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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pie_man00

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/08/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Bully: Scholarship Edition (X360) FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Written by pie_man00
    Copyright 2008 pie_man00
    1. An Introduction
    2. The Walkthrough
       2.1. The Basics
          2.1.1. Controls on Foot
          2.1.2. Control Variations on Bike
          2.1.3. Control Variations in Vehicle
          2.1.4. The HUD
          2.1.5. The Weapons
          2.1.6. The Cliques
       2.2. Chapter I: Making New Friends and Enemies
          2.2.1. Welcome to Bullworth
          2.2.2. This Is Your School
          2.2.3. The Setup
          2.2.4. Slingshot
          2.2.5. A Little Help I-VI
          2.2.6. Save Algie
          2.2.7. Defend Bucky
          2.2.8. That Bitch
          2.2.9. The Diary
          2.2.10. The Candidate
          2.2.11. Halloween
          2.2.12. The Big Prank
          2.2.13. Character Sheets
          2.2.14. Help Gary
       2.3. Chapter II: Rich Kid Blues
          2.3.1. Hattrick vs. Galloway
          2.3.2. Last Minute Shopping
          2.3.3. Prep Challenge
          2.3.4. The Eggs
          2.3.5. Movie Tickets
          2.3.6. Carnival Date
          2.3.7. Panty Raid
          2.3.8. Race the Vale
          2.3.9. Beach Rumble
          2.3.10. Tad's House
          2.3.11. Weed Killer
          2.3.12. Boxing Challenge
       2.4. Chapter III: Love Makes the World Go Round
          2.4.1. Christmas Is Here
          2.4.2. Cook's Crush
          2.4.3. Cook's Date
          2.4.4. Balls of Snow
          2.4.5. Miracle on Bullworth St.
          2.4.6. Nutcrackin'
          2.4.7. Rudy the Red-Nosed Santa
          2.4.8. Discreet Delivieries
          2.4.9. Jealous Johnny
          2.4.10. Bait
          2.4.11. Glass House
          2.4.12. Wrong Part of Town
          2.4.13. Tagging
          2.4.14. Greasers Challenge
          2.4.15. Nerd Challenge
          2.4.16. Comic Klepto
          2.4.17. Lola's Race
          2.4.18. The Tenements
          2.4.19. The Rumble
       2.5. Chapter IV: A Healthy Mind Is A Healthy Body & Other Lies
          2.5.1. Here's to you Ms. Philips
          2.5.2. Stronghold Assault
          2.5.3. Galloway Away
          2.5.4. Jocks Challenge
          2.5.5. Paparazzi
          2.5.6. Funhouse Fun
          2.5.7. Defender Of The Castle
          2.5.8. Nice Outfit
          2.5.9. Discretion Assured
          2.5.10. The Big Game
       2.6. Chapter V: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15
          2.6.1. Cheating Time
          2.6.2. Making A Mark
          2.6.3. Rats in the Library
          2.6.4. The Gym is Burning
          2.6.5. Finding Johnny Vincent
          2.6.6. Townies Challenge
          2.6.7. Revenge on Mr. Burton
          2.6.8. Preppies Vandalised
          2.6.9. Go See the Headmaster
          2.6.10. Busting In Part I
          2.6.11. Busting In Part II
          2.6.12. Showdown at the Plant
          2.6.13. Complete Mayhem
       2.7. Chapter VI: Endless Summer and Achieving 100%
          2.7.1. Mailbox Armaggedon
          2.7.2. Smash It Up
          2.7.3. The Collector
          2.7.4. Achieving 100%
    3. Outside of the Main Game
       3.1. Achievement Guide
       3.2. Classes Guide
          3.2.1. Chemistry
          3.2.2. Biology
          3.2.3. Geography
          3.2.4. Music
          3.2.5. Shop
          3.2.6. Photography
          3.2.7. English
          3.2.8. Math
          3.2.9. Gym
          3.2.10. Art
       3.3. Errands Guide
          3.3.1. Bullworth Academy
          3.3.2. Bullworth Town
          3.3.3. Old Bullworth Vale
          3.3.4. New Coventry
          3.3.5. Blue Skies Industrial Park
    4. Version History
    5. Contact Information
    6. Copyright Notice
       1. An Introduction
    On March 7th, 2008, following the success of the original Bully, Rockstar
    Vancouver released Bully: Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The
    new edition of the game included numerous features not included in the original
    such as new classes, new missions and even characters. Both versions of the
    game were generally well-received by bother critics and gamers.
    This FAQ will guide you through the game, covering all main story missions and
    side-missions, as well as show how to grab the games 38 achievements and even
    how to get the elusive 100% completion status.
       1.1. How to use this guide
    As this guide covers practically every aspect of the game, it is expected to be
    a large piece of work. In order to easily and efficiently navigate your way
    through and quickly reach the section you want, please refer to the table of
    contents above. By pressing Ctrl + f, you will open your browsers 'Find'
    function. Simply type in the code of the section you wish to visit and you will
    be instantly taken to that section of the guide.
    Hopefully whatever you're looking for is to be included in a future update. If
    you still cannot find what you are looking for, then please refer to section 5
    (Contact Information).
       2. The Walkthrough
    Now, on with the guide. First time loading up your game you should be prompted 
    by Xbox Live to update. It is entirely your choice to do so or not, but this
    guide will only ever cover the most recently updated version of Bully: SE.
    The map included with the game can be a Godsend at times. If ever you're
    lost or looking for a particular location, refer to the map. Especially in the
    later stages of the game as you work towards 100%, and you need to scour the
    map for various locations or shops, use your map.
       2.1. The Basics
       2.1.1. Controls on Foot:
    Y button................Grab/Interact
    X button................Melee attack
    B button................Jump/Climb
    A button................Sprint
    Left Stick..............Move
    Right Stick.............Camera
    BACK button.............Open map
    START button............Pause menu
    Left Stick (click)......Look behind
    Right Stick (click).....Crouch/Crawl
    D-Pad Left..............Bring up secondary tasks
    D-Pad Right.............Bring up primary tasks
    D-Pad Up/Down...........Zoom In/Out
    Left Trigger............Target
    Left Bumper.............Previous Weapon
    Right Trigger...........Fire
    Right Bumper............Next Weapon
       2.1.2. Control Variations on Bike:
    Y button................Dismount
    X button................Brake/Reverse
    A button................Pedal
       2.1.3. Control Variations in Vehicle:
    Y button................Dismount
    X button................Brake/Reverse
    A button................Accelerate
       2.1.4. The HUD:
    Your typical game HUD (Heads-Up Display) will show a number of different items.
    In the top-left, the game clock, which advances at one game minute per real
    life second. Top right shows the mini-map, showing your location (the big arrow
    as well as whereabouts of authority figures such as police or prefects and
    icons guiding you to classes (shown by yellow stars), challenged (red stars),
    save points (books), beds (Zzzz (only after 7pm)) and your opponents. Around
    the mini-map are two bars - on the left, your health, and the right, your
    trouble meter. This is your wanted level in the game. The higher it is, the
    more the police and prefects want to catch you. Try and keep it low. The bottom
    -left of your HUD displays your weapons when scrolling, and finally,
    the bottom-right displays your current interactions.
    Typically, A is to greet a person and B is to taunt them. When you've taunted
    someone, you can apologise using A or continue to taunt them with B until
    you've started a fight. B also acts as your 'finishing move' in fights, so when
    your opponent has low enough help you can bully them with B and send them
    packing. A can also be used for giving gifts to and kissing your girlfriends,
    as well as accepting errands off citizens.
    The Y button generally does little more than let you interact with things. In
    front of switches, vending machines etc., press Y and you'll interact with that
    object. Simple.
       2.1.5. The Weapons:
    You'll learn to rely on these. Know them and you'll get by no problem.
    Firecracker: Exactly how it sounds. Throw one and watch it explode. Throw one
    at someone's face and watch them go down. Easy. They can also be placed in
    toilets for extra fun.
    Slingshot: Your main weapon in the game. It can be upgraded with zoom and added
    accuracy. Lock onto a target, charge your shot and let go. A fully-charged shot
    can do some fairly major damage.
    Skateboard: Why this counts as a weapon I have no idea. Use it to skate your
    way around town and the school. That's about it. Serves as a decent mode of
    transport before you unlock bikes.
    Stink bomb: The classic. Throw it at someone and watch them suffer. It does no
    damage, but stops your opponent for some time. Works in crowds too, but try not
    to walk into the green mist yourself.
    Marbles: Another classic. Throw them at someone and watch them fall. Again,
    does no damage, but fun to watch and it slows them down. If you're feeling
    elaborate, set up some traps and lure your victims in.
    Itching powder: See above. No damage done, but a classic piece of kit that's
    fun to use.
    Eggs: These tend to be used in errands and achievements. As a weapon, they're
    fairly useless. One big advantage, though, is that they can be used when riding
    a bike.
    Spud gun: Launch potatoes from this beast. what more can be said? Watch the
    ammo, though.
    Bottle Rocket Launcher: Essentially a gun that fires firecrackers. One hit KOs
    are always nice.
    Spray Paint: Hit up various spots around town. Doesn't serve much use outside
    of time wasting and errands.
    Rubber Band Ball: This is your reward for collecting all 75 rubber bands. Throw
    it, watch it bounce around for a while and wait for it to return. Sounds good,
    but use it in a busy street and you'll likely fill your trouble meter from the
    innocent people you hit. Could have been better.
    Camera: Take pictures with this, funnily enough. Aside from use in the
    Photography Class, you need this to fill up the Yearbook. If you're feeling
    scenic, take some nice pictures and save them for future use.
    Soda: Not a weapon per se, but useful. Picking one up instantly refills part of
    your health. Outside of being dropped from enemies, they cost $1 each from
    shops or vending machines.
    Apples: A standard projectile. You can find these lying around school grounds.
    Bananas: You cannot use these, but pupils can eat them and drop their skins on
    the floor. Walking over a skin acts the same as dropped marbles, so watch out.
    Wood/baseball bat/bricks: You can find these lying around the towns. Fairly
    standard, adds more damage to your attacks.
       2.1.6. The Cliques:
    Dotted around the grounds of Bullworth you'll come across various groups of
    similarly-dressed kids. These are the cliques, and for the most part act as
    your enemies in the game. It helps to know them, so here's a few notes on each.
    Nerds: They wear blue pants and white shirts with green vests. They'll give
    you little hassle, and if you do get into a fight with one or more, your basic
    fighting moves should be enough to take them out. Worth it just for their
    comments. They hang around the observatory and library.
    Bullies: Wear jeans and white shirts. Tougher than nerds but nothing to keep
    you down.They hang around anywhere on campus.
    Preppies: Wear brown pants, white shirts with ties and blue vests. Again, not
    overly tough to deal with, but are almost always in packs. Try not to get
    cornered. They hang around the upmarket estates out of school and Harrington
    House within the grounds.
    Greasers: Their clothes vary, but they generally wear blue vests with brown or
    black leather jackets. If all else fails they can be identified by their hair.
    They take more of a beating than most other cliques and also hang in packs, 
    so either be prepared or outrun them. They hang around the garage in school
    and the district of New Coventry.
    Jocks: The big guys. Identified by their large character models and football
    uniform. They're very tough, especially early on in the game, and you don't
    want to get in a group fight with them. If you can't take them, use weapons
    or simply run away. They hang around the gym.
    Prefects: The big, annoying ones in full uniform (pants and blazers). They act
    as authority in school, so don't fight them, and if one's chasing you, run!
    Unaffiliated students: These consist of regular pupils and elementary pupils.
    Elementary pupils are the small ones who you don't want to start a fight with,
    as your trouble meter will fill. Normal students tend to be girls. They do
    little else other than act as girlfriends for Jimmy, so keep an eye on them.
    Teachers: Rarely you'll see these guys outside of the school. You'll recognise
    their faces from cutscenes and classes. They do absolutely nothing.
    Townies: You'll know these guys when you come across them. They're only ever in
    Blue Skies and tend to start fights with you for no reason whatsoever. Try not
    to aggrevate them.
       2.2. Chapter I: Making New Friends and Enemies
       2.2.1. Welcome to Bullworth
    So, you've loaded up a single player game for the first time, and here you are.
    Watch the...insightful cutscene, admire the first glimpses of Jimmy's
    character, and before long you're dropped outside of the school. Watch another
    cutscene and finally you're in control. Head over to the main building as
    you are instructed.
    Now's a good chance to get to grips with controls, so
    practice taunting some of the kids, running away from them, starting a fight
    (and hopefully sinning!) before you get to the main building. Once there, run
    up the stairs and watch another cutscene.
    Head outside and make your way to the boys' dorm when it's finished. Outside
    you'll be confronted. Simply do as the prompts tell you and you'll have no
    problem. You'll be attacked by another bully - that's Russell, you'll get to
    know him a lot more later. When inside, watch the cutscene with Gary then go
    and get a soda from the machine. Change into your uniform and meet another new
    character - Petey.
    Mission complete.
       2.2.2. This Is Your School
    Unlocks: Classes
    Walk over to the main building. When you're inside, talk to Gary and follow him
    around the corner. Learn the mechanics of apologising with Russell, and when he
    goes, break into his locker by rotating the left stick as prompted. When the
    prefect chases after Gary, head around the corner and hop into the bin until
    your trouble meter goes down, then hop out.
    Follow Gary again until you get to Eunice. Talk to her, run across to the boys'
    toilets, get her chocolates back and run back to Eunice. Enjoy the cutscene,
    then follow Gary over to the cafeteria. Watch another cutscene, and learn about
    the cliques.
    After the cutscene you're told to get to class. Your first class is Chemistry,
    so head over there and attend class. This first one should be easy enough, just
    press the buttons as they appear.
    Mission Complete. You'll now have classes appear twice during the day. See the
    section 3.2 for a guide to all classes.
       2.2.3. The Setup
    Unlocks: Slingshot, Bully Respect -5
    After the cutscene, begin to chase the bully. Press B at the fencing to leap
    over it, and remember to tap A for extra sprint speed. You'll be stopped by
    some more bullies when you reach thae auto shop, so send each one packing until
    you finally reach the original bully. There are bricks lying around the place,
    so pick them up, target the bully and throw. He should go down no problem.
    Mission Complete. You've now got the Slingshot available in your weapons
       2.2.4. Slingshot
    Unlocks: Nerd Respect -5
    When you're ready, follow Gary over to the abandoned school bus, equip your
    slingshot and put each of the windows through. Gary will run off once again,
    so follow him down to the football field.
    You're told to climb a nearby tree. Make sure you go to the right tree, as
    shown on your mini-map, and press Y at the bottom. CLimb up, sit on the branch
    and target the jocks. Some will take more than one shot each to go down, so be
    sure to charge each shot and this will be over quickly.
    Mission Complete.
       2.2.5. A Little Help I-VI
    Unlocks: Fighting moves (one for each mission completed)
    Head back over to the abandoned school bus. This time, open the door and walk
    through. You'll come across a small field, where a hobo lives, funnily enough.
    He asks you to retrieve a transistor, and luckily there's one nearby. Go over
    to the auto shop area, and you'll be approached by greasers. Fight them if you
    wish, or you can just head to the nearby ladder, your choice. At the top, grab
    the transistor, jump off the roof and make your way back to the hobo.
    Now, as your reward for bringing him a transistor he'll teach you a fighting
    move. They're learned very easily, just follow the prompts on-screen. When
    that's done, you're given the opportunity to bring back more transistors in
    return for more fighting moves. There are 6 in total, scattered across the game
    world. Luckily, your reward for completing Geography 4 is to have transistor
    icons appear on your main map, so if you're having trouble finding them all,
    use that.
    Most transistors only appear in areas unlocked later in the game, so these 6
    separate missions will be ongoing.
    Mission Complete.
       2.2.6. Save Algie
    Unlocks: Bully Respect -5, Nerd Respect +10, $5
    When you reach the marker, watch the cutscene and meet your favourite nerd:
    Algernon. He asks to be escorted around the school and you oblige. Along the
    way to the main building, various bullies will start to fight with you both.
    Keep an eye on Algie's health meter, as you'll fail the mission if it empties.
    The bullies themselves can be taken out easily with some fully-charged
    shots from the slingshot, or use your moves learned from Gym class or the hobo.
    When you reach the main building, Algie decides he needs to use the toilet.
    Take him up there and prepare to be attacked. Two bullies charge into the room,
    so quickly take them out and Algie will soon return. Take him to his locker.
    Mission Complete.
       2.2.7. Defend Bucky
    Unlocks: Skateboard, Bully Respect -10, Nerd Respect +5
    So it seems Gary is planning something. You'll never guess what. Anyway, when
    you're in control, head over to Bucky quickly, as his health will be
    continually falling. When you get there, take care of the two bullies and be
    careful that Bucky doesn't lose too much health.
    When that's done, run over tot he auto-shop, beating up any bullies in your
    way. Head back out again when Bucky's done, this time back to the hobo behind
    the abandoned school bus.
    Mission Complete. You'll get a skateboard for your troubles.
       2.2.8. That Bitch
    Unlocks: Beatrice as a girlfriend
    Watch the cutscene, which introduces two female characters: Beatrice, the
    female nerd, and Mandy, the female jock (well, cheerleader, but they're in the
    same clique). After talking with Beatrice, run over to the Gym and go inside.
    Downstairs, you need to go into the girls' changing rooms and lockpick a
    certain locker. If you want to play it safe, hide in the laundry basket until
    the coast is clear before trying to lockpick, as it's very risky to rush your
    way through it.
    When you've got the notes, run back to Beatrice and she'll thank you with a
    kiss. I know what you're thinking, but don't worry, you get better girlfriends
    through the course of the game. From now on, if you ever see Beatrice walking
    around campus, you can give her some flowers in exchange for a kiss.
          2.2.9. The Diary
    Unlocks: $20
    After the worrying cutscene, skate around the back of the school, climb up the
    trellis and go through the window.
    Try not to get spotted by any prefects here. If you do, run around for a while
    until you lose them or hide in a locker when they cannot see you. Anyway, run
    to the Math room. It's locked. Head downstairs towards the staff room. Inside,
    look in the desk in the corner to retrieve the diary. Read it if you want, but
    frankly it's disturbing. Walk out the front door of the school if you want,
    then skate back to Beatrice who gives you a kiss and $20.
    Mission Complete.
          2.2.10. The Candidate
    Unlocks: Super Slingshot, Jock Respect -5, Nerd Respect +5, $10
    Run over to the marker once the cutscene has finished. This mission is entirely
    in first-person, so in other words, it's really easy. Just use your mini-map to
    anticipate where the jocks come from before they appear. Bear in mind that
    you don't need to charge your shots, and remember that some appear on the
    balconies as well as down below.
    Eventually the flow of jocks will stop. Facepalm at the nerds 'dance', and it's
    over. You get an upgrade to your slingshot in return.
    Mission Complete.
          2.2.11. Halloween
    Unlocks: The Big Prank
    As you can see, the whole school is dressed up for Halloween. This means there
    are no prefects or teachers about, and you have unlimited time to do whatever
    you want.
    You may notice that around the place are pumpkins and tombstones. These count
    as collectibles and go towards your 100% rating. You can go and destroy them
    all now while you have the time, or you can save them until later in the game,
    as they will still appear. It's up to you, but you're going to have to get them
    all eventually.
    The main mission itself here acts much like Errands. There are five in total,
    and you must complete them all to progress.
    - Kick Me sign. Simple enough, walk up to a student's back and press X to slap
      the sign onto them. Job done.
    - Egg 3 students. Again, simple. Target and throw eggs at any 3 students.
    - Volcano 4000. Find any group of students and plant this large firework next
      to them. Wait a few moments and after some squealing it'll explode and
      hopefully knock a few out.
    - Get 3 students with a stink bomb. Best thrown at a group of students, as you
      can get 3 of them very quickly.
    - Trip a student with marbles. Find any student, target them and throw. They
      trip up. Can it get any easier?
    When you've done your 5 errands, the clock returns and you open up the Big
    Prank. This is the ONLY mission in the game which cannot be repeated. It has a
    reward which counts towards 100%, so make sure you don't miss it.
          2.2.12. The Big Prank
    Unlocks: Red Ninja Suit
    Follow Gary to the dog. Before long Chad will come out and start a fight with
    Gary, so you need to protect him. Watch his health meter, but it shouldn't be a
    problem. When he's down, you get to watch a delightful scene of a dog curling
    out a turd on the floor. Nice.
    When you've got the bag, run over to the teacher's lounge denoted by the
    marker. When the bag's alight, set off the nearby fire alarm and watch the
    drama unfold. For a 'Big Prank' that was awfully generic.
    Mission complete.
          2.2.13. Character Sheets
    Unlocks: $10
    More errands for more nerds. Head around the corner and leap over the low wall
    to be greeted by two bullies. After the kicking, get up in time and they'll run
    off, dropping the sheet right there.
    Go for the nearest other marker. The guy will run off, throwing marbles behind
    him and the like. Your best bet is to approach him from the side so as not to
    trip up on them. Tackl hime to the ground when you're close enough, the beat
    him up as you normally would.
    Head over to the one at the boys' dorm now. This is just another case of
    beating up a bully, so you should have no trouble. Finally head over to the
    auto shop and you'll be approached by two bullies. One of them has a bat, so
    take him out first and you can use it on the other one. Collect the sheet and
    head back to Melvin.
    Mission Complete.
          2.2.14. Help Gary
    Unlocks: Chapter II, Bully Respect to max
    Follow Gary to the car park. Take out the three bullies there with his help.
    When they're down, follow Gary into the basement.
    Pull the switch around the corner to open the first door. Go through, then
    climb over the crumpled part of the fence to reach the second switch. Pull it,
    then climb out again and head through the door. Hear you need to manually aim
    through the broken window and hit the brrom with your slingshot.
    In the next room, crouch down in front of the fence and you'll crawl through.
    Wait for Gary to turn off the power then hit the switch. Follow Gary into the
    next room. If you didn't get all the pumpkis on Halloween night, they're all
    stored in here, so take the opportunity to destroy any remaining ones before
    you continue.
    Grab the fire extinguisher nearby andaim it into the furnace. When the steam's
    stopped, follow Gary down into the pit and watch the cutscene.
    So, he's betraying you! Did NOT see that one coming! For now, though, you've
    got a boss fight to handle with Russell. Fight him as you normally would with
    any bully, but there are a few things to watch out for. First, when he bends
    over and starts screaming, that's your cue to get out of the way. He'll charge
    you into a wall otherwise. If not, hell run into the wall anyway, giving you a
    chance to pummel him further. If he ever grabs you and holds you down on the
    floor, go for a reversal immediately as it can really take down your health.
    Take it easy and focus more on keeping yourself out of trouble than causing as
    much damage as quickly as you can.
    Soon it'll be over. You make friends with Russell, and all is well. Except for
    Gary, but you'll get to him later, as you could no doubt guess.
       2.3. Chapter II: Rich Kid Blues
    With Chapter II comes some new opportunities. As you'll notice, the main gates
    are now open, so you can visit Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town at your
    leisure. This chapter introduces a lot of new game mechanics such as errands,
    jobs, the carnival, and races. Be sure to refer to their appropriate sections
    for advice on completion.
          2.3.1. Hattrick vs. Galloway
    Unlocks: Camera, Photography Class
    So it's not just the kids who need help in this school. First, run into the
    cafeteria. The bottle you're looking for is in the back, next to the fridge.
    Head out of there and run up the stairs. The next bottle is hidden in the
    trophy cabinet. Throw a few punches against it and the galss will smash. After
    a few punches you'll grab the bottle.
    You'll likely be chased here, so quickly run towards the final bottle. There's
    a bin just oustide the girls' toilets, so hide in there to lose your heat. When
    you're clear, run inside and the bottle's in the furthest stall from the
    entrance. Now all you need to do is make your way down into the car park and
    give the bottles to Ms. Philips. You get a camera as a reward.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.2. Last Minute Shopping
    Unlocks: $15
    After the disgusting cutscene, head outside and there's a biek waiting for you.
    Hop on and head voer to Bullworth Town. Your first stop is the Yum-Yum Market.
    Simply grab the meat from the table, exit, and run across the street to the
    barber shop. Again, it's on the table.
    Finally, get back on your bike and head to the final destination, Worn In. It's
    in the changing room at the far side of the shop. Now bike your way back to the
    school and give the items to Edna, who's waiting down in the cafeteria. You'll
    get a cash reward of $15.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.3. Prep Challenge
    Unlocks: Beach Clubhouse
    Here you have to face 3 separate opponents in a boxing match. The controls are
    shown at the bottom of the screen. After each round, you and your opponent
    regain a portion of your help, and with each new challenger you'll be fully
    There are no real strategies, just be sure to block often and hold X for longer
    as your punches will be stronger. Use some of the combos you learn from the
    hobo and in Gym class to your advantage, too. When your opponents health is low
    you need to pull a finishing move on them, so hold X when you're close and they
    go down easy.
    When you've knocked out all 3 opponents, you get a nifty little safehouse by
    the beach. Now you no longer have to return to the boy's dorm night after
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.4. The Eggs
    Unlocks: Preppie Respect -10, Eggs available from your dorm
    To start this mission you need to purchase an Aquaberry Vest from the nearby
    Aquaberry store. It's only $17.50. In the interest of saving time, you might
    as well buy yourself a carton of eggs from the grocery store as you'll be
    needing those for this mission, too.
    When that's all done, head to the marker, watch the cutscene then make your way
    to the house at the top of the hill. Stand at the gate and hammer at the Y
    button to open it. You'll be faced with another cutscene. That Gary's such a
    nice lad...
    As soon as you regain control take out the nearby preppies. There'll be a few
    throwing eggs at you so take them out first if you want. When they're down,
    you'll notice there's another stood in front of the gate. Beat him up and he'll
    drop the key. Open the gate again, step outside and it's mission over. Be
    careful as the preppies won't stop attacking you, and there'll be some waiting
    outside. It might be in your best interests simply to high-tail it out of
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.5. Movie Tickets
    Unlocks: Preppie Respect - 5, $15
    You need to clear the line of people. Start by jumping on the nearby bike and
    riding it out of the immediate area, and the line will clear slightly.
    Next up is Eunice. Talk to her and giver her chocolates. Walk with her to the
    nearby alley (she walks incredibly slow so be patient), and you'll be 'treated'
    with another kiss. Return to the line. Trent and Kirby are the only two
    remaining, and suspiciously, they seem to be 'together'. Approach them and
    they'll run away, embarrassed.
    The lines now cleared, so talk to Pinky and receive your reward.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.6. Carnival Date
    Unlocks: Pinky as a girlfriend.
    Ah, young Jimmy's got himself a date. Make your way over to the Carnival,
    purchase a ticker ($1) and head inside. You need 10 tickets to buy Pinky a
    bear, and these can noly be won by playing the four games in the Carnival.
    Seeing as you're here, you might as well play all four right now for the
    As for getting the tickets, the easiest game to win them on is High Striker.
    All you need to do is mash the A button, and you'll hit the 100 mark easily.
    It pays at 3 tickets per try, so play 3 or 4 times until you've got your 10.
    Now walk over to the prize tent, purchase the bear, head outside and give it to
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.7. Panty Raid
    Unlocks: $30
    It wouldn't be a school without one of 'those' teachers. Watch the cutscene
    then return to school. Climb up the trellis at the side of the girls' dorm and
    you'll find yourself in the sttic. Walk down the stairs and immediately hide
    yourself in the cupboard. Watch your mini-map and wait for the teacher to turn
    her back on you. Exit and run across the corridor and pick up the panties on
    the floor.
    When the coast's clear, run to the next room and do the same. Next stop is the
    changing room. There's a rubber band on the floor next to the showers, and
    while it might be tempting to pick it up now, you'll be thrown out if you do
    so. You'll get a chance to pick it up at a later mission, so leave it for now.
    Pick up the panties here, and the patrolling teacher should be downstairs by
    now. This gives you a clear run at the final two rooms, so dash inside and
    pick up the panties in both.
    Run back up to the attic, out of the window and be sure to CLIMB back down the
    trellis. Don't simply fall, as there's a chance you'll be knocked out and have
    to repeat the whole mission. Mr. Burton's just outside the front gate, so give
    him the panties and claim your reward.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.8. Race the Vale
    Unlocks: Preppy Respect -10, $15
    There's a bike parked just outside the dorm if you don't have one of your own.
    Get on it and follow Pete to the race.
    There's nothing out of the ordinary here. Hammer away at the A button to get
    max speed, and go for it. There's only one lap, but it's straightforward; just
    make sure to watch your mini-map for upcoming checkpoints and note the
    direction of the arrows.
    When you return to the beach the owner of the bike shop tells you you've won a
    trophy for your troubles.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.9. Beach Rumble
    Unlocks: Bike Race, Preppie Respect - 10
    So the preppies have stolen your beloved trophy. Oh noes, what a shame etc. Run
    down onto the beach and you'll be joined by Ricky, the Greaser. More preppies
    will appear out of the beach house. All you have to do is beat them up, as
    you've done with so many enemies in the game so far. There are no tactics or
    things to watch out for - just beat them up.
    When you're done, you get your trophy back and all is well.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.10. Tad's House
    Unlocks: Preppie Respect - 15, $15
    After the cutscene, follow Russell up to Tad's house at the top of the hill.
    Open the gate, and when inside you need to manually aim and throw an egg in
    each of the 6 open windows. You'll get some hassle from the preppies while
    doing this, but Russell will be there to take care of most of them. If it's
    really bad, just take some of them out yourself.
    When all 6 windows are done, walk outside of of the gate and you're done.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.11. Weed Killer
    Unlocks: $30
    If you don't already have a haircut from the Old Bullworth Vale barber shop,
    you'll be instructed to get one at the start of this mission. Any will suffice,
    so once tht's done return to school and walk through the front door of
    Harrington House.
    Now you need to find the plant. It's on the roof, so walk up the first set of
    stairs, head through the door then right in the next room. Walk through the
    open door at the far end of the house then up the stairs outside.
    That big thing is the plant. Pick up the toxic gun and spray it until it's
    dead. You'll be attacked by preppies, so beat them up, smash the now-closed
    door and head downstairs. Smash the next set of doors and take out the next two
    Now it's a case of going out the way you came in, beating up any preppies on
    your way there. Walk out of the front door and you're done.
    Mission Complete.
          2.3.12. Boxing Challenge
    Unlocks: Chapter III, Preppie Respect to max
    After your meating with Petey, make your way over to the Gym. You'll probably
    notice it's now snowing, too. A sign of things to come. Inside, you're drawn
    into a fight with Bif. Treat this the same as all other boxing matches you've
    had so far. It hsould be no problem.
    When he's down, watch the cutscene with Derby Harrington. You can see where
    this is going. He'll run upstairs to the office, so follow him up, beating up
    any preppies on your way there. Inside he'll call upon more preppies to attack
    you. You can't hit Derby behind his desk, but when fighting his minions he'll
    occasionally come out to attack you himself. When this happens, focus your
    attention completely on him.
    He can take a beating, so this boss fight will last a while. As always, watch
    your own health, and make use of weapons whenever possible.
    When he's down, bask in your reign of control of the preppie clique and get
    ready for a new, snow-filled chapter.
       2.4. Chapter III: Love Makes The World Go Round
    Following the expected pattern, you're moving on to a new clique - the
    Greasers. They're the toughest ones so far, and this chapter is the longest in
    the game, so be patient. Oh, and get used to the snow as you'll be stuck with
    it for a good, long while.
          2.4.1. Christmas Is Here
    Unlocks: Reindeer Sweater
    An apt way to start the chapter. Sleeping will cause you to be caused to be
    called up the school office immediately. When you get there, you're treated
    with a gift from your mother - a Reindeer Sweater. Lovely.
    That's it. No mission here, but it counts towards your total.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.2. Cook's Crush
    Unlocks: $40
    Edna's get herself a man-friend, it seems. First stop is the perfume, so run
    over to the teacher's lounge, pull the nearby fire alarm in order to lure the
    teachers away, and hide in a nearby locker or bin. When the heat's gone, head
    inside and the bottle is on the desk.
    Now make your way into Bullworth Town. In one of the alleys is a set of
    trashcans and the seditive is in one of them. Smash them all until you find it,
    then get out of there.
    If you don't already have chocolates, make a quick stop at the Yum-Yum Market
    to pick some up. With all 3 items in your inventory, head back to the school
    and give your items to Edna. After another disgusting cutscene, you're done.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.3. Cook's Date
    Unlocks: $50
    As soon as the mission starts, climb the tree, perch yourself on the branch and
    whip out your slingshot. This mission is much like 'The Collector' from Chapter
    I, in that you must use your slingshot to keep away approaching kids. Again,
    there is little strtegy to be told here. You don't need to waste time charging
    up your shots, keep referring to your mini-map, and eventually, the date will
    be over. Watch the cutscene and you're done.
    Mission complete
          2.4.4. Balls of Snow
    Unlocks: Reindeer Antlers, $20
    This is essentially the start of the 'series' of new missions included in the
    Scholarship Edition. After meeting the new hobo character, climb the ladder and
    you'll go into first-person view. Now you need to hit people with snowballs.
    Take a few shots in order to get used to snowball-throwing, as you'll need to
    greatly adjust your shots if you want to hit your targets, especially when
    they're moving.
    Also, take care as your trouble meter will rise with each target you hit.
    Hitting other pedestrians or multiple targets in succession can cause it to
    fill, and then the police will come. And you don't want that.
    When all targets are down, watch the final custscene and receive your rewards.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.5. Miracle on Bullworth St.
    Unlocks: Elf costume
    You're working for your hobo friend once again. After the cutscene, run over to
    town hall and smash the snowman. Try and preserve your bat by not hitting the
    elves, though they shouldn't give you too much trouble anyway. If they do, just
    hit them a few times and they'll go down. When your bat does smash, just use
    your fists.
    Keep smashing things as the game tells you. Eventually, when you've brought the
    stands down, the mission's over and you get a new outfit as a reward.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.6. Nutcrackin'
    Unlocks: $20
    This mission plays out exactly the same as any of your Music Classes, only
    easier. The same strategies apply, so look to section 3.2.4. if you're having
    any trouble.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.7. Rudy the Red-Nosed Santa
    Unlocks: $50
    Start off by running between markers as you pick up the packages. The mini-map
    denotes where to find them. As you finish your collection you'll be chased by
    a pack of dogs and elves, but they're slow. Keep sprinting until you make it
    back to the hobo.
    The second part of this mission involves taking pictures of the kids. This can
    get annoying, but what you're looking for is the split second that they sit
    still and crack a smile, otherwise it won't count. Just be patient here and
    you'll get them eventually.
    Misison Complete.
          2.4.8. Discreet Delivieries
    Unlocks: $50
    Get yourself a bike to begin and head over to New Coventry. As long as you
    don't waste time you'll be fine here. When you've got the packages you simply
    need to deliver them to the various customers dotted around the towns. Again,
    the game's generous with time here and you can always refer to your mini-map
    if you want to plan out a route.
    When they're all done, head back to Mr. Watts and you're finished.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.9. Jealous Johnny
    Unlocks: Greaser Respect +5, $20
    Now, onto the REAL story arc for this chapter. When the mission starts, go to
    the markers and you'll see Lola and Gord holding hands. Quickly snap a picture
    of them, but keep your distance. Now you need 2 more; one of them holding hands
    and another of them kissing. They walk around in a cycle, repeating each step,
    so don't worry about missing any snaps. Just keep your distance and try not to
    let them see you.
    When you've got all 3, return to the bridge and get your reward.
          2.4.10. Bait
    Unlocks: Bike Park, Preppy Respect - 5, Greaser Respect +5, $20
    Head over to the moving marker in Bullworth Town. It's Gord on his bike. When
    yo've caught up to him, you can either punch him using your left and right
    triggers, or target him and throw an egg at him. Either way, once he's
    following you, ride over to the marker past the bridge in New Coventry. You're
    looking to ride through the red door.
    Inside, it becomes something of a warzone. Get off your bike, equip your bottle
    rocket launcher, and target the preps as they ride by. When they're all down
    the mission's done.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.11. Glass House
    Unlocks: $40
    After another insightful cutscene, board your way over to the car park and
    press Y behind Hattrick's car to skitch. This is a long journey, but stick with
    it and eventually, you'll arrive at his house.
    Equip your slingshot. There's a greenhouse around the back so let's start with
    that. Smashong every pane gets your meter up very high, so all you'll need to
    do after that is a window or two on his house. When your meter's filled, walk
    straight out of the front gate. Don't worry about the police as your trouble
    meter resets once you've finished the mission.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.12. Wrong Part of Town
    Unlocks: Greaser Respect -5, Nerd Respect +5
    Head to the boy's dorm as soon as this mission starts. Just around the corner
    is Cornelius, and after he gives up Algie's location, the Greasers will run off
    leaving jut 2 left. Take care of those 2 and Cornelius tells you Algie's real
    Make your way over to New Coventry where Algie is waiting. After the cutscene
    you'll go into a first-person view where you're using your slingshot to keep
    the Greasers away. There's nothing too difficult here, just plan your shots
    carefully, be patient and eventually you'll arrive back at school.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.13. Tagging
    Unlocks: Tagging, Greaser Respect -25, Preppy Respect +5, $Varies
    Get on your bike and make your way over to New Coventry. Under the bridge
    there's a tagging spot. Stand in front of it and you need to hold down A and
    trace the line with the left stick.
    When that's done, head to the nearby shop and buy some more spray paint. Now
    you need to get 5 more tags in exactly the same fashion. They're all shown on
    your mini-map, so choose any 5, but bear in mind the ones on the roof (shown
    as triangles on the map) get you a larger cash reward at the end of the
    mission. Try and not let any cops or Greasers see you. When the 5 are done, so
    are you.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.14. Greasers Challenge
    Unlocks: Greaser Safehouse
    Upon walking inside, you're attacked by a multitude of Greasers. This mission
    is purely fighting, so take them as you would any enemy. Don't be afraid to use
    weapons if you're running low on health and want a quick OHKO.
    No strategies to describe here. When they're all down you win the safehouse as
    a reward.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.15. Nerd Challenge
    Unlocks: Comic Book Shop Safehouse
    This mission is entirely playing the arcade game. A few things to note - the
    good foods are apples, fish and rice bowls. The bad foods are blowfish, apple
    cores, fish skeletons and dark rice bowls. Hitting a sumo causes you to bounce,
    so avoid them. Towards the end when everything is much bigger, concentrate on
    staying central and surviving than eating more food.
    When you've beaten the score of 1,010 you can delberately kill yourself to save
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.16. Comic Klepto
    Unlocks: $30
    After the cutscene hop on your bike and chase the theif. You can either punch
    him while riding the bike, which takes a while, or if you want this to be a
    really easy mission just throw a friecracker at him. He'll go down instantly,
    so pick up the comic and bring it back to the owner.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.17. Lola's Race
    Unlocks: Lola as a girlfriend, Greaser Respect -20
    This plays out just like the many, many other bike races you've experienced so
    far. The only difference is that this one is much longer. When you start, try
    to break from the pack immediately as they can be a real nuisance. They'll
    punch you and throw things at you, and while it might be tempting, try not to
    retaliate as it'll only slow you down.
    Some other things to watch out for are that first, when you get onto the train
    tracks, some carriages will start to move toward you as you ride. They give you
    plenty of time to get out of the way so they shouldn't be too much hassle,
    just follow the markers as they appear. Later, in the forest, some Greasers
    will be knocking down tress at you. You can jump over them as they fall, but
    they don't slow you down too much.
    Again, treat this like any other bike race. When you return to the finish line
    you get a kiss off Lola as a reward. Nice.
          2.4.18. The Tenements
    Unlocks: Greaser Respect -10, $20
    Alright, start by riding over to the tenements and climb in through the window.
    You'll immediately notice that there's an item nearby that you can't get to,
    and you're told to find a way to knock walls down. Don't worry about that yet.
    Instead, go into the room which holds an item you can access. There's a Greaser
    in here, so take him out and nab the address book. Go down the hallway and on
    the left before the stairs is a room full of Greasers. Take them out.
    Now go up the stairs and you'll notice there's a huge hole that you need to
    cross for the next item. Go into the room on the left, and the Greaser inside
    will run away to warn his buddies. Follow him adn you'll be met on the balcony
    by Greasers. Take them all out then follow the blacony around until you're back
    in the building. You've now crossed the hole. In the opposite room is another
    item, so grab it before going up the final set of stairs, taking out any other
    Greasers on your way.
    There are 3 Greasers waiting for you at the top. Take them all out then go
    through the room on the right, then go left immediately. Pick up the third item
    and you'll be attacked by orton wielding a sledgehammer. Don't try and use
    conventional fighting moves here. Instead break out the slingshot or bottle
    rocket launcher and he'll be done for. Grab his sledgehammer and use it to
    smash the previously unbreakable walls. There's an item behind walls on every
    floor, so make sure you've grabbed them all, and that's that. Climb out of the
    window once again and make your way back to Lola.
    Mission Complete.
          2.4.19. The Rumble
    Unlocks: Chapter IV, Greaser Respect to max
    After the cutscene, grab a bike and make your way towards Peanut. There'll be
    lots of fighting going on around you, but try to ignore it. When you find him
    he'll make a break for it, so give chase until he leads you into an alleyway.
    Two Greasers will start to fight you here, so beat them up as you normally
    would. Then you need to take on Peanut, but he's no harder than the rest of
    Watch the short cutscene, as it'll be interrupted by the cops. When you're on
    bike, you're going along a very linear path, so you can't do anything other
    than keep on pedalling. Eventually you'll find yourself and Johnny inside a
    jumkyard, and here begins the boss fight.
    The best strategy here is to whip out the slingshot and take out every one of
    the reasers standong on the outside, giving Petey a clear run at the crane.
    When Johnny rides under the bike is pulled up, leaving him for you to take on.
    He's actually really easy to beat in a fist fight, and you can still use your
    weapons if you wish. When he's down, you reign supreme over the Greasers and
    can move on to a new chapter.
       2.5. Chapter IV: A Healthy Mind Is A Healthy Body & Other Lies
    You probably already guessed what this chapter consists of, so it'll be no
    surprise to you that you're taking on the Jocks. Unlike Chapter III, Chapter IV
    is very short, so you're close to the game's end now. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    Also, the snow's gone. Yay!
          2.5.1. Here's to you Ms. Philips
    Unlocks: $50
    Another simple collect mission. First head to the barber shop in Bullworth
    Town. Grab the pefume off the counter, exit , and you'll be attacked by some
    Greasers. They never learn, eh? Ignore them for now and go to Aquaberry just up
    the road. Again, it's on the counter.
    Final stop is Worn In, over in New Coventry. Nothing special here, just go in,
    get the stuff and come out. With all 3 items, return to school and watch the...
    underwhelming cutscene.
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.2. Stronghold Assault
    Unlocks: Spud Gun
    Start by approaching the fat nerd and greeting him with A. Jimmy will ask where
    Earnest is, but to no avail. Beat him up instead, then! After a few hits he'll
    give in. Go around the side of the library and there'll be another nerd in the
    way. Hit him a few times and he'll give you the key code.
    Walk through the door and you'll be ambushed by nerds. As you make your way
    along the path more will appear, shooting bottle rockets at you. Don't waste
    any time fighting back, just sprint past them. It's unlikely they'll hit you.
    eventually there'll be a scene showing Earnest stood at a mounted spud gun.
    Run forward and hide behind some of the rocks or pillars. The gun fires in
    bursts, giving you a chance to take out some of the nearby nerds whenver it
    stops shooting. When all the nerds are down, get out the slingshot and it takes
    just one well-placed shot to knock out the transformer.
    When it's down, grab any cola cans left by the nerds to refill your health then
    jump on the gun yourself. Kepp firing at the door. Nerds will begin to appear
    in the windows and on the blacony at the top, so just let off a shot or two,
    make sure they're down, then go back to the door.
    When the door's down, you're treated to another cutscene and then a boss fight
    with Earnest. This is simple - hide behind pillars as he fires at you, charge
    up a shot with your slingshot then shoot one of two...things that are on either
    side of him. Do this 3 times and it's over.
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.3. Galloway Away
    Unlocks: $60
    Head down to the football field, make a left and you'll be at the observatory.
    Make a right here and follow the path you came down in the last mission until
    you can take another right. Follow this passage until you come out at the
    After the meeting with Ms. Philips you want to head right around the asylum
    fence, climb the tree here, use the branch to get yourself over the fence and
    drop down. Follow the fence around the side so that you aren't seen until you
    come to the little garage with ladders on the back. CLimb up these and use your
    slingshot to put out the blinking light on the front of the statue. Now run
    inside the asylum.
    When the receptionist goes move through the doors. After the second set of
    doors move left around the blocks so that you aren't seen. When it's clear, run
    into galloway's room, watch the 2 cutscenes and you're done.
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.4. Jocks Challenge
    Unlocks: Jocks' Safehouse
    Very Easy. This plays like any game of dodgeball you've played in Gym Class.
    Remember to jump before throwing the ball and do your best to catch any thrown
    at you.
    Mission Complete. You get a new safehouse for your troubles.
          2.5.5. Paparazzi
    Unlocks: Nerd Respect +5, $25
    Start by making your way to the Gym and taking any old picture of Mandy. It
    doesn't matter if she sees you. When she leaves, go to the girls' dorm and
    enter the same way you did in 'Panty Raid'. after going down the attic stairs
    hide in the cupboard until the teacher's gone then run into the changing room.
    All you need hear is a picture of the shower room. Even though it's covered in
    mist and you can't see Mandy due to the door, it still registers. When she goes
    to her room, be sure to pick up the rubber band in the shower that was
    previously inaccessible.
    Outside Mandy's room, zoom in so you get a clear shot of her and snap a pic.
    Exit the same way you came in, make your way back to Earnest. Done.
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.6. Funhouse Fun
    Unlocks: Jock Respect -10, Nerd Respect +5, $25
    Ride over to the Carnival, go inside and the Fun House is just next to the
    Shooting Range. Enter.
    Run forawrd across the walkway then duck into the next room. The nerds are
    being attacked so save them as you normally would. When that's over, climb on
    top of the table and press Y to push the book and make the ladders come down.
    Climb them.
    In the next room, time yourself right so you make it past the reapers
    unscathed. Press Y to control the reapers in the control room. After the nerds
    go past, it's simply a case of pressing the button at the right time to get all
    the jocks. There's only 3, so when they're all down go back out of the control
    room and through the newly-opened door.
    In the maze, you need to find the two nerds who managed to get themselves lost.
    They appear randomly, but you have a map to refer to so it shouldn't take long
    to find them. When you've go them, lead them out of the maze and into the
    miner's room. Climb the ladder here, take out the jock and pull the switch.
    Carry on along the walkway and pull the next two switches in the same manner,
    taking out the jocks first.
    When that's done, head out and you'll need to find the nerds again. Fatty's
    just around the corner dancing in front of a mirror, and Buck's at the other
    mirror. Run over to the curtain in the enxt room and it'll open, giving you a
    clear run to the outside.
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.7. Defender Of The Castle
    Unlocks: Nerd Respect +20, Jock Respect -10, $25
    Take your spud gun along the path up to the barricade. There's one piece of
    sheet metal that's slanted up agaisnt the rest, so stand on this and let rip
    against the oncoming jocks. If you run out of ammo, just use the bottle rocket
    Eventually the barricade will be destroyed. When this happens, run back to the
    observatory and get on the mounted spud gun. Keep firing at the jocks, and
    don't let ANY of them through. There are a lot of them, but it'll die down
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.8. Nice Outfit
    Unlocks: Mascot Outfit, Jock Respect -10, Nerd Respect +5
    Make your way to the football field where you have a number of options. The
    first is to chase the mascot around, beating him until the meter fills.
    Howeverm, you will be chased by jocks, the coach, prefects etc. which make this
    the hardest option. The second is to climb up the nearby tree and hit the
    mascot with your slingshot until it fills. You'll get no hassle this way.
    Thirdly, if you have a bike, you can chase him around and bump into him now and
    then. you'll still get chased, but it's probably the most fun option.
    Whichever way you choose, once the meter's full, Jimmy will get chased into
    the pool hall by the mascot. In here, you must fight the mascot like any other
    enemy. Occasionally he'll charge you, similar to how Russell did, but it's
    easily avoidable. When he's down, you get the outfit for your hard work.
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.9. Discretion Assured
    Unlocks: Mandy as a girlfriend, Nerd Respect -5
    Go over to the first poster, which is at the back wall of the school. There'll
    be a number of bullies surrounding it. Take them out, and when they're down,
    tag the poster as you would any tagging spot. The second poster's just around
    the corner, this time with nerds in front of it. Repeat the process.
    The next poster's near the theatre in Bullowrth Town. It'll be clear of anyone
    else so just tag over it. Bucky will put up a new poster now, so head over to
    it and take out the surrounding jocks. If you take too long moving between
    posters Bucky will continue to put up new ones, so waste no time. When they're
    all done, head back to the boys dorm and meet Mandy.
    Mission Complete.
          2.5.10. The Big Game
    Unlocks: Jock Respect to max, Nerd Respect +5, Chapter V
    Dress up as the Mascot before attempting this mission. You'll be told to
    practice the mascot dance, which is a very easy button match-up game similar
    to Chemistry Class. You'll need to perform this dance whenever you're
    approached by jocks, so get used to it.
    There are 5 nerd agents you need to speak to in order to complete this mission.
    The first is behind the stands nearest the observatory. See him, and he tells
    you to rig the game ball. Run over to the original ball in front of your
    safehouse and watch the 'hilarity' unfold.
    Next, go to the nerd behind the other stand. This one's easy enough. Just use
    the glue by pressing Y in front of the benches. Remember to keep the jocks away
    by dancing for them. When all the benches are done, watch Juri sit down and get
    stuck before moving on.
    Now go over to the entrance of Harrington House as Algie will be waiting
    nearby. He wants you to piss in the water cooler. Head over to the Gym, go
    downstairs and clear the way of jocks by dancing for them. When their gone, do
    your thing with the water and watche the delightful cutscene.
    2 to go. Go to the nerd near the auto-shop and he wants you to lay marbles
    along the football field. Simple enough. Grab the marbles, head over to the
    markers and drop them appropriately. Watch another cutscene.
    The last nerd's near the fountain. He wants you to change the scoreboard, so go
    down to the football field, clear the area near the scoreboard of cheerleaders
    by dancing for them, and do your thing. Time for another boss fight.
    You can dodge the balls simply by running out of the way. When it's on the
    floor, pick it up, target any of the Jocks in front of Ted, and throw it back.
    It'll blow up in their faces. After you've taken all 3 of the linesmen out,
    the fight will move further downfield and you'll have to repeat the whole
    process again. This time, watch out for any jocks that may run onto the field
    and tackle you.
    When Ted's the only one left standing, he'll run off, leaving you to give
    chase. Tackle him to the ground and he'll go down in one hit. Another clique
    down, and just one more chapter to go.
       2.6. Chapter V: The Rise And Fall Of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15
    So here we are, the final chapter. After watching the introductory cutscene,
    you can certainly see the direction the game is taking. take your time to
    explore the new area of Blue Skies if you wish, or introduce yourself to the
          2.6.1. Cheating Time
    Unlocks: $60
    As soon as this begins, go over to the auto-shop and climb the ladder onto the
    roof. After the meeting of the preps and greasers, you need to quickly snap a
    photo of them. They're right below where you're standing, so nab a quick shot.
    Now head over to the pool hall, and climb up the stairs inside. Quickly get
    a photo of the jock and prep, and then you need to follow him. Jump down and
    head outside. Climb the ladders just next to the door, than drop off at the top
    and follow the prep. When you're told, get a photo fof him with Hattrick, then
    return to the car park and watch justice be rightly served. Sort of.
          2.6.2. Making A Mark
    Unlocks: Jocks Respect -75, Greaser Respect -75, Preppy Respect -75,
             Nerd Respect -75, Townie Respect +25
    It's best to stock up on paint on your way to the Town Hall. When ypu're there,
    head around the right side and there's a ladder waiting for you. Climb it, then
    make you way to the next one. Climb this one, and another, and you'll finally
    be at the top.
    Now you need to tag 3 separate tags. when they're done, you'll see that you've
    attracted quite a bit of attention. Make your way down, and hopefully you'll
    lose some of the heat on the way down. If not, dive for a nearby bin until it's
    Now stand near the memorial, zoom in with your camera and take a picture of
    your fine work. Make your way back to school to finish the mission.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.3. Rats in the Library
    Unlocks: Nerd Respect +15, $30
    This is a very simple mission. Inside the library, equip yourself with the
    slingshot, target a rat and fire. Now just do this 20 times over. The mini-map
    displays the locations of all 20 rats if you can't find any on the floor.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.4. The Gym is Burning
    Unlocks: Jock Rescpet +15, $30
    Time to save some lives. Go into aiming mode and aim the extinguisher at all
    the fires. When they're all out, you need to save the kids by hammering Y stood
    next to them to lift the equipment off them. Juri will be blocked off when he
    escaped by another fire, so put that one out, too.
    Ask Mandy what happened and she says she saw the arsonist downstairs. Go into
    the girls' changing rooms and a Townie will run you over and escape. That's it.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.5. Finding Johnny Vincent
    Unlocks: Greaser Respect +25, $30
    Time to get back to the asylum. Save yourself some bother by going through New
    coventry and Blue Skies to reach it. The first portion of this mission involves
    breaking in just like you did in 'Galloway Away', so climb up the tree, get
    over the fence and run through the front door when the coast's clear. Sneak
    your way into the room Galloway was kept in, but this time carry on through the
    You should be in a hall with poker tables laying about. Head right, through the
    doors, and time it right so you aren't seen. Go left around the blocks to avoid
    capture and then go for Johnny's cell. You need a uniform, so go back the way
    you came but go right into the showers. There's an orderely here who patrols in
    a fairly regular fashion, so sneak past him and get your uniform.
    Head back out towards the control room. Relieve the other orderely, go inside
    and open Johnny's cell. Follow him out into the hall where you'll be locked in.
    One of the doors doesn't shut properly, so hammer at Y to lift it up and go
    Now go left, around all the blocks, through the door at the far side and make
    your escape.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.6. Townies Challenge
    Unlocks: Townies' Safehouse
    A very standard mission. Beat up all the inital townies and another wave will
    come through. When they're ll down, the house is yours. Be sure to grab the G&G
    card in here, too.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.7. Revenge on Mr. Burton
    Unlocks: $30
    Ride over to Bullworth Town and the bolt cutters are waiting for you in an
    alley. Grab them the go on over to the Old Bullworth Vale Gardens to meet Zoe.
    You need to destroy the 3 other toilets, so use your slingshot and fire a few
    shots at each until they're fully broken.
    Now get back to Zoe. When Mr. Burton enters the toilet, get on the lawn mower
    and drive straight into it. Simple.
    Mission complete.
          2.6.8. Preppies Vandalised
    Unlocks: Prep Respect +15, Townie Respect -25, $30
    Get on your bike and head over to New Coventry. First stop is an alley with a
    bunch of Greasers. They say it wasn't them, so now head over to Blue Skies,
    and enter a warehouse near the docks.
    Run to the far side of the warehouse, up the stairs, and immediately get a
    picture of the townie putting rats in a crate. You hear about some trophy-
    burning at the docks, so run out of the warehouse and head over there. They'll
    be on a ship just about to start up the fire, so quickly get a snap of them.
    With both pictures in hand, go back to the Preps and watch the cutscene.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.9. Go See the Headmaster
    You'll get a call commanding you to see Crabblesnitch. Head up there amd watch
    the cutscene. Turn out Jimmy's expelled, and has to stick around until they can
    get hold of his mother. Predictable, but the cutscene's worth it just for
    Crabblesnitch's comment on Algie. Hehe.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.10. Busting In Part I
    You need to head to Russell's house at the top of the hill in Old Bullworth
    Vale. When you're there, watch the short cutscene and hop on the scooter in the
    garage. Your trouble meter will be raised slightly if you're not wearing a
    helmet, but not enough to cause any serious annoyance. Eventually you'll get to
    Blue Skies, where Russell smashes through a gate, and the next mission begins
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.11. Busting In Part II
    Good old Russell makes a break for it here, drawing the cops away from you.
    After the conversation with Zoe, follow her along the road. Go through the gate
    and beat up the 2 townies. When they're down, crawl through thegap and beat up
    the next 2. Push the nearby switch when all 4 are down, then meet back up with
    Follow her to the next building. Go through into the office here and the switch
    is on the far side of the room. Head back out an follow Zoe all the way around
    until she stops at a door. You'll be attacked on the way by a Townie, but you
    should make short work of him.
    Take a little detour here around to the train yard. Behind the carriage is the
    first switch, so pull it and move across to the second. Pull that and continue
    forward along the path. You'll be attacked by 2 Townies, so take them out and
    keep moving. Head up the ramp and along the path where there's more townies.
    Take these out too, and eventually, you'll reach the switch. Pull it and join
    back up with Zoe.
    Eventually you'll come across a large group of Townies. As Zoe takes care of
    them, make your way up the spiral ramp of the chemical building. At the top,
    Omar is waiting. Take him and his cronies out from a distance with your spud
    gun or slingshot, grab the key and enter the building.
          2.6.12. Showdown at the Plant
    Run down the ramp and enter through the door. Run across to Edgar who goes down
    in the lift. Instead, go right and drop down where the fence is broken. Down
    here, crouch under the pipes and make your way along the walkway. You'll come
    across a narrow pipe you need to walk across. If you fall off, just hammer Y to
    get back up. Take it easy here.
    At the other side, run across to the ladder which you need to climb down.
    Repeat the process of balancing your way across the pipe, then climb down
    another set of ladders and you're at the bottom. Approach Edgar.
    Your shield can only take 2 hits from the pipe. When it's gone, lay into Edgar
    and scramble for another quickly. Repeat this process until his health is at
    around half, and he'll run away. Wait for the steam to die down and then follow
    His pipe will do a lot of damage to you now, so don't let him get a shot at
    you. Grab your own at keep hitting him. He won't have a chance. When he's down,
    he'll explain who's really behind all of this - Gary.
    Mission Complete.
          2.6.13. Complete Mayhem
    Time to finish this. Zoe explains that the school's in an uproar. First you
    need to save Russell in the slaughterhouse. Cycle over there and sprint through
    the front door. Russell's in the corner, so go and speak to him and he'll go on
    a rampage. Follow him out fo the factory, and take note of his marker on the
    mini-map. Keep chasing him and eventually he'll grab you and the chase is over.
    After the meeting with Edgar, head inside the school. First stop should be
    Johnny in the girls' dorm. He's trashing the place, so take him and his fellows
    out. You'll have Russell with you, so don't worry, he can take a hit.
    Next up, go over to the library where you'll find Ted and his jock buddies,
    also trashing the place. 2 of these guys have bats, so watch out. Beat them up
    as you normally would. Now go over to Harrington house where you'll find the
    Preps, admittedly not doing much. Again, take them all out before moving on.
    Finally, the nerds are in the gym (which is on fire again, might I add). These
    should be the easiest, as they're nerds. When they're taken care off you need
    to go inside the school. After the meeting with Edgar the prefects will take
    all of your weapons off you, preparing you for the upcoming fight. Watch the
    cutscenes, and when you're in control again it'll be on the roof, chasing our
    old friend Gary.
    Balance your way across the plank, hoping that Gary doesn't hit you. If he
    does, you can always climb back up. He'll run up the ladder before you catch
    him, but stick with him. You'll be repeating this process a bit, so get used to
    it. When climbing up ladders Gary'll throw bricks at you, so use the stick to
    dodge them.
    When you get to the top, watch another cutscene and the real fight begins. He's
    just the same as any other opponent, only he blocks more. Take car of your
    moves and remember your combos. With each significant portion of health he
    loses you'll fall down the scaffolding further until eventually, when his
    health hits zero...
    I'll let the cutscene explain. Mission Complete.
       2.7. Chapter VI: Endless Summer and Achieving 100%
    Well done! You completed the main story of Bully: Scholarship Edition. But, as
    you may have guessed, you're not quite done yet. You've still got 100% to aim
    for, right? For now, you should have 3 more missions to complete. They all
    appear in Blue Skies after 7pm.
       2.7.1. Mailbox Armaggedon
    Unlocks: $20
    Townies are funny. The mission will start with you already on your bike, bat in
    hand. The mailboxes are mostly spread apart in a linear fashion so you should
    have no trobule finding them, but if you're lost, just refer to your mini-map.
    Don't waste any time getting off your bike just to get a clearer shot at the
    mailboxes, you can hit them from your bike. It's much less accurate, though, so
    it's best to slow doen or even stop completely next to the mailbox before
    wacking it. Time can be a bit strict, just don't do anything stupid and ignore
    any dogs that may start chasing you.
    Mission Complete.
       2.7.2. Smash It Up
    Unlocks: Zoe as a Girlfriend
    Start by following Zoe to the warehouse. Inside, your best bet is to  climb up
    the ladders and start smasing the various statues up there. Jump across from
    ledge to ledge until they're all done. Now go back downstairs and smash
    anything Zoe's left behind. some notable items are the sofas, which take just
    one kick to be destroyed, and the large panes of glass.
    Zoe can occassionally get glitched if you leave her on the second floor.
    Approaching her or nudging her seems to snap her out of it. When everything on
    the first floor is smashed Zoe'll run upstairs to find more stuff, thus wasting
    time. She moves slow so use this to your advantage. As long as you're quick and
    waste no time running from things to smash you should do alright.
    Mission Complete.
       2.7.3. The Collector
    Unlocks: $50
    Alright, first things first: do NOT dive for the nearest bike as soon as the
    mission begins. There are cops that appear out of nowhere if you do so, and
    they'll take you down in an instant. Instead, go for the one up near New
    Coventry first, near the bridge. Simply throw the guy off the bike and it's
    yours. Return it to the garage and you're onto the next one.
    If you head over to the warehouse you and Zoe where in in the previous mission,
    there should be abiker making his way up just as you get close. Same tactic,
    throw him off your hit him with your slingshot and grab the bike. Bring it back
    to the garage.
    There should be 3 bikes left now. Don't go for the one on the nearby field,
    but instead either of the other two. They give you less hassle from the police.
    Repeat the stealing process, bring the bike back, job done.
    Mission Complete.
       2.7.4. Achieving 100%
    Here we go, the main reason why most of you are here, and easily the hardest
    part of the game. Mainly because the requirements for 100% don't actually ask
    you to complete 100% of the game. Certain things count towards this percentage,
    certain things do not. Below is a list of exactly everything needed to achieve
    100%. Whatever doesn't count towards 100% isn't included here.
    Before you embark on the 100% quest, make sure that you have completed the
    prerequisites first: all 76 missions done, all classes complete, all
    achievements, aside from Perfectionist, achieved and all collectibles
    collected. Ensuring you have these 4 done before you even attempt 100% makes it
    a hell of a lot easier, trust me.
    Having done the 4 prerequisites, you percentage should be very high already.
    The only other things you need to do are listed below:
    1. Own 330+ items of clothing.
    2. Unlock all Secrets.
    3. Complete all Carnival Games.
    4. Complete all Side Missions.
    5. Complete 30+ Errands.
    6. Complete the Yearbook.
    And now, here they are slightly more in-depth.
    1. Own 330+ items of clothing.
    The exact amount can vary, I believe. You'll know when you've got this one done
    as you unlock the Gold Elvis Suit. If you don't have the Gold Suit, you haven't
    done this requirement. The only way you're going to get this is to first, clear
    out all the stores. The school store, Aquaberry, Final Cut and Worn In. Every
    piece of clothing available in these stores needs to be bought. This is a
    problem as the money earned from missions and the like is nowhere near enough
    to buy out all the shops, especially Aquaberry.
    Therefore, you're going to have to replay some side missions. Errands, while a
    good method of raising some cash, tend to slow down lots when you reach the 30
    completed mark. Side missions such as races, lawn mowing, paper route etc. are
    always available, and generally give more cash than errands. Personally I
    repeated the house lawn mowing side mission over and over, getting $40 each
    time. It's time consuming more than anything, but you'll get it.
    When you've bought out all the shops, chances are you don't have the Gold Suit.
    there are other items of clothing available, namely those as carnival prizes.
    You need to buy all hats, shoes etc. from the carnival in order to get your
    330+. The posters for sale here count as room trophies, so there is no need to
    buy those as they do not count for 100%.
    When you have bought absolutely every item of clothing, and you STILL do not
    have the Gold Suit, the only other methods of acquiring clothing are certain
    errands, which you'll get onto later, completing missions, which you should
    have already done, or unlocking secrets. Onto those now. 
    2. Unlock all Secrets.
    There are a limited number of secrets in the game, and most, if not all, give
    an item of clothing as a reward. So if you're still stuck on getting that Gold
    Suit, look no further. The secrets are as follows:
    Beat Up the Secret Pirate - From your lighthouse save point, swim south.
    There's a large island in front of you, and you want to swim around it to the
    left. You should see a wrecked pirate ship in the water; swim to it. From here,
    look towards the island and you should see a small bit of land you can swim to.
    The secret pirate is here, along with a rubber band. Hopefully you've been here
    before when collecting the 75 bands. All you need to do is beat him up as you
    owuld any student. Secret Unlocked.
    Pull the Fire Alarm 20 Times - As simple as it sounds. Walk up to a fire alarm
    and press Y. The alarm goes off. Repeat x20. You'll get a Fireman's hat as a 
    Drink 500 Sodas - Use the method described for the Soda-licious achievement
    here. Go to any Yum-Yum Market and hammer away at the A button to buy sodas
    instantly. They're free after the first 100 or so so money shouldn't be a
    problem. Rememebr that they do run out of stock, so leave and come back in and
    they'll be back.
    Spray Tags - Not every tag in the game, just one for each clique. you can check
    how many you've done for each clique under your Stats. If you can't find any
    for a particular clique, go to their hangout spot and there should be plenty.
    Pumpkins/Gravestones - Technically these are collectibles, but no worry. They
    appeared in the Halloween missions, and chances are you didn't get them all
    then. Luckily they all appear again further in the game. For pumpkins, you need
    to get down into the school basement and follow the path you took with Gary at
    the end of Chapter I. They're all in a room down there, and even appear when
    you're down there with Gary for the first time, so chances are you haven't
    missed these. Gravestones appear in a warehouse in Blue Skies. You'll enter
    this warehouse a few times, and one mission with Zoe requires you to go in
    there and smash stuff up. As soon as you enter, head left and they're lined up
    against a wall.
    Fail at least 5 classes - This should be no problem. If you're in Endless
    Summer and haven't done this, replay any 5 classes and deliberately fail. You
    get the Dunce Cap for your troubles.
    3. Complete all Carnival Games
    I've added a full section for this because this is what originally stopped me
    from getting 100% the first time. You need to WIN every game. They add a good
    1% or so each, so if you're stuck at around 99% with no errands left, chances
    are you missed one of these. The 4 main games are all relatively easy to
    complete with the exception of Strike Out. Take your time with this one, you
    have limited balls and need to get your timing right.
    For the sake of organisation, I might as well mention here you need to ride
    each ride at least once, too. That's the rollercoaster, spinning machine and
    ferris wheel.
    4. Complete all Side Missions
    Side missions include lawn mowing, paper routes, go-kart and bike races, boxing
    matches, arcade games and the ball mini-games. Lawn mowing you need to complete
    to get the achievement, but make sure you do the three house mowing missions
    too. Paper routes you again need to do for the achievement, and you'll probably
    finish these numerous times to raise cash for buying clothes.
    The races are detailed in the achievements section, the only thing I need to
    add is that there are 3 go-kart races that appear out in the towns that don't
    count towards this achievement. For verification, visit all the trophy icons
    on your map and make sure you've completed whatever needs doing there.
    Boxing matches appear at the gym in Old Bullworth Vale. As you get off the
    bridge into the Vale, head right and it's at the end of the street. They're
    available every day from 4pm onwards, and you'll be fighting Preppies. Keep
    fighting your opponents until you get the option to fight a random opponent -
    then you know you've completed all boxing matches.
    Arcade games can be found in your safehouses, but all 3 appear together in the
    prize tent at the carnival. You need to set high scores for each of these, as
    detailed in the achievements section. Note that you don't need to complete
    the 2 Future Street Race games for this to count.
    Finally, the two ball mini-games appear near the Gym on campus. Penalty
    Shootout is on the basketball court. Just set any bet and hit the kid in the
    net. Keep-ups is down near the footbal field. Head left as though you're going
    to the observatory and it's along the path there. All you need to do here is
    press the buttons as they appear.
    5. Complete 30+ Errands
    See section 3.3. for more information on errands. The actual number, as with 
    clothes, will vary from player to player. Just keep doing them until you can't
    find anymore/get 100%.
    6. Complete the Yearbook
    This also gives an item of clothing as a reward. A very useful one, in fact;
    the black ninja suit. Wearing it means authority figures cannot see you unless
    you're close up.
    If you take pictures of students throughout the game you should fill up a good
    portion of the Yearbook before you even need to try and fill it. When trying to
    find any remaining students, simply go to that clique's hangout spots and
    photgraph everyone there - you'll get them eventully. Some won't seem to appear
    at all, but they are there. Keep trying.
    The students and their cliques are as follows:
    Algernon - Nerd, ginger hair and fat (seen in missions)
    Angie - unaffiliated, black hair and glasses
    Bucky - Nerd, glasses (seen in missions)
    Beatrice - Nerd, girlfriend (seen in missions)
    Bif - Preppy
    Bo - Jock, black
    Bryce - Preppy
    Casey - Jock
    Chad - Preppy, black
    Christy - unaffiliated, ginger hair, girlfried
    Constantinos - unaffiliated
    Cornelius - Nerd
    Damon - Jock, black
    Dan - Jock
    Davis - Bully
    Derby - Preppy (seen in missions)
    Donald - Nerd
    Ethan - Bully, black
    Eunice - Nerd, fat, girlfriend
    Earnest - unaffiliated, glasses (seen in missions)
    Fatty - Nerd, fat, ginger hair (seen in missions)
    Gloria - unaffiliated, child, glasses
    Gord - Preppy
    Gordon - unaffiliated, child
    Hal - Greaser, fat
    Ivan - unaffiliated, child
    Johnny - Greaser (seen in missions)
    Juri - Jock
    Justin - Preppy
    Karen - unaffiliated, child
    Kirby - Jock
    Lefty - Greaser
    Lola - Graser, girlfriend (seen in missions)
    Lucky - Greaser
    Luis - Jock
    Mandy - Jock, girlfriend (seen in missions)
    Melody - unaffliliated, child
    Melvin - Nerd
    Norton - Greaser, black
    Parker - Preppy
    Peanut - Greaser (seen in missions)
    Pedro - unaffiliated, child
    Pinky - Preppy, girlfriend
    Ray - unaffiliated, fat
    Ricky - Greaser
    Russell - Bully (seen in missions)
    Sheldon - unaffliliated, child, black
    Tad - Preppy (seen in missions)
    Ted - Jock
    Thad - Nerd
    Tom - Bully
    Trent - Bully, blond hair
    Trevor - unaffliated, black
    Troy - Bully
    Vance - Greaser
    Wade - Bully
    Zoe - Townie, girlfriend (seen in missions)
    Students that are seen in missions should be obvious, as you'll know their
    characters. Certain students cannot be seen outside of missions and therefore
    you can't take their pictures. You need to beat them as a boss character to get
    their picture. The only other 2 are Jimmy and Petey, which automatically appear
    when you first receive the Yearbook.
       3. Outside of the Main Game
    So, by now, you've hopefully got the 100% you've been craving. If not, read on,
    as everything covered in this section contributes towards you percentage, and
    chances are, these are what you're having trouble with.
       3.1. Achievement Guide
    After Hours (20G) - Spend 5 hours out after curfew
    Any amount of time you spend outside (ie. not in your dorm) after 11pm counts
    as 'after hours'. You need to spend 5 hours outside. It really is as easy as it
    sounds. The only thing stopping this from being the easiest achievement in the
    entire game is that at 2am each morning you pass out, which only gives you 3
    hours out in a night. Just do the same the following night and you've got it.
    Black & White & Read All Over (20G) - Complete all Paper Route Missions
    The paper route missions are unlocked in Chapter II. To begin the missions, you
    need to head to a particular road in Old Bullworth Vale (press left on the
    D-Pad to bring up the icon if you're having trouble). Go up to the yellow
    marker, start the mission and you're off. These shouldn't be too much hassle,
    just take it easy and be sure to target the mailboxes. If you're anxious about
    time at later levels, bring up your map and plan out your route before you go
    about it. There are 5 missions in total, and each gives a nice cash bonus.
    Boy Genius (30G) - Complete 9 classes
    You can get this done in the first chapter if you're efficient. Simply complete
    any 9 classes in the game and it's yours. However you go about getting this,
    be sure to fail at least 5 before you finish the game in order to get your
    dunce cap (if you're not following this guide religiously that shouldn't be too
    hard, they can get tough at later levels). See section 3.2. for more advice.
    Casanova (20G) - Receive 25 kisses from the ladies
    This can be done in one sitting if you want (and you can stomach the awful
    kissing animation). Simply give a girl a gift (such as flowers), and the option
    to kiss will appear. Press A and enjoy. Do this 25 times and you're done. You
    should easily get this through the course of the game, as many times a kiss is
    given as a mission reward and you'll rely on the health boosts in the later
    stages of the game.
    Down for the Count (20G) - Beat up 200 opponents
    Another one you can easily achieve during the course of the game. If, for some
    reason, you don't have this by Endless Summer, just go around knocking out
    students until you get it.
    Dual Nebula (20G) - Achive high scores on Consumo, Nut Shots and Monkey Fling
    These 3 arcade games all appear in the prize tent in the carnival. None are
    overly tough, just time-consuming. For Consumo, try and stay relatively central
    and don't take unnecesary risks. For Nut Shots, hammer away at the fire button
    as soon as the Eagles appear. For Monkey Fling, always preserve ammo and don't
    ever let yourself get cornered by a spider.
    Eggsellent! (20G) - Egg 25 cars
    Equip the eggs, target a nearby car and throw. You'll get a rise in your
    trouble meter for vandalism, but it's easily shaken off. There's a parked car
    behind the gym in Old Bullworth Vale you can use as well, if you're struggling.
    Note that these have to be 25 separate cars, not just the same car 25 times.
    Freshman (20G) - Complete Chapter 1
    Story achievement. Follow the walkthrough if you're having trouble.
    Glass Dismissed (25G) - Break 300 bottles at the shooting gallery
    In the Carnival, head left in the main area and the Gallery is right there,
    next to the dwarf-drowining game. Keep playing, getting as many bottles as you
    can. If you're any good you can get around 20-30 bottles per game, so this
    shouldn't take too long to unlock.
    Graduate (40G) - Complete Chapter 5
    Story achievement. Follow the walkthrough if you're having trouble.
    Green Thumb (20G) - Complete all Lawn Mowing jobs
    Use your D-Pad to find this job, it's over in the gardens in Old Bullworth
    Vale. They need to be completed in 70%, 80% and 90% increments. They're
    generous with time here, so go for 100% and the cash bonus if you're up to it.
    After you've completed the ones at the gardens, there's a nearby house that
    opens up for mowing jobs, too, so do exactly the same there. Breaking the
    ornaments has no bearing on the completion of the job so don'r fret. Also, the
    mowing job set as a detention does NOT count towards 100% - it does NOT need to
    be completed.
    Green Thumbs Up (20G) - Pick 50 flowers
    Flowers can be easily found on the grass in front of the girls' dorm. Press Y
    to pick some up. You can only carry 10 at a time, so to unload some give them
    to a boy or girl who's willing. If you're efficient, get this one in
    conjuction with either kissing achievement. Pick up 50 and you're done.
    Helping Hand (20G) - Complete 10 Errand Missions
    When you say a big blue X appear on your mini-map, head over and help out the
    person. This is an errand mission, and they're usually very easy. To get 100%
    you'll be doing many more than 10, so this should come naturally.
    It's All In the Wrists (20G) - Complete All 4 of the Carnival Games once
    Get this one on your first visit to the Carnival with Mandy. The 4 games in
    question are the strength game (mash A), the shooting gallery, the dwarf dunk
    and the strike-out game. You don't even need to win, just have a go at each.
    Junior (20G) - Complete Chapter 3
    Story achievement. Follow the walkthrough if you're having trouble.
    Keener (20G) - Complete 3 Classes
    As simple as it sounds. See Boy Genius and the Classes Guide for more.
    Kickin' the Balls (20G) - Kick 100 Soccer Balls
    There are two that usually spawn otuside the boys' dorm. Walk up to them, press
    X to kick. Do this 100 times.
    Little Angel (20G) - Complete 20 Errand Missions
    See Helping Hand and the Errands Guide for more.
    Marathon (25G) - Travel 100,000 metres on foot
    That's 100km. Check your current counts in the Stats pages. You should get this
    during the course of the game (I got mine during the final battle, funnily
    enough). If not, you'll certainly get it running around trying for 100%.
    Mission Accomplished (75G) - Complete all missions
    That's a grand total of 76 missions, including the 3 you get during Endless
    Summer. Any missions you do that count towards this total, or the 100%
    completion total, can be repeated later in the game. You can't be 'cheated'
    out of any achievements. The only mission you can skip, 'The Big Prank',
    doesn't coutn towards these totals. Be warned that this achievement can glitch,
    and won't immediately unlock. Restart your Xbox, start up Bully once again and
    it should appear.
    Momma's Boy (30G) - Complete 30 errand missions
    See Helping Hand and the Errands Guide for more.
    Over the Rainbow (20G) - Receive 20 kisses from the gents
    Ah, yes. THAT achievement. Irrelevant comments aside, as you 'win' over cliques
    during the course of the game, there's one male in each group that is willing
    to kiss you. The easiest one to find is one in the bully clique. He has blond
    hair and asks if you "want to play shirts and skins". If you can't find him,
    target every male you see until you come across one that lets you give a gift
    or kiss with A. Go about this as you would with a female. Do it in one sitting
    if you wish, but outside of finding the dude, this is fairly easy.
    Perfectionist (125G) - 100% completion
    See Section 2.7
    Pole Position (20G) - Complete all Go-Kart missions
    The main Go-Kart missions appear in the Carnival, where the trophy icon is
    located. There are five here, and I'm fairly sure it's just these 5 you need
    to complete to get the achievement. After these 5 there are 3 more unlocked
    around the towns. You need these for 100% anyway, so you might as well do them.
    Senior (20G) - Complete Chapter 4
    Story achievement. Follow the walkthrough if you're having trouble.
    Sharp Dressed Man (25G) - Collect 250 clothing items
    Exactly as it says. The four shops, which are the school store, Aquaberry, Worn
    In and Final Cut provide the bulk of these. The rest are earned through
    missions, classes or stealing from lockers. 100% requires you to get about 100
    more items of clothing than this, so don't fret about racking this one up.
    Skate Pro (25G) - Travel 50,000 meters on the skateboard
    That's 50km. You actually need to use the board an awful lot for this one,
    considering how slow it is compared to a bike. If you want to be cheap, skitch
    on a car (press Y near the back bumper) and just let it ride for a while.
    Skidmark (25G) - Give 50 wedgies
    Walking behind someone opens up the option to give a wedgie. Note that this can
    only be done on boys, as girls can only have their arses pinched (note the
    difference between icons that appear).
    Smart Mouth (25G) - Say 100 taunts
    Target someone and press B from a distance to taunt them. Repeat x100. Easy.
    Smell Ya Later (25G) - Hit people with stink bombs 50 times
    Best done on a group of people in order to rack up those numbers. Wherever you
    see a crowd, equip and throw your bombs. Each person that covers their face
    within the blast range counts as a hit, and you need 50 of these.
    Soda-licious (20G) - Buy 100 sodas
    This might seem daunting at first with those damn vending machines, but if you
    head over to a Yum-Yum market, view the items and select a soda, all you have
    to do is hammer away at the A button 100 times and it's yours. This is also a
    very effective way of getting the "drink 500 sodas" requirement for 100%. The
    only drawback is you need $100 on you, and when going for 500, the store sells
    out every 100 or so. Just exit and come back and they'll be restocked.
    Sophomore (20G) - Complete Chapter 2
    Story achievement. Follow the walkthrough if you're having trouble.
    Speed Freak (20G) - Complete 1/2 of all Go-Kart races
    See 'Pole Position' achievement.
    Teacher's Pet (20G) - Complete 6 Classes
    See 'Boy Genius' achievement.
    The Champion (20G) - Complete All Bike Races
    Bike races are available in Old Bullworth Vale, New Coventry, Bullworth Town
    and the Academy itself. Some of these only open up after a certain point in the
    atory, so it's only worth doing them all then. Nothing much to say, just keep
    hammering away at that A button. There isn't much hassle with these races.
    The Wheel Deel (25G) - Perform 200 wheelies on a bike
    To wheelie, bash the A button until you're full-on pedalling, then press down
    on the left stick. Repeat x200. Not at all hard to get, just annoying and
    inconvenient. You'll get it eventually.
    Tour De Bullworth (25G) - Travel 100km on the bike
    Not overly hard, and you'll likely get this through the course of the game,
    especially towards the end.
    Watch Your Step (20G) - Trip 25 people with marbles
    My personal favourite way of going about this is to go into your dorm at night,
    through a bag or two at the front door, run to the fire alarm and pull it.
    Everyone'll run out and slip up on the marbles. You'll get it in no time with
    this method. And the students' rections  are worth it, too.
       3.2. Classes Guide
    Classes are a vital part of Bully's gameplay. Every day you'll get two classes;
    a morning class which begins at 9am, and an afternoon class which begins at
    1:30pm. You get a grace period of an hour and a half to get to your classes, so
    don't worry if you're occupied and need to get there in a hurry.
    When you've completed a class fully (ie. all 5 levels) it will still come up
    now and then, but as a gray symbol on the mini-map. You can head over there to
    replay it if you wish, but you won't be punished for playing truant with these
    classes. If you fail a class, you'll replay it next time that class comes
    around. For example, if you fail Geography 2, you'll play through the other
    classes as you normally would, and when Geography rolls around again you'll get
    another shot at Geography 2.
    Don't try and give the classes a 'perfect run' and complete them all as they
    appear. Firstly, because not all classes are open at the beginning of the game
    (some classes unlock in chpater 2), and secondly, you need to fail at least 5
    to get the dunce cap and therefore 100%. Take it easy with the classes, they're
    always available so take your time completing them.
       3.2.1. Chemistry
    Chemistry classes all employ the same concept - Press the buttons as they pass
    through the yellow square. Really, really simple. If it wasn't easy enough,
    you get three shots at each class, so don't worry about failing.
    Completing the classes gives you a perk each time. These are:
    Chemistry 1 - unlocks Firecrackers from the chem set in your room
    Chemistry 2 - unlocks Stink bombs from the chem set in your room
    Chemistry 3 - unlocks Itching Powder from the chem set in your room
    Chemistry 4 - using the chem set now gives you full ammo on all weapons
    Chemistry 5 - you can now use the chem set unlimited times a day
       3.2.2. Biology
    Biology asks you to disect a different animal each time and do a certain task
    with the organs. Essentially, it wants you to use the sticks to guide your
    tools around. You might be pushed for time, and if so, use both sticks at the
    same time to speed up movement. You don't need to complete each class 100%, so
    keep an eye at the top of the screen. As soon as it turns green, you've passed.
    Each class runs the same. Pin down the animal with pins, use the scalpel to cut
    into your animal in one or more places, use forceps to pull back the skin,
    identify organs with the maginifying glass, pick them up and drop them into the
    dish. By Class 5 you should have the routine down to a T.
    Completing the classes unlocks an item of clothing each time. These are:
    Biology 1 - Muscle Shirt
    Biology 2 - HAZMAT hat
    Biology 3 - Bass hat
    Biology 4 - Alien outfit
    Biology 5 - Pig Head hat
       3.2.3. Geography
    Ah, one of the few tough classes. The premise is simple - using the sticks,
    drag and drop flags onto their respective countries on a world map, moving from
    regions such as Europe to Asia and South America. It's actually really tough,
    and enough to make anyone question their own geographical knowledge.
    Luckily, it's nothing a nearby world atlas can't solve. If you don't have one
    of those handy, below is a list of all geography classes and accompanying maps
    showing the locations of all necessary states/countries.
    Geography 1 - http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/_-_-_/Bullygeog1.png
    Geography 2 - http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/_-_-_/Bullygeog2.png
    Geography 3 - http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/_-_-_/Bullygeog3.png
    Geography 4 - http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/_-_-_/Bullygeog4.jpg
    Geography 5 - http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/_-_-_/Bullygeog5.gif
    The hard work pays off, though. Geography has one of the better rewards for
    completing classes, as they put icons on your main map showing you the
    locations of various collectibles. It also means I don't ahve to write out a
    separate guide for each and can simply direct you to your map after completing
    Geography. Win-win!
    Geography 1 - Eiffel Tower hat
    Geography 2 - Racing outfit & Rubber band locations on the map
    Geography 3 - Panda outfit & G&G Card locations on the map
    Geography 4 - Pith hat and Transistor locations on the map
    Geography 5 - Explorer outfit and Gnome locations on the map
       3.2.4. Music
    This can be a very hit-and-miss class (pun not at all intended ;D). Again, what
    should be a very easy class in practice (press the triggers when prompted), is
    in fact very difficult, but this time it's because of the game's own mechanics.
    Pressing the triggers sometimes will not register at all, other times it'll say
    you missed when you were perfectly on time, and others they come so damn fast
    it's literally impossible to keep up.
    Luckily, there's a cheap way of getting past these. Pressing both triggers at
    the same time doens't seem to make any difference. Therefore, instead of
    worrying which trigger to press whan a horde of them fall down the screen, just
    mash them both. The only thing you'll have to worry about now is your timing.
    Yes, it's cheap, and yes, it still doesn't always work. That's a fault of the
    game, though, and not your own. If you want to do it the traditional method,
    then by all means attempt to do so.
    The reward for winning each Music class are as follows:
    Music 1 - Music Keys shirt
    Music 2 - Band Shirt
    Music 3 - Music PJs
    Music 4 - Marching Band outfit
    Music 5 - '80s Rocker outfit
       3.2.5. Shop
    Another fairly basic class which asks you to follow the commands. Unfortunately
    it's also another class that's broken in some way or other due to the game's
    mechanics. Luckily it's not as bad as most other classes.
    The problems here arise when you're asked to rotate the sticks in a particular
    direction. Unless you get lucky, the game will reject your action even if you
    follow it perfectly. Unless you know what's going to come up and prepare
    accordingly, you'll likely fail each class at least once.
    A list of each class and the prompts are included below:
    Shop 1 - Rotate Clockwise, A button, Rotate Anti-clockwise
    Shop 2 - Rotate Clockwise, X button, A button, Rotate Anti-clockwise
    Shop 3 - Rotate Clockwise, A button, Rotate Clockwise, X button, Rotate Anti-
    Shop 4 - Rotate Anti-clockwise, A button, Rotate Clockwise, X button, B button,
    Rotate Clockwise
    Shop 5 - B button, Y button, Rotate Clockwise, A button, Rotate Anti-clockwise,
    X button, B button, Rotate Anti-clockwise
    For each shop class completed, a new type of BMX is unlocked. The types are
    each shown below:
    Shop 1 - BMX with Speed **, Acceleration **, Handling ***
    Shop 2 - BMX with Speed **, Acceleration **, Handling ****
    Shop 3 - BMX with Speed ***, Acceleration **, Handling ****
    Shop 4 - BMX with Speed ***, Acceleration ***, Handling ****
    Shop 5 - BMX with Speed ****, Acceleration ****, Handling ****
       3.2.6. Photography
    Photography class revolves around running around the towns and school taking
    pictures of various different sites. It's fairly easy, mainly because the time
    you get is very generous, especially if you're using a fast bike.
    Occassionally the game will not register your taken pictures for some reason.
    If this happens, try taking a picture of the object from a different angle or a
    few steps back until the frame of the picture flashes green and you're told
    it's a 'good picture'.
    The locations of each thing you need to picture immediately show up on your
    main map when you start the class, so if you're anxious for time, bring up your
    map and plan out a route.
    The unlockables for Photography can be erroneous, but helpful nonetheless:
    Photography 1 - Photo Album unlocks, you can now store a few pictures
    Photography 2 - Yearbook unlocks
    Photography 3 - More space in the Photo Album unlocks
    Photography 4 - Digital camera unlocks, you can now take colour photos
    Photography 5 - Double the ticket prizes at the carnival
       3.2.7. English
    Another tough class, but this one's a thinker. English is an anagram game,
    where you're given various jumbled letters and have to make words out of them
    in the alotted time. Sounds easy, but it can get intense when you need one
    more word left and only 20 seconds to find one.
    Below is a list of all English classes, the letters provided and sufficient
    number of words required to pass the class (not 100%, mind)
    English 1 - EWOLML
    English 2 - HSGFTI
    Enlgish 3 - EMISSL
    English 4 - RANYCO
    English 5 - GDRGAE
    The rewards for English are all improvements on your socialising skills:
    English 1 - Better apologies
    English 2 - Better taunts
    English 3 - Apologise to prefects
    Enlgish 4 - Better taunts, can now taunt from a distance
    Enlgish 5 - Apologise to cops
       3.2.8. Math
    Math, as explained in the manual, sounds like a decent class, mainly because
    it's multiple choice. And while that's true, and for the first 3 or 4 classes
    it seems incredibly easy, the final few are tough. They're rapid-fire quick
    sums, comparison of objects, rational thinking, etc. The time limits can be
    harsh, and while you can get by with a few wrong answers, get too many wrong
    and you'll fail. What's worse is you won't know until you get to the final
    question and you're failed, for what seems like no apparent reason.
    No worry, the answers for each class are as follows:
    Math 1:
    3 + 4 = 7
    50 = 4 + 45
    6 x 6 = 36
    How Many Triangles? 2
    Smallest? Fly
    12 = 20 - 8
    Biggest? Saturn
    Lowest? 203
    8 + 3 = 11
    1/2 = 0.5
    Slowest? Sloth
    120 = 3 x 40
    7 - 5 = 2
    Fastest? Truck
    99 = 11 x 9
    12 + ? = 21 Answer: 9
    35 = 7 x 5
    Fastest? Rocket
    How Many Squares? 5
    0.5 x 34 = 17
    15 - 6 = 9
    Fastest? Race Car
    0.5 = 1/2
    Tallest? Pyramids
    Highest? 79
    7 + 3 = 10
    24 = 12 x 2
    Math 2:
    Smallest? Watermelon
    Fastest? Sloth
    How Many Triangles? 3
    1500 = 30 x 50
    18 - ? = 5 Answer: 13
    Tallest? Eiffel Tower
    100 = 25 x 4
    2 = 9 – 7
    Biggest? Cathedral
    Highest? 771
    Shortest? Bird House
    Slowest? Turtle
    ¼ = 0.25
    8 + 2 = 10
    How Many Triangles? 2
    144 = 12 x 12
    Shortest? Bird House
    55 = 1 x 55
    13 - ? = 5 Answer: 8
    How Many Triangles? 6
    Fastest? Plane
    0.75 = ¾
    15 = 3 x 5
    Lowest? 677
    Biggest? Truck
    Math 3:
    1kg = 1000g
    36 = 6 x 6
    Tallest? Cathedral
    0.5 = ½
    360 = 180 x 2
    Smallest? Pizza
    Slowest? Snail
    16 + 10 = 26
    2 + 9 = 11
    400 = 20 x 20
    Smallest? Snail
    Biggest? Saturn
    10 – 10 + 7 = 7
    Lowest? 2234
    6 + 5 = 11
    How Many Triangles? 7
    6/18 = 1/3
    1g = 0.00kg
    17 – 11 = 6
    2 + 7 + 2 = 11
    Smallest? Whale
    Fastest? Whale
    190 - ? = 30 Answer: 160
    How Many Squares? 7
    13 + 8 + 2 = 23
    Math 4:
    Fastest? Plane
    Lowest? 0.09
    How Many Triangles? 7
    49 = 57 – 8
    0.625kg = 625g
    How Many Circles? 8
    0 = 0 x 125
    Biggest? Building
    6 + 8 + ? = 2 Answer: 23
    Fastest? Rocket
    Shortest? Birdhouse
    15 - ? = 6 Answer: 9
    How Many Triangles? 3
    Slowest? Turtle
    How Many Squares? 7
    3000 = 50 x 60
    1 + 4 – 2 = 3
    Smallest? Key
    17 + 8 = 25
    1200 = 20 x 60
    48500g = 48.5kg
    Math 5:
    13 + 8 + 2 = 23
    Lowest? 2234
    Shortest? Dog House
    2 = 9 – 7
    689g = .689kg
    Squares? 8
    ? + 6 – 3 + 11 Answer: 8
    Fastest? Plane
    How Many Triangles? 4
    Highest? 33.8
    255 = 5 x 51
    0.75 = ¾
    Biggest? Bridge
    Fastest? Plane
    1.25 = 5/4
    Slowest? Pyramid
    12 + 6 – 11 Answer: 7
    3.14 = 31.4 x .01
    How Many Triangles? 7
    7 + ? + 3 = 17 Answer: 7
    Fastest? Rocket
    Shortest? Tombstone
    Biggest? Cathedral
    1/8 = 0.125
    The unlockables for Math class are all items of clothing.
    Math 1 - Genius Hat
    Math 2 - I Heart Math Shirt
    Math 3 - Shut Your Pi Hole Shirt
    Math 4 - Hip 2 B Squared Shirt
    Math 5 - Nerd Outfit
       3.2.9. Gym
    There are two aspects to Gym class: Dodgeball and Wrestling. You alternate
    between the two with each class you take.
    Dodgeball - You're on a team with nerds, facing another clique. The basic
    dogeball rules are in play here. When you've got the ball, be sure to jump with
    B before throwing as it pretty much ensures you'll hit your target.
    Wrestling - Not that hard. Follow the commands and use your basic fighting
    knowledge. You're fighting Fatty, so it shouldn't be too much trouble.
    The unlockables for Gym vary on what you've been playing.
    Gym 1 - Fight move combo unlocked
    Gym 2 - Projectile accuracy upgraded
    Gym 3 - Fight move combo unlocked
    Gym 4 - Projectile accuracy upgraded
    Gym 5 - Projectile accuracy upgraded
       3.2.10. Art
    Art class is based on those popular flash games you see around the Internet.
    You're in control of a cursor. By moving across the field and creating sections
    you uncover parts of the picture. Uncover 80% off the picture to win. You die
    by hitting any enemies floating around the canvas and the frame or hitting your
    own line. There are various upgrades you can pick up which speed you up or
    freeze your enemies.
    That's about it really. It might seem appealing to go straight down the middle
    and uncover 50% straight way, but you'll quickly be killed doing this. Take
    your time - dodge enemies, anticipate their movements. And good luck, this can
    be a tough class.
    The reward for Art class is one of the better ones - increase in the health
    boost you receive for kissing someone:
    Art 1 - You can exchange flowers for a kiss
    Art 2 - You gain a 50% health boost for kissing
    Art 3 - You gain a 75% health boost for kissing
    Art 4 - You gain a 100% health boost for kissing
    Art 5 - You no longer need to exchange a gift to kiss someone
       3.3. Errands Guide
    Ah. Errands. The bane of this game. They're not at all hard, they're just so
    unbelievably glitchy finding them is hard enough, never mind actually
    completing them. For the errand achievements, you need to complete at least 30.
    There are 50 in total, so this should be no problem. The problems do arise,
    however, when trying to bump up your percentage using errands.
    First of all, if you can't find errands in a particular area, save your game,
    turn off the Xbox, restart your game and return to that area. For some reason,
    this seems to help. Second, if you're wondering how many errands you must
    complete in order to get 100%, there is no definitive answer. If you've done
    every other requirement for 100% besides achivements (see section 2.7.4.), then
    there's no way of knowing other than doing as many as you can until you hit
    100%. It's going to be more than 30, and unlikely to be 50. Personally I hit
    100% at around 37 errands; nowhere near all of 50 of them done. Like most
    things in this game, just keep trying, as you'll get it eventually.
          3.3.1. Bullworth Academy
    1. Retrieve TP
    Location: Boy's toilets, first floor
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $10
    2. Retrieve TP Part II
    Location: Boy's toilets, first floor
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    3. Plant flowers (in a locker)
    Location: Hallways, second floor
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $10
    4. Plant flowers Part II
    Location: Hallways, first floor
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $10
    5. Escort Christy
    Location: Car Park
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $10
    6. Egg Girls' Dorm
    Location: In front of Boys' Dorm
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $10
    7. Egg Boys' Dorm
    Location: In front of Girls' Dorm
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $10
    8. Losers into Lockers
    Location: Second floor, outside Crabblesnitch's office
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $10
    9. Kids into Bins
    Location: Outside Main Building
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    10. Firecracker in a toilet
    Location: Outside boy's toilets, first floor
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    11. Fire Alarm
    Location: Bottom of the main stairway
    Times: 9am - 3pm
    Reward: $15
    12. Escort Algie
    Location: Hallways, second floor
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    13. Lockpicking
    Location: Bottom of the main stairs
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $10
          3.3.2. Bullworth Town
    14. Cop Troubles
    Location: Town Hall
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $25 and Icognito Hat
    15. Find the Dog
    Location: Comic Book Shop
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    16. Find the Dog Part II
    Location: Near the road heading into New Coventry
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    17. Water Balloons
    Location: On a roof near the memorial
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20 and Water Balloon item
    18. Beat the Greasers
    Location: Petrol station
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    19. Fetch the jacket
    Location: Police Station
    Times: 9am - 6pm
    Reward: $20
    20. Fetch the pills
    Location: Alleys next to the drug store
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    21. Change for the Hobo
    Location: Comic Book Shop
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: Cowboy Hat
    22. Retreive the bike
    Location: Bike shop
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $15
          3.3.3. Old Bullworth Vale
    23. Grave Flowers
    Location: Retirement Home
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    24. Swim to the Shipwreck
    Location: End of the pier
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20
    25. Picture the Carnival
    Location: Carnival
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20
    26. Retrieve the package
    Location: Entrance to the Gardens
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20
    27. Bring back the teddy
    Location: Gazebo next to the gym
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $15
    28. Escort the old lady
    Location: Retirement Home
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $25
    29. Deliver the food
    Location: Fast food place
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20 and Fast food outfit
    30. Swim around the bouy
    Location: Beach near the lighthouse
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20 and Tiny Swimsuit
    31. Swim to the rocks
    Location: End of the pier
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20
    32. Collect the crabs
    Location: Street near the pier
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20
    33. Tagging
    Location: Bullworth Vale Gardens
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $20
          3.3.4. New Coventry
    34. Escort Christy Part II
    Location: Yum-Yum Market
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $30
    35. Picture a Tagger
    Location: Near the bike garage
    Times: 3pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
    36. Egg the Tenements
    Location: Road heading into Blue Skies
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $20
    37. Rats in the Tenements
    Location: Tenements
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $25
    38. Fires in the Tenements
    Location: Tenements
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $25
    39. Smash up the car
    Location: Yum-Yum Market
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
    40. Deliver the package
    Location: Bike garage
    Times: 9am - 5pm
    Reward: $20
    41. Tagging
    Location: Under the bridge
    Times: 3pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
    42. Escort the old lady
    Location: Outside Final Cut
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $40
    43. Picture the cheater
    Location: Outside Final Cut
    Times: 3pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
          3.3.5. Blue Skies Industrial Park
    44. Swim to the package
    Location: Docks
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $30
    45. Egg the Greasers
    Location: Next to the warehouse
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $30
    46. Satellite Dishes
    Location: Next to the warehouse
    Times: 3pm - 9pm
    Reward: $30
    47. Escaped Patients
    Location: Asylum
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $30
    48. Smash the Car
    Location: Wonder Meats Warehouse
    Times: 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $30
    49. Deliver a package
    Location: Your Safehouse
    Times: All through the day
    Reward: $30
    50. Kill the Rats
    Location: Docks
    Times: 9am - 5pm
    Reward: $30
      4. Version History
    - Version 1.0
      Began on 5/4/2008
      Finished on 8/4/2008, submitted to GameFAQs
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