. Turn the turn-wheel and the lift will be activated. Go
    up using the lift and use the lever to open up some door.
    Now go look around the top floor until you find a spot to use your arrows.
    You'll be taking this bridge down to cross. Once you shoot both arrows with
    Caspian switch back to Peter to grappling hook the bridge. Pull it down and
    cross it.
    Once across you have another set of guards to put down. Go down to the lower
    floor to take out any guard who wants to use the bell. Go up to the top floor
    and scout around for a chest. After opening the chest look for some glowing
    panels to step on, step on one with one of your characters and the other will
    step on the other. This will conclude this objective.
    Defeat the sentires on the walls
    -Defeat the Sentries in the turrents
    To start this objective you need to use the lever at the top floor. Once used
    you'll open a door over to the right. Go through it.
    Keep heading over the bridge. In the next area there will be two tiles on the
    upper floor and two tiles on the bottom floor. Pick up these tiles and place
    them on the little tile picture on the bottom floor. Don't worry about correct
    arrangement, the game will only let you drop the tile in the correct spot.
    There will be some guards that attack on the bottom floor so defeat them. Once
    the tiles are placed step on the glowing tile and go through the gate.
    You'll then go on some gryphons that will take you to another area with some
    sentrys. Open the chest in visible sight and then throw a hook up one tower,
    defeat the guard up top and do the same for the next tower. Go down and remount
    the gryphons.
    Go up to the next spot to land. As soon as you land go up the stairs to the
    guard using the bell. Kill him and any other guards that oppose you. Once they
    are finished off back up a bit from the bell and toss a hook. Climb up the
    tower for two more chests. Go back to where you were dropped off and get back
    on the gryphon.
    Follow the green arrow on the mini to the next location. Drop down, guard both
    the bells on the top floor, clear all soldiers, and get back on the gryphons.
    At the next location you'll be racing for time. As soon as you get off the
    gryphon go to the lever on the top floor (should be north-ish). Pull the lever
    and then walk over to the platform to the left. The gate should now open.
    Quickly run up the stairs inside and defeat the guard who is using the bell.
    From here just kill any other guards. Return to your gryphons and mount.
    Fly to the next location on the minimap. Dismount, as soon as you do so run
    over to the upper left wall and throw a hook. Hopefully the guards don't
    interrupt you. Once on the upper floor run all along it till you reach the
    guard using the bell. Take him out and then do the same with the rest of the
    guards. Remount the gryphons.
    Go to the last area. You'll initiate a fight with a special warrior. Goad him
    up to the wooden spot below the bell. He should destroy the wood and the fight
    will end. You'll get another cutscene and the objective will be complete.
    -Break Into Miraz's Chamber
    To start the objective you need to go up to the top floor and go through the
    section of the castle that you haven't gone in yet. You'll know its the right
    one if you get a new cutscene.
    Now you'll be inside the professors chambers. In the middle of the room there
    will be a marble maze. Use the top button to move the marbles up, the right one
    for right, left for left, down for down. Once both of the marbles have reach
    their appropriate locations in the bottom of the table the puzzle will be
    Now go down the stairs to the lower area. There will be a chest up ahead, in
    plain sight. Open it up for treasure first. To the left of the chest should be
    a turn-wheel peice. Pick it up and put it in its slot a little ways back. After
    turn it it will open up a orb pedestal. Hit the orb down. Pick up orb and the
    two "marbles" from earlier and put them in their respective locations in the
    room over to the right. A new pathway will be opened.
    As soon as you get in you can go up to a painting and destroy it. Behind the
    painting is a chest. Go back the other direction to a doorway that you have to
    hook and pull. Going through begins the mission to resque Cornelius.
    -Rescue Cornelius from the Dungeons
    After the cutscene go down the stairs. On the southern side of the bottom floor
    there is a chest. Find it and open it. There is also a weight near the chest,
    take the weight and drop it on one of the tiles east of you. Step on the other
    tile and wait for the last character to step on the other tile. The gate will
    open and you can get some free items. There is also a gate on the other side of
    the room that you open by standing on a tile.
    Once you are done shoot the arrow sign above the door. You'll activate a fight
    with a large guard. Your goal is to have him charge you into the large box
    nearby the door. As soon as he goes in the fight is over.
    Go on to the next room. Have the guards run into the cages, theres one on each
    side (they are the black metal cages). After they are in its time to explore. 
    On the very right there is a door you open by pulling down a chain. Inside is a
    chest. The door below that you is opened by shooting an arrow above it. Inside
    is a lever that drops a chandelier and a turnwheel peice. Put the peice in the
    correct spot over to the left of where it dropped. Turn the wheel to open the
    left door and get the chest and lever peice inside Return the lever to its
    location in the eastern part of the room. Pull the lever. Now pull the left
    lever and the door to the next room will open.
    In the next room you're given another two guards. Guide them into hitting the
    pillars holding up Cornelius in his cage. Once each pillar has been hit the
    fight is over and you get a cutscene.
    -Break Into Miraz's Chamber Pt. 2
    Cheese left of bookcase, next to first chest, up stairs
    Back in the hallway you want to go the opposite way. Go up till you can turn
    left and do so. Go up the stair to the right and keep going. Eventually you'll
    dead end. Shoot the arrow point up here to drop a chandelier. There's also a
    yellow block peice behind the barrels a bit before the shooting point. Pick it
    up and go down the steps. Across from the bottom of the steps is a little area
    where you can drop it off.
    Go back to the Cornelius's study and pick up a yellow block next to his bed (to
    the left) and another one over by the first chest. Put these blocks into the
    same space you put the first one. Once completed you'll get more bonus content.
    Go beyond the area where you put the yellow blocks in and turn left. You'll now
    enter the mission to Rescue Edmun and Trumpkin
    -Rescue Edmund and Trumpkin
    Defeat the guards in the first room and make sure you kill anyone using the
    bell. Theres a chest in the right side of the room, open it. Now theres some
    chains to pull down at the opposite side of the room from the entrance to open
    the door to the next room.
    In the next room there will be waves of guards while guards try to ring the
    bells on the second floor on the right and left side. Since you can't get up
    you have to arrow them from the ground, make sure to go to the opposite side of
    the guard you are shooting to get a clear shot. Clear all the guards and then
    open the chest over to the right. Then turn the turnstile in them middle of the
    room clockwise to open the door to the next room.
    A guard will suddenly pop out of the door and face you. Get him to run into the
    door three times to break it open. Move on to the next area.
    Up at the top of the tower you'll meet Edmund and Trumpkin fighting some
    guards. If a large guard comes up you need to ring a bell as he passed by it to
    take him down. Push down some weight-things at three corners (the area that
    Edmund and Trumpkin are fighting in doesn't have one). Once you push them all
    down defeat all the soldiers and ring all the bells. This will conclude the
    mission to save them.
    -Break Into Miraz's Chamber Pt. 3
    You'll be back into the hallways. Go back to the hallway past the stairway. Go
    up and get control of Trumpkin. A bit before the guards guarding the door is a
    hole on the right side that Trumpkin can roll into. After you go inside the
    hole a cutscene activates and you make your way into the chamber.
    | Miraz's Castle Assault [MCA01]|
    After the cutscene you'll be put into a new courtyard. The goal here will be to
    lower a drawbridge and open the gate to escape the castle.There is one chest up
    on an alcove to the left, accessible by a small character. Another chest is to
    the bottom right of the courtyard, open it. Right next to the chest is a
    hooking point. Throw a hook and begin pulling. Go up the stairs to start the
    drawbridge mission.
    -Lower the Drawbridge
    Once inside there will be a lever. Pull it to create a stairway. Continue on.
    There will be a bridge you'll need to hook. Then, you'll find a door where the
    rat has to jump from side to side on to open. There's a tunnel a little ways
    past that you'll need to go into next. Go down and have Trumpkin create a
    bridge with the hook. Go a bit further and you should activate some blocks back
    up on the upper floor. Go through the hole here to get to another chest.
    Go back up to the second floor. At the blocks you activated, have the rat jump
    up them using whatever button is displayed for each jump. If successful you'll
    open a door to the lever room.
    Inside there will be guards. Clear them out and then open the chest on the left
    side of the room. Once you got the chest have one character step on a pad on
    the left (its hard to see) to lift a character to the levers. Continue to pull
    the levers in whatever order until all four are down (sorry, I don't know the
    particular trick to this, just keep trying).
    Once you have all four levers down you should see a cutscene with the
    portcullis opening. Go back outside and run along the wall until you come to
    the hole that was originally blocked by portcullis. Go down and then have
    Trumpkin make a bridge. Go inside the room to the left.
    Once inside clear out the guards. Destroy some stuff in the upper left corner
    to reveal a magical plaque that will activate some blocks for the rat to step
    on once you step over it. Theres another one of these plaques to right that you
    can reach after destroying more stuff. Now go south till you go outside. Theres
    a chest out here so open it before moving on.
    Back inside go up the stairs in the top right to get a gear and put it into
    place in the middle of the room. Now as the rat go over to the right and jump
    on the wall and press the corresponding buttons displayed to jump up. Once all
    the way up you'll drop down the other gear. Pick it up and put it into place.
    Now some guards will come in. Clear them and push the turnstile clockwise to
    finish the mission.
    -Raise the Portcullis
    To start this mission arrow a point above a staircase opposite to the staircase
    you went up for the drawbridge mission. Proceed to step on the plate it opens
    up for you. The door above the staircase will open. Go inside.
    Once inside shoot arrows at every point available. You should have dropped one
    necessary turning peice already. There should be a key from the boxes destroyed
    in the top right corner. Use it to open the chest to the right and get the
    other peice you need. Place it and turn the turn-wheel to go up a floor.
    On the next floor there is a chest to the bottom left, open it. On the top left
    is the broken lever peice, pick it up and repair the lever. Pull one of the
    levers (the other character should be pulling the opposite one). Try to time
    your pulling between waves of enemies. You'll need to pull the levers twice to
    move on.
    -Assault Miraz's Castle
    At first you'll have two minotaurs. Open the chest on the right side and then
    get to killing soldiers. Once enough soldiers are killed you'll have to defend
    the counterweights at either side of the entry way. Clear some waves of
    soldiers till it lets you move on.
    On the next part you'll be given a giant to ride. First head over to the door
    on the upper right part of the courtyard. Theres a chest to the left of it.
    Then go up the stairs to the right of the door and go left for another chest.
    Use the giant to destroy the opening before the chest by pulling on a pillar.
    Go back down and go all the way to the left of the courtyard to find a chest
    against a wall. Go up to the furthest point in the courtyard and block off that
    opening by pulling over a pillar again.
    -Pursue Miraz
    Now you'll have Peter and a Minotaur. Climb up a hooking to the left. Go right,
    throw a hook. Go up, destroy a blockage with the minotaur and climb down. Kill
    the annoying guy and destroy stuff in the very right corner. You should find a
    turn-wheel (it might be obscured). Put it in its slot and turn it. Go
    immediately left for another cutscene.
    -Save Cornelius (Again!)
    After the cutscene you'll be in some stables. Run through and arrow the point
    above the door. You'll now be in a fight with a armored soldier. Beat him and
    you'll then have Cornelius back. Now in the room the lever to the right will
    open the right door and the lever to the left will open the left door. I'll go
    left first in this walkthrough.
    When inside shoot the arrow point immediately shown to you. This will open the
    way to an area with a weight, bring this weight over to the right. The other
    weight will be in the bottom right pit, bring it to the horse stable as well.
    Once both are in place the horse will be free to ride. There is also a lever to
    the bottom right that will activate some bonus content when pulled.
    In the right room there is a lever right below you as you enter. Pull it. Pull
    the lever in the room below that you just opened up, get the chest. Then go
    through the top and down to the lever you blocked off. Go use the lever above
    you now. You should have free'd the horse.
    Now after killing the soldiers go out and to the right to climb up a rope to
    the second floor. Arrow the column to knock it over. Run past the column to
    pull a lever. Now go back to the column to go across and run down this alcove
    to another lever to pull. Go back to the other side and go to the rope near the
    lever. Go down. There should be a turn-wheel for you to pick up at the bottom
    of the rope. Place it over to the left and kill the guards that come after you.
    Turn the wheel to open the door. Don't bother looking for the horse, just exit
    and get the next cutscene.
    | Aslan's How [ASH01] |
    In this mission you're started out with Caspian and Peter. From here on out you
    might want to consider that Caspian will interact the most with the environment
    (since he has the bow) while Peter is a bit better at melee.
    -Beach Aslan's How
    Defeat Telmarines as you make your way forward in the stage. Keep a note of the
    left wall. Eventually you'll reach a spot where theres a chest blocked by some
    wood. Get Caspian to shoot the arrow marker above to get access to the chest.
    Continue further and there will be some more soldiers and a flag bearer. You'll
    need to take out that flag bearer, but just move over to the cliff with the
    hook marker first. Before moving ahead, make sure that there isn't a flaming
    arrow volley coming. You can tell by the arrow marker showing up on the top of
    the screen. Throw up a hook and grab the chest atop and move on.
    You'll need to completely avoid the arrows, getting caught in them is almost
    instant death and your shield is useless. You can hide underneath the wooden
    battlements to prevent any damage. Just time your running so you go between
    Soon enough you'll reach the flag-bearer and his guards. SLAY THEM ALL. Go
    right, nearby that wooden battlement before the bearer, and open the chest
    there. You may want to pick up the glowing sword for Peter and the bow for
    Caspian before continuing on. Your next objective will read "find a route into
    the camp".
    Move forward for another cutscene. Ignore the battlements to the right and move
    forward to the destroyable bramble. Continue up the hill, killing all soldiers,
    until you reach a chest and a large boulder. Open the chest and then push down
    the boulder.
    Go back down the hill and enter the encampment. You'll notice a perma-volley of
    arrows ahead so you'll have to choose another path. Go over to the right and
    up. You'll find another flag bearer to beat down. End his short life and open
    the chest to the right.
    Go back to the area that used to be showered by arrows and you'll find it quite
    open. Throw a hook up the cliff and climb up to find the next flag bearer and
    another chest. Beat him up and get your treasure. Get back down and move on.
    ALRIGHT a huge war scene. I bet you've been waiting for this. The objective
    here is to defeat three flag-bearers in the large fight. There is one npc who
    seems to carry a flag in the large fight, kill him if you want but I'm not sure
    if it matters. Run all the way across the battlefield till you read the rock
    wall. On the left side use Caspian to kill all the guards except for the flag
    bearer, or else you can't hook up to them. Get up there and kill the first
    bearer. Now go to the right side (defined by the large corridor blocked off by
    arrows) and kill the guards/scale. Kill the bearer up there. Don't go down
    right after, there is a movable block to the left. Move it and kill the bearer
    beyond it.
    With all three bearers dead the passageway will open up. Moreover, an area at
    the beginning of the battlefield (east-ish) will now be opened up. Go back
    there to get a chest before moving on.
    -Explore Aslan's How
    I didn't even know what a "How" was before this. I'm still not sure if its a
    real geographical location or just something made up. I don't particularly care
    to find out.
    In any case you get a quick cutscene where Aslan will make a noise and the girl
    will be like "I FEEL HIM!" Yeah. Well, we heard him. Don't need to go all
    psychic on us when we have ears.
    Ranting aside (I just ranted twice, didn't I?) your new goal is to find the
    entrance to the stone table room.
    Go forward. In the next room use the turn-wheel to position the bridge and then
    the lever to lower it. Beyond the bridge go up to the brambles and break
    through them. Destroy the items inside and find the turn-wheel peice. Move over
    the opposite direction from the brambles to find where it belongs. After
    placing it, use it. Now use Caspian and step on the foot panels to the right.
    Shoot arrows into every hole that each foot panel opens while being stepped on.
    After all three are lit you'll open the door. Behind it is the missing lever
    peice. Use it to repair the lever and drop the bridge. Pass the bridge and go
    right. There is a passage opened by having two characters pull the chains. Get
    the lever peice inside and return it to the bridge the opposite direction. Pass
    the bridge and destroy the pottery around there. You should find a turn-wheel.
    Return it to its slot and turn it. Now use the lever and you have another
    Beyond the bridge you'll find a chest immediately to your left. Continue on to
    the next room and open the chest to the left. In front of you will be two
    levers and four sets of four blocks. The blocks in front of you are meant to
    take the shape of people and the levers are used to move certain blocks. Only
    the second and third of the blocks can be moved, so focus on those areas to
    match up with the top and bottom. The right lever moves the second lowest block
    and the left lever moves the one above it.
    Once completed you'll move in and get a new cutscene. Now you're given a boss
    fight. First, you might want to grab the chest to the left. Now you'll have to
    fight the gnome and the werewolf. Every time you beat both the gnome and the
    werewolf back the werewolf will howl and some rocks will drop down, leaving a
    rock on the ground. You pick up this rock and throw it at the spellcaster in
    the middle. Three throws will beat the first part.
    Now both the werewolf and the gnome will come at once. When you beat them down
    they will stay down. Proceed to pick up rocks and throw them at the spellcaster
    while dodging the fire she will throw. Two or three throws should end the fight
    You'll now be at the beginning of the how. The passageway right is open, so go
    through. Use the bow to shoot the two arrow points and then turn the
    turn-wheel. You should now have a completed bridge. Use Trumpkin and go through
    the tunnel to the left. You will find a treasure chest on the other side. There
    will also be a gear sitting on the ground to the right and a place to put it
    in. Return it and go back through the tunnel. Now you can go through the tunnel
    to the right for another treasure chest.
    Once you have all the treasure go up to the door and step on a panel. Once a
    character is on each panel the door will open. Inside the next room is another
    turning-lever puzzle. Just turn the turn-wheel and use the lever, and then
    repeat. Do this until the puzzle is complete (you'll reveal a staircase).
    -Help Lucy Find Aslan
    Go down the staircase and you'll get a cutscene. In this new room pick up the
    lever peice in the center of the room and return it to the lever up ahead.
    Continue on to get outside. As soon as you are outside go to the right and up a
    small bit to find another chest. Move back and shoot an arrow to agitate the
    soldiers on the other side. As they run around you shoot arrows at them until
    they die.
    Once they are dead you get another small cutscene. You can now pass over the
    barrier by pressing the action button as you run towards the barrier. Keep
    protecting Lucy from the archers as you pass over each barrier. There will be a
    chest to the left right before the area with the battlements, over to the left.
    Pass the battlements and go across the bridge for another fight. Take out
    cheiftan and the two archers up above. There will be a lever peice close to
    their door, pick it up and repair the lever to use. Once past the door you'll
    face a bunch of soldiers. Take them out.
    Once you are finished with them, climb up the bottom guard tower to find a
    chest. Move on to a turnstile in them middle of the encampment. Mount your
    horse and push it clockwise to open the next door.
    -Explore Aslan's How Pt. 2
    You'll be back in the cave once again. Go left this time. Use the turn wheel to
    get across the chasm. Go left before entering the tower to find a chest. Now,
    go into the tower and climb the first rope. Pull the lever over to the right
    and keep moving along until you reach the glowing plaque, it will activate the
    light reflector on your level once stepped on.
    Move down to the rope a bit below you. Since the camera is far away it might be
    hard to see the rope, but they put silver armor peices where each rope is so
    just look for those.
    Once you are up the second rope go to the right and turn the turn-wheel. You'll
    make a bridge to the right. Cross it and go up the next rope. Pull the lever
    you see and then go back down stairs to step on another plaque. Go back up and
    shoot some arrows to the left to lower another bridge. Step on the plaque here.
    Proceed up to the last level.
    Once again you'll get another multi-ring spinning puzzle. Turn the turn-wheel
    and pull the lever. Repeat this until completion. Now move to the opposite side
    of the top level and step on the glowing plaque to move the last reflecting
    mirror into place. You'll now get a cutscene.
    -Defeat Miraz
    Before fighting note that there is a chest to the bottom right. To beat Miraz
    you need to use some well-timed blocks. First use Peter to block his "special
    attack" (Miraz will make a noise like YREAHHHH" right as its about to hit. This
    will cause Miraz to get tired. While he is tired use the rat to climb on him
    (action button here) and take off his armor (tap a).
    Eventually he will start charging you. At this point you have to just dodge
    him. Once he misses a charge he will turn blue and will become susceptible to
    your attacks. Keep dodging and attacking until the fight is over. You'll get
    another long cutscene.
    | Battle of Beruna [BOB01] |
    -Defeat Gregoire
    First you'll need to kill the archers that are plaguing your soldiers. Keep on
    killing them even as they replace themselves. Keep care because Gregoire is
    following you around trying to kill you. I suggest using the bow to quickly
    take the archers out without moving to them. Eventually you will defeat all of
    the archers.
    Once the archers are dead its time to move onto Gregoire. First you'll be
    killing his soldiers protecting him (once again, Gregoire attacks you as you're
    doing this). Once you've killed enough of his soldiers you'll start fighting
    Gregoire himself.
    The way to beat Gregoire is simply to block a lot. You'll know when Gregoire is
    going to do his special attack as he will pull back his sword and yell out. If
    he does the charge special he won't be vulnerable.If he does the jumping
    special he will be vulnerble. Just keep blocking until he decides to special
    and move out of the way. Keep this up and the fight is an easy win.
    -Find a Way to The Cistern
    After the cutscene you'll be in a cave. Run over to the right to find a lever
    up a ramp. Pull it to activate half a bridge. On the bridge shoot the lions
    face with the arrow sign on it with Caspian to activate the other half of the
    bridge. Once across go immediately to the left as Caspian and go down a
    obscured hook. There's a chest down there.
    Now go the opposite direction, right, and destroy some boxes and whatnot to
    find a glowing panel. Stepping on it will open the door from before the bridge.
    Now, if you can see Aslans face above a door, shoot an arrow at it for some
    bonus content. To the left of the door there is a rope to climb up and another
    chest, go get it. Now go back across the bridge and go to the newly opened
    door. There's another chest here.
    Once you're done treasure hunting go across the bridge and destroy the brambles
    blocking the door to the left. Once you go through the door you'll be able to
    press the glowing panel slightly above you. This will activate some statues.
    Turn the turnwheels until each statue faces the other. This will open the door.
    -Destroy The Pillars
    Inside this new room you have to destroy the pillars. As the minotaur hop on
    the giant and get to destroying. For the first part you'll have to destroy 6
    pillars. Don't go far into the darkness or you'll get attacked by bats. You're
    on a timer here so don't take too much time.
    Next part there are 6 pillars and soldiers will be attacking you. Keep going.
    After the second pillar section you'll have a new section with some brambles to
    the side. Destroy the brambles for another chest. After you destroy the pillars
    here you'll move on to one last pillar that you'll have to push down with the
    action button.
    -Rescue Caspian and the Glenstorm
    After the cutscene you're put at a large battlefield. Get on the giant and move
    to the farthest end there there are many boxes. Destroy them to find a chest.
    Move on left to find the last chest. NO MORE CHESTS!!! Yay! Well, hopefully you
    are done. My directions may have been a little iffy sometimes.
    In any case, run all the way left across the battlefield till you find
    Glenstorm (centaur) and a bunch of soldiers. You'll be given a little soldier
    number next to your timer. The number starts at 40, so once you kill 40
    soldiers you are done.
    -Defeat Glozelle
    After defeating the 40 soldiers you get a cutscene and then you find yourself
    down in a hole. The goal here is to have Glozelle attack one of the pillars. If
    he hits a pillar he'll get tired and will be vulnerable. Hit him to have him
    get knocked out. Once he's knocked out throw a hook to the pillar and pull it
    down on him. Do this two more times and you win the fight.
    -Defeat The Telmarines
    Well now you're a tree and it's time to kick ass. Follow the green arrow on the
    minimap and destroy all the warmachines you come across. You can either do this
    by pressing the action button to get ahold of the warmachine and then pulling
    or just by smashing it. This is by far the easiest mission in the game and is
    quite enjoyable. There doesn't seem to be any time limit so just take your time
    and enjoy it.
    From here you get your last cutscene. Congratulations, you just beat the game.
    | Bonus Levels |
    As you go through the game you should unlock the bonus levels. These are just
    little extra missions you can complete for more bonus content. There's four in
    total that you can unlock. I believe they are actually unlocked by completing
    the assorted puzzles that unlock content (as opposed to opening chests).
    -Beachside Brawl
    You'll have to stay alive while fighting Telmarines for two minutes. I find it
    to be pretty easy if you block and attack at the same time. Defeating marines
    gives you health, as well. Stay alive for the two minutes and get your bonus
    -Plunder Pressure
    Ok, the goal in this one is to open a treasure chest while dealing with
    Telmarines attacking you. Go all the way to the right to find the lever peice
    needed to repair the lever that you originally see when you start. Use the
    lever and then toss a hook up to the hole in the cliff. Open the chest.
    The main difficulty will come in doing all of this while you're constantly
    being attacked. You can use the lever peice to attack, if that helps any.
    -Hide and Squeak
    You'll need to immediately run to the right and destroy any boxes. You should
    find the younger brother and sister. Use Edmund and run all the way left. Pick
    up the rocks there and move them to the bottom left of the beach. Now you
    should have Peter. Use peter to throw a hook up to the hole in the cliff to get
    the last person.
    -Giant-Sized Fun
    You'll get control of two minotaurs and the goal will be to kill 99 Telmarines
    in 2 minutes. You should probably switch to control of the bigger minotaur as
    he does more damage. If you have someone else to help you then you can ditch
    the gimpy AI on the second player and really wipe through them.
    | Micellaneous |
    -Contact Info-
    You can contact me via e-mail or aim. Personally, I prefer aim. If I see a big
    blinking box on my toolbar and a loud beeping noise, I tend to respond quickly.
    However, if you must email me go ahead and do so. Just understand it might take
    awhile to respond. I'm open for questions for help or contributions to my
    guide. If you have anything to contribute I'll make sure to give you credit.
    Oh, and if you have spelling or grammar fixes for me, save up at least 5 before
    contacting me.
    Email: Ryanwhites@ca.rr.com
    Aim: Zomglion
    You can also find me frequenting the GameFAQs contests forums (otherwise known
    as "Board 8").
    I'd like to thank my brother, first of all. He sat down with me and played for
    hours while I broke up our gameplay and wrote the FAQ.
    I'd also like to thank GameFAQs for having such an awesome website. I've been
    browsing FAQs since the snes era and I've never been let down. Hats off to you,
    -Legal Stuff-
    Ah, the very end. This guide was obviously made by me, Ryan Whites aka
    "Taslion". As it is my own work I'd like it if you would ask me before hosting
    it anywhere else. Right now the only place that has the right to host it is

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