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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by RockstarSk8r

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/13/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -Bully: Scholarship Edition Strategy Guide
    -For Wii, Xbox 360, and PS2
    -By: The MopTopper AKA RockstarSk8r
    -<This guide is for all systems INCLUDING PS2. I created this
    guide based on the Wii, but it still works the three ways>
    -This Guide Contains Hints, ways to beat bosses, and even some
    -Version 1.4
    -This is a strategy guide for all of the things you need to know
    for Bully Scholarship Edition. If you have any questions at all,
    or want more information not included in this guide, email me
    at, MoptheTop@gmail.com I will answer any question and for fill
    any request in a later version of this guide.
    -This Guide Can Be Found On These Sites:
    -Last updated: Aug 12 08
    -Coming Soon: All Cheats, Side Mission Descriptions
    Table of Contents
    This Guide
    Story Missions
    (NEW!)Side Missions
    Yearbook Photos
    Bike Races and Other Races
    Rubber bands
    G&G Cards
    (NEW!)Skateboard Travel, Bike Travel, And foot Travel
    (NEW!)100% Checklist
    100% Completion Comments
    This Guide
    Hello. My Online Nicknames Are RockstarSk8r, KillKraft42, and
    The MopTopper. (I know the last one is pretty Cheezy) The First
    Time I wrote this guide, I was horribly unprofessional. I put no
    dates, and made a poor effort into making the guide. Now, That I
    Have An acceptable guide, I would like to inform you of the new
    updates. I finally stopped being so lazy and actually named ALL
    50 errands. And I will get to the side missions As soon as I
    can. I would like to announce now, on August 27, It will take
    awhile to update my guide because of school. So enjoy this
    guide, with it you will be able to get 100%
    The missions in this game are fairly straightforward, but I will
    give you information on all of them.
    Chapter 1
    Welcome to Bullworth
    You play the role as mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins. You
    have been expelled from every school in the area except
    Bullworth Academy. Bullworth is a town with nasty kids, teens,
    adults, and even dogs. Enjoy the first part of the long story
    line ahead.
    This is your School
    You meet Gary, the crazy kid with ADD. He offers to be your
    friend and shows you around the school. As you and Gary are
    walking, you come in contact with a bully you met earlier named
    Russell. (Leader of the Bully faction) You need to pay him two
    dollars in order for him to leave you alone. After you do that,
    you need to pick the lock on his locker so you can get the
    “Bullworth Hat Classic” After that, a prefect (High-School
    Authority Figure) will see you. When you see the garbage can to
    your left jump in it until your trouble meter is empty. When you
    get out, Gary will be waiting. Follow Gary to the girl’s
    bathroom where you meet Eunice. (Fat Chick) She will want you to
    get her chocolate box from Constantino. (Kid With no Friends)
    Run to the boy’s bathroom on the other side of the school. You
    should see Constanino eating out of a heart box. Beat him up and
    bring the chocolates he drops back to Eunice. She will want to
    make out, so she does. After that, follow Gary to the cafeteria,
    where he introduces you to all of the factions. They are the
    Nerds, Preps, Greasers, and Jocks.
    After lunch, a prefect will send you and Gary off to class.
    Follow the orange bell on your mini-map to Chemistry Class,
    which is AMAZINGLY easy for the Wii version, and easy for the
    Xbox 360 and PS2. After four minutes, another class will come
    about, English. For more on classes, find where it says
    “classes” on the table of contents, and go there.
    The Set Up
    This mission gets you ready for the many other missions in this
    game. Crabblesnitch is talking to you about behaving yourself,
    as soon as he leaves a Davis (Bully) hits you with a slingshot.
    You start chasing him. That leads to you getting in a fight with
    the bullies, and running through the auto-shop to catch up to
    the bully who hit you. First you start off with one bully in
    front of the Auto shop. He’s not hard. Then another bully, and
    another, and another, and another, until finally you fight two
    at a time. When they are all knocked out, you need to knock out
    Davis, pick up bricks and other items and throw them at him. It
    only takes three shots for him to go down so, he’s not much of a
    problem. If you use firecrackers, he goes down in two shots. You
    earn the slingshot.
    This mission teaches you how to climb trees, and work the
    slingshot. Gary is talking to Petey (Small kid) about his
    amazing plan for “them” to take over the school. After Petey
    accidentally insults you, Gary kicks him in the balls, and you
    go with Gary to practice your aim. You start out shooting an old
    bus with the slingshot, and then you got to the football field,
    climb up a tree, and shoot some jocks practicing for football.
    A Little Help
    You, Gary, and Petey go to harass an old hobo living behind the
    school. After the hobo throws a brick at Gary, Gary and Pete
    chicken out, so you’re left to the hobo. You become friends with
    him and make a deal. You’ll need to find the transistor marked
    on the map in exchange for some old army moves. When you find it
    bring it back to the hobo so he can teach you a new fighting
    move. For more on transistors, look in the table of contents to
    find them in the guide.
    Save Algie
    In the library, you’ll see Algie, a fat kid with his fly open.
    He’ll ask you to escort him to his locker to get his book. You
    need to defend him from bullies. About half way there he’s got
    to take a wizz, so lead him to the bathroom in the school. He’ll
    be in the stall, so beat up the two bullies. Use combos on them,
    and flush their heads in the toilets if you want to. Either way,
    after Algie is done, he’ll wash his hands and you can lead him
    to his locker.
    Defend Bucky
    Bucky is another helpless nerd to the bullies. All you got to do
    is go to the auto shop, and beat up the bullies harassing Bucky.
    The first pair of bullies isn’t hard, but be careful, one bully
    has a bat, but you can steal it and use it on him. There are two
    other couples of bullies, all the same, with a bat. You’ll earn
    a skateboard.
    That Bitch
    This mission requires you to sneak into the girl’s dorm. “Over
    Hear” Beatrice, (Nerd Girl) and Mandy (Popular Cheerleader)
    fighting. You need to get the science notes Mandy stole from
    Beatrice back to her. Meet Gary outside, he’ll tell you to go to
    Fatty to get a stink bomb. Beat up Fatty, and sneak into the
    girl’s locker room, pick the lock on Mandy’s locker and take the
    notes, then put a stink bomb in her locker. *Hint: If you hide
    in the garbage behind you until Mandy comes in the locker room,
    you can see the stink bomb go off, and her throwing up* Return
    the notes to Beatrice, and she’ll fall in love with you.
    The Candidate
    In this mission, Earnest (Leader of the Nerd Faction) is running
    for class president. He wants you help to shoot the jocks with
    your slingshot so they don’t ruin Earnest’s campaign speech.
    Except, you don’t use you old slingshot, you use the new, better
    slingshot with a scope. You earn the new slingshot.
    This is probably one of the most funnest missions in the game.
    Jimmy, dressed as a skeleton, Gary, dressed as Hitler, and Petey
    dressed as a bunny go out to pull some pranks. Around the school
    campus, you’ll see gravestones, and pumpkins. If you want to
    beat this game 100%, you need to smash them, but you don’t have
    to on Halloween, you can do that later. I’ll talk more about
    that elsewhere in the book. For more about pumpkins and
    gravestones, look in the table of contents and look it up. After
    you do a few pranks, you unlock the mission “THE BIG PRANK”. You
    MUST do this mission during Halloween, or you’ll never get to do
    it again. Any other mission you miss you can, but not this one.
    In order to get 100% completion on this game, you must finish
    this on Halloween.
    The Big Prank
    This takes place during Halloween, with you, and Gary. (Peter
    chickened out) While Gary feeds a dog with rancid meat, you need
    to beat up a preppy that owns the dog. He isn’t a hard guy to
    beat up. The dog will take a dump, and you need to collect it
    with a bag. Take the bag of crap to the door of the teachers
    lounge. Pull the fire alarm on the wall to the right. Gary will
    set it on fire, So RUN!
    Help Gary
    This is where Gary turns on you. You need to follow him to help
    him beat up some bullies, then, follow him and do a series of
    button pushing, climbing, and crawling. He will want you to open
    up doors. There is a cage with no way in, and there is a broom
    next to the button you need to push. Shoot the button with your
    slingshot. The other two cages are easy, just vault and crawl.
    At one point, he takes you to furnace area where there are
    pumpkins. (If you missed any on Halloween) Find the fire
    extinguisher and take out the fire in the furnace. Then follow
    Gary through, the now-able-to-go-through-doorway. Here’s where
    he turns on you.
    The Hole
    He leads you to a hole to fight Russell. Russell will try to
    kill you, but you’ll be all right if you read on. He first will
    pound at the ground and charge at you at the moment he begins to
    charge, run away. He’ll smash his head on the concrete and will
    be paralyzed momentarily, allowing you to wail on him with you
    fists or whatever weapon you have. After he’s half dead, he’ll
    chase after you. It may seem impossible, but it’s easy once you
    get the hang of it. He’ll run out of breath once in awhile, so
    you can beat him up. Once you beat him, BAM! Chapter one is
    history. You unlock Chapter two.
    Chapter Two
    Last Minute Shopping
    This mission guides you around the town. Now that you’re on
    chapter two, you’ve not only got the school, but a small bit of
    the town too. Edna (Chef) will want you to pick up three items
    from town. They give you more than enough time. When you finish,
    take the bus back to the school, and bring the items to Edna.
    Prep Challenge
    Not a hard task, it is easiest for the Xbox 360 and PS2. It
    isn’t hard for the Wii, but it is more difficult than the other
    versions. You need to beat up the Preps by boxing. Easy, and if
    you beat it, you get a new save location called the beach
    The Eggs
    Now that the preps know you better, they ask you a favor to
    bring them some eggs to egg Mr. Hattrick’s house. When you bring
    them the eggs, Gary tells the Preps that you said they were
    inbred. So the Preps try egging you. You don’t have to beat up
    all of the Preps, just the one at the gate with the arrow over
    his head. Then go out the gate, and eggs will be at your
    disposal in either the Beach Clubhouse, or you dorm room.
    Hattrick Vs. Galloway
    The reason the Preps were mad at Mr. Hattrick, (Math Teacher)
    was because Hattrick wanted to bust Mr. Galloway (English
    Teacher) for drinking alcohol in class. You need to help get rid
    of the evidence by collecting all the beer bottles and giving
    them to the art teacher in the school parking lot. Mr. Galloway
    and the art teacher have a thing together, so she understands.
    One bottle is in the Trophy case near the office, one is in the
    girl’s bathroom, and one is in the kitchen. You get the camera,
    and are able to take photography class.
    Movie Tickets
    This mission, you need to help Pinky (Prep Girl) get into the
    front of the movie line. Just follow the directions, and you’ll
    be fine.
    Carnival Date
    Get some flowers from the Yum Yum Market, of the front of the
    girls Dorm. Go to the movie theater and talk to Pinky. Then go
    to the carnival. Once there, meet Pinky and win a few games. Get
    enough tickets to buy Pinky a toy bear. When you do, you beat
    the mission, and Pinky likes you.
    Race the Vale
    In the Boy’s Dorm, Petey is bummed out, but just listen to him
    then ride with him to the beach where you participate in a race.
    None of the bike races in this game are hard, but when you beat
    it, you get to do the next mission, “Beach Rumble” For more on
    bike races, see the table of contents.
    Beach Rumble
    Here, you get a trophy, but then some Preps steal it. A Greaser
    will join you fighting the Preps. When you beat up the preps up,
    you get your trophy back, and beat the mission.
    Tad’s House
    You and Russell decide to get revenge on Tad. Get some eggs from
    the Yum Yum Market and go to Tad’s house. While Russell takes
    care of the upcoming Preps, you throw eggs through the window of
    his house. After you egg all of the windows, you beat the
    Boxing Challenge
    This is not a hard mission, but once again, you need to use
    boxing. Take out the Preps best boxer then, you get to fight
    Derby. (Prep Leader) It helps to use the soda machine on the
    boxing area in desperate need. When you beat up Derby, you then
    destroyed Chapter 2.
    Chapter 3
    Christmas is Here
    This doesn’t really require you to do anything, but go to the
    office to get a lame sweater from you mom. Although you might
    not like the sweater, you should like the new part of town you
    Jealous Johnny
    Meet Johnny Vincent (Greaser Leader) at the new part of town. He
    wants you to take pictures of Lola (Johnny Vincent’s Girlfriend)
    cheating on him. When you get enough photos, return them to
    Johnny and that’s that.
    Johnny wants you to bring Gord (The Prep dating Lola) to
    Johnny’s BMX park. Attack Gord on your bike. Him and his friends
    will case you. Bring them to the BMX Park, and join the action
    of the Greasers VS the Preps.
    The Preps don’t like the Greasers very much, so they want you to
    tag (Graffiti) the greaser’s area. When you beat this mission,
    you unlock the ability to tag.
    The Tenements
    This mission is fun. Lola left her stuff in the Tenements
    building where the Greasers hang out. The Greasers are mad at
    her and won’t let her in. Break into the Tenements building, and
    get her stuff back. After being in the tenements for a while,
    you’ll see that some walls are blocking some of her stuff. Go
    upstairs and meet a Greaser with a huge hammer. He is pretty
    tough, but not super man. The best method in beating him up is
    running away from him and shooting him with your slingshot. He’s
    slow, so once you beat him, take his hammer and knock down the
    walls blocking Lola’s stuff. Get out of the Tenements, **too bad
    you can’t keep the hammer** and return Lola’s stuff. Lola will
    then like you.
    Lola’s Race
    This is just another bike race. All you got to do is win the
    race. Easy as pie.
    Wrong Part of Town
    Not only has Gord been dating Lola, so has Chad (Prep) and
    ALGIE! Since the Greasers are angry they are out to beat the
    crap out of Chad and Algie. Help Chad and Algie take out the
    Greasers on bikes. In this mission, you don’t do the riding, you
    hop on the back of Chad’s bike and you shoot at the upcoming
    Greasers. Fun.
    The Rumble
    Now, you can see Lola is very high on the hottie list at school,
    there is a huge fight for Lola with the Preps and Greasers. You
    need to find Peanut (Greaser) and other Greasers, and beat them
    up. When you do, Johnny will come, and so will the cops. Run
    away from the cops, and chase Johnny.
    Fighting Johnny Vincent
    The Greasers will yank your bike away, forcing you to fight
    Johnny without a bike. When you see Petey on top of a pile of
    cars, shoot all the greasers on the top of all the cars so Petey
    can use the super-magnet. Petey will take Johnny’s bike with the
    magnet allowing a fair fight between you and Johnny. Johnny is a
    little bit harder than the other faction leaders considering he
    already weakened you on his bike. The way to beat him is like
    the way you beat the Greaser with the hammer, except use better
    weapons like fire crackers, but slingshots and blows to the face
    work too. Listen, the easiest way is to shoot all the Greasers
    blocking Petey’s path, except one. Johnny is easier to fight on
    a bike. When you beat Johnny, you have owned Chapter 3.
    Chapter 4
    Stronghold Assault
    The Nerds don’t like you any more, but you need their help to
    beat the Jocks. *sighhh…* You need to find Earnest and get him
    on your side. Greet Fatty with a thumbs up, or a thumbs down
    sign. Either way, you will ask him the whereabouts of Earnest.
    He won’t tell you unless you fight him. All you’ve got to do is
    beat him up half way, and he will tell you. Go to the side of
    the Library and vault the opening. The nerd also is like Fatty,
    and won’t let you through and give you the key code to the door
    blocking your path to Earnest. Just like Fatty, you have to beat
    him up half way, and he’ll tell you the code. Fight through an
    army of nerds to get to the Observatory Gates. Invade their home
    base, the observatory. Try to avoid the spud cannon when you get
    to it. Hide behind one of those fat, small, brick pillars with
    the light on top of them. Every chance you can shoot the red
    flashing light, then, you must use the spud canon to destroy the
    observatory door. The nerds in the windows and on the roof throw
    firecrackers at you, SHOOT THEM DOWN. The firecrackers demolish
    your health. When you break down the door, invade the
    observatory where you fight Earnest.
    He’s not so hard, just avoid his attacks, but they are a PAIN.
    Hide behind the white pillars. Shoot the cables that support the
    balconies he stand on when you shoot them all down, you win, and
    join Earnest’s master plan to beat up the jocks. Oh, and if your
    running low on health, you can smash one of the crates around,
    and drink a soda.
    Since Earnest is a little perv, you got to take some picture of
    Mandy for him. First, go to the Gym and take a picture of her
    cheerleading, then take pictures of her in the shower, and
    getting dressed. (Don’t worry all the mama’s boy’s out there,
    they don’t show anything) return the pervert pictures to Earnest
    so he can go to his perving ways.
    Funhouse Fun
    Fatty and his friend are trapped in the carnivals funhouse. The
    jocks have trapped them in there so… you’ve got to help them.
    It’s not that the mission is hard, but it isn’t easy either.
    Just help the nerd out by beating up the jocks.
    Defender of the Castle
    Well, the jocks are mad at the nerds and plan to beat them up
    help defend them at the observatory. It’s actually a fun
    mission, you get to shoot the spud cannon too. It’s fun, and not
    difficult, just a nice addition to the game.
    Nice Outfit
    You need to steal the Bullworth’s Mascot outfit. The best way to
    do this without getting your butt kicked is to climb up the tree
    near the football field and shoot the Mascot until he spazzes
    out and chases you. Run into the doors leading to the pool, and
    let the nerds take on the rest of the jocks. You fight the
    Mascot in the empty pool. He will use his charging bull attack
    on you. He will charge at you and nail you with his horns if you
    don’t get out of the way. Just beat him up like Johnny Vincent,
    stay away from him, and use your best weapon. If you beat him,
    you’ll unlock the Mascot costume.
    Discretion Assured
    Remember Mr. Pervert Earnest? Well, he posted those pictures of
    Mandy all over school campus, and all over town. Spray-paint
    over the posters to help Mandy.
    The Big Game
    Another fun mission. You need to dress up as a Bull, and help
    the nerds screw up the big football game. Do what the nerd
    agents tell you to do, then, have fun beating up the jocks!
    Jock Boss Fight
    Well, here you are. Standing in the middle of the football field
    with a bunch of angry jocks ready to rip your guts out. The
    jocks will try to throw footballs at you. (The explosive ones
    you placed in the gym bag) Just move out of the falling
    footballs way, pick them up and throw them back at the jocks. As
    soon as you see the scene of Petey and Jimmy celebrating, your
    4/5 on the chapter progress.
    Chapter 5
    Making a Mark
    Now that your popular with every body except the townies, you
    need to make a mark showing how “Cool” you are. Go to the town
    hall and climb to the top of the roof. Spray the three tag
    signs, and climb down. The best way to get away from the cops is
    to hide in a garbage can until your meter goes down, and then
    take a picture of you tag. Go back to the school and complete
    you mission.
    The Gym is Burning
    Ugh. That darned Gym. Now it’s on fire? I guess I’ll tell you
    how to save the losers trapped in there. All you got to do is
    run on there extinguish the fires with the fire extinguisher,
    (No Duh) and save the jocks trapped in there. After you do that,
    go into the girl’s locker room and let some random townie ram
    into you.
    Rats in the Library
    OK, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! First, the freaking gym turns
    into the inferno from hell, and now Rat Man has released his
    minions into the library? WTF? Fine…just…great. Here’s how you
    take care of the infestation. The best way to do this is to whip
    stink bombs all over the place because they kill a larger number
    of rats with its wide distance. Rats have low health so the die
    with whatever you throw at them.
    Finding Johnny Vincent
    I’m getting sick of all this bull that’s going on! Fires, rats,
    and now, LOST KIDS! What is going on? Well, guess what? Johnny
    has been kidnapped and thrown into an insane asylum! Just find
    the Happy Volts Asylum, at the very corner of Blue Skies Press,
    sneak in, and find Johnny. In order to get him out, you need to
    access the control room. Dress up as an orderly, and get Johnny.
    You will come to a halt as gates block all of the exits. One
    gate in messed up at the bottom, go up to it and lift it up.
    Then just escape with Johnny.
    Preppies Vandalized
    Well, I’m gonna’ calm down now. OK. The preppies now are angry.
    They suspect the Greasers have stolen their boxing trophies. Go
    talk to the Greasers and figure out that they didn’t steal
    anything from the preps. Then, you go to the Storage warehouse
    in Blue Skies Press. Take some pictures of the townies loading
    rats in book boxes. You then follow them to the docks to take
    pictures of them burning the Preps trophies. Take the pictures
    back to the Preps and beat the mission.
    Revenge on Mr. Burton
    Finally, I get a fun mission to write! You’ll find a girl named
    Zoey, she got expelled from Bullworth Academy because Mr.
    “Pervert” Burton was hitting on her, so she complained to the
    principal. He thought she was lying, and expelled her. Well now
    it’s payback time. There are two ways to make Mr. Burton not use
    the Port-O-Johns. You can either turn on sprinklers near them,
    or you can just hit them until they are destroyed. Either way
    works. There is only one Port-O-Potty that you can turn the
    sprinkler on. You have to go into the shed next to it, and press
    the button. Then, ram a lawn mower into the Port-O-Potty Mr.
    Burton is taking his dump in, and watch the crap fly!
    Go See The Principal
    Umm… I don’t know how to say this but… YOU’R EXPELLED! HAHA!
    Busting In Part I
    By now, you should’ve realized that the Townies have caused all
    the bull going around the school. Now, It is time for you to
    beat up the Townies. Get Russell to ram into the Townie
    barricade. Meet Zoey and follow her.
    Busting In Part II
    Push all the red buttons and move on. At one point, you need
    Zoey to create a distraction while you run up a spiral concrete
    road. As soon as you get at the top, STOP. If you look to you
    left, there should be a hole in the bottom of the wall. Crawl
    into it, and if you need extra weapons, there you go, climb back
    out and meet three Townies and beat them up. Go through the door
    and fight Edgar, The Townie leader.
    When you fight this guy, he’s got a huge pipe. You can fight
    back with a pipe from the wall, shield yourself with a hunk of
    metal from the wall, or just hit him with everything you got.
    Once you beat him, you got a much bigger problem to worry about!
    Complete Mayhem 1 and 2
    Well, Russell locked him self in a meat factory so the cops
    wouldn’t find him for stealing a police motorcycle. You need to
    find Russell and bring him back to school. When your there, you
    have Russell and Edgar (Who now wants to help you) with you to
    stop the complete mayhem going on. All the faction leaders are
    marked on the map. Go find them, and beat them up. Probably the
    toughest is Derby, so if you want a tip, there is a Secret at
    the end of the guide. When you beat all of the faction leaders,
    you’ve got to deal with Gary. This Mission is really fun and you
    should have no problem with it.
    Showdown with Gary
    Before you fight the kid, a prefect takes all of you weapons
    away, but Russell takes care of him, leaving you to Gary. He’ll
    lead you to the roof, forcing you to cross wooden planks while
    he whips bricks at you, eventually, you get to the very top of
    the school where large bell fall from the pillars. When you get
    to Gary, you start fighting on a balcony, when once in a while
    the balcony breaks, making you, and Gary fall to a lower
    balcony. When you finally knock Gary out, you’ll fall through
    some glass into the principal’s office, where the principal is
    tied up. Then a scene comes, featuring you talking to
    Crabblesnitch (Principal) with him getting you back into school,
    and you making-out with Zoe. Gary isn’t that hard.
    (NEW!) Side Missions
    The Diary
    Character Sheets
    Small Offences (Wii & 360)
    Panty Raid
    Weed Killer
    Cooks Crush
    Cooks Date
    Balls of Snow (Wii & 360)
    Miracle on Bullworth St. (Wii & 360)
    Rudy the Red Nosed Santa (Wii & 360)
    Comic Klepto
    Here’s to you miss Philips
    Galloway Away
    Cheating Time-
    Discreet Deliveries (Wii & 360)
    Mailbox Armageddon (Wii & 360)
    The Collector (Wii & 360)
    Nothing really hard here. Just a fun game rewarding you with
    better make-outs.
    This class is like art, a fun class, but rewarding you with
    yearbooks, photo albums, digital cameras, and double the tickets
    you earn at the carnival.
    Well, in Gym, you get to beat the crap out of a fat kid to earn
    new fighting moves, and you get to play dodge ball. For dodge
    ball, There is a cool secret in the secrets section.
    This class is so easy, a freaking dead cow could do it, but it
    is only that easy in Wii. For the 360 and the PS2 version it’s
    not so easy. You can’t beat this class without knowing what
    button is coming up next. So… I took the liberty of giving you
    all the controls for the 360, and the PS2.
    Xbox 360
    Shop 1:LS Clockwise, A, LS counter-Clockwise,
    Shop 2:LS Clockwise, X, A, LS counter-Clockwise
    Shop 3: LS Clockwise, A, LS Clockwise, X, LS counter-Clockwise
    Shop 4: LS counter-Clockwise, A, LS Clockwise, X, B, LS
    Shop 5: B, Y, LS Clockwise, and A, LS counter-Clockwise, X, B,
    LS counter-clockwise
    Shop1: Clockwise, X, Counter-clockwise
    Shop 2: Clockwise, square, X, Counter-Clockwise
    Shop 3: Clock Wise, X, Clock Wise, square, Counter-Clockwise
    Shop 4: Counter-Clockwise, X, Clock Wise, square, circle, Clock
    Shop 5: circle, triangle, Clock Wise, X, counter-clockwise,
    square, circle,
    This is easy the first few times, but gets harder. So here are
    the answers:
    1:Elm, Low, Mew, Mow, Owe, Owl, Woe, Meow, Mewl, Mole, Moll,
    Well, Mellow
    2:Fig, Fit, His, Hit, Ifs, Its, Sit, Figs, Fish, Fist, Fits,
    Gift, Gist, Hits, Sift, Sigh, This, Fight, Gifts, Shift, Sight,
    3.Elm, Lei, Lie, Mil, Elms, Isle, Leis, Less, Lies, Lime, Mess,
    Mile, Misc, Miss, Semi, Slim, Isles, Limes, Miles, Seism, Semis,
    Slime, Slims, Smile, Missle, Slimes, Smiles.
    4.Any, Arc, Can, Car, Cay, Con, Coy, Cry, Nay, Nor, Oar, Ran,
    Ray, Roc, Yon, Corn, Cory, Cyan, Narc, Racy, Roan, Yarn, Acorn,
    Corny, Crony, Rayon, Cra
    5.Age, Are, Dag, Ear, Egg, Era, Erg, Gad, Gag, Rag, Red, Aged,
    Dare, Dear, Drag, Dreg, Egad, Gage, Gear, Grad, Rage, Read,
    Agger, Grade, Raged, Dagger, Ragged, yon.
    Geography (This class is not in the PS2 Version)
    Now, I wish I could give you the answers, but I just can’t. I
    cant type a exact replica of all 5 maps in geography, but I can
    give you some info on the class. This class not only rewards you
    with extra clothing, but it also gives you the whereabouts of
    rubber bands, gnomes, and G&G trading cards. For more about
    these items, look in the table of contents and look the rest up
    in the guide. And let me tell you, if you live in America, and
    can’t get the second class of geography, you have PROBLEMS.
    Math (Not in PS2)
    This class sucks no doubt. So, I’ll give you the answers for the
    last two because the first three are fairly easy.
    MATH 4: Plane, 0.09, 7, 57-8, 625 g, 8, 0x125, skyscraper,
    rocket, birdhouse, 6, 3, turtle, 7, 50x60, 3, key, 25, 20x60,
    48.5 kg
      MATH 5: 23, 2234, dog kennel, 9-7, 0.689 kg, 8, 11, plane, 4,
    5x51, 3/4, bridge, plane, 5/4, pyramid, 7, 31.4x0.1, 8, 17,
    rocket, gravestone, cathedral, 0.125
    Music (not for PS2)
    This is an easy class that rewards you with clothing, even
    though, most of them are stupid, but still, this class needs no
    explaining. Some times on the Wii version, the notes don’t
    activate when you want them to, so do a full swing every time.
    You may look like a freaking retard, but at least it works.
    Biology (Not for PS2)
    This class is very easy for the Wii version. I don’t know about
    the 360 version, but I suspect it isn’t so hard you have to
    throw a fit. It actually is pretty fun, unless you a mama’s boy.
    Well, eventually I was going to have to write about it, so here
    I am. Errands are boring. The only reason that anybody does them
    is if they need a few bucks, or they want 100% completion. So
    I’m the one who’s going to ruin your day now, errands are a
    requirement in order for getting 100% completion. Each of them
    are worth 0.3%, and there are 50 Errands, do the math. 0.3 x 50=
    15%. I’m gonna’ help you out a little bit now. Here are all of
    the Errands.
    [Bullworth Academy]
    Petey’s Package
    Location: Boy’s Dorm
    Time(s): All Day (After “The Setup”)
    I’m out of TP
    Location: Boy's bathroom, first floor
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $10
    I’m out of TP… Again…
    Location: Boy's bathroom, first floor
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Secret Admirer
    Location: Second floor
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $10
    Another Secret Admirer
    Location: First floor
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $10
    Oh, Christy
    Location: Parking Lot
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $10
    Egg The Girls' Dorm
    Location: In Front Of Boy’s Dorm
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $10
    Egg The Boys' Dorm
    Location: In front of Girl’s Dorm
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $10
    Into The Lockers They Go
    Location: Outside Principal’s office
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $10
    Into The Bins They Go
    Location: Outside Bullworth Academy
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Fire Alarm Workout
    Location: Bottom of Stairs
    Time(s): 9am - 3pm
    Reward: $15
    Sheldon Wants A Fire Cracker Down The Toilet? Okay
    Location: Outside boy's Bathroom, first floor
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Save Algie, Part 2
    Location: Second Floor
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Are You Mechanically Accurate? Well, Pick the Lockers!
    Location: Bottom of Stairs
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $10
    [Bullworth Town]
    Cop’s Old Lady Is Cheating on him
    Location: Town Hall
    Time(s): All day
          Reward: $25 and A Hat
    I Lost My Dog
    Location: Out Side Comic Book Store
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    I Lost My Dog Again…
    Location: Near the road heading into New Coventry
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Water Balloon Fun Time
    Location: On a roof near the memorial
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20 and Water Balloons
    Greasy Smoking Scum
    Location: Petrol Station
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    I Lost My Jacket!
    Location: Police Station
    Time(s): 9am - 6pm
    Reward: $20
    Grampus’s Pills
    Location: Drug Store
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Got Change?
    Location: Outside Comic Book Shop
    Time(s) All day
    Reward: Cowboy Hat
    Get My Bike
    Location: Bike shop
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $15
    Bullworth Vale
    Eye! The Sunken Ship Ahoy Maytees!
    Location: The Pier
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20
    To the Buoy and Back
    Location: The Beach
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20 and Speedo (Tiny Swimsuit)
    To the Rocks!
    Location: The Pier
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20
    My Respects To The Old Man
    Location: Retirement Home
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Carnival Photos
    Location: Carnival
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20
    Gotta’ Have That Package
    Location: The Gardens
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20
    Karen’s Missing Teddy Bear
    Location: Outside of the Gym Area, Or down by the Beach At the End
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $15
    Help The Little Old Lady
    Location: Retirement Home
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $25
    Bus Boy
    Location: Fast Food Place
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20 and Fast Food outfit
    Jimmy Hopkins In: The Deadliest Catch!
    Location: Crab Restaurant Near The Big Pier
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20
    Tag It Up!
    Location: The Gardens
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $20
    [New Coventry]
    Christy Lives In A Motel?
    Location: Outside Yum-Yum Market
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $30
    Take That Car!
    Location: Yum-Yum Market
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
    They Need You To Catch The Tagger? Wow. L-A-Z-Y Cops
    Location: Around Your Bike Garage
    Time(s): 3pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
    Egg the Tenements
    Location: Near Blue Skies Industrial Park Entrance
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $20
    Rats in the Tenements
    Location: Tenements
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $25
    Tenements Up in Flames
    Location: Tenements
    Time(s): All Day
    Reward: $25
    Hand over The Package
    Location: Around Your Bike Garage
    Time(s): 9am - 5pm
    Reward: $20
    Location: Under the bridge
    Time(s): 3pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
    To The Little Old Ladies Motel!
    Location: Outside Final Cut
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $40
    Busting Her In The Act, With A Picture
    Location: Outside The Final Cut
    Time(s): 3pm - 11pm
    Reward: $25
    [Blue Skies Industrial Park]
    Package On The Ship
    Location: Docks
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $30
    Egg the Greasers
    Location: Next to Townies Hangout
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $30
    Dish Network SUCKS!
    Location: Next to Townies Hangout
    Time(s): 3pm - 9pm
    Reward: $30
    The Crazies On The Loose!
    Location: Happy Volts Asylum
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $30
    Take That Car…Again…
    Location: Wonder Meats
    Time(s): 7pm - 11pm
    Reward: $30
    Deliver ANOTHER Package
    Location: Townie’s Hangout
    Time(s): All day
    Reward: $30
    Dock Rats
    Location: Docks
    Time(s): 9am - 5pm
    Reward: $30
    As you can see there are different factions, or groups in this
    game. Below is a list of the factions, and their group leader,
    and secondary leader.
    NERD Algie, Beatrice, Bucky, Cornelius, Donald, Fatty, Thad, 1.
    Earnest 2. Melvin
    PREPS Biff, Chad, Gord, Justin, Parker, Pinky, 1. Derby 2. Tad
    GREASERS Hal, Lefty, Lola, Lucky, Peanut, Ricky, Vance, 1.
    Johnny Vincent 2. Norton
    JOCKS Bo, Casey, Dan, Juri, Kirby, Luis, Mandy, 1. Ted 2. Damon
    BULLIES Davis, Ethan, Tom, Troy, Wade, 1.Russell 2.Trent
    LITTLE KIDS Angie, Gloria, Gordon, Ivan, Karen, Lance, Melody,
    Pedro, Sheldon 1.No one 2.No one
    NO FACTION Bryce, Christy, Constantino, Eunice, Gary, Ray,
    Trevor, Zoey, 1. Jimmy 2. Peter
    TOWNIES Well, I don’t know all of their names, but Edgar is the
    Yearbook Photos
    Yearbook Photos are a requirement to get 100% too. They are not
    hard to get really you just have to know where to look for
    people. You get Gary’s, Petey’s, Johnny’s, Derby’s, Earnests,
    Ted’s, and Jimmy’s photos automatically. You have to take
    Photography class, and pass the first two classes. Then you get
    the yearbook. You not only get a percentage of the game
    completed from it, but you also get a new ninja costume, which
    also gets a small bit of the game done. It really isn’t so hard
    getting all of the yearbook photos. As you wander around school,
    or around town, just take out your camera, and take the kids
    pictures. If you need their names, look at the section above.
    (Little kids count too)
    Bike Races and Other Races
    Bike races are generally not very difficult. They are easy to
    beat as long as you have a remotely good bike. A racer bike, or
    one of the last two bikes you unlock in shop class are
    recommended. Not only are there bike races, but there are go-
    cart races too. Go-cart races are in the carnival near the freak
    show. When you beat all the carnival go-cart races, there are
    three street go-cart races. When you beat them, you can ride the
    go-cart around town. The trick to beating the go-cart races is
    staying ahead the whole time. If somebody passes you, try
    cutting him or her off. The best way to gain the lead is to cut
    turns shot, and stay on the inside of the wall.
    Cloths are a big part of this game. And if you want to get 100%,
    you need to get EVERY SINGLE CLOTHING ITEM IN THE GAME. You earn
    cloths from missions, errands, and just buying them. There are
    335 cloths, and there are five shops to buy most of them at.
    School Shop (Bullworth Academy)
    Aquaberry Shop (Bullworth Vale)
    Bullworth Town Shop (Bullworth Town)
    The Final Cut (New Covernty)
    Carnival Tent (Carnival)
    When you buy all of the cloths, you get an Elvis Gold Suit. The
    ONLY clothing item you don’t need to get 100% is the prison
    outfit. You get that for having a lot of detentions.
    There are six transistors out around the Bullworth world. They
    aren’t hard to find.
    Rubber Bands
    I hope I’m not the one who broke the news for you, but
    collecting all those little rubber bands only gets you a
    freaking bouncy ball. I know it sucks, but we’ll get through it.
    Anyway, if your crazy about a rubber band ball, of you want to
    get 100%, Geography helps you. It’ll show you where they are on
    the map. (Sorry PS2 Players!)
    G&G Trading Cards
    Do I even have to explain? Geography is on your side again, and
    you get a freaking Grottos and Gremlins outfit. Fin.
    Well, once again, Geography helps you out, and you get the
    ability to dress like a dumb gnome.
    Remember the mission “Help Gary”? Well, in the furnace place,
    there are the extra pumpkins. If you missed any on Halloween,
    they will be there.
    If you missed any gravestones on Halloween, they are all stored
    in the storage place in Blue Skies Press.
    (NEW!) Skateboard Travel, Bike Travel, and Foot Travel
    In order to get 100%, you need to travel 50 KM on skateboard,
    and 100 KM on foot and Bike. You can probably earn this just by
    playing, but you can do these too. For 100 KM on foot, just use
    a rubber band on the joystick of your controller/Nun Chuck, one
    side of the rubber band on the bottom of the joysick, and the
    other side between the LB and LT for the 360, between L2 and L1
    for the PS2, and between Z and C for the Wii. Then just get some
    thing to weigh down A for 360 and Wii, and X for the PS2. For
    skateboard, you can either do the same thing, or you can Skitch
    the back of a Car/Truck, But warning to all Wii players! If you
    leave the Wii remote unattended for a while, it will say
    “Communications With The Wii Remote Have Been Interrupted” So
    Remember to jiggle the joystick once in awhile. And for the
    Bike, Well, you just have to keep riding a bike. I’ve got no
    other ideas.
     (NEW!) Secrets
    Here are some secrets that are pretty cool. The tic-Tack-Toe
    symbols next to the title rate how cool/good the secret is. It
    is rated from 1-5. # = PIECE OF ****/# # = BAD/# # # = PRETTY
    GOOD/ # # # # = GREAT/ # # # # # = AWESOME! (I rated, and found
    all of these myself)
    COMIC BOOK TAKEDOWN   (# # # # #) Rated: AWESOME
     To beat up the comic store guy, you must first unlock the nerd
    hide out. (You don’t have to, but it helps A LOT) Then, go next
    to him and jump at him. Make sure when you jump at him you’ll
    hit him. After you do that he will get all Spazzy on you. He
    should start pushing you around. Jump at him again, and he
    should start trying to hit, and tackle you. Run downstairs (If
    you unlocked it) and let the nerds help you by defending you.
    They will fight the storeowner. And if you loose any health
    there is always a pop machine downstairs. There is a glitch that
    usually happens while doing this. If you jump into him, and he
    glitches up and his body studders, or if you jump into him, and
    he just stays there, go into the orange circle in front of the
    register, but you don’t have to buy anything, exit out of the
    circle and try again. If it doesn’t work again, do the last step
    again. Any questions, email me. I will answer. (This secret also
    works in the Aquaberry shop, but it is MUCH harder.)
    DERBY IS DONE    (# # #) Rated: PRETTY GOOD
    For new players, Derby is a little bit harder than the other
    Faction leaders because he uses his boxing moves. Here is an
    easy way to beat the crap out of him. Go up the stairs on the
    left, as you can see the doorway is closed. Go to the very end
    and jump on the rail. Then fall off to land on a knight, where
    Derby and the other preps can’t get you, TA-DA! You are now free
    to kick the preps butts.
    IM FREE!         (# # # # #) Rated: AWESOME
    The only system I KNOW this works on, is the 360. The only
    system it doesn’t work on is the Wii. I’m not so sure this works
    on the PS2. I haven’t tried it yet. So listen up 360 players and
    MAYBE PS2 players! Sorry Wii. The first mission is Welcome to
    Bullworth, you SHOULD go to the Principals off ice, but you can
    do THIS instead. Turn right to the girl’s dorm area, then as you
    face the dorm’s door, turn right again, and go into the garbage
    can. In the garbage can, look towards the wall. Jump out of the
    can, towards the wall and you should go through the wall and
    you’re free to roam. I haven’t experimented much with this
    secret, so I don’t know if you can come back into the school, so
    I recommend saving first. And you might be able to do this any
    other time, I don’t know.
    AIR              (# # #) Rated: PRETTY GOOD
    Once you unlocked the BMX Park, there is a ramp in the corner it
    is in the shape of a Quarter Pipe. At the time I had the blue
    BMX, I rode at the fastest speed possible and went up the ramp,
    and jumped. I went through the ceiling. Now, I’ve only done that
    ONCE in my entire time I’ve EVER played Bully. I kept on trying
    and I could never get it again. I’m not giving you ANY promises,
    but you might be able to do it, so don’t get P.O. at me if it
    doesn’t work
    OUT FOR THE COUNT      (# # #) Rated: PRETTY GOOD
    Go to the boxing rink and two guys are fighting. You can knock
    them out by throwing firecrackers, eggs, stink bombs, and other
    throwable items above the ringside ropes and hitting them.
    SCOOTER FUN            (# # # #) Rated: GREAT
    You can win a bike race almost guaranteed every time with a
    scooter. If you are having trouble with a race, (You shouldn’t
    though…) or if you just want to have some fun ride a scooter
    near the race sign up poster, quickly get off, and sign up.
    GO-KART FUN            (# # # #) Rated: GREAT
    If you have unlocked the go-kart (which you can unlock by
    winning the five carnival go-kart races, and the three street
    go-kart races) you can ride at top speed toward the back of a
    bike/scooter, and ram it so the person will fall off. You wont
    even get in trouble! (This only works if you don’t slow down, or
    change directions right before the collision. This works with
    adults too!)
    If someone is gonna’ hit you with the ball in dodge ball, you
    don’t need to dodge, you can just hit “HELP” as soon as he
    throws it. It will hit you, but you won’t be out.
    CAN’T FIND ME!        (# # # # #) Rated: AWESOME!
    If you get all of the yearbook photos, you unlock the black
    ninja outfit, and if you’re wearing it, you’re invulnerable to
    curfew, truancy, and trespassing.
    100% Checklist
    Here is a Checklist of ALL the things you need for 100%. The Circles
    stand as Check “Boxes” so when you finish something, you can check the
    Complete All Story Missions-------------------------------------------O
    Complete All Side Missions--------------------------------------------O
    Complete All Classes--------------------------------------------------O
    Fail 3 Classes In A Row-----------------------------------------------O
    Collect 75 Rubber Bands-----------------------------------------------O
    Collect 40 G&G Trading Cards------------------------------------------O
    Smash 25 Gnomes-------------------------------------------------------O
    Collect 6 Transistors-------------------------------------------------O
    Smash All Grave Stones (Not the ones in the Cemetery)-----------------O
    Smash All Pumpkins----------------------------------------------------O
    Win All Go-Kart/Bike Races--------------------------------------------O
    Beat Up Secret Pirate-------------------------------------------------O
    Complete All Paper Route/Lawn Mowing Jobs-----------------------------O
    Complete 30-40 Errands------------------------------------------------O
    Collect 335 Cloths (Jail Suite Optional)------------------------------O
    Take All Photos For Yearbook------------------------------------------O
    Win All Boxing Challenges---------------------------------------------O
    Ride Each Carnival Ride One time (At least)---------------------------O
    Win Each carnival game One time (At least)----------------------------O
    Buy All Items From Carnival Shop--------------------------------------O
    Pull Twenty Fire Alarms (Get Fireman Hat, Cheats DO NOT Count)--------O
    Run/Walk 100 KM-------------------------------------------------------O
    Ride 100 KM On A Bike-------------------------------------------------O
    Ride 50 KM on Skate Board---------------------------------------------O
    Get High Score On ALL Arcade Games------------------------------------O
    Play/Win Penalty Shootout & Keep Ups Mini Games One Time (At Least)---O
    Spray A Tag Of Each Faction (Clique)----------------------------------O
    Buy 500 Sodas---------------------------------------------------------O
    Listen, 100% Completion is hard, but not impossible. You need to
    do a lot of things to unlock this awesome achievement. I have a
    list of the things you need to do to get 100% already in this
    guide. If you don’t know how to get 100%, ask me about it I will
    answer it as soon as I can. I’m sorry if I P.O. any PS2 players
    because they don’t have geography class. Sorry. Ok. To wrap up
    my this guide, I would like to say this was really fun to write.
    I need suggestions for my next version. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT:
    Mopthetop@gmail.com I hope this guide has helped you with
    whatever you needed help with. If it didn’t, don’t hesitate to
    suggest any thing. EMAIL ME. I need new stuff. I will mail you
    for your permission to put your question in my next version.
    Good luck.

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