Philosophers stone?

  1. Is there any where I can find the philosophers stone in my first play threw besides in Cape Fortress?

    User Info: heveyarms

    heveyarms - 8 years ago

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  1. You can get Philosopher's Stones in the Single Special Coliseum Battle (last). It is from the flying black bird in the 2nd battle (starts with a H).

    An easier way to have the enemy drop the Philosopher's Stone is to have the skill item finder 2 for your monsters. (Message: Hawkeye)

    Message: Hawkeye is available as an award for B-rank quests.

    User Info: Dcaptain23

    Dcaptain23 (Expert) - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. What i did is i went to gladsheim and kept going to the left side with the orion and if you see a bird like monster called a hippogryph it is a 5% drop but an easier way is to equip preseas item finder skills and have hawkeye tome on one the drop rate goes from 5% to 30%

    User Info: orboro

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  2. Also if you dont see it leave gladsheim and keep trying

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  3. BTW just beat the game first and then try it

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  4. you can steal one from the big imp in hima, other way is the rare leech king, in iselia human ranch or camberto caves (appears randomly when challengin the leech)as a rare drop, hippogryph in the coliseum rare drop to, or try the S quests, they appear randomly in some chests, you can get one or two that way.

    User Info: alkor17

    alkor17 - 8 years ago 0 0
  5. the answer from Dcaptain is actually your best choice. take a monster with you that has the skill Item Getter 1 or 2. (I used a Stone Eater)

    Go to meltokio's colliseum and do the Special Party Battle. in the 2nd round there will be a Hippogryph (dark flying bird monster). After you beat it, there will be a chance it will drop a Philosopher's Stone. If you fail then try again. You can run away in the 3rd battle. I did this over and over until I got 12 Philosopher's Stones.

    Tip: Once you get one philosopher's stone, go to a store and synthesise Arcanum Wings. Arcanum Wings has the ability Item Getter 2. Equip that to your monster to give yourself a better chance at getting Philosopher's Stones.

    User Info: AresWarrior

    AresWarrior - 8 years ago 1 0
  6. Fighting the hippograph is your best bet to get philosepher stones

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  7. Sorry my bad i meant item finder. gamefaqs needs an edit button

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  8. Additionally, there is one located in a chest in the Vanguard's base. Once you get to the room with six statues of monsters with flames in front of them, put out the flames in a random order and hit the statue with the button on the left. You should "fail" and fall down. There will be something to read on the left wall about the "Blue Knight," which will tell you in which order to put out the flames. Put out the flames, hit the button, then follow the passage that opens up.

    This is the only real GUARANTEED stone that I can remember; the others will be lucky drops. The Meltokio Coliseum is probably the easiest place to get those drops.

    User Info: Vrathal

    Vrathal - 8 years ago 1 1

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